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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Bhabho out of jail, now the truth about Sandhya's education

The serial is slowly showing how Sandhya is adjusting to her inlaws place, even with the gap between her parental house education levels and that of her inlaws. Further, her inlaws have been told that she is not very educated, while that is not true. So she is apprehensive of them getting to know the truth, and not being happy about being lied to to. All her inlaws have been told that she is a 7th pass, while she was in actuality studying BA.
The serial also shows how Sandhya is slowly adjusting to her life, understanding her husband and her inlaws house; she is starting to understand the good nature of Sooraj much more along with the nature of her inlaws much more, and even starting to appreciate the slightly tough nature of Bhabho. Things get a bit hairy when Bhabho is taken to jail by police, right in front of everybody, for abuse of her; Sandhya tries to help out Bhabho through arranging for some legal advice, and finally Bhabho comes back home after being released from police custody after the complaint is taken back by Meenakshi, and everything is forgiven.
Now, the biggest drama is about the revealing of the education level of Sandhya. She accomplished the task of being 3rd in the state and as a result, her photograph was published in the paper, including the paper that came to the household. Due to some drama, the photo in the paper was destroyed and hence people in the home were not able to see this, Sooraj however saw the photo and finally managed to figure out her accomplishment and realize her education level. But, the women in the neighborhood will come to the household.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Gauri getting a few setbacks, with eviction from her apartment and money cut off

The last few episodes have seen a major set of problems for Gauri and Jagya. Their landlord, who was very supportive of them, found out that Gauri was in fact the second woman when the first wife was still alive and there was no divorce, and she was shocked since she never knew about all of this. She decides to turn them out of the house, and as she explained, she was in a similar position where her husband had left her for another woman and she could never accept that somebody who put another lady in a bad position was occupying her apartment. In addition, she also learnt that they were married only for 1 year, while they were staying in her apartment pretending to be married for 2 years. Now, they had to find a new house which would cost more and which was also located some more distance away from the hospital.
They are also running out of money, and Gauri used to be getting money on a monthly basis for her education from her Bade Papa, but suddenly found that the money that was coming in was not there this month. After some amount of delay, she got in touch with her Bade Papa was in for a severe shock. He severely scolded her for the way that she was marrying somebody who was already married and who had left his earlier wife and not got divorced. And then he told her that the person who was actually supplying the money for education on a regular basis was actually Bhairon Singh, from the time when she was married off to Jagat in her childhood and then the marriage was broken.
Now, since her education is over, and she is also in such a condition, the money has been stopped; at this news that the money was coming in from Bhairon Singh, she wants to go to Jetsar.
In the haveli, there is a small amount of tension since Nandu is not listening to his mother, but instead is listening to Anandi more, and this makes Gehna uncomfortable.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - The serial coming to an end

The serial finally coming to an end. It was an interesting serial, since if you think of a serial with vampires and werewolves, you would think of the serial to be a horror serial, and many people would ignore such a serial. However, given the story of the serial, focusing on vampires and werewolves who live along with humans without being recognized, things get more interesting. The story focused on the love story between a vampire (who is immortal, and is also recognized as a non-living being) and a human (who becomes aware that the other is a vampire).
Things get very complex near the end, with werewolves and vampires fighting for a treasured potion that gives powers to the owner of the potion, and with a renegade vampire who is much more powerful than most vampires and werewolves (although no reasons are given as to how Mythili became so powerful), with Alina being the werewolf who would have been the nature leader of the werewolves in the fight against vampires, but who wants peace between these 2 types of ancient creatures. Further, in another twist, Arnav, is called away by the vampires and made the head of the vampire clan, leaving his family unaware of his fate and causing them great distress.
The serial ends with the fighting Jay (who wants to kill Abhay, who is now weak because he is a human) capturing Abhay and trying to kill him, but instead being killed by Arnav. In addition, Chand and Haseena are freed by the vampires (although they are vampires themselves) along with arnav and Abhay. 2 sets of marriages happen, where Misha gets married to Kabir, and finally Piya is getting married to Abhay in a grand event.
The last few months of the serial was very confusing, but it is now over.

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Exploring a new social evil where wife is used for producing a baby

The serial is now showcasing another social evil that can be like torture for the people who get caught up in it, and with little support from society for those who are afflicted by it. This is the 'nata pratha'; as a result of which Phooli is now suffering. She was apparently married with the sole reason of giving birth to a baby, after which the baby would be taken from her and the person to whom she was married also refused to support her.
Soon after she gave birth to a baby boy, she started seeing some strange customs where she was not allowed to go anywhere with her baby (even when she suggested that she go with her baby to her parents house for some time); and her mother in law refused all such suggestions. And then worse things were to happen.
She was told that now she now no longer had a claim to the baby, and it belonged to her husband and his first wife, and she was turned out from the house. When she pleaded to atleast provide her milk to the baby, even that was refused. Frustrated, she tried to take the baby away, but was detected and badly beaten and then turned away.
When she was wandering around in a shocked state, she was seen by Shivani, who supported her and took her to Anandi's house since Phooli was mentioning the name of Anandi. There, the story of Phooli was revealed to all, and Anandi was badly shocked, promising that she would get Phooli the justice due to her. And since Anandi was now the sarpanch of the village, one would assume that it would be easier for her to get justice, but for now, it does not seem like that the village people would support her.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The truth about Shyam is known to Khushi and her family

The serial shows the life of a young woman called Khushi, and her confused relationship with the business tycoon Arnav. Kshushi is a young woman, idealistic and wanting the best for everybody. She really likes her family, and can be very emotional. Arnav on the other hand is a hard nosed man who does not believe in emotions, for him life is all about deal making.
Khushi has an elder sister Payal whose engagement earlier broke off because of dowry, although Khushi also feels herself responsible for some of that since she was going to speak to the groom, but instead landed up in Arnav's fashion show by mistake. However, Payal did not hold her responsible for the break-up of the marriage and the 2 sisters are very close.
Khushi did not like Arnav, but when Arnav challenged her to work for him, she decided to take on the challenge and work for him for a month. Slowly, as you would expect in such a serial, the distances between them would become less, and they would start getting attracted to each other. Arnav on the other hand is also engaged to a girl named Lavanya, who is slowly starting to get aware that maybe Arnav is feeling something for Khushi.
Arnav has an elder cousin called Aakash who saw Payal and fell in love with her and wants to marry her (although his mother is not no agreeable since she wants her son to marry somebody of his status, somebody from a rich family). Initially, Payal refused Aakash, so Khushi and Arnav decide to plot a way to get Payal to feel for Aakash, and they succeed. Arnav also has a sister called Anjali, who was attached by polio when she was a child. She is married to Shyam, who is a shifty character. Shyam was attracted to Khushi and pretended to her family that he was unmarried and wanted to marry Khushi, but finally his truth is out.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Getting closer to each other in Australia

The couple have been forced to go to Australia for the honeymoon, since everybody is after them for the same. Even Ram's step-mom is not worried about this, since she believes that Ram will never get close to Priya, so she is confident, even though her son and brother both are not confident. Both Ram and Priya console each other, with the thought that just because they are going for a honeymoon does not mean that they will get closer to each other. The scene is that 8 episodes will be shot in Australia, and they are portraying a very beautiful picture of Australia, with the attractions of Sydney being one of the main items.
They have a local contact, who tries their best to make them get closer to each other, showing them romantic spots, getting them to try things that they have not done before such as flying in a small tourist plane that takes them around the harbour; they also have other adventures such as a time when Ram gets locked up in a mall with Priya waiting outside, and other such cases. In between, the problem lady is also present in the city, Apeksha gets to know that Ram is in the city and thinks that this is a great time to meet Priya, since she was not able to meet her at the time of marriage.
Apeksha finally meets Priya, and although Priya does not encourage Apeksha, she does hear enough to wonder as to what is happening; and Apeksha gives her a bracelet that she says will provide Ram all the memory he needs to remember Apeksha.
At home, Natasha is wondering about what to do about her pregnancy, she has not told her hubby about it, and decides that this will be too much of a hassle right now, so decides to go off to another city and have an abortion over there. At the same time, her sister-in-law, with whom she is having a tiff, pokes around and concludes that Natasha is pregnant.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Gopi finally recovered, and Rashi being taken back to Modi house

After some long tense moments (caused due to Gopi getting injured by a falling slab after the rescue of Rashi from the kidnappers), finally the doctors declared that Gopi is out of danger. There was all the usual drama, such as the fact that her blood group was a bit different (apparently only Urmi had that blood group, and not even Rashi, her own daughter). Urmi first refuses to give blood, and is then firmly persuaded to give her blood.
Finally, Gopi is fine, and though the doctor was worried about her going into coma, some strong words from Ahem persuaded Gopi that she needs to get better, and she did not fall into a coma. Now, there is a changed Ahem, who probably realized how much he actually loved Gopi. He cares for her, spends a lot of time in the hospital while she is recovering, show a lot of his care, and overall does a great job of portraying a concerned husband.
Finally, it is time for them to come home, and Ahem gets her discharged from the hospital and brings her home. At this time, Gopi asks Koki to forgive Rashi, something that Kokila is not really willing to do, although she has seen some signs of change in Rashi (she is mostly angry with Rashi for forever planning something cunning, mostly inspired by her mother Urmi). Rashi's husband Jigar also notices a transformation in her, especially when she asks for forgiveness from Gopi, or when she took her mother out of the hospital.
So, finally the Modi ladies go to Rashi's house and decide to bring her home, something that leaves both Rashi and Urmi very surprised and shocked. Urmi warns Rashi that this is not the end, that she will not get her true status and will need to do more drama, but Rashi is somehow finally recognizing that her mother's tactics are causing all the problems.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav planning to leave Archana, take daughters, and move to Canada

The separation between Manav and Archana is growing every minute. In the past, they were totally in love with each other, understanding each other even though many people would conspire to separate them. However, things started turning for the bad after the party where Archana handed over Soham to Varsha for her to take care of (believing that Varsha was not cured). However, this was not to be. Manav had objected at that stage, but Archana assured him that everything would be alright. And then the inevitable happened, where Manav noticed Varsha missing, since she had run away from there with Soham. This made Manav very angry with Archana, and he blamed her for everything. He already had some anger inside him for the court case that Archana had launched against him for the housing project, and ultimately the court case went against him.
Now, things are moving very fast. Manav has decided to move to Canada along with family, which does not include Archana, which means that he is now ready for a life without her. He wants to take his mother (who is delighted at a life away from Archana and away from the chawl), his father (who does not like what is happening), and his twin daughters (and Archana is ready to let him take away the daughters).
On the other side, Vaishali is severely tormented, with Dharmesh locking her up; she is finally rescued by her child and runs away from Dharmesh, with Dharmesh hunting after her. Satish, who was very angry about the wrong work done by Varsha, gets a call from Vaishali since she needs the help of Satish to evade the hoodlums chasing after her.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Major problems between Archana and Manav, Varsha runs away with Soham

Most serials show some kind of deep attachment between people, and then suddenly, something happens that cause them to grow apart from each other, that love suddenly turns to a form of hatred (where they are ready to be away from each other and throw harsh words at each other). And then you can throw in a time leap, where the people are apart from each other and will then meet many years later. Pavitra Rishta is going through the same transformation, where it will go through a time leap, and before the time leap, they have shown that all the relationships in the serial have gone down.
To some extent Archana has caused the problems that have occurred. Already there was tension between her and Manav over the court case that happened when Ajit got bulldozers over to break the chawl, something which was masterminded by Dharmesh as a way of getting revenge. The case proceeds in court, at the same time that Archana is pregnant (she already has Soham and Sachu, and not sure whether she is capable of handling more kids); she finally delivers twin baby girls, and Manav is very happy since he has always wanted a daughter, but then the court order goes against him, where the chawl project is defeated, but Manav is not jailed. This makes Dharmesh and Manjusha unhappy, and causes Vaishali great distress, since she finally leaves Dharmesh.
At a party, Archana hands over Sachu to Varsha for safe keeping, even though she knows that in the past Varsha used to obsess over Sachu, and even though Manav objects, she does not listen to him. The obvious happens, where Varsha runs away with Sachu and Manav blames Archana for all this. When confronted, Varsha jumps into the water along with Sachu and is not found, and Manav totally blames Archana for this, causing a break in their relations.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Some tension in the household, with Sandhya holding firm

The story is still progressing a bit slowly. Sandhya feels stifled in the house, especially when she sees the condition of the ladies in the house, and this is further increased by the attempts of her sister-in-law to increase the tension in the house. The latest episode to cause problems is when Sandhya goes for voting; she has always been told by her father that voting is the moral duty of every citizen, and hence she went for voting.
Her voting is noticed by her sister-in-law, who sees the mark on her finger and who tells Bhabho that Sandhya had gone for voting. Bhabho is very angry at this and wants to give her a punishment, but her father-in-law wants to reduce the tension by asking Sandhya to touch the feet of Bhabho and ask for forgiveness since she did not know the rule in the house about not voting; Sandhya touches her feet but refuses to accept that she did something wrong; this makes Bhabho very angry and determined to go ahead with the punishment.
So, since there will be no water in the house for 3 days, Bhabho orders Sandhya to fill water in large containers by getting the water from outside; Sandhya goes ahead and does this job although it means back-breaking work for 3 and more hours. Bhabho does not stop even when told that all the neighbors are seeing and wondering as to what is happening - she wants Sandhya to feel the punishment and back down. When Sooraj comes back, he says that she went for voting with his support, since her father had told her that this was a duty.
When all this is over, Sandhya's have bruises and boils, and Suraj applies balm on them; he also explains that long back, Bhabho was asked to vote for a particular party and when she refused, she was beaten up, and hence the rule about not voting.

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