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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The drama related to unsuccessful attempts by Varsha to adopt a child

The serial is as usual going through many twists and turns; it seems that the objective of the serial is to show a lot of drama in the lives of its people, and this drama goes on all the time. So, at this point, the serial shows the drama in the lives of all the people, whether this be Maanav, Archana, Varsha, Satheesh, Savita, Sulochana, Vaishu, etc.
So, there is a big drama in the life of Maanav and Archana. Maanav had a partnership with Ajith, as a result of which he had started running a successful business. However, Ajith reverted to his old habits, that of being a compulsive gambler, and this was something that Maanav strongly objected to; this peaked when Ajith borrowed a lot of money to gamble, using the name of Maanav. Eventually, when Ajith refused to stop his habit of gambling, they broke up with each other and closed down the business; and this separation has been a bit sharp, since they are not even polite to each other now.
On the other side, there is a big news in the life of Satheesh and Varsha; ever since they discovered that Varsha cannot get pregnant, they slowly move towards the option of adopting a baby; and they even convinced Satheesh's mother for this, to the extent that she was enthusiastic about this. There was just one problem, what would the adoption board say if they knew that Varsha had done an abortion. So, Varsha also tells Archana to tell Maanav that under no circumstances should he disclose that Varsha had an abortion; but Archana does not tell Maanav and as a result, the news get disclosed and the adoption board refuses to allow Varsha to adopt. This literally breaks up Varsha and she tells off Archana and Maanav for being the cause for this.
In the meantime, Soluchana tells Savitha that her behavior is very bad, and that Archana was just trying to get her angry to as to get her out of her depression, and if she continues this way, everybody will abandon Savita.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - The separation between Mann and Geet drags on

The serial takes the story between these 2 people in love with each other, keeps on giving them distances between each other, and then brings them together. For many of these instances, the distances get caused due to circumstances such as the revelation of the news that it was Mann's own brother Dev who had cheated Geet, and who was also the father of Geet's impending child, the product of the one night (the wedding night) that Dev spent with Geet. As a result of this revelation and numerous other issues between them, the couple would invariably part and then come together again.
In the present case, Geet is very distressed after losing her baby when she feel down the stairs, and as a result, has gone into somewhat of a depressive state; from which Mann and the rest of the family is trying to get her out of. At this time, Geet decides that she needs to make a break with her complete past, and decides that this also means forgiving Dev for whatever he had done to her. However, Mann is unable to understand as to how Geet can forgive Dev for whatever he has done, and in a fit of anger, claims before Geet that he is not able to understand, somebody from a better blood would never have forgiven this. She is very hurt and decides to leave the house.
She manages to do this before somebody can stop her, and leaves for Amritsar; and now everybody starts hunting for her. They eventually find her, but before they can do that, her cousins and aunt find her, and over the next few days, figure out that she has left Mann (they have never met Mann). Mann eventually meets her in the local market, but she tells him that he has hurt her tremendously, and she does not see how the relationship can work. Mann then decides to work in the house as a driver, so that he can be close to her. Now, the serial is starting to get slow.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Navya - A new serial on Star Plus about the trials and life of a young college girl

There are many serials on TV that show characters having the conflict between the challenges of a modern life, and the contrast this brings to the life of a young college girl who lives within a traditional family. For such a situation, there are a number of challenges that can come up, which can force the girl to make choices, and sometimes things can happen that are beyond her control and which in turn can cause her family to even doubt her.
Something similar happens in the story of Navya, a new show starting on Star Plus from 4th April, 2011; and which appears on every weekday from Monday to Friday 10 PM. The character of Navya is played by Soumya Seth, who plays a 19 year old living in Mumbai and staying as part of a middle class family. Navya is traditional like the rest of her family, wanting to keep distance from anything including boys, new ways. She is literally shown as a very innocent and sweet girl.
Her father is somewhat of a confused man, since he is equally conservative, believes his daughter, but is afraid of the advanced ways of the new generation and wants to make sure that his rules are followed. This is seen fairly quickly in the serial, when you can see the celebration of Valentine's Day in the college, where Navya attends. Further, there is a boy from a traditional family as well, Anant, who opposed the attack on the college by some people opposed to the celebration of Valentine's Day. Navya sees Anant, and seems to identify with him, even though she knows that she needs to keep a distance from him.
However, there is come confusion when Navya's father sees them, and thinks that Navya knows the boy. However, he soon realizes the truth and accepts that Navya had not done anything wrong.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Gunahon Ka Devta - Arpita dies after falling from the terrace and being thrown into the river

The serial has given a big shock to all its viewers. The serial started out with the love between Avdesh Thakur, a big gangster of the area, and a young girl named Arpita. They eventually marry, even though the elder sister-in-law of Avdesh has not been in favor of Arpita, and always tried some way of showing down Arpita while not making it obvious. But Arpita had always been dedicated to Avdesh and overcomes all issues and problems.
Avdesh gets into problems when a police official decides that he wants to get rid of Avdesh and targets Avdesh with all the power that he has; Arpita on the other hand wants to ensure that Avdesh gives up all his crimes, his being a gangster and tries to keep on ensuring that he does not directly confront the police officer; this involves a long game of hiding from the police officer when he chases Avdesh,including struggling in the jungle.
But, things start turning a bit bad for Arpita when she gets implicated in a scam by Ranvijay. He threatens her that he will prevent the marriage of Avdesh's sister unless Arpita sends the night with him. She is very puzzled by this, since she knows that if she tells Avdesh, he will take direct and hard action. However, this problem drags her down since due to a turn in circumstances, it becomes known that she had gone to Ranvijay's house and Avdesh also gets to know about this; he refuses to believe this initially when he hears about this, but slowly becomes convinced.
When he asks Arpita about this, he gets suspicious about her behaviour, and even though she asks him to believe her, he pushes her away. In this situation, she falls down from the terrace, and then Bauji's man throws her into the river, where she dies. Her body is brought back to the house, and she is then cremated. The rider in this is that Arpita will apparently come back to the show in the form of another girl.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Separation between Anandi and Jagdish increases

For some time now, the point of tension for many viewers about Balika Vadhu has been the fact that they showed a child marriage, and mostly they have been showing the relation between the young couple which was all well and fine; this could portray a situation where child marriage is encouraged.
Apparently the makers of the serial seem to have agreed to this, since they have started showing a lot of tension in the marriage. Jagdish was pushed to go to town to become a Doctor, and initially he could not stand the pressure, but finally got courage to go and resume his study. As he started his studies and learnt more about city life, he started becoming more modern and as a result, the ways of the village became more backward to him; and this included Anandi; they started getting more separated. Each time when Jagdish would come to the village, Anandi would be waiting for him, but she started seeing him as colder and colder. In fact, the time period between each visit to the village also increased, and he would come to the village only once a year.
And then the next step happened - he started liking a college classmate called Gauri, and this feeling was reciprocated. He never told this girl about his wife, and his own friends started getting repulsed by his actions. He does not have any desire to go back to his village anymore, living in Mumbai is what interests him. He tells Gauri through the story of his friend, and she protests against the story, saying that the guy is cheating both his females, cheating on his wife and on the new friend that he has made. Anandi is very apprehensive about his actions, but she does not know about the story of Gauri; although her friend seems to know about this.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Archana and Maanav move back into the house to help Savita

The serial had moved into a mode whereby Archana and Maanav had finally decided that they needed to be close to each other, and hence had got married even when their individual family members were not wanting this. As a result, they had to spend some time in absolute misery, with Maanav hunting for a job, being shunned by their respective families, and also having to live in a very poor place. The only support they got was some moral support from Ajit and Satish, and the total support of the parents of Archana, because of which they decided to live with them when Archana was unwell.
Over a period of time, things got better for many of their relationships, with Archana and Manav having made up with all of Archana's family members; the biggest problem was in terms of the relationship with Manav's mother Savita. She had got unsupportive of the marriage between Manav and Archana, and would literally blame Archana for stealing her son away from her, and also blamed Manav for totally being under the influence of his wife, leaving his father and mother; she wanted Manav to come back but without Archana, something that Manav refused. Over a period of time, she accepted that Manav and Archana were together, but refused to have a relationship with them.
However, things started getting worrisome for Manav and Archana when it turned out that Savita was getting into a problem; she was starting to slide into depression. She would not react as fiercely to others if there was a problem as it used to be in the past; the only such reaction she was giving was to Archana and Manav. The doctor had advised that the loss of both of her sons, Sachin (dead) and Manav (left) had caused a huge emotional distress; and as a result, Manav and Archana decided to move back into the house even if Savita would keep on screaming at them.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Full battle between Abhay and Siddharth over who will bite Piya

So far the serial has only seen vampires who have been good; so Abhay is the one with super powers and the only thing that we see him do in a negative mode has been to hurt Danish, but otherwise he stays away from people; only using his powers to help Piya (and the people whom she is close to). His parents Chand and Hasina also want to ensure that people do not get to know about them, and as a result, don't exhibit their powers. They can seem menacing at times, but one never really sees them doing something that would be seen as wholly negative.
And then enters Siddharth as the suave young businessman, the one who is charming and a rival to Chand. And then the history is learnt. He is another vampire, a more evil one, who was the actual brother to Abhay, but who also wanted Maithili. He also died at the same time as Abhay, and from that time onwards, there is a bitter rivalry between them, but never as strong as it appears now. This time, there is the girl called Piya, who has the same face as Mythili, and the rivalry that started between them over Mythili continues in the form of Piya.
Piya, on the other hand, starts working for Siddharth, since she does not know anything about this (and one wonders why Abhay cannot tell her anything about this, since he has already told her about him being a vampire); in fact, she sees that Panchi has fallen for his charm and handsome personality (even though she can see that he is a womanizer), and decides to get closer to Siddharth to bring Sid and Panchi closer together. Abhay cannot stand seeing Piya close to Sid (since he knows that Sid is upto no good). Things come to a head when Sid takes Piya to the jungle, in a romantic area, where he plans to convert her into a vampire, and at that critical time, Abhay bites her rather than letting Sid bite her. What happens next ?

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