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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - What to do about Sanchi and her love for Jagdish

The family is thoroughly confused about what to do about Sanchi. The way that she shocked them with her statement that she is in love with Jagdish and will marry him totally shocked them. Even though there was something strange about the way that she had immediately gone to Jaitsar on learning about the deep injuries suffered by Jagdish, this could be explained by the fact that Jagdish had helped her when Sunny was trying to cause injury to her. As a result, her being concerned about Jagdish would seem normal. However, the fact that she had now come out in the open and expressed her love for Jagdish was very scary for them.
If they were ever trying to select a husband for her, Jagdish would never have shown up in that shortlist. He had a child marriage, had been married twice and divorced both times, and the biggest problem was that he had shown himself as undependable when he broke away from his first marriage and started having an affair even though he was still in the child marriage. Further, he stayed in a old style place, with a conservative family and the openness that Sanchi had in her parents house was very different from the other house. First her family tries to dissuade her, but she is right now devoted to Jagdish and is not willing to listen to anything. Then Anandi tries to talk some sense into her by telling her about the totally different lifestyle, customs and all that are there in Jagdish's house and how those are not a fit for her.
This whole problem leads to a family discussion. When there are suggestions made that Sanchi is totally irresponsible, the women in the house cannot accept that, and do not want all blame to fall on Sanchi, claiming that there would be some input of Jagdish to all this behavior, and he would have something to with all this. Daddu takes the stage, and accepts that if Sanchi is so determined, it would be difficult to do something else. Even the problems in Jagdish's past were those that happen for somebody so young; he was married as a child, so his first marriage was not his fault. Second, it was natural for him to be attracted to somebody like Gauri when he grew up, since that what happens at that age, and they were spending so much time together during studies. But if you look at him now, he is so responsible.
However, Ira totally refuses to let her daughter get married to somebody who has already been through 2 marriages. Dadu however states that nobody right now knows what is there in the mind of Jagya, and he is not in favor for this marriage, that is an easy solution since then there is no basis for Sanchi to want this marriage. But somebody will need to talk to Jagya for this, and the family decides to go to Jagdish's house to talk on this issue.
There, there is celebration going on since Ganga has passed her exam, and she starts the lead in preparation of Jagdish's birthday.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Time for the marriage of the children

As usual, the serial tries to run 2 stories at the same time. One story continues to deal with the continuation of Ravan having broken off from his worship of Mahadev, angry over the fact that no matter what he did, Mahadev refused to come with him to Lanka. And even when Mahadev finally agreed to come to Lanka, Ravan was finally thwarted in his mission through the presence of Ganesh, who took over holding of the lingam from Ravan, and then put the lingam on the ground, because of which the mission to go to Lanka was again prevented. This finally made him angry, since he blamed Mahadev for what Ganesh had done, and realized that Mahadev had no intention to go to Lanka. He of course never stopped to think that it was his arrogance which wanted him to be proclaimed as the biggest devotee of Mahadev, and that he would be able to take Mahadev from his home in Mount Kailash to Lanka.
He decided to become a very strong ruler, no longer constrained by devotion of Mahadev, and decided to demolish the golden temple that he had first built for Mahadev, and wanted to construct a totally new magnificent city. He was also realized of the boon that he had got from Brahmaji did not cover humans (he did not believe that humans could ever cause him any worry or be a cause for his death), and decided to punish humans. First of all, he got a number of humans to work for him through a system of punishment, but then Mahadev came there to stop him from doing that. Ravan was defiant, since he claimed that the boon from Brahma would prevent him from being conquered; Mahadev told him that a human only would be the one to kill him. Finally, when the construction of his city was over, he decided to kill all the human workers, and this time Mahadev came in the form of a normal human (although with very strong capabilities) to give strength to the humans in terms of their fighting capabilities.
On the other side, both the sons, Ganesh and Karthikeyan had been gone for a long time, gone to get their education. Both Mahadev and Parvathi had missed them for a long time, but now finally they were on their way back to Kailash. Also, Mahadev had mentioned that there was a time for their marriage, and they were just wondering who would be ideal wives for them, when one of the prajapatis came along with his 2 daughters for the marriage. The girls had been rescued by Ganesh when they were heading to the ashram for their education, being threatened by an asura, who was challenged by Ganesh and then killed, although the asura claimed that he would be revenged by his brother.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Marriage of Asad and Zoya not happening for now, Tanveer ..qub

The marriage date for Zoya and Asad was finally reached, and everybody is anxiously waiting for the final moments. The Qazi is there, and everybody is waiting for Asad to reach back to the home, with Zoya already fully ready. However, Tanveer has other ideas; she had already told Zoya that things will not be so easy, and that even if Zoya does get married to Asad, Tanveer will be the one who will consummate the marriage with Asad, that she will do everything in her power to disrupt the marriage.
However, Asad does not know anything about this, he is fully confident that the marriage will happen and that Tanveer is his childhood friend and nothing can disrupt this. He is on the way with Tanveer, when he gets down from the vehicle for a short period and then sees that Tanveer is not there. He looks around and sees some people carrying away Tanveer, and chases after them, and you know that this is all a plan by Tanveer to trap Asad in a position where things will go very bad for him and he will be unable to do the marriage.
So, now everyone is waiting for Asad, and he does not show up. Guests start to leave, the Qazi also has to attend to other marriages and is getting late, and things are not going well. And then Zoya gets a call from Tanveer taunting her that what she said was coming true, that Asad was actually with her rather than with Zoya. She gives the address to Zoya, who rushes there along with Ayyan.
Zoya's worst fears are realized when she reaches there, since she sees that both Asad and Tanveer are there in the same bed, under a sheet and Asad's upper body shows signs of lipsticks, and Tanveer looks very satisfied. Zoya is horrified at what she saw, and almost falls to the ground. In the meantime, Asad also gets conscious, sees where he is, and is horrified at seeing his condition and that Zoya is there standing in front of him. He rushes after her, but she refuses to listen to anything he says, seeing that everything is there to be seen already.
She finally comes home, and Asad follows soon after with Tanveer. Everybody is shocked at what happens, and when Asad tries to talk to his mom, she slaps him, and tells him that he has done something horrible, and worst of all, he has done the exact same thing that his father did so many years, and he is just following in the footsteps of his father. Asad is further shocked at this, and everybody leaves. At this point, probably Ayyan is the only one who has some sort of sympathy for Asad, but nobody else. Asad's mother also speaks rudely to Tanveer, blaming her for what has happened, and she leaves from there. Later, when they go looking for Zoya, they are not able to find her.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - Saras has to go away, what will happen

There are 2 main tracks that have happened in the serial, and since the serial moves a bit slowly, the 2 tracks take a lot of time to happen. First of all, Kumari is on the verge of marriage, since she was having an affair with a police inspector, Umesh for quite some time. Umesh had told her that he will help her find her father, from whom she has been separated for quite some time. When her father was found, she did not tell Badima, her mother, since her mother had separated from her father a long time back, and also because her mother knew that her father was not a good man. However, Kumari did not really know all this, and the excitement of finding her father was over-whelming to the extent that she his all this from Badima. And in all this, she was also planning on getting married to Umesh, and again without telling anybody in her family even though she knew that they would not easily approve of all this. In all this, she was being helped and goaded by Ghuman, who sees this as a possible route to get some embarrassment for Badima and the rest of the family, and to do this on the day of Kumud's engagement.
However, when Kumari had left for the temple and was on the process of going through the marriage, who would land there but Saras and Danny. They could see that something was wrong, after all, which girl would so easily want to get married without telling her family and that too on the day that her close cousin sister was getting engaged in a major function. They intervene, but her father and Umesh both tell them that Kumari can easily do this, since she is a major and after all this is her father and hence she cannot be stopped. But Saras and Danny do intervene and persuade her to drop her plan for getting married like this without the knowledge of her family. Umesh is very angry, but Kumari's father persuades him to not do anything for now.
In the meantime, there is an urgent business discussion in Dubai and it is required that Saras's father and Ghuman both leave for Dubai, and Saras also says that it is important for him to be there, so he also has to leave. This is something very sad for both Saras and Kumud since they have got very close to each other, and such a parting, that too with him going so far away is very sad. However, there has to be this parting, although Danny will stay here and it is also hoped that he will learn some responsibility like Saras also changed a lot in this trip.
In sadness, both Kumud and Saras part from each other through an exchange of some colors and a white scarf and are waiting for the time when he will come from Dubai with the baarat coming from Dubai.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Meri Bhabhi - The truth about Shraddha is revealed to her father

This is a brand new serial on Star Plus, only having started on the 17th of June. The show is very nascent, but the advertisements for the show portray this as a serial showcasing the love and support that a bhabhi (brother's wife) has for her nanand (husband's sister). So, the show takes a family of an ex-army Colonel Zorawar Shergill, who is shown as stiff but with human emotions. He has a family with a wife, 3 sons and a daughter. His daughter Shraddha is married to a man named Bobby Sood and they love in Mumbai with their child. The promos for the show already gave some idea of the story, the story being that Shraddha is facing a very tough time since her husband has left her, and in society, there are a number of questions when it comes to the presence of the husband and the father of the child, and Shraddha is very humiliated and embarrassed when such questions, and it is her bhabhi, Kritika who provides the maximum support for her during all these times, providing some kind of answers and also providing her the moral support to ensure that she does not give up.
The serial starts off with a birthday for the colonel, but who is very disturbed since his darling daughter Shraddha has not called to wish him for his birthday. As a result, his mood is badly spoilt and he even refuses to let the others celebrate the birthday. A cake has been made for him, but he refuses to take any part in the function, and also discourages the others from doing anything like this. On the other hand, in Mumbai, they show Shraddha trying desperately to get some money to pay off her bills, including the phone bill. Finally she does manage to pay the phone bill and get her connection reactivated and after some more drama, she calls up and the colonel is happy. However, she does not want to tell them about the problems she is going through ever since her husband left her.
However, her bhabhi Kittu finds something wrong and asks her husband Anand to go to Bombay and see whether everything is fine. He goes there and learns that there are many problems, all come because her husband Bobby has left her and she does not want to tell her troubles to others, including her own family. He tells Kittu about the same, and they are wondering how to tell the father and mother, since there will be a big emotional upset to them because of this, but in the end, Kritika does tell the situation to her father-in-law, the colonel. On the other side, Shraddha's brother Anand tells her strongly that he is not going to listen to any more of this drama and is booking her ticket to Delhi, and they will leave, and tells her to pack her bags; he is also shocked that she treated them this way by not telling them about the problems that she was facing. In Delhi, the family is now waiting for their daughter to return.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Ravan gets angry, no longer being a Shiv bhakt

So far the serial has shown Dashanan to be the most ardent devotee of Mahadev, and that is something that Dashanan wears like a matter of honor. He arrogantly claims that he is the best devotee of Mahadev and dismisses others, and behaves most arrogantly, and yet Mahadev is always striving to keep him on control and not lash out at him. The behavior of Dashanan can be very arrogant at times, especially when he is having a discussion with Nandi and mocking Nandi, insulting him. Finally Nandi gives him a curse, which was the one that lead to Hanuman causing such harm and destruction to Lanka just before the war in Ramayana.
Earlier, there was the case where Dashanan had created a magnificent palace for Mahadev (although Mahadev was not really interested in having a palace, since he considered the presence of nature next to him as the ultimate and did not want to be enclosed inside a building). In the end, Dashanan asked for a boon in which he asked for the palace with the assumption that Mahadev would also be in the palace and so would finally be moving to be in Lanka, along with Dashanan. However, Mahadev refused and so Dashanan was forced to leave from there along with the palace that he had constructed, but without the presence of Mahadev with him. He had taken the nature of a spoilt child by insisting that Mahadev come with him to Lanka, and felt that he could force Mahadev to come with him through all sorts of pressure. Mahadev refused again, and this time Dashanan tried to use his strength to pick up Kailash and try to take it with him, and then Mahadev put his foot on the ground and Kailash became so heavy that Dashanan had to put it down with his hand trapped underneath. Finally, through the display of his musical abilities, he was able to get his hand out, but had not given up his wishes. He was called to do a duty of using music for the propagation of the Vedas, and did so, and Mahadev had also given him a new name, Ravan, which Dashanan enthusiastically accepted. But, he again asked to get Mahadev to come with him to Lanka, and finally Mahadev accepted, putting himself inside a lingam and asking Ravan to take it with him to Lanka, but never letting the stone lingam touch the ground, since wherever the lingam came into contact with the ground, Mahadev would take up base over there.
Ravan set out on the trip, but Ganesh had given a vow to his mother that he would get Mahadev back, and he followed Ravan, trying to tempt him on the way. Finally he managed to get Ravan to drink some water which would force Ravan to attend to nature's call (the first time they are mentioning something like a bodily function on the serial) and he asked Ganesh to carry it till he was done, and Ganesh said that he would do so only till sunset; and when that happened, he set the lingam down with a lot of glee. When Ravan saw this, he wanted to pick up the lingam, but was not able to do so, since Mahadev told him that as per the condition, he would setup himself at the location, and that is how the Baijnath shrine near Kangra was setup.
Ravan was very angry at this, claiming that inspite of him being the most ardent devotee of Mahadev, he had been deceived, and henceforth he would no longer be a devotee of Mahadev, and would instead be the very powerful Ravan. Mahadev listens to him making these words.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Karthik shot, badly wounded and in hospital

Things went pretty strange in the serial. The whole quest to bring back Karthik and get him jailed was the basic attempt of Natasha, and she was using the threat of keeping her inlaws in jail until this was achieved. So, here you have Ram, agreeing to let his inlaws be in jail till Karthik comes back; something incredibly unfair and everybody in his family seems to be agreeable to that. Till the time that Karthik comes back, his parents can be jail for something that they did not do, and everybody seems to be fine with that, with only Priya concerned with that; this was an incredible thing to show. Even Ayesha is not at all concerned that her parents in jail; in fact, she was the one who proposed this plan and guided Natasha through all this, and again, only Priya seemed to be concerned by this point. Everybody else did not seem to care that Natasha was taking the help of Ayesha, who was the enemy of everybody and who would not be in the slightest bit caring for what Natasha wanted.
Anyhow, there was a lot of drama in the serial, with the maximum amount of drama being between Ram and Priya; with Ram hiding the fact that he was working on what Natasha wanted, to send the police to arrest Karthik and take him to jail. One confusing point was that nobody mentioned what was the ground of arrest - as far as I know, bigamy was the only point on which the arrest could happen and there was no complaint yet filed; even after filing a case, no mention that a case had been filed. There was no threat by Karthik, so there could not possibly have been a case against Kathik in terms of the domestic violence law.
Anyhow, everybody reached there, with Karthik being provoked by Ayesha to run from there and not believe what Priya was telling him; Priya in turn was literally hounding Karthik with long speeches and huge emotional drama until he finally felt compelled to turn himself into the police (and maybe so that her speeches would end). When he was getting into Ayesha's car and leaving her there, the police fired on him. Not sure whether it was a criminal case, but police typically would not be allowed to fire on somebody until they felt that he was escaping in a very serious case or he was trying to fire on them, so did not understand this part at all.
Anyhow, Karthik takes Priya to the hospital and then lies down on the floor with a bullet in his shoulder. A bullet injury can be very painful, but a shoulder injury would typically not be life threatening unless there is a huge loss of blood, and that is what is seeming to happen since he is lying on the floor (and that too the floor of a hospital) and everybody is just standing around staring. And staring, and Ram even leaves from there and nobody calls a doctor or some other medical help. Finally Priya gets up from her bed, goes there, determines that he is alive and then gets a doctor and other staff to take him for treatment. In terms of how things happened, this was probably the most stupid and illogical episode of this serial that I have seen till now.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa (season 6) - A new season, with new stars

Jhalak Dikhla Laa Jaa is the Indian version of the American reality show, Dancing With the Stars. It typically takes stars who are not supposed to be experienced dancers and couples them up with an experienced professional partner of choreographer, and the combination is supposed to perform dances of different styles, going week by week and with a star getting eliminated along the way, until it reaches the finale where a winner is chosen. The winner of last year, Jhalak Dikhhla Ja, Season 5, was Gurmeet Chaudhari. The series is happening on the Colors channel and started on June 1, 2013.
The show is hosted by the pair of Manish Paul and Kapil Sharma. Every year, there is a struggle to ensure that the judges are bigger celebrities, although judges such as Remo D'Souza have also made a lot of name for themselves through various dance programs on TV, through being the judges on these various shows, and also on other shows where they become the master of a team and teach the contestants on how to do a dance and perform on the show based on this dance. The biggest celebrity star judge this time is Madhuri Dixit, with Karan Johar being another star judge and Remo D'Souza being the third judge.
The contestants this time are from a wide cross-section, although like very year, the biggest section of contestants come from TV, and are typically TV actresses, with some of them looking to make a name for themselves again while others such as Drashti Dhami are already there on TV currently and have made a name for themselves.
The contestants are:
Suresh Menon - Comedian - Eliminated already
Krishnamachari Srikkanth - Eliminated already (excellent former cricketer, but no match for the others when it comes to dancing)
Sumanth and Sonali - These are the young winners of India's Got Talent Season 4
Ekta Kaul - TV Actress
Siddharth Shukla - TV Actor
Aarti Chhabria - Actress
Meghna Malik - TV Actress
Shweta Tiwari - TV Actress
Karanvir Bohra - TV Actor
Shaan - Singer
Lauren Gottlieb - Dancer/Actress
Drashti Dhami - TV Actress

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Master Chef India (part 3) - Chef Ripu Daman the winner

Master Chef India is an interesting competition, different from the usual song and dance competitions that happen on many other reality show contests. There is an international Master Chef contest, and this show seems to be styled similar to that, getting common people coming in from auditions from cities all over the country and then appearing before the celebrity chef judges, passing through a number of contests and with people getting kicked out as the show moves on. The celebrity judges appearing for the contest were 3 chefs - Sanjeev Kapoor, Kunal Kapur, and Vikas Khanna, and each of them had their own style, sometimes appearing stern to the contestants and at other times, appearing helpful, pointing out some problems that were happening with the various dishes being made by the contestants, in time that that some changes could be made.
The contestants who appeared on the show are: Chef Ripudaman Handa, Chef Navneet Rastogi, Chef Doel Sarangi, Nisha Verma, Sachin Naik, Yasmin Sheikh, Aditi Madaan, Devyani, Happy Singh, Khokhu Patra, Jehan Bomi Sarkari, and Ishrat Ali. In addition, during the various episodes, there were more stars from TV who appeared. The channel were trying to promote the show in different other shows. The difference between this time was that the show instead of appearing on the weekend, was moved to a weekday slot (and hence the show operative time was reduced from 48 minutes to 24 minutes).
The contestants had to go through different contests, but one of the most interesting episodes was where the contests were forced to use a bamboo as the cooking medium, which was very difficult for everybody. In other episodes, the show forced the contestants to form teams and work with each other, and this could cause ego problems to everybody in the team, with this sometimes causing problems in terms of differences in how the teams were able to work together.
Another episode was interesting where the contestants were forced to make dishes out of left overs, items that were discarded during the normal kitchen processing, such as jackfruit peel, leaves of cauliflower, tamarind leaves, papaya seeds, and others. Another interesting dish was to make a pizza on a tawa instead of an oven, and to make it using Indian ingredients and using items from a state other than their own.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Akash persuades his mother to forget revenge

The serial has taken a total turn from a month back. For a long time, the serial focused on getting Meethi to love Akash (presenting him as Vishnu), so that once they are married, the revenge for the death of Avinash at the hands of Ichcha, when Ichcha was protecting Veer. Even though Mukta was suspicious, and even managed to convince Rathore that there was something wrong about Vishnu, they were not able to convince Ichcha and Meethi of the same. In fact, the tables were turned on Mukta when it was portrayed that she was doing this to get some sort of revenge on Meethi. So the marriage happened and then it was supposed that Meethi and Vishnu had gone for their honeymoon. However, this was not as it appeared, since in fact they had gone back to her inlaws without letting Veer and Ichcha know. Once in Vishnu's house, the inlaws appeared nice but traditional, although in reality they were plotting against her.
Things got very serious when Ichcha suffered a serious accident and was on her death-bed, and they were unable to find Meethi. On the other hand, Surbhi, as Kanha's wife was providing them all the information that they needed, and then they made Meethi (unaware of the death of her mother) dance on the chauthi of her mother's death, all this as a part of her revenge. However, Rathore was on the hunt for detecting where Meethi and Vishnu were, and he managed to find them in a remote village in their haveli. By that time, Vishnu had been convinced by the love of Meethi and was no longer interested in killing her. Around this time, Rathore caught up with them and beat up Vishnu mercilessly, and then took away Meethi. Meethi had heard of the truth from Vishnu by then, and was totally shocked, and all her love seemed to have vanished.
However, things were not so clear. Vishnu's mother was very surprised at the about turn of her son, who was so dedicated to the revenge of his father, but over a period of time, she understood that her son had totally turned and was not willing to go on this quest of revenge any more, and she had to come to turns with this. At this time, the others in her family were totally shocked that she had given up her quest for revenge, also since there was the question of the marriage of Surbhi. Once Kanha had got to know the reasons for why Surbhi was married to him and how she was there as part of revenge, he sent a divorce petition to their house which was signed by Surbhi, but there was a taunt about why the same is not happening to the marriage of Meethi and Akash. What will happen next ? Will this marriage continue in these strange circumstances, where everybody is against him but Meethi is not so sure.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Finally Zoya learns the truth about Tanveer

The serial has been meandering in its story for quite some time. The proposed marriage between Zoya and Asad is moving towards happening, although Tanveer is determined to play the spoiler in the relationship and stop the marriage from happening. Tanveer wants to marry Asad so that she would become rich due to Asad being rich (and this was primarily because when she was working for Razia, in the end Razia had taunted her for being nobody and Tanveer was determined to ensure that she would break out of this and become rich and powerful).
With this in mind, Tanveer has been doing a lot of efforts to prevent the marriage between Zoya and Asad. She started helping in the process of getting Zoya deported from the country, and kept on providing information to the authorities that would help in getting Zoya out of her way, but in the end Asad managed to stop the deportation at the last minute. At other intervals, Tanveer tried other ways to hurt Zoya and also create sympathy in the mind of Asad for her. However, things are a bit difficult for her since Asad is in love with Zoya although he would not admit it, and his mother also liked Zoya a lot.
So there was a direct attack on Zoya by Tanveer, but this was avoided, and in the meantime Tanveer started claiming that there was an attack on her. Also, she finally told Asad that she was married and she was separated from her husband, and he was after her, wanting to cause her harm. Asad believed this, although now Zoya was starting to get suspicious about her. But so far, things were problematic since it was difficult to persuade the others that there was something about Tanveer, also given that she was a childhood friend of the family and who would think something like this.
Before, Zoya had discovered some bills and credit cards in the name of Tanveer's factory, the same factory that Tanveer had claimed was burnt down and not working. Zoya found out that there was a problem with Tanveer's left eye (in effect, she had a stone eye that she was hiding under contact lens). She finally proved this by getting the house fumigated which meant that Tanveer had to remove her contact lens. But finally Tanveer told Zoya that she will do everything to stop the marriage and that in front of her capabilities, Zoya would not be able to do anything.
On the other side, there was a fight between Ayyan and Imran (the fiancee of Nikhat), which resulted in the marriage getting called off. Nikhat was very upset over this, and Shireen was frantic, not letting Ayyan in the house. Ayyan was very angry and burnt the car that they had gifted to Imran, not knowing that Imran was also in the car. Razia blackmails Ayyan by telling him that she has photos of him doing this, and he has to marry Humeira to prevent this.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Natasha goes ballistic, files case on her inlaws

The serial has suddenly moved into very serious territory. The introduction of laws governing atrocities against women such as 498A and others which take these crimes very seriously have led to a situation where there is some misuse of these laws. This has been shown in some TV serials and have also come out in court cases where even though they are useful, they can also be misused. A recent serial which showed the misuse of such laws, leading to the jailing of inlaws until the charge was withdrawn was in the serial, 'Sapne Suhane Ladapan Ke'. The same thing is happening in the serial 'Bade Ache Lagte Hain' where Natasha is furious about what has happened to her, and is using these laws to take her revenge.
Natasha and the rest of the family got to know what Karthik was upto and learnt that he had a second marriage with Jhanvi, and he also had a child from that relationship. Once Jhanvi got to know about this earlier marriage and about the relationship that Natasha and Karthik had, she left Karthik and also left the baby in the house. At this, Kathik owned up to the baby and to the relationship, and had to face the fury of his family and Ram because of that. He left soon after for Singapore, and his mom could not bear to see the baby going out of the house, especially since Natasha could not have a baby.
So, when Nuts found out about Karthik, she was very angry. She was roaming around the town and finally decided to jump into water for committing suicide. However, she next found herself in bed, and who was looking upto her but Ayesha. Although they spoke bitterly a bit, it was clear that the bitterness in Natasha about what had happened to her got through, and since Ayesha was speaking to her in the language of taking revenge, she listened to what Ayesha was saying.
So, as a result, Natasha goes to Ram and Priya and says that she wants to go back to her married home, and although both of them are a bit surprised about what she is saying, they take her back to Karthik's house. When she gets there, she sees the baby there and soon turns bitter, telling her inlaws that she would come back, but there was one condition. The baby needs to be sent out of the house, and she is very insistent on this. She tells them that the baby will be well taken care of, but the baby cannot remain in the house. They are aghast, and when she takes the baby and tries to go out of the house, there is some pushing and shoving and she falls down. And this is what she wanted.
Next, the police are in the house since she has filed a domestic violence complaint, and they take away her inlaws. When Ram and Priya try to intervene, she tells them that she will withdraw the case if the baby goes out of the house; and Ayesha is telling her that this is the way to ensure that Karthik comes back to the city where she can take her full revenge on him. Priya is stumped, since her mother refuses to let the baby go to an orphanage, she will only hand over the baby to Karthik once he comes back. Finally Priya takes the baby and takes to Neha and Vikram's house.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Deb Mahadev - Indra does not become Devraj, position goes to Nahush

The story of Jalandhar came to an end finally in his confrontation with Mahadev. The battle was never really a battle with the power of Mahadev always keeping Jalandhar on the backfoot. In addition, in the meeting that Jalandhar had with Parvathi where she was his captive, she told him that when she saw him again, he would be nearing his end, and Jalandhar was amused as to how she would ever be able to come out this illusory place. However she tells him that she is not killing him right now, and this is her favor to him just like he believed that he had done her a favor when he was in a rage after the death of Vrinda and was ready to strike down Parvathi.
So, in the battle with Mahadev, finally Parvathi decides to break her captivity and starts using her powers. These powers let her break the illusion that was keeping her hidden from everybody else and she soon enters the battlefield and Jalandhar is astounded to see her there. He could not believe that the powers that he thought would control his enemies could be so easily broken, and by this time Mahadev had struck him with a powerful blow that struck him a mortal wound, one from which he would not recover. After that, there was  some discussion where Jalandhar discussed about why Shiva was not there for him when Jalandhar needed him on occasions, and Mahadev told him that he was there for him every time, all the times when somebody went to help Jalandhar, it was on the basis of something that Mahadev had done.
After this, the end came peacefully. After some more moral statements by Mahadev, Jalandhar was converted back into the ball of fire from which he came, and was absorbed back into Mahadev's third eye, and that was the end of the story of Jalandhar. The lasting issue from that was the curse which Vrinda had put on Narayan for deceiving her.
After this, the position of the ruler of the 3 worlds was again open, and so was the position of that of lord of the devas. Indra was there, but he knew that this time, there was a lot of resentment against him for what he had done; the birth of Jalandhar was because he had provoked Lord Shiva and Jalandhar's wanting revenge against the devas was also because Indra had killed his mother, and this was what was provoking the rage in him; and as a result, whenever Indra wanted help against Jalandhar from the trimurti, he was reminded of his deeds and hence this time he himself refused to ask for the title of lord of the devas, and finally one of the rishis suggested the name of Nahush to be the king of the devas; and whatever training he required, it would be given to him over time so that he would be able to do as required.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - The great deceit by Munna and Beera

Mohan Bhatnagar is shown to be smart, and not letting emotions rule over his heart. He was very happy when Muuna helped him find Addu, but it turned out that Addu was not Addu. The young man that they took home in the form of Addu was actually somebody else, and it took a number of events to discover this. First of all, Megha was surprised when she saw that Addu did not recognize her although he seemed to recognize Navika. But the biggest surprise for everybody was when the adult Addu was able to eat good made from sabut dana, something that he was allergic to earlier. Megha was surprised at this, but Mohan was concerned enough to want to investigate more on this one, and decided to do more research. He already had some data from the research doctor's reports on Addu and used these to compare with earlier reports, and to his surprise and shock, the doctor told him that these 2 reports were of different people, which means that the person in the house was not Addu.
Next, he got a big shock (although a happy shock) when he learnt that Navika and Beera were in love with each other and wanted to marry each other. This entire love affair somehow slipped the attention of both Megha and Mohan, and Mohan reacted with a lot of surprise when he learnt about it. He confronted Beera about how he was related to Daddaji, and how he will take care of Navika if they decide to get married. In the end, Megha and Navika convince him that this is the right decision, that Navika is in love with him and is the right thing for him to do to let them get married. So they show some cute romantic moments between Navika and Beera, but there is something else running through this story.
Soon after, they show the apparent truth, where there is a lot of deceit in the story. So, they show Beera going to Daddaji's house after Daddaji is released from prison due to lack of evidence (and Daddaji shows up at the news studio to threaten Mohan) to hand over his wedding card to Daddaji, and then telling Daddaji that the entire event was part of his revenge plan on Mohan and his family for what has happened. So, he told Daddaji that he would humiliate Navika at the time of the marriage and this would be the revenge. After this, Munna appears there and tells Daddaji that Beera was lying and he would get married, but Daddaji was convinced about Beera.
In between, Mohan is investigating about who was trying to hurt Addu and had also taken a blood sample of Munna and this resulted in a confirmation that Munna was indeed the person who had hurt Addu. In addition, Guru suggested that Munna was in fact the true Addu, something that Mohan seemed to think was right.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - The truth about Karthik unveiled, more tension

Any serial works by showing a series of events that cause tension, these are stretched for several episodes, and when they are resolved, another series of events happen that cause tension, and so on. So, after the truth about the marriage between Natasha and Sid was proven in court and the property was handed back to Ram, there was bound to be some other event which would cause tension. This even in the current set is because they show Karthik, who was otherwise passionate about Natasha, having a second marriage that nobody knows about, and this second marriage has even resulted in a baby. The important event is that everybody will get to know about this, since this is a serial, and the coincidence is that the mother of the child is Jhanvi, who helped Ram and Priya in their court case by acting as a witness to their marriage.
Karthik has come back from Singapore, and since Ayesha had seen him on the video chat which Jhanvi was having with him, she knew that she had got one more weapon on her side. Although Karthik was her own brother, she decided to blackmail Karthik over this knowledge about his having a second wife, and finally got him to pay up money for the same.
But this was not enough. She wanted revenge for what had happened to her, and since Jhanvi was the main witness in the case because of which all her property was taken away from her, she wanted to teach a revenge to Jhanvi. So when a party is happening in the house to celebrate the return of Karthik, she called up Jhanvi and told her that as a well-wisher, Karthik was not well. Jhanvi came to the house and saw what was happening and also saw the exchange of emotions between Karthik and Natasha, and realized that there was no part for her in this. She finally left from there without telling anyone, but left her baby there.
Ram called up the police to tell them about this, and although Priya wanted to take care of the baby rather than the baby going to an orphanage, the police told her that the law does not allow them to let the baby remain in the house and they would need to take the baby. At this Karthik finally breaks his restraints and tells everybody the truth about him being the father of the baby, about his marriage with Jhanvi and how he cannot let the baby be taken away.
Everybody is shocked, and then Ayesha appears on the scene to confirm everything and is gloating about what has happened, how she has taken her revenge, and so on. Finally Priya takes matters into her own hand, and slaps Karthik soundly. However, this will not be the end, since Ram has a temper when it comes to his sister, and even previously he has spoken a lot when something happened, and in the promo, he will again talk harshly, and will even point out that the marriage of Ram and Priya happened because of the need for the marriage of Natasha and Karthik. This might be enough for Priya to claim that everytime he claims that the marriage happened out of necessity and it does not have any standing of its own.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki - Finally the mill is opened and truth about Amrutlal and Hansmukh revealed

For some time now, there has been a lot of tension in the serial about the mill and the sale of the mill. There were accusations against Karsan, the truly honest member in the family about the disappearance of the papers and the appearance of the papers in the hand of Amrutlal. Amrutlal wants to get the land on which the mill stands, and he was finding it difficult to do as long as the mill was working and on a regular basis. So, he was the one who set fire to the mill, which was the event which caused Kishan to leave for abroad to get support and funds for re-opening the mill and ensuring the heritage of his family was preserved and the workers of the area got the support they needed.
However, when he returned, he returned with a wife, Bhoomi, which nobody was expecting. In fact, due to a communication gap, he thought that he had told his family about the marriage and they were approving of his decision to get married to Bhoomi, while they thought that they had arranged a bride for him and he was accepting of their decision. So, Bhoomi faced a lot of problem in getting accepted in the family and has to run through a series of tests set by the matriarch of the family, Aruna Irani. Inspite of not knowing the details of these items, she manages to pass these tests.
Now, Kishan decides that he will not let this happen, and will prevent Amrutlal from taking the property of the mill. For this, he has to first determine the role of Hansmukh in this whole episode and then figure out how the papers were actually given to Amrutlal. With the help of Bhoomi, first he goes to Amrutlal's place when he is looking for sellers to sell the land on which the mill is built, and then informs everybody that the papers he had were false and that they should not get tempted to buy the land since there are lots of problems with the papers and why they are getting sucked into something that is legally wrong. Amrutlal is not convinced, but he has an element of doubt and gets in touch with Hansmukh to find the true papers and also threatens him to resolve matters.
Kishan and Bhoomi then trap Hansmukh and get his evidence on the phone, and then force him to get the papers from Amrutlal under a false guise. He then uses this to get the court order vacated and finally managed to ensure that the matter is now clear, and even when Amrutlal appears there, he manages to show him that everything is correct and even Amrutlal's lawyer agrees with this. At this stage, Amrutlal reveals the whole truth about whatever Hansmukh had done to help him.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Chhavi blames Sandhya for her problems in the exam hall

For Chavvi, the exams are a top priority right now, and all because till now she had not been paying any attention to her studies. However, the last time she met her fiancee Dileep, her future mother-in-law made it clear that they were looking for a daughter-in-law who was well educated, and for that, it was important for her to clear her exams. However, till now, she had not given any priority to her exams. Now it was a challenge. She tried to figure out a way to cheat but was puzzled in the actual paper when it turned out that the questions were different from what she was expecting. She finally saw a solution when Sandhya's papers dropped on the floor and she was able to pick it up and write the answers from there. However, she was caught and even though she denied at that time that Sandhya had given her the papers, she had to think of a solution for home. After all, she was denied from giving the papers and her answer sheet was seized.
So she came home and made up the story that Sandhya was trying to help her and her answer sheet was found with Chavvi and hence it was because of Sandhya that she was prevented from giving the exams. Sandhya totally denied this and said that she did not do anything and it was totally Chavvi's fault. However, Meena did her bit to provoke Bhabho, getting the matka for Bhabho to break and claiming that this will break Chavvi's marriage and so on. Bhabho gave Chavvi another chance by telling her that she lied many times in the past and does she want to change her story, but Chavvi refused to changer her story and claimed that it was Sandhya at fault.
As a result, with the 3 matkas that Bhabho had kept for breaking as a result of mistakes of Sandhya, she broke the first one and gave a date of Sandhya's birthday for the remaining 2 matkas. Sandhya is very disappointed and angry over what has happened and Suraj tries his best to ensure that he calms her down and tells her to expose the truth. She decides to do that, although it is not clear right now as to what she will do. The people in the exam hall know the truth, so maybe that is one avenue.
At the sweets shop, Suraj has a big order and has kept it all in the shop, but Emily, Chavvi and Meena all go to the shop for different reasons and will leave the shop open, causing rats to come in and spoil some of what Suraj has prepared.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Amita Ka Amit - Amita wins the total trust of her mother-in-law Falguni

Amita has been under a lot of trouble. There was the case of the file which was stolen by Tina and Ria to make it seem that Amit is irresponsible and so it seemed. Amit got into a lot of trouble over that missing file and his father scolded him a lot for that. Amit in turn blamed Amita for the missing file since she had done a lot of re-decoration of the room because of her belief in seeing that feng shui will make life better. Amita is very upset about where the file can be, and wants to search the entire house. Through a guise, she is able to look in the bedroom of Tina and gets a glimpse of the file, before Tina closes the almirah and scolds her for peeking in the clothes of others.
Amita is unfazed at this and decides to get more help, and tells Amit about this although he is reluctant to believe her. However, she insists and soon Tina calls Falguni, claiming that they were being insulted by the new bahu of the house who claims that Tina and Ria have stolen the important file. However, Falguni keeps a cool head and asks them as to why they just don't let her have a look. Finally, the cupboard is opened and there is no file there, although Amita is convinced that the file was there, but has to retreat. Amit continues to scold her.
In the end, Amita gets the file when Ria is dumping it in the waster bin, but Tina reaches there and blames Amita for everything and pins the blame on Amita. Amit is very upset over this entire matter, since it seems to show his father that he is careless.
In the next major incident, Falguni has given some priceless antique jewels to a jeweller but when she goes there, she realizes that she does not have any receipt and gets a shock when the manager of the shop and the jeweler's son have decided to steal those jewels and claim that she never got those. She is shocked and when back home, tells everything to Amita and not to others in the house. Amita takes responsibility for the loss of jewels and in the meantime is trying to get the jewels back using other tactics. The problem is, the jewels are needed the next day since they are required for a prayer, and Tina sees a great way to pin Amita down further. Amit has also given her another scolding.
The next day, Tina is enjoying the situation since the time for prayer has come, and Amita is not even there. However, Amita goes to the jeweler's shop and scares the manager and the owner's son by claiming that she knows the head of the market association and also, that since there are CCTV cameras, the police can detect who stole the jewels, and also the owner would be interested in knowing how the shop is being operated. She gets the jewels back, while at home, Falguni could not take the criticism of Amita and said that she was the to blame, and not Amita, and in the meantime, Amita also comes back with the jewels.

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