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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jodha Akbar - Jalal goes to Amer for attending Sukanya's marriage

For some time now, there has been a greater closeness between Jalal and Jodha, although Jodha is very cynical about the motives of Jalal. Her initial experience with Jalal was pretty horrendous, especially when she was blamed for the death of his baby, and she and her brothers were faced with the death penalty. In the end, she was absolved of this, but this and other actions made her very suspecting of the motives of Jalal whenever he did something that seemed favorable towards her. So, when he marched along with her brothers to attack Sukanya's future in-laws because of a charge that they were supporting dacoits and thieves, she was horrified, but was not very astonished. And when this expedition resulted in the death of Sukanyan's future husband, she was very angry, but Jalal told her that this was his duty as a king; after all, one of his subjects had come to him for justice and he had just delivered justice.
However, she was even more astonished later to learn that it was Jalal who had helped in the securing of a proposal for Sukanya, and this had been accepted by both sides and the marriage had been accepted. She learned this when her father came to Agra to invite everybody for the marriage. However, this effort by Jalal did not only surprise Jodha, but also surprised Mahamanga, who was even more surprised that Jalal had accepted going to Amer to attend the marriage, although he would be going with a large security force in order to ensure that his safety was sure. When Jodha went to speak to Jalal about this, he taunted her in a way that seemed endearing, but she took this in a way that this was natural for Jalal to continue to hurt her, although his effort in getting a match for her sister was something that she was happy about.
In the meantime, Mahamanga had been warning Rukkaiya that she needs to control Jalal, he seemed to be getting closer to Jodha and this would be the end of Rukkaiya's control over the harem and over the palace. Rukkaiya was usual, very dismissive, after all, how could Jodha ever think of reaching her position. But, when she went to spoke to Jalal to try to prevent him from going to Amer, he shocked her strongly by admitting that he was deeply in love with Jodha and would do everything to curry her favor. When he saw that she was shocked enough, then he told her not to worry, that he was doing this to ensure that the Rajputana area was silent and obedient, and this was all politics, not any love for Jodha. This made Ruqaiyya more comfortable, especially with his trip to Amer.
And then there was the attack on Jalal and Jodha on the way to Amer, where they were on a boat. They were attacked by archers, and finally their own soldiers came in and defeated these archers. Jalal spoke to his army chief and shared his feeling that this was an attack by an insider and asked him to investigate. Finally when Jalal reaches Amer, will he come face to face with Maharana Pratap who is vehemently against Jalal and the way that the Rajput states are not acting against the Mughals.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Balika Vadhu - Things get very serious, Sanchi does drama of committing suicide

Balika Vadhu is getting very serious currently. The sudden view of the breaking off of relations between Jagya and Sanchi is causing huge upheavals, not only in the life of Jagya and Sanchi, but also in the life of Anandi. Any anger that people have towards Jagya and his family is also coming out in front of Anandi, especially from the perspective of Ira, who is putting all the blame for whatever happened on Anandi and the family.
So, when Sanchi came back after seeing Jagya put sindoor on Ganga, she was shocked, but not fully defeated. Even though her family was very angry at Jagya and did not want anything more to do with him, Sanchi still believed in getting Jagya for herself, and was looking for more strategies that would help ensure that Jagya came back to her and not go to Ganga. She even rationalized that just putting Sindoor does not make it a marriage and if things can be prevented from going further, then she should do this. And what better way to force somebody to come to her side than by putting on a huge emotional drama, the act of committing suicide. After all, this is a time tested formula that would work and ensure that she would get the sympathy of everybody, including Jagya.
However, on the other side, Jagya had also realized that he had put Ganga in a strange situation by putting Sindoor on her, since this was still not marriage. His mother and Dadisa were very angry with him and did not want him in the house, but Bhairon went to meet him to understand what had happened, and finally ended up accepting what he had. So, Jagya finally had a formal marriage with Ganga, to his mother's disappointment and fury. However, Bhairon prevented Sumitra from stopping the marriage which happened in a temple in front of a pandit with the havan and everything else.
In the meantime Sanchi tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists, with the door open so that it would not convert into a reality, and Anandi saw her in time and alerted everyone so that she could be taken to the hospital before tragedy could occur. However, this was a huge shock to everyone and the anger towards Jagya had increased a lot; since this was obviously because of Jagya backing out of the marriage that this attempt at suicide had happened, and Anandi also got caught up in this one. Ira was extremely angry, and when Bhairon and Dadisa came there to express their sympathy, she was still very angry and also curt with Anandi, virtually threatening them that this would have a bad impact on Anandi as well, that her presence in the house was under threat because of all this. Even though Alok tried to counsel her, she was not really listening.
Instead, when she heard that Jagya had gotten married to Ganga, she was even more angry and lashed out at Anandi for whatever happened, for revealing things from her married family. Sanchi was also shocked when she heard about this marriage, since this meant that now Jagya would not have a change of mind and would not come back to her. In this situation, the threat of using the police for charging Jagya with abetting the suicide attempt of Sanchi was the game that would be played.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jodha Akbar - Jalal was at death's door - Finally medicine from Jodha saved him

Another incident, another problem. This trip to Ajmer was the one which was going to be one of the turning points in the relation between Jodha and Akbar. Before the trip, Jodha was looking to going back to her Amer and leaving Jalal, but then she was rejected by her family; with this incident and with Jalal also taunting her before, she tried to commit suicide, but was saved by Jalal. He told her that she was a begum of the Mughal family and there was no way that she could commit suicide, she should know the prestige of her position and not trying to do something like this. He took her back Agra and bypassed the others around and put her in a room for the night. At the same time, it was told that Jalal needed to go to Ajmer along with a begum, so that the bad over his head could go, and the begum would be the one who would have the first light of sunrise to land on her. And you know what would have happened, the room where Jodha was there for the night was the one where Jodha had been kept by Jalal, and she was set for Ajmer. When Jalal asked her about why she wanted to go to Ajmer, and she could refuse, she refused to refuse and said that she would go to Ajmer.
On the other hand, Adham was hoping that this journey to Ajmer would be the last for the emperor and that Adham could be the next emperor. They had an eventful journey where they were also attacked, attacked by a Rajput who did not like the fact that Jodha was married to a Mughal emperor. This led to Jodha and Akbar staying in the same tent for security reasons, but jodha was not convinced and when Jalal came inside and took off her chunni, she was shocked and spoke out. But she became very embarrassed when it turned out that Jalal was doing this since there was a snake, and Jalal used this opportunity to tease her about this later as well.
On the return journey, Jalal wanted to do some hunting. However, Jodha did not like this hunting of innocents, and replaced the powder in his gun, so that when a tiger attacked them, Jalal was without his gun, having to fight with the tiger. Obviously, the tiger was more powerful and Jalal was severely wounded, and in mortal danger. Jodha was shocked at what had happened due to her actions, and now Jalal was under the care of the hakim, who was unable to stop the blood from flowing. Jodha took the courage to go and tell Ruqaiya about what had happened, although when Ruqaiya learned that Jodha had partial responsibility for what had happened, she slapped Jodha left and left.
In the meantime, Jodha refused to move out of there for her own security, and started preparing a medicine that she had seen at Amer, prepared by a great hakim. She gave this medicine which was used on Jalal. It stopped his blood from flowing, but also caused a high fever, which made the others more suspicious of what Jodha was upto. The Hakim was also called from Bhopal, although it would take some time for him to come. Finally he reached and confirmed that the medicine was correct, and the high fever would help to make him better again; and finally Jalal was feeling better. This entire episode also seemed to make Jalal and Jodha closer.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Pabbo and Dipali trying to stop Madhu from becoming the heroine

As usual, you would expect that the show would have a lot of drama before something happens. That has been the case with the serial, since before showing that something major happens, there will be a lot of suspense, Dipali will be involved in trying to prevent whatever Madhu and RK are trying to do, and so on. However, even though they come to know that Diplali is involved, they do not prevent her from doing so, and since each time, there is no punishment, you can be sure that the character of Dipali will continue in her quest to give them trouble and cause problems when they are trying to do so. Even otherwise, even though they show RK as very arrogant, he has let his step-father stay in the house even though his step-father was the one who was instrumental in preventing RK from working in the films industry and because of which he had to his own movie. So, finally RK, being a superstar, decided that he would produce a movie himself and set about arranging matters for the movie.
He asked Bittuji to set about arranging finance, and for the huge amount that was required, had to say that the house had to be set a security for the loan, which is a matter of risk since that meant if the movie was to fail to make enough money, then his house would be taken away to pay for the loan. He asked an actress for playing the role of the heroine, but she was already talking to the film producer who wanted to teach RK a lesson, and finally she refused to act in the movie. At this, finally RK decided that he already had somebody in the house who could become a heroine, and said that Madhu would be the heroine of the movie (the advantage is that there will be some more costs that are cut because of casting her as the main heroine).
However, Dipali is very against this movie, since it would significantly enhance the status of Madhu, especially if the movie was successful. Madhu on the other hand was agreeable to do this since RK's movie was in a problem and she felt it was her duty to support RK in this. It was after all a movie that he was producing. Initially, Pabbo was fine with this movie but after her guruji said something about this, and then Dipali also spent time with her to persuade her otherwise, she became dead set against this move to make Madhu the lead actress of the movie, and also spoke about this to RK. However, RK was not ready to initially listen to her about this, and said that Madhu was only doing her duty towards RK by becoming a part of the movie, and he would not listen to anybody speaking against Madhu. At this, Pabbo left the table and went to her room.
Later RK and Madhu went to her room so that they apologize for anything that could have hurt her, but found that she was not there. They started a hunt to find her, and finally Madhu found her in a temple and brought her back to the house, although she refused another attempt by Pabbo that Madhu not work in the movie. In the end, it is shown that Pabbo and Dipali join hands to stop Madhu from becoming the heroine of the movie.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Pihu's marriage on and off, Ram fine with this

Things are getting strange in the serial. But one feels that the serial will get more strange before there is some improvement. Right now, the scene was that the serial has come after 7 years. Ram has 3 daughters, with Pihu and then the twins who were born later. Priya is still in a coma after 7 years of the accident, although Pihu was fine after the accident. In addition, Juhi plays an essential role in the business and family, since Ram has to depend on her for a number of things (Ram goes to visit Priya every evening in the hospital and hence the help of Juhi is very much required). Ram's daughters even call her 'choti maa' because of the influence she has on the family. Further, Juhi's ex-husband Rajeev is now popping up in the scene, wanting custody of their daughter Naina, who also considers Ram like a father, and who he considers as his 4th daughter. And then there is Kush, who is also dedicated to Ram and the daughters (but there is no mention of what is happening to Ayesha, his mother - maybe they are saving her when they need some more villainous roles).
Things are getting more troublesome with Priya. Doctors have said that she needs to come out of her coma in this year, else things will get even more problematic. Further, Doctors have also said that she is starting to slip, with her organs failing and if this continues, she will not have more time available with her. Everybody is very worried, and Ram has decided to get Priya back to the house. And then, he gets to know that there is a family that is interested marrying their son with Pihu, and he feels that this will be good, as it will also provide a rich emotional experience that maybe would help Priya re-connect with the world and come out of coma. Pihu on the other hand also thinks that her father needs to move on with life, get over Priya, and marry Juhi, since that seems like the best option - and for that, she needs to get married. So she meets the guy Mandeep and decides that she will get married.
Preparations for the wedding are ongoing, with the other family however soon putting a spanner in the works. First they want a clarification on the marriage status of Ram and Juhi, since the daughters call her Choti Maa. Ram is mad, but Vikram makes him understand that other people will have the same question - and Rajeev turns out to be the business partner of the inlaws. But just when this blows over, the inlaws come over with more issues; they want to know why the marriage is not being held in a 5 star, why their relatives are being forced to stay in a guest house, what is the share of property that Pihu is getting from Ram and whether this can be defined now, and most of all, why they were given fake jewelery as gifts. Turns out that Natasha gave them fake jewellery since she wanted to test whether they will try and get these jewellery items tested, and they did. Finally Ram says that these do not seem like the right set of inlaws for Pihu and he cancels the marriage. But before he can explain to Pihu, the would-be-guy Mandeep comes in and apologizes on behalf of his parents and says that he was interested in the marriage and when Ram asks Pihu, she also says that she is fine with going ahead with the marriage.
However, somebody else speaks to Mandeep and he then tells Ram that he cannot get married to Pihu, since he was spoken to somebody else who says that he spent a lot of time with Pihu, but she is not the type of person who can get committed to somebody. At this, Ram gets angry at Mandeep and asks him to leave and tells everybody that the marriage is off. In the meantime, with Rajeev wanting the custody of Naina, Ram finally thinks of a solution whereby he could marry Juhi and this legally adopt Naina.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Jodha Akbar - Jodha and Akbar go to Ajmer

There is a continuous bit of back and forth between Jodha and Akbar. Now, that the supposed truth about who had killed Jalal's son in Ruqaiya's womb was clear (the supposed double of Maha Manga, although the serial does show that Maha Manga was the one behind the murder, and had then taken the help of an old associate to do the actual killing - she wanted to ensure that the right of her own son Adham to the throne after Jalal is retained, which would be impossible if Jalal got a heir on the throne with the birth of his child if that was a son). Jodha was a bit unsure about whether it was Maha Manga who was behind this, but had to accept that the culprit was sentenced to death and then killed. A conclusion of this was that both Jodha and her brothers were freed from any guilt and this was admitted to by Jalal in front of others, which would be enough to ensure that their reputation was restored.
After this, Jodha had realized that this marriage was a mistake and talked to Jalal about this. He told her that he was ready to let her go back to Amer and she could go back with her brothers; but then Jodha found out that her brothers left without her since they had been given another work by her father (she did raise this with Jalal, but he said that this was not his fault, since he had not commanded her brothers to leave). However, Jodha, when she finally met her family realized that she was not going to get much help from them either; after all, the concept was that such a lot had happened to ensure that her marriage was stable, including the involvement of her brothers in the killing of her sister's future husband, and that, as per tradition, she could only leave Akbar when she was dead. Also, Jalal had told her that he only married her since he hated her.
Jodha was horrified over this, since now she realized that she was probably unwanted at both her inlaws and her parents and tried to jump into a lake to kill herself. Jalal realized that she was going to do this, and jumped after her and saved her from the water. When she came out, she asked him about why he saved her, and he told her that he did this since she was a Begum of the mughal royal family and committing suicide was not an option for her, she needs to respect her position. From now on, she needs to be more careful of what she was doing. And he was not responsible for what her family had told her. He took her back to the fort and told her that she would have to stay by herself in another enclosed room for the night. And when his mother asked about her, he told them that she was in a room by herself for the night and no one will meet her for this duration.
In the meantime, because of some problems happening to Jalal, it was foretold that he would need to go to Ajmer for prayers along with a begum, and the begum would be the one who would get to see the first rays of the light in the morning. As expected, Ruqayya says that she will be the one, and just at sunrise, goes to a room which is supposed to get the first rays of light, but is shocked when she opens the room and sees Jodha in there (this was the room where Jalal had kept Jodha). So it is Jodha who will go with Jalal, and his mother is very happy. On the other side, Adham is planning how to get rid of Jalal on this trip to Ajmer, since that will ensure that he gets to become the new king.

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