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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aap ki Kachari, hosted by Kiran Bedi

How to take part in this show ? Click on this link.

Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was a very long running serial on Star Plus at its prized 10:30 PM slot, and then, after the TRP's started falling, Star got the serial ended (with a dispute between Star and Balaji about the termination of the serial). A number of reality show type of serials are getting popular now, and so Star decided to make a radical change to the serial appearing on this show.
And so comes a totally different serial for this time slot, with a show patterned on solving domestic abuses. Kiran Bedi is a very famous former police officer, who had done a number of landmark initiatives, but who resigned from the police force after being passed over for the role of Police Commissioner of Delhi.
Now, she is the judge in a show where people with family disputes are involved. This could be between husband and wife, cases where a wife complains about bad treatment by in-laws, where parents complain that they have been deserted by their children, husband complains that his wife has run away, or one of the couple complains that they were tricked by the other one.
These are all civil disputes, with the condition being that the case should not have been in court already. Kiran Bedi hears them out, trying to build on the positive areas, trying to get a commitment from the concerned people about things they can do to improve issues. She is also capable of also contributing financially to improve things where it would help (like getting one of the people to do a course that would help their earning potential).

Some videos of the show from Youtube (link)

The antics of Raja Choudhary

Raja Choudhury played a very impressive role in the reality show Big Boss. He was opinionated, angry, withdrawn, aggressive, all of these emotions at the same time. His fights with Sambhavna, a running cold war with Rahul Mahajan, all of them served to spice up the serial, and kept him popular (managing never to get voted out even though he was nominated many times). In fact, his ex-wife, Television actress Shweta Tiwari has claimed that he was in fact abusive, and not a nice person, but this claim never got the prominence that she was looking for.
And now, after being very popular after the second version of Big Boss, he has started ruining the very same image. It is true that everything small or big related to a personality becomes news, but the fact is that when the person compounds this problem by being difficult, then things get even worse. So Raja Choudhury has got into multiple problems in the last few weeks, having spent time in jail for attempting to outrage the modesty of a woman, got into trouble with a eunuch, and caused problems outside the club and boutique owned by his fellow Big Boss participant, Zulfi Syed, who now wants to file a police complaint.

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