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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Baat Hamari Pakki - Shravan in deep trouble, since his father found out about the contract

In the serial, Baat Hamari Pakki, the show is going through some strange times. The serial depicted Shravan as being the reluctant guy to marry Saanchi, making her sign a contract that limits the time of the marriage, because he wanted to actually get married to his girlfriend. However, Saanchi was not very happy with this, and over a period of time, she had set Shravan some conditions before the contract could be executed (primarily related to letting Shravan becoming more responsible in life and being aware of his responsibilities).
And then a whole set of drama happened, but the eventual thing is that both Shravan and Saanchi were able to appreciate each other and fall in love with each other. However, there is trouble in store. Shravan still does not act responsibly, contributing in any way, or being responsible for a standard of living for both of them.
However, in a event that proves very bad for Shravan, his father gets the contract and realizes that his son has actually been playing a game with Shravan. He already did not like the way that Shravan was behaving, and decides to take some strong action. He forbids Shravan and Saanchi from seeing each other for 30 days, puts a condition that unless Shravan is able to work and earn enough money, he can assume that the relation between Shravan and Saachi is over (and also tells family members that the bigger reason is that he does not want Saachi to spoil her life).
Shravan tries to get some money by working, but in the end, takes the easy way out and withdraws money from his account to show that he has indeed earned the money. However, his father finds out that Shravan has made a withdrawal, not earned the money, and now Shravan is in bigger trouble, even though Saanchi tries her best to convince everybody that Shravan is now more responsible.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhe Lagan on Colors - Dutta really not willing to talk to Nakku, is very cold to her

The serial is showing a period when Dutta is not willing to accept Nakku as his wife (and this when Naku can make out that she loves her); he is shocked with the thought that she hid such a big truth from him about her beauty and fairness, and ever since his fiancee had deserted him on the marriage date, he cannot stand beauty.
Nakku tries her best to find out from Dutta why he is not willing to accept her. She had already explained to Dutta that her mother decided it was best to save Nakku by making her seem ugly in the basti, since that would be the best way to ensure that men outside did not cast an evil eye on Nakku. However, Dutta remains cold to her and does not accept anything; telling her that she can live in the house but they really don't have a relation anymore.
And then Nakku gets a shock when some man comes to the house, claiming to be a past lover of Nakku who still loves her and wants her. Nakku is shocked that when Dutta comes to know of this, he does not say something to the effect that he does not doubt her character, and she later tells him that it is very easy for a lady to lose her reputation, and how could he tell her that if she wanted to leave, she could do so. However, when Dutta does not give her a satisfactory answer, Nakku tells Dutta that she would no longer stay in the same room as Dutta, and moves out. Kala of course is happy at this, since she never liked Nakku and was always scheming to get her out of her brother's life.
Now, Dutta meets a shopkeeper and his wife, and they teach him a lesson about the love between husband and wife; when Dutta sees that the husband is currently handicapped and the wife supports him to the fullest extent.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Everybody turns against Archana and Manav

The show has taken a sudden turn. After a long time of separation, a sudden marriage between Maanav and Archana was shown, but one that turned their entire family against them. This was to the extent that Archana's brothers and sisters disapproved of the marriage so much that they were not really willing to talk to Archana too much, with Dharmesh even trying to get the police to stop the marriage (this effort was thwarted when the marriage happened in a temple before the police can actually reach them); further, he was offended when he spoke about this to Archana's parents and they did not support his effort.
However, Archana's parents still had a lot of feelings for Archana, and when they go to know that Archana was unwell, they went to her house (which was in a locality that they would not normally approve of); when they did not see Maanav there, they were angry and told Manav that he was not able to take care of their daughter; this was not liked by Archana. Further, Archana's mother told Maanav that since he was not able to take care of their daughter, they could come to live with their family. Archana was shocked, since how could Maanav go to live in the house of his in-laws, but Maanav decided to let his pride not come in the way, and realized that Archana would get much better care in her parents house and decided to live in their house, even though he knew that many people would not understand such a decision.
And this turned out to be true, since nobody in the house could appreciate Maanav living with them, and lowered their opinion of him; and decided not to have any contact with either Maanav or Archana.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Bhanupratap chasing Ammaji and her family, chased them away from their home

The serial is gradually moving to the stage where a time leap happens and the current generation of people shown in the serial are no longer there. The prime hero and heroine of the serial, Sia and Raghav, will no longer be shown in the serial since they will be shown as having died in the serial.
In the serial, an old enemy of Ammaji, Bhanupratap (Aman Verma), challenges Ammaji that he will destroy her family (like Ammaji destroyed his family earlier) and he will do so when the family is celebrating the impending arrival of new children in the family, at the function to be held in the haveli.
And Ammaji is sure of the strength that she possesses, that she is sure nothing can happen; however Bhanupratap attacks with full force and forces a battle in the haveli and pushes Ammaji and the family away from the haveli. This causes more problems since there are 3 ladies who are pregnant and due to deliver.
Bhanupratap pursues them (with Ammaji running away in full flight, and with many of her men having been killed in the fight), and slowly you see how this proud family is being reduced to a sorry state in this run away from Bhanupratap. The only thing that is saving them to some extent is the fact that Ammaji has managed to keep the sister of Bhanupratap with them, and she has also regained her memory and remembers all that Ammaji did to her family.
In this difficult situation, Amba, the dacoit daughter of Ammaji comes to the rescue, and saves them temporarily from the clutches of Bhanupratap, shooting BP in the leg and hand.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - The background of Shaan finally getting revealed

With the presence of Sam, the history of what caused Shaan to have his current behavior is getting revealed. For some time now, Shaan's family is somewhat mystified by his behavior, his unsettled emotional nature, and the way he shirks his family responsibility. His father, who is anyhow going through an emotional state because of the threat of divorce by his wife, cannot easily accept this nature of Shaan.
However, the story is slowly getting revealed with the presence of his friend from college, Sam in his life. Both Khanak and Sam do not really like each other, and do not hesitate to attack each other verbally whenever they get a chance, and Shaan has to take a lot of effort to ensure that they remain cool with each other, and not let the skirmishes escalate.
It starts turning out that Sam and Shaan do not relish the memory of another friend from college, called Rahul, who now is a fairly successful businessman. Sam and Rahul meet when Sam goes to provide him a service for planning a marriage, and she is shocked when she sees Rahul.
Rahul teases and torments her, but Sam does not want to reveal the presence of Rahul to Shaan ever since the incident in college when Rahul rejected the love of Sam (when Shaan felt that Rahul would easily accept the love of Sam); ever since then, they have been separate from each other, and Shaan does not event want to ever meet Rahul again.
Further, Khanak gets to know all this when she sees Sam with Rahul, and Rahul had also saved her when she was being heckled by 2 people for being a village girl. Now, the next step will be when Rahul and Shaan meet.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Laagi Tujhse Lagan - When Nakusha reveals her true self, Dutta is shocked

The serial seems to have a steady theory, whenever Nakusha is under some suspicion or Dutta has been led to not trust her, she does something that causes everybody to again start believing in her. In the past, when Kalavati had managed to put the blame of the running away of Dutta's fiancee on Naku, she managed to save Dutta and get him away from the plans of Anna, which caused the family members and Dutta to appreciate her.
Now, the bigger problem that Nakku is facing is that she has created an image of herself as an ugly maid type of girl, and this seems to work for her; Dutta does not believe in the concept of beauty anymore and this is creating a problem for Nakku since sometime Dutta will get to know that she is actually not ugly, which can cause further problems for her. At the same time, Dutta's sister, Kala, is all out to reveal anything about Nakku that can get her into further trouble, and as a part of that, she finally gets to know that Nakku is not ugly, but beautiful and also has a fair skin.
Nakku finally tells Dutta about what she had done, and as she expected, Dutta did not take it very well, rejecting her and treating her with disdain. She proves her loyalty yet again by saving Dutta from a bullet (seems like a very familiar sight), and was in hospital, and yet, this time, it seems that Dutta is not moved.
At the same time, Kala is upto her usual tricks, putting a drug in Nakku's drink which causes her to behave drunk and go upto the stage (at a party hosted when she comes back from the hospital), and in which she beseeches Dutta to accept her. Dutta apparently does not like this display and slaps her out of it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Uttaran - Tapasya, ready to play another trick, pretends to be pregnant

The viewers of the serial have been watching for a long time to see whether Tapasya will ever be shown as reformed, as somebody who can follow the right path, instead of always acting only in her best interests, and consequently being depicted in a negative mood. She has suffered for this behavior, most shockingly to her when Veer showed all her true behavior on video (including the role she played in the death of Vansh) and then kicked her out of the house, which was followed by her own father also refusing to let her enter her own house. She had to suffer, including doing a job, living in a place with very poor facilities and poor sanitation, and so on. Yet, she was finally accepted back by her parents after they saw the pitiable conditions under which she was living. And of course, none of this had any effect on the way she thinks (to a large extent because of the influence of her nani who always supported her and put all those thoughts in her mind).
The latest shocker from Tapasya comes after the marriage of Veer and Ichcha. They finally decided to get married with the active support of the parents, with only Gunwanti being somewhat hesitant for this marriage; but Gunwanti always wanted Veer to come back to living his life and would support Ichcha's marriage with Veer if that is what made him happy.
However, Nani along with Tapasya come up with a new challenge, claiming in very dramatic fashion that Tapasya is pregnant with Veer's child (although when their marriage could have been consumated is a different question). Now, this puts Gunwanti in a moral fix, since she is not sure whom she should support (another fundamental question is about when the divorce between Veer and Tapasya happened).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Shakti, in a surprise marries Arushi, a mistake for sure

The serial continues to show a lot of surprises. For some time now, Pratigya has been fighting for the cause of her elder sister-in-law Kesar, who was tormented by her husband Shakti (supported by his mother and father, Sajjan Singh). Pratigya got able support from her husband Krishna, who was even ready to support Pratigya against the taunts of his own family. It was this support that kept the courage of Pratigya steady. It was when the family tried to kill Pratigya and Kesar got to know about it, that her husband and mother beat her up so badly that she lost her child and became incapable of having a baby after that.
It was then that Shakti and family decided that it was time that Shakti got married for a second time, something that Pratigya opposed since his first wife Kesar was still alive and their marriage was still alive. When asked about how Pratigya would be able to oppose, Pratigya managed to scare them by threatening them that a second marriage would result in a jail term for Shakti (since a second marriage under Hindu customs is illegal if the first marriage is still valid).
At the same time, Arushi (the sister of Pratigya) was turning against her, and when arushi's marriage was fixed to the son of the DIG, everybody was happy. However, Pratigya saw the boy with another girl, enough to raise suspicions about his intentions, and Arushi was very bitter with her about this, and totally refused to believe Pratigya. But Pratigya was determined to save her sister, and this finally resulted in the marriage being called off. Arushi was so angry that she took the highly destructive step of marrying Shakti Singh (to the huge shock of Pratigya and their parents). Now, Arushi is in the household and determined to humiliate Pratigya at any opportunity.

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Turbulence in Shantanu's life because of his past catching up and parents drama

Rang Badalti Odhani was going through some light moods recently, and then suddenly everything turned serious. They showed the acceptance of the relationship between Shaan and Khanak, with the realization that both of them loved each other a lot. In fact, Khanak moved towards understanding the full scope of the relationship, starting to learn more about the physical intimacy that becomes a part of such a relationship.
However, things starting getting complicated at the same time. The relationship between Shaan's father and his mother, which was never seemingly very close, reached breaking point (not through some bitter fights), but more like a realization that she was not happy in this relationship and wanted to separate, through a formal divorce. When Shaan heard about this, he was totally shaken, and started behaving strangely. He would not speak normally to his father, accusing his father and mother of acting like having a normal relationship. He was also somewhat distant from Khanak, who would not understand what her husband was going through.
One change in Khanak that is for the positive is where she is not shown under Shaan's control; she loves him a lot and would want to ensure that he is always fine, but that does not mean that she will accept everything that Shaan does. She regularly tells Shaan to be more responsible, play his role in the family work and so on.
Another angle that is being shown in the serial is about old friends of Shaan, such as Sam. Khanak was trying to figure out what Shaan was doing in his college days, but when Sam shows up, she is very uncomfortable with the close relationship between Sam and Shaan.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet, Hui Sabse Parayi - In a lot of drama, Mann applies sindoor to Geet

This was truly filmi style marriage. Geet has gone to a party along with Mann, and Nayantara is also there, all set to finally do harm to Geet. Nayantara already has 2 supporters in the form of Sweety (who is a client of the company) and Sasha, but has not really told them of her intention. She has some complex intentions, directed against many people. She does not want her husband to be affectionate with anybody else (Dev and Meera), she does not want her husband's child with Geet to be born (rather, she wants to get the child killed), and she also wants to keep Geet and Mann apart, something that Dev wants to oppose in any way. Dev on the other hand is very apologetic and feels very bad for what he has done to Geet.
And now Nayantara is trying to trap Geet. In the party, Sasha tries to send Mann away for meeting some client so as to sign a contract (and the client will be away for many months, so the contract needs to be signed at exactly the same time), and then gets Sweety to get Geet to come to the 1st floor. And then Nayantara meets Geet over on the deserted 1st floor, and after threatening Geet, she manages to push Geet down over a broken bannister. However, in the nick of time, Mann saves Geet, preventing her from falling over. And then, when confronted, Nayantara tries to shame Geet, but then Mann steps in and claims that he is totally behind Geet, and then in a dramatic fashion, breaks a glass in his hand, and with the blood that is coming out, puts it on Geet's head, ritually marrying her. Everybody, including Nayantara is totally shocked at this turn of events.
And then Nayantara loses her 2 supporters, in the form of Sasha and Sweety, who are shocked at what NT has tried to do (they would also be complicit in the attempt to kill Geet), and scold NT, telling her that they do not want to be associated with her from now on.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana married to each other, with family opposition

It finally happened, and that too in a very sudden and strange way. On the very same day, both Archana and Maanav were to get married, but not to each other. It seemed like a separation from each other, and then things suddenly turned around. Maanav was told by Shravani that his getting married to Shravani did not seem right, and his natural marriage partner was in fact Archana. Once Shravani said this, Maanav was relieved, and rushed off to meet Archana. On the other hand, Satheesh found out about the truth about Archana's planned marriage partner, and told Archana to run off from the marriage venue and go to Maanav.
Finally they meet, and decide to get married. Both sets of families are shocked by this behavior; Savitha tries to find out the reason behind Maanav taking this action and is not able to understand why Shravani let Maanav go away (she wants Shravani's son Sachin since she believes that this is the last reminder of her dead younger son); on the other hand, Archana's family first has to deal with the potential in-laws who are shocked at her behavior and who are also embarrassed (after all, it is their potential daugher-in-law who ran away from their marriage).
Now, both Maanav and Archana are away from their own homes, and in a not so good condition (in terms of a place to live and so on). They also have not had a regular marriage so far, and so, on the advice of some friends, decide to have a temple marriage. This is done just before a police inspector comes to try and separate them, but since they are already married, nothing can be done now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hindi Tv Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Mann and Geet have to fight Nayantara

The serial has taken another twist. For a few weeks, they have shown the couple being somewhat separated after a skirmish over the release of Dev from jail on bail. Geet was angry over the role of Mann in getting Dev released from jail and considered for once that Mann was breaking her confidence and betraying all the trust, and as a result, she broke up from him.
However, they could not be separated for long, and got together again, through some strange circumstances. Mann bought the company in which Geet went to work, and after some amount of madcap events, they are together again. Mann realized that he cannot be without Geet, and Geet realized that Mann is always on her side, and would only try to shelter her. So, their relation is back to normal, but there are some complications involved now.
Nayantara got out of jail, and used the Power of Attorney that Dev had granted her, in order to transfer 25% of the shares of the company to her name, and now pushes her way into the office, and Mann threatens her a lot but is unable to kick her out. Nayantara has a few objectives, she wants Geet's pregnancy to get aborted since this is her husband Dev's child, wants to prevent the marriage of geet and Mann, and also prevent any relation between Meera and Dev (since even though Dev may hate her and deny any chance of the marriage succeeding, she does not want Dev to have a relationship with anybody else).
Nayantara got her friend Sweety to come to the office, in order to help her in this quest against Mann and Geet, and also takes the help of Sasha (one wonders how Sasha got the courage to go against Mann, even though she knows how Mann would treat her once he gets to know).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 4 - Lots of controversy in the house, Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni thrown out

Bigg Boss4 is getting all the controversy that it needs to increase its TRP and viewer attention, but is also getting some unwanted attention that it would not have wanted. Over the past many weeks, there has been a lot of drama in the media about the serial, with parents and many other organizations complaining about the language used, and also about the level of vulgarity in the serial (especially the fights that happen in the serial, and the drama that is supposed to be staged in the serial). Even in this season, there has been a marriage staged in the serial which is supposed to be a total drama (since they were already married 2 years back). Further, the serial also attempted to show the married couple under a single sheet, apparently on a honeymoon (it is another matter that Ali Merchant had to leave the show soon after, given that he was only a guest on the serial).
And then the major attraction, with the Hollywood sex symbol (many years past her prime though), Pamela Anderson has entered the serial, dressed in a revealing white dress (you can be pretty sure that this is meant to ensure that there is more viewer attention and they would ask her to do more than just dress up). She is just there for 3 days in the serial, and is being paid an amount of Rs. 2.5 crore for this presence (although she has to try and speak Hindi).
On the other hand, the conflict between people in the serial continues, with a face off between Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni (which resulted in both of them being evicted from the serial - thus saving more members for the week since 2 members have been evicted).
And finally, the Government knocked the appeal out of the serial since it judged the serial as too adult, and thus should not appear before 11 PM.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana moving towards each other, running away from their own marriages

For quite some time, the relation between Maanav and Archana has been meandering towards opposite ends. They remain close to each other even when they officially separated from each other, and even when it has been a year since they separated. In the meantime, Archana's parents are looking for a suitable boy for her since they want her to move on with her life. Maanav on the other hand is booked to marry Shravani, although with the death of his uncle (father's brother), the marriage cannot take place till some time has passed. So, they are waiting for this time to be over, but it is still confirmed that it will be Shravani whom Maanav is supposed to marry. Further, Shravanai is not very happy about the relation between Maanav and Archana, since they are separated, and she is very jealous of the kind of link between Maanav and Archana.
Archana gets engaged to a guy named Jayawant, who seems as a very good and honest person, but who is not really so. Maanav gets to know about the truth of Jayawant, and wants to save Archana, but nobody can really understand his reasons for doing so. These attempts of his are detested by Archana's family who cannot understand as to why Maanav is trying to prevent the re-marriage of Archana.
But, in the nick of time, Sathish gets to know the truth about Jayawant (whereby Jayawant wants to get married to Archana, with one reason being that she will help in his loan approval so that he can pay off the loan he has taken from a local money-lender, who can harm him if he does not repay the loan). And in the meantime, in an incredible turn of events, Shravani has a change of heart and tells Maanav that she recognizes that his heart will always be with Archana. So, you have the scene where both Archana and Maanav have run away from their marriage locations (to the shock of their families).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Problems when buying a Diwali present for Nandini's inlaws

The problems for Akshara never seem to end. The relation between Nandini and Mohit is a nice one, like any married couple. The issue is more about the way that Mohit's mother has been portrayed, showing her to be more concerned about money and wanting Mohit to get married to a rich girl. So, she was initially shocked when she got to know that Mohit wanted to marry a handicapped girl, but her attitude quickly changed when she found that Nandini belonged to one of the richest families of the area, and expected that a lot of riches were going to come her away (constrained by the fact that Mohit had a high degree of pride and was not going to let his inlaws give him money more than the normal marriage items)
However, as a result, there is always some amount of tension when it comes to giving gifts to Nandini's inlaws, since the household would not want to give something so low that it would make Mohit's mother feel that her expectations were not being met, and yet not something that Mohit would want to refuse it and send it back.
So, when the occasion for giving the first set of gifts for Diwali came, Akshara got the responsibility, and along with Rashmi, she set out to get something that would be modern, and got a lot of beautiful and creative decorations for Diwali, but something that the elders in the house were not really comfortable with; and obviously Mohit's mother did not really like them at all. But the biggest problem was when they picked up the sweets from a local shop, and it turned out that the local shop gave them old sweets, which when opened up Mohit's house, turned out to be rotten, and this eventually got back to Akshara's house. Big problem.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 4 - Ali Merchant and Sara marriage on the sets - was it a drama ?

Bigg Boss is a popular reality serial, and it is now on the 4th version in the Indian Hindi Serial industry. The appeal of the serial is in the voyeuristic tendencies of people, a chance to see the lives of people, and more so when there is a lot of controversy and protests going on; and Bigg Boss has been obliging, with a lot of protests and fights happening in the serial on an ongoing basis (and when Rahul Bhatt left the serial after being voted out, he claimed that all the fights were scripted by the serial in order to ensure that it remained popular and there was enough controversy for viewers to enjoy).
In this case, Bigg Boss was also controversial because of the protest by Shiv Sainiks due to the presence of Pakistani actors in the serial; however, after some negotiation, the protests came to an end. The various participants in the season 4 of the serial are:
Aanchal Kumar - A model from Chandigarh.
Abbas Kazmi - The lawyer for 26/11 criminal and terrorist, Kasab. Kazmi was evicted early.
Ashmit Patel - Brother of Amisha Patel and an actor himself. Was supposed to be getting involved with Sara on the serial sets.
Begum (Ali) Saleem - Cross-dressing TV host from Pakistan. Evicted.
Devender (Bunty Ustaad) - A famous thief from Delhi, famous for being the inspiration behind the movie, Oye Lucky ! Lucky Oye ! Evicted on the 2nd day for bad behavior.
Dolly Bindra - A television actress and big fighter.
Hrishant Goswami - Former winner of the Gladrags manhunt contest.
Khali - a well know wrestler, part of the WWE
Manoj Tiwari - Bhojpuri movie actor and singer
Rahul Bhatt - Son of Mahesh Bhatt, famous for involvement with terrorist Headley. Evicted.
Sakshi Pradhan - A former winner of Splitsvilla, also famous for a MMS scandal clip
Samir Soni - Worked on various television serials and movies
Sara Khan - Famous as Sadhana in the serial, Bidaai, on TV
Seema Parihar - Former bandit
Shweta Tiwari - Famous TV artist and former wife of Raja Choudhary
Veena Malik - Pakistani model and actress, and former girl-friend of a scam tainted Pakistani cricketer.

And Ali Merchant has recently joined, since he saw his girlfriend Sara behaving strangely on the sets of the serial, apparently flirting with Ashmit Patel. Colors has been tom-tomming that there will be a marriage on the sets of the serial today (11th November), and accordingly, a priest and parents will be allowed on the sets. And there is a huge amount of controversy that they are already married 2 years back, and the second marriage is part of a plan to get more publicity for the show, and to get them a good amount of money from the channel.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - The serial will take a leap, and both Raghav and Sia will not be there in the post leap time frame

Na Aana Is Des Ladoo is built around the brutal nature of Ammaji, and her control over the local surroundings, and the confrontation that comes in when she is challenged by various people, most primarily by her daughter-in-law Sia (who is supported by Ammaji's youngest son Raghav). In between, Ammaji faces a challenge from her own lost daughter Amba, and then from her own brother-in-law. She manages to overcome all these challenges, even when her other son Gajendra was conspiring against her.
Sia was insulted and humiliated by Ammaji many times, but Sia never did carry out much of a revenge on Ammaji (when in fact Ammaji had caused the public blackening of the face of Sia's father). But the main storyline has been the challenge caused by Sia to the power of Ammaji, especially when Sia defeated Ammaji in the election for the sarpanch of the village and also refused to abort her own children even when it was revealed that she was carrying a girl child.
She had not told Raghav that the child she was carrying was a risk to her own life, and when Raghav got to know, he was furious. But all this is now about to end, since the serial is about to go in for a time leap, with both Raghav and Sia missing after the leap (Raghav gets killed during a confrontation with Bhanupratap (Aman Verma), who has been in jail for 15 years and wants revenge on Ammaji and her family members.
And then Sia dies during childbirth, so the time leap is missing both of them, but Ammaji is still there, and there is Chanda's son also in the picture. In other parts of the story, Sunheri takes back her accusation in the courtroom, which causes Gajendra to get released from the jail.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Finally Khanak reveals her love for Shantanu

For quite some episodes now, there has been an ongoing thread in the serial about the love relationship between Khanak and Shantanu, and how Khanak has been unable to articulate her love for Shantanu, even though she can feel it. As a result, Shantanu has been pushing Khanak about this, and threatening her in various ways that unless she does say so, the relationship between them will become more difficult.
And another occasion is coming up, where the marriage anniversary of Shantanu's father and mother is coming up, and there is some tension between these 2 people (and there is also some tension between the elder brother and sister-in-law of Shantanu). Part of this has been building up for some time, and it grew somewhat serious such that the 2 husbands were thrown out of their rooms.
Finally Khanak promises Shantanu that she will do the formal proclamation of her love during the celebration of the marriage anniversary inside the house, in front of everybody, something that Shantanu just cannot believe. And in turn, Shantanu, does a song and dance at the celebration, using his old guitar that he has not been using college (and for which he had scolded Khanak pretty badly, asking her as to how she could dare touch his old items).
Finally, Khanak gives a long speech at the occasion, touching the lives of all the family members, making them realize their love for each other, and of course touching Shantanu a lot, and showing a number of lovey-dovey scenes between them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Bhagyavidhaata - Time for a long leap, 15 years or more

Most serials in the Indian Hindi TV industry start planning for a leap when they see viewer attention flagging, and need to bring in some fresh blood and some changes to the storyline. Bhagyavidhaata, which started as a serial that showcases the challenges faced due to the situation in Bihar where eligible bachelors are kidnapped and married by force, and the problems faced in such relationships, where the bride is not accepted by the family.
The serial however, soon settled into the familiar rut of the conflicts and controversies in a family, especially when members of the family can get into a conspiring mode. So, even though the relationship between Bindiya and Vinay settled down after some period of tension and hostility, the acceptance by other members of the household was much more difficult.
And now, the serial has gone in for the next step of Hindi Serials, which is the concept of a time leap. So, the serial is set to do a 15 year time leap, with Vinay having already died in the serial (since he refused to act in the show as a middle aged man, having aged 15 years); some other characters such as Poonam will also be in the show. In addition, Raja has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, and there is a huge amount of tension since everybody blames Bindiya for the situation leading to the murder of Vinay.
Bindiya is also pregnant, so the 15 year time leap will ensure that the next round of conflict will be over this child, since the child is apparently being taken away by Vinay's brother and bhabhi, and Bindiya is fighting this.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet and Mann part over a misunderstanding, but things get crazy

Geet started out with a tragic story about a girl who get duped by a NRI out for her money, and who had to run away from home in order to escape the relatives who were all about forcing her to get an abortion for family honor. The story then moved into a romance, where she was attracted to her boss, and he attracted to her, and was a cute romance story (especially since the boss was a tough boss and she could act like a bumbling secretary). Their romance was however fated to go through a lot of problem, since her past caught up with her in terms of the presence of Mann's brother, Dev, being the person who had duped her and then ended up making her pregnant due to their intimacy at the time of their honeymoon.
Finally, things seemed to be looking better, even though Geet had run away from the engagement party once she caught sight of Dev and learned that he was Mann's brother; however, they met again and finally Mann, once he got to know that Dev was the person responsible for duping Geet, called the police and got both Dev and Nayantara arrested.
However, Geet started getting a bit suspicious ever since she overheard a conversation where Mann seemed to be suggesting that he would marry Geet in order to also get Dev out, and then soon after, she saw Dev out of the police station. Her anger erupts (even though Dev was out for only 2 hours in order to meet his grandmother), and she erupts in anger at Mann (even though he was in a office meeting where he was suggesting giving Geet a 51% stake in the business). Overall, they have a huge skirmish where Geet and Mann decide to separate and Geet leaves the company.
However, there is a comedy that is happening now, since Mann buys the company where Geet is now working (but they keep on having their skirmishes); but the serial is acting a bit weird since the new company seems very weird, one wonders how the company can survive.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Getting difficult for Khanak to reveal her love for Shantanu

The serial is taking a pretty long time to come to a decision on one aspect, whereby it is pretty clear that Khanak and Shantanu love each other and are very attached to each other, but they still need to get closer to each other both in terms of emotionally and physically. The way it is working right now is that Shantanu has told Khanak that he loves her, and now expects that she will do the same.
And while Khanak is very attached to Shantanu, she does not believe that she is so forward that she can easily say those words to Shantanu, making him very frustrated, since he cannot believe that anybody can find it so difficult to express their love. Khanak is also frustrated because she feels that Shantanu is pressurizing her to express her love in actual words, and not willing to understand as to why she cannot say those words.
The story is not taking this very seriously, with all this discussion and conflict happening in a very light hearted way; including Khanak loudly talking to herself all the time about how she should really tell Shantanu what he wants to hear. She makes a plan whereby she cooks some halwa, and the kaju put in the halwa spells out the words of I Love you, but that halwa gets in the wrong hands in terms of first to her father-in-law and then brother-in-law, which results in tension of these 2 gentlemen with their own wives.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik gets into trouble because of Sneha, a designer in his office

As usual, even if you do not watch this show for a number of days, the slow speed at which the serial moves will ensure that you do not miss much. For a number of weeks (or maybe months), the serial has been showing a potential for discord between Naitik and Akshara because of the new entry of a girl called Sneha, who works for Naitik as a designer, and works in his office. Sneha comes from a pretty conservative family (apparently more conservative than even Naitik's family), and for her, working outside the house is a big deal and something that she has not let her family really know. She works well as a designer, and Naitik's company is starting to depend on her for their new designs.
However, due to a lack of communication, and to actually blame Naitik, Sneha starts to get close to Naitik, and attracted to him. Neither she, nor eventually her mother realize that Naitik is actually married. And Naitik, in his supposed innocence, does not see that Sneha is getting close to him and does not even try to tell her about Akshara, or get them introduced on any occasion. It is when Sneha's mother sets Shankari Tai on the job of taking the relationship to Naikit's house that Shankari Tai, somewhat hesitantly tells the truth that Naitik is already married.
Sneha's mother is very angry at this, and feels that Naitik has been very unfair to her daughter. Sneha in the meantime has resigned from the job, and the company (daddaji) is feeling the pinch of not having a good designer. Naitik knows the truth by now, and so does Akshara, and Akshara does blame Naitik for all this, for leading Sneha on. Now, Sneha's mother wants to get to Naitik's parents and complain about his behavior, and he is scared about this.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Fighting goes on between Krishna and Shakti

The serial has shown a huge transformation in the character of Krishna. His love for Pratigya, something that she finally reciprocates after seeing that the person has a lot of value in him, even if you leave aside the rough character that he posses. She is still fully aware that her inlaws do not follow the same beliefs and level of education that her family does, but at the same time they are more powerful.
Her inlaws are also totally against her, and in fact tried to kill her by electrocution, something that she avoided by accident. However, her sister-in-law Kesar knew about this, and when she protested, her husband, Shakti beat her up so badly that she had to be hospitalized and also lost her baby (she was pregnant). This incensed Pratigya so much that she filed a police case and got both Shakti and her mother-in-law thrown in jail, and Krishna had also supported her in this.
This caused a huge amount of drama in the family, with Krishna coming totally out on Pratigya's side and having a direct fight with his brother Shakti, and Shakti pointing a gun to Shakti.
But Krishna can also point fingers at Pratigya when he sees that she does not support him or his family members; for example, at Arushi's engagement, where her future father-in-law is an IG of police, and is finding it difficult to accept that because of this engagement, he could become a relative of Sajjan Singh, since there are a number of cases against Sajjan and Shakti.
In fact, the IG declares that he does not want the Thakur family to come to the wedding, as a condition for the wedding; and in the meantime, Krishna tells off Pratigya for not standing up for his family members.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Armaan and Riddhima getting together again

Dil Mil Gaye is reaching an end, with the story about Riddhima and Sid having come to an end. The serial started with Armaan not there in the picture, and moved towards the 2 Doctors of Sid and Riddhima being separate from each other, although Sid did like Dr. Riddhima; she was not particularly fond of him. However, owing to an act of nature, they were stuck in a situation whereby they had to get closer to each other (there was a cold wave, and they have to use their body heat to get some warmth); as a result, Riddima came under pressure to marry Sid and finally agreed to marry him.
However, this marriage was something that was not very comfortable for either of them, and they had to put in a lot of effort to try and get somewhat close to each other, with physical intimacy being somewhat distant. This time though, Riddhima wanted to give the marriage a full chance, and tried to ensure that Sid was also convinced to give the marriage a chance.
And then Armaan came back in the serial, and this caused the triangle to get resurrected. It took some time for Armaan to learn about this marriage, and even though he accepted it (and the serial even introduced another character called Dr. Shlipa as an attempted love interest for Armaan), it was not to be. Riddhima started having some sort of feelings for Armaan again, to the extent that Sid got heavily uncomfortable and suspicious. And then Armaan realized that him and Riddhima getting together was the right approach, and finally Sid decided to end the marriage. Riddhima was confused over all this, and left to get some distance, but Armaan pursued her and finally got her back.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet and Mann finally meet again, in the hospital

Geet ran away from the engagement ceremony soon after she saw Dev (her husband for one night, who had tricked her and ran away with her money and jewelery). Since she learnt that Dev was Mann's brother, she was scared about what this news about Dev would mean for Mann, given the family connections. Further, Nayantara had mininformed Mann's grandmother about what Geet had done and she was now against Geet. Geet was also very sad about what Mann had done (since she could not find Mann and she assumed that he had gone away without listening to her, and did not even try to find out from her about what the truth was). She had even gone to the police to complain about Dev and Nayantara, but they rebuffed her, asking her for proof, since Dev was from a very rich and prestigious family. Further, she was adviced to take a DNA test, but stepped back when the doctor told her that this could cause harm to the baby.
On the other hand, Dev was trying to admit to the truth, but never did go to the police about this, or tell his grandmother or even Mann. However, he did try to stop Nayanatara when she was trying to separate Mann and Geet (because she knew that when Mann got to know, he would also find out about her role in all this).
But finally Geet and Mann do get together in the hospital where Mann was admitted after he was in a lift accident. Mann does want to know why Geet ran away from the engagement, but she still does not want to tell the truth since Dev was Mann's brother.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Uttaran - Tapasya likely to come back to the house after being cast out

Till now, the show has seen Tapasya slowly sliding in the quality of her life after being cast out of the houses, both by Veer and by Jogi. However, Tapasya has never really felt that she did anything wrong, and in turn blames Ichcha for whatever has gone wrong with her. After being turned out of the house, she even associates herself with a local businessman and does gambling, but eventually keeps on going down in life. Finally, she has to take a place in a chawl, and gets some work (although she is not used to working, or to getting up early enough in the day required for working). Finally, she loses this job as well, is now in danger of losing her chawl as well (since she is also out of money now). It is at this time that Jogi feels that she has suffered enough and should be taken back in the house, and also she is pregnant.
On the other hand, in Veer's house, there is some regular drama happening, as usual because of Ichcha. Ichcha has been scolding Veer for some time now for not behaving as appropriately towards her like he should towards a sister-in-law, and finally Veer snaps back. He shows her a mirror to whatever she has done in the past, and essentially tells her that she has taken care of the needs of everybody, whether they be Jogi, Tapasya, Vansh, but every time it is Veer who has been neglected, and it is his feelings that have been broken by Ichcha. Ichcha realizes that this is true.
In the meantime, Veer's mother decides that Veer has been in depression long enough, and it is maybe time for him to get married, and Veer agrees in principle for this.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The Mahabharat in Dharamraj's family

After the 16 year transition, things have changed a lot in Bandini. It is becoming more like the saas-bahu serials with the same amount of intrigue and fighting inside a family as used to happen in the past. The transition has resulted in a new set of enemies from the new generation, including those who were close to the family in the past. So, you still have the close relationship between Dharamraj and Santu, and with other family members except for Shashank and Kaddu. Just before the shutdown, there was a fight between Shashank and Kaddu due to adulterated medicine from Shashank's factory being provided to Santu, which caused DM to kick Shashank out. And Vishal remained with Megha who had taken him away, in order to ensure that he does not remain close to Santu and DM, and in order to ensure that he will hate them.
So now you have the next generation as young adults, with Shashank becoming anti-DM, no longer the lovable person in the earlier episodes (and the actor playing the character also changed); so Shashank's sons Danesh and Parth (who may be Monghi's son) are always angry and want to defeat DM and their other cousins. Kaddu is solidly behind Shashank, and eventually against her own father.
And Vishal is scheming to break up the house, since he continues to believe that it was Santu and DM who were against his mother, Megha, and enter the house and win their trust so that he can scheme from within the house. However, his truth is finally revealed to DM, and he is getting ready to kick Vishal out of the house. Vishal is pretty sure that Santu will get broken by this, but DM is sure that Santu will understood that Vishal is full of hate (and one wonders whether this is also shown as one of the effects of the curse that Motiben gave to Santu when Santu came to visit her in jail).

Hindi TV Serials - Rang Badalti Odhani - Shaan and Khanak are now discovering each other, slowly and steadily

Rang Badalti Odhani is a relatively new serial on Star One, that was a bit slow and low viewer attention, but is now gathering pace and starting to draw more users. The serial starts with the situation in a village where the village girl Khanak is in love with Suraj and getting married to him, but tragedy occurs soon after marriage when Suraj dies in an electrocution at the factory owned by Shantanu's father (and due to negligence by Shantanu). As a result, Khanak goes to the panchayat for justice, and Shantanu is asked to make up - he first arranges for a groom for Khanak, but when that fails, and in order to save his own life, he marries Khanak (even though he is already committed to Natasha, and his mother and bhabhi are totally for Natasha, and cannot understand or like Khanak). However, Shantanu's father and brother support Khanak and see her as a way to get some sense of responsibility into Shaan.
In the beginning, Shantanu and Khanak really don't like each other, but slowly move closer to each other. However, this starts to impact Shantanu's relation with Natasha who was already shocked at this marriage; and Shantanu's father tries to increase the closeness between Khanak and Shantanu by sending them on a business trip that cannot be avoided, and away from the machinations of Shaan's mother and bhabhi who are trying to separate them.
They start falling for each other, but then comes a decision time whereby due to pressure, Shantanu has to decide whether he needs to break the marriage and marry Natasha, and then Natasha herself moves away (partly because the actress playing Natasha is getting married in October 2010); this causes both Shantanu's mother and Bhabhi to be very disappointed and against Khanak.
Now, Khanak and Shantanu are moving closer to each other, but very far more intimate with each other.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - The truth about Dev comes out, and Geet and Mann currently separated

The serial has gone through some rapid transformation, with Geet and Mann at their engagement ceremony. However, from that point, everything starts going downhill. Dev has found out that Geet is the person to whom Mann is supposed to be engaged to, and wants to ensure that the truth is revealed. Geet is shocked at the news that Dev is Mann's brother, and extremely concerned about the interplay of relations. She decides to leave, but then realizes that Mann had always supported her, but in the meantime the engagement ceremony is over. Nayantara, back from some time away from the serial, comes back and spins a story to Dadima which turns her away from Geet, and she refuses to listen to Geet.
Dev is contrite, and wants to reveal the truth, but so far has not been able to do so. However, he is very angry at Nayantara since she was the one who was pushing him into everything, and he blames her for the trouble that he is now in. He keeps on threatening to turn himself into the police, and she is afraid since that would also get her in trouble.
Geet however wants to meet Mann to explain things to him, but she does feel that Mann has deserted her without listening to her part of the story. The story takes a public turn when Sasha baits Geet in the office and tries to humiliate her, and in the end, Geet reveals everything to the people in the office (where Dev, Meera and Nayantara are already present). Meera is shocked since Dev had not told her that he had spent the night with Geet and as a result Geet is now pregnant. At the same time, Mann has an accident with the lift in the office and is now admitted to the hospital.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Sia suffering from the acts taken by Ammaji

The serial is going through a state of confrontation. The serial also some change in the relationships in the house, where there was a state of confrontation between Sunheri and Ganjendra. Sunheri had always supported Gajji in all his machinations, but she saw his bad side when he was under prosecution for the rape and murder of a maid. He got free from the court action due to the policies of Ammaji, but had to face some tough times from his own wife Sunheri; and Gajendra was unable to take these questions and turned brutal on Sunheri, beating her and then raping his own wife.
Sunheri went into shock at all this, and was supported by the ladies of the house, including Sia. It was Sia who taught her to fight for her rights, and finally Sunheri decide to go against Gajendra in court, to prosecute him for his rape and brutal beating of her. Ammaji and her elder son were totally against this, and Raghav was supportive of Sia and her fight. Finally in court, it was the decision that Ammaji could not stomach, and inspite of all her attempts, the court agreed with the need to punish Gajendra and sentenced him to a 7 year prison sentence. This was something that left Ammaji with very few supporters, with Raghav now against her, and then Gajendra in prison.
Finally, Ammaji played her role, calling a village panchayat where she criticized Sia for carrying a female child against the policies of the village and asked for Sia to get an abortion, something that Sia refused; at which stones were thrown against her until Raghav managed to rescue her. Ammaji did more attempts on Sia, at which Raghav is finally in open protest, and tells Ammaji that he will bring down the haveli if something happens to Sia.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 3 - Shabbir Ahluwalia (with his partner Sushma Gupta) is the winner

Khatron Ke Khiladi is a popular short series in which famous participants (from TV, Cinema, and other professions) participate in a series of quests along with their partners. The season has gone through 2 previous seasons in which Mukul Dev and then Akshaya Kumar were the hosts for the season, and a number of ladies participated, with one of them becoming the winner. In this third season, there was a switch whereby the host was a lady, the film star Priyanka Chopra, and the participants were all males from TV and cinema, accompanied by lady participants.
The participants were:
Angad Bedi
Rahul Dev
Armaan Ebrahim
Cyrus Broacha
Karan Singh Grover
Terrence Lewis
Rahul Bose
Abhishek Kapoor
Manjot Singh
Milind Soman
Dino Morea
Ritwik Bhattacharya (Runner up)
Shabbir Ahluwalia (Winner)
The various tasks dealt with tasks where they had to deal with disgusting animals, holding their breath under water, doing balancing over water, and so on.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Back to square one, Armaan and Riddhima feeling for each other

Dil Mil Gaye has suddenly started turning boring, with the story taking a strange twist. For some time now, the serial has been showing the sudden and non-loving marriage of Riddhima and Sid slowly starting to move along. Both of them decide that they want to take this relationship ahead, and slowly start to feel each other out (although initially Sid was very angry with Riddhima because of the fact that she wanted to commit suicide at the time of the marriage). But they were trying to make a case out of it, and Riddhima seemed to want to give the marriage a serious effort and even tried to persuade Sid to get it a serious attempt.
And then the makers of the serial started to put in some masala, and brought in the character of Armaan, the former love of Riddhima. Armaan did not know for some time that Riddhima was married to Siddharth, and when he finally found out, he was shocked, but then decided to try and support this, since it seemed that Riddhima was uncomfortable with him, and seemed to try and make the marriage a success.
And now the twist, it seems that both Armaan and Riddhima are having second thoughts. Both feel that they still have feelings for each other, and this is causing Riddhima to have a lot of confusion, since she is not able to fully commit to Sid, and Sid is also confused at this behavior of Riddhima. Further, Armaan has reverted back, and is now sure that he wants Riddhima back, even though this can cause problems to the marriage.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Pratigya and Krishna reconcile, are now deeply attached to each other

Finally, this had to happen. A lot of the fans of the serial were asking for this, and finally the story of the serial obliged them. For a long time, Pratigya was fighting Krishna and he was supporting her inspite of all that. Even though they had been married, Pratigya refused to let her touch him. However, over a period of time, it seemed clear that the serial would show them getting closer to each other. And as a result, finally, Pratigya realized that Krishna really loved her, and inspite of what all he had done in the past, he supported her against the pressure of all his family members who taunted her.
At the same time, it was becoming clear that her inlaws were out to get her; due to the event where Krishna'r brother had misbehaved with Pratigya's sister and had got slapped in return, Sajjan Singh was very angry with the behaviour of Pratigya and planned to kill her in a plot hatched along with Krishna's mother and brother. They tried to electrocute her, but instead of that, the maid touched the live wire and got badly injured.
This led to a series of events where Pratigya's elder sister-in-law found out about this attempt, and led to her getting badly beaten up by her husband. Pratigya cannot stand that, and decides to file a police case, which leads to Krishna's mother and brother getting jailed. This puts a lot of pressure to get them out of the jail, and which in turn leads to the elder sister-in-law changing her stand and them getting out of the jail. However, Krishna continues to support Pratigya, and the relationship between them starts getting more intimate.

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet told her truth, and Mann accepted it after some drama

The serial moves fairly fast. From the time when Geet had a fake engagement with Mann to ensure that Mann's grandmother was feeling fine, things moved fairly fast. Geet was uncomfortable with the fact that she was hiding her past from Mann, and told Mann that she was pregnant. For Mann, who believed that he was in love with Geet, and that she also liked him, this was a big shock and he treated like she had betrayed him.
However, Geet was determined to tell him the truth about what had happened to her, and inspite of the fact that Mann started treating her with suspicion, and even showed some amount of distaste for her, Geet finally managed to get Mann into a room, and told him about what all had happened to her - her marriage by her family to an eligible NRI called Dev, his abandoning her after one night, the anger of her family against her for the pregnancy, and the attempt to end the pregnancy. She basically asks Mann as to what is her fault in all this, and Mann really cannot say anything. However, Mann does say that he thought that she was his, something that really shocks her.
She starts running away from her, and Mann soon realizes his mistake. He also realizes that he behaved badly towards her, and decides that he wants her in his life, even with her pregnancy. However, by that time, she has run away and people are not willing to tell him where she has gone. He finally manages to track her down at the railway station and brings her back after a little drama. They are now together, and both know that they love each other a lot, but they still have some amount of playful banter.
At the same time, Dev is reformed, after his wife Nayantara leaves, and his school friend comes to him; and he confesses all his past misdeeds to her.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rahna Hain Teri Palkon Ki Chaon Mein - The serial comes to an end on 17 September, with Suman avenging her death

The serial came to an abrupt end on the 17th of September, 2010, and in a very strange way. The serial was exploring the life of Suman, who fell in love with Karan, was admired by the other brother Karthik, got married to Karan who was supposed to have died during the honeymoon. Further, she suffered a lot when she became a widow (including the various social pressures and isolation that a widow faces), but Karthik was always supporting her. And then she was supposed to be married to Karthik, when Karan decides to come back. However, she was married to Karthik, with Karan standing by (after coming back from a coma, induced by Suman's rival Nandini who wants to marry Karthik, and who thinks that getting Karan back will help in preventing Suman from getting married to Karthik).
The serial finally ended on a very strange note, with a huge touch of the supernatural. The story goes that there was another lady who was mad after Karthik, called Niharika. She decides to get rid of Suman, kidnaps her, and throws her off a cliff, and Suman dies. She further pretends that she has Karthik's baby in her womb, and hence there is social pressure to get them married. However, Suman's urge to protect Karthik is so strong that she comes back from the dead in the form of a spirit, in order to get Niharika to confess to her crimes.
Niharika gets to know that Suman is indeed dead, that it is her spirit, and yet is unable to convince the other house members to do the same. She even shows them a mirror in which Suman cannot be seen, but the others do not accept. Suman agrees to let Karthik and Niharika marry, but then gets Niharika to get scared enough that she confesses to her crime and is arrested by the police and then Suman vanishes.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet decided to tell the story about her pregnancy to Mann

The story of the serial is getting a bit complicated. Geet and Mann were getting very close to each other, with Mann wanting to show her as his fiancee, since that would make his grandmother very happy. Behind the scenes, she also pushes them closer. Both Mann and Geet are happy with this, even though Geet wants to keep some distance because of her circumstances. However, Mann is confused over why she seems to be hesitating even though he seems to sense that she also likes him. They spend a lot of time over this confusion, being closer to each other or further away from each other depends on their emotions.
In office, Mann felt a bit strange since the entire office was doing a celebration for him (his engagement with Geet) and he did not like it, given how business like he is. However, when it turned out that his grandmother did the arrangement, he had no option but to agree to let the office remain decorated and cut the cake as well.
However, the real danger now comes for Geet since she wants to tell Mann the entire status of her previous issues, including the fraud marriage, and her pregnancy, and she knows that this news will be a shock for Mann. However, inspired by the fact that Mann told her that he admires her for her courage and honesty, she finally takes the step of telling him that she is pregnant. Mann is shocked at this news, and starts shunning her, refusing to let her tell the entire story about what had happened to her. Geet is trying to make the effort, but is getting repulsed by Mann.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Baat Hamari Pakki - Shravan wants a divorce from Saachi, but there is the 25 lakh demand

In Baat Hamari Pakki hain, after a long period in which people would come to see Saachi but nothing seemed to be clicking, she finally found somebody called Shravan, who seemed to be a perfect person for her. However, even in this story, there is a twist. Shravan has no interest in Saachi, instead he is romantically involved with Tara, but Tara is not ready to marry him now. On the other hand, Shravan's family is not particularly happy with him, seeing him as irresponsible, being uninterested in doing the right things in life, and not leading the life that he should be leading. They are not happy with Tara either.
So they see Sachi as a very happy constant in the life of Shravan, and literally force him to do the marriage. His bhabhi applies a lot of pressure on him, even though he has asked Saachi to sign a contract for the marriage, and his family is very concerned about this nonsense about the contract. Saachi tells Shravan that she wants to get married so that the pressure on her from her family can ease up, and then in around 6 months time, they can go in for a divorce. He will have the required time he wants so that he can marry Tara, and she will in the meantime be able to persuade her family that the marriage did not work.
However, as you can imagine, the arrangement really does not work like this. Tara, once she sees Sachi and Shravan together, imagines that they can easily fall for each other, and Shravan would not come to her after 6 months, so wants Shravan to end the marriage now rather than wait for later. Sachi does not really like this, but uses the condition of a Rs. 25 lakh payment to be made to her for ending the marriage as a condition before she will agree to separate.

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Megha going full on drama, killing Santu and DM, and getting Vishal back

Bandini is one serial that moves fairly fast, not takes too much time for the story to do its twists and turns (not drawn out like many other serials). Right now Bandini is going through a major drama, with Megha out of jail (somebody bailed her out). At the same time, there was a confrontation regarding Sarang, where it became clear to everybody that Sarang's marriage to Birwa was a sham. However, worryingly, Monghi had become close to Sarang before she was told about the truth of Sarang by Birwa, and she is now pregnant with Saran's child. Her medical condition is that she cannot abort this child, and now the fact is out in the open. DM hears all this, and then kicks Sarang out. Sarang comes under the influence of Megha, and goes to the panchayat to save his children.
In a twist of how rural justice can be so much like the Taleban, first the panchayat thinks of stoning Monghi for her unmarried motherhood, but then Santu scares Sarang by getting them to also blame Sarang for the same crime, and that he should be stoned as well. However, Santu saves Monghi from a punishment by using the presence of an unborn child to save this kind of stoning, and instead gets them exiled from the village.
At the same time, Megha is determined to get her revenge, and plans a major event to kidnap Vishal and also get rid of Santu and DM. She has a number of men to do her doing, and even though Santu and Monghi know of her plan, and Santu ensures that DM knows all this; and yet they are unable to stop Megha from doing what she wants to do. Santu keeps Vishal in a safe place, and yet Megha enters the house in the disguise of a maid.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The truth about Tapasya comes out, and she is kicked out of the house by both sides

Uttaran moved towards a major resolution of some of the issues that have been present in the serial till now, with Tapasya continuing to conspire against Ichcha, culminating in the suicide of Vansh when he was provoked by Tapasya; he was anyhow ill due to his long drug use, was not so healthy overall mentally, and when Tapasya brought up his guilt complex, the pressure was too much for him to bear and he finally turned the gun on himself.
For some time Ichcha blamed Veer for this, but it finally came about that Vansh had committed suicide, and with Tapasya willing to give this testimony, Veer was free of the accusation that he had killed his own elder brother. However, Veer knew that somebody else was involved in this, and put in a lot of effort to try and figure out who was responsible. Soon enough his suspicions fell on Tapasya, and he started playing on her emotions to try and get her to admit more.
But the end seemed a bit contrived, since it was shown that Veer took the help of Siddharth, who was blaming Tapasya for everything gone wrong in his life, and when Tapasya finally managed to collect the money to give to Siddharth, Veer took a CD containing the video of what happened. He then called both sets of families together, and after some initial praise, made the entire issue open, showing the video, and blaming Tapasya for everything. Tapasya got angry at this, and refused to accept any blame for the death of Vansh. Finally Veer kicked Tapasya out of the house, and when she came back to her parents house, Jogi Thakur kicked Tapasya out of the house. In fact, when Nani tried to stop him, he told her that she was free to go with Tapasya as well, at which Nani removed her hand from Tapasya's hand and abandoned her.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet continues to shy away from Maan because of her own constraints

The serial is showing a lot of time in getting the 2 main characters together, especially since they have their own issues. Maan is a person who is focused on his work, but is getting closer to Geet and it is taking time for him to realize this. However, now he is pretty sure that he is indeed attracted to Geet, and from the time that he comes closer to her, he feels that she is reciprocating; and indeed, she is, since she is also coming close to her. However, she realizes that she should move away from Maan, and is facing her own problems in getting away from him. She tried to stay away from him, but there were so many circumstances due to which she came closer to him, including a scenario where she trips on something and falls on him, bringing her into face to face contact with Maan. In another scene, they show both of them hugging, and for a long period, but however, she does manage to get away, trying to give the impression to Maan that she is not really with him, and would prefer to stay away from him. He is distressed at this, and is now shown as trying to understand what happened, and being hostile towards her (although this might be a bit brief).
At the same time, there is another complication into the picture. Geet was briefly married to a guy named Dev who pretended to be a NRI from Canada, and who betrayed her. And now Dev is coming back into the picture, with him and his wife Nayantara coming back into the same city, and Nayantara is getting jealous at the apparent contact of Dev with Geet.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - The elections are near, and Sia is also expecting a baby

The scene is cast in Na Aana Is Des Ladoo. After a long period where it seemed that Sia had given up the fight, she is back in the bitter fight against Ammaji and is standing up against her in the local elections. Something that is troubling Ammaji to a large extent, since she believes that the women of the village would vote for Sia and make things difficult for her.
Raghav is providing full support to Sia in this, and standing up to his mother, something for which she blames Sia, believing that Sia has taken her son away from her. Further, Raghav was a strong person she had, and so this is causing her more problems. Attempts were made to get Raghav away from the campaign, including by attacking him and causing injuries that would prevent him for supporting Sia. However, all this does not deter Raghav and he decides to continue to stand by the side of Sia, including when aspersions were cast on her.
Sia is trying to empower the women of the village, so that they can fight the injustices being done on them, and some of this message is starting to get through to the women, in a couple of cases, women are shown as standing up to their husbands.
Further, the police presence in the village is troubling Ammaji, since the police is preventing injustice being done, and preventing people such as Joginder from causing problems and doing vote fraud. However, Ammaji has one last card up her sleeve. She goes out and claims that she would want people to vote for Sia, especially since Sia is expecting Raghav's child, and she hopes that his action will make sure that all the menfolk will vote for Ammaji, and make them also prevent their wives from going out to vote.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - The budding love story between Maan and Geet

Geet - Hui Sabse Parai takes the story of a small town girl who is tricked by a NRI. Geet is the young and bubbly girl from a Punjabi family belonging to Hoshiarpur, who was married off to a very eligible NRI Dev from Canada, a dream prospect that her parents and family were so happy about. However, like it has been reported so many times in the recent past, this was a deceitful alliance, with the groom ditching her. It was a huge shock, and then Geet broke off with her family in order to go to the city.
Now, in the present, Geet is working with Maan, a successful but arrogant businessman. Geet was hired by Maan's grand-mother, and started working with her in terms of taking care of her, something that Maan was somewhat skeptical of since he really does not believe too much in the capabilities of Geet. His office has its own sense of politics, with many of the office colleagues being bitchy towards Geet.
However, they start moving somewhat towards each other when they meet again in a dargah, and Maan's feeling of concern towards her is shown much further when she is coopted along with a more senior colleague for a presentation towards a very difficult client, and when the client turns hostile towards Geet, Maan terminates the relationship with the client because he did not really like the way that the client behaved towards Geet.
Geet also is very apprehensive of the feelings that she is starting to feel towards Maan, and tries to run away from these feelings by maintaining a distance towards Maan. What makes it more complicated is that the person who deceived Geet, Dev, is the younger brother of Geet, and is making an entry into the serial again.
Geet: Drashti Dhami
Maan: Gurmeet Choudhary
Dev: Abhinav Shukhla

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The plans of Megha are finally defeated, with her truth being revealed

Bandini suddenly saw one of the mini-series within the serial coming to and end. The entire drama of Dr. Megha and Vishal has come to an end, with her being exposed as a fraud, and with Santu being restored to her former position. The last 2 episodes caused this entire transformation, and made everything right again.
Dr. Megha was on her way to marry DM (although how DM could marry again since he had not yet divorced Santu was something that no one bothered to explain) based on the fact that DM had a son by her, Vishal. And even though DM refused to believe that he had any relation with her, the DNA evidence was there that Vishal was indeed DM's son; and when Santu came to know of this, she left DM and forced him to marry DM. However, a chance encounter with a nurse from 10 years back revealed to Santu that Vishal was actually her and DM's son, and that Megha was upto something, she comes back to defeat that plan.
For some time, it seems that Santu is not able to do anything much, since Megha has stolen the letter, and then when Santu gets a DNA test done in order to prove that she is the rightful mother of Vishal, she does so after telling Megha, and in turn, Megha works with the doctor doing the test to change the report. Then, at the actual time of the marriage, Megha and Sarang (who Megha takes as an ally) plot to kidnap Santu and take her away from the house; however, in the end, they show that it is indeed Santu who gets married to DM (or re-married as they say), and when the truth is revealed, it is Motiben who assaults Megha, and asks the police to take her away.
However, Vishal is very distresses that Megha is going away, and maybe that will form the basis for the next mini-story.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Siddharth and Riddhima moving closer together, while Shilpa getting closer to Armaan

Dil Mil Gaye is living up to the name of the serial, where couples are getting closed together. So, you have the troubled duo of Siddharth and Riddhima getting closed together, agreeing to live together, and getting more comfortable with the idea of a physical relationship between them. At the same time, ever since Dr. Shilpa was introduced in the serial, it was clear that she would be the girl for Armaan, and they followed the traditional pattern for a romance.
Initially, the relationship between them was more hostile, with questioning each other's actions, asking strong questions of each other, helped by the fact that Armaan was still hurting to accept the fact that Riddhima would not come back to him, and was getting closer to Dr. Siddharth. However, as Armaan and Shilpa spent more time together, they were getting closer, and things turned over in the one night when they were out, and where Armaan got involved in a fight with a street gang, fighting back when Shilpa was threatened (and this seems to have turned the fight between them into the basis for a romance).
On the other hand, the story of riddhima's birthday became more complex, when Siddharth was to setup a party for Riddhima, and asked Shilpa for help. She had Armaan's old diary for help, where a description of a previous birthday party for Riddhima was listed (but without any reference to Riddhima); so when the party happened, both Riddhima and Armaan were shocked at the party. And the shock to Armaan was that he got drunk in the party.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santu realizes the truth about Megha, comes back to challenge her and take her place back

The show is getting real weird. It keeps on showing the central character of Santu suffering problems (sometimes of her own making, including when she believes anything without adequate proof, and consequently, suffers later) and then overcoming them over a period of time. The current situation in the show is something similar.
Around 6 months back, the show suffered a major problem when there was shown to be a past relationship between DM and Megha, with DNA tests showing that Vishal was the son of DM (even though DM denied that there was ever a relationship between him and Megha). When Santu sees this, she breaks up with DM and wants DM to give Vishal his due as well as the proper rights for Megha (although by her logic, Santu should continue to be the one who should get the most rights from DM).
However, even when DM goes to get her back, Santu refuses to go back, and then, based on the perception that people may feel wrong about DM and Megha, DM agrees to marry Megha. And then it happens. Santu comes across some evidence that indicated that there is a lot of wrong in the claims made by Megha, and comes back to confront Megha. However, the evidence that she had is no longer available, most likely taken by Megha.
Now, the family is against her, and DM also is not in her favor, but Santu is used to such odds in the past. Megha is conspiring with Motiben to cause lots of problems for Santu, and now, there are rumours that the show may go in for another time shift in the future. If something like that happens, then it would seem really odd.

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Sia and Raghav break away from Ammaji, with Sia also standing for elections

A whole lot of drama in the last few weeks; for some time now, there has been lot of feedback that the original theme of Sia standing up to Ammaji, and protesting against what she does to women's rights has got thwarted and badly watered down. Sia would seem totally submissive to Ammaji, and it was left to others to raise the banner of revolt against Ammaji, with Ammaji's own daughter Amba doing the same. However, Ammaji managed to overcome all these challengers, and remained supreme.
Now, the show is back to a contest between Sia and Ammaji, over the case of Gajendra attempting to rape the maid Gunja, and killing her in the process. Sia gets the truth out of Gaji by scaring him at night (but the others do not know this). Ammaji does not approve of Sia claiming that Gaji is guilty and starts to take measures to protest his innocence. In the court case against Gaji, the former lover of Gunja is forced to claim that Gunja was of loose character, anything to ensure that nothing happens to Gaji.
Sia is forced to take a stand against Ammaji, including fighting the elections against her, with Raghav standing by her side. Ammaji throws them out of the house, and then Jogi decides to take steps against Sia, including sending his men to kidnap her. She does get kidnapped, which enrages Raghav, enough that he challenges Ammaji directly. However, it was not Jogi's men who had kidnapped her. Sia manages to escape the kidnappers, although she was in danger of getting raped by them. This now poses a bigger challenge to Ammaji, since it is feared that this will make people emotionally in favor of Sia.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The end of Vansh, what does this mean for the tortured relationship between Veer and Ichcha

Uttaran is going through some major upheavals. For some time now, Vansh has been very suspicious about the current state of the relationship between Veer and Ichcha, fed by the clever and cunning Tapasya. Tapasya wanted Ichcha to suffer, and so she did whatever she could do to spoil the relationship between Vansh and Ichcha, and as a result, Vansh was very cold towards Ichcha. He refused to believe her that she was now totally for Vansh, taunting her every so often, getting very angry at her, and sarcastic almost all the time. Further, it was because of him that Veer decided to quit, and go off to the United States.
However, when Vansh found out that Veer had not left for the US, but was in Delhi, he got even more suspicious. He dreamed of killing Ichcha, and also started carrying a pistol. And then he followed Ichcha, determined to catch her in the act; but by mistake, he started following Tapasya (so convenient), and was there when Tapasya had her confrontation with Sid (who accused Tapasya of framing him, and was blackmailing her so that she could leave along with him). In this confrontation, Vansh heard how Tapasya was responsible for poisoning his mind, and that there was nothing between Veer and Ichcha now. He got real emotional when he realized that Ichcha was speaking the truth, and that he was responsible for everything that was going wrong.
He decides to confront Tapasya, but his emotions were a blur, and Tapasya managed to convince him that he was more guilty than her, and that if he wanted to kill her, he should kill himself as well. This somehow struck a chord in Vansh, and eventually shot himself.

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors - Dutta and Nakusha go down in a cliff in their vehicle, safe, and romantic

Things keep on moving fast in this serial. Soon after Nakku proved herself in the eyes of Dutta by saving him from the goons of Anna at the temple, he decided that no matter what she was supposed to have done in the past, she has absolved herself of the supposed crime of betraying him by helping Supriya escape, and as a result, she should consider herself free of the punishment that he levied. However, Nakusha has always loved Dutta, and can never think of leaving him, but Dutta is now going to leave her to the city, along with her mother and Sethji (along with his trusted lieutant).
On the way, Dutta is somewhat lacking in concentration, and his car heads straight towards a cliff. The terrain is muddy, and slippery, and it seems very difficult to get the vehicle to stop from going over the cliff. Everybody else gets off from the vehicle, but Nakku refuses, saying now that she will stop listening to the orders of Dutta, and she will stay with him. And finally, the vehicle does go over the cliff, with both of them being injured and thrown about.
And Anna's men are after them, with both of them trying to remain hidden, and being chased by Anna's men. At the same time, Naku is unsure about when to reveal to Dutta that she is actually fair in color, something that makes her very attractive. In the meantime, back in the house, there is a lot of shock at the probability that Dutta and Nakku could have died in the crash; and then the purohit of the family says that Dutta is probably alive, due to the presence of a person whose name starts with 'N'.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Conflict between Akshara and Naitik over the return of the house

In the serial 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain', there is now tension between Naitik and Akshara. The serial focuses on showing drama in a family, along with festivities (that too prolonged over a number of episodes). In many cases, the tension between the family members seems to be over something is not really worth the amount of tension.
Consider the recent drama, whereby Naitik's mother was very angry about their buying a separate house, and considered that they were wanting to move out of the house and shift to a new location. Naitik considers that this was just a house that he bought for Akshara, and they have no plans of shifting. Further, he says that since he had no bad intentions, why should he apologize.
In the meantime, the tension between Akshara / Naitik and his mother keeps on increasing, even though the others in the family realize that this tension is getting out of hand; and eventually a compromise seems to be that they will sell the house.
Akshara is totally fine with this, but Naitik is very rigid on this, claiming that he had done nothing wrong. With pressure from Akshara, he finally sells the house, but is now very miffed with Akshara since she did not respect his feelings and did not support him - this puts Akshara in a problematic area, since she had to respect the feelings of his mother, and now Naitik was angry with her, and continues to be angry with her for a number of episodes now.

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - More problems for Ichcha, and the truth about drug addiction problems

In Uttaran, Ichcha has been facing perpetual problems with Vansh now. The concept was that if she would get married to Vansh, then he would have a strong incentive to reform himself and not go back to drug addition; further, the amount of love he would get from a strong loving wife would help even further. But, this does not really seem to be working, since Vansh remains forever suspicious of Ichcha, and her relationship with Veer. Veer has gone away from the house, but not yet gone to the United States as he told everybody, and Vansh gets to know about this.
Further, anything Ichcha does gets Vansh angry, whether she has gone for shopping outside and takes too long, or if she is late for a dinner that Vansh has cooked. He remains hyper-active, ready to become very angry, and also not very friendly towards Veer.
And then a shock for Veer. He meets a doctor who specializes in drug addiction cases at a party, and then hears some very shocking advice from her. When he tells her about Vansh and the marriage, and how they are attempting to cure Vansh through the marriage, she tells Veer that they are doing something that is not right.
The way to solve such cases is by taking the person through a drug de-addiction program, and then ensuring that they get proper treatment. Marrying them off to somebody and hoping that love will cure them is something that does not work, and can result in severe problems for the wife, since the person will remain temperamental, prone to fits of severe anger, and other such problems, and the wife will have to face all this, something that Ichcha is already facing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Going in for a time leap, with Anandi becoming 18 years old, Sugna devastated by Shyam

The serial has been moving a bit and meandering, showing an attempt by Maasa to get Jagdish married for a second time; something which Anandi's parents got to know and did a lot of effort to prevent. Finally, when everything got settled, Bhairon decided that he could not trust Maasa and wanted to leave the house, but was finally persuaded by Vasant to not leave the house.
And then there was the huge drama about Sugna. For a long time, there was a story about how Shyam would turn negative, but it seemed that it was just a story, but now things seem to have finally come full circle. After supporting Sugna for a very long time, including promising that he will live with the memory of Pratap, Shyam finally turned against Sugna.
The incident was the death ceremony of Pratap, where Sugna was persuaded emotionally by Pratap's mother that she badly needed Sugna there; and then Sugna went there after lying to her inlaws about this, since she was not sure whether they would like this. However, her inlaws found out, and there was huge amount of drama.
The net result was that when Sugna was in hospital, she lost the baby that she was having along with Shyam, and then her inlaws deserted her over there, and Shyam was part of deserting her. When Maasa along with family members went to Shyam's house, Sugna was in for a shock, where Shyam claimed that he had married Sugna out of pity, but he was shocked when Sugna killed their baby child; this shocked Sugna and she gave him a strong piece of her mind, claiming that he was being dishonest.
Now, the serial will go in for a time leap, where Anandi is now 18 years old, and they serial is doing a SMS contest to determine which particular girl the audience would like to see as the older Anandi.

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Moullick dies, killed by his own mother Motiben, after it is revealed that he is the kidnapper

There is one nice thing about the serial Bandini, it moves fairly fast. In the recent episodes, they have combined 2 different stories, and made one common story, which seems to have ended for now.
One story was about the relation between Megha and DM, which Santu was very curious about, and which DM wants to hide from her, other than telling her that she should not mix too much with Megha, and be careful of who all she interacts with.
Further, the next story was about the kidnapping of a lot of children, including Vishal and Nandini, with the kidnapping being done by men under the control of Maullick. Santu had felt that Maullick had changed, and she wanted to get him a chance to get better, but maybe the serial makers felt that it was time to remove him from the serial, and they decided that he will be the main star for a couple of episodes, and then vanish from the serial.
And so, when Maullick had kidnapped the children, Suraj managed to do some detective work, and find the location of the children, and managed to get all of them except for Vishal, who was in another room. At not finding Vishal, Megha goes frantic, and also tells DM the truth, that Vishal was the son of DM (but they do not explain the scenario in which DM and Megha came in contact).
The demand is for a huge amount of money - Rs. 100 crore. Eventually Motiben detects that the kidnapper is Maullick and goes to confront him, since she now believes that her son has gone beyond the limit, and in the final confrontation, shoots him dead when he has the gun on Vishal. She is now in jail, and they are taking the body for final respects.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Akshara and Naitik are facing the heat as they buy a new house

This one situation seems ridiculous. I think that this serial seems to have outlived its usefulness, so the makers of the serial have hit on a formula. Whenever, there is an occasion, spend multiple weeks showing all the events of that occasion. So, Nandini's marriage seemingly went through all the festivities being shown in the serial; and then next, there are always some incidents that happen, where Akshara is tested or shown in some sort of bad way and then she has to fight to ensure that she is not misunderstood.
So, soon after Nandini's marriage is over, the next huge drama is being shown. You have Naitik deciding to buy a house for Akshara since she liked the house (how many people do something like buying a house for their wife when they know that they cannot live in that house); and then once this is know in the household, Naitik's mother turns into a total shrieker. She tells Akshara that Akshara has plans to live along with Naitik in another house and would leave this house, and nobody is willing to tell her that she is totally wrong and to give up this drama.
Akshara on the other hand is totally struck down by all this, since she did not know about the purchase till it was announced by Naitik much later, and her own mother-in-law refuses to support her; and Naitik also gets on a high horse and says that he will not sell the house since he has not done anything wrong, and selling the house now would mean that admitting that he had wrong thoughts. Akshara is now stuck in the middle, and in the meantime her mother got to know about this, and was unwilling to support Akshara on this, even more so, since her own son Shaurya had decided to leave the house and stay elsewhere along with his wife.
The others in the house who are elder somehow are not able to do anything significant in this regard.

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors - Naku saves Datta's life, so maybe he will start believing her now

Datta has his mind poisoned against Nakusha due to the running away of Supriya, since Kala blamed the entire episode on the planning of Nakusha. Datta decided to punish Naku (since she claimed to love him) by marrying her, and then ensuring that she cannot run away, and she would certainly not get the rights and love of a wife. And at the same time, Kala also determines that she would do whatever she could to ensure that Naku remains insulted and downtrodden.
But, things will change, since the love of Naku is so strong that she is willing to wait for her real self to be apparent to Datta, and then he will realize that she is not against him, and in fact, is his strongest supporter. And the situation for that happens soon enough. Datta is fighting hard against Anna, who is one step ahead of Datta in terms of planning.
So, Anna decides to trap Datta in a temple, by getting all the pandits replaced by his men, and also ensuring that Datta does not have any armed security in the temple along with him. But Naku, who is at the house, learns of this from the pandits who were replaced by Anna's men, and rushes to the temple to save him. She prevents Datta from drinking poison given to him by Anna's men, and then there is a fight. In this fight, Datta along with Baji manage to keep a knife concealed with Naku when they are under the fear of guns, and as soon as there is an opportunity, Datta gets the knife and manges to rescue themselves from the clutches of Anna's men. When Datta comes home, he is determined this time to stop Anna totally, and also reveals to the household how Naku was the one who was responsible for saving them. In return for this task, he offers to Naku that she can get rid of the marriage that is keeping her prisoner, while that is the last thing that Datta would want.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Bidaai - Sadhana dead, and the serial now jumps 7 years ahead

In the pretty popular serial, Bidaai, on Star Plus, things suddenly seem to have gone into fast action. If you consider the movements of the past 2-3 weeks, everything seems to have been accelerated. After the resolution of the illegitimate son of Inderjeet, things were fast forwarded. Everybody seemed to be happy, both Sadhana and Ragini got pregnant, with nearabouts the same delivery date.
And then news started filtering out that would change a lot of stuff in the serial. The news was that Sadhana would be out of the serial, there would be a time leap, and Ranvir would also be out of the serial. Sadhana may come back later in a different role. And so things started moving; first you had Sadhana giving birth to Khushi, and then praying that all the bad things she started feeling would go away. However, this was not to be.
When visiting the temple at around the time that Ragini would be going in for birth, Sadhana and Alekh got caught in a bomb blast by terrorists, the resulting explosion causing the death of Sadhana at the scene, and Alekh being pushed back to his crazy state due to the shock of the explosion. And Ragini had to accept this, as well as the fact that she was now responsible for the care of 2 infants, 2 girls, being Khushi, and her own daughter Tamanna.
And then the serial has moved into fast forward, into 7 years in the future, in a time leap. Ragini has accepted the loss of Sadhana, but the pain remains.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Kidnapping of the children and demand for money

In Bandini, things have suddenly become more serious. All the children (including those of Kaddu, Megha, and many others in the neighborhood) have been kidnapped from their bus, and the bus driver was badly injured. Now, everybody is really worried, with the kidnappers having sent a brief communication that this is because of enmity with DM's family and they need a ransom amount of Rs. 80 crore for giving all the children back (and Rs. 80 crore is a huge amount of money for this purpose).
But after this, there has been no communication with the kidnappers. In the meantime, DM is not there in the house and not reachable by phone, and the other people (including Megha) whose children have been kidnappers are applying pressure on the family to get their children back. So now the family is trying to see how much cash they can generate quickly in order to pay the ransom award, including all the jewellery that they possess (one could see that they were able to generate around Rs. 25-30 crore from within the house itself - which is a huge amount of money).
Birwa claims that she will be able to generate more money from the factory, and for this, she needs the help of Monghi (the plan being that there are crude diamonds that need to be processed in order to get the required sum of money). She tries to praise Monghi, but gets rebuffed by Monghi since Monghi blames Birwa for hating her from the beginning, and that Monghi is doing this for the family, not for Birwa.
In the meantime, Vishal is able to negotiate with the kidnappers for getting some medicines for Krishna who is ill; the kidnappers admire Vishal for being so bold and want about him being so bold, he could cause problems.

Hindi TV Reality Serials - Truth Love Cash - earn money as a couple, but tasks are tough and there are temptations

I was switching channels one day, and came across this very interesting reality contests. In most of the boring reality contests, there is things such as dance contests, singing contests, swayamwar and family contests, and so on. And then there are the more controversial (read as more appealing to a younger generation) reality shows on youth oriented channels such as Channel V. Here comes another one: Called Truth Love Cash.
In the show, 7 couples were taken, and they are given a series of tasks, on the successful completion of which money is added to their accounts. At the same time, their commitments to each other is tested by the way of temptations, that would cause either of them to betray each other, thus testing the concept of cash vs. love.
The initial 7 couples were:
Vinit and Arsila
Navneet and Ajay
Chandrani and Hafeez
Sumit and Karishma
Vishakha and Satya
Praveen and Jogita
Hamida and Jamil (eliminated on the first task)
Yudi is the host of the show.
The recent episode of the show that I watched was interesting, and very painful to the participants. The girls were expected to go towards some bikini clad ladies who had coins on their bodies mixed with peanut butter, and then get these plastic coins using their mouths. All of them had a timer that was decided by their male partners. Every 10 seconds, their male partners would get whacked on their buttocks by a evil looking rod wielded by a tough guy, and as long as they could bear it, their partners had time. It was traumatic watching these guys getting whacked, unable to bear it, but wanting their partners to be able to spend more time.

Video of a show on youtube:

More videos on Youtube (link)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhe Lagan on Colors - Datta back from the dead, tries to snare Anna

In Laagi Tujhe Lagan, Nakusha is fine with waiting for Datta to know the truth and realize that he is the victim of misunderstandings, in the meantime Datta really does not acknowledge her too much and still continues to hate her. Further, Datta's sister, Kala, who is behind all this, and who does not want anyone to come in a position of power, vows to do whatever she can do to make Nakusha's life hell and to get rid of her from the house.
Datta, in the meantime, is struggling against his enemy, Anna. And it is in the process of pursuing this that the family gets to know that maybe Datta has died in a helicopter crash. Everybody is shocked, with Nakku refusing to believe it, and asking Baaji many questions like whether anybody has seen the body of Datta, how can they believe this without seeing the body as so on.
Baaji finally finds the body of somebody at the scene of the helicopter crash, but the person has not died ; and then sees Datta behind him, and then Datta reveals that he is now trying to locate Anna. Further, Datta knows that this was a plot from Anna to try to kill Datta and that the helicopter pilot was behind it. Finally, Datta comes back to the home, and keeps on ignoring Nakku even though Nakku was very happy to see Datta.
Kala sees Datta softening a bit, and cannot see a case where Datta would soften his anger towards Nakusha, and tries to get him angry again by bringing up the earlier situation of Nakku being the cause of a betrayal, and blaming this for Datta taking more chances with his life now. Datta however is not in a mood for this, and wants to go and rest.

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - All sorts of strange things happening in the serial, with politics, money pressure, kidnapping, etc

There are multiple stories going on in the serial right now, but they are again starting to show Krishna in a good light. Krishna's father has turned Pratigya out of the house and Krishna is along with her, and then he starts to get information that this is going to cause problems to his political aspirations. He is told by another politician that people from his caste are angry over his son marrying a girl from another caste, and voters from Pratigya's caste are unlikely to vote for him since he turned her out of the house, and this cause Sujan Singh to start thinking about the next course of action.
In the meantime, Pratigya's father is facing problems due to pressure from Angad. Angad had kidnapped Pratigya earlier, and is now demanding Rs. 5 lakh from the professor, and if this amount is not given to him, wants Arushi to be handed over to him; something over which Arushi revolts and runs away from the house. In the meantime, Pratigya goes to her parents house and her father refuses to tell her anything, and tells her harshly that she is now the bahu of Sujan Singh and should go and take care of Krishna. Pratigya is shocked at this, but inspite of all her protests, her father refuses to tell her anything.
Now, Pratigya finds Arushi on the streets at night, and runs after her, and manages to catch Arushi even though Arushi is running away from her. And then Pratigya finds out about the demand from Angad, and also her suspicion that Krishna may be behind some of the events is denied totally by Arushi. Krishna finds Pratigya missing and tries to locate her.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santu hears that her pregnancy will face medical problems and issues

Things seem to be looking for Santu and Dharamraj in recent times. Santu and DM have become much closer, and then things become even happier when it is revealed that Santu is pregnant and is going to have a child (does not seem a bit strange that DM already has a grandson from his children, and he will now have a child that is younger than his grandson - one thought that such things only happened long time back, not in the current). When this is revealed in the family, everybody is very happy for Santu and for Dharamraj.
Now, there is something that is starting to get fishy with respect to Dr. Megha and her relation with DM which is something that DM is keeping a secret (currently a secret even from viewers of the serial); but Dr. Megha is also treating Santu, and asks her a lot of questions about her family medical history. And then Dr. Megha tells Santu a shocking news, that her baby is not normal, will be born abnormally in terms of both physical and mental status, and that she should tell her family that the pregnancy will need to be terminated.
Santu is shocked at this news, and is very worried about how she can tell the family this (even though she knows that the family will support her), but when everybody is so happy about this, how can she spread such bad news in the family, and is not sure of a time when she can tell this in the family and to DM. In the meantime, DM is making preparations for the arrival of the baby; she even questions God about why God is doing this to them. Dr. Megha in the meantime is pushing Santu to go in quickly for an abortion, and for that, she needs to tell the family about this event.

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