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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Dipannita in jail and in danger

For some time now, there serial has been showing a deep conflict between the two families, the Khuranas (werewolves) and the Raichands (vampires), with the concept being that vampires and werewolves being traditional and historic enemies who cannot stand to see each other. By now, the Raichands are also aware that it is the Khuranas who are the werewolves, and the real danger to them. Both of them use another rich family, the Dobriyals, as their pawns (and the Dobriyals are always confused with what is going on, since they cannot make out what is happening - even though individually they suspect what is happening; so Arnav saw that Haseena does not have a reflection in the mirror and is now pretty sure that she is a vampire; then Piya saw Abhay drive a wooden stake into Dipannita in the jungle, but later Dipannita was alive and well).
The rivalry is getting more intense, with Dipannita attempting to kill Chand and Haseena in the jungle, after which Abhay tries to kill dipannita with a wooden stake, but she is saved by her children (although they have to give up any chances to resurrect their older brother gaurav, for which Dipannita is very angry). The business rivalry also intensifies, with both of them attempting to spy into each other's offices and see what is happening.
One of this spying is the next attempt by Dipannita, when one of her office employees is hired by Haseena; Dipannita goes to the employees house when no one else is there and kills the employee, blaming Haseena for the murder, and the police arrest Haseena. However, Abhay turns the tables on dipannita by getting a girl to claim that she knows that Dipannita is the killer, and when Dipannita attacks the girl, by trying to kill the girl. Abhay saves her, and then the police arrest Dipannita for the murder.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Sajjan Singh back, takes revenge on those who assisted in his kidnapping

The serial is going through the aftermath of the kidnapping issue. Soon after Krishna kidnapped Sunheri (the daughter of the kidnapper), things started getting more complex. The kidnapper (along with Amma's brother (who was also involved in the kidnapping)) got very angry when his daughter was kidnapped, and threatened Sankat Singh (Amma's brother) with harm, unless his daughter was released. Shakthi also tried to do the same thing, since he was eyeing the money earlier (and hence was threatened by Sankat Singh to make sure that he followed the lead of Sankat Singh. However, Krishna refused to listen to anything and was in a ferocious state. Even when Pratigya told him that he was doing wrong, he refused to listen, and told Pratigya to not interfere.
However, over a period of time, Krishna got mollified, and finally agreed to release Sunheri - he dropped her off at her house soon after (although Amma kept protesting at this). Once this happened, the release of Sajjan Singh got much easier, and he soon headed off to home, to the happiness of everyone involved. However, in the time that he was kidnapped, he did hear the distinctive ringtone of his brother-in-law (Amma's brother) and decided that he would take his revenge later.
So, when Sajjan came back, he was internally furious, threatening that he would take revenge on everybody who was involved in the kidnapping, and he decided that his brother-in-law would have to pay for whatever he did. So, he gifted a new jeep, but had removed the brakes of the jeep, and when the jeep had an accident, the brother-in-law got severely injured in the legs.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Story of a girl who is fond of dance and the impact of this

This story seems somewhat unbelievable. You can have stories in the movies about how children can defy their parents, but somehow, when you see the setting of this serial, it can be difficult to believe. The story is about a girl called Simar from a traditional small town family. Her father is the decision maker in the house, and it is impossible for anybody in the house to defy him (to the extent that when the father locks the TV when he goes out, nobody can oppose him). One of his daughter is called Simar, and she is respectful of her father, and at the same time, is very fond of dancing. But, given the values of the family, it is impossible for her to do anything more than think of dancing. So, how do they show a whole system whereby she first goes to a dance competition when she knows that it is not possible, especially when this is the day when people are coming to see her.
Then, after some adventures, her fiancee gets to know, but forgives her with a condition that she does not dance again; yet, she gets blackmailed again to go for the final dance contest, again on a day that is extremely important - the day when she is to get married. She tries to time it (with the support of her sister, a neighbor and her bua; impossible to believe that all of these people believe that they can get away with it - and that too with the competition coming on national TV).
She does get to the competition, but is not able to come in town quickly enough that the obvious happens, her sister Roli gets married instead of her (although people cannot make out that the marriage is of Roli, and not Simar); so now it is Roli who is married but Simar is the one who is supposed to be the one to marry. And now Prem (her husband) learnt that Simar was dancing on the day of her marriage, and is furious. How will Simar explain herself ?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Drama in the house, Mann forgets his memory, and Nayantara upto all sorts of trouble

Geet is going through a lot of drama in the serial, both outside and inside the serial. So, outside the serial, there was a lot of drama about whether the serial will end in October, or whether the serial will continue in a twist where both Mann and Geet with die and then be reincarnated. Well, that seems to be over now, with the serial coming to an end in October (the serial seems to be taking a different sort of branding in the future).
Inside the serial, the serial has a lot of drama. In the clash with Dev's mother, Mann was hit hard on the head, because of which he lost his memory for around 1 year, and as a result, he forgot Geet, as well as whatever Nayantara had done. So, Geet is in the house, but is introduced as somebody else who would be helping him.
Now that Mann is back, he soon gets irritated with Geet, especially since he cannot understand why Geet is everywhere; and then learns that Geet is his wife. This causes him a shock, but does not lessen his level of irritation. This keeps on happening, till the time that he actually accuses her of behaving very improperly in terms of business; and soon after, learns that actually things were not so; Geet was the one who actually helped in ensuring that important clients were looked after.
Nayanatara is also out of her coma, and back to her wrong ways; she also does not really like the idea of Nandini being there in Dev's life and eventually kidnaps Nandini, and tells Geet that Geet needs to gets Mann's signature on everything, else a lot of harm will come to Nandini. The stage is set of a massive confrontation.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapasya just about to get married, goes out for some time to meet and scold Veer

Finally the day of Tapasya and Rathod's marriage is oncoming. Rathod has been shown to be very firm, and also loves Tapasya a lot. So, whenever Tappu makes a mistake, he admonishes her firmly (but without getting hyper) and advising about her about what needs to be done. So, when she misbehaves in the house, he tells her off about what will be tolerated and what will not be. Further, he does the right thing by telling her that she needs to be confident that she is right in marrying Rathod, not out of revenge or anger at Veer. Tapasya is trying to be confident that she likes the love of Rathod, and she no longer has an attachment for Veer ever since Veer asked her to leave the house and she also lost her daughter.
For the marriage, Jogi Thakur has refused to go, and also cut off all relations with his own daughter, but his wife wants to go. At the marriage, she also comes in contact with Nani and they have a small drama about how Nani has caused the problems in their life by the wrong beliefs that she inculcated in Tapasya.
At the same time, Tappu shocks Nani by stating that she will need to go out very briefly, and that nani will need to cover for her in that time period; Nani is shocked, after all, who leaves the house just before their marriage, but as usual, Tappu does not listen to her. Tappu leaves and goes to meet Veer (called by deceit), and shows him how she is getting married, and how she has finally found somebody who loves and respects her, and more important, also understands her. They have a brief shouting match in which Tappu blames Veer for the loss of her child.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Confused situation with respect to fighting

The battle between Siddharth and Abhay was so simple. Siddharth was the elder vampire, fighting to defeat his brother and his parents (all of them vampires); they tried to manipulate situations against each other, and then more confusion about the re-emergence of Mythili in the form of a vampire after a couple of centuries, and the confused Piya in the midst of all this. Abhay finally defeated Siddharth, and then Mythili put Abhay in a deep sleep. What caused confusion was the presence of a werewolf who was supporting Siddharth, and in the end, Abhay manages to end both Siddharth and the werewolf.
However, then the serial took a turn where Abhay was finally brought out of the deep-freeze through the efforts of Piya (who was not sure about the connection between her and Abhay since Abhay had wiped out all her memories of an year); and there was the presence of the werewolves (the family of Gaurav, the one who Abhay had killed earlier). So, it was simple, that it was the confrontation between the werewolves (led by Dipannitas) vs. the vampires (the Raichands, where Abhay was leading the effort).
In the middle are the Dobriyals, with 3 daughters, who are all involved in some way or the other with these 2 sets of families, and who periodically are confused over what is happening all around them. Now, Arnab seems to have figured out that the Raichands are vampires, and wants to expose them (and they keep on arriving at his house for him to expose them); the next situation is that Dipannita wants to take revenge on Piya for whatever happened to her son Gaurav (who is not yet fully dead in some form - he is still present in a coffin, and Dipannita wants to bring him back).
Dipannita attacks Chand and Hasina, but Abhay comes in between and stakes her, with Piya thinking that Abhay has killed Dipannita, but Dipannita is saved through the combination of her daughter Alina and using the presence of the undead Gaurav (who because of being used for saving Dipannita cannot be brought back to life); and then Jah also does not really like targeting Piya (but is possessed by Gaurav when he attacks Piya). It really is getting very confusing.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Adalat - The story of the Indian lawyer who is always successful

Typically, the hero in serials is a guy who is totally honest, dedicated to his values, and overall a very good guy. However, when you make a lawyer as the hero, who needs to defend his clients, defeat a tight case from the prosecution side, and overall be successful, then the lawyer will need to take some liberties with honesty in order to win cases.
And here you have Ronit Roy in the role of KD Pathak (the full form of the KD remains a mystery, and when somebody asks him, he refuses to explain the full form of the name). Actually, KD Pathak is almost a super-hero. He does not have a detailed investigation firm, he does not keep running from place to place to investigate, and he does not have any super-human strength. And yet, when he takes cases (and he only takes cases where his clients have been accused of a murder charge, and the police seem to have a case where the client is in a difficult condition), he remains convinced that his client is innocent and keep on lawyering and investigating until he manages to get the actually guilty person to confess their crime (typically in court, but sometimes once in a while outside the court).
So, every episode, you have a person caught in a crime scene where the circumstances and situation make the accused seem guilty, and then KD Pathak gets into the act. He starts getting into the courtroom, trying to reveal which witnesses are lying, which ones are hiding something, and sometimes the witness may know something that is significant. Once in a while, KD gets into danger, and once he was even buried alive in a grave and was rescued just in the nick of time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Kidnapping of Sajjan Singh, and the involvement of family

Pratigya is going through a strange face which shows the involvement of family members in crime involved at their own relatives. At the time of the celebration of the birth of Shakti's son, suddenly Sajjan Singh is found missing, and nobody is able to find him. To the shock and then anger to the family, they receive word that SS has been kidnapped and a huge sum of Rs. 5 crore was demanded for his safe return. Krishna gets involved in getting the money, which means using the cash found in the house, but when Krishna mentions about selling the property that is in Shakti's name, Shakti refuses to sell the property for getting the money.
However, when the entire sum has been assembled, Shakti takes on the responsibility of getting the money to the kidnapper, but soon the money is found missing. Actually, it turns out that Shakti sees this as a good way to get some money without any issues, and tries to steal the money (no matter that this can impact the life and well-being of his own father). After this, Shakti is caught, and the person who catches him turns out to be his own mama (Amma's brother Sankat Singh), who is the main brain behind the kidnapping and who wants to get some easy money along with his associate. So, Sankat Singh forces Shakti to get the hidden money and pay it, and it turns out that Krishna in the meantime has taken matters into his own hands. Even when Sajjan Singh is going to be released, Krishna barges into the home of the main person involved, Makhan Singh, and kidnaps his daughter Sunheri, carrying her home with him.
Many of the people in his own home condemn him for this, primarily Pratigya. However, for now, Krishna is in no mood to listen to Pratigya, and decides that he will not release Sunheri, and if anybody tries to get in the way, they will face his fury. It's only Amma who does not say anything to him, and even when Sankat Singh tries to get involved, Krishna threatens him with his gun for interfering in the manner.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Everybody helping Pashu when he is kicked out for meeting Malthi

The show is a serious show about a family where there is no woman except for the new daughter-in-law, Toasty. Except that the show does not get serious too much, and there is always some sort of comical sequence to lighten up the show and ensure that the show remains watchable. In the current sequence of activities, Toasty was trying her best to ensure that her elder sister-in-law, Malthi is brought back to the family. Malthi and Pashu had a big falling out, and Malthi caused huge harm to the family by accusing them of demanding dowry; police came and took them away. All this caused the family to start hating Malthi, and hence any demand to bring her back would be opposed to a large degree. However, Toasty was trying her best to ensure that the relationship comes back to track, and she has made significant progress, by being able to persuade many of the family members, including Pashu. They can also see changes in Malthi, whereby she was regretful of the damage that she did and the accusations that she made.
However, the Pitaji in the house is not happy with the attempt to reconcile with Malthi, and tells Pashu to get out of the house for meeting Malthi secretly, now the rest of the family has brought Pashu back into the house and are trying to keep him hidden from Pitaji, while also seeing how Pitaji can be made to change his mind. They are trying to see how Pitaji can be made to miss Pashu and thus allow him to come back.
Malthi has also takem a strong step in changing her life by banishing her mother back to the village, since it was the mother who kept on her moving her away from Pashu, provoking her, and this sending away of the mother could change a lot of things.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Fight between Abhay and Dipannita after Dipannita attacks Haseena

There is a huge amount of rivalry between the Khuranas and the Raichands, which is also because they are two of the most prominent families in Dehra Dun, but this is actually more so because of their true nature. Dipannita and family are werewolves, humans who can turn into wolves (more so when the moon is high), while the Raichands are vampires, who are dead humans who are immortal and very powerful. They realize the true nature of each other, and hence are very apprehensive about each other; more so because Abhay had killed the head of the werewolf family in his battle with Siddharth.
All this is very confusing for people who are not in the secret, since there is so much tension going around, and so much paranormal activity ongoing that people are not sure about what is happening. So, Abhay is a Raichand, while Neel and Jeh are Khuranas. They are all in the same area, and intricately connected to the Dobriyal sisters. Piya was in love with Abhay, until Abhay made her forget everything which had happened for 1 year, and she has only glimpses of these memories. Panchi is engaged to Neel, but has fallen in love with Abhay (although he is not in love with her, since Piya is his one and only love).
Now, at a dinner in the Dobriyal house, there is tension between these 2 households, and when Haseena makes the error of coming out of her house without protection, Dipannita sees a chance to attack and finish this enmity once and for all. Chaand is also weak and is not able to fight as well as he would like. It is then that Abhay comes into the scene and kills Dipannita by sticking a piece of wood into her. Piya calls Jeh, who turns into a werewolf, but when Piya calls the police, they cannot find Dipannita, and Jeh denies that anything happened to her. Piya as usual cannot understand what is happening around her.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav manages to avoid getting trapped in a plan by his secretary

There is a lot of buzz ongoing about the serial going in for the Ekta Kapoor specialization, the 20 year move whereby the serial moves ahead by 20 years, but the only thing that changes is the perceived age of the characters. Even the vehicles seem the same, which is the strangest thing since in 20 years, you can expect huge changes in the appearance and types of vehicles. Because of this supposed change, there is a lot of curiosity that the serial will lose the main characters of Sushant (Maanav) and Ankita (Archana).
The serial is going through a lot of drama. Dharmesh is again plotting against Maanav, this time using the conduit of a new secretary of Maanav, called Riya. She appears very friendly to Maanav, but on the side, she has told Archana that she will steal Maanav away from Archana, and Archana will not be able to do anything about this.
Archana does not know the proper way of handling such a problem, and her initial steps only increase the problem. She confronts Riya, and the news gets to Maanav. Riya creates a drama, about resigning her job, in the meantime provoking Maanav that she is only concerned that his wife does not trust him, something which causes Maanav to get more provoked, and he also confronts Archana about whether she trusts Maanav or not, he is not bothered about what Riya had actually told Maanav. However, there is a bigger hand to play in this, it is about the role of Savita, who counsels Archana and finally when Dharmesh and Riya try and catch Maanav by implicating him after drugging him, it is Savita who reveals the truth since she shot a video that shows Dharmesh actually taking videos.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - The marriage between Ram Kapur and Priya just about to happen

So far this serial on Sony TV has been an interesting serial, with a not very complicated story. You have 2 middle aged persons, supposedly past the marriageable date, where they have not married because of multiple reasons, part of which involves supporting their families. So Ramp Kapur is the well off businessman who has been supporting his family. However, he does not know that his step-mother does not think kindly of him and does not want well of him, since she wants him to be in such a position where he continues to support the family. Her brother and others also work for Ram, but do no good and are part of her machinations. Ram has a younger sister on whom he dotes on, and cannot tolerate any kind of trouble to come to her, as a result of which she has becomes spoiled and ill-mannered.
Priya lives in a middle class family, is very attached to her family, and is a professor otherwise. She has had a series of run-ins with Ram Kapur over different occasions in the past, and was somewhat uncomfortable with the decision of marriage (which was sought to be a marriage of convenience since their younger siblings were also getting married). Ram's mother wanted him to be married to a simple girl since then should continue to control everything that is happening, and hence felt that Priya would be very suitable for this occasion.
Now, the wedding ceremonies have started happening, but there was a complication. Ram was diagnosed with high Blood Pressure and admitted to hospital just when the mehendi ceremony was going to start, and as a result of that, he was missing from the ceremony. After initially hiding this from Priya, Ram's friend told her about this and she came to see Ram in the hospital.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Constant changes in the relations between key people

The serial seems to be losing its touch and becoming boring. One of the key features of the serial besides the inclusion of vampires and werewolves was the fact that the serial moved fast (unlike the traditional saas bahu serials), and the viewers did not get bored. However, that seems to have changed, and the story line of the serial has started dragging a bit. The storyline also seems to be getting a bit confused; recently the serial did something that was abhorrent - they devoted huge chunks of one episode to the promotion of Reebok, and I was very disgusted with that.
Currently, Abhay has the quest to keep Piya safe, but at the same time, prevent her from getting involved with him. So, he first strikes a deal with Misha that he would pretend that Misha and he were involved, this would also ensure that Piya would stay away from him and not get involved. During the course of this, Misha also learns that she was thinking wrong about Abhay, and he was a decent person. Then next, Piya learns that this affair between Misha and Abhay was a drama, and so, Misha tells Piya that actually it is an affair between Panchi and Abhay, and since Panchi is engaged, she has to hide this affair. And Piya accepts this; although with some brief portions of her memory coming back, she realizes that she has deep feelings for Abhay as well. So, like most times in the show, she remains confused.
Abhay is even more confused than Piya, since he cannot figure out who the werewolf is. He knows that there are werewolves in the house, and that Dipannita is not who she is (Danish has been doing all the investigation). Dipanita's younger son, Jay, believes that he is in an affair with Piya (although Piya remains confused as ever); and Abhay suspects that all this is also part of a plan to trap and kill him. And now they have introduced another character, Alina, shown to be Dipanita's daughter. Whenever she and Abhay look at each other, it is pretty clear that there is some tension in the air.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Ichcha in another house, Tapasya with Rathod, searching for the baby

Uttaran is going through a lot of drama, with all the characters having drama positions. Tapasya has left Veer's home (rather, Veer asked her to leave after he found that Ichcha was telling the truth about the father of Tapasya's baby). But, he was also in shock due to all that has been done to Ichcha, and is unable to locate her (which makes him feel that Ichcha has now left him, and he blames himself for not supporting her like he should have).
Tapasya goes off with Rathod, but not before dropping her baby at an orphanage for an hour or so (and she gives the baby to somebody at the doorstep of the orphanage, who turns out to be a thief. Since she has so stupidly handed over the child to the thief, as soon as she leaves, the thief leaves from there and takes the child but then abandons the child. Tapasya goes to Rathod, and is finally agreeable to marry him, since she feels that this will bring some stability to her life. However, when she tries to find the baby back (who she had so stupidly lost), she learns that the baby is not be found. Rathod is now in the quest to find the baby (it is his child after all), but things are not so simple. However, whenever Tappu tries to play dominant in some way, Rathod does cut her down to size very easily (sometimes reminding her about trying to follow the polite norms of life and at other times reminding her that it was her stupid decision to leave the baby at the orphanage).
And in a matter of coincidence, it is Ichcha and her mom who find the baby abandoned, and are then convinced by a guy standing there to take the baby and head off to a home where he claims that Ichcha will help an old man. Soon, Ichcha discovers that not everything is as it seems, and tries to get the truth out.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Tension between Akshara and Naitik because of all the work that Akshara did

Finally, the serial showed the ending of the marriage ceremony of Rashmi (the serial must have been showing the drama of the marriage for a long time, with its various tensions, drama, etc). The drama around the whole marriage related to different social conditions between the 2 families, about who would do the preparations for the marriage (with the family looking to hire a marriage planner for the entire activity). During the course of the operations of the marriage planner, Akshara starts getting concerned about the activities of the marriage planner, and the costing involved. She feels that the marriage planner is charging too much, not giving value, and she would be able to do the job better.
During the course of the planning, Naikit gets injured in the leg, because of which he is not able to do as much as he would like. Akshara takes on the full responsibility of the planning, and to ensure that Naitik does not get injured further, she does not let him do much. The wedding goes well, and everybody appreciates the entire planning done by Akshara, and the way she handled everything.
Naitik has been getting more and more irritated over the praise that Akshara has been getting, since he considers that Akshara did not consider him worthy of doing anything at all in the planning. Like in the past, this is causing major tension between them now, since Akshara considers that it as her responsibility, being a daughter-in-law of the family, and cannot understand what Naitik is getting upset over.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Shaking of the confidence that Gauri had in Jagya

The last couple of episodes in the serial have been pretty dramatic, with a number of confrontations and harsh words coming in. One of the biggest upsets that has happened in the meeting is the words that Bhairon spoke to Jagya and Gauri.
Gauri has been very confident that she is the legitimate wife of Jagya, and that Anandi was his past. She used this confidence to score points against Anandi a number of times, accusing Anandi of doing whatever she could to get Jagya back, and in the end, just before they leave the house, she accused Anandi of trying to become a doctor so that she can get Jagya back.
At this point, Bhairon could not hold himself anymore and jumps into the discussion. He makes it very clear to Jagya and Gauri about what the actual position in terms of law was. The position is that if a child marriage has happened, when the parties reach legal age, they have another 2 years to revoke the marriage, else it is considered valid. Since Jagya did not take any such step, his marriage with Anandi is the one valid marriage, and the marriage with Gauri is not valid.
Bhairon then made his most important point - that in terms of society and law, the only marriage that Jagya has had is with Anandi, and further, that if somebody marries when their first partner is still alive, then the person is subject to prosecution, and it was only Anandi who prevented Jagya from going to jail.
All this shook everybody in the house, but Gauri was one of the most shaken, since the very foundation of her confidence was shaken. Later, she is ready to kick Jagya out of her life, given the shock she has faced.
On the other hand, Dadisa faced a lot of pressure from people within the household over the action she has taken in trying to hold back Jagya in the house, and the impact this had on Anandi, especially when Anandi suddenly falls sick.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Looteri Dulhan - Cheating people on a regular basis, by marring them and deserting them

Once in a while, you hear the story of a person who has cheated some gullible men by marring them and then decamping with their valuables. This is contrary to the story where women are cheated and tormented in their marriage. The story revolves around this girl Billo, from a Haryana family, who is part of the plan to marry older men, then steal all their belongings. In their life, they pretend to be sari traders so that their neighbors think that they make their living from this business.
Billo is not the daughter of the family, she is instead an orphan who was adopted by the family and brought up for the purpose of this cheating. She is an orphan because when she was very young, there was severe flooding in the village and she got separated from the children. Part of her hopes that when she gets married, she also meets her family in the wedding somewhere.
And to her astonishment, in one of these marriages, she does meet her father, who also does her kanyadan and gives her away in marriage. Now, since her real father has given her away, she believes that this is a sign to her to be honest, and she decides that this marriage will be the real thing, and she will do all she can to be good and honest. But, in a twist of fate, things turn out the other way and the person to whom she got married to is already married, and he is married to a lady who is really sick, he needs the Looteri Dulhan for that - to take care of her.
Billo is attached to them, and takes her work seriously. The show changes away from the characters of Billo's family and towards her new family.

Enjoy Nautanki TV