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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Simar finds Roli, but she does not really remember Simar

Like any other serial, the drama in any serial comes about because of suddenly making the serial go through twists and turns. In the case of the serial, it was because of the disappearance of Roli (who was presumed dead) and the appearance of Naina. Naina had framed Siddharth as if they had intimate relations and because of those relations, Naina now has a baby growing within her which belongs to Sid, and because of which, the baby is a Bhardwaj. Sid has been roundly berated by everyone, for a situation which happened when he was drunk, and because of which he believes that something has happened with Naina.
Because of the belief that Roli is dead, there is an understanding developing in the household that the marriage between Sid and Roli should happen so that the baby can get respect and protection. Khushi is the person behind all this, driving Naina to take various actions and also working within the house to ensure that the family starts working with Naina.
In the meantime Roli was in hospital with memory loss, with Veeru around. He wants to ensure that her family does not get to know that she was in hospital and alive, and as a result, tries to convince her that she and Veeru are together, continuing to make this effort. Finally, Roli agrees to this and leaves with Roli.
Simar in the meantime wants to try and find Roli and wants to do so before the wedding of Naina and Sid, since that would cause huge problems. Veeru in the meantime has told Roli that the memories of Simar that she is because Simar is her sister-in-law and is part of the plan to kill her.
Finally Simar manages to reach to where Roli is, and acts as one who applies mehendi to get inside the house and comes in front of Roli. However, Roli recognizes her but remembers that Veeru told her that Simar was trying to kill and her and screams. Simar tries to convince her, but Roli does not remember. Veeru searches for Simar after this, but is unable to find her.
Simar calls back home and tells them that she has found Roli, and this stops the marriage plans of Sid and Naina, although the question about the baby continues. The baby is continued to be offered full protection and responsibility. But when Simar and the rest of the family reach the house, the house is locked since Veeru has managed to take Roli from there.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Trying to get Asad to finally decide on his marriage

The serial has been showing a long series of episodes about the possibility of a relationship between Asad and Zoya. They have been showing to have an on-off relationship for quite some time, with Asad being a very serious person, while Zoya not being so serious. For quite some time, Zoya has realized that she is in love with Asad and is perfectly fine to have a relationship with him, but Asad has always been hesitant about this. The serial has also played on this hesitancy, and whenever they have shown him to make some sort of commitment, they have followed this with a disclaimer from him that he is not doing this out of his own interest, rather doing this because of the wishes of his mother.
So, the time period for the visa of Zoya has experienced, and an official is after her so that she should leave. Once, after hearing the comments from Asad in her computer, Zoya decides not to leave. However, Tanveer wants revenge against Razia, and for this purpose, she wants to ensure that she will get married to Asad. Asad is a rich man, he knows her for a long time, and with her cunning nature, once she gets rich, she will be able to extract all the revenge against Razia that she wants.
So, Tanveer will do whatever it takes to remove Zoya from her path. And the simplest route is to get her deported from the country. Once deported, it will be very difficult for Zoya to get a visa again for quite some time, and this will ensure that the path will be totally free for Tanveer. So she decides to provide information to the home ministry officials so that they know that her visa has expired and she is not leaving the country. So, whenever Dilshad, Zoya or Asad claim that Zoya is engaged to Asad, so that there is less danger of her being deported, Tanveer is the one who calls up the home ministry officials to tell them the truth and they see through it all.
Finally comes a time when the police along with the official come and want to take her away, which is when finally Asad makes a move. He chases after her at the airport and like a movie scene, while fighting through the security, finally manages to place a ring on Zoya's hands and then they are let to go. The official warns Asad that somebody is calling up to tell him the truth from time to time, so he should be careful.
In the other household, Tanveer had caused a box of sweets provided by Zoya to be full of poison, and when Humeria eats these, she falls seriously ill. She is now in hospital, where Razia starts making allegations against Babi Bi, and she slaps Razia, telling her to come back to her senses and care about her daughter rather than making wild allegations.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Rathore and Jogi looking for Meethi

Before the marriage, Mukta and Rathore had warned against the marriage, claiming that things were not right in the marriage. In fact, one of Mukta's friends had some evidence against Vishnu, but she died suddenly. The serial has not explored this area at all, although you would expect that the sudden death of somebody should have been explored. Anyhow the marriage happened, and Vishnu took Meethi away after marriage, and she is so almost so docile, she listened to how things started to happen to make her out of contact with her family. She gets restive from time to time, but other than that, Vishnu explains things to her, and she is fine. She lives in a huge house, and yet can believe that there are no communication capabilities in the house and in the village.
On the other side, after the death of Ichcha after an accident, there was an attempt by Jogi Thakur to find Meethi, which does not work out. She was not there in the hotel where she was supposed to be going for honeymoon, something which causes him to feel strange, as to where she is. Both Jogi and Rathore (who is pretty resourceful) are trying to locate Meethi, but this is not so easy.
On the other hand, Meethi is finding things very strange in the house. She finds a telephone in the village, but no matter what is done, she is not able to get through; and when she does get through, the connection is broken by a servant in the family behaving very strangely. She finds all this very strange, and yet is not able to do anything about it. Even protesting to Vishnu does not cause too much of a solution, and given the amount of time that she has not been in touch with her family, seems very strange.
In the family, Maiya runs the house; whenever Meethi is not there, she talks about how to plan against Meethi. And when Meethi protests against the treatment meted out to a Mamiji over there, she provokes resentment. She is attacked when in an isolated room, and calls out for Vishnu, who comes and rescues her when his Bhabhi tells him to go and help. He finds out that it was Mamaji who had attacked her, but cannot identify him because of him being part of the conspiracy. The blood trail is followed by all, and it goes to Mamiji's room, and aspersions are cast on her because of her mind not being right.
Vishnu is now slowly getting closer to Meethi, which also means that his mission of finally hurting and killing Meethi will get more complicated. In the meantime, Jogi and Rathore, while hunting for Meethi, have heard of her being in this village and have found their way here, and been told that the haveli would likely be the only place where she would be. They knock on the door of the haveli in an attempt to find her. What happens next ? Would be obvious that they would not find her, since Vishnu needs to be given time in an effort to reverse his villainous character.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - The almost relationship between Saras and Kumud

The serial is fairly popular right now, but it gets a bit impatient to watch when it is coming on TV. It can seem very slow indeed to watch, given the speed at which events happen, and how everything seems to be going round and round. There was almost going to be a lot of bitterness in the serial when Guman planned to get Saras put in jail, an event that galvanized Kumud into action and she finally managed to get him out of jail just when Guman was raising a furore over what had happened. She managed to catch Yash and get him to admit that he was responsible for what had happened, even though Yash was not exactly agreeable to admit to all this.
Ever since then, the relation between Saran and Kumud has been a question mark. It is clear to everybody that there is no longer an engagement between Saras and Kumud, and so there are questions about why Kumud is spending so much time with him. Further, there was a time when both Kumud and Sarad has gone to the city, and were late in coming back. As a result, Guman raised questions about all this, indirectly hinting that this closeness between Kumud and Saras was inappropriate. But this was quickly nipped in the bug, since Vidya Chatur has full belief in his daughter and will not hear any words spoken against her.
Kumud still has a lot of anger against Saras, and tells him that she wants him to keep a distance of 4 feet from her at all times, leading to some comical scenes as well. For example, when they need to go look at land for a school, the bus is crowded and so they sit on the roof of the bus. Yet, on the roof, they sit separate from each other because of this need for distance. An old lady scolds them about behaving like when they are already married to each other.
Kumud also learns a lot more about Kumud, when Dugba comes into the house and tells about how Saras no longer believes in relationships, and as a result, he sees no need for marriage. She already knows about the way his mother died, and how this would impact him. So, now she promises Dugba that she will bring Saras out from his sadness and make him a better man. And then, a friend of Saras also arrives there, Sunny.
To the shock of Guman, Saras introduces Dubga to Sunny as the lady who brought him up, while actually Guman is his foster mother. Sunny already knows about Kumud and soon gets to meet her. They bond to some extent, both understanding each other.
Sunny is bringing some amount of excitement into the life of the haveli, and this also promises to bring about some improvement in the overall mood of Saras. That is the quest of Kumud as well.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Vritrasur is dead, killed by Lord Indira

The main mission of the battle right now is to kill Vritrasur, since he has become an unbeatable force. Given the boon given to him by Brahma, where he cannot be killed by any weapon made out of metal, wood, or mud, he has converted himself into a force that is defeating and killing the Devas. Indira knows that if this continues, the battle will be over and he will lose his throne, and that too even without Jalandhar coming into the battlefield. So, Indira knows the battle can only be won if a weapon is manufactured using the ashes of sage Dhatichi, and he is itching for this to happen.
The events happen exactly this way, with the sage going into a cave and taking death willingly. His body is converted into ashes, and Indira directs Vishwakarma to convert those into weapons which will be used for the killing. Once the weapon is made, Indira comes to Mahadev to see who will actually use the weapon on the asura Vritrasur, since for that, somebody needs to come close to him and actually strike him with that weapon.
Mahadev calls his son Karthikeyan for this task, saying that Karthikeyan will do the actual battle with Vritrasur, while it will be Indira's task to actually use the weapon. So Karthikeyan steps into the battle, and Jalandhar is very surprised as to how the Devas are actually having a child lead them, and is more and more convinced that using Vritrasur was a master-stroke, since he cannot be defeated. He has forgotten that there can be loopholes in any boon and has started believing that the asura leader is invincible and will win the battle.
On the other hand, when Vritrasur converts himself into a cloud that starts throwing arrows, Karthikeyan is able to show his prowess and stop any of those arrows from causing any further damage. In fact, he is able to show a lot of capabilities, and it is at such a time when he is in battle with Vritrasur and the asura is busy, Indira sees his chance and uses the weapon on the asura from the back. The asura falls down, and Jalandhar is very angry. However, the battle is over the day, and it is not only Jalandhar who is angry, Karthikeyan is also very angry about this attack by Indira that was done from behind the back. Indira on the other hand does not care, since he has manged to get the asura killed.
Now, Jalandhar is curious about how the weapon was constructed, and is shocked to hear that a sage gave up his life willingly, and that too because of the devotion of the sage to his guru. He does not know about Mahadev and starts learning about Mahadev and his capabilities.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke - Engagement plans of Gunjan happening, Charu getting trapped

In this serial, the jailing of Mayank and his parents by Charu has had a major impact. Gunjan knows that Charu blames the presence of Gunjan in the house and in Mayank's family for everything that has gone wrong, for the fact that Mayank does not seem interested in her; and when Mayank and his parents were jailed, Charu told Gunjan that this was one of the reasons. This inspires Gunjan to decide to get engaged and eventually married when her father asks her and shows her the resumes of some boys. She agrees to get married to Aditya, which will leave 2 gentlemen in the lurch. This will be Mayank, and Rajeev, who is the coach in college. So, now there are actually 3 gentlemen in the race for Gunjan, one declared leader - Aditya who is going to be her fiancee; Mayank, who is married to Charu; and Rajeev who is the coach in college and who seems to be the one who is most unlikely to admit to anything.
Now, Rachna is going around distributing cards to everybody in college. When Vihaan sees this, he is shocked since he cannot understand as to how Rachna can get married to somebody else (forget the part where he had tried to deceive her when he was finally unmasked by Gunjan). He gets down on his knees, and embarrasses her in front of everybody in the college, until he understand that this was for Gunjan, not for Rachna. The card has still not been distributed to Rajeev though.
Aditya is now getting ready for the functions; and he asks Mayank for help (which is pretty shocking for Mayank since he is very upset by this plan for Gunjan's marriage, and cannot understand how she can get married). He tried to evade this, but Aditya pushes him for this part, and he finally agrees. When Gunjan overhears this, she confronts him about why he wants to do this, but he tells her that he is doing this since she is a friend, and he would like to do this. She in turn, when asked later, says that she is not upset, and says that she is happy with the upcoming marriage and only nervous about the marriage.
In the meantime, Charu is dealing with the shocks of somebody torturing her. She had got everybody put in jail, and is now suffering when somebody starts sending her evidence of all the wrong-doings that she had done. She is sent photos that expose what she had done, has been called to a deserted place where she is given another photo. This is making her very nervous, since getting exposed to whatever she had done would cause her lots of problems. And who is behind all this ? It is Mayank and Rachna, both of whom hated what Charu had done to their families and are now slowly ensuring that Charu will get so spooked that she will admit on her own as to what had happened.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - The sudden marriage of Rubel and Latika, and pain to Anuj and Sheila

After a time period where the serial showed the stars of Rubel and Sheila Mami being on the ascent, and Avantika and family being out of the Dewan mansion, the serial started showing something reverse. For quite some time, viewers of the serial would already know that the best way that the serial would show an answer would be for Sheila and Anuj to realize the problems that they are facing, since Rubel seems to have taken the values that they have given him to a higher degree. They have no respect for parents and for relatives, so to expect that Rubel would give them respect is foolish, but the serial is now starting to show them facing all these problems. One of the biggest issues for them was when Rubel came to them and told them that he is now engaged to Latika, and since Sheila mami knows exactly what Latika is like, she was horrified. She would be looking for a daughter-in-law who would be docile, who would listen to everything that she was saying.
Now, with Pankhuri in the mansion as a caretaker (appointed by Kaira, since Sheila would never have allowed such a thing), the best way for Sheila and Rubel to get pleasure would be tell the news to Avantika and Aditya that their beloved Pankhuri is now acting as their servant, but Nanaji has put a stop to that. He knows what will pinch them, and has told them that if they are ever responsible for Aditya or Avantika learning this news, he will immediately donate the mansion to a charity and they will not be able to do anything about it, and this will go against their plan.
So, Sheila is now searching for a plan where she can arrange so that Aditya or Avantika can learn the situation about Pankhuri without telling them directly, but so far all her plans are failing. And yet, this is her goal. In the meantime, Aditya and Pankhuri discuss Rubel behaving strangely with the company lawyer, him being very uncomfortable with what Rubel is asking him to do. Pankhuri finally manages to get to his office and sees Rubel there, and threatens him with the name of Nanaji. He reveals that Rubel is looking to get a contract marriage, with the marriage getting dissolved in some time, till they can get the mansion in their name.
Pankhuri and Aditya want to tell this to Nanaji, and Sheila is shocked when she hears of this. She tries to stop them, but they come to the mansion and tell Nanaji, and he is not as shocked, but threatens that he will take action. And then Rubel comes in, having decided to take an action which is drastic, and very shocking to his parents. They were uncomfortable with the engagement, but were told that it was just for a period of time; and now Rubel comes in with Latika, with both of them wearing garlands, and tells everybody that they have got married. Everybody is shocked, and tells them off, but Rubel could not care. Even when his parents confront him in the room, he is very rude, which shocks Anuj, since it is the first time that he sees how Rubel actually is, he is focused towards getting what he wants and could not care for any relations. Latika on the other hand is focused towards her goals, and even while re-assuring Sheila, she is waiting for the day when she gets 50% of the mansion in her name.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Onir in deep trouble, his medical license cancelled by the court

Hindi Serials typically follow a principle where if you are doing a good deed, then you are in deep trouble. People don't understand what you are doing, and the makers of the serial believe that the serial succeeds only when they show deep pain, when they show people struggling, and so on. So it goes in this serial. The name of the serial is nothing like the nature of the relationships anymore. The name of the serial depicts a sacred relationship, while the relationships shown in the serial are mostly very much on the other side of sacred. There is a man forced to marry one girl while he loves another girl, and it turned out that he has a physical relationship with another girl, and now he is going to have children with both of them. The child he was having with his wife dies, and so the other girl decides to hand over her child to them, but without telling them that she is doing this. A son-in-law of the family is running an organ stealing racket and gets into a dispute with them, and then sees CCTV footage of the baby swap and figures out that he can use this to get his revenge. And so on .. this is what all that is happening in Pavitra Rishta. Maybe time for this serial to come to an end ?
Ever since Ovi learnt that the child was actually Arjun's and Purvi's and told everybody about the same, she was shocked and decided to leave Arjun (why she could not do this earlier when she knew about the intense love between Arjun and Purvi earlier is not clear). She now refuses to come back.
On the other hand, the revelation about the movement of Pari to Ovi had brought problems back to Onir and Purvi, and they are now embroiled in a court case about the same. Mittal, who badly wants his revenge, has decided to use this to get back his honor and prestige and gets Onir into a court case for the same. Soham is now defending Onir, but realizes that for this, he needs to get Arjun to come to court and defend whatever Onir had done, and this would make a deep impact on the case.
Arjun agrees, but is unable to get to court quickly enough, and the case gets decided by the judge, who orders that the decision of the court is to cancel the medical license of Onir for all time. This is a big shock for Onir, although Purvi is standing by Onir all the time. Mittal and Punni are happy over what happens and Manju blames Onir for whatever has happened although Sulochana still stands up for her. Manav is confused about whom to support, since he had also promised Purvi that she could call on him like a real father.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Jalandhar and army attack Devas, attack by Vritrasur very powerful

Jalandhar has been talking about a fight between them and the Asuras for some time now, in order that they get back more power. Ever since Indira killed Jalandhar's mother, Jalandhar had sworn revenge on the killer. This anger attracted the Asura guru, since he could see this anger and power being a way to get revenge on devas for the poor condition of the Asuras. He trained Jalandhar, and when he could see that Jalandhar was older and much more powerful, he finally told him that the murderer was Indira. Jalandhar caught Indira and told him that he would defeat him properly in battle, and set out to prepare for this battle. As a first part of this, he sought to become the leader of the Asuras and defeated a challenger.
Now that he was the king of the Asuras, he sought to get some respect and money for the Asuras and found that the Asuras had no money; and then he was told that the Devas had cheated the Asuras during the time of the Manthan since the Devas had taken the gems and the nectar that was found from the sea. He sent a missive to Indira for getting the gems back, but Indira refused. In the meantime, he was sure that Indira would refuse and had already started preparing the army for the battle. However, he had to face a brief setback when Indira caused his messenger to change sides, and attack him with a weapon that would cause him to sink. He however managed to get back to a proper health through a proper care, care done through a female Vaid.
And for this preparation, the Asura Vritrasur, who was in deep sleep (or rather unconscious) was finally brought back to the live state and prepared to start the battle. In the meantime, Narada, Brahma and Narayana visited Mahadev and told him about Jalandhar; Mahadev was conscious of Jalandhar, but refused to do anything for the moment. First, he did not consider any action of Jalandhar so far wrong, and as for Indira, he had no sympathy for what happened to Indira because he could see that Indira had done too many wrong actions over the past. And of course, since Jalandhar had arisen from his own energy, he refused to take any action until goddess Parvathi was back and had recovered her memory, which might make it somewhat late since there was still no time available as to when she would recover all her memory.
Now, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev had been known to give a large number of boons to people which caused problems sometime, specially the boons which gave special powers to Asuras. So, for example, Vritrasur had been given a boon that he could not be killed normally with weapons made of steel and wood, but there was an exception that was pointed out. He could be killed with the bones of Rishi Dhatich, but for that the Rishi would have to give up his life, which he volunteers to do. Indira is happy with this.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ayesha catches Sid with a girl at a party, tells him she is breaking up ..

The serial seems like a movie right now, where Ram and Priya are depending on the marriage of Sid and Ayesha to take place, since that will cause the house and the rest of Ram's fortune to come back to Ram. So they are trying a set of cunning tactics to ensure that both of them move towards the marriage while not feeling that they are under pressure to get this marriage done. At the same time, Sid is very suspicious about why there is a change in Ram's attitude towards him, and cannot understand. He wants to know more about why things are moving in the way they are.
So, Ram decides to show Sid something which will try and handle some of this suspicion, yet not learning the truth at all. As a part of that, he acts a bit suspiciously in the office, discussing seriously when Sid is not there in the office, and seemingly hiding a file. Vikram also plays an active part in this process, conspiring along with Ram. Finally, Sid does manage to get hold of the file, only to see something which Ram was intending to show him. This says that the property would be turned over only to Ayesha and not Sid. Sid is very angry at this one, since he cannot understand why the property does not come over to him, and Ram explains to him that this contract was done before Sid was there in the scene, only to ensure that the property does not go away from Ayesha. This settles Sid for a little while, but he remains very suspicious.
The family is also trying the police of divide and rule, seeing that Mamaji also provides a lot of advice to both Sid and Ayesha, and hence it was necessary to remove the very close relationship. So, since they are seeing that Ayesha is a bit stingy with spending money on anybody else, they work on 2 aspects related to Mamaji. First, the Rs. 10 lakh bill run up by Mamaji on his clothing is thrown towards Ayesha, making her feel the pain of paying this bill, and she even raises the same issue with Sid, who dismisses it angrily. Further, Priya talks to Mamaji in a way that both Sid and Ayesha get suspicious about what is happening, with the concept of whether the money that is deposited in Mamaji's account is because Mamaji is playing a double role. Mamaji is very angry at all this, and goes to Ayesha to return her the Rs. 10 lakh.
Now, they decide to give a party to Sid, a bachelor party and hook him up with a girl at the party. This will be recorded to give them more things to hold over sid, but then Ayesha turns up over their and is very angry at Sid about what he is doing behind her back. Ram and Priya try to handle the situation, but Ayesha is very angry.

Hindi TV Serial - Savitri - Savitri learning more about where Satya is ...

Savitri is a fantasy serial that has recently started appearing on Life OK starting on the 18th of Feb 2013. The serial stars the pair of Riddhi Dogra and Yash Pandit as the main lead, starring as Savitri and Satyavan. The serial showcases the story of the love of Savitri for her husband Satya, with this love story exiting for thousands of years (or rather, the story having started thousands of years back and then resuming in another birth that has only happened recently).
Savitri and Satyavan were in love with each other in ancient times, with Rajkumari Damyanti, who is in love with her senapati, Veer. However, the evil monster, Rahukaal is also in love with her, and cannot stand that she is in love with somebody else. He tricks Veer after calling him for a battle, and kills him. However, when Damyanti learns about this, she kills Rahukaal and splits his body into 52 pieces that are scattered all over. Rahukaal's sister, Goolika, who is also powerful remains alive for this time, waiting for when Damyanti and Veer will be re-born, since this will also cause the re-emergence of Rahukaal.
Cut to recent times. It is the year 1990, and they are re-born, in the form of Savitri and Satyavan. They come into contact with each other, and fall for each other, cutting to the year 2013. Savitri gets premonitions of what is happening, and is hesitant to get married to Satyavan, but when he threatens, she finally decides to get married to him, even though she wants to maintain a distance. She is now integrated to some extent with his family, since they all accept her easily.
They go for their honeymoon to the Andaman Islands, which is pretty close to the place where Rahukaal and Goolika are now there. By this time Rahukaal has managed to come back, but with only his head, since the other pieces have to be integrated back into him, and he will need help for that. Goolika is helping him in this process, but not fully, although he is still more powerful than her, and has powers in the real world even though he has only his head.
Savitri feels something strange in the area and wants to come back, and manages to persuade Satya to come back. With their friend Dev, they are close to coming back, having made the arrangements. At the same time, there is a powerful storm, and Savitri goes to the local tribal people, who know of the legend of Damyanti and how she stopped a powerful demon, and they recognize her as the same. She tells Satya of the overall story, but he refuses to believe her, although they do start to come back. In the meantime, Rahukaal is told that he is in danger if he tries to touch Savitri, and decides to play a trick where Satya will be presumed dead, but will still be alive.
So, when Satya and Veer are going in a jeep for some formalities, Satya is kidnapped from there by Goolika, and brought to their area. Rahukaal learns this and demands access to Satya. Dev is in hospital and when he gets up, he asks for Satya but the police tell him that there was no one else there, the same thing that they told Savitri. His family finally believes that Satya is now dead, although Savitri refuses to accept this, and slowly starts getting more leads.
Rahukaal in the meantime intercepts Dev, and is unhurt by all the bullets fired at him, and tells Dev that he will be killed for the crime of touching Savitri and throws him around the place, and Dev finally dies. In the meantime, Goolika comes to Savitri and tells her that Satya will die unless she finds the various parts of Rahukaal's body that he had dispersed.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Aarti all ready to deliver a baby, Ishita trying everything to stop her

After so much time, the serial started showing some positive news for the main members of the serial. The quest of Yash and Aarti to ensure that Akash left all his anger and hurt was finally achieved. In the end, Akash felt the comfort and love from the family and decided to change himself - so he returned the room back to Yash and Aarti, he told Ishita to hand over the keys of the house to Aarti (where Buaji came in and taunted Ishita about what she was being asked to do) which were in turn handed over to Radha (the quest of Yash and Aarti to ensure the re-marriage of Papa Scinidia and Radha was achieved and the marriage did happen, and they look fairly comfortable after the marriage), and Akash also told Yash that he was returning all the share of the family business that he had been given and would act an assistant to Yash so that he could learn about the business. And all of this left Ishita very angry, since she was very jealous of the closeness of Yash and Aarti and wanted their relationship to break.
So, now Ishita has taken over as the villain of the serial, taken over from Prashant. She has been trying a number of tactics over the past few months to do whatever it takes to harm Aarti, and has been getting more and more frustrated since she is not able to break the strong relation between Aarti and Yash. She knows that Aarti is pregnant and the steps that she is taking will harm the baby as well, but her jealousy is driving her to do all this. In the midst of all this, she has no regard for Akash, and when Akash is slowly getting close to her now after his emotions have got more balanced, she cannot stand any such attempt to get close and feels disgusted whenever Akash tries something.
She tries to add more separation between Yash and Aarti by trying to get Aarti to fall down after slipping over some water (using the opportunity when Aarti is trying to clean a bit of the floor), but Aarti gets saved by Yash before she can fall. And even though Ishita tries to instigate Pari to blame Aarti for this, especially since Palak does get a bit hurt after she slips, this soon ends, and Yash is not at all angry over this. So, this attempt by Ishita comes to an end, and she also gets scolded by Buaji when Buaji sees her trying to peek into the room of Yash and Aarti.
Now, it is speculated that after the delivery, Ishita will try to get the baby away so as to try and put some distance and arguments between Yash and Aarti. Will she succeed ?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - RK has taken Madhu by force, and even locked her with a chain

The serial is trying to justify the name of the serial, Ek Ishq and ek Junoon, by showing the Junoon part on the part of RK. Ever since he dumped Madhu, he is forever claiming that he did the right thing for his ego, since he needed to take revenge. However, this is not working out right for him since he does love her, and hence her missing from his life is shaking him up. At the same time, for Madhu, although she had come to love him passionately, the revenge that he had taken on her had shocked her enough that she wants to move on with life, with the same feeling being true for Padmini and Trishna. They no longer want her to have anything to with him, since they don't want her to get into the same pain as before. It is only Radha and Bittoji who know what RK is feeling and how Madhu was the one who was right for him.
Things get more problematic for RK when Madhu comes into contact with Aryan and his father Sultan. There is a lot of attachment between Madhu and Aryan, and since RK cannot see who is on the other side, he is shocked by the thought that Madhu may be having an affair with somebody and taunts her on a number of occasions on this, even humiliating her in front of other people. When he literally forces her to tell him the truth, she tells him about Aryan and Sultan, but RK is not sure about whether to believe her or not.
On the occasion of Holi, he comes to her house with the intention of being the first one to apply Holi to her, but is shocked when she suddenly darts away and applies Holi to the face of Sultan, seemingly like a lover would. RK leaves from there and is shocked about what has happened, but cannot forget this. Madhu however had done this since she had seen the enemies of Sultan coming there, ready to kill him, and this was a plan to disguise him. In fact, during the attack, she even picks up the gun and would have been all ready to attack Bhujang, but he manages to run away, and then she answers the questions of the people of the chawl, using their past experience to explain that she did what she did because of humanity.
Now, RK is unable to forget what happened, and literally drags Madhu back to his mansion. He wants her to forget what has happened, he is ready to make amends, but the way that he does is by confining her and preventing her from leaving. He asks for forgiveness, but she is very angry. He locks her up in a chain (she realizes this when she gets up in the morning and finds herself chained up) until she can tell him about why she applied color to somebody else and she does tell him the reason behind why she does so. Her mother is pretty frantic by now, and Madhu lies to her about why she is in RK's mansion so that Padmini will stop worrying. But when RK asks her to feel in her heart, she tells him that his actions caused her heart to break, and there is no heart left. On the other hand, Dipali is upto her usual antics, although now Madhu does not care about what she is doing. What else will RK do so that Madhu can forgive him ? (the action behind RK locking up Madhu in a chain is not something that is great for women's rights, so somebody needs to figure out whether such scenes should be allowed on TV).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Ovi finally discloses the truth about Pari to everybody

The biggest problem in all these serials is about some truth being hidden, and by the hiding of this truth, it becomes something which will cause a problem when the truth is revealed. In the current episodes of Pavitra Rishta, the big truth is about the background of Pari. Pari is actually the child of Purvi and Arjun (although it would have seemed crazy to think about a relationship between Purvi and Arjun where they would have become intimate enough to have produced a child - and this from one encounter between them (couples can spend years being intimate and not yet have a child, while serials and movies typically show one sexual encounter leading to a child).
At the time of the delivery of Ovi and Purvi (both of these children having been produced by Arjun); and Purvi having never disclosed the truth about her child to anybody in her family (only Onir knows), Ovi's child died. At that time, Purvi and Onir took a decision to donate her child to Ovi since that would have helped her (but it was never about telling anybody about her sacrifice - but if you know Hindi serials, then you would know that even a supposed good act, if hidden, can become bad when it is disclosed later).
And how do more people get to know about it ? Mittal is having a fight with Onir, and to look for more evidence, they look at the CCTV camera footage where they can see that Onir is taking the baby from Purvi and taking to Ovi (and the CCTV footage apparently is also capturing all the voice conversation that is happening (I don't know of too many traditional CCTV footage capturing the audio inputs as well). However, the footage gets removed when the case is in court, and then the DNA is done between Pari and Arjun, and since Arjun is also the father, the DNA evidence shows no problem. But, you know that this problem is not going away, and will come out again in some form or the other.
And now, first Arjun learns about this, however, it is problematic if other people in the family learn about this, since any intimacy between Arjun and Purvi would have shocked everyone even if this happened before he got engaged with Ovi. However, finally Ovi also learns about this, and she is shocked. She was never sure of her relationship with Arjun, and now this pushes her over the edge since she now believes that Purvi has taken away everything from her, and starts showing some strange behavior.
Finally in a party, Ovi, under the influence of alcohol blurts out this fact, and then Mittal show the actual footage which clearly shows that the baby was taken by Onir and given to Ovi. Everybody is shocked by this, and Purvi suddenly is pointed out as a negative personality and Sulochna slaps Purvi.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Starting to finally see the truth in what Mohan was doing

The second round of the serial was started with the basic assumption that Mohan was painted as the bad guy in the eyes of Navika and Megha (and the rest of the family), with Renu doing her best to rub this in. The concept was that Addu had run away, and this was the fault of Mohan who had treated them like a step-father, with him having moved away to Bhopal (from Indore where everybody was living). He was living with his daughter Rimjhim and with Guru, and they show some amount of tension from both sides. The serial showed that Navika was very angry whenever the name of Mohan came up, since she blamed herself for getting attached to a person who destroyed their family, and also hated the idea of having a step-father.
The concept would be that at some point, they would come close together, and for that, the serial moved the story in such a way that he was moving to Indore to take up a TV channel job where Nanhi (Navika) would also be working. Of course, he cannot recognize her now that she has grown up, while she cannot forget his face. Guru is also against Mohan having any kind of relation with Megha or Navika, since he has seen the pain that Mohan got from such a relationship. As a result, he is discouraging of any sign or presence where they could enter his life again.
Slowly, they get closer. Mohan has a project called Project Taalash, which is meant to hunt down those missing children (and they also show him hunting for Addu even after all these years, getting in touch with the police and so on). However the others do not know about this, and Megha has not even met him, nor does she know that Navika has met Mohan. And then Mohan meets Megha during Holi where he sort of rescues her; however,  a reunion is not going to happen since Mohan had promised to Megha before he left that he will get Addu back, and Megha asks him about what happened to his promise.
Navika comes to Mohan asking for him to stay away from them, and Mohan unleashes all his frustration on her, showing her everything that he has done to get Addu back, and so on, which causes her great confusion, since this challenges everything bad that she had thought about Mohan. Further, Navika had exposed a politician, and his grandson Beera had come to work along with Navika. He further taunts her about her having a step-family complex, and overall, when she snaps, he tells her that this is what would have happened to Mohan once with Addu, after being taunted about being a step-father long enough.
Now it's the turn of Megha. Unknowingly she is the teacher of Rimjhim, and once comes to her home and sees Guru there, and learns that Rimjhim is Mohan's daughter. Guru confirms that Mohan had got married again, and hence Rimjhim was his daughter. However, this is resolved soon after when she confronts Mohan and Guru then tells the truth. Another angle is about Munna, who is working for the politician, and who has a strong anger against Mohan, plotting again and again.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Shivji in next mode of getting memory back to Parvathi, doing his Tandav

As happens in the serial, there are 2 stories ongoing. Both these stories are taking a fair amount of time, with many episodes gone by already. One story deals with the memory loss of Parvathi where she goes back to before she was attracted to Mahadev and has no recollection of her marriage, her sons, no memory at all. In fact, they show her as seeing Mahadev in his form, and she cannot recollect who he is. On the other side is the story of Jalandhar, who has become the lord of the Asuras, and what he is doing in order to get his revenge on the Devas and on Indira.
Slowly, step by step, Mahadev is taking Goddess Parvathi through the steps needed for her to get her memory back. This is a multi-level course, whereby both Mahadev and Parvathi have to do a number of stages for her to get her memory back. So far the quest has been successful, in the sense that the initial stages have been reached, and they have managed to get there. However, things are getting more complicated. There is a blockage caused in one of the stages, where Avidya's Daitya Apasmar is stopping her. He is responsible for this current problem, but he cannot be killed since that will mean the loss of memories; instead he needs to be controlled. When Mahadev reaches him, he denies any support, and so the viewers are shown the Tandav dance of Mahadev.
On the other hand, Jalandhar has taken over control of the Asuras, and when this is objected to, he defeats the Asura who objected, and when he is struck by a weapon, the wound quickly heals. Now, Jalandhar is doing an inventory of the riches of the Asura kingdom, and is told that there is no money available. On further investigation, he is told that the Devas tricked the Asuras during the Samundra Manthan, and took all the gems leaving nothing for the Asuras. Jalandhar sends a messenger to Indira asking for the return of the gems to the Samundra dev, from where Jalandhar will take those gems.
Indira denies this, and reminds the messenger that he was humiliated by Jalandhar, and instead hands him a weapon that would render Jalandhar unconscious. Jalandhar manages to prevent this attack, but is still stuck by the weapon and starts sinking into unconsciousness. He calls for the vaidya for help, and finds that Kalnemi's daughter Vrinda has come as the Vaidya. Jalandhar is now sinking while she is trying to help him and finally she does manage to get him out of this illness.
Jalandhar is getting ready again, and Shukracharya is now trying to persuade him to get married, since this marriage will help in protecting him.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Trying to get Ayesha and Sid to marry

The serial has suddenly gone into a very strange mode. For some time now, the serial has shown both Ram and Priya in a mode where they are together and very happy over that part, but otherwise their life was going through strange times. They had lost all their property (or rather it was donated by Ram to Ayesha so that she would walk away from the marriage and leave him free to be back together with Priya). But this also meant that they were no longer rich, could not afford stuff such as spending to send Pihu to a good school, and so on. Further, since they had such a pride, it was difficult for them to accept help from even their closest friends (which was very odd for me, since if I was in such a state, or a friend was in such a state, I would expect that very close friends would be the ones who would help).
And things got even bad after that, since they were now working for a company where their boss was an old enemy Ashwin, who left no chance to get back at them. However, this was soon overcome, since Ashwin did the unexpected step of taking a report that Ram had created and presenting it as his own. Priya has anyhow been shown to be outspoken, so she went in front of a number of investors and pointed out that Ashwin had used Ram's proposal, and this left the investors the knowledge that The Ram Kapoor was in their company. They immediately elevated him to a position where he was the senior of Ashwin, but Ram did not take any revenge back, and rejected his resignation.
On the personal side, Saumya and Natasha had figured out that Ayesha was pregnant even though she tried to throw them off, and soon combined this with the fact that Ayesha was apparently seeing somebody in a nearby chawl. Ram and Priya reached there and found that it was Sid (who was on the run from the police for 5 years). They turned him into the police, but Sid managed to run away from their office. However, Mamaji and he over-played their hand in trying to be clever and decided to seek help from Pihu (also with the thought that the police would not be looking for Sid over there). But, this was seen by Priya, and eventually Ram landed there soon after Pihu; but this time, instead of letting Sid run away, Ram decided to appear in a new leaf and be all brotherly, by telling sid that he would turn him to the police and then get him out on bail. In doing so, Ram wanted to get the trust of Sid and Ayesha, and also wanted to start manipulating events the way he wanted rather than wait for Sid and Ayesha to do as they liked.
So the plan is to ensure that Sid and Ayesha get married, since in a clause in the contract, Ayesha's rights over the property would revert back to Ram if she did get married, even if this was to Sid. But the idea was to get them to do this (and one way was to show to Sid that legal advice for resolving the case would be to show him as a settled family man, and for that, he would need to be married). Sid is not very comfortable with the idea of getting married, which irritates Ayesha.
Also, the serial is showing more happiness in the marriage of Ram and Priya, since she is shown as pregnant, with Ram being the protective husband and even their family trying to ensure that Priya does not exert herself too much.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Zoya finally reverses her plan to leave, after she hears Asad

The serial is going through a lot of complications, with multiple stories ongoing. There is still some tension between Asad and Ayyan, ever since Ayyan used money to Rashid out of prison and free of the charges against him. What caused further problems was the statement by the police inspector that the charges were made on the basis of bias, and done by the first son (Asad) who was left by Rashid after the fire in the doll factory; Razia using that incident to apply pressure on Rashid to do what she wanted.
There is a blossoming love story between Zoya and Asad, although both are apprehensive about this, since they are very different from each other. They have a love hate relation with each other, with Asad adopting a stance of coldness and rigidity, and also blaming her when a number of things have gone wrong (with many of them later turning out to show that Zoya was not wrong, or did not do so deliberately). However, he felt a great sense of shame when he learnt that Zoya's parents are dead and she was originally in an orphanage from where a family adopted her (he remembers the time when he told her in anger that her parents had not brought her up properly, and that her values were very different from those of a normal family). Every time he had told her like this, her tears had come out, but he would have been angry and not cared.
Now, her visa time has run out. For her, her mission was a failure, since she had come to find her natural father, and this in turns out to be Siddique, but Razia detects who the illegitimate daughter of her husband is, and manages to manipulates in such a way that both Zoya and Siddique believe that the other one is dead and do not know the actual identities (in Zoya's case, she is shown the grave where her father is supposed to be lying). This brings further pain to Zoya, and she decides to leave; this causes great happiness to Tanveer since she wants to become rich by marrying Asad.
But, at the last minute, Zoya is shocked when she hears the voice of Asad asking her not to go (the voice coming out through a recording on her laptop); till now she had believed that Asad was interesting in her leaving and was in fact helping this out by getting her early tickets. So, when she says that she will not go, everybody is happy, except for Tanveer.
On the other hand, Ayyan has finally agreed to marry Humaira after Razia tells him that she will get Rashid sent back to jail on the same charge; she further pressures him to tell his family early, which he finally does. Rashid suspects that there is some pressure on him to take this decision, and Ayyan is forced to defend his decision; although there is a cute scene where Zoya tells him about some signs to detect whether Humaira is in love with him (and those signs certainly point to this).

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - Saras gets out of jail after Kumud gets Yash to jail to confess

I had a lot of high expectations from the serial, but over a short period of time, I am starting to see the serial as similar to a Balaji serial, designed to portray Ekta Kapoor's creativity of good and evil in families. And so it happens in the serial. You have family members that are becoming more unrealistic, who will either be so good that they are unbelievable, or you have the step-mother who is increasingly portrayed as so evil that she will do anything to get her way.
Saras is shown as having a love-hate relationship with Kumud because he had refused the marriage without coming and seeing her. He comes there in person to actually do the refusal because of Kumud, and now that they both are here, they are to some extent trapped in their egos and unable to move forward in the emotions that they have towards each other. Saras is emotionally affected because he believes that he did something wrong by refusing the marriage long distance, and this would have caused her a lot of distress. Kumud also considered him arrogant and full of pride for the same reason, and for many days, since he refused without seeing her, refused to let him even see her face.
However, things become complicated when Yash, the son of the house commits a grave crime of killing a cow when driving, and is chased by a crowd of villagers who come to their home. He needs help, and that is when Saras steps up. Just when Yash is about to swear on the head of his mother that he had nothing to do with the incident, Saras refuses to let Yash speak an untruth, especially since he is doing so on the head of his mother, and takes full responsibility for the accident. People are shocked, especially since there is punishment, in terms of taking responsibility for the family whose animal was killed, and also being able to eat only twice a day.
Kumud starts to help him and they develop a closer bond which causes some tension in the house although they trust her fully. But, Kumud starts to learn that he did not actually commit this crime, and is taking on the responsibility for what Yash did, so that he could pay his debt to the house for what he had done. She starts to investigate, which causes huge problems since Yash's mother does not like it, but Kumud is under no constraint. In the meantime Saras's stepmom sends the police to the house to arrest Saras, but this is when Kumud rounds up Yash and somewhat unwillingly gets him to the police station so that he can confess. Saras's stepmom is somewhat stunned, since she wanted Saras to be in prison, this would cause tension between Kumud's father and Saras's father, but you can be sure that the serial would try to show more machinations that she continues to do.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Pankhuri joins as caretaker of the Diwan house

The serial is going from bad to worse, with the storyline being totally unrealistic. In reality, in life, there are people who are more evil or less evil, and even in the Geeta, it says that when somebody is behaving badly, it is your responsibility to ensure that these people get their just deserts. If you don't say anything to them and  let them do what you want, then you are equally guilty and shirking your duty. In the serial, ever since Avantika backed down up Atul's demand and handed over all signing powers to him, their family has been going through a total downturn. It is great to say that you want to stay with your husband and make your own destiny rather than take from your father, but it is a very regressive talk. For any person, it is their right to get what their father has created, whether you be a son or daughter. However, the serial has totally gone off this track, and presented a picture where when a daughter reconciles with her husband, she rejects everything that her father has given. Further, when you are running a company where your customers and employees work and depend on the company, it is sheer irresponsibility to hand over the running of the company to something who is not at all suitable. Even worse, you are leaving your father in the hands of people who are ruthless, and who can do anything to get what they want.
So, as part of their plan to get total control of the house, Sheela and Rubel do further planning. They do not like the presence of Shanky in the house, since he is somebody who keeps on reminding them about how things were better in the past, and is likely to not follow what you say, and hence they get Shanky kicked out of the house. And Nanaji, behaving like how Neville Chamberlain totally gave into Hitler, has only one aim; even though he keeps on threatening that he is still the owner and can make things right, keeps on giving into what Anuj and Sheela wanted, and keeps on asking them for more pain under which he will not buckle. They have already done whatever they wanted, kicked out everybody else from the house, done things in the house that he would not have liked, and yet everybody let them do what they wanted.
Finally, somebody good in the family came. Kaira, the daughter of Sheela, and who is apparently on the good side, was tasked with appointing a caretaker for the house, and through a chance, finally ended up appointing Pankhuri as the caretaker of the house. Nanaji was shocked at this, since he is sure that nobody in the house will like it, and Rubel will literally almost torture her until she decides to leave. And then when Rubel comes in, a side of him is excited, since this is the way for him to do a full round of torture of Pankhuri until he has got his revenge and she leaves. And of course, since Adi does not know, with his temper, he will literally erupt.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Sid found, Ram and Priya do conspiracy to defeat Sid and Ayesha

The serial seems to believe that it should not show too much despair, or too much pain. So, for example, you had the situation where both Ram and Priya were looking for a job, they had no money, and Ram's family was also kicked out of the house by Ayesha after she got angry at them for muddling up a business deal where she had to show that apparently they were a nice happy family. This seemed like the bottom, and then both of them found a job, and then they showed that the manager of the place was Ashwin, who was humiliated by Ram earlier for the actions he took. Now that Ashwin is in charge, he took a lot of pleasure in tormenting Ram, calling him to work on Sunday (when Ram was supposed to be off on a family trip) and then not showing up. And crucially, he asked Ram for a report which he rejected.
So, when Ashwin was upto this kind of stuff, there was a meeting setup for the investors in the company, the ones who were in charge. For further humiliation, Ashwin had setup Priya to be the usher in charge, and when it was clear that Ashwin would be using the report prepared by Ram and was taking credit for the work that got a lot of praise, Priya could not stand it anymore. Since she was anyhow close to the mike, she stepped up by saying that she wanted to praise Ashwin, and then made the startling declaration that this was an idea stolen by Ashwin, instead of giving the credit to Ram (even when he was specifically asked).
The investors had already heard of Ram, and then they decided to give him a job that was at a level higher than Ashwin. Ashwin was shocked at all this, and submitted his resignation, which Ram rejected since he wanted Ashwin to work on this.
On the other side, Ayesha had got pregnant, and this was seen by Saumya, who went and told this to Natasha. However, in the hospital, Ayesha managed to get this reversed by claiming that the abortion was being done for a friend, not for her. They did not believe this, and followed this lead, with Priya then seeing Sid at the hospital. After this, both Ram and Priya followed the story by trying to trace the person whom Ayesha was seeing. They finally confronted Sid and then got him arrested. However, Sid managed to escape from the police.
But, in a plan, Sid wanted to stay near Ram so that the police was not looking for them, and get Pihu to help him. This was seen by Ram and Priya, and they managed to turn this around so that Sid was then arrested by the police, with them trying to manipulate things so that Sid would now believe that Ram was trying to help them in opposition to Priya. As a result, Sid would be manipulated to marry Ayesha, and under the contract, this would ensure that the property would be released from Ayesha and would revert back to Ram. This would be a just punishment to Sid and Ayesha.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The end of Ichcha in the serial, donates heart to Tapasya

For some time now, the serial has been seeing a double role for Tina Dutta, playing the role of Ichcha and Meethi in the serial, and there were a number of stories coming out that she was having trouble playing both roles; and that the serial would bring the role of Ichcha to an end. However, this was a major step for the serial, since the character of Ichcha was one of the main characters of the serial, and for her to go means that the serial has indeed moved onto the next generation; all of course part of the plan to keep on extending the serial.
Meethi of course has moved out of the area, having married to who she thinks is Vishnu, and yet to face the reality that the plan to marry her was part of a deception, part of revenge. That plan is slowly getting executed, and there is some amount of frustration that she is already facing about not being able to contact her family. She has been explained to that she now lives in a house where she is not expected to be out after dark, and hence cannot go to meet her family so easily. Further, phones apparently do not seem to work, and when she goes to a nearby telephone booth, she is prevented from making the call in a way that seems suspicious to her.
The ongoing friendship / conflict between Tapasya and Ichcha has turned into friendship after the time leap, but this is getting into a very big step. Both of them are critically injured, with Tapasya having been shot by Tej Singh, and her health affected to such a way that she needs a heart transplant in an emergency. However, heart transplants are not easy to do, and legally, what they are showing in the serial is not sure, since there are a lot of processes involved in organ transplants.
On the other hand, Ichcha was hit in an road accident, and taken to hospital where she is in a critical condition. She was brought in by a stranger (whose son she tried to save in the accident), and was in a very bad way. Her family, Veer, nobody knows where she is, and certainly do not know that such an accident has happened.
And they are both at the same accident, and when Ichcha, in her badly injured state, finds that Tappu needs a replacement heart, she volunteers to donate her heart, especially since she is at her own deathbed. And this is what happens; now the serial will show how her family will learn that the person who donated the heart was actually Ichcha, which will be a big shock.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev testing Parvathi, Jalandhar growing up

As usual, there are typically 2 stories ongoing in the serial right now. One of the stories deals with the amnesia that Parvathi has suffered because of which she has no recollection of her marriage to Mahadev and the children she has. At the same time, there is another story that deals with the emergence of Jalandhar, who was formed out of the emergence of the fire from Shiva's third eye during the short battle he had with Indira (obviously when the third eye opened, there was no chance for Lord Indira and he begged for his forgiveness). Jalandhar was adopted by Matsakanya (since he was born in the water) under the case of the Lord of the Sea, Samudra Dev. He grew up to be a young boy, although it was clear to Lord Indra that here was another power who could threaten his kingdom. So Indira came to challenge the young Jalandhar, but it soon became clear that no amount of threatening Jalandhar could scare him. Finally Indra launched his weapon against Jalandhar, at which Matsyakanya got in the way of the weapon and died due to the impact of the weapon. Before dying, she implored him to get into the safety of the waters, and when Jalandhar came out of the water again, he could see that his mother had died, something which made him very angry.
On the other side, there was the growing quest to get the memory of Parvathi back, an effort on which her husband and the sons were fully involved. Mahadev had already warned that this will be a tough effort and will take hard work from everyone, and Narayanan had told her parents that it was only Mahadev and her sons who could bring back her memory, not anybody else. So Mahadev started an effort to get Parvathi to dig into her feelings and see what she could remember. When Parvathi was heading to offer prayers to Narayanan, Mahadev appeared in front of her in the form of a sadhu and asked her a series of tough questions in the form of her feelings, questions which confused her and also made her almost angry to some extent. This continued and then she returned back to the palace, confused by these questions.
After this, Mahadev came to her parents and told them not to try to help her clear any of her questions, that she has to get answers on her own. Ganesh was dispatched to the palace to talk to her, and he talked about his guru who was very learned and who would help her get questions. This started a back and forth where Parvathi was ready to take Mahadev as a guru, but wanted him to come to the palace to provide her instructions; while Shiva told Ganesh to firmly deny that, that Mahadev would not come to the palace, that she was expected to come to the forest. The idea was that Parvathi had to go through a series of steps to demonstrate various qualities, at the end of which she would be more susceptible to ideas and thoughts, at which time Mahadev would be able to provide her answers.
On the other side, with Jalandhar, the guru of the Asuras, had seen the young Jalandhar as a very powerful personality who would be able to provide a lot of help to the Asuras in their fight with the gods, and for this purpose, he acted as a friend to Jalandhar, which made Jalandhar go along with him, even ignoring the advise of Samudra Deva. As Jalandhar grew up, his anger was channeled into providing him important training which would help him become even more powerful, a weapon even ready to challenge the might of Mahadev.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Gopi trying to tell Kokila the truth about what happened in hospital

The attempt by Urmila to know the sex of the twins that are there in Rashi's womb back-fired badly. Urmila wanted to ensure that they were sons so that Rashi would have a high position in the house (the serial did not mention about what would happen if they were girls, since I don't believe the Modi household as shown in the serial would try to get rid of a girl child, especially since Meera is well loved as the child of Ahem and Gopi. However, the police had an eye on the hospital and was listening to phone conversations, and tracked the nurse who was willing to reveal the details of the sex of the child. They came to the hospital to arrest the nurse, and when she was being arrested, the nurse thought that this sex-determination was being asked for by Kokila, and hence she named Kokila. Kokila protested her innocence, but was arrested by the police and taken to jail. Gopi knew about what was happening and threatened that she would reveal everything unless Kokila was taken out of jail, and this was an assertive manner that Gopi is not known for. Even though Urmi tried to put pressure on her, Gopi refused to back down and told Urmila that she will tell the truth to Kokila, since Kokila did not deserve to be in jail for even a second.
Urmila is very scared; already Kokila has a very low opinion of her, and if Kokila were to find out that Urmila was trying to do a sex determination test and was the reason for Kokila to land up in jail, Urmila would land up in severe trouble. So Urmi is trying her best to do a situation whereby Kokila thinks good of her and Gopi does not tell the truth. Urmila at the moment is in a slightly positive situation because she did a drama at the police station, getting the police inspector in a web whereby he was finally forced to reveal Kokila, and hence Kokila is grateful to Urmila. But this would not last if Kokila was to find out that Urmi was the one behind all this.
Urmila decides to invite the Modi household to her house for a Holi party, and before that, asks both Gopi and Rashi to spend the night there before. When they reach there, Rashi is very surprised that Urmila is asking Rashi to do all the work and favoring Gopi; this was so different from what happens normally that Rashi even checks whether Urmila is fine.
During the party, when Gopi tries to take Kokila aside to tell her everything, Urmila keeps on interrupting and preventing Gopi from having that discussion with Kokila. And then when Gopi keeds Laddus, Urmila adds bhang to these laddus and kokila eats one and so does Urmila. Kokila prevents anybody else from eating those laddus, but both Kokila and Urmila are now high.

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