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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan - Kajri / Pavitra's truth exposed

Sometimes one wonders about the level of truth that can exist in a serial. You had Yuvraj falling for Kajri, and one would have wondered as to how a person could be taken in by so much lying (maybe love will do all that for a person). However, it became even more unbelievable when he first kicks out his entire family, and then kicks his mother out as well (even when he knows that his mother has nowhere to go).
And then the girls start to plan revenge. The usual method is to show Yuvraj the falsehood and money-mindedness of the girl he has married, and so they get Dev to help them. Dev pretends to be a real price, rolling in money, with all the luxuries of such a position. And they manage to do this kind of show, and Kajri and her companion get totally taken in. Imagine, 2 very money-minded people, capable of a wide variety of acts in the criminal area, getting taken in by a smooth operator. Even normal families ask around for the antecedents, and these are experienced money operators, and they get taken in. A bit difficult to believe.
Anyhow, things start moving along the way that the daughters plan. Kajri falls totally for the richness of Dev, and decides to leave Yuvraj, with Yuvraj not even suspecting anything when all this is happening almost right in front of him. He only comes to his senses when he finally realizes that Kajri / Pavitra is going to marry Prince (even when she is married to Yuvraj), and finally kicks her out of his life. The interesting point in all this is when Prince is worried that he might get married to Kajri if the girls don't show up in time. And it would have been so simple to video record everything to show to Yuvraj, but nobody gets this idea.
Anyhow, life is simpler for Yuvraj (he has also been forgiven by his sisters and father, even though he treated them with the absolute disrespect); what is left to see is whether Lakshmi will come back to Karan. She is very angry, but the rest of her family have forgiven Karan already, and it would be simple to show her warming to the idea (although apparently, in real life, Twinkle Bajpai and Yuvraj Malhotra, playing Lakshmi and Karan can't stand each other now).

Video of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan from the 18th of February, 2008 (part 1)

Video of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan from the 18th of February, 2008 (part 2)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan - A twist in the story

Seems like Om Shanti Om is the flavour of the season. Banoo Main Teri Dulhan was moving towards a climax for some time, since it seemed that Vidya was getting braver, and ready to face Sindoora in order to protect Sagar. Sagar, on the other hand, was getting closer to the truth, and then finally realized that his eldest sister meant him harm; and so it proved. In fact, he had been facing harm from Sindoora for quite some time.
And then it happened, in a climax that Zee TV is trying to extend for some time, Sindoora finally took action. She shot both Vidya and Sagar, shocking fans of the serial. A number of fans must have expected that once Sindoora's truth is out in front of Sagar, things would come to an end and she would be exposed, but very difficult to expect something like this happening. So both of them are now dead, and the serial is focusing on the changes in the family after this happening.
But, more importantly, the twists in the story are being told through glimpses of the future story. So, it seems like that Sagar and Vidya will take re-birth, meet again and then take revenge on Sindoora, exposing her reality. People were afraid of what would happen to the serial when Sagar learns the truth, but now the serial can get extended for a large number of episodes.

Shots of the final moments

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A climax of a story on Teen Bahuraniyan

Every long-running serial runs on a basic premise, where the serial has a mini-story that runs for multiple episodes, sometimes as much as months altogether. The story runs on till it reaches a climax, and then the story can all together come to an end in a matter of 2-3 episodes, at which point the makers of the serial have to get another story together in which people would be interested, and then start that story, and so on. The characters remain the same, their basic nature remains the same, and it is entirely possible that the theme of the stories remain the same, but the content of the story may be very different.
And so it in Teen Bahuraniyan (the story of the Gheewala parivar), where 2 stories came very close together. First you had Sameer Gheewala (Manish Raisinghania) becoming distant from his Janki (Kadambari Kadam) (even though both of them madly loved each other) due to the machinations of Nisha, who wanted to marry Sameer and had the support of Sameer's mother, Indira Gheewala (Meenakshi Sethi). It was Sameer, who saw through the whole plan, supported by Vrinda Maasi (Smriti Irani coming back to the prime-time 10:30 slot after leaving Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi). Together they exposed Nisha and had a reunion with Janki, everything forgiven.
And then there was another story that was also very short - the mystery of the death of Vrinda Maasi's children in an accident. This was the opportunity that Kokila Gheewala (Nimisha Vakharia - the manipulator of the household) was looking for. Along with her Dadiji / Dwarkadas, (Anang Desai), they tell Sameer that he was responsible for the accident, and reach a point where Vrinda Maasi feels that it is her duty towards her dead children to prosecute Sameer in court. Sameer's lawyer is actually in favour of Dwarkadas, but in the end, Vrinda Maasi turns the table and makes everyone believe that Sameer was innocent, and it was actually Dwarkadas who was responsible for the accident. And so ends these 2 stories.

Video from serial from Youtube

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Ardhangani - Ek Khoobsurat Jeevan Saathi

Ardhangani - Ek Khoobsurat Jeevan Saathi is a Hindi TV serial that airs on Zee TV since October 29, 2007, based on the concept of how beauty turns into a curse. It appears on Monday - Thursday on Zee TV at 11 PM.
This is a serial with a Bengali context. The serial is about how a beautiful girl was cursed for her beauty, and one expects that the serial will continue on the same line. Even after marriage, she faces trouble on a regular basis. The serial debuts Sudeepa Singh who plays the role of Kangana, the traditional Bengali bride. She is in love with her childhood friend, Priyam (Ajay Krishnamoorthi) who is coming back to India after a long time in the US, and dreams of marriage with him. Kangana is shown to be very beautiful while Priyam is more ordinary looking.
Kangana is actually an orphan since her parents died earlier, and she is living with relatives Chandrababu and his wife Sushmita. Sushmita has a daughter Roktima who is Kangana's real cousin, and yet causes her a lot of trouble. Roktima and Sushmita want to get Roktima married to Priyam, and try their best to keep Kangana away from Priyam through a number of tricks. However, it is clear that Priyam is deeply in love with Kangana and vice-versa and things will eventually move towards their marriage.
They go through separation, with Priyam getting detached from Kangana based on a drama that has been orchestrated by Sushmita and Roktima. She is loved by Chandrababu and Thakurmaa (who is Chandrababu's mother). Thakurmaa knows as to what is happening with Susmita and Roktima and also opposes all this drama.
Priyam in turn had a mother who had got admitted to an asylum some time back (Maushumi), and was brought up by his maternal aunt Paromita (Sonali Verma). The others in the house are Rishi (Paromita's husband), Palsh (Paromita and Rishi's son, older brother of Priyam, to-be married to Roktima), and Priyam's younger sisters (Ashima and Bipasha), both of whom are antagonist to Kangana. In addition, Maushumi is back, and not very happy with the marriage. She wants her son to be devoted to her, and is willing to even destroy his marriage to Kangana to achieve that.

Watch video of Priyam and Ardhangani getting married

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na on Sony TV

Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na is a new serial that started on Sony on January 21 at 10 PM, and comes every weekday at the same time. From what appears on the serial, it promises to be a real tear-jerker. A prime-time serial, it is up against the long-running Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki on Star Plus on the same time slot, and requires a lot of drama to bring viewer attention. So, the creators have done what they can to put as much drama as they can into the serial.
So, the initial promos all talked about what happens when the bahu of a house has to choose between her parents house and her in-laws over a period of time. She is trying to be the good bahu, but is also responsible to her parents and wants to make sure that they do not feel deserted. So, if a pooja is going on in her inlaws home, something else major is going on in her parents home. Similarly, her parents are facing a bad time, and there are some obligations for her in her inlaws, so what does she do. What are the choices she will make ?
Currently, they are showing her life before marriage. They could not make the situation any worse. She is the prime supporter of her family, with 2 more sisters and 1 brother (her parents had 4 children, so without adequate financial resources, of course it would be difficult to support so many). The main cast of characters include:
Purnendu Joshi (Vijay Kashyap): The father. He has brought his children up and provided them a good education, but does not have good financial stability. He normally keeps cheerful.
Rukmini Joshi (Rameshwari): The mother. She constantly reproaches her husband for being a failure in life and not having enough financial resources. Believes in her son Vinay being the support of her life.
Vinay Joshi (Mehul Kajaria): Also appeared in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Teen Bahuraniyan. He is the one on whom the entire family believes as the future, but he is unconcerned, and selfish about wanting to make his own life. He will do what he can to get abroad, and leave his family in the lurch.
Aastha Joshi (Aastha Faujdar): The main star of the serial. She is the dutiful daughter who brings in the money to run the household, and has very good values.
Shilpa Joshi (Iti Shree): A young aspiring actress who wants to make it big, and willing to compromise on her values in order to make it big. Not interested in taking on the responsibility of her parents. Currently in trouble because of a photo-shoot where she shot in a swimming costume.
Chhaya Joshi (Sana Saeed): The youngest of the household, she is crippled because of an accident and needs continuous support. Hopeful that things will get better.

Video of sequence where Babul Aastha meets Shubh

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Boogie Woogie on Sony TV

Boogie Woogie is a very popular dance show on Sony TV. Launched in 1998, it is now into the 10th year, and remains very popular. Part of that has to be the enthusiasm of the hosts, film and television personalities, Naved and Ravi. The enthusiasm is infectious since the celebrity judge, Javed Jaffery (a very good dancer himself) is as involved and has been involved from the beginning.
Boogie Woogie appears on Sony on Friday & Saturdays at 8 PM. It has helped in the development of a lot of talent, and given a number of people of all ages, races and sex, the chance to exhibit their talents. Many of them have gone onto make some great careers in the field of dance.
Over a period of time, the show has done auditions in many cities, letting people get the chance to try for the show. The show has even auditioned for people in Dubai in the year 2007. The show also attracts many celebrity judges (in the past, people such as Esha Deol, Juhi Chawla, Rohit Roy, Mallika Sherawat, Govinda, Prabhudeva, Shefali Zariwala and Aadesh Srivastava have become celebrity judges).

A sample video from Boogie Woogie

You can watch more videos from Youtube at this link.

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