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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The truth about Tapasya comes out, and she is kicked out of the house by both sides

Uttaran moved towards a major resolution of some of the issues that have been present in the serial till now, with Tapasya continuing to conspire against Ichcha, culminating in the suicide of Vansh when he was provoked by Tapasya; he was anyhow ill due to his long drug use, was not so healthy overall mentally, and when Tapasya brought up his guilt complex, the pressure was too much for him to bear and he finally turned the gun on himself.
For some time Ichcha blamed Veer for this, but it finally came about that Vansh had committed suicide, and with Tapasya willing to give this testimony, Veer was free of the accusation that he had killed his own elder brother. However, Veer knew that somebody else was involved in this, and put in a lot of effort to try and figure out who was responsible. Soon enough his suspicions fell on Tapasya, and he started playing on her emotions to try and get her to admit more.
But the end seemed a bit contrived, since it was shown that Veer took the help of Siddharth, who was blaming Tapasya for everything gone wrong in his life, and when Tapasya finally managed to collect the money to give to Siddharth, Veer took a CD containing the video of what happened. He then called both sets of families together, and after some initial praise, made the entire issue open, showing the video, and blaming Tapasya for everything. Tapasya got angry at this, and refused to accept any blame for the death of Vansh. Finally Veer kicked Tapasya out of the house, and when she came back to her parents house, Jogi Thakur kicked Tapasya out of the house. In fact, when Nani tried to stop him, he told her that she was free to go with Tapasya as well, at which Nani removed her hand from Tapasya's hand and abandoned her.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet continues to shy away from Maan because of her own constraints

The serial is showing a lot of time in getting the 2 main characters together, especially since they have their own issues. Maan is a person who is focused on his work, but is getting closer to Geet and it is taking time for him to realize this. However, now he is pretty sure that he is indeed attracted to Geet, and from the time that he comes closer to her, he feels that she is reciprocating; and indeed, she is, since she is also coming close to her. However, she realizes that she should move away from Maan, and is facing her own problems in getting away from him. She tried to stay away from him, but there were so many circumstances due to which she came closer to him, including a scenario where she trips on something and falls on him, bringing her into face to face contact with Maan. In another scene, they show both of them hugging, and for a long period, but however, she does manage to get away, trying to give the impression to Maan that she is not really with him, and would prefer to stay away from him. He is distressed at this, and is now shown as trying to understand what happened, and being hostile towards her (although this might be a bit brief).
At the same time, there is another complication into the picture. Geet was briefly married to a guy named Dev who pretended to be a NRI from Canada, and who betrayed her. And now Dev is coming back into the picture, with him and his wife Nayantara coming back into the same city, and Nayantara is getting jealous at the apparent contact of Dev with Geet.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - The elections are near, and Sia is also expecting a baby

The scene is cast in Na Aana Is Des Ladoo. After a long period where it seemed that Sia had given up the fight, she is back in the bitter fight against Ammaji and is standing up against her in the local elections. Something that is troubling Ammaji to a large extent, since she believes that the women of the village would vote for Sia and make things difficult for her.
Raghav is providing full support to Sia in this, and standing up to his mother, something for which she blames Sia, believing that Sia has taken her son away from her. Further, Raghav was a strong person she had, and so this is causing her more problems. Attempts were made to get Raghav away from the campaign, including by attacking him and causing injuries that would prevent him for supporting Sia. However, all this does not deter Raghav and he decides to continue to stand by the side of Sia, including when aspersions were cast on her.
Sia is trying to empower the women of the village, so that they can fight the injustices being done on them, and some of this message is starting to get through to the women, in a couple of cases, women are shown as standing up to their husbands.
Further, the police presence in the village is troubling Ammaji, since the police is preventing injustice being done, and preventing people such as Joginder from causing problems and doing vote fraud. However, Ammaji has one last card up her sleeve. She goes out and claims that she would want people to vote for Sia, especially since Sia is expecting Raghav's child, and she hopes that his action will make sure that all the menfolk will vote for Ammaji, and make them also prevent their wives from going out to vote.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - The budding love story between Maan and Geet

Geet - Hui Sabse Parai takes the story of a small town girl who is tricked by a NRI. Geet is the young and bubbly girl from a Punjabi family belonging to Hoshiarpur, who was married off to a very eligible NRI Dev from Canada, a dream prospect that her parents and family were so happy about. However, like it has been reported so many times in the recent past, this was a deceitful alliance, with the groom ditching her. It was a huge shock, and then Geet broke off with her family in order to go to the city.
Now, in the present, Geet is working with Maan, a successful but arrogant businessman. Geet was hired by Maan's grand-mother, and started working with her in terms of taking care of her, something that Maan was somewhat skeptical of since he really does not believe too much in the capabilities of Geet. His office has its own sense of politics, with many of the office colleagues being bitchy towards Geet.
However, they start moving somewhat towards each other when they meet again in a dargah, and Maan's feeling of concern towards her is shown much further when she is coopted along with a more senior colleague for a presentation towards a very difficult client, and when the client turns hostile towards Geet, Maan terminates the relationship with the client because he did not really like the way that the client behaved towards Geet.
Geet also is very apprehensive of the feelings that she is starting to feel towards Maan, and tries to run away from these feelings by maintaining a distance towards Maan. What makes it more complicated is that the person who deceived Geet, Dev, is the younger brother of Geet, and is making an entry into the serial again.
Geet: Drashti Dhami
Maan: Gurmeet Choudhary
Dev: Abhinav Shukhla

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The plans of Megha are finally defeated, with her truth being revealed

Bandini suddenly saw one of the mini-series within the serial coming to and end. The entire drama of Dr. Megha and Vishal has come to an end, with her being exposed as a fraud, and with Santu being restored to her former position. The last 2 episodes caused this entire transformation, and made everything right again.
Dr. Megha was on her way to marry DM (although how DM could marry again since he had not yet divorced Santu was something that no one bothered to explain) based on the fact that DM had a son by her, Vishal. And even though DM refused to believe that he had any relation with her, the DNA evidence was there that Vishal was indeed DM's son; and when Santu came to know of this, she left DM and forced him to marry DM. However, a chance encounter with a nurse from 10 years back revealed to Santu that Vishal was actually her and DM's son, and that Megha was upto something, she comes back to defeat that plan.
For some time, it seems that Santu is not able to do anything much, since Megha has stolen the letter, and then when Santu gets a DNA test done in order to prove that she is the rightful mother of Vishal, she does so after telling Megha, and in turn, Megha works with the doctor doing the test to change the report. Then, at the actual time of the marriage, Megha and Sarang (who Megha takes as an ally) plot to kidnap Santu and take her away from the house; however, in the end, they show that it is indeed Santu who gets married to DM (or re-married as they say), and when the truth is revealed, it is Motiben who assaults Megha, and asks the police to take her away.
However, Vishal is very distresses that Megha is going away, and maybe that will form the basis for the next mini-story.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Siddharth and Riddhima moving closer together, while Shilpa getting closer to Armaan

Dil Mil Gaye is living up to the name of the serial, where couples are getting closed together. So, you have the troubled duo of Siddharth and Riddhima getting closed together, agreeing to live together, and getting more comfortable with the idea of a physical relationship between them. At the same time, ever since Dr. Shilpa was introduced in the serial, it was clear that she would be the girl for Armaan, and they followed the traditional pattern for a romance.
Initially, the relationship between them was more hostile, with questioning each other's actions, asking strong questions of each other, helped by the fact that Armaan was still hurting to accept the fact that Riddhima would not come back to him, and was getting closer to Dr. Siddharth. However, as Armaan and Shilpa spent more time together, they were getting closer, and things turned over in the one night when they were out, and where Armaan got involved in a fight with a street gang, fighting back when Shilpa was threatened (and this seems to have turned the fight between them into the basis for a romance).
On the other hand, the story of riddhima's birthday became more complex, when Siddharth was to setup a party for Riddhima, and asked Shilpa for help. She had Armaan's old diary for help, where a description of a previous birthday party for Riddhima was listed (but without any reference to Riddhima); so when the party happened, both Riddhima and Armaan were shocked at the party. And the shock to Armaan was that he got drunk in the party.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santu realizes the truth about Megha, comes back to challenge her and take her place back

The show is getting real weird. It keeps on showing the central character of Santu suffering problems (sometimes of her own making, including when she believes anything without adequate proof, and consequently, suffers later) and then overcoming them over a period of time. The current situation in the show is something similar.
Around 6 months back, the show suffered a major problem when there was shown to be a past relationship between DM and Megha, with DNA tests showing that Vishal was the son of DM (even though DM denied that there was ever a relationship between him and Megha). When Santu sees this, she breaks up with DM and wants DM to give Vishal his due as well as the proper rights for Megha (although by her logic, Santu should continue to be the one who should get the most rights from DM).
However, even when DM goes to get her back, Santu refuses to go back, and then, based on the perception that people may feel wrong about DM and Megha, DM agrees to marry Megha. And then it happens. Santu comes across some evidence that indicated that there is a lot of wrong in the claims made by Megha, and comes back to confront Megha. However, the evidence that she had is no longer available, most likely taken by Megha.
Now, the family is against her, and DM also is not in her favor, but Santu is used to such odds in the past. Megha is conspiring with Motiben to cause lots of problems for Santu, and now, there are rumours that the show may go in for another time shift in the future. If something like that happens, then it would seem really odd.

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Sia and Raghav break away from Ammaji, with Sia also standing for elections

A whole lot of drama in the last few weeks; for some time now, there has been lot of feedback that the original theme of Sia standing up to Ammaji, and protesting against what she does to women's rights has got thwarted and badly watered down. Sia would seem totally submissive to Ammaji, and it was left to others to raise the banner of revolt against Ammaji, with Ammaji's own daughter Amba doing the same. However, Ammaji managed to overcome all these challengers, and remained supreme.
Now, the show is back to a contest between Sia and Ammaji, over the case of Gajendra attempting to rape the maid Gunja, and killing her in the process. Sia gets the truth out of Gaji by scaring him at night (but the others do not know this). Ammaji does not approve of Sia claiming that Gaji is guilty and starts to take measures to protest his innocence. In the court case against Gaji, the former lover of Gunja is forced to claim that Gunja was of loose character, anything to ensure that nothing happens to Gaji.
Sia is forced to take a stand against Ammaji, including fighting the elections against her, with Raghav standing by her side. Ammaji throws them out of the house, and then Jogi decides to take steps against Sia, including sending his men to kidnap her. She does get kidnapped, which enrages Raghav, enough that he challenges Ammaji directly. However, it was not Jogi's men who had kidnapped her. Sia manages to escape the kidnappers, although she was in danger of getting raped by them. This now poses a bigger challenge to Ammaji, since it is feared that this will make people emotionally in favor of Sia.

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