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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Sultan in deep trouble, Madhu's mother scolds her

The current episode ongoing in Madhubala is reflective of the fact that a serial can introduce any number of characters and do any kind of twist in the story. In the current situation, Madhu had been deceived by RK. As a part of his revenge, he plotted to get Madhu to fall in love with him, even though it meant that he provided help to her a number of times during the time period in which this was happening. Once this was done, and just when they were about to get married, he finally told her that this was all false, part of his plan to get revenge. And so he dumped her.
This was a big shock to Madhu, but she was finally getting over this and resuming her life in whatever way. In the case of RK, however, life was not so simple. He was discovering that life without Madhu was not so simple, that he missed her in every aspect of life. Yet, whenever Bittoji or his mother tried to talk to him in that aspect, he would rudely dismiss them and his ego would not let him admit that his previous action was wrong, or that he was in love with Madhu.
Madhu on the other hand was determined to get over RK, and even started working in his shooting area as a hair-dresser and make up specialist; something which was very challenging for RK. He taunted her on a regular basis, and yet when she was getting into some trouble, he was the one who came and defended her when a drunk unit member came and tried to molest her; with RK beating that person and sending him over to the police.
One day while coming back late from the unit, Madhu got into trouble, coming into contact with Sultan and his son. Sultan is a gangster with a young son, a son whom he is trying to become as much emotionally independent as possible. So, any show of fear is not expected from his son, and his son was being chased by some other gangsters. Madhu quickly realizes that she is in the hands of a dangerous man, but he lets her go easily, although develops a fondness for his young son.
RK on the other hand sees that Madhu is getting busy and starts taunting her for becoming involved with another man so soon after her break-up, including once even breaking her phone when she was speaking to Sultan's son during the start of a shooting session. Madhu refuses to tell him anything, but once RK applies force on her and manages to get the situation from her, including the name of Sultan.
On the other hand, Sultan is in trouble since an upstart wants to upstage, staging a plan of kidnapping his son and then shooting Sultan, leaving him wounded. Sultan is brought to near the chawl, although Madhu's mother is very angry at whatever happened and is very afraid about the interaction of her daughter with a gangster.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivaah - Yash and Aarti planning to marry SP and Radha but ..

The presence of Akash in the house finally claimed a major victim, with Gayathri bowing out of the serial. Actually, the actress who was playing the role of Gayathri was suffering an illness and needed to get out of the serial, and so the serial finally planned an exit for her. They changed her behavior in the serial, causing her to become more and more in favor of Akash and against Yash and Aarti, to the extent that it almost seemed that she wanted to get rid of them. If anything happened, she would take the side of Akash, and threatened to throw boiling hot water on Aarti because somebody had thrown water on Akash (ignoring the fact that Aarti is supposed to be pregnant). Finally, the serial showed her dying, and this was traumatic to everyone in the house.
Now, the serial shows Yash and Aarti trying to figure out what should be next. Their father is now alone, and is still of an age where he needs a companion and there is somebody already there with whom he was in love a long time back and had a child with as well (Yash). So, both Aarti and yash come up with this idea, and decide that they will try and make this a reality. However, there is a new villain in the house, in the form of Ishita, who overhears this, and decides that she will prevent this from happening. She hates Yash and Aarti (or rather wants Yash, but does not like the fact that he is dedicated to Aarti).
So she creates a scene in the house which will scandalize everyone and prevent this sort of marriage from happening. She drugs Radha, and causes her to land up in SP's bed in her drugged state, and then brings the entire household there. SP cannot believe how this came to happen, denies any knowledge of what has happened, the same with Radha. Buaji scolds Radha incredibly, hard enough that Radha comes back to her room and wonders about what is happening to her life. On the other hand, Yash and Aarti cannot believe that Radha or their father can do something like this, and want to find out who is responsible for this.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Kokila in trouble over turmoil created by Urmilla

Ever since Gopi got pregnant, Urmilla has been pining away that this would make Gopi much more sought after in the household and ensure that everybody would pay her all the attention. This would make Rashi's position in the household much less secure, and so Urmila tried a number of her tactics to do something like this or the other. However, none of these tactics worked, and overall, what this has resulted in is that Kokila got further confirmation that Urmila was not somebody whom even Rashi should be in touch with because of all the tactics that Urmila was getting involved in.
The problem with Urmila as shown in the serial relates to her doing whatever she feels is right, which most of time does not work out right. For example, whenever she tries to do something that would increase the rights of Rashi, this would involve some form of deceit, or would involved putting down Gopi in some way. Most of the time, she gets caught and in some cases, Rashi gets involved and then gets caught.
For example, the current situation is pretty dangerous. Rashi is also pregnant, which is a very happy time for the entire household. However, Urmila is now worried that unless Rashi has sons (and she has twins), she will not have rights in the household (although one does not know what she has seen in the Modi household to believe something like this). So, her mission now is to find out whether Rashi has sons or not.
This, as most people will know is impossible in India, since it is illegal to determine whether the children in the womb are girls or boys (given that there is a strong tendency among many people, whether poor or rich, to abort their children if they determine that the baby is a girl). Now, Urmila already knows this, but still wants to go ahead with this plan, but offering money would be by implicating Kokila.
So, when Rashi is coming in for a sonography, Urmila gets a note handed over to the nurse, and the nurse is made to believe that Kokila is the one responsible for this; and things get more confusing when the nurse asks for another sonography so as to determine the sex of the babies and that is when the police come in. They have the hospital under surveillance, and catch the nurse. Under pressure, she states that this was being done by Kokila. The police do not believe a word of what Kokila says, and takes her away inspite of their being no direct evidence against Kokila. The alleged crime is a non-bailable crime, and hence it is getting difficult to get her out of this one.
Urmila is looking scared now, but since it is Kokila who is under the police custody, there is no real reason for her to worry; although sooner or later they are going to determine that Kokila was not the one responsible, and maybe Urmila will come under the scanner.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - More trouble for Aditya and Pankhuri

Seems very strange to see a good serial suddenly start turning into unending tragedy. And this is what is happening with the serial, with maybe the urge to keep the story of the serial extending on and on ensuring that the serial seems stretched now. Initially the serial used to move fast, with the storyline moving fast, and now the serial seems to be stretching the same story till its gets boring. In the serial as well, right now, it seems that we can easily change the channel and not miss the story, with sequences getting repeated again and again.
The serial right is focusing on the concept that real happiness can only come with some sorrow, that everything has to be matched. If a family finds happiness, that can only be short term, and that audiences are only attracted when the serial starts showing pain and sorrow. And so it is happening in the serial. When Avantika and Harish are coming together after so many years of separation, and when Aditya and Pankhuri are also getting close to each other, they are going through a lot of problems in the monetary and business sense.
The trio of Anuj, Sheela and Rubel, when combined with the additional power of Latika are up to more and more issues so that they can keep on getting Avantika and Aditya in more trouble and get everything back. Sheela believes that she is the true owner of everything, and that if Avantika has anything, then it rightfully belongs to Sheela. And for some reason, Avantika has sat back and let all this happen to her (which is such a wrong message to give to viewers - the Gita says that you should not let wrong happen, and here Avantika keeps on letting wrong happen to them). The character of Nanaji can see everything that is happening, and what does he do - he believes that since Sheela and Rubel will not stop, it would be easier for Aditya to move away from there so that he does not get hurt with all this that is happening. This is a perfectly wrong message to give to viewers - but so many serials show something similar happening.
In the current case, they are starting to suffer for money. Harish's account is badly depleted because of the money spent on the illness, they money is in the family business that they have voluntary handed over to Anuj, and now Avantika wants to hand over everything else to Sheela as well. The fundamental concept of having responsibility for what you are doing is gone - they were running the business and responsible to their customers and their employees, and could not care as to what would happen to these people when the running of the company is handed over to such irresponsible people such as Anuj and Rubel.
Now, when Rubel was having a party in the house, Avantika came there and confronted him, and slapped him when he went beyond a limit, and now Rubel badly wants revenge, his ego cannot take this.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Tussle between Asad and Rashid does not end

The serial is now continuing on the same story for quite some time. The story of the burned and murdered body in the factory, and its hold on Rashid remains the story. His arrest due to the complaint by Asad was shocking to everyone, and also the cause of a huge row between Asad and Ayyan; with Asad refusing to back off and Ayyan telling Asad that he is doing this since he believes that he is a step-brother. They are now somewhat on opposite grounds.
Ayyan tried his best to get his father off from the case, and then suddenly comes the news that the court has not found any evidence against Rashid and he is let go from the case. It comes to be known that this was because the policeman in the case was paid off with an amount of Rs. 1 crore to twist the facts, and this amount was obtained by Ayyan from Razia by finally deciding to agree to marry Humeira. Ayyan was not very happy, but he agreed since he had promised his mother that he will get Rashid off from jail.
In the house, the equations are very clear between Badibi and Razia, that both of them would try to fight against each other and do whatever to ensure that they come out victorious. So far, except for a few small cases, Razia has come out the winner in every case, with most things turning out the way that she would like. However, now Badibi seems to be moving a few things her own way, first having caused Razia to eat some spice laden food, and then causing her to fall from the stairs due to oil having been put on the stairs.
One of the biggest surprises in the serial was the case of Tanveer. Her arrival coincided with the case of Razia having put an agent called Billo Rani into the Asad household in order to get a doll that had a recorded conversation of what had actually happened in the doll factory so many years ago. It was suspected that this was the maid, but it turned out to be the family fried Tanveer who was being paid by Razia to do all this and to get the doll back from their house. She finally does, but the conversation between Razia and Tanveer was never pleasant, and then in a later conversation, when Tanveer tried extorting some money from Razia, she was badly humiliated by Razia.
This makes Tanveer very angry and she decides to get her revenge, and a part of this would be by marring Asad and ensuring that she also becomes rich. This is now her game plan, but there is also Zoya also in the way, with both Zoya and Asad seemingly falling in love with each other. And then there is the issue about finding the lost father of Zoya.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Parvathi forgets everything, Mahadev not able to do anything

There are many aspects of the life of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi in terms of mythology that is not known to a large number of viewers, and the serial is doing its bit to ensure that people learn about this. For example, the episode that they are currently showing is about how Devi Parvathi lost her memory from the time she met Mahadev, forgot about their marriage, forgot about their children, and came back to live with her parents.
So, Parvathi tells Mahadev that she will forget her memory unless Lord Shiva gets her a gajra as per her specifications, and Lord Shiva goes to get that. However, on the way back, he meets Indra (Lord Indra is almost seen as a villain in the serial, since he seems to be teeming with insecurities, and does numerous activities during these insecurities, actions that are seen as certainly not something that you would expect the kind of gods to do). Indra displeases Mahadev and actually attacks him, and at this Lord Shiva opens his third eye and releases a ball of flame that goes after Indra. At this Indra realizes that he is in deep trouble again with Mahadev, and begs for his forgiveness. His guru, the Dev Guru, Brihaspati also asks for forgiveness, and though Mahadev condemns Indra, telling him that he cannot keep on forgiving Indra everytime he does something like this, he will do it one last time.
However, the problem is that the ball of fire is already out there, and since it is not going after its target, it has to be disposed of. If it remains on the earth, it will end up destroying a lot of nature, and so Lord Shiva sends it to the seas to cool off. However, in the sea, it creates a fetus that will be the source of a lot of trouble later.
On the other hand, due to this battle, the gajra that Mahadev had created got destroyed, and when he met Parvathi, he realized that the gajra has got destroyed. She tells him that he could not get her the gajra, and there goes her memory.
In her parents house, they are remembering their daughters when Parvathi walks in, and they are shocked, She has come in without any notice, there is no sign of Mahadev, and she is wearing the clothes of an unmarried lady, and when they talked to her, she seemed to have forgotten everything. They plead to Vishnu, who emerges there and tells them that he cannot do anything, it is only Mahadev and her family who can make her bring her memory back.
Ganesh is badly missing his brother and goes to get her back; he reaches there and initially thinks that she has recognized him, but is shocked when he realizes that she has does not remember him. He does not directly remind her, but tells her things in a round about manner, hoping that she would remember, but she does not, and he comes back in despair after taking her blessings.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Aditya leaves the house after Nanaji asks him to go

The serial is going through a strange set of circumstances. Sheela is so focused on getting everything with herself that she is willing to do whatever is required to push everybody else out of the house. They played upon Avantika's mood for ensuring that the family is reconciled, and ended up passing over all powers to Anuj; including the power of attorney and the right to take all decisions. However, this is not enough for Sheela, since she wants to ensure that Avantika is pushed out of the house and Sheela has exclusive rights of the house.
Anuj learns that the house is willed to the wives of Aditya and Rubel, and she is not happy enough with this; she wants to ensure that the entire house is handed over to Rubel, and for that, she is even willing to try and break the marriage of Aditya and Pankhuri. So, when Aditya and Pankhuri start their drama of acting like they are fighting (and blaming the bad condition of  the marriage of Avantika and Harish), Sheela is very happy since she believes that she can leverage on this condition and finally get them separated. However, she is very distressed when she learns that both Aditya and Pankhuri were just doing a drama and they called off the drama after the party (where Harish was hospitalized, and then finally Avantika learned about the medical illness, and about how Harish had not moved on, just did not want to tell her about this condition which could have ended his life in a short time).
However, things get more problematic. Sheela is trying to figure out more plans for how to get them all out of the house so that she can take control of the house. She starts another master plan, and this one is one where she also needs the cooperation of Latika as well. The plan is to happen in the party where Avantika is doing all the cooking, with the party happening in Harish's house. During the middle of some games, Latika moves out of the area and then Aditya gets a call. The reception is not clear and he moves to another room to take the call, and also closes the door because of the noise in the party.
Then everybody hears a scream, and Rubel rushes in and sees Latika on the bed and Aditya in the room and accuses Aditya of making designs on his fiancee, since Aditya has never forgotten her. This discussion and argument continues on in Diwan mansion, where Rubel says that he will break the marriage since he cannot trust when both Aditya and Latika are in the same house. He says that he wants Nanaji to take a decision on this one, and then Nanaki takes a most surprising decision. Probably since Nanaji knows the true nature of both Sheela and Rubel, he tells Aditya that he should leave for his dad's house and not stay here anymore.
Aditya is shocked and cannot understand what is happening, and how can his Nana suddenly call this house not his house any more. In his anger, he tells Pankhuri to quickly pack so that they can leave immediately, and when Pretti mousi tries to object, he does not listen.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Shiv gets a transfer to Udaipur, Anandi furious at Shiv

Even a new marriage can still lead to tension. In this case, the serial is showing that Shiv has got a transfer to Udaipur, and away from Jetsar. Now, a government job is transferable, and in fact, for somebody starting a new government job, especially for a position like a collector or a district magistrate, the job can entail moving from position to position, with the placement at a particular position not being for more than 2-3 years at the most.
Here, Shiv has got a new transfer, to Udaipur and is now wondering as how to tell this to Anandi. Anandi had just recently shared to him about how she wanted to re-start a project that she had which involved earlier, the project of wanting to educate the illiterate elders in the village. Seeing her enthusiasm, and knowing the ties that still bound her to Jetsar and to her earlier family, Shiv was very worried about how to tell her, and kept on delaying the decision.
Unfortunately for him, Anandi learnt about this transfer when Daddu told the rest of the family in a congratulatory way that Shiv had got a transfer to Udaipur (for them, it was a very happy news since they could move back to Udaipur, and away from Jetsar). This was a time when Shiv saw the anger that Anandi could have, since she did remonstrate with him for not telling her, and accusing him of not having faith in her.
Finally Shiv asked Anandi whether she would move with him, or would she want to stay in Jetsar only. This was going to be a tough decision, since for her, it would be a very painful decision. It would mean leaving the family behind and moving to a new place, but at the same time, moving with your husband is a given thing, and it happens all the time. The option of not moving would seem strange, since it would mean almost giving a hard time to the marriage, and nobody would be able to understand this.
They did make up, but the bigger problem was about how to tell this to Jagya's family. There was a different problem over there, trying to fit Ganga somewhere in the family, with Jagya deciding to get training for being a nurse to Ganga, and her child having been given back to her. Her kid was the pleasure of the family now, since there was no other kid in the family (Nandu was a much older kid now), and Dadi Sa was very happy playing with the infant.
Now, Shiv and Anandi with the rest of his family decide to go to Dadi Sa's house and are wondering how to tell her, since for her it will be a painful decision, and from some of the language she speaks, they realize that it will be tough to give her this news, but it will still need to be done.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Onir accuses Mittal of organ stealing and he accuses Onir of baby swapping

The serial is getting more complicated, and you must be starting to wonder whether all this would happen with a regular family ? Would a regular family have somebody involved with somebody who does organ-trafficking, would there be cases of a son shooting his long-lost mother, and numerous other such issues. Would a mother willingly give her child to another mother, without the other mother knowing, so that the other mother can get over the loss of her own child ? All these keep on happening in the serial, making it one of the most unrealistic serials on TV today, and the name of the serial 'Pavitra Rishta' (which means a holy relationship) is something as unrealistic today as possible.
So what all is happening in the serial ? Manav is not very hopeful about Soham having turned to a new leaf, and so soon after Soham comes out of jail (how come he manages to get such a short sentence after kidnapping and attempted murder?), he shoots Archana. And since the actress playing Archana needs some time off to be with her boyfriend (whose recently released movie did fairly well), getting into a coma after the shooting is a convenient way to avoid being active in the serial for some time. So Soham is now back in jail, and Varsha is out of the jail, but cannot get the forgiveness of her mother for what she had done, for taking Soham away from Archana for such a long period of time.
One of the son-in-law's (Arjun) of the house has 2 of the daughters of the house pregnant with his child, another son-in-law (Mittal) runs an organ racket and is the least bit repentant on doing something like this, is wondering how to prevent people from finding out about this. Another son-in-law of the family (Dr. Onir) is a god in terms of being good, having taken in a pregnant lady as his wife, forgiving an organ trading doctor instead of reporting him to the police as he should have (to prevent the doctor and his supporters from other such actions in the future), and so on. Finally he persuades Purvi to donate her new born child to Ovi after Ovi's child died, and without telling Ovi. And so when Purvi misses her child, you will know that more people will learn about this donation and start causing more trouble for Purvi.
When finally a confrontation happens between Dr. Onir and Dr. Mittal, Onir accuses Mittal of being behind the organ trafficking racket, and Mittal replies back that Dr. Onir is actually responsible for trafficking of babies, since he has the video evidence of the baby transfer between Purvi and Ovi. What happens next ?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Coming back into the serial of Ashwin, more trouble for Ram

Now finally the trends are emerging that this is a Ekta Kapoor serial. Typical signs are short periods of happiness followed by long periods of trouble and time leaps for no major reason. There are already news that the serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain will go through a time leap, that too of 20 years, and the serial is showing more trouble in the life of all concerned.
First, the business that Ram had started in Jaipur all collapsed in the space of a few hours, when rain destroyed all his production which was kept in the open, and they lost everything that they had. It took some effort on the part of Priya to ensure that Ram did not become totally depressed at whatever had happened; and it took some more effort on the past of Vikram and Neha to ensure that they managed to get Ram and Priya back to Mumbai with an attempt to get them back to a normal life.
For more trouble, Ayesha took on a total dictatorial nature, and after the collapse of a business deal that she blamed on Soumya and the elders in the house, she kicked everybody out of the house. After some period of trouble, they finally went and stayed in Natasha's house, even though it was essentially the house of their inlaws of their daughter, something that was not easy for them to accept.
So the way that the serial is now behaving is: If they show any signs of happiness or that they are entering a positive part of life, the makers of the serial ensure that this period of happiness is not going to last and some new trouble will be on them.
When Ram and Priya came back to Mumbai, they finally met up with their family and got to learn that Ayesha had kicked them all out of the house; Ram was furious. He went and spoke to Ayesha, told her that the house belonged to all of them, that it was not only Ayesha's house; and the most dangerous to Ayesha, he told her that even though he had given all of his property to Ayesha, he could take it all back; and that if Ayesha went on this track, she would regret everything that she had done. Ayesha was totally scared at this, after all, she had already burned her bridges with everybody, and spoke to Sid who told her to make sure that she showed some care for Ram's family and also to her son. So Ayesha started showing more concern for her son.
However, when Ram and Priya were looking for a job, both of them finally landed up at the same place and to their happiness, got a job in the same place. But when they finally landed there, their happiness was short-lived. The boss of the place was Ashwin, who was once in love with Priya, and whom both Ram and Priya had kicked out. It is now his turn to cause a huge amount of trouble to both of them, something that he has already started doing.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - New serial on Star Plus

Saraswatichandra is a new serial that has recently started on Star Plus (coming in after a lot of publicity - having been created by the ace film-maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali). The serial has just recently started on 25th February 2013, and stars the main characters of Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winglet as the main characters of the serial. 
The serial showcases the main character of Saraswatichandra as a person who has been raised by his father and a step-mother (and a step-mother who is shown as behaving in the characteristic of how step-mothers believe, being conniving). However, Saraswatichandra has still grown up to be an intelligent and compassionate person, but one who has less interest in relations. As a result, when his father tries to setup a marriage alliance for him with the daughter of an old family friend Vidyachatur, Saraswatichandra refuses, and refuses after the alliance had been set by his father.
Vidyachatur's daughter Kumud was very angry after the refusal of this proposal, since she got to see the rejection, but her father does not know about this refusal. She tells Saraswatichandra that he needs to come to their house in person to make the refusal, in front of her family. She remains angry with him when he lands there, since she believes that he is very arrogant. So, as a result, she also treats him angrily most of the time, which also causes him to also be angry.
However, before he can leave, there is a fire in the family factory, and Vidyachatur is trapped inside, and Saraswatichandra is the one who goes inside the burning factory and rescues him, which makes the family even more grateful towards him (and since most of them do not know that he has refused the proposal for Kumud, they continue to treat him with respect as the future son-in-law of the house). 
Saraswatichandra hears some description of Kumud towards him, which is not complimentary, and decides to leave right away. He packs his bag, while Kumud is shocked since she is concerned that her father is not yet in a good state of health and this decision to leave would cause him problems. However, she finds out that Saraswatichandra talks to her father, asking him whether Saraswatichandra is arrogant and then tells him that he has packed his bags since he wants to move into the room of Vidyachehatur while he is recovering from his medical issues.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev and Narayan fight in patal-lok after Narayan forgets everything

Mythological serials tend to be researched and show a number of episodes which most people do not know. For example, even shows such as the Mahabharta and the Ramayana would show such episodes that people would not know about, or sometimes show an episode that people would find controversial (I remember in the Sagar Art's Ramayana, there was a specific episode dealing with snakes covering both Ram and Lakshman, which was so controversial that Ramanand Sagar appeared on the show and tried to explain to the viewers about how this particular sequence appeared in one of the scriptures and the script was taken from there).
In the last few episodes, the serial was showing a fight between Narayan and Mahadev, something that most people would find very strange and controversial - after all, along with Brahma, Narayan and Mahadev are the supreme beings in the universe and work with each other to ensure that the universe continues to prosper rather than fighting with each other.
This specific case came about because of Narayan wanting to make sure he fulfils the wishes of his devotees. In this case, the problem emerged when the father of Lakshmiji, Samudra, told Lakshmiji that he feared there was going to be some trouble, since his other daughters were praying to Narayan and Narayan is also very devoted to his devotees, caring for them and for their wishes. Lakshmiji comes back and is very disturbed, questioning Narayan about who is in his mind, who does he think about. Nararayan tells her honestly that he thinks about his devotees and also about Lakshmiji, something that makes her even more angry (after all, she said that you should be thinking only about me and not about anybody else).
However, when Narayanan learns that these sisters are on the verge of committing suicide, he appears there, and when they ask that he forgets his past and his powers and only stay with them, he agrees. There is now separation between Lakshmiji and Narayanan, something that hurts the entire universe and Mahadev is very disturbed. Finally when Lakshmiji comes there for help, he first tells her off about doubting Narayanan although she knows about his attachment to his followers and then goes off to Patal-lok to meet Narayanan.
There, they have a long battle with Mahadev defeating Narayanan everytime, but he is still not getting back his memory. Years have gone by, but this battle is still ongoing. Then Ganesh appears to meet Vishnu, and then tries to ensure that he gets his memory back. He also convinces the sisters to release Vishnu from the promise, and then Narayanan gets back his memory and the battle comes to an end.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Asad still adamant on testifying against his father

The serial is keeping the story a bit twisting, although the big mystery seems to be getting closer to a resolution. For many days now, the serial has been twisting the story of why Rashid is under the domination of Razia, and why she keeps on scaring him with the story of revealing what happened 17 years back. And he knows that he will get in trouble when the story gets revealed, and hence he keeps on doing whatever Razia has been asking him to do. However, in the past few weeks, Rashid has been struggling with this domination, letting Razia know that he will no longer be dominated by her, supported by his mother and his son Ayyan who now believe that Razia only wishes them ill-will. They have been trying to get Rashid to accept that they should move out of the house, but Rashid was resisting this for a long time.
However, Razia played a master stroke by getting both son and father to be against each other, by getting both Rashid and Asad to be in the same place at the same other, and in such a way that Rashid was seen as removing the body of a lady from there by Asad. Asad also linked this to the attempt on the life of his mother, and hence sent off information to the police about this so that the inspector came and arrested Rashid when he was in the middle of an argument with police. Ayyan believes that this can be prevented by his brother Asad, but is extremely shocked when he learns that Asad was the one who filed the police complaint, and is the one behind the arrest; when he confronts Asad, Asad refused to back down even when Ayyan tries to play the brother game.
On the other hand, everybody in Asad's house opposes his decision to give testimony against his father, and Zoya also reminds him that she was also there and she will give a different testimony for the same. Asad is angry at this and says that he will support the truth no matter what happens. Zoya and Ayyan try methods to prevent him from getting to court, but Asad sees through all such efforts, including a comical scene when Ayyan appears in the form of a ghost holding a candle to stop them from proceeding, and Asad gives a very hard slap to the ghost which causes the ghost to run away.
But Asad and Zoya are getting closer, and Zoya is surprised by some recent utterances by Asad where it seems that Asad is in love with her; something that he admitted to her when they were closer together. Unfortunately for Zoya, when she gets in an accident, Asad comes there to the scene of the accident, and then hugs another lady in a form that appears romantic.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - More twists in the serial with Mohit and Emily

The serial is planning to take its viewers through more twists and turns; now, even though they do show most of the conservative elements of Indian society in some way, the serial does show changes brought forward in this society due to education, and due to sheer persistence. The serial has been criticized in some aspects because of the sheer conservatism of the family and the reluctance of the educated daughter-in-law of the family to significantly object to some of these customs - instead she does oppose them but not in a direct way; instead the show shows her trying to use slow processes, but based on logic and reasoning to make these changes, backed solidly by her husband (one wonders how this would have turned out if the husband, Suraj, had not been supportive of these changes but had instead been as conservative as anybody else).
After the expose of the Swami, Sandhya gains more respect due to the logic and reasoning she used to expose the Swami and his plans of usurping land by building a mall in the region. The expose of the miracles done by the Swami meant that people understood how those miracles were happening and also ensured that the trouble that her family was going through finally disappeared, and that her family was able to hold up its head in society again (there was a time when the efforts by the Swami meant that her family was being exposed to actual physical harm).
Now, one of the byproducts of the effort done by Sandhya was that Bhabho ensured that she would be able to go to college in the day instead of in the evening / night (the family was surprised when a letter announcing her admission in the college came, and even more when it was revealed that it was Bhabho who had caused this to happen). Meenakshi was very surprised since this meant that there was more affection between Bhabho and Sandhya, and the possibility of Bhabho getting angry and kicking Sandhya out of the house had reduced for now (till the time that the serial wants more masala in the serial).
The next major problem in the serial will come to challenge Bhabho's belief in no cross-caste or cross-religion marriage, since she will find that her own son is involved in a relationship with a Christian girl, a shocker for sure. Meenakshi will discover that Mohit is in a relation with Emily, and her nosy nature will lead her to learn that Emily is actually pregnant with Mohit's child, which will be a shocker for Bhabho in more than one way. What will Bhabho do now ? Or will Mohit actually get married to Emily and then present Bhabho with a decision already taken.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Ram loses everything due to weather

Trust a hindi serial to keep on showing pain and adversity. In the space of 2 episodes, the serial has showed everybody in the family suffering, including even Ayesha, who got everything as a present from Ram.
The family business was running into some problems, and Mamaji was trying to identify some investors for the company, and came across a foreign couple in a restaurant who were looking to identify a family run business where the owners of the family had traditional Indian family values. Now, even though Ayesha did not have any such values, the chance to get such support from rich investors is something that everybody would like, and they get invited to dinner at home. This was something very surprising to the family members, since Ayesha had not shown any such regard, but they sit when Ayesha asks them to sit. However, Saumya is getting very irritated at the nonsense that Ayesha is speaking and finally speaks up, talking to Ayesha in a mixture of English and Hindi; this ensures that the foreign investors learn that things are not what they were thinking about, and the male guest also reveals that he knows a bit of Hindi and their conclusion is that this is not a family in which the elders are respected, and they walk out. Ayesha is very angry at this, and when she learns that the deal is not going to happen because of the fight at the dinner, she tells Saumya and the rest of the family that they need to leave. She gets the servants to pack up the stuff in the house belonging to everybody else and kick them out.
They are outside and not sure where to go, and in the meantime Natasha has phoned up the house and learnt about what has gone in the house (after speaking to a servant); so when they are trying to figure out where to go, Natasha turns up and then badly scolds Saumya about not getting in touch with her and takes them to her house over their objections. At the house, they are made welcome, and any objections they had are overcome, but they do not want to inform Ram about their problems since everybody tells them that Ram will drop everything and come here stopping his work.
On the other hand, Ram is running into some serious issues. He had got a good order, but where he was getting a tight deadline of 1 month to deliver, he was informed that the deadline was actually a week. He manages to convince his workers to do the work, by also promising them benefits from the deal, and is overall very enthused about the deal and what it means for the future. However, on the night before the delivery, the produced items were kept outside and it rained, which means the entire consignment got spoiled and he was ruined. He is very shocked, although Priya kept his hopes up. And then Vikram and Neha arrive there, ready to take him back to Bombay.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Sandhya reveals the truth behind the Swami

The serial keeps on showing the evolution in the life of an educated girl with values who is living in a more conservative household in a conservative society. The pressures in her life, the struggle to try and increase the level of education, to become more progressive is shown in the serial. Sometimes the serial seems to descend to a level where the girl is shown as being down-trodden most of the times, but the character is shown as trying her best to do what she thinks is best, to improve her conditions, and to also ensure that people think in a logical and right way. One of the best examples is when the household of the lady is put under pressure by a religious swami, who accuses the family of stealing the jewels of the goddess and claims that the family will suffer for what they have done, and keeps on applying pressure for the same.
So, the Swami applies pressure on the family, and given that this is a conservative family, everybody immediately comes under pressure. Except for Sandhya, the rest of the family is shocked, and whenever something bad happens (which can happen even in a normal course of events), the incident is blamed on the curse given by the swami. And the Swami gives them very little time for recovering the jewels of the goddess and asks them to return the jewels or face a punishment, and even the neighbors believe all this, and see the miracles brought forward by the Swami, and blame the family.
Sandhya, with the help of Suraj, Chotu, and Chaturi cannot accept that things such as miracles can happen, and decides to investigate as to what has happened, and there is an urgency since there is the potential of very serious trouble hanging on top of their head if the jewels are not recovered. The problem is that the Swami has indeed buried the jewels in their house and they will get in serious trouble.
So Sandhya decides to pay back the Swami in his coin, using science in the guise of faith and miracles, and starts to twist the Swami around. She does some miracles of her own, including getting a coconut to break only when the Swami is holding it in his hand, putting water on the ground for some hours till the jewels automatically rise out of the ground (as if the goddess has produced the jewels in response to her prayers).
She then reveals the truth behind these miracles, that the earth splitting and jewels coming out was because of watering of grain till they absorbed water and arose pushing up the jewels which were on top. Similarly, the crying of the statue of the goddess when Bhabho offered prayers was because of a chemical that was activated by extra heat, and so on.
She also reveals that the Swmi was just a person called Govind who was trying to get a mall constructed, and the reason that he was after their family was because they had got a stay order filed against him in court and this was a way to get them to back down.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Finally Bhavan is given to Ravan, and preparations for the wedding

For some time now, the serial has been gathering more and more praise, for the way that story moves, for the depiction by the actors, and by the excellent music that plays through the serial. The serial keeps on also not only focusing on the mythology, but also on educating people about their rights and responsibilities, and in a fairly modern way rather than try to use older standards about roles.
So, the story focuses on 2 parts - one story focuses on the effort by Dashanan to build a grand house for his lord (even though the story has made it clear that Mahadev is not really interested in building a house, something that is outside of nature and which might ensure that wild animals and birds leave the place). The rest of the family however sees the need for a house and goddess Parvati has been pushing for a house for some time.
Dashanan was however not getting approval for the same from Mahadev and hence had not got a chance to come to Kailash to start the construction. But in the end, when Karthikeyan and Ganesh met Dashanan, they liked the model that he had made, seemingly a very well designed building. Finally they reach Kailash, but before they can start, there is a need to do a puja for the same, and there Dashanan is pushed to ask for a boon.
To the surprise of all, Ravan asks for the Bhavan as his boon and after some discussion, Parvathi realizes that she was pushing for this too much, and then decides to hand over the Bhavan to Ravan. But when Dashanan asks for Mahadev and his family to also come in the Bhavan, Mahadev tells him that he had only asked for the Bhavan and not for the family. So, Ravan realizes that his choice was bad, and he has to go back with the house but without Mahadev. He finally realizes that it was not to be, that Mahadev can only live in Kailash or in the shamsham, even though he did know the importance of bhasm.
And then preparations have started for the marriage of Ashok Sundari, with the rituals not being drawn out as they would be in other serials. In a couple of episodes, the serial will show the marriage and also show the presence of asurs trying to kill her husband, since her husband is slated to murder one of them.

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