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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The birth of a mighty evil warrior, Andhak

The serial continues to remain popular, and remains a fast paced serial (unlike many previous mythological serials that took a lot of time in progressing, and where you could not see the serial for a couple of days and not miss anything). Another specialty that the serial seems to have is the concept of always having 2 stories going on at the same time. So, while right now the serial had been focusing on the story of Ram for some time, with the story of Hanuman also being shown, the expectation was that the serial would continue to focus on the story of Ram and Hanuman. However, the serial sprung a surprise by showing another story in between, temporarily leaving the story of Ram aside.
The story of Jalandhar was about the story of a creation due to the release of energy from Mahadev's third eye, that could not be taken back, and which eventually converted into a baby, a baby born of the fierce energy of Mahadev's third eye. A similar story is being shown in the serial right now. So, at a time when the marriage of Lord Ram had happened and they were settled in Ayodhya, life was peaceful and there was nothing major going on to trouble Mahadev right now. So, the followers of Mahadev and Goddess Parvathi decide to have a game in Kailash, with the game between her and Mahadev, and she is reasonably confident that she will win the games.
However, near the end, something happens which changes the entire atmosphere. Parvathi covers the eyes of Mahadev in playfulness, and he immediately reacts in horror, since this will cause darkness to cover the entire land. Also, this also causes his third eye to open up in this darkness, and a drop emerges which eventually becomes a baby. This baby, since it is born in the time of darkness, is blind, but is also blessed with the powers of Mahadev since it also is an ansh of Mahadev (just like Jalandhar and Hanuman). However, as Mahadev explains to Parvathi, this baby, born with powers but born in darkness, is different from Jalandhar in the sense that they share great ambition, but this baby does not have the values that Jalandhar had. The baby, known as Andhak, will have great ambition, and will also be totally evil, without any redeeming features (in contrast, Mahadev had thought that Jalandhar could be a good king and leader to his subjects, but has nothing but horror when looking at Andhak).
As a result, and because Mahadev knows that eventually the confrontation of Andhak will be with Adishakti in the future, Mahadev turns totally silent and tells Parvathi that he is going away from there to meditate, and more worryingly for everybody who believes that there will be good with the continues positive energies that come from Mahadev, he is withdrawing all his energies into himself. Parvathi sends Lord Brahma to try and get Mahadev back, but he tells Brahma that he also knows what all is going to happen, and hence he refuses to come back.
On a different note, Hanuman was trying to get lessons from the sun god, who was trying to run away, but finally is taught by the sun god, who then requests him to always take care of Sugriva. So they show Hanuman doing that, but refuses to help Sugriva when he tells Hanuman to attack Bali.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya going to face problems because of Pihu

Somehow, the concept of a Hindi serial is that if something has to go wrong, it will go wrong to the family in the serial. Watching Bade Acche Lagte Hain for the time being reminds me of another serial on Sony, Parvarish. It takes a look at the growing up of children and the problems they and their parents go through, and is that Bade Acche Lagte Hain has now started on the line of. I hope that they end this drama about the growing up pangs of Pihu quickly, since the serial has again started becoming boring (and I think that this is a specialty of Ekta's serials after a time-leap; the serial tries to use the viewership it has gained over the past and use this while it takes up the boring story line soon after the time leap). In the current concept, the serial is primarily focusing on the life of Pihu. She is no longer the cute young girl who you saw as a 5 year old, but is now a teenager in the midst of all her angst and tensions about growing up, about trying to ensure that boys are interested in her (so that she does not feel like an outsider and so on).
Pihu meets Varun in college, and Varun is a big shot in terms of his claims to be from a rich family, he is good in sports and others, and does not care too much about Pihu, while she wants to be friends with him. However, it finally turns out that he insults her, and she is very hurt and leaves from there. And that is where Ram gets Akshay Kumar (the film star) to take her to a party in the college for the promo of Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobara. Akshay goes there, already knows about Varun, calls him and gives him a hearing out. However, the next day Varun further insults Pihu and drives her to tears. She goes home, with a protective Priya getting the truth out from her, they to the college and meet the principal, and Varun's parents get called. And of course, you know that these have to be people who Priya already knows - Ashwin and Shruti. The principal tells them to warn Varun else his scholarship and his admission in the college will be in danger. Of course, Ashwin is very angry at this attack from Priya and then Varun overhears a discussion between his parents which shows him a plan of action to get back at Priya through Pihu.
He tells Pihu that all this is because of an earlier relationship between Priya and Ashwin, and when Pihu asks Priya about this, she talks to Ram and they do finally decide that there is no point of telling Pihu about all this, and so Priya tells something else to Pihu. However, Shruti was also angry about Priya taunting her, and when she sees Pihu calling Varun, she tells Priya that it is Pihu who is chasing Varun and not the other way. They go to a restaurant where Pihu is to come, and there Pihu overhears the discussion between Priya and Shruti over Ashwin, and Pihu thinks that her mother has lied to her. As a result, she is now easily swayed by Varun (forgetting everything that he has done to her) and goes with him; Varun is happy that he has discovered a path to get revenge on Priya; and of course, as you would expect, Ram does not know anything about all this. However, Neha sees Pihu with Varun.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Hasina calls both Najma and Nikhat to have a clash

For some time now, the makers of the serial have been stating that what has happened in the serial till now is only a starting point, the real story will be the clash of brothers, and since Asad and Ayyan are the only brothers in the serial, that seems like the only clash that will be there in the serial. Now, it seems like the start of that has happened, with the clash happening due to a marriage proposal for their sister with the same guy,
The main proponent of this clash, or rather, the reason was Imran. Imran was supposed to marry Nikhat, and she was in love with him. However, over a period of time, there was one reason or the other for the proposal to get stuck or delayed; once there was a clash between Imran and Ayyan, at another time Hasina wanted something more. This time, Hasina wanted her family members to be given a gold coin, and Rashid refused this another demand. One thing led to another, and finally Nikhat stepped in and said that she supported her father, and that this demand was unreasonable, even when Hasina warned her not to say anything more. Finally this led to the relationship getting cut, and although Nikhat asked Imran to say something, he refused to speak up.
And of course, he refused to say something since he was no longer interested in a marriage with Nikhat. To the surprise of none of the viewers, the girl he was interested in was actually Najma. So, when the relationship with Nikhat broke up, he re-started the line with Najma and approached Asad and his mother. They were very surprised when Najma told them about this, and Asad also realized the complication since Nikhat was also his sister, being his step-sister though and being the real sister of Ayyan. Asad did speak to Nikhat over the phone, although their conversation was not as detailed as he would have liked. She did say that she has got over Imran, although he was not able to tell her that they were interested in Najma getting married to Imran.
And then Hasina calls both of them over to their house, where they are confused to see each other; although things become clear, and then Imran also makes it clear that he was interested in Najma not Nikhat. Ayyan gets very angry at this, and tries to hit Imran, but Asad steps in and prevents him from doing this. This was the first major clash between the brothers, although there was a clash between them when Rashid was arrested for the older crime of the fire at the factory 17 years back.
However, things are now more complicated. Imran is pushing for an early resolution of the date of the marriage, and Asad wants to move carefully because of the impact this may have on Nikhat and the tension between the family members.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Suraj and Sandhya leave the home, Bhabho riding on her ego

The first sign of a split in the household, but the makers of the serial are also trying to convey that this is not the intent of the serial. After all, for the past few episodes, they have shown 2 conflicting points - Suraj badly wants to ensure that Sandhya lives upto the ambition of her parents and herself and becomes an IPS officer. Sandhya also wants that, but is hesitant to go with full effort towards this goal. Due to her realization of the time that Bhabho tried to give her liqour chocolates so that she would miss the exam, she realized that Bhabho desperately wants to ensure that Sandhya remains the bahu of the house, and not give into the quest to become an IPS office. She is reluctant to break this hope of Bhabho, but at the same time, Suraj has invested a lot of his emotions in ensuring that she lives upto her dreams, and hence is caught in this conflict. Bhabasa learns all this when he questions her about her not trying her best in the final round of the show, and finally tells her that she must live upto the dreams of everybody and Suraj will handle Bhabho. Well, she does win the show and comes home to a time of a lot of tension.
As usual, when she comes home, Meena has done a lot to stir the pot. She got some of the neighbors to come to the house for the welcoming of Sandhya after winning the contest, and also tried to provoke Bhabho by referring to the third pot which will now not be broken. At this, Bhabhasa tells her to take the pot to her room and ensure that it does not break. However, Bhabho is in a highly angry mood and even refuses the sweet that has been prepared by Chaturi in celebration of the win; and this win means that there is no further effort from Bhabho's side to prepare for the contest.
Bhabho later taunts Suraj for solely trying to fulfil the wishes of his wife, but he tells her that this is unfair. When he did for others, he was a good brother, a good son, but when he tries to do for his wife, he is now suddenly become a slave to his wife. However, he tells Bhabho that since things are bad between them now, he will leave the house. Everybody in the house is shocked and try to stop him, but Bhabho is so angry right now that she says that if they want to leave, they should leave. He tells Bhabho that he believes that she will come to take him in 15 days only (and with the kind of other children that she has, it will be in less than 15 days that she would realize his true worth), but Bhabho tells him that she will not come to take him in. When Sandhya objects, he tells her that this is not because of her and she has to leave the house as well.
Things are otherwise difficult in the house. Emily and Mohit are tense because Mohit is short of money and was hoping that Emily might win something, after all, Bhabho could come to him anytime for the money; and even otherwise Meena should be totally distraught since that means most of the money needed for running the house should now come from Vikram, and Meena would be horrified at that. Bhabho already knows the kind of lies that her own daughter Chavi can say, since she had tested this out and determined this.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Nobody can lift Shiv's bow at the Swayamvar

King Janak has announced the plan for the marriage of his daughter. He is holding a Swayamvar where any king who can pick up the heavy bow belonging to Mahadev and string it will be given his daughter in marriage. As expected, accepting such an invitation is a mark of pride for all kings, since all of them would want to display their pride and strength in front of other kings, and hence a number of kings from kingdoms all over India turn up. This also includes asura warriors. However, there are 2 exceptions shown in the serial - Ravana is not sent an invitation, and since Ram is not a king, but a prince, he is also not part of those participating. He infact is there as an observer, along with Lakshman, coming there with his guru, the sage Vishwamitra, to see the swayamvar.
Sita and Ram meet a couple of times in different circumstances, and the serial shows that they have an impact on each other, but each time Ram withdraws - he feels that he is a guest here, and it is not good manners for him to get acquainted in this manner with the princess, and also realizes that he is not going to be taking part in the Swayamvar.
And so the Swayamvar starts. Sita is unhappy to know that Ram is not there in the list of those who are taking part in the event. But over a period of time, all the proud kings who are sitting there on the thrones make their way to the huge bow, but are unable to make the slightest lift of it, what to talk of stringing it. When one of the mighty asura kings is not able to do so, some of the kings seated there decide to leave rather than suffer the embarrassment of showing themselves to be a failure in this event.
And then Ravana turns up. He criticizes the king for not inviting him to the event, especially because he was the greatest devotee of Mahadev and had even lifted the great Kailash mountain once, and also speaks a lot more in his pride about what he can do and so on. Everybody is looking on, since Ravana is shown to be somebody with a lot of pride and power both, and eventually when he tries to lift the bow, he is able to get it a few inches off the ground, but then fails.
At this, the king Janak criticizes everybody present, claiming that there is nobody present who has the pride to accomplish this task. This is like a red rag to Lakshman, who promptly gets up and says that this is an insult to his brother Ram, who is very much capable of doing tasks such as this, but he is not taking part in the event. Ravana even taunts Vishwamitra about how he is not taking care of the pride of his student Ram, since when he fails, it will be horrible for his pride. However, the sage claims that he is never wrong, and that Ram is very much capable of such a task. In the next episodes, the serial will show Ram indeed picking up the bow.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Razia exposed to everyone at home

The serial has been showing suspense for quite some time. The way in which Razia has been holding Babi Bi hostage and in a drugged state inside the house was getting boring and frustrating for viewers, and the new episode of how Humeira lost her memory and thought that she was a married lady called Rajni, and then the emergence of a crook called Vikram, was making the story very boring, and the serial was feeling stretched. Finally the makers of the serial used the occasion of the holy day of Eid to solve some of these problems and do disclosure. Another major suspense that was going on for some time was the puzzle of who was the father of Zoya, who was brought up as an orphan, even though her father was alive. Zoya had come to India, away from her adopted family, to hunt for her family, and this hunt was shown for many many months, with suspense from time to time, but feeling very stretched. Over a period of time, the viewers were shown that the father was Siddiqui, and both his wife Razia and Tanveer knew about this. Razia was determined to ensure that neither Zoya nor Sidduiqi got to know about this, and Tanveer was using this knowledge to get Zoya out of her way, so that she could marry Asad.
And then came the occasion of Eid, and an Eid party that Asad was giving. Since this was an Eid party, Rashid and his family, as well as Siddiqui and his family were all attending the party. In addition, there were some stories ongoing. The marriage of Nikhat was in deep trouble; she was in love with Imran, but his mother was determined to ensure that she played the role of a dominating mother-in-law. They had a lot of demands, although Rashid had met all of them. However, at the end, she wanted Rashid to give gold coins to all her relatives, and at this, Rashid received. She raised a lot of furore at this, and even made many negative reference to the looks of Nikhat, but then finally Nikhat stepped in and told that she would rather drop the marriage than keep on meeting more such demands. Finally the marriage was off, although Nikhat was deeply troubled that her fiancee, Imran did not anything to oppose his mother. So for now the relationship is over. However, Imran has his own problems, since he had an existing relation with Najma (a big complication, since Najma is the sister of Nikhat, both being the daughter's of Rashid). And of course, it turns out that there is also the involvement of Tanveer, with Imran being the father of her child; and Tanveer is now blackmailing him for the same. As a result, the character of Imran is now depicted as being pretty bad.
The biggest story was about the downfall of Razia. Razia had involved the guy impersonating Vikram (the assumed husband of Humeira / Rajni) in her plan of getting rid of BadiBi (she caught him stealing from the house while he saw her taking an unconscious BadiBi out of the house). By mistake, Badibi was in the same car that was taking Siddiqui to the party in Asad's house, and there Razia was trying her best to hide BabiBi from everyone. But Asad and Zoya saw something suspicious; and then in another story, Vikram had taken Humeira to a different place where he was trying to rape her, and Ayyan came there and beat up Vikram. At that time, there was a call from Razia to his phone about trying to take away BadiBi, and this was recorded. As a result, overall, BadiBi was found and she also revealed that Razia was the one who was doing all this to her. At this, Rashid went ballistic, and told Siddiqui that he wanted justice, and Siddiqui promised him the same once they reached home. There, finally Rashid said that he wanted Razia to see the same pain as he had felt separated from his mother, and she was sent off to a prison kind of home, where she will apparently face some rough treatment, although how this happened is not clear.
A good thing for Zoya at this party was that she finally found that her father was alive, since she used the musical toy music on the speaker system, and then found that somebody had placed the twin of that toy on the table, and nobody could do that except her father.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Jodha Akbar - Jodha married to Akbar, comes into the harem

A serial on Jodha Akbar is always going to be controversial, but with the success of Devon Ke Dev, there was again a quest for having serials based on mythology or history, and so Ekta Kapoor comes up with the idea of having a serial based on the story of Jodha Akbar. Now, even when the film came up, there was a controversy since the historical record of that time really does not prove that such a story of the immense love between the Mughal emperor Jalal Akbar and a Rajput princess Jodha; and sections of the Rajput community see such a story as besmirching the warrior reputation of the Rajputs. After all, the Rajputs have a long history of fighting with the Mughals, but at the same time, there were many cases of Rajput rulers choosing to make peace with the Mughals (or the Delhi Sultanate before them), and one of the strongest ways of forming an alliance was through marriages, so getting a daughter married off to a Mughal ruler was seen as forming a strong alliance.
The history of the Mughal emperor Akbar was a violent one. His father, Humayun, had been toppled off his throne by Sher Shah Suri and had to spend a large amount of time traveling from one place to another, trying to mobilise an army to take back his kingdom. As a result, the birth of Akbar was during the time he was wandering, and much of his childhood was spent as his father was fighting, and even when Humayun did manage to win back his kingdom, he died soon after and a young Jalal had become the ruler. Thus, he was supposed to have become a very hard person, not prone to showing gentleness, and would give ultimatums to rival kingdoms that either they accepted him as their ruler, or else he would fight them, and then there would be no mercy. This is what happened to the ruler of Amer, who decided to accept the emperor Jalal as their ruler and decided that the young Jodha would also become another wife of Jalal, he already having a harem with other wives.
So, Jodha is not very happy about this, but there is very little choice, after all, the safety of her kingdom is at stake. She however asks Jalal to promise that she will be allowed to remain a Hindu, and will also have her god with her at her palace in Jalal's palace so that she can pray to her god. He agrees to both of these conditions, but otherwise he does not care too much. His mother on the other hand hopes that this feisty Rajput princess will finally break the coldness of her son's heart and make him a better man. So, finally Jodha comes to the palace for the wedding, with her presence causing the chief wife of Jalal, Queen Ruqaiya, to think that she also needs to bring this young wife of the emperor to quickly learn her place in the palace and understand that it is Queen Ruqaiya, who is the head of the harem and the person to whom Jalal goes to. On another problem is Mahamanga who is the one who has provided advice to Jalal from the beginning, and who also does not like the presence of Jodha in the palace and who tells Ruqaiya that she will work with her to show this new wife her place and ensure that she is embarrassed. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The entry of Hanuman into the serial

The serial is currently showing the story of Lord Ram, as part of the quest to defeat Ravana and again establish the rule of the righteous in the land. The serial showed a number of episodes dedicated to the story of Ravana, who is all powerful, and ever since he got the feeling that Mahadev was cheating him by not going to Lanka with him, had got disillusioned with Mahadev and wanted to instead use his powers for increasing his prominence in the world. So, now whenever he meets Mahadev, he uses some sort of taunt or the other, while Mahadev is normally very patient with him. He had told him in the past to be a good ruler, and after that, as it kept turning out that Ravana was not listening to him, had finally told him that his end was near, that the human who would be responsible for killing him had come, and so on. Only one time had Mahadev got real angry at Ravana, at that time, Narayana and Brahma had to calm him down before he could directly kill Ravana.
So, finally the serial shows the story of Lord Rama, how he was born, and his life to the time that he is now a young adult, being provided guidance by Rishi Vishwamitra. Before the time comes for Ram and Lakshman to go back to their palace, they are taken by the Rishi to the hometown of Sita, where a swayamwar will be happening for her marriage. The quest in the contest is to pick up a bow that belongs to Mahadev, with the concept that nobody can pick up the bow except for Sita, and an avatar of Narayan. However, Ravana believes that since he is all powerful, and was even able to pick up Mount Kailash once, it would be easy for him to pick up the bow, and he will go and get Sita back as his wife. Mandodri and his grandfather both object to this, but he dismisses their objections, saying that as the ruler of Lanka, he will decide on what needs to be done. Also, he claims that doing this is necessary for the pride of Lanka, and his son also supports him in this.
On the other side, Goddess Parvathi along with her sons have gone to see Devi Anjani, the mother of Maruti, who is also born from a part of Mahadev, calling him a shivansh. Maruti is a very mischievous boy, who once even decided that the sun looked like a nice fruit that was worthy of eating and decided to go to the sun to swallow it; and as usual, Lord Indira sensed a challenge to him from somebody so young and struck him with a vajra before he could reach there. When Maruti comes back wounded to the earth and unconscious, his father, the wind god, says that he cannot take such an injustice and will stop blowing till justice is done to his son. The absence of wind will be a destroyer for every living thing, and they as usual show Indira pleading to Mahadev for rectification and forgiveness, and Mahadev gives back life to Maruti; and the various gods present there provide him a number of boons, many of which will be very useful to him. He will be very powerful, very learned, able to cross the largest ocean, not fearing death, and other such boons.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Meri Bhabhi - Planning for the anniversary party of Kittu and Anand

The serial is starting out with the best of feelings between the sister-in-laws of the family. On the one side is Shraddha, who has been ditched by her husband Bobby, and on the other side is Kittu, married to Shraddha's brother Anand. Ever since Kittu found about the condition of Shraddha, she is providing a great deal of support to Shraddha, ensuring that she did not get into a depression. However, like any other serial, there is an awful lot of temptation to try to make the serial more attractive to viewers who want masala in their life, and hence there are a couple more negative characters in the serial. One of them is the mother of Kittu, Kamini who believes that the presence of Shraddha will have a bad impact on her daughter and her marriage and even otherwise does not seem to have any sympathy for Shraddha. Also, the other daughter-in-law of the family, Jaya, also does not like the presence of Shraddha in the house, while for everybody else in the house, having Shraddha there is the logical outcome of her current position.
Shraddha suffered an even bigger shock because of the re-arrival of Bobby. The family wanted to talk to Bobby, Shraddha's husband who had left her, to figure out what is going on in their relationship and why they are separated. So everybody is very happy when Bobby comes to the house, and is very apologetic over what happened. They feel that now Shraddha will be happy, and so will be their son who is badly missing his father, and then Bobby reveals his problems. He tells them that he wants to have Shraddha with him and is trying to arrange for a place to stay, and trying to arrange for money for the same.
Believing him, everybody feels sympathy for him; Kittu wants to make things better for Shraddha, and without telling her husband, she forces Bobby to accept lakhs of rupees. Shraddha's parents also ask Bobby to take some money from them; all this without telling Anand. Anand does not believe what Bobby is saying, and wants to make clear that they can only trust him so much. And Bobby proves Anand right, by running away with the money that he got from them. But Anand and Shraddha pursue him to Bombay, and find him with another lady, telling her that if he now wants to get more money, he will come and get more money from Shraddha. Anand gets angry at Bobby, and when Bobby makes some bad comments about Shraddha, he beats him up with Bobby trying to escape from him.
Now Shraddha is sure that there is no going back, especially after hearing what Bobby was saying about her. She decides that there is no other option than to divorce Bobby, and tells the family about this decision.
On the other side, Kittu is reminder by her mom about the upcoming anniversary celebration, and talks to Anand about this. He is angry and claims that with all this happening to Shraddha, how could she even think about the anniversary. However, he later realizes that he should not have acted like this, and decides to get her a present. Kamini decides to hold the anniversary party, and then discourages Shraddha from attending, but this will surely lead to a lot of drama.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Do Dil Ek Jaan - Antara taking care of Aaji, while Rasika plans

The serial started out with Antara and her family being forced to flee Kashmir because her father was killed, since he was standing upto the terrorists and helping the security forces. They decide to leave the place and their memories and come to Mumbai to make a new life. They are not very rich, and the relative they come to live with is not rich either. They come to the chawl in Mumbai and come into contact with Raghu, who is the local tough guy of the neighborhood, and the interaction between them is also somewhat furious. Antara does not like the attitude of this tough guy, and even complains to the police when she sees him taking part in some violence. However, against her own wishes, she is forced to take back her complaint since her uncle does not want this matter to go to the police, especially where it involves Raghu. The police inspector beat up Raghu a lot, but he does not admit to anything, making the police officer feel amazement that Raghu is able to take such punishment and not protest over all this.
They have more interactions over the next period of time, but Antara's attitude towards Raghu does not really change, since she still sees him as rude, very harsh and so on. She is also suffering in another way, since her brother has not really been told his that father is dead and her mother has not accepted the death of her husband. They have more problems where Raghu locks them up, and then stops the water supply to their house, wanting Antara to apologize for whatever she has said to him and for slapping him, and Antara does finally apologize for the same.
In between Ishaan, Antara's brother is told the truth about the death of his father and decides to go to Srinagar to leave for his father. Rahu and Antara finally find him, but then are stuck for some time since Shetty's goons are now looking for Raghu and want to kill him. He is with Antara and Ishaan for now, and hides along with them until the threat from Shetty's men is solved and they are able to get back to the safety of their house.
Antara is looking for a job, and applies for one with some amount of confidence, but gets late to reach there and does not get the job. She needs a job, and then Raghu's Aaji offers her a job to take care of Aaji; Aaji likes Antara and wants to take multiple opportunities to bring Raghu and Antara together. In the house, Rasik and Aaji do not really get along, and Rasika wants to use the opportunity to get Raghu to kick Antara out of her job; so when Antara wants to get the slippers of Aaji repaired, Rasika breaks the repaired slippers and also puts broken glass in the room so that Aaji will get injured and this will cause Raghu to get very angry. Things work to this plan to a large degree,  with Aaji getting injured, but she does not scream or otherwise make a scene, so Rasika goes to Raghu directly and tells him that his Aaji is badly injured with the implication that this is done by Antara.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Sandhya exposes bribery, hunting for the culprit

This is the last chance for Sandhya. She has already gone through 2 chances that Bhabho gave her, and 2 of her matkas where broken thus giving her only one chance for reaching her ambition of joining the IPS and becoming a police officer. This last chance is if she wins a contest called SBC (Sabse Bada Champion). To the surprise of everyone in the family, Emily also wanted to take part in the show since this would give a chance for her to win some money (and this would replace the money that Mohit lost in the chit fund). There was some apprehension about whether she would be able to attend, but in the end, Bhabho allowed her to attend the contest as well, and to some extent, Bhabho would rather Emily won the show, since she does not want Sandhya to win the show and go for a career in the IPS.
The show has now started, and there was some surprise about the fact that 2 members of the same family entered the show. The show took the entrants through some round of questions, and there would be people eliminated in the various rounds. In the first round, Sandhya did great and topped. On the other hand, Emily barely scraped through. However, in the next round, where the contestants had to convince a large number of people in a movie hall to go with them, Emily won the round. Now things were getting tense. It was this time that Mohit wanted to make sure that Emily won, and he found that his old friend, Manoj is a part of the show, and he manages to get Manoj to come and give him answers for the forthcoming round.
In the next round, Sandhya and Emily are in one round where they have to select an article, and there they have to show between a rope and a tissue roll. Emily has been told that the roll is the correct item, but Sandhya insists on the rope, and it turns out that the rope was indeed the answer, Manoj had mistook rope for roll.
However, soon after Sandhya smells something wrong, while in the meantime Manoj is trying to get the laptop of Abhimanyu, so that he can find the answer. He finally manages to get hold of the laptop, but in the meantime Sandhya is suspicious of Manoj and follows him, and then she manages to get hold of his phone and shows it to everyone, thus showing that he had been helping somebody. Everybody is shocked that Manoj was trying to subvert the show, and they decide to hold off the contest proceedings till they find the name of the participant who was getting help from Manoj. And they all praise Sandhya for her attempts in this regard.
On the other side, Meena is starting to have motherly feelings towards Mishri, who is actually her daughter, and tried to get close to her, but Daisa stops her from doing son. And then the precap for an upcoming episode shows that Meena and Chavvi will have a argument where Meena will reveal many things that Chavvi did, and Bhabho hears all those.

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