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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Amma shocks Krishna into putting his thumbprints onto the divorce papers

In Pratigya, the story is now related to the ongoing separation between Pratigya and Krishna. Amma wanted to ensure that there was a separation between Krishna and Pratigya, since she could not bear to see Pratigya in the house anymore. She used a lot of emotional drama and emotional blackmail to force Krishna to react in a manner where he saw that Pratigya was the reason why Amma got burnt. He then told Pratigya that the relationship between them was over, and it was time for her to leave the house.
Pratigya finally decided to go back to her parents house, since she saw that Krishna was not willing to maintain the relationship with her, but she was also determined not to end this relationship and to show that Amma was behind everything that was happening. So, when Shakti came with divorce papers (that Amma had forced krishna to apply his fingerprint on), Pratigya decided that she would fight back and show Krishna the true colors of his mother.
Pratigya called Amma to a different location at night for signing the divorce paper, and also called Krishna over there separately; she was however not sure whether Krishna would come there (although we were sure). When Amma came there, she got Amma speaking about why Amma did not like Pratigya (because after she came, Pratigya was the person to whom Krishna became the most attached, even opening a dhaba so that he could a honest income of his own); Amma also revealed that she was behind all the incidents where Krishna seemed to see that Pratigya was at fault. Krishna was shocked with all this, and Amma was equally shocked when she saw that Krishna was listening to all this.
On the other side, Sajjan Singh had gone to claim rent from a tenant who was not paying rent, and came back with his daughter, Ganga as a deposit on the rent. Amma was shocked when she saw that Sajjan Singh had come back with Ganga.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Now Manav is in a position of power and influence, and Dharmesh reports to him

Pavitra Rishta used to show Manav in a lot of problems, primarily because of his helping nature. he was in a soup economically; it was only when he was in shock after the death of his baby and his inability to do anything about it that he left home and then had a life changing accident. He collided with the car driven by DK's wife and they ended up taking care of him while he recovered. He gave them some good advice which resulted in DK testing him out and then making him the Manager of his business. Manav retains his sense of good and right, but is now very busy, which will be one of the challenges that he will not have too much time for his family.
In the present, Archana is a bit angry with Manav since he did not pick up Sachin from school and Sachin was searching for Manav. It was Ajit who found Sachin and brought him back to the house; Archana scolds Manav that she gave him one task to do at home, but it was her fault, she should never have done that. Manav manages to get forgiveness from Archana, since their love is so strong that they can never really get angry at each other.
Manav gets one chance to take revenge for whatever ill has been done at him in the past when he sees Dharmesh in the office, with Dharmesh having to report to Manav. Dharmesh has had problems with his business and has taken money from DK, and to repay the money, Dharmesh has to work as an Assistant Manager in the office; but he did not know that Manav is going to be his boss. When he brings this up with Manav tells him that if he does not like it, he can leave and repay the money back to DK, at which Dharmesh stops. However, he is dreading as to what will happen to him. He knows what all he has done to Manav in the past (especially when Manav wanted money for the hospital treatment of Archana) and given his nature, he feels that Manav can do anything to him. In fact, when Manav tells him that the contract Dharmesh has prepared is against the interests of the customers, Dharmesh tells Manav that this is because Manav is bringing his personal interests in the whole affair.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani - Abhay decides to stay away from Piya after seeing her with Jay

The serial keeps on moving fast, which is one of the parts that I like about this serial. Unlike some other serials, this serial moves with a lot of speed and gets its mini-stories over fairly quickly.
The story had come to a significant point after the 1 year in which Abhay had spent in the ice after being entombed by Mythili, but there was a loophole, that the true love of somebody could liberate him from the ice, and after that, it was a just a question of when Piya would come and set him free. And with Abhay communicating with her from below the ice prison, it was pretty clear that the moment would come soon, and so, Pia did manage to get Abhay free from the ice. Abhay still managed to keep himself away from Piya, since he wanted her to lead a normal lie and not get stuck with a vampire (Abhay) again. But he had promised that he would do whatever it takes to ensure that Piya remains safe and that he would protect her at all times.
The story is also taking along 2 budding love stories. Neel was in love with Panchi, but got offended when she rebuffed him, and decides to take revenge by actually carrying out an engagement with her and then dumping her. She is shocked when he tells her this, and maybe this changes her outlook a bit, since they her softening in terms of attitude towards Neel. Jay also hated Pia, but they show him softening towards Piya, and her also softening towards him.
This gets amplified when all of them go for a bike ride, and where Pia falls down from the bike after an accident and gets lost. Abhay leaves his house (after arguing with Chand) and finds her, and after he hands her over to Jay (without revealing himself), finds himself surrounded by werewolves who have gathered to kill him. It is at this time that Chand and Haseena arrive and together the 3 of them scare the werewolves away, but this will not be the last confrontation between these vampires and the werewolves; also because the mother of Jay and Neel is shown to be a werewolf herself.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Khatron Ke Khiladi Part 4 - Fear Factor - Torchaar

Khatron Ke Khiladi is a popular reality show that runs pretty fast, with the most popular format being where a popular male star takes a number of ladies (from television, and other such popular) as contestants and pairs them up with male partners. They are taken through a series of tasks that challenge their fitness, courage, will power, sheer talent, and they go through rounds of elimination till there is an eventual winner.
Last time, the host of the program was Priyanka Chopra, but I think the audiences get more pleasure out of seeing female contestants, and with the host being Akshay Kumar, the show this time (version 4) should get more popular. However, keep in mind that reality contests see more and more confrontation, which makes the show more popular. In the current case as well, Akshay has got more confrontational since the previous time he hosted the programs, and runs down the contestants much more than he used to do in the past.
The contestants these time are:
Aashka Goradia - A television artist
Aarti Chhabria - Acted in a movie along with Akshay Kumar. Has been eliminated.
VJ Bani - MTV Roadies contestant
Anjum Chopra - Member of the Indian national Women's hockey team
Aliesia Raut - Actress, acted in movie Fashion
Diandra Soares - Acted in movies Boom and Fashion
Mauli Dave - Made a name for herself on a singing reality show
Dina Singh - Wife of Vindu Dara Singh
Sambhavana Seth - No one needs an introduction to Sambhavana, who likes a lot of controversy. She has been eliminated.
Poonam Pandey - Created a sensation when claimed she will strip for the Indian team after the One Day World Cup victory. Eliminated.
VJ Mia - A well known VJ
Smita Bansal - The Bahu of the house, on the show Balika Vadhu. Has been eliminated.

More videos of the show on Youtube (link)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav becomes more successful, but will he be able to give time at home

The makers of Pavitra Rsihta have decided to do as the other makers of serials have done, which is to bring in a time leap in the serial, taking it forward by 4 years. There are a lot of changes that will happen in the 4 years.
The most major will be in the life of Manav and Archana. Manav was in the throes of despair, where he left home after he was unable to provide money for the treatment of Archana, and he also lost his baby. He had an accident soon after, and found himself in the treatment of the rich couple, DK and Aashana. This was to be a turning point in his life. He gave some advice to DK, which helped DK clear a pending contract and get a project up and running, and this got Manav the chance to have a regular job. In addition, DK gave a test to Manav in which a construction project was stalled because of the demands of the union leader, and Manav was given 3 days in which he was to clear up the situation. Manav showed the workers that their supervisor was capable of putting in the required hard work, and also showed sympathy to many of the workers, and seeing the nature of Manav and that of their own union leaders, the workers started supporting Manav (even protecting him when the union leaders tried to hurt him).
In another front, the marriage of Dharmesh and Vaishali was heading to divorce court, with Dharmesh only claiming that this was not a valid marriage, and the effort was to try and get Madhuri to come and give evidence that her marriage with Dharmesh was not valid, and hence Vaishali's marriage was valid. Madhuri does give this evidence, shocking Dharmesh, and the court orders the divorce.
Now, after 4 years things, have changed.
Manav is now a successful man, but he does have a shortage of time since he is now a successful person, something that Aashna also told Archana earlier.
Archana and Manav had a kid, and they have given the kid to Varsha and Satheesh, since Varsha cannot have children of her own. Archana and Manav take full care of Sachin (Manav's dead brother's child).
Inspite of what happened earlier, Dharmesh and Vaishu are together again.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapasya send back Rathod, refuses to marry him and threatens to harm herself

The story is becoming even more complicated. Veer is in jail, due to the act of revenge by Satya - Saanchi, where they implicate Veer in a rape case by drugging him, and then getting him in an incriminating position. He is accused of the rape of Saanchi, since he is found in the same room as Saanchi, where she appears shocked and with her clothes torn. He protests to some extent, but since he is drugged, it is of no use - further the lady inspector who comes sees this as a case where a rich man has committed an offence against a harmless girl, and is determined to ensure that he suffers for this. The inspector also beats up Veer to some degree and locks him up in the police station for interrogation.
The family is shocked, they try and ask Satya to forgive them, and not to punish their son for their mistakes - but he mocks them and refuses to do anything. After all, he has suffered for so long, his mother died in shock and his sister had to suffer for so many years.
Tapasya feels that Rathod can save Veer, since Rathod can testify that Satya and Saanchi are not blameless. He is totally fine, and wants to marry her and starts the whole process. The rest of Tappu's family have no idea about all this, and they get the shock of their lives when Rathod comes with a band to actually marry Tapu. He comes in front of the house, where they ask him to come inside so that they can avoid the tamasha; but inside the house, Tapu refuses to come down and meet Rathod. Instead, she tells him that she will kill herself and so their child will also be dead with her until Rathod goes away. Further, she will come to him, but not now. Unfortunately for her, Ichcha hears of all this and tells Tapasya to tell the truth to everybody and not hide things.
Now, Tapu is telling her side of the story to the family, and trying to explain what happened, and more important, who Rathod actually is.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Piya starting to get some of her memory back

Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahanii is going through some strange times, just like the serial always has. There has never been anything normal about this serial, and seems like things will not be. It has been a year since Abhay wiped Pia's memory clean, and now she is trying to get her memory back - she gets fleeting traces, but not her memory. On the other other hand, Abhay is encased in ice as per a curse from Mythili, and he will only be able to come out when somebody who really loves him is able to do this, and you know that it will be Pia who can do that.
Now, the situation is that Pia is starting to hear things in her head, and it seems that Abhay can now communicate with her even though he is under ice and is able to get her to come to where he is. She can see that there is somebody under the ice, and that voice helps her.
Ti hates Pia and her sisters, and tries to take the help of Neel, who loves Panchi desperately (and Panchi does not reciprocate those feelings, since she considers Neel a loser); so Neel comes in front of Pia's vehicle, and Ti tries to get Neel to implicate Pia since that would make Panchi come to Neel asking for his help. However, Pia manages to get out, and could actually have sent Ti to jail for a wrongful testimony. At the same time, Neel also is using his parents to try and do an official arranged marriage with Panchi, which is not something that Panchi is happy about, but her parents feel that it is best for her.
The complication for Pia now is that Neel's parents are trying to setup a studio on the same location where Abhay is buried, and Pia wants to prevent that (further, Hasina is still there and makes on attempt already to push away the workers who started trying to remove the block of ice in which Abhay is entombed); the workers get scared and run away.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The exit of Maanav and the re-entry ?

For some time now, there was a buzz that Prashant (the character playing Manav in the serial) was unhappy with the way that the future of Maanav would be projected, and he would shown in a slightly negative character. After all, Prashant has build up a nice fan following and would not want to go down a negative path; as a result, there was the possibility that he would go out of the serial while they would discuss the future of Manav and how do they reconcile the future of the serial with the wishes of Prashant.
Looks like the serial has decided to some degree, since they showed Manav back in the serial (showing him in the last few minutes, re-uniting with Archana). It could be possible that they show all this to be the dream of Archana and leave Manav out of the serial for some time.
The show, after all the drama when Archana was in hospital, showed Manav leaving Archana and heading away, wanting to become someone big, and leave behind all his relations. He even left behind a letter for Archana where he told that he is sorry that he could not do anything good for Archana, and wants to become a big man, and will only return if he can do something big for himself, and may not even return if things do not work out well for him.
Archana searches for him like crazy, almost turning crazy herself, getting mad in her search till her own mother has to stop her searching. The family searches almost the whole of Mumbai looking for Manav, who apparently has also had an accident with a car.
In the meantime, Manju and Vinod have a fight since Manju wants to celebrate her promotion, and Vinod cannot understand how Manju can have a party when the scene in the house is so bad. However, Manju goes ahead with the party, and eventually Vinod slaps her when Manju emphasizes that she is the one earning in the house.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Marriage between Jagya and Gauri finally happens

A couple of episodes back, Gauri finally got to know that Jagya was married to Anandi and he was lying to her. She was in a state of shock when she got to know this and had traveled to Jagya's house; further, she also learnt that Jagya and his family was the same family to which she had been married off when she was a child, the family which also rejected the marriage and caused a huge amount of humiliation to the family of Gauri.
However, it was also true that both Jagya and Gauri loved each other a lot, and this love was strong enough that Jagya was able to convince Gauri that he only loved her, that the marriage to Anandi was a child marriage to which he had not say (which is actually morally right - except that he accepted the marriage when he came of age). She was so convinced that when her parents were somewhat uncomfortable with the thought of a marriage between Jagya and Gauri, she convinced them about the love between them. Further, the earlier marriages were child marriage and hence not legal, and that Gauri would be the legal wife of Jagya. Finally her parents agree to the marriage and it is decided that this would be a registered marriage.
Jagya has to pay a small bribe to the clerk at the registrar office so as to get the marriage ceremony done the next day instead of 30 days later, and finally the marriage happens. Gauri is determined to also go to Jagya's house and get their blessings, something that Jagya does not want to do. He has already broken relations with his family and knows that nothing good will come from going there; but they do go there just when a pooja is being finalized there for peace. When Jagya and Gauri enter there, Jagya gets the shock since he is slapped by his favorite relative, his grandmother.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Pratigya finally out of the Thakur house due to Amma

A few episodes back, Amma had threatened Pratigya that she would finally end the reign of Pratigya in the house and ensure that Krishna, her protector, would kick her out of the house and out of his own life. Towards this end, she starts trying to create differences between Pratigya and Krishna, primarily related to the business that Krishna had started. Ironically, it shows the stupidity of both Krishna and Pratigya. Pratigya was not able to take the required steps to get Krishna back on her side even though Amma warned her every day that the countdown was ongoing and she would soon be out of the house. Krishna was eventually ready to believe that Pratigya was trying to harm his Amma and was also jealous of his business even though Pratigya was the one who was encouraging him to do something meaningful and take up a honest business.
Amma showcased how Pratigya used to fight with her over a number of issues, how she used the money that was meant for the wages of workers at Krishna's dhaba to buy a new necklace and did not let Krishna talk to Pratigya over this, since that would have revealed the truth. The final twist in the story was when Amma got everybody to believe that Pratigya was trying to destroy Amma by burning her and actually set herself on fire for this purpose.
Sajjan Singh had planned a puja with Ganga water, and Amma managed to make everybody believe that Pratigya was the one who had the intention to change the water in a pot with kerosene so that Amma would burn when she lit the lamp. Krishna finally believed her and as a result, finally told Pratigya that he no longer wished for her to be around and wanted her out of his house and life, and finally Pratigya accepted this and moved back to her parents house; in the meantime, Adarsh and Komal are totally now against her, since Adarsh believes that only his inlaws are actually with him.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana lose their baby, Manav hits out against entire family

This is pure disaster time for Maanav and Archana. Manav was going through a lot of financial trouble, even landing up in jail for non-payment of some dues he had, but at the same time was also trying to help others in his extended family, such as when he tries to help out his inlaws when they were evicted from their house because of non-payment of a loan, and he lands up just when the house was going to be locked. He gives a check that stops the eviction (even though he knows that the check has no money behind it).
However, his poor financial condition means that even if he needs some money for medical treatment of Archana during his pregnancy, he can run into pretty difficult conditions. And this is exactly what happens.
When he needs to get emergency medical treatment for Archana and for their unborn child, the hospital wants money for treatment and he is helpless. He goes to everybody he knows for help, but no one provides him help. He first goes to Varsha for help, but she is very angry that Sathish is in jail, blames Maanav for it, and refuses to provide him any help. In fact, she claims that this is another tactic by Manav to get money and he is just using the name of Archana.
He calls up Ajith for help, but Rasika tai picks up the phone and does not provide any kind of help. He calls up Vinod for help, but Manju picks up the phone and when she learns that Manav needs money, she claims that she cannot hear anything and puts down the phone. He even goes to Dharmesh, who ridicules him, but does not provide the help he needs.
Finally, Manav, is very dejected, and makes his way to the hospital, where Archana finally gets the treatment from the hospital even though no money has been deposited. She finally recovers somewhat the next day, but when Manav sees all the relatives, he gets very angry.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Veer in deep trouble, arrested for charges of rape and assault of Saanchi

All the efforts of Ichcha and Tapu to save Veer from the machinations of Satya and Saanchi have failed for now. Both Ichcha and Tapu had found out about the fact that Satya and Saanchi wanted to trick Veer, and Ichcha tried warning Veer. However, Veer refused to believe that anything was wrong, and started getting angry with Ichcha. In the past as well, Ichcha had arrived suddenly, which saved Veer on a couple of occasions, since that prevented Satya from carrying out his plans. Both Ichcha and Tapu had seen Saachi being able to see, while what was projected was that she was blind, and hence unable to see.
The finale for this came when Veer had gone to meet Satya, and Ichcha landed up there suddenly and prevented Veer from drinking something into which Saanchi had mixed something; Veer did not believe that there was anything wrong - he only believed it when Ichcha started feeling the effect of whatever was mixed; and that is when Veer started believing that Satya was against him. Both Satya and Saanchi fled at that point of time, although Veer blocked their accounts.
However, Satya was still confident that his plans will come to a completion, and hence decided to go ahead with his plans - this plan was to get Veer implicated in a plan in which he would land up in severe problem. So, Saanchi was the main instrument in this plan, which happened when Veer came to a hotel and entered a room because he thought that the girl in the room was Ichcha. By the time he had already drunk something that made him almost unconscious, and then Saanchi tore her clothes and started crying, stating that Veer forced himself on her.
In the meantime, Ichcha and others were frantic since they could not find Veer, and they finally found Veer when it was reported that he had tried to rape Saanchi and was arrested by the police, in full media glare.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Gauri gets to know the entire truth, and confront Jagya

For many years now, there is an increasing closeness between the 2 students, Gauri and Jagya. As a result of being in the city, and also since he is now in love with Gauri, Jagya gets further and further away from Anandi. He is able to rationalize that nothing of all this is his fault, since he was married to Anandi when they were both very young, and as a result, he did not have a choice in the matter. He treated her like a friend, but this is his life now, his to choose, and he will not want to go back to the village and instead live in the city with his Gauri.
He is steadfast even when his own family confronts him, he has lost most of his older friends since he does not want to listen to the advice they give him. His own parents have lost all levels of confidence in him and his father has in fact decided to cut him off from all support (which means that Jagya is not able to get the money he requires for his education). His own Dadisa, who would support him to the greatest extent, also recognizes that her grandson is not in control anymore and decides to support Anandi in whatever she wants to do.
And then Gauri, finding some inconsistency in things that Jagya has told her, decides to visit his house and reaches there. In the village, she gets the first shock when she sees the girl introduced by Jagya as his cousin Nandini, and a village lady calls her Anandi, the wife of Jagya. And then she reaches the house and enters, and learns that this is the family of the boy to whom she was briefly married to, but the marriage did not proceed. She leaves quickly, and is in a state of shock.
When Jagya meets her, she lets fly at him, accusing him of lying to her consistently over the years, when he was married, treating her like a lover, and does not let him say anything.

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