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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Conflict in the families as Asad gets his father sent to jail

The serial is getting a more complex story, although one advantage of the story is that it does not meander as much as other serials. The scenes move fast, and do not spend a lot of time in a particular situation, showing them ending and something new happening (much faster than the all time slow serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - which can move very very slowly indeed). In the particular case, the serial is closing to the entire story behind why Rashid divorced his first wife and married the second wife, and the reason why he can keep on getting pressured by Razia. From a lady who was seen as scheming, the character of Razia has been shown to be more and more evil. Now, she is seen as the one who is tormenting Rashid, forcing him to take actions that he does not like.
Asad is the one who is also shown as very dominating, and very powerful, given his status as a dynamic personality, who is a powerful businessman. So, Razia plays her cards very carefully. She knows that she has a power over Rashid because of the fear of revealing the crime committed by him during the fire at the doll factory over 17 years ago, but at the same time, Rashid is rebelling at this control, and she needs to play some more cards.
So, what better than to frame him again. So she plots a scheme whereby Rashid goes back to the doll factory to hide evidence of the supposed crimes (murder) of 17 years back, and Asad is tricked into also going there some time later. So when Asad reaches there, he can see Rashid apparently handling a dead body, and the linkage comes in that this was the secret that caused Rashid to do a number of antics, including pressuring Rashid to try to commit murder on his ex-wife Dilshad. This makes Asad very angry, since he now believes that his father is trying to kill his mother, and this is something that he cannot tolerate, so he tells Rashid that he will fight him and make sure that he pays for his crime.
On the other hand Rashid has realized that this attempt to frame him must be caused by Razia and comes home to confront her, and then the police comes in and arrests Rashid. When Ayyan claims that his brother Asad will come in and save Rashid from going to jail, the inspector laughs and says that the complaint in fact came from Asad himself, something that shocks Ayyan and everybody else over there. He later confronts Asad, but is unable to shake Asad from promising to testify in court about what he saw. He gets angry at Asad and tells Asad that he is taking revenge on Rashid rather than being honest.
Zoya on the other hand is going through some trouble, since seeing fire is bringing back some bad memories, and also causing her nightmares. She also gets somewhat confused about the attitude of Asad, since he seems to be arrogant at one side, and very caring on the next instant (he shocks her by telling her that he would be devastated if something happened to her). Now, they are looking for a doll which apparently recorded something from 17 years back which would cause Rashid to seem innocent.

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - More drama in the house as Rashi under pressure

Saathiya is a never ending quest of the problems caused by Rashi (orchestrated by her mother Urmila) in order for Rashi to gain an upper hand in the household, or for some other reason, and the problems that arise when such items are exposed. So, Rashi is already struggling with the issue about her son and the mother of the son, and hoping that she does not get exposed to the harsh words of Kokila, who knows about the problems caused by Urmila and Rashi, and who fears about what further problems these 2 people might do in the household.
This is a never ending problem, and the entire household can get affected sometimes, although most of the household is not fully aware of what all Rashi is upto (there was only once when Rashi was caught and was only taken back in the house after a lot of struggle and drama). In the current set of episodes, there are small cases that seek to strike Rashi (again most of them her own doing).
There is supposed to be a donation that the household is making to the goddess for Meera, and Rashi has been asked to donate her necklace; something that she has no option but to agree to, but she does not like making this donation. So Rashi and Urmila decide that they will donate a fake necklace, passing that off as the real thing when the real necklace will remain with Rashi. So, even though Rashi is worried about how this will happen, Urmila gets a fake necklace made, and gets into the Modi household through a ladder, gaining access to the window of Rashi's room and coming inside. And soon after, as you would suspect, Kokila also makes her way there, and even though Urmila has hid under the bed, she sees the door of the almirah open and the necklace outside, and when Rashi says that the locker door is not working, she takes the necklace.
At this, Urmila instructs Rashi to get the necklace back from Kokila's room, something that Rashi is able to do later by going into Kokila's room and then sending Kokila to get a cloth from outside.
However, at the next day, all this goes to waste since Gopi is in her room, and seeing the necklace and knowing that Rashi has agreed to give it to the goddess, Gopi picks up the original confusion. In the confusion, Rashi does not realize that this is the original necklace and is shocked when she sees the necklace getting donated. However, Urmila decides that she will get it back.
In another incident, Kokila has asked Rashi to make kheer for some guests, and when Rashi is making the kheer and grumbling about the work, she spills most of the milk and adds water to make up the difference. However, the guests notice that the kheer is not good and point it out; and then Rashi defends herself saying that the milkman is now giving watered milk. He defends himself, but is still dismissed by Kokila. The man strikes back by organizing a milk boycott of the Modi household, and they get a cow to get milk from. And guess what, the cow only lets Rashi come near her, which means the duty of getting milk from the cow now comes to Rashi.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serials - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - 6 months later, Ram and Priya are happy

Who would have thought that such a twist in the serial would be shown? That the Ram Kapoor, the man who was so powerful and running such a large business empire would suddenly change his entire world ? What they showed in the serial was not something that you could really believe. How can you have somebody who hands over his entire empire so as to get rid of his wife ? Ethically as well, when you are running a business, you are responsible for the jobs of your employees, you are responsible to your customers, and you are responsible towards the other shareholders. What they showed in the serial was behavior contrary to everything that you would learn as a part of a business.
What happened in the show was about Ram wanting to take a decision about ensuring that Ayesha leaves his life, but in a way that it would not seem that he was deserting her. So, when Ayesha is talking about how she loves Ram, Ram decides to tell her that he has decided that he will spend the rest of his life with her, but he will hand over the entire company and all his wealth to Piya and Pihu. Ayesha is very surprised at this and objects, saying that she does not agree to this; when she is the wife, why should Priya get everything.
So Ram turns around and says that he will reverse his stand, and asks Priya whether she will be him even if he gives everything he has to Ayesha; Priya agrees and Ayesha is very happy. As soon as this is over, both Ram and Priya leave the house and Ayesha starts taking over. She is now on an arrogant trip, and with more advice from Sid, she starts humiliating the other members of the house. Ram's brother is first told to move to a different room in the house, his card stops working in the office; when Ram gets to know about this, he tells him that Ram had just handed over his shares in the company to Ayesha, everybody else gets to keep their share (and they have forgotten that Ram had once handed over one of his better companies to priya; I wonder what happened to that decision).
So, now the scene shifts to 6 months after. After a few days of living with Neha and Vikram, Ram and Priya are now shown living in Jaipur, living a middle class life. They do not have that kind of money anymore, and Priya is very conscious about not wasting money and ensuring that money is saved. Ram is now running a small factory and they are all very happy. It is the birthday of Pihu, and everybody wants to come to Jaipur, but then Ayesha turns up and wants to have a birthday party for Kush so that nobody will go to Jaipur for the birthday party. She still remains envious of Priya and her life. Even her own mother has by now told her that she does not appreciate what all Ayesha is doing, that Ayesha has nobody to take care of her now, but Ayesha is too intoxicated by power to care about what anybody else is saying.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Meethi finally gets married even though Mukta warns

It is only Uttaran kind of serial which can show such stuff. In other serials and in Hindi movies, when such a situation is happening where the heroine is about to get married to the bad guy, somebody or the other gets involved and ensures that the truth is out and the marriage is stopped (even when there is no hero actually involved). However, in this case, the serial shows that Mukta has learned the truth about Vishnu, who he actually is, since she has been suspecting this for a long time (in fact, another college girl who was suspecting the truth was found dead and Mukta actually went through her room in order to find out more details about what she knew about Vishnu).
However, Akash, who was playing Vishnu, found that Mukta had got to know everything about him, and got her kidnapped. However, he had not counted on the fact that Mukta's father was Rathore, somebody who was very resourceful and a hard man, capable of doing anything. Once Rathore had detected that Mukta was missing, he tried to get her on the phone and asked the police to get involved. The kidnappers had not switched off Mukta's phone initially and because of this, the phone details showed the address where Mukta was being held.
Rathore asked the police to come there, and went there himself ahead. He made his way inside, threatened everybody with a grenade, and after some fighting, managed to take Mukta out of there. Mukta was very worried that she would not be able to make it in time to stop the wedding, since she was still thinking of Meethis's happiness. They did reach there, but found people unwilling to listen to them. Because of previous efforts by Mukta, Meethi was very suspicious of her intentions, and suspected that Mukta had other intentions. Mukta even asked Vishnu to show a birth mark, which after a lot of drama, proved that Vishnu was right.
Finally the marriage happened, and Meethi is now getting into trouble, since she refused to listen to what Mukta was warning her. She will now enter into a different kind of family, one with political power.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Yash finds out the truth about Akash

More twists and turns in the serial. Aarti, who has an insatiable curiosity for learning all about everything now wanted to find out what was the deal with Radha. After all, Radha and Aakash had made the accusation that it was SP who was the father of Aakash, something that had shocked the entire household. They were all very angry at the accusation and wanted to retaliate against Radha and Aakash. Then, to prove things, a DNA test was conducted to determine whether SP was indeed the father of Akash. Now he knew that he was the father, that he had made Radha pregnant many decades back, but could not let the people in the house and his family know his secret, so SP decided to jettison all his principles and change the report. He managed to ensure that a fake report would be delivered to everybody, while he would get the true report which he could destroy.
But when Aarti spoke to Radha, she learnt that the truth was even greater; it was Radha who had changed the babies so that it was actually her child who was living in the house with the name of Yash, and Akash was actually the son of the legal married wife of SP, the son of Gayathri. Aarti was shocked to hear all this, but she was also unsure about what to do; this was such a big secret that could shake the entire household.
In the meantime, the fake DNA report was revealed, and everybody started humiliating Radha and Akash. In fact, black color and a garland of shoes was brought so that these could be applied on Akash for making such an accusation. Yash was hesitant about doing something like this, and just applied a small amount of black color on the forehead of Akash, but his brother did the rest, liberally smearing the whole face with black color as a form of humiliation. In the meantime, Yash could see smoke coming from his parents room, this smoke being the burning true DNA report. While putting out the fire, Yash finally saw the true report and was shocked. He had a discussion with Aarthi where he told her that he will not reveal the truth to everybody, he cannot stand the humiliation it will cause to his family members. Aarti reminded him about his principles, but he stated that he cannot humiliate his family members just because of his principles, and refused to reveal the truth. Aarti was very uncomfortable with this, and was not sure how to reconcile this with the more shocking truth that he knew now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - They defeat Veeru, but bullet hits Simar

For a long time now, the serial has been showing an effort to save the property of the Bhardwaj family that was looted by Khushi, with Veeru supporting her. Khushi spared no effort to humiliate the family, making them do household work, holding parties in the house, renaming the sweet shop, and so on. Roli decided to do a scheme to get the property back from Khushi, but this would not be easy. Why would somebody who took a lot of property by trickery want to give it all back; more trickery is required. The way that Roli figured out how to do this was to use the help of Veeru to get the property back, but this would not have been easy either. The way would be to get him in love with Roli and then get him to trick Khushi to give the property and everything back.
So, Roli changed her entire demeanor in front of Veeru. She would go to a club when everybody was asleep, the same club where Veeru would go and pretend that this was her natural self, her dressing and behavior at home was something that she was forced to do. She did not even tell her own sister that she was doing this, in order to ensure that nobody spoiled the game in front of Veeru. Finally Veeru was convinced enough that he started getting more interested. Roli tried to make him feel the need to become more powerful by saying that the entire property belonged to Khushi, that Veeru did not have anything with him. Finally they had an agreement where Veeru decided to trick Khushi and get her to sign over everything to him.
However, he had a condition. He would only hand over the property once Roli got divorced from Siddharth; something that shocked her. But she finally agreed, although the thought was that they would handle the situation once the property papers were changed. So Veeru got Khushi to sign the papers, and then kicked her out of the house; although he did not sign it over to Roli. Instead he set the condition that this would happen only when Roli had actually got married to him. Finally, the marriage was due to happen, and Roli was panicked. Simar knew that the only way to stop this was to find the papers that Veeru had hidden, and searched the house from top to bottom.
Finally Simar managed to find the papers, and after a lot of dramatic struggle, managed to stop the marriage. Everybody was astonished at what had happened, and happy that Roli was only working for the good of the family. It was Veeru who was badly shocked, and tried to even keep the baby as a blackmailing tip so that the marriage will happen. However, finally a fight happened and Veeru was caught by the police. But he was not satisfied; he managed to get a gun and try to shoot Roli, but shot Simar since she tried to save Roli. Now Simar is in hospital, where doctors have pronounced her as in a dangerous condition.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram takes Ayesha home from the hospital

Bade Acche Lagte Hain has reached a strange point. The relation between Ram and Priya was reaching up to the earlier levels, with Ram having already decided that he would leave Ayesha and move on with Piya. Both of them decided that this story would need to be told to Ayesha and was looking for the right opportunity to do the same. Ram had already tested Ayesha and she had finally told him that she did see him like a husband material; Priya had asked Ayesha the same later, and Ayesha had told Priya that she loved Ram a lot, but Priya doubted the story told by Ayesha. And then happened the event - Ayesha saw Ram and Priya together, was shocked, and ran away from there with both of them chasing after her. She had a car accident soon after and both of them were shocked at what had happened. Priya blamed herself for what happened, with Ram consoling her that it was not her fault, it was an accident.
But if you have watched enough serials or movies, you know what happens when there is an accident or a serious illness (particularly related to the heart); the doctor said that Ayesha needs a good environment, no shocks, and certainly not that her marriage to Ram would be over. So Ram took Ayesha home when everybody was expecting him to make the move on Priya at that time; everybody was shocked but Priya understood and Ram also confirmed that this happened because of medical reasons.
In the meantime, Ayesha was making all the right moves, showing concern for her son, showing concern and love for Ram. In fact, there was a party at the beginning of which there was a word association game, and while Ram associated love with Priya, Ayesha did the same with Ram. The others in the family were warning Priya that all this fake, that Ayesha was not genuine, that somehow or the other, this was all part of a plan - but Priya was as usual talking about giving Ayesha a chance.
And then Ram got in the act. He told Ayesha that he had decided that he would act on what Ayesha wanted, he would reserve himself totally and fully to her, but he would give away all his property to Priya and Pihu. Ayesha was shocked at this, and made her objections clear. Ram then reversed the game and said that he would give everything to Ayesha and go with Priya, and Priya was more than eager for this. So they walked happily out of the house, with Ram having handed over a folded scroll paper to Ayesha.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Sandhya manages to get the truth

Diya Aur Bati Hum sometimes meanders on and on, and can get boring to watch sometimes. How long can you see a person, a well educated girl, getting humiliated by her mother-in-law and others in the family, suffering, and yet managing to do good for the others in the family, getting them out of trouble. The biggest problem for Sandhya is the attitude of her mother-in-law who has conservative beliefs. Bhabho believes that it is the role of the bahu of the house to ensure that the house is running well, to produce the offspring that will take the house ahead, and not to get into matters such as getting too educated or to try to get a job. And this is the biggest problem in the house, with Sandhya wanting to get more educated, to become a police officer as she wants. Her husband Suraj is also totally behind her in this and has actually gone behind his mother's back in getting her admitted to night school. When they tell this to Bhabho, she was shocked, and finally agrees to this with the condition that if Sandhya makes 3 mistakes, then she will be turned out of the house.
Another major problem for Sandhya is Mina, the other daughter-in-law of the house, who is forever on the case of Sandhya. She wants to get Sandhya in trouble and keeps on doing stuff, and keeps on getting exposed on a regular basis. However, Bhabho knows about Meena's nature and tries to prevent Mina from saying stuff that is meant to get Sandhya in trouble, and does not leave a change to tell off Meena when she sees Meena upto something.
Now, the latest issue is about the illness of Meena's baby, something which was caused by the fraud medicines that was being taken by Meena to get a boy, something that her doctor did not know about which was causing the problems to Meena. In addition, other problems including a scooter accident that Mohit had, and also a sum of Rs. 70,000 stolen from Suraj's account (withdrawn from the ATM). This is complicated since a sadhu baba claims that there is a curse upon them, something that both Suraj and Sanadhya do not accept, but the rest of the family believes that the curse is correct, and the problems happening are because of that bad luck.
Finally, Sandhya is able to prove that the amount was actually stolen by Meena since she gets the bank to send photos of Meena in the ATM, something that shocks the rest of the family. Meena is horrified that this was found, and then starts claiming that Bhabho has always discriminated against her and forgiven Sandhya so many times.

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Avantika signs over all her rights to Anuj

The serial is going through a lot of drama, and with some actions that seem totally incredible. One of the major complexities of the serial have been resolved, but with still some questions. And some other actions that were taken in the serial seemed very strange, with one not being sure as to why they happened. The whole principle of the separation of Avantika and Harish was finally resolved, after Pankhuri and Aditya had managed to located Kailash (the past lover of Pretty Mausi, who had made her pregnant and left; and for whom Harish had arranged to get an abortion - it was this abortion whose papers Avantika had found and which had let to the separation between them). Now that this was resolved, one basic question remained about why neither Harish or Preety had told Avantika the truth - any possible impact to Preety would be far less than the long separation between Harish and Avantika.
It is after this truth comes out that Mami and Anuj Mama make their move; when Avantika finally announces that she welcomes Pankhuri as her daughter-in-law and makes a much more happy face. However, this happiness is not to last more than one day, since Sheila Mami incites Anuj to make his move and he does so the next day. He tells Avantika that he cannot tolerate insults to his family anymore and will leave the house unless Avantika agrees to his terms. And what are his terms ? He wants all responsibility to be turned over to him - with him being the decision maker in the business and in the family, that the power of attorney be turned over to him, and so on. Pankhuri is shocked at this power grab being made by Anuj Mama, but Avantika agrees to this and decides to sign the papers that Anuj has already prepared.
When Nana and Preety Mausi get to know, they are also shocked and very angry, angry at both Anuj for making such demands and at Avantika for agreeing to such terms. They know that Mami is not good and are worried about what the future will bring. In the meantime, Avantika is making her peace with her mother-in-law and also wants to go back to Harish's house. Mami is very happy, since she wants all of them to leave the house and for her to be in command of the house. She is also trying to figure out how to also get Preety Mausi to leave by encouraging her to get married.
There is also a lot of discussion going on about getting Preeti to resume her relationship with Kailash, but his wife Vedika also lands there and has a discussion with Preeti Mausi, in which she tells Preety Mausi that she should let Kailash go and not try to resume her relationship with Kailash.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Razia being the schemer behind everything

Asad was very angry with Zoya, since he felt that it was her action of not sending Mariam away from the house when he told her so that caused an attack on his mother; an attack that almost killed him. In fact, in his anger (when in the hospital and told by doctors that she may not survive), he even hit Zoya when she came to express her sorrow. And in his harshness, he spoke badly to her causing Zoya great distress. She tried to tell him that she was not responsible, but he did not listen to her. It was only when his mother was pronounced out of danger and she spoke to him, that he learned that it was not Zoya who was responsible for Mariam being in the house when his mother was shot. It was his mother in fact who brought Mariam back and then the intruder broke in and shot his mother. He did apologize to Zoya later for this, and soon were back to normal between them, taunting each other and so on.
The shooting of Dilshad is causing a huge amount of tension, including in the family of Rashid. Badibi was very suspicious about the behavior of Razia and finally caught something that Razia said where she mentioned that Dilshad was shot. Badibi asked Razia that it was only mentioned that Dilshad was injured with it not being mentioned anywhere that Dilshad was shot, so how did Razia know that Dilshad was shot. Badibi asked this question in front of everybody, causing great distress to Razia, since she was not immediately able to answer this question. Finally Razia made some drama about this being shown in the TV news, and that is how she managed to come away.
By this everybody in the family is very suspicious about what had happened, and then Badibi confronts Razia outside about what happened, and Razia admits to her that she was behind the attempt on the life of Dilshad; this is something that Badibi comes inside the house and tells everybody; and then Razia changes the discussion by feigning as if Babibi made an attempt on her life. So, there is a lot of doubt about what happened with regard to the attack, and so forth. And the connection to a mystery of a fire that happened 17 years back, from when Rashid is being blackmailed.
At the same time, Zoya remembered that while struggling with the intruder, she caught some part of his dress, and she and Asad search for that article outside the house. They finally find it, which is a fragment of cloth, and they are able to narrow this down to some members of a security company, trying to determine who was the actual person who was behind the attack.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ayesha in an accident, Priya blames herself

The serial is going through a lot of drama. Earlier, there was speculation that the actress playing Ayesha (Chahatt Khanna) wanted to withdraw from the serial since she felt that her character was becoming more and more negative. However, this story changed with the concept that it was now the impending marriage of Chahat that was forcing her to withdraw from the serial. So you knew what to expect - when a character needs to be changed, most of the time either the character has a plastic surgery or is killed off. There was some chance that it was going to be the death of Ayesha in the serial, but now with the news that there is a new actress who will play the role of Ayesha (Akansha Juneja), it is pretty clear that the character of Ayesha remains in the serial, and in fact, now that she has been near death, she will be able to play a much more powerful emotional blackmail role in the serial.
Ram and Priya had been getting closer to each other in the serial, and at the night of Vikram and Neha's marriage, they got intimate again (where Priya had by mistake taken a drug in her drink and Ram was very emotional over the fact that Priya was again going to be going from his life and returning back to Dubai. This was a very strong indicator that the serial was intending for them to get together again with each other; and Ram had already got rid of his guilt complex by pretending to feign an intimate scene with Ayesha, and she rejected him (they later showed that she was still meeting Sid and in love with him).
However, Priya was still very much in guilt since she now considered that her sister was married to Ram, and it would not be proper on her part to still have a relation with Ram. However, she finally overcame this when she questioned Ayesha, and although Ayesha did try to confirm that she was in love with Ram and that it was Priya who was threatening the relationship, Priya was convinced that Ayesha was not in love with Ram and hence decided that she could finally disregard what Ayesha was saying. However, at that moment, Ayesha walked in and saw them embracing, and started running away from there in distress. They chased after her, but she met with an accident. This set off a massive guilt complex in Priya, since she believed that she was responsible for the current condition of her sister, even though Ram was repeating to her that this was just an accident.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Finally RK reveals the truth, gets his revenge

So finally what people have been expecting in the serial has come true, but there is some doubt still about this storyline. Initially the series showed RK as a highly arrogant person, who would do what he wanted and acted as a villain would. However, soon after his forced marriage with Madhu, the serial showed him changing. He still had a determined streak in him, but he would listen to Madhu more and act in ways that would seem different from what was earlier. He also cut off his relation with Deepali, the wife of his brother, and supported Madhu whenever there was any tension regarding her in the house. In fact, when Madhu was doing a karva chauth for RK (after Madhu realized that she was in love with him), RK told her that he was not supportive of the idea of this kind of fast and the concept behind it, but in the end, he does come to support her and gets her whatever medical help she needs.
And then the serial shows RK in a new mode. He is helping Madhu in whatever she needs to do; he does an incredible amount of work in showing Padmini and Malick about their true feelings for each other and finally getting them married to each other (even though he received a slap from Padmini for this one); he then gets injured while trying to save them from Balraj and uses his money to provide Padmini the best of legal help and then with the help of an impassioned speech, Padmini is freed from the court; he works towards removing the block on the film career of Trishna and tries to get her a film; and he even helps out Madhu when she has made it her life to get RK and his mother together again.
And then they show that Madhu and RK are feeling for each other, with the strong possibility of intimacy and feelings for each other happening; and this can only be resolved (as per Madhu) when their uncompleted pheras are done, and they finally complete all 7 pheras. Madhu sees that as the validation of their married life and is waiting for that to happen. Finally they decide to have a marriage, and that is when the big twist happens. At that actual time, RK refuses to do the pheras, telling her that this was all part of his revenge plan. He could not forget the slaps she gave him at their time of marriage and was looking to get revenge, and this is now his revenge. Madhu is shocked, but RK rubs it in, telling her that even the dresses that they are wearing are on rent, since he wanted nothing permanent for this kind of act.
The problem is, for somebody who wanted to such a revenge, he has already done a huge amount of work for Madhu, and somehow doing this for somebody against whom you wanted revenge seems too much of work, especially when it was not really expected out of him.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Urmila kidnaps baby boy for Rashi, in trouble now

The serial keeps on showing twists in the serial. Right now, there is a further problem related to the issue about a baby for Rashi. For some time now, Urmila had been pushing Rashi that she will be deprived of any rights in the house, because Gopi is having a baby. This used to cause Rashi despair from time to time, but she was not able to get pregnant. However, this got more complicated when finally Gopi gave birth to a baby girl, and the whole family was wrapped around the baby girl. This increased because of the problem that the baby girl, Meera, was very comfortable and attached to Rashi, in fact Rashi would be the one to hold her when Meera would start crying. This increased the pitch for Rashi to have a baby of her own, but this was not be so easy.
Rashi even tried for adoption, going through the formalities. However, in the stage when the family is evaluated for their environment and for the ability to take care of a baby, there were problems where the evaluators found Rashi responding unkindly to some street kids, and gave her the conclusion that they did not approve of her behavior and as a result, she would not be eligible to get a baby through adoption, atleast for now. The family protested a lot, but the result remained the same.
Finally Urmila took matters in her hand, and decided to get a baby by short-circuiting some of the processes, picking up a baby from the orphanage. However, this was not done with all the required formalities, and this would cause tension that would increase steadily. After they got the baby home, the actual mother of the baby decided that even though she was under pressure because of being unmarried, she was not willing to give her baby up for adoption and wanted the baby back. Urmila and Rashi thought that they had managed to evade the mother, but she caught up with them later.
She told them that she wanted the baby back, but Urmila came up with an alternative whereby the mother, Alka could come live with them, and hence could be close to her baby. However, this was not so easy to do. Rashi was not able to create a situation where she could get Alka to the house, although she tried and tried. Finally she was able to create a situation where Alka was in the house, but things get more complicated when she behaves in such a way that the rest of the family, especially Kokila, got suspicious of her behavior.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Now how to get the property back from Veeru

Things are problematic in the serial. At one time, the serial used to tom-tom family values and how the family should live, and now the sort of things that the serial is showing is more down to this world, with all the deceit and trickery that happens in the real world. So you have a promo which shows a husband sleeping with a lady who is not his wife; you have a wife wanting to separate from her husband and get married to somebody else in order to get property back, and so on. And you have a guy who knows what his sister-in-law is trying to do is to get the family property back, and he strikes out at her, wanting to convert her into a family outcast; and so on. None of these combine to become a family kind of story.
So, the first part of Roli's mission was done. She had managed to get Khushi to sign over her property, and to get her kicked out of the house. However, all this was done by Veeru since he was in love with Roli and this was a condition set by Roli (to get the property back from Khushi) in order for Veeru to pursue his love affair with Roli. So, when Veeru did all this, and managed to get the property from Khushi signed onto his name, the first step he took was to inform Khushi that she was now without any property and to throw her out of the house. This was a happy occasion for the Bhardwaj family since Khushi had tortured them for some time now, making them work as servants and humiliating them for a long time.
However, all this had happened because of Roli being able to persuade Veeru to do this, and the only way to do this was by doing what Veeru wanted; this also involved Roli signing the divorce papers with Siddharth, something that shocked the rest of the house. Most of the house did not even know the reason for Roli to do all this, and were thoroughly shocked and wanted to kick Roli out, and not treat her as part of the family anymore.
This increased when Veeru got the property in his name, since he stepped in when the rest of the family was humiliating Roli, and declared that he loved Roli, and nobody had the right to say anything against her; at which Mataji said that they would then leave the house rather than talking to Roli. On the other hand, the promos have been showing Siddharth sleeping with Naina (and one does not know whether this is a dream sequence or a reality, since this would be a shocker to Roli).

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Yash to get married again, part of condition for Ansh release

The serial has made a huge twist, with the kidnapping of Ansh by Prashant, since he wanted to get Aarti and Ansh away from Yash. But the death of Prashant did not yield Ansh, and instead the pursuing Yash and Aarti just missed him at the hotel. Instead, we were treated to the presence of a new character, Akshay, who comes into the household as a driver with a lot of opinion. And it seems that Akshay was the one who is actually holding Ansh, even though the driver of the decision was somebody else, not revealed till now. So, Yash and Aarti decide to do a plan, they send off a ball laden with chemicals to Ansh, with the expectation that the kidnapper would handle the ball and this chemical would set off a reaction on his or her body and thus they could be detected.
Now, the wedding ceremonies have started, the wedding of Yash (of course, no divorce can happen so quickly between Yash and Aarti, so wondering how this 7 day time period for a new wedding could have happened). And with the wedding, some people in Yash's family are happy with this decision, especially the Buaji who could not tolerate the presence of Aarti in the house. Buaji does what she can to support the re-marriage, and taunt Aarti as well (and so you are exposed to a lot of drama in the house).
Things get a bit tense, with Buaji suffering some irritation on her skin, and when Aarti sees this, she thinks that maybe Buaji was the kidnapper and accuses her of the same. However, others in the family support Buaji and tell Aarti that it was an insect who bit her in the garden and hence there was a need for medicine for the same. Aarti is shame-faced at this.
There is a lot of grief in terms of the relation between Yash and Aarti, and the serial shows Aarti crying a lot when Yash is getting dressed up for the marriage, and the family members are coming to call Yash for the ceremony. Finally Buaji also comes there and does some more taunts, and takes Yash away. However, there is a commotion soon where Mr. Dubey (the father of Prashant, and the former father-in-law of Aarti, suffers an allergic reaction that is witnessed by Aarti and she calls Yash away from the ceremony and everybody comes there to see Mr. Dubey having the massive allergic reaction).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev out to teach Kuber not to be so proud of his wealth

The serial keeps on showing a new face of Mahadev to the viewers. Traditionally the image of Mahadev has been that of the angry Lord Shiva, the destroyer; out of the trinity of The Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu), and the Destroyer (Shiva). So, the image that most people have of Lord Shiva is that of a person doing the tandav dance, the one who went on a rampage after Sati died and so on. The serial is showing a difference face to Lord Shiva, showing a great god who counsels patience and the good things in life in terms of spirituality and how to be good, the one who teaches people how to live their lives, and so on. The anger from the God is hardly ever shown, and even in some cases, the serial also shows that even the actions of the trinity (including himself) were also something that was already supposed to happen - for example, when Mahadev cuts off the head of Ganesha, it was because of a curse that was laid on him when he killed the sun god some time back (although he brought back the sun god to life soon after that).
Right now, the serial is showing a small conflict in Kailash where Goddess Parvathi wants Lord Shiva to be more responsible to his family, and at least, build a small house in Kailash. He does not believe in such a concept, since he feels that you stay away from nature when you do, that you get to enjoy all the seasons when you live out in the world. However, his wife and even his children do not really get the same sort of feeling that he does.
One of the lessons that Mahadev talks about is about the one that Kuber should be getting. God Kuber was given a boon where he would take care of all the money in the world, and instead he understand that to mean that all that money was his, and he got very proud of all the money that he was holding. Further, he grew to be a big miser, always looking to see where his money could be getting spent, and how to get free work done without spending his money for it. So when Raavan (his brother) comes there, he figures out that he can get Raavan to do some re-building of his house without spending his own money on that.
At this time, Mahadev comes there in the form of a Yogi and manages to tantalize Kuber with the thought that people don't know how rich and mighty he is, and he should do a big party where he provides food to a large number of people. When he goes to Mahadev's house, he is uncomfortable with inviting all the inhabitants since that would mean a lot of food. He settles for the compromise of inviting Ganesh, but with a condition that Ganesh would be served first. When Ganesh reaches there, many of you would know what happened next. Ganesh's hunger is not satisfied with all the food that has been cooked, and he starts to eat away all the riches kept there, the house and is in danger of eating Kuber before Mahadev steps in.

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Siddhi injured in the face, does not want to face Kunal

This must be the second or third time that something major has happened to separate Kunal and Siddhi, and then they come together, and then you wonder, that this cannot be right. How can the serial show Siddhi and Kunal together; it seems to be that as soon as they are shown together, the makers of the serial think that viewers would not like them to be together, that it is more fun if they are shown separate from each other and if necessary, taunting each other.
Even in the current case, the serial is shown that Kunal and Siddhi have come together only due to a court order; the court asked that they stay together for 6 months as a part of divorce proceedings, and also, the custody battle for the children will also be decided only at that point of time. This time, the family members are also not comfortable with Siddhi, since they do not believe that Siddhi is good for Kunal, that she has only cared for what she wants, rather than caring for the family. Somehow, Kunal is still in love with Siddhi, which is the concept that the serial has kept alive, without this the serial would have ended a long time back.
Now, after the bomb blast, and Siddhi being injured, Kunal finally managed to get Siddhi back from Abhay, and got her hospitalized for treatment of her injuries. This was very expensive as well, with Kunal and the family struggling to pay for the bills and Kunal getting more serious about his legal work so that he could generate the money to pay for the bills. He was also very hurt by the comment made by Abhay where he said that Kunal would never be able to do anything and was a failure.
Now, Siddhi has recovered and had a chance to look at the injuries on her face, and is horrified at the injuries (the way that she has hidden those injuries reminds me of the scene in Satyam Shivam Sundaram where Zeenat was shown hiding her injured face with her pallu); and she makes the stupid decision that this was not the Siddhi that Kunal knew, and being no more beautiful, she does not want Kunal to see her like this. She also tells Veena about this, and they work out a plan where Kunal will be prevented from meeting Siddhi; in the current case this is because of an alleged fast which can only be successful when Siddhi and Kunal don't meet each other for the duration of the fast.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhi - Sakranti and also Jagya takes Ganga to hospital

The serial has been moving a bit slowly for some time now, concentrating on the kite flying and other events on the occasion of Sakranti, a big festival. Anandi managed to prevent annoyance and disappointment at both sets of relatives, by doing Sakranti celebrations at both sets of relatives. First, in the morning and afternoon, they traveled to the place of Shiv's parents and ensured that Shiv's mom felt better, she was upset earlier that Dadisa had made the arrangements for Sakranti at her house and all the arrangements made at Shiv's place would now be wasted - they gave her a surprise by coming there and spending a number of hours over there.
And then the rest of the afternoon and the evening was to be spent at Dadisa's haveli, with a large portion of the time to be spent on kite-flying. There were some challenges in the kite flying because of multiple people challenging each other, such as the challenge that Madan was posing, and then the kite flying challenge between Jagya and Shiv (the challenge was more between Nandu and Sanchi, with both of them claiming that their brother was a better kite flyer and would defeat the other very easily). The contest went on for some time, and then in the end, Jagya decided to give up the challenge, letting Shiv cut his kite string (although Shiv managed to make out that Jagya had not lost, but had instead dropped the game and willingly given up the game).
The other major drama that was happening was with regard to Ganga; at the earlier location where Jagya was hiding and was being a doctor at the local health center, he had noticed Ganga once when she was being chased by her husband, and then when she had come in for an inspection, Jagya noticed that her mouth was taped shut. He finally found out the story that she had been taken in for producing an heir to a rich family, and was then treated as a servant once a boy was born. Jagya tried to get her to fight for her rights, but at that time, he was not able to do anything much.
Now, at the occasion of Sakranti, Ganga was ready to run away when she found that they were now ready to kick her out and keep her son; she finally ran away along with her son, and they were chasing after her (including a bus she had taken to Jetsar). They finally managed to get her and took away her son, while beating her up. This was seen from the haveli and Jagya managed to get her to the hospital from there, while also asking Shiv to accompany him (since Shiv was a collector).

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram getting closer to Priya; Ayesha with Sid

Because of all the drama that happened with the kidnapping of Pihu, and the other problems that were affecting her (mostly orchestrated by Ayesha, and without Ram being able to figure out what is wrong and at one stage, even being convinced that Ayesha was trying her best), Priya decided that she wanted to get Pihu back from the Kapoor mansion, and even more, deciding that Dubai was the best for Pihu and that she would return back to Dubai. This was very problematic for Ram as well, since after being contact with Pihu for so many months now, he is very distressed at the fact that Pihu would no longer live with him, and in fact, would go back to Dubai.
Ram in the meantime has decided that he wants Priya back, but he also knows that Priya has accepted that his marriage has been to Ayesha now (and even more complicating, Ayesha is also Piya's sister, so it would be very hard for Priya to accept that she could ever think about breaking the marriage of Ram and Ayesha). Ram wants to take forward his plan, and as a part of that, he asks Vikram and Neha to have a proper re--marriage, and that too in style, since that would give a lot of time for Ram to spend time with Priya and get her to re-consider her anger towards him.
The serial has also shown Sid back in the scene, and also shown that he had not gone, since Ayesha would meet him from time time on the sly; but Sid is in a bad way, with no money and living in bad conditions. Ayesha does not like it, and neither does Sid, but until her can get some money back from the family, that is not going to happen; but if he does come in front of Ram, Ram will get him arrested and jailed, so he cannot just appear in front of everybody, so he just advises Ayesha on what to do, but the serial is showing Ayesha to be quite dumb, not able to do smart things.
So, finally the day of the marriage. Rajat, in a plan with Vikram and Neha, gets Ram to lay his hands on another lady, and when she accuses Ram of molestation, Ram is very hurt since he would never do such a thing. At this time, Piya is provoked and decides to speak up for Ram and defends him properly. Then, Ayesha tries to drug Ram so that it would seem that Ram and Ayesha were intimate, but the plan backfires with Priya drinking the drugged drink. Ram takes her to a room where she can rest (since she complains of tiredness), and then the inevitable happens (where Ram and Priya spend the night in the room, although this time the serial does not show any intimacy that it had shown earlier). Priya is very hurt when she wakes up, although Ram does his best to convince her that she has not done anything wrong.

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