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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - The deaths of Panchi and Mythili in a single episode

For some time now, the serial had been dragging the story around a magic potion. The potion was supposed to give a huge number of new powers, and only Alina had the power to find the potion and to use it. Alina also had a special power that came into use once when she was being threatened by her own brother Jay, which caused injury marks on her own brother.
For the recent few weeks, the serial has descended into chaos. Everybody is hunting for the potion, with the werewolves, the vampires, Mythili, and others all looking for the potion inside a graveyard. At the same time, Arnab was also hunting for vampires with a group of people using instruments which apparently are able to detect a blood hunting vampire (Mythili) - one is not sure what such an instrument would be like and how it would be made.
At the same time, there is an impending romance between Kabir, where Kabir has fallen in love with Misha, but is not able to tell her. It is only when Mythili starts attacking the 2 sisters (Misha and Panchi) when she is sent off by Arnab with these 2 (when Arnab thinks that this is actually Piya), and then Kabir gets injured, is when Misha realizes how Kabir feels about her.
Things get even more complicated when Abhay is almost killed, and then the potion is the only thing that can save his life. To the horror of Chand and Haseena, they find out that the rest of the vampires were only around Abhay in order to try and get his spirit, since that would give them a lot of power. It is then that Piya and Alina come there with the potion and finally manage to save him; but the use of the potion turns him into a human and he is no longer a vampire. In the fight, Mythili is killed by the rest of the vampires, and Jay just manages to get out of there by claiming peace (but he is determined to hunt down and kill Abhay). At around the same time, Panchi also dies in hospital, never recovering from the injuries she suffered at the hands of Mythili.
It is now 3 months after these incident, and Abhay and Piya have moved to Mumbai; while Jay is wondering how to attack Abhay.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Hitler Did - A new serial on Zee TV, about a young girl with responsibility

Hitler Didi is a new serial on Zee TV that started on 7 November 2011, at the prime time of 8 PM on weekdays. It is again different from the regular saas-bahu serials, since the serial focuses on a young girl trying to lead her family on a day to day front, where they do not have much of financial independence, and her father has left them a long time back.
Hitler Didi is actually called Indira Sharma, only aged 25 years, but has gained a reputation of being a strong willed lady, who does not tolerate any kind of problems from her family or in the neighborhood. She has her own values and belief system, and this was clearly visible in a recent episode of the serial. Her brother, Munna, does not own up to his responsibility, even though he has a family with a wife and a 7 year old son Eshaan. He does not work, instead trying to figure out ways to quickly make money. In a recent episode, his own father and step-mother (both of him Indira despise) get the police to the home because of a forgery committed by Munna. Indira pays up the problem, but allows the police to take him away to jail since he had committed a crime and needed to pay up for that time.
Indira also has a younger sister who is not taking the same level of responsibility as Indira, and her mother is also mostly on the side of her brother, and sympathetic to her husband (even though her husband has left her for a second woman Jhumpa). Indira's bhabhi (Sunaina, Munna's wife) also does not really get along well with Indira, since she does not have very high status in the house (after all, Indira is the one who runs the household, and as such, it is her wishes that run the house).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - They find the truth about Shravana and get Anandi's respect back

Anandi was in a lot of trouble. Even after the surprise of Jagya going and saving her and bringing her back to the house, there were a lot of problems with respect to rumours of her character, and with Shravan's parents blaming her for running away with their son along with a photo of Shravan and Anandi on a bike (which Anandi denied could ever have happened), her reputation was taking a big hit. In this case, even the power of her family would have proven difficult in saving her reputation; it was imperative for them to find the truth and tell the people of the village about the truth.
So, they decide that the best way was to actually find out the truth, and they decide to start following Shravan's father for this, when he gets into a bus and stealthily follow him all the way to where he meets Shravan in a hut somewhere else. From there, after some chasing, they finally catch Shravan, and take him back to the village in a jeep. Since the people in the village can see that Shravan is being taken back, they are curious and follow them.
And then they make Shravan talk, and he starts with the whole story, about the plan to ruin the reputation of Anandi, where Shravan gains the confidence of the household, and then finally steals the jewels and clothes of Anandi and then kidnaps Anandi so that it seems that Anandi has run away. Further, he finds a photo of Jagya and Anandi on a bike and changes the photo such that it seems that it is Shravan and Anandi on the bike. His parents are a full part of the plan. He reveals that this was done with the connivance of Heth Singh, and finally Anandi has her reputation back since the villagers have heard the story and now believe that she had nothing to do with all this.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Plot by Urmila and Rashi fails, back to the same situation

The serial continues to show a state of confrontation between Kokila and the mother-daughter duo of Urmila - Rashi. After Rashi was kicked out of the Modi house, Urmila tried all her cunning to somehow get them back into the house, but nothing seems to be working. She tried pleading, trying to cause them embarrassment, trying to knock the doors of the police, but nothing seems to be working. If anything, seeing how Urmila is keeping on plotting, seems to be making Koki more determined in her decision, backed up by Hetal and the rest of the family. On the other hand, the presence of Kinjal is causing a bit of a shake, since the rest of the family is pushing Dhaval to setup the shop again and move to a new house; while Kinjal sees this as an opportunity to continue to have the benefits of living in the posh Modi house; if she moves out with Dhaval anywhere, things will get tight for her since with their limited income, they will have a much smaller house - in fact, some of the houses that Dhaval has shown her caused her great disgust.
Urmila and Rashi tried to get Kokila's mother on their side, thinking that she will get Koki to change her decision, but after some initial discussion, Nani got to know the whole truth from Hetal and decided that Koki took the right decision by kicking Rashi out of the house - and when Urmila and Rashi confront her at the gates of the house, she ignores them.
Now, the mother-daughter duo have to figure out what to do, and with Dhaval not running his shop, money is in short supply. Urmila says that the shop needs to be re-opened, but if there is work to do, then Rashi is not comfortable with doing this work, and causes a customer to go away.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - House bought by DK for Manav, but problems with the chawl

There was a lot of drama about the ongoing auction of the Karanjkar house; and in fact, Manjusha had got the house auctioned earlier than expected because she knew that Manav was going out of the city and since she knew that Manav would not be there. This caused everyone to get upset, also because they were not able to reach Manav; the only 2 people happy about this were Manjusha because that was her nature, and Savita since she did not want Manav's money (over which she thought was hers) to be spent on the Karanjkar house.
The tension over this was stretched over a number of episodes of the serial, with all the characters being displayed one by one expressing their feelings. In the meantime, the impending deal over the chawl was also ongoing with Manav feeling that he could get some control over the deal in order to ensure that everyone in the chawl got a good real and a better place to live. Dharmesh was also involved in the plan to auction the house, since that would let him also get revenge for everything that was done to him, with a lot of the focus in terms of getting revenge on Manav.
And then the surprise; when Manav gets back, he is given the house since DK had promised him that he would ensure that the house did not go to anybody else; Manav promptly gave this news to everybody else and they decided to get Manohar and Sulochna back to the house. There was a confrontation with Manjusha who was already there in the house, with Vinod looking on and unable to do anything except shed tears.
Manav is worried about the chawl deal, since the people assigned to do the project are people who not very high sense of morals, and he is afraid that they will do anything for their benefit rather than care for the people of the chawl.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Rashi and Urmila trying to get Rashi back in the house

The serial is typically a very melodramatic serial, with a lot of drama in every episode; I am sure the script and dialog writers must have been told to put as much drama as possible even in every dialog. So, when the mother-in-law speaks to her daughter-in-laws, you feel as if something is about to happen. Similarly, when even the door bell rings, everybody's face takes on an expression as if something strange is going to happen.
So, when the melodrama in the serial increases, things get even more interesting. In the current case, Rashi had been kicked out of the house, and Urmila was trying all tactics to get her back. For some time, she tried to create a drama in front of the Modi mansion, and then when that did not work, she tried to use the police to threaten Kokila and the family, but that did not work either.
In the meantime, Kinjal and Dhaval are also in the Modi mansion, where Dhaval is feeling uncomfortable about being there, but the others are trying to make him comfortable. Kinjal on the other hand is trying to be as clever as she can; she tries to get her shoes cleaned by Gopi and Koki sees that and gives her a right scolding about being respectful towards her elder bhabhi and doing her work herself rather than trying to manipulate people; especially somebody like Gopi who cannot say no to anyone.
In the meantime Rashi and Urmila have got hold of Nani, in the hope that they will get her to reverse Kokila's decision; but Nani has such a forgetful nature that they should not be hoping that something useful will come from her side. They manage to get her in an auto to the Modi house, but one is not sure whether their plan will succeed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagya manages to rescue Anandi from the problem that she had got into

Anandi was in deep trouble. Some time back, she met a young guy called Shravan (with the attempt to show to the viewers of the serial that this was a possible love affair for her); but the intention was different. She was kidnapped by a guy called Heth Singh who wanted to take revenge for an insult to him, and Shravan was part of this kidnapping.
Part of the planning of the kidnapping was to show Anandi in a bad light, saying that since she was young, her husband had left her, she was feeling lonely and hence had decided to elope with Shravan. This will totally reduce the image of Anandi in everybody's mind. To increase this effect, soon after Anandi goes missing, Shravan's parents land up in the house moaning for their son who is missing; and later pretend that they have found out that Anandi has also gone missing, and start blaming Anandi for having mislead their honest son and run away with him. Other also hear this, and the news also reaches Gauri, who in her quest to put down Anandi tells Jagya that his former wife has run away, this is her character.
Jagya cannot believe this, and says that he will find Anandi. And you know that this will happen, so he is able to eventually locate where Anandi is located, sneak into the room where she was imprisoned (where she is somewhat in shock over one of the goons trying to molest her when she was tied up and helpless), and then run away when all the bad men are drunk, taking their own bike. He manages to eventually get Anandi back to the house after truck and bus ride, away from the goons, but the question will not go away; there will be a showdown over whether Anandi had run away (which a number of people in the village believe).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Competition between Pashu and Tej, and then Tej's accident

The competition between Pashu and Tej over the past few weeks has been shown to be much more tense than in the past; ever since Tej felt that Pashu was dictating terms to him and not treating him very well. He finally decided that it would be difficult to work with Pashu any more (and Pashu was also actually being very impatient with Tej, taking all his comments with great criticism, and replying back sharply to some of these comments).
Finally, Tej decided that enough is enough, and he decided to do a business for himself, and he knew one line of business, and so decided to open a saree shop just like Pashu was running the family saree shop. He got part of the financing through his mother-in-law, something that caused some amount of distress in the Chaturvedi household, although when Tej named the shop after his later mother, that seemed to reduce the opposition to some degree.
And then the competition between the 2 brothers increased to a large degree, with both of them trying to out-compete against each other, keeping their shops open for a larger amount of time, or even offering discounts, something that the head of the family normally discouraged as a business practice. Finally Pitaji decided that this competition was getting very unhealthy and reduced the amount of time he had given to both of them to decide which one was more successful.
Finally, when the accounts were to be checked, Toasty, in order to reduce some of the conflicts in the family, gave the winning position to Pashu (and not Tej) (and this was very confusing, since the rationale did not seem to be very proper). The condition was that whoever lost would close his shop and merge it with the other one, and in the end, this win and loss was actually more confusing to both of them. Tej was very unhappy when he found what Toasty had done.
Then things turned more serious. Tej went off to Pune for some work for Pashu's shop, and then Toasty heard that the bus had gone over a cliff and everybody had died; and is now searching hospitals for any sign of Tej. A lot of tragedy for the family, but eventually I am sure that Tej will be found.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Trouble between Nani / Tapasya and Iccha, more plotting

Nani has been portrayed to be one of the most villain like characters on the serial. She has a set of beliefs, a lot of them based on the difference between rich and poor people, and she projects them onto Tapasya a lot. Over a period of time, these have actually caused the problems and complexes suffered by Tapasya to become so enhanced that Tappu has some to a lot of problems; and even though all the people around her know about these problems, she believes that she has been more sinned against rather than causing a lot of problems herself.
The other problem is that Iccha does a lot of stuff that can be thought of as stupid; her actions cause her problems a lot, and it is only because people have recognized that she is not cunning or shrewd that she manages to get out of the problems into which she has entered. The latest problem is where Nani and Tappu plan to disrupt the relationship between Veer and Ichcha, using the excuse of Ichcha breast-feeding Tapu's child (which is actually Ichcha's supposedly dead child).
So, since Nani and Tapu have found out that Rathod is getting Ichcha to feed Yuvraj, they want to take revenge on Ichcha (with a lot of jealousy, not bothered by the fact that because of Ichcha, Yuvraj is getting something to eat and is as a result, more healthy). They decide that it would be best to snare Ichcha in a position where Veer would think that there is something shady, and this would cause tension in Ichcha's life. So, they plot that one a day, Tapu would remain at home, and as a result, Rathod would have to call Ichcha to a hotel room, where they would get Veer to come there and see both Ichcha and Rathod in a room (and also get the police to come there).
A scandal does not happen, since the police are controlled, but Veer does see both of them and is very angry when he hears the story, since he expects that Ichcha should have told him about all this instead of proceeding. Ichcha is upset at upsetting Veer, and Rathod wants to find out how the police came to know.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Sid and Mama trying to use Ashwin to bring differences between Ram and Piya

The serial is trying the first major drama of the serial. Ever since Piya caused the dramatic downturn in the fortunes of Sid by exposing that he had hidden the family necklace, and for which Vikram was sought to be blamed, Sid had been seeking any way to show Piya down; and he tried to explore her past history by pumping her sister for information. Her sister did reveal that Piya was earlier engaged to a guy named Ashwin, who was engaged to Piya, but who ultimately ditched her to marry her close friend Shruti, something that had impacted Piya a lot.
Then Sid recalls that there was somebody who had come to the office for a job, and he had turned the guy away, and this was also a guy named Ashwin. They get the guy back, and offer him a job, trusting that they would be able to manipulate things to put differences between Ram and Piya. Both Sid and Mama start pumping up Ashwin in terms of Piya still being interested in him (after all, what could she want from a person such as Ram), to the extent that Ashwin starts believing what they says and starts looking for chances to get closer to Piya.
So when Piya comes to the office to give a lecture, Ashwin comes to her, but she totally rebuffs him, sending him back and cold-shouldering him. However, he persists, and even goes as much as to claim to some of his batchmates that they should serve him, since he is close to the wife of the CEO. With some more things, and with prompting by Sid and Mama, Ram is starting to realize that something is going on, and starts to monitor what is going on with Piya. Piya on the other hand is just trying to end whatever things Ashwin is trying to get her into.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Tearful departures from the house

Till now, the serial has always shown them as rich people, doing a jewellery business where they earn a lot of money and live well. However, since they have been shown undergoing a lot of stress for some reason or the other (whether that be the marriage of their daughters, or the relation with the daughter-in-law, or relations with their son's in-laws, or the pregnancy of their daughter); they don't need a specific reason to have stress in their life.
But now things are very stressful indeed. They are being forced to move from their house, the same house in which the brothers settled in, and where the children of the house were born and brought up in; all due to problems in business (fall in values of share investment and loan issues) - attributed to Naitik. As a result, the inevitable has happened - they have been forced to put their house up in order to get money to pay their workers (including Diwali bonus).
This is a very uncomfortable situation for everybody, since for the moment, they do not even have a house where to go to; and when their inlaws offer any kind of help (both Rashmi's inlaws, and Akshara's parents), they are so proud that they cannot take such help. However, since they do not have any option as of now, they will have to eventually take help - they need a place to live in.
They have already been forced to give up some of their stuff, since they cannot keep everything that they owned, so many items from their younger times that was kept for sentimental reasons has to be given away.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Abhay also under the control of Mythili, will bite Piya

The serial is again coming to a point of climax. Earlier as well, there was a lot of clash between Jay and Abhay, this being the conflict between the werewolves and the vampires. They contested over the love between Abhay and Piya, about Alina not supporting the werewolves like she should be doing, and so on. And now there is an added complication; Mythili is back into the whole game with very strong powers. She is so strong that she can take on the shape of anybody (even when the other person is not dead), and can make anybody do what she wants. And all of them are competing for a magical potion that gives the person who owns the potion incredible powers - these powers can ensure that Haseena no longer wants to drink human blood (although since she is under the control of Mythili, it may be that once Mythili is not controlling her, that urge may go away on its own); Deepanita wants the potion since control of that potion will give the werewolves more power than the vampires and also help her defeat Mythili (Mythili has also been able to control Dipannita and she is not able to shake off that control); Mythili wants that potion since it will make her invincible and prevent anybody from shaking off her control and also get Abhay to come to her.
Things are moving to a head. Mythili has taken on the shape of Haseena, and commanded Abhay to get Alina towards her; and most interestingly also kill Pia.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Rashi asked to leave the house, her mother will fight back

The family has a pride in terms of being good straight people. So, when Koki learns the truth about the lies of Rashi and Urmi, she is shocked and decides to expose all that Rashi has done in front of everybody. This is a shocker for everybody. But before this, Rashi has already gone off to her mother's house with her luggage, and Jigar goes there to pick her up so that she can be there in the house for Diwali celebrations (so far only Jigar knows that she has gone there in a huff).
So, finally Rashi comes back to the house, where she is happy that Jigar has come there to pick her up, and that she is important for the household. However, Rashi is in for a big shock when she comes back to the house, since Koki subjects her to an interrogation as soon as she comes inside, and that too, in the full flow that Koki is capable of. Even though others try to stop her, she shuts everybody up (including Gopi who tries to intervene but is forced to keep quiet).
Soon, the others find out about everything that Rashi and her mother are done, and when Jigar admits that he knew some of this, there is confirmation as well. It is at that point that Rashi is turned out of the house. Her mother is shocked at this and cannot stand such a thing happening. She comes to the house in order to try and bring her daughter back, but does not succeed. So she starts a new drama where she sits at the gate of the house, claiming that she will not leave till they take her daughter out, but Koki tells everyone to ignore this drama, telling Ahem to be quiet, although he is getting very angry and wants to call the police to sort this out. When Gopi is going out to meet Urmi, Koki stops her as well.
The next part of this drama will be where Urmi attempts to use the drama of some injuries on Rashi's body in order to claim that she was being tortured for dowry, and there will be the need for CCTV footage in order to verify the truth.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The drama surrounding the action of the Karanjkar house

The serial is going through another of those high drama moments. There is an impending auction of the Karanjkar house, because of which all the members of the family are traumatized. Sulochna had earlier forbidden Manav to try to buy the house back, but later, when Manav persisted in this effort, Sulochana agreed to let him buy the house back. Savita saw this, and was further angry that Manav is falling more and more in the mother-daughter trap, and giving all his money to them.
Savita had tried a trick earlier to persuade Shravani that Archana did not care for Sachu all that much, and she should take Sachu back so that he can get the care he needs; however, just when this is about to happen, Sachu is in danger of getting burnt during Diwali and Shravani sees Archana shielding Sachu, to the extent that Archana suffers a few burns. She realizes that Archana loves Sachu a lot, and that whatever she was told by Savita was untrue. She leaves from there, although when she is discovered, Savita blames her for whatever has happened so that nobody suspects her.
On the other hand, about the auction, there are a number of people lined up to get revenge. Savita wants that the house should not go back to Archana and her sisters and Sulochana, since she wants them to suffer. Manjusha also wants revenge on all of them, and wants to ensure that they suffer as much as possible. Dharmesh is also looking for revenge, and wants to buy back the house so that he can show them that their former house is now with him. Manjusha even told Sulochana that she should actually hand over the keys of the house to Dharmesh when he does buy the house.
Manav is out of the city for some work for DK, and the auction has been preponed by 2 days, and when he does come back, it will not be Sushant, but most likely it will be Hiten who will be playing the role of Manav.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Married to a less qualified family

Diya Aur Bati Hum is a relatively new serial, that premiered on Star Plus on 29 August 2011, replacing Gulaal. The serial, like many others shows, is set in the land of Rajasthan, so you will hear a lot more about words such as beendni, and so on (typical Rajasthani words used in serials). The serial takes the story of a girl who aspires for a lot, but is married off into a family that she believes is much below her, and where she fears all her aspirations will be crushed.
So, Sandhya, is the lead in the serial (played by Deepika). She is educated, and wants to join the Indian Police Service. She is ambitious, and wants to do a lot in life. However, things get totally turned around when her parents die, and she has to be supported by her brother-in-law and sister. To her shock, she is married off to Sooraj, who runs a sweet shop and who is much less educated than her.
Sandhya is totally shocked with what has happened to her, especially when she finds out more about the family to which she is married into, as well as the educational details of her husband. In addition, she feels that the culture of her new family is very different. The daughter-in-laws of the family are expected to remain silent, do whatever is expected out of them, produce the mail heirs of the family, not have any ambitions, and so on.
When she gets a chance to have an interaction with her brother, she scolds him incredibly for marrying her into such a family, and selling off the family home, since he has to go abroad. In addition, she detests her position now, and crawls at the impending prospect of her husband wanting to have physical relations with her.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Adalat - The first time that the serial has gone into the concept of reincarnation

Adalat is a serial that is based on the activities of a defense attorney who mostly defends people in murder investigations. The serial has a lot of drama, especially the way that the defense lawyer (known as KD Pathak, who refused to tell the full form of KD) works in court. He flouts many of the principles, goes to sites, finds evidence, and then presents these in court himself (which seems very strange, since how can a defense attorney, who is defending the convict, be trusted to actually present evidence that can exonerate his client). He can browbeat the prosecutor, and even the judge (and in one case, almost forced the judge to reverse his decision, or atleast delay the decision).
Till now the serial works on the basis that the serial does not support any kind of paranormal activity, always trying to dispel other people who talk about ghosts / spirits, and so on. However, in a 2 part episode, the serial, for the first time, actually propagated the concept that reincarnation works. So, there is a 20 year old from Goa who comes to KD and asks for getting his mother, convicted of murdering him 20 years back, off, since he does not believe that his mother was the guilty one.
KD for some time does not believe, and is very puzzled as to how to bring this case to court, since the judge will kick the case out of court if he figures out that the case was built on the basis of reincarnation; so he showcases facts as if he got them from a diary. Finally, when the information comes out, the judge is going to close the case, but KD gets him to listen to the young man for some time, and finally is able to prove that somebody else has done the murder.

Enjoy Nautanki TV