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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Woman turns up to confront Harish about affair

The serial is finally reaching a disclosure point. Adi has always been afraid of relationships because of the break between his parents, something which has caused him a lot of pain. Some weeks back, it was revealed that the reason that Avantika was so angry with Harish and broke up with him was because of his signature on an abortion request in a hospital many years back, something that Avantika saw. When Avantika asked Harish about this, he refused to say anything which reinforced her suspicion that Harish was having an affair. When this came up recently and Adi heard about this, he also confronted his father who also refused to provide him any more details; this made Adi so angry that he broke off his engagement.
After this, due to a problem at the marriage of Pankhuri, Adi steps in and gets married to Pankhuri. This causes some problems in both sets of families, but things are getting resolved to some extent. The attack on Pankhuri makes Avantika worried about Pankhuri, and she unbends enough to get more friendly with Pankhuri, telling Pankhuri that there is no reason for Pankhuri to be afraid of Avantika.
The joker in the whole pack is Mami, who is very angry over the fact that the family business is basically being run by Avantika, and her husband, the son of the house seems to have a secondary position. This is increased by the fact that Adi is involved in the business, seems to be running well, and recently Nanaji also stated that if Avantika and Harish are reconciled, he will gladly hand over the whole business to them. So Mami does some sleuthing, gets into the safe of Avantika, and gets the abortion document which has the signature of Harish.
Next, at the actual celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of Harish and Avantika, Mami has arranged a surprise. She gets some lady (from Kullu) to come and harass Harish about being his love, about being the one who he was having an affair with, and finally makes the statement with the abortion document. Now, Avantika has already seen the abortion document, and hence this makes it somewhat believable, but this is when Preeti steps in and declares that the abortion was of her.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - RK and Madhu now close together

For some time now, the show was showing the conflict between RK and Madhu (and her family). RK was shown as a supremely arrogant, having become a superstar within the period of 5 years of entering the film industry. At the same time, Madhu and her family are shown as a family with a different background. Madhu's father had left them and another man had taken the responsibility for all of them (Madhu and her mother and sister), and they highly respected them. However, there developed some amount of conflict between them and RK, and RK used power to subject them to harassment, subjecting Malick to a beating, putting Madhu's sister on a blackout in the film industry and then finally pushing Madhu to get married to him.
Madhu's presence in his house was a problem for Madhu. Dipali, who is married to RK's brother was earlier having an affair with him, and does not like the prospect of a wife in RK's life, especially when RK makes it clear that their affair does not exist any more and that he now has a wife. RK's mother, who he also does not talk to much, is also initially skeptical about Madhu and does not treat him well. This gets even more problematic when Mallick is proved to be the one behind multiple attacks on RK, but then RK does not file a complaint against him and gets him freed.
Over a period of time, Madhu realizes that she is now in love with RK, something which seems very strange to her because of their history and the forced marriage that has happened. She does not know whether RK feels anything like this, although she has the full support of his manager, Bitto ji. She takes more steps to get closer to him, and when the occasion of Karva Chauth happens, she undergoes the fast, although RK does tell her off since he does not believe in such rituals. At the same time, when she fell ill, he took a lot of care of her and even investigated as to how she feel ill.
Eventually Madhu does learn that RK is also in love with her, and she gets him to do a number of things. For example, there is some conflict in her family and RK pops in to her house to even out stuff, get them to realize that he is no longer an enemy and even releases the blacklist he had put on her sister's name. He also looks for a producer who would help in making a movie but without letting her know that RK is behind this. It is through this that he comes in contact with a weird man, who is also the long forgotten father of Madhu and her sister.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - Naitik finally out of coma, his son very disturbed

For some time, the serial has been showing Naitik in a coma. Apparently, since the character playing Naitik had got married in real life, he needed some free time and so the serial was structured to show Naitik in a coma since that would not require much of screen appearance (else why would the actor playing Naitik agree to a role where he would be mostly in coma and not doing much acting); further Naitik was going to be also acting in the dance serial Nach Baliye. Finally, when it seems that Naitik will have more time on his hands, the serial is going to show him having more time on his hands.
For the time that Naitik was in coma, Akshara was shown as handling the responsibility, handling the jewellery business. As a result, her life was much more complex, since she would leave in the morning and come back in the evening. Her mother-in-law was handling the child, Duggu, and because of what had happened to Naitik, Gayathri was much more doting on the child. As a result of all this, Duggu was getting much more arrogant and spoilt, not listening to anybody and his grandmother was not going to listen to anybody complaining about her grandson.
Even when Akshara went to Duggu's school, her teacher told her the same thing, that he would spend the whole time playing football, not putting much effort in school preparation, and so on. During this time, Naitik started responding to treatment, and opened his eyes once. Soon after, Naitik finally regained consciousness, and although his muscles would have got much weaker, finally the presence of Duggu and his football in the room ensured that Naitik showed effort and got up from the bed.
However, Duggu was very apprehensive about this, since he had not seen his father in this state and had also been warned by other children. And then when he saw the attention that his father was getting from his grand-mother, he was also getting jealous. Now this is something that Naitik will have to manage.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - 15 days are up, Pankhuri attacked

The serial is finally getting over the 15 day interval that was prescribed before Adi and Pankhuri could come together. During this time, there was some drama, including the fact that Mami was suspicious about why Nanaji was wanting to change his will (she was very suspicious that Nanaji wanted to write out Rubel from the will). So, Rubel and she decided to get the will out of his safe in the night (she had already got keys made for the same) and they took the will out, read it (and all it did was to add Pankhuri to the will). However, during this event, first Pankhuri and then Nanaji saw Rubel with the will, and he was very angry, asking Rubel about how Rubel managed to get inside his safe. Rubel was equally angry about his property now had Pankhuri also being added to the claimants, since she was an outsider. The net result was that Mami realized that Rubel is no longer in the good books of Nanaji, and it would be only Avantika who could ensure that things were fine for him now.
The next major event that turned things around was the attack on Pankhuri. When Pankhuri, Avantika and Nanaji were traveling to the court, some hoodlums tried to get involved. The idea was to ensure that at that time, Rubel would get involved along with some friends to save these, but this backfired. The hoodlums got provoked by the action of Pankhuri and Nanaji and attacked both of them, with Pankhuri getting injured badly enough to require hospitalization. This was a shocker, with the family badly shocked by this, and since they also had the details of the license and car which was involved, they are also working with the police to identify the people involved. Adi was shocked, else he would have remembered that Rubel had threatened Pankhuri since she was not willing to take the case back.
Now the preparations are on for the 25th wedding anniversary of Harish and Avantika, with everybody looking forward to this. In the meantime, Mami, using her power of the stolen keys, had got to know that the reason for the separation of Harish and Avantika was the abortion that Harish had gotten for somebody and is now figuring out the best point to make use of this information.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Marriage of Anandi and Shiv happens, his sister not at all happy

Ballika Vadhu seems to have been inspired by the other serial that focuses on values and tradition, 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain' and has been showing the traditions over a number of episodes. So, the marriage events that happen in the marriage of Shiv and Anandi have been shown in great detail, enough that I have forgotten when these series of episodes started. First the marriage, the house leaving of Anandi and her arrival in the new house with a number of episodes. However, not everything is fine. Even though the entire household of Shiv is welcoming, his sister Sanchi is not at all welcoming since she considers that her brother has married a rural behanji and not somebody hip. So, as a result, Sanchi acts very snide and does activities that causes her family great embarrassment.
When they are at her house, there Sanchi does a playact, where she takes up Anandi's past and causes her family to be very angry at her. They warn her that she better behave better, but Sanchi still continues on this same way. Her father takes her aside and warns her, her grand-father gives up in frustration. For example, when Anandi reaches Shiv's house, it is Sanchi who is supposed to welcome her to the house, but she takes her own time to come to the reception.
Things get more problematic at the function held at Shiv's house where Sanchi is getting frustrated and tells her friends about her frustrations, and when they don't seem to find any problems, she tells them about the history of Anandi. This is picked up by other ladies who over-hear Sanchi and have a lot of words with Shiv's family as they are shocked that Shiv married a divorcee, and then say that they will not attend the function and take part in the celebrations.
So, even though the rest of the family is very comfortable with the choice of Shiv, since they consider Anandi to be a very suitable daughter-in-law, and don't feel that Shiv made any sort of compromise, they do realize that they will face problems from time to time in terms of people pointing out that Shiv married a divorcee.

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The birth of Vinayak and how he got an elephant head

This week saw the story of Ganesh Ji, the god with the head of an elephant, who is also known by the name of Vinayak. Ganesh Ji is known as the god who is invoked when something new is about to be started, and is said to have a mouse as his mount. Out of the sons of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi (Karthikeyan and Ganesh), Ganesh Ji is the one who is more well known and prayed towards in North India while Karthikeyan (in the name of Murugan) is more known in the southern part of India and has more temples dedicated to him.
The sons of Lord Shiva came into this world with a purpose, with Karthikeyan coming into the world to defeat a demon who had created huge turmoil in the world and had also conquered heaven, driving Lord Indra out of his kingdom. Kathikeyan was born, and became a warrior who defeated the demon (although in the meantime, there was also the presence of Goddess Durga and Kali also shown, when Parvathi turned into these ferocious goddesses in order to defeat evil).
And then there came a time when Lord Shiva left Kailash for some time and this was a period of time when the world was slowly coming apart, a general sense of depression and anarchy was prevailing in the world. And so it was prophesied that it was a new child of Shiva and Parvathi that would make things better in this world, but Goddess Parvathi was not sure about. And then one day Parvathi created a model in the form of a boy and when she is resting, her powers lead to the actual creation of a young boy who is very powerful. He is named Vinayak.
However, Vinayak is arrogant and also very dedicated to his mother, and so when his mother is doing a prayer, she tells Vinayak to not let anybody inside. When Lord Shiva arrives there, Vinayak does not let him come inside, and a fight breaks out where Vinayak defeats Indra, Nandi and others. Lord Shiva arrives there  and warns Vinayak that he is being very arrogant, but Vinayak challenges him to a fight and then actually starts an attack. Finally Mahadev uses his trishul and beheaded Vinayak at the exact same instance that Parvathi arrives from inside, but she is unable to prevent this from happening.
She gets very angry and asks Shiva to restore Vinayak in exactly the same form (she first tried to restore him herself and then remembered that if Mahadev killed somebody, no one else could revive him). He refuses, and he also knows that he had been cursed by the sage Kashyap earlier when Mahadev had killed the sun god that Mahadev would also kill his son sometime. Parvathi takes on a massive form and threatens that she will kill the entire earth unless her son is restored, and Mahadev asks Nandi and Indra to get a replacement head, but from somebody or some animal that will volunteer for the same. Finally a head is taken from an elephant (one that had received a boon for the same earlier) and Parvathi calms down, and is very apologetic for what she had done.

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Finally Ahem manages to escape, Gopi gives birth

For more than a week now, the serial has been showing a level of crime that was not seen in the serial earlier. The earlier problems caused by Urmila and Rashi was never at this level, this is a life and death situation that was depicted. The family had a partner called Aman for a plant in Bhuj, and then, as Gopi was getting closer to the delivery date, a major problem occurred. Ahem did not appear for a party where he was supposed to come directly, and after a couple of hours, everybody was very worried. When Aman was contacted, he was equally concerned and stated that he would use all his resources to find out what happened and take action appropriately. At the same time, he told the family members that there was no need to inform the police and that he had contacts with different sources including the police and Aman would take the required action. The family members went along with this.
And then Gopi went out to get any information on Ahem, in a very emotional state. She was soon out of contact from the rest of the family, and in her heavily pregnant condition, was roaming around the desert region, and in a twist, came into contact with a young camel who was seemingly separated from the rest of the family. And Jigar was also out searching for both Ahem and Gopi. And to make matters worse, Kokila became very ill, feeling the pangs of separation from Ahem and Gopi.
Then the family members finally went to the police station, led by the ill Kokila, in order to find out progress, and were very surprised to see that the police denied all knowledge, that the name of the inspector given by Aman was false, and that the police had no knowledge of Aman filing any kind of complaint. They soon put two and two together, and concluded that Aman would be the one behind the kidnapping of Ahem and got the people to investigate. In the meantime, Ahem was able to run away once, but was caught, and then managed to run away again. Aman had threatened Ahem that he would hurt Gopi if Ahem did not agree to sign the papers that Aman wanted Ahem to sign. Finally, when Ahem was able to run away, he was running away from the gang, towards the same bus in which Jigar and Gopi were traveling, and then in a quick climax, Jigar and Ahem were able to beat up the gang members and then Gopi gave birth over there.
One problem remains that Koki was in a critical condition, and it is expected that the news of the baby, Ahem and Gopi would be able to revive her.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya hands over Pihu to Ram instead of court case

Twists keep on turning up in the serial on a regular basis. Currently, the biggest issue was the custody case filed by Ram where he wants custody of Pihu. He was shocked when he got to know that Priya was alive, and even more so when he knew that he also had a daughter called Pihu, and that Priya had hidden this from him, and deprived him of the pleasure of seeing the birth of Pihu, her growing up, and so on. One cannot really fault him for this anger, especially since his main point is that Priya deprived him of the company of Pihu for 5 years, and he wants to do the same to Priya, and after 5 years where Pihu will stay with him, then they can have the discussion again.
For Priya, this whole approach is very difficult. First, she thought she was doing the right thing by staying away from Ram, and was shocked when she saw the anger in his eyes, and even though over a period of time that anger has reduced, it has now really gone away all that much. Ram is still determined to get the custody of Pihu and is willing to do whatever is required for the same. He gets angry with Rajat when he sees that Rajat is supporting Priya, and even breaks off the business partnership (of course, it gets even worse since he knows that Rajat is also in love with Priya).
At the same time, Priya is worried about the impact of such a case on Pihu, and after Ram was shot in the party, she is very concerned about whatever is happening and does not want any further problems to Ram. So, she takes a radical decision, and just before they head inside the court, she tells Ram that she does not want to have a court case for the custody, and hands over Pihu to Ram. Ram, and Vikram and Rajat who are also there are shocked and speechless, although Rajat does give Ram more advise after this has happened. Ram is of course very happy to get the company of Pihu and takes her home.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Court order for Siddhi and Anands to stay with Kunal

The story sweeps round and round, seems like a circle. Basic problem: Other people manipulate the situation, Siddhi tries to solve everything on her own but she ends up being seen as the wrong person, criticized by everyone and is not able to (or does not want to) explain the situation properly. Kunal is shown as the guy who remains in love with Siddhi, but is impulsive and angry, and is persuaded that Siddhi is not really in love with him and has told her so many times (even when he has understood the problem she has faced, but when faced with a situation again, again he gets persuaded that she is telling him a lie). The last time such a thing happened when Siddhi was forced to marry Abhay, and as usual she did not try to tell Kunal the whole situation, and he understood the situation as he saw it.
Now, things are more critical. Siddhi is apparently married to Abhay, and Kunal wants custody of his other Anand (he has recently learned that the other Anand is also his son, while Abhay is hyper over wanting the custody of the child). Both the children have learnt that they are brothers, and they decide that they want to be with each other, and hence run away together. All of the grown ups go after them, but then the children are kidnapped. It is then that Vikram returns to the serial, since he is the one who finds them and brings them back.
In the custody case, it is the Anand living with Kunal who makes the final punches, claiming that he wants to live with his mother and father, and then is able to convince the court that Kunal had not really signed the divorce papers and hence the divorce has not happened. Kunal then wants a divorce, but the judge goes through the legal process, saying that Siddhi and Kunal must live together for 6 months before they can proceed with a divorce; the kids are over-joyed, while Abhay, Richa and Thakral are devastated. The judge also declared the marriage of Siddhi and Abhay as void, since her divorce has not happened.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - The leap, and initial episode scared viewers about Bulbul

The leap happened in the serial after the death of Pradeep before the leap. In 2 episodes where the 2 serials, Kya Hua Tera Vaada and Bade Ache Lagte Hain were combined, the story of Anushka was shown to take a very dangerous end (and as the leap shows, the end has not yet happened). Two marriage stories came to an end in these episodes, where Pradeep was shot by Anushka (by mistake, since he wanted to shoot Mona and Pradeep came in front trying to save Mona) and finally dies in the hospital, so the lingering story between Pradeep and Mona was brought to an end. Also, the trauma of the tragic end of Pradeep in such a way also brought to an end the story of Mona and Vineet. Mona told him that this tragedy has forced her to think and that she wants to think about her children for now (although I do not agree, she is still a lady in her prime, and the serial should not have taken her in such a direction which showed her to be a conservative lady - she could have married Vineet of her own wish and had a happy married life).
So, now the leap has happened. Her children are now young adults, some working and some still studying. Her eldest daughter Bulbul carries off from before the leap where she came to the conclusion that it was Pradeep who decided to go to Anushka, and this is what eventually killed him, so she does not have the same affection for Pradeep after the leap. And apparently Anushka is also out of jail (which is strange, since she committed 3 murders, and there would be no reason for her to be out of jail in such a short time), and the promos show that she is out for revenge, the period of 10 years has not cooled her desire for revenge on Mona and her family.
Now, the serial starts by scaring the viewers about Bulbul. They show her getting ready for a night out at a bus shelter in the evening, in the way that they would portray a prostitute getting ready. And then she goes out with a guy who comes up in a car, and goes off to a hotel where he has booked a room. Malika notices this, and ever catty, decides to phone Mona to taunt her about her daughter. Mona reaches the hotel, and is shocked to see her daughter over there in a short dress. And in the next episode they show that everything is fine, Bulbul is a TV reporter out to do a expose. She saves Mona in the next episode where Mona has gone to meet a Government official about permissions for her restaurant and is about to get taken by the guy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Aditya comes to take Pankhuri, she refuses, he gets angry

Some of what happens in the serial is a bit beyond the ordinary, more absurd than you would normally expect. So, for example, soon after a marriage happened that was a surprise to almost everybody else, the mother of the groom put forward a condition that anybody would have refused. For a newly married couple, if somebody puts a condition that they stay apart for 15 days without meeting each other, it can be very strange. However, in the serial, they all agree to this and Aditya and Pankhuri agree to stay apart for 15 days on the condition laid down by Avantika.
And Pankhuri has to stay in Avantika's house where there are a number of people ready to insult her and her family at any minute, with Avantika not scheming but not at all friendly; and Mama Mami along with Rubel scheming against Avantika, Aditya and Pankuri; and nobody seems to be knowing all this. So Mami keeps on doing something or the other, such as insulting Pankhuri's family in a bad way. Finally, there was a huge argument with Pankuri's Mamaji replying back in the same way.
Nanaji already knows that Mami and Mama are upto no good and finally tells Aditya about what happened in the house and tells him to get Pankhuri from the house, forget the condition, and setup a different house. That would be the only way for them to have a successful married life. However, when Aditya arrives there, Pankhuri, wanting to ensure that they keep to the agreement refuses to meet Adi and shuts the door on him. Aditya is very angry and goes away by saying that he will not only not speak to her for 15 days, but will not speak to her or meet her ever. This makes everybody very surprised about what Aditya just said, but he refuses to listen to anybody. In Harish's house, Harish scolds him that he is proving right what others are saying about them not being able to have a successful marriage.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - A leap happened, and Naitik in coma

The serial has just gone through a time leap, a 4 year plus time leap. Before the time leap, Naitik was in hospital, struggling for his life. He and Akshara had an accident, and as a result of that accident, in the process of saving Akshara's life, he had suffered some major injuries and was hospitalized. Doctors finally reported that he had gone in a coma and was not able to recover from the coma.
And then the time leap was shown in the serial. They have moved 4 years into the future, all the characters are the same, except for 2 items. Duggu is now a young boy, going to school; and Akshara is now out of her sareer, wearing smart suits, and because of all the responsibility, she now has taken over the office along with Naitik's father and they do the office bit daily. The equations within the house has still not changed all that much, with her mother in law still believing that what she says and believes is the right thing to do. Every day, they show Akshara talking to Naitik, telling him whatever happens, and hoping that he would come out of the coma.
Because Akshara now goes to office, her mother-in-law takes more control of the house, including the bringing up of Duggu. She spoils Duggu rotten, to the extent that he now behaves like a spoilt child, not listening to what people are saying, not liking it when people scold him, and so on. To the extent that now his school teacher has just told Akshara that Naitik is now fighting with people in school, is not doing well at all, and does not listen to whatever is told to him in school. Akshara is very angry at whatever happens, but it is difficult for her since the once who is causing all this is her own mother-in-law. She is just hoping to make things better, and what could be better than Naitik coming up.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Ram shot while trying to save Priya

In 2 recent hour long episodes running on Sony TV, the serials Bade Ache Lagte Hain and Kya Hua Tera Vaada saw some changes in the storyline of the serial. However, this changeline was more in the case of Kya Hua Tera Vaada and less so for the case of Bade Ache Lagte Hain; since the person behind the transformation was Anushka Sarkar from Kya Hua Tera Vaada. In the case of Bade Acche Lagte Hain, the serial was also going through some drama, but not of the same scale. The shooting by Anushka was at a party thrown by Rajat and Vineet, and the need for the party was because Rajat's business partnership with Ram was getting broken.
The reason for the relationship getting broken was because Ram was getting more and more bothered about the relationship between Rajat and Priya. Even though Ram had always known that Priya had loved him truly, he was getting more and more bothered since he knew that Rajat was madly in love with Priya, and the fact that Rajat was helping Priya in the custody case (including discussions with the lawyer and the effort to ensure that Priya had a strong financial backing) embittered him towards Rajat. It got so bad that he started turning against Rajat, speaking badly to him, breaking his business relationship with Rajat. However, this did not change Rajat's support for Priya.
And then the shooting happened. Ram stepped in to try and prevent Anushka from firing her gun, and in the struggle he was shot (after which Pradeep was shot a bit later). He was rushed to hospital with Priya in the ambulance and was then treated until it was clear that he was out of danger. However, it seems that Ram will remain bitter, atleast in the promos where he speaks bitterly to Rajat, and it is not sure whether anything will change; one thing that will change is the relationship between Rajat and Priya, since Rajat admitted before everybody that he was madly in love with Priya.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pradeep dies after being shot by Anushka, leap to happen (update: not yet dead, operation successful)

Over the past few weeks, the serial has been taking a strange shift. Viewers were earlier puzzling about what the story line will be when the 2 different stories move to their own track, the story of Mona with Vineet and Anushka with Pradeep. The marriages for both of them were planned, and since this is a story, both could be planned for the same time with the parents having to worry about which marriage they will attend.
And then things suddenly turn into a very different direction. The serial shows an old lover of Anushka turning up, and then they show her to become more and more negative (since earlier she was shown as scheming and arrogant, but now shown as somebody who has defrauded her earlier company and eventually as a murderer).
Due to a turn of events where she is being blackmailed by her previous lover (who is shown as claiming that he is still her husband since they never had a divorce), finally she snaps, and in the midst of a fight with him, kills him by accident by whacking him on the head with a hard vase. However, and this is where they show her to be even more negative, Pradeep walks in soon after and is accused of the murder, and yet Anushka is now shown as doing anything to get him off the murder charge, in fact, if he is convicted, nobody will accuse her.
It is Mona who takes charge of getting Pradeep proved innocent, and she works at trying to get evidence that will do this, and finally is able to get evidence, and yet Anushka finds out about this evidence and in fact kills the lady who provided this evidence to Mona (Anushka got into a scuffle and the gun went off killing the other lady). By this time Anushka has almost gone off her mental balance and decides to kill Mona and starts for the party where Mona has gone (Vineet is having a partnership with Rajat (from Bade Ache Lagte Hain) and they have a party to announce this). At this party, things get stranger. Anushka arrives with the gun, and tries to kill Mona after first shooting Ram who got into a scuffle with her, and then tries to kill Mona. However, Pradeep arrives first and stands in the way of the shot and is killed by her. Ram is in serious danger, but is then declared out of danger. Now as expected the show will take a leap and move to a future that is around 8-9 years.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Condition set by Avantika that Adi and Pankhuri stay apart for 15 days

The serial is showing a twist that not too many people who would have thought would have happened. Not telling Avantika about the marriage was a step that was always fraught with risk, since it was impossible to think that she would not find out in the end (especially with Pankhuri's family also involved); the only point being how long this relation would remain hidden, and whether Mama-mami would find out about this before Avantika and seek to make some benefit out of this. However, Avantika found about the marriage when Pankhuri's parents and other relatives came there to see Pankhuri and how she was faring in her new home (they were not particularly pleased with the marriage because of what had happened earlier).
When Avantika found out, she did a lot of question and answer about the marriage, calling Adi there and asking him about the circumstances of the marriage. The initial fear was that Adi would have got married without his permission, having been pushed into the marriage, but Adi denied all this and stated that the marriage happened because he jumped into the gap when Shivam was stepping back. Avantika also expressed the worry that this was a marriage between 2 very different people and hence it would not last much and she did not want Adi to go through the same pain as she went through.
As a result, she set the condition that she wanted both of these to stay separately for 15-20 days right in the beginning, something that no one was really happy about. Harish managed to get the condition slightly modified so that Pankhuri would stay with Avantika while Adi would stay with Harish. There was some strain between Aditya and her parents, but that reduced when Ambika suffered an injury and Adi took some quick action to help her. However,  the biggest issue right now is that both of them are somewhat unsure of their relationship and love with each other, they consider each other to be a very big friend of the other, but does this extend to a husband and wife relation. Maybe it does, but they are not able to express this to each other. And then there is the cousin, Ruben, who is the son of Mama-Mami who got into a tiff with Pankhuri over a local accident and had to spend some time at the police station and who considers all the property and business to something that he has full rights over.

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivaah - Yash puts Aarti's photos on the wall, but ..

In numerous Hindi TV Serials, it has been shown time and time again that relations between a husband and wife is based on truth, and when things are hidden, it can very quickly get problematic. Most of the time what happens is that they show the good wife hiding something from the husband, but not with bad intentions. It could be something that could hurt him, or it was something that she was doing in his favor, or it concerned something in her past that was not told to her husband but there were no other problems as such. It was the same thing in the current serial. When the marriage happened, Yash's family was told that Aarti was married before and was a widow, hiding the fact that her ex-husband was alive (and that she was a divorcee, not a widow). Yash's family wanted a widow for Yash (who was also a widower, not a divorcee) and this was a fact that was hidden from his family. Aarti was very troubled by this fact that the truth was not known to Yash and felt that this could cause problems, even more so when Prashanth came into the picture and even came into Yash's life as a friend.
Over a period of time, Yash had made it clear to Aarti that he was still deeply in love with his ex-wife and that she could never take this position. Aarti was by now deeply in love with Yash but had become reconciled to the fact that her position would always be second, even though Yash was a perfect father to her son, not having a different position from his own daughters. However, one day she suddenly saw a change. The day before Yash had put photos with Aarti on the wall, and she did not see these photos when she went in to the room and lay down, this was a big disappointment to Yash; the next day when Aarti got up, she saw all these photos on the wall and was very happy.
But at the same time, Yash also met the mechanic who had seen both Aarti and Prashant the previous day and got to know from him that she was there earlier, and this could be a big problem since he does not know what is happening, and this leads to suspicion.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Anamika - A new serial trying to mix paranormal and romance

If you have been watching Sony for some time, then you would have seen the ads for the serial called Anamika, a serial that talks about the presence of a chudail in the love life and how this scares the girl involved to a large degree. The serial has only recently started and has just had a couple of episodes, enough to establish that there is something scary, and yet combined this with the bubble life and romance of a young couple whose families are very close to each other. So it is with the family of Rano and Jeet. Rano's family is heading towards Vaishno Devi and they are at the train station, yet Rano has not yet gone since she wants to stay on in the town. Jeet has been assigned the task to bring her back from the railway station, and yet he runs into trouble while on the way. He is in a forest and his car has broken down, and then he hears the voice of a woman. He tries to find her, but is unable to do so. And then somebody helps him to get the car repaired and he is finally able to go to the railway station (by which time it is late in the day and is dark). Rano is getting scared at the isolated train station, and in the meantime Jeet's family has sent the driver also to get her, after being angry at Jeet for not reaching there in time and for not letting them know that he will not be there. He also loses his bracelet in the forest, and is yet surprised to see the bracelet in his car the next morning, with the serial showing a moving fog, and also the gate of the house having opened (even though nobody in the house had opened the gate of the house).
The show also introduces the family of Jeet, where his bebo is a very modern grandmother, his dad believes in strictness and that his son is not showing enough responsibility. His elder brother and bhabhi are normal people - overall a normal family. The families are very close, and there is some talk about trying to find a good match for Rano, although by this time Rano has accepted that marrying Jeet is one option that she would not mind.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Madhu's love for RK now coming out

The serial is taking its own time to get to a point. For quite some time, the serial showed how RK caused harm to Madhu, in fact almost showing him to be a villain, causing harm to her family as well, and then forcefully marrying her. But, now, the serial has turned its direction, showing her to be slowly recognizing some of the good things that RK has been doing for her and her family. In fact, multiple times RK has been attacked by her father like figure, Mallick (who is like a father to them). Since RK had got Mallick badly beaten up earlier, and also that the marriage happened almost forcefully, Mallick tried multiple attempts on his life. RK survived all these attempts, and also managed to detect that it was Mallick behind all these attempts, but then did not get Mallick arrested or jailed, something that caused Madhu to see him in a new light.
So, now Madhu has fallen in love with RK, and they show this in a very cute way when she comes to the studio and then at home, where she visualizes the way that they interact with each other when both of them are in love (but these are all dream sequences). At the same time, Madhu has to content with Dipali, the wife of the step-brother of RK, with whom RK had a relation earlier, but who he now spurns and who cannot stand this being spurned (also it is RK who is the rich and powerful one, the one who Dipali would want to attract).
Now it is the time of Karva Chauth and although both Dipali and RK's mother are somewhat shocked, Madhu says that she wants to keep a fast for RK, and Dipali is shocked at this and vows to prevent her fast from being completed. At the same time, Madhu also realizes that it is not just a fast, but there needs to be sargi from her mother-in-law and mehendi that needs to be applied to her hands, and it is RK's assistant who is helping her in getting all these done.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - More problems for Ichcha, she testifies and her son sentenced to 5 years in jail

There are a few serials that specialize in showing the pain of the hero or heroine, with a number of episodes showing the pain and humiliation she suffers over a period of time, and then there will be 1-2 episodes that show the truth coming out and then the pain and humiliation continues again. This keeps on repeating again, so Ichcha lost her husband, went to jail, and suffered a lot of such more pain and humiliation. To the extent that her own daughter was separate from her for a long time, and had grown up to hate criminals, and then, even after getting exposed to Ichcha, she hated her. She was also separate from her son Yuvraj, who was brought up essentially by Gunwanti (Veer's mother); she spoilt Yuvraj and gave him everything he wanted. As a result, Yuvraj was spoilt and extremely arrogant, properties that are starting to cause him a lot of trouble as he grows up.
Since he does not have any control over himself and his family has got himself out of trouble whenever he ran into problems earlier; so Yuvraj felt that he can do anything that he wants. But he seemed to have gone totally out of control, such as when he confined Mukta in a room (after calling her for some help to a room) and then he tried to rape her. Ichcha had seen this and decided to give testimony against him, even though this was her own son; something that neither Yuvraj nor Gunwanti could understand. Finally, in the court a decision was made to convict Yuvraj and he was sentenced for 5 years in jail, a decision that pained Ichcha tremendously, even more so when Yuvraj confronted her and told him about the same.
It was only Unmed, her father in law who supported her decision. At the same time, there is a lot of confusion going on with the re-insertion of the relationship between Rathore and Tapasya, both of whom are back in the show now and trying to re-establish a relationship with their family.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - The custody trial just about to happen

The serial is heading towards another conflict point. For quite some time, the serial has been showing a slowly developing closeness between Ram and Priya, very different from the reunion between Ram and Priya after a gap of 5 years where Ram was very angry that Priya had his child and did not even tell him anything and wanted the custody of Pihu. He in fact even filed a case for the same, which caused Priya a lot of distress. However, things started moving in the right direction since Pihu brought them closer together again, and also there was always a love between them, which caused some of the bitterness to break. And of course Ayesha did not do anything to keep Ram strongly attached to her side, while Priya did such tasks such as keeping the ritual fast for Ram.
However, now Priya realizes that some of this closeness that she felt over a period of time is going to go away since the date of the court case is now only 3 days away, and though she has been assured that the case is strongly in her favor, she remains sad for Pihu. After all, she reasons, whether Ram wins or Priya wins, Pihu will only get one of her parents, and will remain separate from the other parent.
On the other side, the story of Vikram and Neha remains complex. Neha's child previous to her marriage remains a problem for both of them, and it is not even his fault. Neha was very worried about Vikram and his  relationship to Rehan, although Vikram seems to be taking it fairly well (he even cared for Rehan when he was sick and tended him back to wellness). At some point, they will need to let their children about this relationship, and work this out.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Khushi taking part in the Mrs. India contest

The story is taking a new twist. In an exodus of sorts, there is a lot of talk that Barun (the actor playing the role of Arnav) is moving out of the serial, and also that the actors playing the role of Akash and Payal have also left the show (they are shown as missing from the serial for now). For some time, seems like the show is taking a small story and spending some time on it while trying to figure out what to do with the show. So, for now, the show is taking the story of an ambition of Khushi to take part in the Mrs. India show, a show which takes married ladies and evaluates them for their abilities.
So, Khushi has taken part in the show and has managed to clear the first phase. She has not yet told Arnav about this, although the rest of the family know about this and are encouraging her. From time to time, something happens where Arnav gets to know something or the other which could reveal the secret, and then he finally gets to know.
Khushi finds herself in a whole group of competitive ladies who are all much smarter, wear more new fashioned clothes who look down upon Khushi. The trainer over there also realizes that a lot more work needs to happen with Khushi to get her to competition levels. She also finds things odd, including the fact that   she has to change her diet and eat a lot more nutritious food and avoid sweet foods (including her favorite jalebis) as well as the fried food she likes. And then Arnav turns up at the preparation place and does not acknowledge her, and in fact makes a snide comment at her which causes her to get angry with him and promise to take this out when she meets him at home.
And then now a new guy has entered the preparation place, a guy who is a flirt. He tries to flirt with a competitor and then catches her hand, causing Khushi to tell him to lay off; and he was a guy who was supposed to be important for the competition.

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Shiv arrested for suspected corruption

The relationship between Shiv and Anandi is going through a change; with recent events on the promise to make it a big stronger. When Jagya was in town and upto no good, one of the ideas he had in his mind was to cause a lot of problems for Shiv in his job; Shiv was the local collector and was well respected for his abilities, his honesty, and his hard work. And since Shiv was the fiancee of Anandi, something had to be done. So, Jagya, using the trust that Shiv placed in him to some degree, and with access to the computer that Shiv was using in office, created a different document related to a railway tender. When this was exposed, Shiv was in trouble.
At this time, when Shiv was taken into custody, Shiv's sister made a prediction that as soon as the arrest happens, Anandi would leave the relationship and run away. However, Anandi did something else. She came out strongly in the defence of Shiv, trying to reach the Chief Minister (who however, did not try to do anything in a case involving corruption - he suspended Shiv from the post and let Anandi know that he would not be able to do anything else in this regard). Anandi and her family started the work of getting a lawyer involved and when the local legislator turned up to speak against Shiv, his family and Anandi turned up to discount whatever he said.
Jagya, sitting in a distant place, hears this news on the TV and then they show him in the next days episode at the police station - would he have come to declare that Shiv is innocent and that Jagya was the one responsible for the contract ?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Wedding of Siddhi with Abhay, under force

As usual, the serial goes through more twists and turns, and the twists and turns in turn make the story more painful and more complicated. The problems that these people go through is much more complicated than people all around you. The life of Siddhi and Kunal is shown to be much more complicated, with the period of time that there is pain and separation being much more than any time period of happiness. So, you had a time period when there was a long period of separation, a time when the Chopra family thought ill of Siddhi, and it was only at the end of 9 years that Siddhi and Kunal got together and reconciled their differences (siddhi told Kunal about what all she had done for the family and also about their second son that Kunal did not know about). They agreed to resume their marriage with Siddhi coming back to the house, although that was met by some opposition by Veena, but Kunal overcame all this opposition and got everybody to agree to Siddhi coming back. Her son was overjoyed at this and made plans to welcome back his mother from whom he had been separated for 9 years.
However, this was not to be. Sulekha was not happy about what this decision of Siddhi and was wondering about the impact of this on her son Abhay who had got used to having Siddhi in the house and her son at home, and so it turned out. When Kunal came to Abhay's house to take back his wife, he was shocked to see her getting married to Abhay and when he questioned her, he was told that the marriage was with the consent of Siddhi, and even shown papers to this effect. And then kicked out of the house. This sent him back to despair, made Richa extremely happy since she felt that this shock might cause her to come back to Kunal's life, and caused more distress to Kunal's family. Seema spoke out against Siddhi very strongly when she came to know about this.

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Sentencing for Soham, Archana distraught

So, finally Soham is getting sentenced for the kidnapping that he did. The judge sentences him to a year in jail (which seems a bit less given the gravity of the crime, and given that Arjun was injured in the firing that happened when he tried to get Purvi away). By now, Manav has accepted that Soham does not have any feelings for Archana and Manav and only accepts Varsha and Balan as his parents (and in fact blames Archana for a poor upbringing that forced Varsha to take his away). Manav tries to convince Archana of the same, but she refuses to accept this and wants to keep on trying to ensure that Soham sees the light and accepts her. She also goes to meet him in jail where he is angry at seeing her and repeats his line about Varsha being his real mother, and where Archana challenges him that she will make sure that he changes his behavior and he scoffs at this.
On the other hand, there is a lot of other drama happening in Sulochana's house where Manjusha and Vinod have come in along with Punni, with the concept that they have convinced people that they are reformed; and when they get to know that Purvi has quit her job and there will be no more money flowing in from Purvi and it will be Vinod's salary that will be running the house, both Manju and Punni are very angry, but cannot really do anything. And then when Vinod offers his salary to Sulochana, Manjusha gets even more angry but has to be seen to be supporting him in this effort, they discuss in the kitchen. Sulochana hears this conversation of Manju and Punni and realizes their true intentions, is shocked and tells Archana about this as well. Both Archana and Sulochana agree that they should send Purvi to Manav's house, since Manav has already asked for them to her to come to his house.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Trying to get Sandhya admitted to night college

Suraj is very serious about getting Sandhya to live up to her ambition, with her ambition being that of becoming an IPS officer. For that purpose, she would need to go to college, complete it, and all that is very difficult given her current position. Except for her husband Suraj, no one else in the house supports her ambition, and she herself is not trying to think that she can every do so. Bhabho is doing everything possible to prevent Sandhya from taking steps in that direction, and also trying to dissuade Suraj from doing so (she has realized that even though Suraj listens to her, on this subject, he is not really listening to her and will continue on his quest to get Sandhya her education and then her ambition).
In between, there was a problem that happened whereby Bhabho had sent Suraj off with Chavi to her future in-laws place, and in his haste to come back to fill Sandhya's form, Chavi was out of his control for 3 hours; during that time an expensive piece of jewellery for misplaced and Chavi spun it around, blaming Suraj for not being present. It was Sandhya who found a photo that showed Chavi with the jewellery, and went and blasted Chavi for the same; Chavi had to then come and apologize to Suraj for what happened.
In the meantime, Suraj was able to figure out where the jewellery was lost and managed to get it back and then gave it to Bhabho; and this time Chavi was more in favor of Suraj which surprised Bhabho to some extent since Chavi was blaming Suraj only a day back. In the meantime, Mina was upto some problems on her side, since she wanted to have a son, and decided  to visit a local quack who gave some fake medicines and also told her not to have the medicines that she was currently consuming; future episodes would surely show some problems emerging from this decision of Meena.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Karva Chauth brings Ram and Priya closer

The occasion of Karva Chauth is a festival that is bringing Ram and Piya closer together, along with of course the presence of Pihu, who in her innocence, is bringing Ram and Priya closer. Initially, Ram was very angry at Priya and would refuse to talk to her other than in an angry mode. However, on one occasion, Pihu was very upset at seeing this angry Ram and told him that he had changed from when he was there in Dubai, and as a result, both Ram and Priya had to control their arguments and temper when Pihu was present, and then the entire event of trying to get Pihu admitted to school also ensured that they spent time together, something that was very important since they still loved each other.
And then Karva Chauth. Even though Mamaji kept on counseling Ayesha to do things to get the family closer and to also keep a closeness to Ram and Pihu, her immaturity caused her to do things that went wrong; one spectacular occasion was when she grew tired of serving Pihu and scolded her in the presence of Ram; and my god, was Ram angry. He forced Ayesha to seek an apology from Pihu and scolded her in front of everybody. And then on Karva Chauth, Ayesha did not try to take a fast, and in the presence of Ram, was eating food. Ram of course told her that he did not expect anything from her anyhow since theirs was just a marriage of convenience; and was then told by Pihu that Priya was fasting for him and would he come to break the fast.
He came to break the fast, and this was also an occasion for them to have a few words with each other, which even though it was angry, was also the chance for them to break some of their anger against each other and try to understand each other. This seems to be happening more and more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Struggle for Suraj to get Sandhya admitted to college

The struggle is not something that the serial has given up on. Right from the launch of the serial, the story has been based on the struggle in the life of an educated girl, Sandhya, who gets married to a guy who is great at heart but is not as well educated as her, and who comes from a conservative family. So the struggle remains on, with Sandhya winning her hard mother-in-law's heart who sees the good nature in Sandhya, but who also needs to be forever aware that the ambition that Sandhya has to become an IPS office does not cause her to break her family. Bhabho is fully confident that if Sandhya becomes an IPS officer, it will cause huge changes to the family life of her son, Suraj, and hence is opposing any further education for Sandhya.
She tries out different tactics to achieve this result, including sending her son to take care of his sister when she is on a visit to her future in-laws place, on the day which is the last day of submission of form for college, with the hope that this will cause no admission in college. However, her son is determined that he will fulfil the ambition that Sandhya's family had for her, and will get her educated and a police officer. So he even decides to come back for some time from his sister's inlaws place so as to get the form filled and submitted.
During this time, some jewellery goes missing and everybody scolds him for this, with even his sister Chavi, stepping in and demanding that Suraj account for the 3 hours that he went missing. He freely admits that he came back to get the form filled and even when Bhabho is scolding him badly, he says that he will get her ambitions fulfilled and make her an IPS officer, even replying back to Bhabho and walking away from there. So, there is some tension in the air, and Bhabho must also be very worried, with her eldest and best son not agreeing to her wishes on this particular subject (and she has counselled Sandhya many times on the difference between a family life and being ambitious). Soon after Sandhya catches Chavi red handed in terms of the circumstances where the jewellery was lost and gets her to admit to Suraj about what happened.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnav is the father of Aarav

Just goes to show that you can easily add complication to a story and extend a story without any issues, you just add some extra element to a story line and make it much more complicated. So, when the Shyam story ended and it seemed that the story between Arnav and Khushi would become boring, out sprang an illegitimate son. This normally was present in serials from the past where the lead hero of the story would find sons suddenly coming up to confront him, and this would cause complications in his life.
In this case as well, Khushi comes across a small child called Aarav who reminds her of how a younger version of Arnav would be like, and then circumstances bring the child to their home itself, along with her mother, Sheetal, who is an old friend of Arnav. There is a lot of surprise in the home about the common habits of Arnav and Aarav, although nobody at home tries to make the connection that Arnav could be his son. The only comments that come in are about a child causing the change in behavior of Arnav, and maybe that the time is right for Khushi and Arnav to have their family. However, when Khushi tries to ask Arnav, he responds in anger and the story dies over there. Aarav also wants to know the name of his father but Sheetal does not tell him.
But, things do not end. Khushi is very suspicious, although Sheetal does not try to do anything to claim a position in Arnav's life; but the suspicions of Khushi are massively magnified when at Karva Chauth, she sees that Sheetal is fasting, and then breaks her fast by catching a glimpse of Arnav (trying to do this in a way that nobody will make out). And then Khushi sees the DNA report that verifies her suspicions, and when she confronts Sheetal, Sheetal tells her that what would be the point of telling Arnav. Sheetal cannot stay in the house, and she cannot stay without Aarav, but Khushi is determined to ensure that the son does not stay away from his dad, and she finally tells Arnav. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Pradeep accused of murder, more tamasha over Karva Chauth

The serial is really becoming very confused. The projected date for the marriage between Mona-Vineet and Anushka-Pradeep was coming very close and then there were a few variable introduced. An old friend of Anushka turned up, who was then revealed to have been a husband of hers (with the divorce not having come through) and they were also revealed to have committed fraud and stolen money from their previous marriage. Now Anushka wants to marry Pradeep, but there is blackmail going on and Anu has to pay money to her former husband. In a confrontation, she kills the guy and Pradeep comes in soon after, and is then blamed for the murder. Anushka would rather that Pradeep be convicted rather than she be blamed for the murder.
When Mona gets to know, she abandons everything that she is doing and goes to try and help Pradeep in his problem. She cannot believe that Pradeep would have been guilty of killing somebody, and Vineet also decides to support her in this quest. And then the next level of confusion turns up, with Karva Chauth coming up, with one former husband a future husband. Mona gets 2 sargis from both sides, but has told people that since Vineet is going to be her husband, she would keep a fast for Vineet. However, Vineet's mother is not clear about what is happening, and is anyhow always not sure about her son marrying a divorcee with 3 children whose husband is very close by. Anushka also tries to add more confusion in all this mix.
Now, the serial is reaching a point where, Anushka, once pushed by Pradeep and Mona after 2 guys were caught following them on behalf of Anushka, blurts out that she would rather Pradeep be convicted, else she would be accused of the murder of her former husband.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Marriage between

As expected, the marriage between Pankhuri and Adi has happened. The marriage was supposed to be between Shivam and Pankhuri, but Latika spoiled (or rather, did good for Pankhuri) the marriage since she incited people that Pankhuri had spent the night in the same room as Aditya in Mumbai (which Shivam had already known, and was angry over); the net result was that the marriage was called off with the prospect of Pankhuri and her family getting a bad name due to all this.
However, Aditya was there and realized that this was all due to him and married Pankhuri, although one is not sure whether he is still shocked over what happened. He did not tell anybody about this, and with his phone not on, nobody was also able to get in touch with him. He reached Harish's place and gave them a shock, since they saw Pankhuri and Aditya married (they were all very happy) with some of the welcome festivities happening in Harish's house with his mom in charge.
However, Avantika was still not aware of what had happened in Kullu, and would have been shocked that her son had got married to Pankhuri. At the same time, her sister Preeti fell ill, and they were all taking care of her. Mami and Mama were very curious to know what happened in the marriage and Mami went to Latika's house to find out what happened, but her mother refused to tell her anything and told her to get out of the house, something which really caused Mami to get upset. Now, the big issue is about when Avantika will get to know that her son is now married to Pankhuri, and that her son told this to Harish and not to her.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 6 - More contestants out of the house

Bigg Boss (or Big Boss as most of us would pronounce it) has seen some pretty nasty previous seasons, with a lot of intrigue, incredible number of fights happening (some of which do not make much sense to those watching, which leads to the feeling that some of them were inspired by the channel in order to add more controversy to the programme). This time, Salman Khan, who repeated himself as the host from the previous season, had started giving statements before the show started that the previous shows had gone in for too much of such fighting, which made it difficult for families to watch the show and the idea going forward was to ensure that the behavior inside the house would be family friendly. Of course, for a number of people, it seems difficult to believe that a show where people make more money and become famous if they remain controversial (or atleast most of them), so there was some interest in watching the show. And even in the previous year, there was some controversy with many of the show's participants claiming that Salman Khan had actually been very harsh with many of the participants of the show.
In the first week itself, there were some harsh words between the common man inside the show, Kashif, who seemed to be ready for fights with many of the other house mates and was scolded a number of times by Salman Khan for his behavior. And Kashif was one of the first to be removed from the show. First of course, Dinesh Lal Yadav was evicted from the show after popular vote went against him. The next few exits from the program were Sayantani Ghosh and Aseem Trivedi (who was the cartoonist threatened with sedition by the Maharashtra police for his cartoons) and Karishma Kotak (who was informed that her father had died and who hence left the show voluntarily).

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Tension between Soham and Archana

The serial is taking this story to slightly twisted journeys. Even though both Manav and Archana know that Vishnu / Soham is their lost child whom Varsha had stolen, they are unable to do anything. Vishnu does not recognize them as parents, is shown as a bad character, and recognizes Varsha and Balan as his parents. Archana is very upset at this, but wants to use the power of her love to ensure that eventually Soham will come back to her.
So, Archana ensures that both Balan and Vishnu get bail and are now out of jail even though they have to make daily appearances in the police station and the court case will happen in 10 days, where Manav has pledged that he will give correct testimony and ensure that justice happens. He is worried about what will happen when both Balan and Vishnu get out of jail, whether they will threaten the family and any other impact. Balan does try to threaten Archana in public but Savita is there and she shouts at Balan enough that he fears attack from other people over there and leaves.
On the other hand, there is a lot of tension between Arjun and Ovi, since Ovi believes that Arjun is also maintaining a relationship with Purvi, but Archana assures her that there is nothing, and Arjun also tries to explain to her that there is nothing, and when Arjun and Purvi had met, that was because of some other circumstances.
Balan comes to Manav's company to threaten him, but Manav gets him thrown out of the company and Balan tries to take revenge. He cuts the wire underneath the car, but Archana is in the car and the brakes have failed. In the end, it is Soham who is nearby who is passing by who saves her and takes her to the hospital and also learns that it was Balan who cut the brakes.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Jagya finally manages to come back in the house

Things are getting more complicated on the show. With Anandi due to get married to Shivam, his Choti Ma does not like the fact that she is a divorcee and is also unhappy over the fact that Jagya is also there in the village. She has been mollified by telling her that Jagya is no longer part of the family and his actions have been condemned by everybody in the family. Anandi is also not soft towards him, but her natural tendencies is not to be harsh towards anyone, or to think badly of anybody, and hence she does not even understand all the motives of Jagya.
Jagya has been very angry with the attitude of his family towards him, after all, he is the son of the family, and blames Anandi for whatever has happened to him from his family's side. He wants revenge, and they show him having a discussion with himself over what is the right way and what is the wrong way, and finally he agrees that he is the one who has been wronged, that Anandi is the one who has done this, and that he wants revenge.
So, first order is to ensure that he changes the attitude of people towards him. He admits that he assaulted a villager, agrees to work for him till he has undone the damage, and then in a series of remarkable events, ensures that the villagers now see him as a good guy. He also manages to ensure that his family finally forgives him, but Bhairon is not so happy over this, and Shiv does not want him to come anywhere near Anandi.
Now that Jagya has managed to come home, his next step is to ensure that the problems are all overcome, and the final problem is that Anandi is away from him, and he tells Dadisa that he wants Anandi back, and she is shocked at his statement, but will she support him ?

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Latika accuses Adi, Pankhuri saves him

The serial is taking an interesting turn, moving the story on its head. So far the lead characters of Aditya and Pankhuri were moving away from each other, with each of them supposed to marry different people - Aditya was supposed to be marrying Latika while Pankuri was supposed to be marrying Shivam. The marriage of Pankhuri and Shivam was a pressure marriage, with family pressure causing the marriage. On the other and, the marriage of Adi and Latika was supposed to happen because they were of the right social class for the marriage, and were right for each other.
However, things did not turn out this way. The marriage of Adi and Latika was abruptly ended because of a major fight between Harish and Avantika during the mehendi ceremony, and as a result, Adi got so angry that he called off his own marriage, leaving both Latika and her mother surprised and angry. In fact, they were in a problem financially and hence needed the marriage to happen. So Latika told her mother that she will do something to ensure that it happens.
Soon after Adi and Nana played a trick to get harish and Avantika together again, with the premise that Adi had been kidnapped while he was hiding away. Pankhuri got to know and went to meet him and Latika also found out from Pankhuri and went to meet him as well. On the way back, there were riots and hence Pankhuri had to come back because of security reasons and spent the night in his room (and you know that there will be a lot of problems because of this).
The next day Latika stated that Aditya had assaulted her, but then Pankhuri managed to save the situation by stating how she was in the room all night, thus preventing the claim from Latika. Shivam also reached the place at the same time, and was shocked to hear this.
What will happen now is that Pankhuri's marriage to Shivam will get broken because of accusations that she had an affair with Adi, and Adi will turn up in Kullu to save her reputation and will marry her.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Shakti goes after Pratigya, but Samar harmed

The serial continues to show drama between the members of the house, and with villains like this in the house, who needs to have enemies outside the house. So it is in this case, where Shakti keeps on plotting against Krishna and Pratigya, and even against his own father when he believes that his father is favoring his own brother. A few times, they have found Shakti guilty of plotting against Sajjan Singh when Shakti got the property transferred to his name by false premises, and there was a lot of effort done to ensure that these properties were returned back to Sajjan Singh. Even after, Sajjan Singh gave some punishment to Shakti, but he remained in the house even after that.
Now, Shakti is very angry over the marriage of his sister Komal with Karthick, since Kartik belongs to a different caste, and is also angry at his family members since they allowed this marriage to happen. He blames Pratigya for most of the changes happening in his house and looks for a tactic that he can get rid of her without the blame coming on him.
On the roof, he finds a place which can allow him to get this done. He sees a weak portion that would collapse and keeps her sari over that portion and also applies oil on the metal so that when she would try to catch the metal, her hands would slip and she would fall down. On the other hand, however, his own son Samar goes to the roof and falls for this trap and falls down, and is then rushed to hospital. Shakti realizes that his own plotting almost caused his own son to die and Sajjan Singh also blames him for the same.
At the same time, Pratigya and Krishna have gone to a village since they believe that the Pandit's wife is actually their Amma, but the lady does not recognize them even when try hard; even when Sajjan Singh is there, Amma does not recognize any of them and sends them back. 

Hindi TV Serials - Bade Acche lagte Hain - Pihu brings Ram and Priya closer together

Ever since Ram found out that Priya was alive and had been away from him for 5+ years and also had a daughter (his daughter) in that period, he was very angry with her for keeping his daughter away from him and had told Priya that he wanted custody of Pihu, that he did not consider that there was a valid marriage between them, and he wanted to punish Priya for keeping Pihu away from him for 5 years. Whenever he would meet Piya, he would taunt her, tell her that she lied to him, and that he would take custody of Pihu no matter what he did.
However, this did not extend to anybody else criticizing Priya. So if Ayesha tried to make a mark for herself by criticizing the behavior of Priya, Ram had scolded her on more than one occasion and told her to keep her comments to herself. Ayesha was very worried that eventually Priya would take Ram away from her, and from the lavish lifestyle that she was leading as a result of being Mrs. Ram Kapoor.
But it turns out that Pihu is bringing Ram and Priya closer again. They need to go for a school admission for Pihu, and for this purpose, they need to work together. At the school that Priya wanted Pihu to go, Ram raises a number of questions and they step out of the school for now. And then in the parking lot, Pihu tells Priya that she wanted to go back to Dubai since Ram was so nice and happy, and now in Mumbai he is forever angry. Ram is very shocked by this and both of them decide that in front of Pihu, they will not argue or do something like that.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Seamier side of Anu revealed

Things are getting more complicated. As if the broken relationship between Pradeep and Mona was not enough, there was the planning going on for 2 marriages, the marriage between Pradeep and Anuska, and the marriage between Mona and Vineet. For quite some time, Mona was shown as very unenthusiastic about marriage between her and Vineet, but both Vineet and her father-in-law, Alok, were very keen. Vineet's parents were not enthusiastic about their son marrying a divorcee who has 3 children, but finally they are also agreed. Others in the household such as Mallika, the sister-in-law is trying to intervene but nobody is really listening to her.
Till now they have shown Anushka as an arrogant and strong willed person, who will do whatever she has to do; but now they are showing more details about her, such as the fact that she is already married and actually had done fraud in a previous company. They do all this by introducing a new character, Shaurya, who scares Anushka whenever she hears his voice on the phone; and then he lands there and starts threatening Anushka by saying that he will reveal the truth about her to everybody unless she gives him a lot of money. She does not have that kind of money, and starts looking for money, primarily to see where she can steal this much money.
Things get interesting, since Mona finds out about his background and tells everybody in the house to beware of him, but then Anushka slaps Mona but before something else can happen, Suhasi tells her that Anushka is the daughter of the house while Mona is moving out and hence should listen to Anushka. Mona is not very happy about this, but accepts it and also persuades Alok about this. The next item of discussion is about whose marriage will Alok and Suhasi attend, if both of them fall on the same date.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - Jeevika runs away, but Viraat brings her back

Ever since Jeevika did the donation which saved the life of her sister, Maanvi, there was a lot of drama in the family. Because of this decision, she took the decision to abort her pregnancy, without informing anybody except Viren. Once this was known, Buaji did not like this decision and made her displeasure known to Jeevika. Jeevika was very guilty over what had happened and told Buaji that she will pay her punishment for this action.
Now, the marriage of Maanvi and Virat was going to happen and this was the time that Jeevika decided to exercise her punishment, and decided that she will not attend the marriage and will infact leave the family at that point of time. And so it happens, when the marriage was happening, Buaji could see that Jeevika was making her way out and even though Buaji was pushing for the punishment, she was still shocked when she heard what was being planned. She tried to stop Jeevika but Jeevika did not stop.
Jeevika had left a message on Viren's phone, but he was very busy and was not able to listen to the message till the time that she had actually left; after that it was a matter of trying to locate her and finally Virat was able to find her (he refused to go on with the marriage till she was found and came back to the house). Only after that was the marriage resumed.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavita Rishta - Finally catching up with Soham

After other matters in the serial have been resolved, it was the turn of Varsha and Soham to be found. Ever since some photos were seen which showed Varsha alive and present at the engagement of Arjun, there was a quest to actually find them. Archana was very anxious to find Soham, since she had always thought that Soham and Varsha was dead, and she had already got her other children back to her after the expose of Savita revealed that the separation of Archana from Manav was actually caused by Savita.
Finally they manage to catch up with Varsha, but she refuses to tell them anything about Soham or what has become of him. Then Varsha is tailed till she goes back to Bihar where Soham (now Vishnu) is revealed to have become a bahubali and is celebrating this. There Varsha and Balam claim that Soham was actually dead  when Varsha came there, and he has been dead for 18 years. However, Manav and Archana do not really believe this and talk to the neighbors who reveal that the photo of Soham that they are having is actually Vishnu (rather, only Archana knows this, not Manav).
Archana immediately goes to the stage where Soham is present, but he is scared to see her and wonders whether she has come there to arrest him, and puts a gun to her head and takes her off to the jungle. Manav chases them and when he sees an opportunity, he shoots Soham; Archana is distraught and tells Manav that Vishnu is actually their long lost son Soham. Manav is horrified and surrenders to the police.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - High drama at the wedding, Adi calls of the wedding

A few episodes back, the serial revealed the reason for the anger that Avantika felt for her ex-husband Harish. She had seen a document related to an abortion, and because of that, she left him because he was having an affair with somebody else, and this is the tension that continued between them, and which probably made her so bitter for such a long time. And this news will come out a time that is most inopportune, and so it did, at the occasion of the festivites related to the marriage of their son, Aditya, with Latika.
At the mehendi ceremony where Pankhuri had tried to get the family together, including even getting Avantika and Harish to do a dance together, tempers flared between them, with an angry Harish telling Avantika about how she always felt that she was right, and that she was the one who moved away from him, which led to the separation. Eventually, this provoked Avantika enough that she revealed the secret about why she had moved out, because Harish had an affair. Before Harish could say too much more about this further, Adi had got angry enough about the fight between them that he declared that he did not want to get married because if this how a marriage is like, he did not want to get married.
This shocked everybody, but the ceremony was now over. After some time, Adi decided that he wanted to know the truth, and went to Harish's house to find out the truth, but Harish refused to provide any more details. If there was indeed not an affair, then one probable reason was that Harish was covering up for somebody else who was close, and even now, after so many years, he would not want to reveal any more details of what had happened.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Shyaam finally exposed to Anjali

The serial just ended up one of its mechanisms for showing villains and drama. Till now, the serial used to be able to spend a significant amount of time showing something or the other that Shyaam used to do and the impact of those actions. So, Shyaam was the one who was trying different methods of killing Anjali earlier, he was the one who was trying to get married to Khushi while married to Anjali, he was the one who had kidnapped Arnav, he was the one who came back into the house through the method of creating a drama by harming Anjali and then pretending that he was the one who could support Anjali.
The biggest mistake he did was to allow Arnav to see that there were cameras hidden inside the house, and towards that end, Arnav and Khushi were then able to see inside Shyam's laptop while keeping Shyam busy elsewhere, and there they were able to see something that made them very angry. They knew that Shyam could do anything, but in the videos, they were able to see that Shyaam was the one who did a sequence of steps that lead to Anjali falling down and losing her baby, and this knowledge horrified them. They could not leave Anjali in the company of Shyam after that and it was necessary that Anjali got to know the truth.
So, they found a occasion and decided to do a drama, and in the middle of the drama, started indicating what had happened and then showed the video clips that proved that there was a lot done to harm Anjali and her baby; and this together with the overall drama somehow caused Shyam to burst out the truth about what he had done. And this finally led Anjali to believe that Shyam was the main culprit and she slapped him.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Divorce between Vikram and Neha becomes known at birthday party

For quite some time now, the serial has been showing a pending divorce between Vikram and Neha, and this was surprising for viewers since there was no background given as to why this was happening. After all, after the 5 year break, suddenly this came into the picture and the serial kept on showing this without providing any reason. Even when Ram got involved in this discussion, he was unable to do anything much about this, since they told him that this divorce was something that was going to happen and he would not be able to do anything about this.
Soon after, this got over-shadowed with the time when Ram and Priya met, and Ram went into shock. Once he came out of hospital, instead of the reunion that a number of viewers were expecting, they showed Ram very angry over what has happened and about Priya not telling him about her being alive for 5 years in the past. He wants custody of Pihu and now, in his anger, proclaims that Ayesha is his wife.
And then the birthday party for Rahul was the biggest problem. The cake that was unveiled occasion blew everybody away, since it disclosed that the divorce was going to happen, leaving everybody shocked. Their children were shocked the most, especially Rahul, since he could not believe that his parents had not told him that they were going to be divorced. As also the reason for the divorce, the truth that Vikram had another child long back. Will the effort to prevent this divorce break the anger that Ram has in him, since he feels that he will need the support of Priya to convince them to re-consider their divorce ?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara...- Marriage preparations are on, but ..

The serial is a fast moving serial, not like many other serials which take a lot of time to move from one point to point. The serial is primarily the story of Aditya, whose parents Avantika and Harish separated a long time back bitterly and who are not exactly the best of friends now. Over this, Adi no longer really believes that a marriage is a relationship that is meant for him, and lives life as per his terms. Because of the history of his family, where his mother Avantika is also a businesswoman and far richer than his father, he also does not have exposure to many customs and rituals. His mother's father, played by Mukesh Khanna is far more traditional in terms of believing in relationships, and such, but is not able to make the impression he would like. Since Adi stays with Avantika, he is not so very close to his dad, but otherwise respects him.
Adi goes to Kullu and meets Pankhuri, who is a well mannered girl. His grandfather and her family want this relationship to happen, but there are misunderstandings because of which Adi takes the whole thing negatively. But by the end of his trip, he does not carry negative feelings and becomes friends with Pankhuri. However, this would have stopped there, but Pankhuri's studies causes her to come to Mumbai for internship and after some disturbances, she starts staying in Adi's house at the instance of his grandfather. Avantika really does not like this, and does not speak nicely to her most times.
Avantika also does not like any closeness between Adi and Pankhuri and wants Adi to marry Latika, and after some taunts and the like, Pankhuri pushes him for this marriage and the marriage is set. However, Adi really does not have any kind of love for Latika, and both of them feel that they are close to each other (Adi and Pankhuri) in some way. Adi's Mama and Mami also try to play a negative role overall, with his Mami wanting to get back at Avantika in some way or the other.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Finally Varsha is back

The serial, many months back, split the multiple characters into different directions, and is slowly bringing them back. Before the time lapse, Varsha had run off with Soham causing huge tensions between Manav and Archana, and then Manav decided to go to Canada and Savita twisted things around so that there was a long separation between the two, with the children going up without their mother and Savita telling them bad things about Archana. Soham also got into the wrong hands, and became Vishnu, the son of a small time gang.
First the story slowly weaved back the story of Manav and Archana. First, the good nature of Achana slowly got people to shed their hostility towards her, but this would not have been enough. It was Teju who overheard a conversation between Savita and Sachin, which helped to resolve all the issues and reconciled Archana and Manav and also caused everybody to know that it was Savita who was responsible for creating their differences.
So, one end of the thread was resolved. Now remains the story of Varsha and Soham (now known as Varsha). Varsha landed up in the city after Soham, and once Manav got to know that Varsha was still alive, he went after her, even publishing posters and others and putting people on the lookout for her. And finally Varsha has been caught, but is not disclosing the current whereabouts of Soham.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Bitter rivalry between Krishna and Shakti

The serial shows an on and off rivalry between the brothers, and most of the time, there is always tension between Krishna and Shakti, with Shakti feeling that his younger brother getting the attention of their father Sajjan Singh and would eventually get the benefit of the wealth that Sajjan Singh already has. In fact, the regular tension between them and the actions that they take against each other means that they would typically not need any enemy. In fact, one enemy that they face who almost traps them is Abhimanyu, the illegitimate son of Sajjan Singh who tries everything possible to trap them and also create problems within the family. In the end, Abhimanyu is on the verge of carrying out his mission when he finally gets trapped, and almost shop by Sajjan Singh before Pratigya stops Sajjan Singh from killing him.
On the other hand, there is a lot of happiness in store for Pratigya and Krishna. Due to medical treatment, the sperm count increased till the point where the doctor now said that there was hope (which is also an indicator to viewers that if they are not having a child, there are a number of medical treatments). Finally, Pratigya learnt that she was pregnant, something which brought a lot of happiness for everybody in the family, except for Shakti and Kesar. In the case of Kesar, it was a clear case of betrayal, since it was Pratigya who brought her back into the house from the mental asylum, and who eventually caused Shakti to accept her. For Kesar now to feel so jealous of the new incoming child, and to feel that this new arrival would be to cause detriment to her own child Samar was incredible, but the fact that she tried to poison Pratigya so that the child would die was incredible.

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Bhabho concerned over praise to Sandhya

The serial continues to show the social situation in small town India, which is conservative and where woman have to face the brunt of not being treated equally. Woman are supposed to be eventually married off and sent off to their husband's house to live, and take care of his family members. This had led to a condition where they are not treated equally, not provided the same amount of education and other such benefits as the male members of the family. While this may seem unfair and something that the Government and society needs to continue to do to make fair, this is a reality that is depicted in a number of serials that are now showing up more and more in current serials.
In the current case, there is an unstated fear that Sandhya, even though she was married and had not mentioned her education again, would again want to move ahead with her education. Bhabho has a big fear that Sandhya will get awakened again some time about her ambitions, and with suraj also supporting her, she will want to start working again towards her education as well as joining the IPS. With the actions taken by Sandhya to prevent a terrorist attack in the city, there is a lot of recognition and commendations coming her way, which makes the family happen; but Bhabho is concerned. She also tells Sandhya that she wanted Lakshmi, not Durga or Kali in her home. Which means that she wanted a home maker in her family, not somebody who will play a public profile.
So, there is some amount of tension in the house, with Bhabho not comfortable with the public functions that are being organized in favor of Sandhya, although Bhabhasa and Suraj are very comfortable with this. Also, Sandhya gets some very good news in terms of her brother and sister-in-law having a daughter (something which Bhabho mentions as not being as good as having a son), and leaves for sometime to take care of them.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnav comes to the mandap and goes ahead with the marriage

This episode suddenly became one of the most decisive ones of the relationship, where Arnav had already come to know the role of Garima in making him an orphan, with Dadi telling him the truth so that he would not go ahead with the relationship. This made him very angry and you could see him taking out his frustration in a garden, breaking a few things. He finally reaches the mandap where the previous episode left it like that, leaving it undecided as to whether he would go ahead with the marriage.
The serial takes the logical step, where Arnav has already remembered his mother's advice where she asked him always to be sure of what is wrong and not to blame where there is no blame, and that is what Arnav does. He says that Khushi is not to blame, and the marriage will happen. When Dadi steps in, he tells her that the blame was actually his father's and Garima was not to blame; and also tells Dadi that if she does not accept this, she can also leave. And so Dadi leaves.
There is happiness everywhere, with Anjali also blessing the marriage even though Shyam expresses feelings against the marriage, but Anjali does not listen and continues with her blessings for the marriage. During the marriage there are some flashbacks as well, and then the serial moves to Arnav's house where Khushi is welcomed in the traditional manner. However, there is still Shyaam, and he will do something, including using a webcam to do spying on their suhagraat.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram very angry at Priya, wants Pihu

For those who were expecting a reconciliation between Priya and Ram, the serial initially gave rise to these expectations. When they showed Ram getting up, and calling Priya, Priya had a dream whereby Ram and she had a nice interaction. However, at the same time, things could be getting problematic was clear when they showed Ram thinking of the different time periods when Pihu was growing up, whether this be the first time that she was going to school, and so on. Ram could see himself at these times, but was not able to make his presence felt, and you could see that things were not going well, since he was getting in a angrier mood.
And so when the interaction between Ram and Priya finally went, Ram was shown in an extreme anger mode. Even in the past, whenever Ram was angry, he would never listen to what anybody else was saying and only after he had cooled down were things explained to him and in some cases, he would realize that he was making a mistake.
Ram finally told Priya that he was not interested in the marriage, and he wanted the custody of Pihu, wanted to ensure that the time period for which he was deprived of the presence of Pihu, he wanted to ensure that Piya suffered the same period of deprivation. Now, the next few episodes might be about what the rest of the family would do to ensure that Ram's anger went down and there was a reconciliation between Ram and Priya, but one does not know what further Ayesha will do.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The marriage breaks up

The serial has gone into mega-drama mode. It was expected that the marriage between Khushi and Arnav would not be smooth, given that the makers of the serial have been pushing the story of Garima and the confrontation between Garima and Dadi and Dadi's efforts to ensure that the marriage does not happen. Dadi did not block the events leading to the marriage, and Arnav was anyhow not listening to her.
However, things got problematic on the day of the marriage. Dadi finally unveils her weapon and takes Arnav aside and tells him the whole story of Garima, and how her presence and actions caused him and Anjali to become an orphan. This really shocks Arnav. While Arnav is shocked, Dadi goes to the marriage mandap and starts talking to Garima, and ultimately everybody learns about the past and how this caused their two families to have interacted in the past, not in a good way.
And then Dadi leaves from there, leaving everybody shocked. Khushi is shocked, but does not move from there. For a long time, there is no movement, everybody else leaves and it is only the families who are staying there. Even though Buaji thinks that Khushi is in shock, Khushi does not move from there saying that Arnav will come and she does not want to move from there since Arnav would come. In the meantime, Arnav is going through a lot of disorientation, remembering both his interactions with his mother, and with Kshushi and is very confused. He does finally come to the mandap, but the serial leaves it vague about what will happen next, since they show Arnav being very bitter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Ayesha to turn more negative after Priya shows up

There were a few people who were speculating that after Priya shows up, everything will be fine again, and there will be quick reconciliations, but serials don't work on that basis. First of all, there is the big open question about the marriage between Ram and Ayesha, even though it was meant to shelter Ayesha when she was pregnant with Sid's child. The marriage, even though it did not give any emotional shelter to Ayesha, gave her a status very different from what she had earlier. She was now much feted, had a lot of press appeal, and so on. The re-appearance of Priya threatens all that, and the serial has moved Ayesha into a negative role, where she will look to challenge Priya and claim her status as the wife.
The legal position on that is apparently not so simple, since Ram is technically guilty of bigamy, but if he had got a legal death certificate for Priya (which in itself is pretty difficult, since the lack of a body would take this into a case where he would have to wait before a death certificate could be issued), then the marriage would be legal. Right now, I believe that the marriage between Ram and Ayesha is illegal, and Priya remains the legal married wife.
There was a confrontation between Priya and Ayesha, where Ayesha wanted to make her position clear, she is the wife and will not agree to any kind of status for Priya. However, in the normal tone of Priya, she denied that she had any motives, did not use Pihu as a way to get closer to Ram and so on, but she did make a position clear. She told Ayesha that she would not go away until Ram told her to go away, which Ayesha knows is a difficult thing. At the same time, Mamaji was trying to create doubts about the closeness between Priya and Rajat in Dubai.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Megha paralyzed from the neck down

Just when you think that the makers of the serial cannot twist the story any further, there were the promos which showed Megha suffering a neck injury that left her paralyzed from the neck down, a major problem since the person loses control of their limbs and is unable to do anything other than speak, breathe and eat. They are dependent on other people to do everything for them, to be totally responsible for them. This is something that has afflicted Megha after the accident, and everybody is shocked at what happens.
This brings to the fore, the problems that are there in the family. Renu essentially thinks only for herself and can't really stand Megha, and also Mohan. She believes that since Megha is now married off to Mohan, there is no need for the family to think about this. At that point, the hospital bill has been presented, and it is a huge sum. Megha's father-in-law is scurrying around about how to raise the money to pay the bill, and at that time, when the ask comes for various people to contribute, everybody rises. Mohan is trying to raise the money, and for that, he sells the bike. On other side, the FIL is trying to get money, including from the insurance policy, and at that time, Sanjay puts the car keys over there. Renu is shocked, and takes out the key from there. Things escalate, and then his own father tells Sanjay that he wants them to move out, that they don't need any help for taking care of Megha. Sanjay is shocked, and almost slaps Renu (a scene that Hindi Serials should avoid, since the concept should not be to hit the wife even when she is doing wrong, since that seems to support physical violence).
Mohan finally swallows his pride, and seems to get money from his father for the hospital, even though this means compromising on his principles, but then he needs the money, and then he makes payment (although the serial does not actually show him taking the money from his father).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The wedding approaches, but will Dadi do something ?

The serial is making viewers sit on the edge of their seats, waiting for something to happen at the last minute. Dadi recognized Garima, scolded her, and told her that she will not let Garima's daughters cause problems in her house. As the first step, she will not let the marriage of Khushi and Arnav proceed; Garima pleads with her not to do this, but Dadi is pretty vehement in what she wants. Shyaam, who is in the background, is very happy about this, and wants all this to happen, since this will be his revenge for whatever happened to him (anyhow, for somebody who caused the death of his own unborn child, this is a minor moral issue). Shyam even arranges to get a photo cleared up which showed Arnav's father and Garima.
However, Shyam is upset when he sees Dadi not trying to do anything to stop the marriage, instead she hands a ceremonial bracelet to Khushi, explaining later that she felt this was the best thing to do for the marriage. And post this, the serial proceeds on a more fun filled direction, showing a lot of festivities, where people do skits mocking the love affair of Arnav and Khushi, and so on. And in her innocence, Khushi tells Arnav and NK that a bachelor party is fine, but when Payal tells her what a bachelor party is, she gets very angry and goes to disturb the party; where Arnav pacifies her and tells her that he would never do such a thing. And then they have intimate moments, not going all the way but showing Arnav and Khushi reaching for a kiss, and then .. do not show more.
Now, the promo is the interesting part, since it shows Dadi telling Arnav about Garima, and asking him whether he really wants to marry Khushi ? I would think that he should go ahead with the marriage, but it will make the serial less interesting for the makers of the serial, and they would like to show more controversy.

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