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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Jyoti on Imagine TV - Kabir saves Sushma's life and gets a much better reaction in the house

The last time Kabir was with Jyoti, there was widespread opposition within the Sharma household to him, especially since because of the curfew, Jyoti was out the whole night with Kabir; as a result, Kabir had to listen to things from various people in the Sharma household, and even Jyoti had somewhat cooled off on Kabir and told him to keep some distance from her on a personal nature, even though they would work together on the dance troupe. However, everything changes when Sushma is depressed, and wandering outside.
Her parents and family are not able to contact Sushma, and are worried about her. She is in the path of a truck, when Kabir saves her from the truck, and brings her back home. And to the contrast last time, this time everybody wants to hear the story, and when they find out that Kabir had saved Sushma, he becomes the hero, welcome in the house, and even invited for food. Padma also sees that Kabir may be able to help Deepu get a job, and thus have to avoid working for his father-in-law, even though KK has no issues with Deepu working for his father-in-law.
Sudha is still passing on communication between Jyoti and Pankaj, even though they are now divorced, and Pankaj is married to somebody else (after having turned out Jyoti from his house). When Pankaj hears that Kabir is there, he does get jealous.
On the other hand, Brij is at home, depressed and angry. He is liable to scream at people, although he is also getting it back from various people at whom he screams, including a young mother who tells Brij that he will die without a family if he does not mend his ways.

Hindi TV Serials - Yeh Pyaar No Hoga Kam - Abeer and Leher moving towards an engagement ?

Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam is a show that was started on Colors a few months back, looking at the relationships between families of different castes, especially in a small town such as Lucknow, where a love affair between young people from different castes can cause huge social issues, and lead to a lot of talk (something which would be far more rarer in the metro cities where there is no expectation that people would care about what other people are doing).
The shows takes 2 families, a Brahmin family (Bajpayees) and a Kayasth family (Mathur). The family heads of both families really don't like each other, and don't interact like neighbors do. The son of the Bajpayee family, Abeer (played by Gaurav Khanna) goes to a local college, and with a well to do family, he does not have too many cares in the world, till he sees the new people in the neighborhood, the elder brother of the Mathurs (along with family). This family also comprises of a girl called Leher (played by Yami Gautam), who initially stays away from Abeer, since she has been cautioned by her uncle against the boys of the neighborhood. However, Abeer is always trying to help in one way or the other, and slowly she starts warming up to him, and now both of them are in love.
And now the families of both of them also get to know, something that neither set of fathers are happy with, but as the story would move, Abeer's father will take the initiative to talk to Leher's father for the sake of his son, and eventually a grand engagement will be planned (what happens in the engagement is another story though).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santo in serious trouble, believed to have got into another relationship

Like any other serial, Bandini also believes in subjecting its chief character to multiple problems, to various character assassinations, and other problems; this ensures that people loving drama remain interested, and also that getting characters out of this drama can ensure long series of episodes of multiple weeks each. And so is the case with Bandini, where Santu seems to be getting into problems all the time.
In this case, Rudra was trying to get close to Santu, even when he came to know that Santu was the wife of DM (and this was something suspicious, when somebody comes to know that the person you are trying to flirt with is a powerful man, and also the head of the house in which you are currently staying, then most people will step back. This is even more true when the lady herself has slapped you, and another member of the household has also threatened you). And he showed a burst of anger when Santu slapped him again, and cornered her in a room.
When they were found, Rudra knew that he was in trouble. However, he turned the tables on everyone by claiming that both Santu and he were in love, that DM was wrong for having married a lady half his age, and also that Santu and he had done nothing wrong. And of course, he was slapped and cursed, but the anger also started getting reflected on Santu. From all appearances, it seemed that everybody in the house believed that she could be the wrong one in this, with Ba being the only who seemed some non-believing; Santu seemed shocked that everyone could so easily believe this, with even DM and her own sister also believing it. Now what will happen in this household ?

Video of Bandini 27th April 2010 - NDTV Imagine - Part 1

Bandini 27th April 2010 - NDTV Imagine - Part 2

Bandini 27th April 2010 - NDTV Imagine - Part 3

Bandini 27th April 2010 - NDTV Imagine - Part 4

Long running music talent program - new season of Indian Idol on Sony TV

Indian Idol is a long running serial on Sony TV, now running on the 5th edition (the show itself being modeled on a popular American serial of the same type and format). The concept of the show is fairly simple; people from all over the country can apply to showcase their talent (and by now, the auditions of Indian Idol are huge, with a large number of people from all over the country wanting to apply), and then take part in several rounds, being judged by eminent musicians and singers (a jury of 3, out of which Anu Malik seems to be the ever-present member).
Over a period of time, the winner of the contest gets a lot of fame, the opportunity to get a break into the singing industry, and also huge awards from the sponsors (in this case, a 1 year contract with Sony BMG, and also 1 crore as prize money). The winner of the First Indian Idol was Abhijeet Sawant, who is also one of the presenters for the show, the other being Prajakta Shukre (who placed 4th in the first season of Indian Idol). The judges for this season have been changed, with Anu Malik remaining (he remains the judge with the sharpest tongue, claiming that he is a straight talking person), with the others being the singer, Sunidhi Chauhan, as well as the musician and singer Salim Merchant. Both of them are a bit softer on the contestants, but otherwise have their own opinions, and it is also pretty clear that they will take their own decisions (not swayed by Anu Maik). In addition, it is also rumored that the channel would prefer that there be always some amount of conflict so that the show also remains interesting.

Video of Indian idol 5 Auditions 26th April 2010

Indian idol 5 Auditions 26th April 2010 Episode 1

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Do Hanso Ka Joda - How Preeti is moving closer to her husband Surya Kamal

Do Hanso ka Joda is a show on Imagine TV that looked it was based on the hit Shahrukh movie - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. After all, you had a character who was a plain person, spectacled, and even looked like the character in the movie. And he gets married to a girl who wanted a romantic life, somebody who would be very different from the person whom she got married to. After all, Preeti wanted a person who was a shining knight, who would sweep her up and take her away to the land of her dreams, and Surya Kamal certainly did not fit that profile.
However SuryaKamal was a person with a lot of strength and attractiveness of his own, once you got to know him; so, over a period of time, the quiet love, as well as the space he gave Preeti slowly started winning Preeti over, and she got over her dreams and started falling in deep love with him. And of course, Surya Kamal was always in love with her.
But there are many challenges that they have to face. Surya Kamal's mother (rather step-mother) is used to having a son who listens only to her, and also never liked Preeti from the beginning, and does not leave a chance to show the effect of her sharp tongue on both of them. And this has an effect, when, Surya Kamal and Preeti spend some days outside, and once they are back, they are greeted with many abuses by his mother because his sister has had to be taken to hospital (and Surya Kamal loves this sister a lot). The blame for neglecting his sister has been put on Surya Kamal and Preeti, and he also believes this to some extent, and as a result, he starts to believe that his profound attraction towards Preeti is affecting his responsibilities.
On the other side, Preeti's cousin, Sumi married somebody who would seem much more attractive and desirable, a young and dashing person called Rishi; however, this is very different outside. Rishi is without any major feelings for Sumi, beats her, exploits her for his business, and believes that she will always do everything that he says.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli - the twisted relations, and how easy marriage is

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli is a serial that comes on Zee TV, and is produced by Rajshri Productions. The serial is about the life of people revolving around a house along with the fight between their fathers, and the relations between their children, especially when the children get married. So, you have a house called Swarn Bhavan, a majestic house in Ujjain. The house is the property of the rich Thakur family, Thakur Uday Pratap Singh, who is somewhat proud of his house and family name. However, in a change of circumstances, the Thakur is brought down to earth when he keeps on losing money, and finally has to put his house on the block. And the person who moved him out of his house is the son of his own driver, Jagmohan Prasad, who hates the Thakur and wants to humiliate him. He leaves no chance to embarrass the Thakur and kicks him out of the house, with the Thakur having to live in a small house in Ujjain (and this is deeply disturbing for the Thakur). What is even more troubling for the Thakur is that his daughter Swarn Abha is now bringing money into the house through working at the same Swarn Bhavan, working for Jagmohan. And even more so, when Jagmohan, for even more revenge, plots to get Abha married to a drunkard, his son, Karan Prasad marries her (without any registration, without any matras, but taking her around a fire 7 times) to save her from this. She does not accept this, although Karan now accepts her as his wife. But complications arise when an old friend of hers, Sanskar realizes his love for Abha and wants to marry her, while Karan's friend Sania wants to marry Karan. How does Karan prevent Abha from getting married to Sanskar, and will Abha do anything from her side as well ?

Video of Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 24th April Part 1

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 24th April Part 2

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 24th April Part 3

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 24th April Part 4

Hindi TV Serial - Bebo on Star Plus - The struggle between Bebo and Ranno, very crazy

This show is getting troublesome; after all, the concept of a double causing problems to the main person is not new, but in this case, the show has been dragged on for a very long time, and the serial is getting a bit boring now. What happened was that Bebo, after winning a major victory in court against Goldie and Gursheel, had to face trouble, and the trouble that she faced was with a double called Raano who did not like the fact that Bebo was getting everything while Raano did not have anything in life ?
As a result, and with the cooperation of Gursheel and Goldie, Raano made her way back into the life of Amrit, and pushed Bebo down a cliff. But Bebo was not dead, she had just lost her memory and slowly came back into the life of Amrit. But by that time, Raano had taken on the identity of Bebo and claimed that the memory loss hit Bebo was actually Raano. Whenever somebody got a bit curious about some discrepancies in the stories of the real Raano, she would claim that she was not feeling well, or something similar, and evaded any hard questions.
But now, Bebo has remembered everything, and wants to ensure that Raano is not able to continue this drama for too long, but it is a bit difficult for her since Raano is proving to be much cleverer than her, and much smarter. Raano wants to ensure that Bebo is finally kicked out of the house, claiming that the actual Bebo is after Amrit, and is doing many things to try to kick Bebo out of the house. This is getting confusing, right ?
But the net result is that for many weeks now, the game between Raano and Bebo is continuing with one of them being on the right side, and one of the being on the wrong side. But when both of them give their slightly evil feelings (and not too much acting), then they look the same.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dance India Dance - Won by Shakti Mohan from Terrence Ki Toli on 23 April 2010

Dance India Dance is a dance contest that appears on Zee TV, now for 2 seasons. It is one of the few shows (like Indian Idol on Sony) that gives a chance to normal people to show off their skills, in this case, their Dance skills (and in fact, there is no other show that allows ordinary people to show off their dancing skills). It has become fairly popular, attracting a huge amount of attention and ensuring that contestants spend a lot of time preparing for the show, showing dancing skills that are incredible. Now, when you look at some of the finalists, they seem as good as people you see in the movies, and prepare some incredible acts.
Dance India Dance has had a number of celebrity guests such as: Salman Khan, Dia Mirza, Amitabh Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi, Govinda Ahuja, Helen, Arshad Warsi, Jeetendra, Boman Irani, Ritesh Deshmukh, with the judges being Terence Lewis, Remo D'Souza and Geeta Kapur. In addition, Mithun Chakraborty is the Grandmaster of the show, and even has veto powers to use once in the show to change a decision.
After a lot of steps, the last 4 finalists were:
Shakti Mohan, 24 (Mumbai)
Dharmesh Yelande, 27 (Vadodara)
Punit Pathak, 23 (Mumbai)
Binny Sharma, 22 (Ahmedabad)
The final was a long affair (and maybe the show organizers should ensure that the finals should never be so long that they lose the attention of viewers. We started watching the program, but lost interest midway and switched on again only at the end).

Video of Lux Dance India Dance Season 2 April 23 '10 Janta Ka Faisla

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Birwa goes in for a more violent mode, after seeing that nothing was preventing the marriage

Bandini is a serial on Imagine TV that is fairly popular. The serial is essentially based on the struggle of Santu, a girl from a poor household who ends up marrying a much older man, who is also the richest man in the whole area and very influential. She in turn struggles to ensure that her new family does not come to any troubles.
In the current set of episodes, Birwa is very badly frustrated over the fact that Sarang is going to marry Monghi, Santu's sister. When Sarang was after her, she turned him down, but by the time she realized that she wanted to marry Sarang, it was too late. He had started loving Monghi, even though she was much poorer than him. It is Birwa's own father, DM, who moves the marriage forward, even ensuring that Sarang's own father did not raise too many objections. The few objections raised by Sarang's grandmother were also settled, and everything seemed to be fine.
In all this, Birwa, who is trying to prevent the marriage from happening was unable to control her anger. Using her business logic (where a cut diamond has no value), she reasons that if Sarang cannot marry her, he will not be able to marry anyone, she decides to get rid of Sarang, and takes him up a cliff through false pretenses. There, she is just about to attack him when DM's car comes in between and saves Sarang, but DM gets hurt.
When DM comes back home, he is injured and claims that he was in an accident, and that Sarang was nearby and saved him. But Santu hears Sarang and his friend Rudra discussing this, and wants to know more, and tries to pump Rudra for more information. Rudra in turn is flirty, so one wonders how Santu will react when Rudra tries to flirt with her.

Video of Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 1

Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 2

Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 3

Bandini 20th April 20 April 2010 Part 4

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Ammaji and the gang who have held Raghav custody

In Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo, is Ammaji meeting somebody who can be as ruthless as her ? Ammaji runs the house and village with an iron hand, including killing baby girls, punishing people if they go against her, and so on. She even went to the extent of sending a lady from the village to the District Magistrate to satisfy his desires to save herself from the push that he was making against her. And now, in the midst of her effort to prove that she is the leader, she is facing somebody who can be quite ruthless like her.
In the midst of a horse race, Ammaji is sought to be kidnapped by a gang of dacoits. She manages to escape this effort, but soon after, her son Raghav is kidnapped when he is going to report this to the police. This causes a huge amount of consternation in the house, with Sia being very distressed, and Ammaji spewing fire at the people who could dare do something like this.
And now, when Raghav has been captured, Ammaji is called by the dacoits to hear their demands, being called alone. She does carry a pistol, but does not get much of a chance to use it, since Raghav is in custody.
The matter is that the gang of dacoits is being chased by the police, and they want their leader Amba to get safety in Ammaji's haveli for some time. Ammaji really does not like this, but when the safety of Raghav is at stake, then there is no question of not accepting the demands. She fumes over the treatment she will accord to the dacoits once Raghav is safe, but till that time, she has to do whatever they say.

Video of Na Aana iss Desh lado * 20th April 2010 - Part 1

Na Aana iss Desh lado * 20th April 2010 - Part 2

Na Aana iss Desh lado * 20th April 2010 - Part 3

Na Aana iss Desh lado * 20th April 2010 - Part 4

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu on Colors - The appearance of a new character to threaten Bhairon's and Sumitra's marriage

In Balika Vadhu, after the almost death of Anandi, when she saved Jagdish from a bullet, it became all right in the family. Kalyani was again happy, and started favoring Anandi again (given that it took Anandi some time to come out from hospital). It took Anandi some time to get over the shock caused by the bullet, and for some time, her mind was mentally weak.
But how is it possible that everything would go right in the serial ? A Hindi Serial consists of a series of mini-stories, all of them lasting for several weeks, and once a story has started, it will start gripping the story line and would threaten many of the characters in the serial. In this case, there is a threat to the marriage of the one couple whose marriage was never threatened so far, namely that of Bhairon and Sumitra. Till now, the marriages and relations between all the other characters in the serial had come under some strain, and now the same things is happening to their marriage.
A new character has been introduced, this being a lady called Teekri (Sakshi Talwar), who is apparently a childhood friend of Bhairon, but who had been away for many many years. Now she is back, with a sinister purpose. She believes that Bhairon is destined to be married to her, and that Sumitra would need to be removed from Bhairon's life. They show her to be somewhat demented, but she is clever enough that she is trying to make a space for herself with Maasa, and also trying to spoil the relationship between Bhairon and Sumitra. Right now, Anandi has seen what Teekri is trying to do, and she tries to stop the steps being taken by Teekri. On the other hand, Teekri fights back by trying to portray Anandi as being not good for Jagdish, and inauspicious for her.

Video of Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt1

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt2

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt3

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2010 pt4

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta Written Update - Manav playing the role of a good son-in-law

The time has come very close for the wedding of Satish and Varsha. It had earlier been thought that both Archana and Maanav will go to Sulochna Tai's house some days before the wedding, but Archana refuses, since she says that she needs to support the house and Savita tai. So, it gets decided that Maanav will go to the Karanjkar house and provide the required help. In the meantime, Rasika and Ajit get busy in their nefarious planning and decide that for the time being, they will send Vandu home (claiming that since she has not been home after the marriage, it is a good thing for her to do). Archana is suspicious that both of them are upto no good, and they must be planning something more to spoil things, and tells the same to Sulochana. They both worry about whether they will know the secret of Varsha's relationship with her ex-boss, but then decide that Satish is a good person.
In the meantime, Manav is playing the role of the dutiful son-in-law, and wins the heart of everybody in his in-law's house (even though it is very close to the signing of the divorce papers); to the extent that Sulochana would have wished that the relationship did not end. At the same time, Savita tai is starting to recognize the worth of Archana, but she also looks the soon-to-be-born baby as the last sign of her dead son Sachin, and will not stop the divorce of Archana and Manav.
A horrific event happens when Manohar and Manav go to the bank to withdraw money. While Manav goes to get some food to give to a beggar boy, Manohar goes to get the money from the bank. Unknown to him, he is being tailed by a thief, who along with another then steal all the money. Manav then borrows the money from a guy named Girish, and gives that money to Manohar.

Video of Pavitra Rishta 16th April Part 1

Pavitra Rishta 16th April Part 2

Pavitra Rishta 16th April Part 3

Hindi TV Serial - Jamunia on NDTV Imagine - A girl stepping into dangerous territory

Jamunia is a fairly new serial, started on NDTV Imagine. The serial was created by a production house called Beyond Dreams Entertainment Limited (BDEL), a production house based in Mumbai. The serial appears on NDTV Imagine weekdays at 8:30 PM. The serial is about a girl who is getting wedded into a house which is supposed to have a curse on girls who get married into the house.
The name of the girl is Jamunia, and she does not have any parents. She lives with her maternal uncle and with her cousins. None of them really care for her, and if there is a chance where they can make money from her, and yet be rid of her, then that is what they end up doing.
Bodhan is the name of her uncle, and her cousins are called Chatori and Batori, and they do not spare any occasion to torment her. Even her uncle will do whatever he can to try and make some money from her, like when he pushes her in front of a bus to claim some compensation, no matter that she is badly injured. And now he has figured out the best way to make some money from her and also at the same time, get rid of her.
The richest family in the village has an ancient curse laid on them, due to the misdeeds of Gajadhar Raut; as per the curse, any girl married into the family dies soon. The son of the family, Jay, falls in love with Jamuniya, and when the request for the marriage comes, Gajadhar is very happy. Not only will she be rid of by the curse, he will also get money for marrying into such a rich family. However, Jamuniya is not very happy when she hears this as she believes that she is ill-fated (and has been so convinced by her cousins about the same). She even thinks of committing suicide to end this.
Right now, she is going through the various ceremonies of marriage, almost ready to step into the institution of marriage and to go to her married house.

Jamuniya 16th April Video Part 1

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hindi Reality show - Dance India Dance on Zee TV - Cabaret Queen Helen Graces Dance India Dance.

Dance India Dance Season 2 has been graced by some of the biggest names and best dancers in the industry. ‘Jumping Jack’ Jeetendra to our favorite Govinda have both added zing to the stage, but coming on soon will be one who sent pulses rising and hearts beating faster. Helen in her heydays was proclaimed the ‘Cabaret Queen’ of Bollywood and her grace is still intact decades later.
Helen, the ‘cabaret queen’ of Bollywood will grace the last celebrity episode of Lux Dance India Dance. This is the episode wherein all the final 5 contestants will be given a challenge by Geeta Ma to dance to her Bollywood style.
This episode will also declare the 4 finalists for the mega finale that will take place live on 23rd April at Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai.
It will be interesting to watch who will finally win the coveted title of ‘dance ka sabse bada superstar’ but until then, we’ll just sit back and watch awe stuck when Helen throws her moves as Grandmaster Mithun Da along with Remo and Terence try to woo her..!!

Catch the episode on 16th April, 9:30pm exclusively on Zee TV.

Helen with saumya on Zee TV Dance India Dance
Helen with saumya on Zee TV Dance India Dance

Helen with Mithun da on Zee TV Dance India Dance
Helen with Mithun da on Zee TV Dance India Dance

Hindi TV serial - Uttaran - Ichcha finally confronts Tapasya, after Vansh walks out on her on the wedding night

Written update: Ichcha is facing some huge problems in her life. She knows (and so does the rest of her family that Tapasya hates her, and will do things to make her life miserable). In fact, all of them know that Tapasya tries to get Ichcha killed, and yet Ichcha still cannot understand that Tapasya is somebody she should stay away from. In the meantime, Tapasya is planning an even more miserable situation for Ichcha, by ensuring that her future husband, Vansh, gets to know all about the past relationship between Veer and Ichcha, so that her married life will also be miserable, and this will be a true revenge for how Tapasya's married life with Veer was miserable due to Veer being in love with Ichcha.
And how does she do this ? Well, she decides to plaster the bedroom of Vansh and Ichcha with photos of Ichcha and Veer, and her plan seems to slightly backfire when Vansh comes into the room before the marriage, and sees all these photos. He almost decides not to do the marriage, but then is counseled to do the marriage, and agrees, but is shocked.
When they are married and are together, Vansh starts off by being nice and sweet to Ichcha, but this is a a very short time, and soon becomes very sarcastic, and asks her about what her past was. And Ichcha had believes that she had told Vansh all about her past with Veer in a letter, that Tapasya had intercepted and replaced some of the contents. Vansh then leaves the room and the house and Tapasya comes to console Ichcha. Ichcha at this time leans that the letter she had sent to Vansh was actually intercepted, and major chunks of the content was substituted, and for the first time, actually raises her hand to hit Tapasya.

Videos of the serial:

Uttaran * 15th April 2010*HQ*Part1

Uttaran * 15th April 2010*HQ*Part2

Uttaran * 15th April 2010*HQ*Part3

Uttaran * 15th April 2010*HQ*Part4((LAST))

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Ammaji attacked during the horse race by some people in black

Santosh is in real trouble. After trying to run away, she is brought back by Ammaji's men who also kill her relative (but not before Santosh has already met another man). When she is brought back to the house, Ammaji insists on the same thing, that Raghav will be the one who will have physical relations with Santosh so that she can have a baby and there will be no question marks on Jogi after that (it's very simplistic to assume that one night of physical relations would result in pregnancy, that too when the situation is very emotionally traumatic). However, Raghav, even though he knew that he never would do such a thing to his bhabhi, agrees to Ammaji and decides to go to Santosh's room. At this, Sia and the other female members of the house are shocked. However, Raghav becomes fully drunk and later tells Santosh that he would never think of touching her, and in the morning, Santosh also tells Sia that everything is fine and that they did not do anything (but at the same time, telling Ammaji that it had happened).
Soon after, Ammaji decides to take part in the horse race, since that is a matter of great pride for her that she is able to defeat the men in the village in the horse race and is shadowed by her men to ensure her safety. However, there are some people in black who are also pursuing her (a new twist in the story), and when Ammaji is in the lead, a rider in black tries to capture Ammaji (at which Raghav manages to save her). In the next, they show a whole gang discussing about how to capture Ammaji, and otherwise trying to capture her children. When Raghav goes to file a report in the police station, he is indeed captured by the same gang, something that shocks the entire household. Now what will happen ?

Na Aana Iss Desh Lado * 14th April 2010 - Part 1

Na Aana Iss Desh Lado * 14th April 2010 - Part 2

Na Aana Iss Desh Lado * 14th April 2010* - Part 3

Na Aana Iss Desh Lado * 14th April 2010 - Part 4

Na Aana Iss Desh Lado * 14th April 2010 - Part 5

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Finally Armaan realizes about the situation that Riddhima is in

Dil Mil Gaye had at some point in the past, a romantic relationship between the lead pair, Armaan and Riddhima. However, with Armaan out of the scene for a long time, the attention shifted to the second pair of Riddhima and Siddharth. In a twist, Siddharth got married to Riddhima (even though she did not like him, but due to some special circumstances, she had to get married to him for family honor). At the last minute, she tried to commit suicide, which caused Sid a lot of pain, and he turned against her even though he continued with the marriage. But she had decided that this was a proper marriage and she will try to make the best out of it.
However, soon the makers of the serial decided to bring Armaan back, and he came back into the whole situation, all ready to woo Riddhima again, having already come to the conclusion that their previous love affair could continue. However, nobody has the courage to tell him the truth, and hide the fact of Siddharth and Riddhima's marriage from him; and then Armaan finds that Riddhima, to his surprise, seems to be hiding away from him.
In the meantime, Siddharth seems to be on a mission to bring together Riddhima and Armaan, believing that they are meant to be together, and that the marriage was an aberration. However, when Riddhima finds out, she is very angry at him. She scolds Siddharth that she is trying to make the marriage work, and yet here Sid is trying to deceive her, and not support her when she really needs this support. Sid is shocked at this and tries to console her, but she remains angry.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - DM and Birwa get to know the truth behind Sarang, he decides to marry Monghi

Santu has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to clean up the house, even while continuing to earn hatred from people in the house over her declared intent to get money from the house. It is only Baa who realizes all the good that Santu is doing, and starts to counsel DM about this - and DM, who always claims to be a Dharamraj, starts to realize that indeed this is true.
Another episode that affects Santu is the fact about Sarang. Sarang was supposed to come to the house to marry Birwa, who is the perfect businesswoman, with no time for anyone. When Sarang keeps on getting rejected by her, he starts getting drawn towards the younger sister of Santu, Monghi (who was working in the office run by Birwa). However, when accused of trying to kill Toral's children, she is removed from the office. Later, when she is proved innocent, she comes back. By this time, both she and Sarang are in love with each other. Santu tries to counsel her against this, since Sarang is much richer than Monghi, and he is also supposed to be for Birwa. And by this time, Birwa has also started to find herself in love with Sarang, and does not like seeing him with Monghi.
And then a marriage is proposed between Sarang and Birwa, with Sarang not opposing this. Santu tries to stop Monghi, but Monghi does not stop since she claims that Sarang has already proposed to her and she anyhow does not have a high regard for Santu because of the supposed crime committed by Santu of killing a member of Maalik's house.
And then, when Birwa and Sarang have gone to a temple, Sarang is caught trying to quickly marry Monghi, and now the facts are out in the open. Sarang declares that he will marry Monghi (to the shock of Birwa) and Hiten also supports them in this quest. And then DM decides that he cannot stop two people marrying, and will convince Sarang's father about this relationship. And so it happens, with DM finally being able to do this. This makes Santu very happy.

Hindi TV serial - Bidaai - Vasu pretends to be severely sick, but Alekh gets to know the truth

Written update:
Ever since Alekh got to know the truth about Vasu's hand in trying to force his divorce with Sadhana, he had left the house. This action of Alekh had hurt the ego of Vasu so much that she had proclaimed that since Alekh did not know anything much on his own, and had led such a sheltered life, he would realize his mistake and come back to the house and to Vasu within 7 days. However, Alekh had managed to get a job (although he ran into problems because of the lack of qualifications).
Vasu really did not believe that Alekh would be able to survive on his own, however, she did take some precautions to ensure that her condition would be met. However, before this, she got another shock when Ranveer also decided to quit the house where his brother and bhabhi are not accepted, and leaves. Vasu comes across mamaji in the morning, and tries to blame him for everything; however, he does not accept it and tells that her if she really wanted to understand, maybe she should try to understand that everything is happening because of her.
Next, Vasu decides that she will give a shock to the Sharma family and decides that Vineet cannot continue to work in her company anymore and hence she decides to fire him. Inderjeet tried to intervene but by then Vinu had decided to quit the job since his self-respect had gone. However, Malti is shocked when she gets to hear about this, and tries to take this out on Sadhana at home. Vinu and mamaji both respond very negatively to this, with Vinu almost raising his hand, but is stopped by Sadhana.
However, then Vasu decides to play her trump card; in the middle of an argument with Inderjeet, she claims that she is not feeling well, and is rushed to hospital where the doctor claims that she had a minor heart attack. Both her sons are shocked and come to the hospital leaving everything. And then Alekh gets to know by accident that everything is fine with her, and she was acting with the doctors supporting her. When the family gets to know, they are even more shocked.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - 12/24 Karol Bagh - Anuj gets out of jail, after his family bails him out

Things are moving the right way for Simi and Abhi to some extent, given that they managed to rescue the brother Anuj from the wrong company of Rajeev Bhalla, and also managed to rescue the father from being harmed by the combination of Rajeev Bhalla and Anuj. They also managed to get Manju to see the current situation, and understand that Mili, Simi, and Abhi were on the correct side. When Manju got to know about the truth, and how Anuj had pushed his father down the stairs, she got Anuj locked up in jail along with Rajiv Bhalla.
But Simi was not very happy with all this. She was happy that her father was saved from danger, but Anuj was her own brother, and she wanted to get him out of jail. So she managed to get bail papers, but Anita reached the police station along with Nakul, and tore the bail papers. However, Nakul stabbed Anita in the back by getting Bhalla out of jail, and then refused to do anything for Anuj. Then Simi managed to persuade her mother to take back the complaint, which she reluctantly agreed to do. But there was the matter of the bank loan that Anuj and Bhalla had taken, and which was being used by the bank to threaten Anuj to remain in jail on charges of cheating (since he had forged the papers of the property).
Now Rajeev Bhalla is back to the forefront since he is also claiming their house of 12/24 Karol Bagh, and has threatened to get them evicted within 7 days. This is another pressure on them. On a positive note, the relation between Simi and Abhi, which has been affected by all that has happened since the marriage, seems to be moving towards a more intimate note, with a romantic interlude between them almost happening.

Hindi Serial - Dance India Dance - Remo engraves tattoo in Saddi Dilli - Visit to Delhi

Mentor and Choreographer Remo D’Souza gets a “JESUS” tattoo inked on his right forearm while he was in town for the DID L’il Masters auditions. The choreographer, who is fond of tattoos was enthralled after he saw a crew member coming to sets after getting a tattoo done. He couldn’t stop himself to visit “Devilz Tattooz” in south delhi and get one done. On this Remo says, “Things close to me, I get them inked on me. I have already three tattoos on me and this one will take the count to four.” He adds, “Lokesh is one of the famous tattoo makers in the country and I am planning to get one more done on my left arm in my next visit.” Geeta Kapoor who was also in town was supposed to join Remo however she was quite scared of the pain. The crew members tried to convince her but all in vain, though she promised that when she comes next, then will get it done.

Delhi, which is not used to celebrity galore in our regular markets unlike Mumbai, so when Remo with his wife Lizelle entered M Block, Greater Kailash-1, everyone were amazed to see their favorite master cum choreographer & started pulling Remo to get a snap clicked. One young lady from behind, who was unable to reach due to huge crowd which guarded him, was shouting- “Remo I Love you”. Remo too much of female fans it seems... Lizelle you listening…

Remo engraves tattoo in Saddi Dilli in Dance India Dance
Remo engraves tattoo in Saddi Dilli in Dance India Dance

Remo engraves tattoo in Saddi Dilli in Dance India Dance
Remo engraves tattoo in Saddi Dilli in Dance India Dance

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Series on Discovery Travel & Living - Living with a Superstar - Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is the biggest star of Indian cinema (for his generation - since we also have Amitabh Bachchan, who is probably more respected than Shahrukh Khan, and you have Aamir Khan, who has developed a much respected branding of his own, and who owns 2 of the biggest money making films of India). He has a huge number of fans, and yet, there is a lot that people really do not know about Shahkukh Khan. When he travels anywhere, he has an entourage with him that prevents people from getting too close to him, and a security team that will guard him relentlessly. However, the interest in knowing more about him will also be great. And this is where this new program comes in, to show a behind the scenes look at Shahrukh Khan, at his home, his family, his travels, everything.
The show is called "Living with a Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan", and is a 10 part, behind the scenes look. This involved a fair amount of work, with the production team traveling along with Shahrukh Khan across 4 continents; covering a set of different activities such as shooting, getting a personal tour of his home 'Mannat', being with him on vacation in London, access to another home in Dubai, getting to work with his wife and children, a lot of background on the experiences in his ownership of the low-performing Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team. For those fans who want to know more about the superstar, the series is a must watch.
The series has been produced by a small production house called Blue Mango films along with Red Chillies Idiot Box and shows up every Friday at 9 PM starting February 26th.

Some videos from Youtube (link)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hindi Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The tangled relations that have been drawn up now

Pavitra Rishta is a serial that I thought would be somewhat different, but the serial is displaying the same tangled set of relations that other serials on the various channels show. Right now, there is a mixture of marriages and relationships.
Archana - Maanav: On the verge of divorce, with Maanav supposed to marry his dead brother's fiancee Shravani (pregnant with the child of his brother)
Varsha to marry Satish, whose family are very close to the family of Ajit (and his mother Rasika), and Ajit also once tried to ruin the reputation of Archana
Ajit in turn, to escape the charges of harassment to be filed by Maanav's family and his sister Vandita, married Vandita. This in turn changes the entire set of relations, since now Ajit is in a very strong position, having married the daughter of the family and become somebody whom they have to ensure remains happy (for the happiness of their daughter Vandita).
Ajit and his mother Rasika are planning to use this marriage as a way of putting incredible pressure on the Deshmukh family, so they ask Archana to bear being slapped by Vandita, they ask Savita (the mother of Maanav and Vandita) to dance at her age, and in front of a number of people. They are portrayed as true villains, with Ajit being the more impulsive and angry one, and Rasika being the more patient one, who is equally villainous, and yet more careful of the actions so that they do not end up in legal trouble.
For example, she has advised Ajit not to do anything that would leave marks on Vandita, and this also includes preventing him from forcefully having physical relations with Vandita.
The more interesting mystery of the serial will be about what happens in the triangle between Maanav, Archana, and Shravani (whose upcoming child is seen as the last symbol of the dead son, Sachin).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hindi Serial - Uttaran - Vansh gets to know the truth about Veer and Ichcha before he can go to the mandap

Uttaran is dragging the situation of Vansh's marriage and romance with Ichcha a lot; Ichcha was ready to sacrifice her love of Veer since Vansh was truly and deeply in love with Ichcha, and this was a way for him to get reformed from his drug-taking habit. Veer was also ready to do anything since this was a way for Veer to get reformed, and the pressure from his mother was also another reason for him to agree to this relationship, even though this meant that he will have to give up Ichcha and reconcile to a marriage with Tapasya.
In the meantime, Tapasya is doing anything possible to ensure that Ichcha suffers as she has suffered; part of her plan is to ensure that once Vansh is married to Ichcha, he will get to know the past of Veer and Ichcha, and this will ensure that the married life of Ichcha is as miserable as her married life is (and by now everybody knows that Tapasya can be the biggest villain, willing to do anything to further her own selfish ends).
However, in this case, things go wrong from Tapasya's calculation. Once Vansh sees the photos of Veer and Ichcha, he is shocked by the past history of the two, and refuses to go down for the wedding. Tapasya and her nani are shocked by this, since if Vansh does not marry Ichcha, then Veer will be free to pursue Ichcha again, something that Tappu does not want. Both of them try their best to persuade Vansh that all this was the past, that they have all moved on and that Tapasya is happily married to Veer, that Ichcha is doing all this for Vansh and will be deeply hurt if he refuses. They also try to play on his pride by telling that if he refuses now, everybody will wonder how true his love actually was. However, it is not clear right now whether Vansh will go ahead with the marriage.

Hindi Serial - Jyoti - At Pankaj's wedding, Jyoti ends up on stage doing a dance, embarrassing for her

For Jyoti, the occasion of the wedding of Pankaj, her former husband, was a time of great grief; even more so because she was turned out from her married home due to allegations of bad character, even more so because her husband also refused to believe her. He was able to do this because Jyoti had also hid the fact of her sister Sushma and her husband Brij (somebody who Jyoti used to love in the past).
However, all that was in the past. Now, Jyoti is moving on, although she still considers that time period as a painful one. She is an expecting mother, and also moved back to her dancing experience. It is here that she meets Kabir, who the serial is moving up as a prospective romantic lead opposite her, although a number of viewers would still like her to get back to Pankaj (who is now getting married to somebody else).
Now, at the actual wedding, Jyoti has to be there as Kabir has taken on the contract of providing the festivities at the occasion of Pankaj's marriage, since he was not aware of this background. Once he got to know, it was too late. Bhairavi decided to not leave such a chance once she saw Jyoti over there, and invited her from the stage as an expert dancer, to dance for the happy occasion of the wedding of Pankaj and Neelam. Jyoti at first refused, but later agreed, even though she knew that Bhairavi was inviting her for the dance to embarrass her.
However, give that Jyoti is pregnant, doing the dance is not recommended for her, and so it happened during the dance. But Pankaj remains disturbed by all this.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hindi Serial - Sony - Godh bharai - the story of a childless couple, especially the woman

Indian society can be very cruel to those who do not fit in so easily, and a person who deserves sympathy can instead be treated with a lot of scorn. So, it seems with the concept of a married woman who has not had a child even several years after marriage, and is the case of the heroine, Aastha, of a new serial on Sony TV, called Godh Bharai. This is a serial that has recently started on Sony TV (although it was advertised for many weeks before the show, to the extent that people were sick and tired of the ad appearing on every break on the serial), started on March 8, 2010. The advertisement was depicting the concept of a lady who goes to a godh-bharai ceremony where the other ladies look at her with scorn since she is not a mother, believing her presence to be inauspicious to such a ceremony.
And when it comes her turn to felicitate the bride, she is stopped by the elders and told to leave from there, since she is a 'baanj', a barren woman. She also has to bear scorn within her own family over this; however, when she gets a checkup done, it turns out that she is fine, and most likely the problem is with her husband. And instead of taking the help of medical treatment to treat infertility, she wants to the play the sacrificial wife and hide the inability of her husband to give her a child and is willing to take the pain of being labeled a barren woman just so that her husband does not have to bear this emotional burden. The principal characters of the serial are:
Pallavi Subhash ... Aastha
Shakti Anand ... Shivam Agnihotri
Ravindra Mankani ... Ramakant Agnihotri (Shivam's father)
Mangal Kenkre ... Bhagyashree Agnihotri (Shivam's mother)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hindi Serial - Jhansi ki Rani - Manu Bai is married to the King, and projects a strong image

The serial is about the historical figure called Jhansi Ki Rani (the serial is actually called 'Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani'), the lady who was prominent for her fight in the First Indian War of Independence of 1857 against the British. She was a lady who got married to king, and they could not have a natural heir. The British did not recognize the adopted heir that they had, and took over the kingdom when the King died. Opposing this, the Laxmibai led a revolt against the British. However, the serial seeks to portray that the fight against the British was not only from the time that they took over her kingdom, but something that was ingrained in her from the time that she was a small child, when she had setup a small group of kids to fight against the British.
In the current situation, Manu Bai has done a number of fights against the British, and they suspect her of being behind some of the attacks against them. And then she gets married to the King (the King is a middle aged adult and she is a young child, shown to be much wiser, but physically still young); however, just because she is young does not mean that she will allow herself to be pushed over. There is opposition to her from within the king's household as well as from the British resident, but she manages to make a relationship with the king, including insisting on a direct way to contact the King when necessary.
She is again invoking her fight against the British, opposing the influence of the British in the kingdom. In the latest such incident, she leads a fight against the efforts of the British resident to move the treasury (the Khazana) to some other location, enlisting the help of Sumer Singh in take back the khazana. However, she is seen by the King; will he manage to penetrate her veil and discover her secret.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hindi Serial - Dance India Dance - When participants of Season 1 shook a leg with participants of Season 2

The latest episode of Zee TV’s Dance India Dance features last year’s most popular finalists of the show shaking a leg with the top 7 finalists of the ongoing season. So you have the likes of good ol’ “handsome hunk” Salman, Alisha, Mayuresh, Siddhesh, Sunita, Prince & Jay Kumar Nair matching steps with Dharmesh, Shakti, Binny, Punit, Amar, Amrita & Saajan. If the buzz is anything to go by, the most breathtaking performance is undoubtedly the “Dhakka Laga Bukka” act choreographed by Master Remo wherein last season’s winner Salman and Punit defy gravity as they dance totally “ulta” resting their feet on an artificially constructed platform, hanging on to just a bundle of strings.
Geeta Kapoor’s comical rendition of ‘Lift kara De’ features Dharmesh ‘Sir’ and Siddhesh playing 2 struggling actors who’re broke and jobless. The twosome is said to have drawn a lot of seetis with this paisa vasool act! This year’s highest voted female contestant Shakti teams up with last year’s Jay Kumar Nair in Terence Lewis’s pop jazz interpretation of the classic Kajra Mohobbatwala where the duo pose as beggars who … ahem … well, dance! On a special request from Grandmaster Mithun Da, the two kings of “locking & popping” – last year’s Prince and the current favorite Dharmesh “sir” are said to have put up a jaw-dropping hip hop act for the audience. With a deluge of enthralling performances and an interesting assortment of the old and new dancing talent, the latest episode of this dance reality show is an absolute must-watch! Stay tuned to Lux Dance India Dance at 9:30 PM on Fridays & Saturdays on Zee TV.

Binny Sharma & last year's  Mayuresh in a dramatic clasp as they perform on the current season of Dance India Dance on Zee TV

Dharmesh & Siddhesh dance to Lift Kara De 2 on Dance India Dance on Zee TV

Handsome Hunk Salman dances with Punit on Dance India Dance, the reality contest on Zee TV

Shakti & last season's Jay Kumar Nair perform a pop jazz rendition of Kajra Mohobbatwala on reality dancing contest, Dance India Dance on Zee TV

Gabbar’s Birthday surprise - Master Remo D’souza gets a shock of his life on the eve of his birthday…!!

Come 5th April and the much celebrated bollywood choreographer and Master of Lux Dance India Dance Remo D’souza will turn a year older. And the Lux Dance India Dance crew had all the tricks up their sleeves to drop a bombshell on him!! Firstly, it was Grandmaster Mithun da’s unusual gift which had him totally awestruck! Remo unwrapped the package and to his delight found his old radio set which his parents had given him when he was striving hard to become a budding dancer. His craze for dance was so overpowering that every evening he used to take the radio set to the sea- side and practice dance religiously. Those were days when there weren’t too many opportunities for common people, especially in a small town like Jamnagar. Very few people know that Remo’s original name is ‘ Ramesh Gopi’. The crew played video tapes of friends, neighbors and family from Jamnagar who spoke highly of Remo and the success that he has achieved in his chosen field.

If one recollects, a few weeks back Remo had choreographed a routine on Saajan depicting how kids often forget their parents once they settle down in big cities. Amidst the glitz and glamour of city life, parents and family often take a back seat and are taken for granted. Remo had used this platform to apologize to his parents and spread message to all such kids for who parents have become last priority. In the VT, his sister said that he needn’t apologize for not having done enough for his family. They are extremely proud of him, his work and the success he has achieved in such a short period.

Caught in an emotional rollercoaster, Mithun da gives Remo another bolt from the blue. He goes backstage and gets his parents on the stage. A shell shocked Gabbar who is known for his tough exterior breaks down completely and falls on the stage. Totally overwhelmed he says, “For so many years I have wanted my parents to live with me but never once did they relent. Today DID has made the impossible possible. They were able to convince my parents which even I couldn’t do…. saat janmo tak nahin bhoolonga ye manch…ye pal.. thanks DID”. He touched his parents’ feet and gave a power packed performance which was ‘wow’ to say the least .

In this Remo special episode, it was Remo’s challenge to all the participants. The contestants had to live up to the styles specified by Remo sir. Accordingly they did various Hip Hop and Street Dance forms like – B- Boeing + Funk ( Kunwar Amarjeet) , Jabbawockies, (Saajan), Lyrical Hip- Hop (Dharmesh), Popping and Wacking ( Shakti) , Break dance ( Punit) , Crumping (Amrita) and Tutting (Binny).

We wish Master Remo Dsouza a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead!

Mithun da gifts Remo his old radio set

Remo with his parents on the sets of Zee TV's Dance India Dance

Remo with his parents on the sets of Dance India Dance on Zee TV

Remo's power packed performance on Zee TV show Dance India Dance

Hindi Serial - Bandini - Santu exposes the truth behind Moullick and Sandeep, and tries to bring together Kaddu and Shashank

In Bandini on NDTV Imagine, Santu is going all out to reveal all those are doing bad things behind the cloak of the rich and influential family, and she does not mind if she is blamed for exposing matters. Anyhow, she has a mission to try and bring the family together (but ever since she started out on this mission, she has exposed 3 family members who were upto no good; however, 3 of them have been penalized).
First Santu had exposed Khemi as the person who was trying to prevent the birth of more heirs in the family (she would use poisons to try and kill the baby in the womb so that her son would always be supreme). Once she was exposed, she lost her strong position in the household.
Next was the major doings by the 2 person duo of Sandeep and Moullick. Sandeep was a strong person in the household by virtue of his marriage to Kaddu (who had divorced Shashank to marry Sandeep); this was not something that Santu ever liked since she knew that Shashank was a very good individual while Sandeep was more of a villain. However, until Kaddu could be convinced of this, it would not matter since she was a strong supported of her husband.
Santu got a chance to prove things to Kaddu when she discovered that it was Sandeep and Moullick who were behind the kidnapping and exploitation of women in the area; they earned huge amounts of money from this but it was a dastardly crime that they were carrying out, with the potential of sullying the family name if it ever came out that they were involved. Santu once catches them in the act, and to convince Kaddu, she places Kaddu in a situation where their evil nature was exposed to Kaddu. Now, they are exposed before the family, and the family has placed them before the police. DM also tells both of them that their real punishment from the family is yet to come, and that Sandeep should forget about his wife, Kaddu. He is also starting to re-discover that Santu is maybe the one bright person who is cleaning up the household (inspired by Baa).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hindi Serial - Jyoti - Has Brij started blackmailing Bhairavi at the time of Pankaj's marriage ?

The serial Jyoti on NDTV Imagine has started getting more interesting. Till now it was that Jyoti used to listen to the various speeches given to her by many people, primarily Bhairavi (also known as CM) in silence, choosing to cry silently. However, in the recent past, she had started replying to Bhairavi when she would come across some injustice. And now things have got even more interesting. Bhairavi has planned the second marriage of Pankaj (after Jyoti decided to agree to lie in a document so as to allow him to get divorced earlier), and Sudha is now not cooperating with her too much (and her husband Uday will typically support her in all this).
What has made the situation much more interesting is the emergence of Brij from jail. After coming out of jail, he explained that he had no more interest in either Jyoti or Sushma, since both of them were poor and there was no benefit in trying to get anything out of them. Instead he heads to the house of Pankaj, which is when Bhairavi gets scared when she sees Brij over there. She does not know what the motive of Brij to be there could be, but given that they had an arrangement in the past to get Jyoti out of the house and out of the marriage with Pankaj, it was quite clear that Brij knew things that Bhairavi would not want Pankaj to know.
So, most likely we are going to see Brij starting to blackmail Bhairavi because of the knowledge he has, and in a matter of coincidence, Jyoti will also be there at the function (something that Bhairavi is deeply distressed by). And the final coincidence will be when the intended bride of Pankaj, Neelam, will be late turning up for the marriage. The next couple of episodes should be interesting. And there is the budding romance between Jyoti and Kabir, one wonders where that romance will go.

Enjoy Nautanki TV