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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Anandi's parents come in to demand justice for their daughter

For some weeks now, there is an ongoing drama happening taking the presence of Jagya along with Gauri in the house, and the impact this has brought to the house and its inhabitants. There is a huge amount of unease, since nobody in the house has the ability to accept the presence of Jagya's new wife, given that his child bride of so many years, Anandi is in the house. Jagya has to be there since he is bankrupt, and is hoping to sway enough emotions that he starts getting accepted and get money; while Gauri brought him here since she is hoping to get accepted (more so since she was actually married to Jagya, but this marriage was not accepted and nullified by the Panchayat).
Dadisa tried to bring Jagya to a boil by encouraging him to stay in the house, she hopes that constant exposure to Anandi will make him realize what all Anandi has done for him, and also make him realize that he is wrong and go back to Anandi. However, the exposure of the fact that Jagya had given the family locket (which Dadisa had given to Dada long time back) as a bribe in order to get the registrar to accept his marriage to Gauri shocked Dadisa and everybody in the house. Dadisa gives Jagya some money and tells him that his leaving the house is better.
At the same time, Anandi's parents come to the house and confront the elders of the house for letting such things happen, for not taking care of the interests of Anandi. They also confront Jagya, since Anandi had done such a lot for Anandi, and this is how he repaid her. This was also done by Phooli earlier.
Gauri is shocked by everything that is happening, and starts to think that Anandi is causing all this to happen, in the hope that this will force Jagya to come back to Anandi, but also gets scolded by Anandi.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Rashmi's marriage and controversies surrounding it

From what I have seen, Yeh Rishta .. is one of the slowest moving serials in the entire Hindi serials industry. A wedding or some function like that can literally take months to happen in the serial. The current serial is moving through the planning for Rashmi's marriage, and it is the last marriage in the family for some time, so there is a lot of effort needed for the marriage. Rashmi is getting married to Nikhil, and the difference in customs and concepts between the 2 families is very huge, which is causing all sorts of problems. Nikhil calls on Rasmi a lot, and takes her out on regular intervals, and this causes problems to Rashmi's family. They disapprove of this much contact between Rashmi and Nikhil before the wedding, with Daddaji getting angry often.
When Rashmi wears the engagement ring without the engagement having taken place, there is a huge amount of drama in the family, and Rashmi also gets a lot of scolding. But slowly, they are adjusting. They even go to the extent that since Nikhil's family is having a marriage advisor to run things, Rashmi's family also hires a wedding planner (but with some huge budgets). Akshara is somewhat uncomfortable with all this, and eventually makes it clear that the wedding planner is only spending money, sort of extorting money from them, and she takes over the business of the various events for the wedding. By now, everybody in the family trusts Akshara a lot.
At one such function, Naitik has an accident where falls of the stage and undergoes a fracture. The fracture leaves him somewhat irritated which is increased since Akshara is doing all the planning for the marriage and not even giving him some responsibility.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Delivery of a baby boy of Kesar, Pratigya helps

The serial is undergoing some more tension. Amma is suffering on 2 counts. First Pratigya, in order to show Krishna the reality of everything that he believes, calls Amma in the guise of signing the divorce papers and causes Amma to reveal about all the steps she had taken to portray Pratigya in a bad light. So now Krishna knows that Pratigya was not at fault, and it was all the doings of Amma. Krishna is very apologetic after all this, but Pratigya does not forgive him easily, and makes him suffer before she believes that his feelings are genuine.
The more drama is happening at the Thakur household, since SS has got back a young girl called Ganga, given by her poor father in lieu of the rent that he was to pay to SS. SS is pretty happy, since he seems to have got bored with Amma, but Amma is shocked at whatever happens. She is shocked since SS has got the new girl while also seeming to reject Amma. The other family members are also shocked at all this, even Pratigya wants to ensure that Amma gets her proper place back in the household (she has even been kicked out of her room by SS); she puts Amma's stuff back into SS's room even though everybody knows that SS will be very angry.
The other major drama (happy news) is that Kesar is in the final stages of pregnancy, and Pratigya is in the house when she starts going into labor, and Amma and the others are not there. Pratigya calls up her house and gets information from the female members of her family about how to do the delivery, and after a lot of effort, the baby is born, a son. This is the first young generation in the Thakur household, and everybody is very happy. SS tries to praise Ganga, saying that her presence in the family has started bringing happy news; Shakti is very happy at this news.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ram Milaayi Jodi - Sweety suffers a miscarriage

In the past, the efforts of Hetal had got her a slap from Ambaji, when she tried to blame Mona for all the problems that Hetal was suffering in her inlaws house. She had also tried to cause problems in the house, and for this, Sweety had already warned her once. Sweety was in the house to have her baby in the house of her parents, something that Hetal did not like. Ambaji strongly warns Hetal not to blame Mona for her problems, and telling Mona that Mona was somebody who was an asset to the whole house; in fact, Hetal should be like how Mona was and that would help her in maintaining her relationships.
However, the relation between Sweety and Hetal was not right, and in a huge incident, when an argument was going on between Sweety and Hetal on the staircase, Sweety had an accident where she fell down the stairs and was rushed to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctors told the family members that they were able to save the lives of Sweety but were not able to save the baby. This was horrific news not just for the death of the baby, but also because Sweety had come to the house so that the baby could be delivered - which was a huge responsibility for her parents and would be feeling very bad about all that happened.
With the accident, Hetal feels very bad that the situation that happened was because of the fight between her and Sweety. When Sweety is in the hospital, Hetal is also brought in by Ambaji. However, Shweety no longer wants to see her since she believes that Hetal is responsible for the loss of her baby.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Veer gets to know the truth about the baby, and is very upset

A few episodes back, the confrontation between Ichcha and Tapasya had taken such a turn and the increased presence of Mr. Rathore had caused a lot of turmoil. In this turmoil, Ichcha go to know the truth that the father of Tapasya's child was Mr. Rathore, and not Veer as he claimed (although, it always surprises me that Veer was always so unfriendly towards Tapasya, how did he get into an intimate situation with Tapasya).
Anyhow, Ichcha claims before the family that the secret is that the child is Mr. Rathore's, and this causes a commotion in the family. Nani truly does not know Tapasya's secret and thinks this is another ruse by Ichcha to cause problems for Tapasya. At the same time, Gunwanti also wants the child and cannot understand this new situation. At that time, Veer decides to undergo a fertility check to prove Ichcha's point, which however (because of the medicines that Ichcha was feeding Veer) shows that Veer was capable of having a child. Ichcha leaves the house when Veer confronts her and tells her that he thinks that she is jealous of Tapasya and is making things up.
She writes a letter that since it seems Veer no longer believes her, it would be best if she left the house, and it would be for good since that would mean that Tapasya's child would get a father. Veer is upset but still does not believe the truth.
And then Mr. Rathore turns up, wanting the baby and claiming it. By this time, Veer has enough doubts that he agrees for the DNA test, but Nani decides against it and says that she will take away Tapasya and the baby rather than be subject to such humiliation. Rathore goes away at that point, but makes it clear that he will take all necessary steps to get hold of his child.
And then, at the hospital, Veer gets to know the truth, since a simple comment by the doctor based on the blood group reveals that Veer cannot be the father. He is now hunting for Ichcha, who has decided to leave.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Chaand in grave danger after being mauled by werewolves

For a year, Abhay and the Raichands were away from the area after the events involving Siddharth. Abhay was in deep freeze, but finally Piya managed to get him away from there and back into the land of the living. Further, the memory loss that Abhay gave to Piya has been causing Piya a lot of problems. She has forgotten the past 1 year of her life, but slowly Abhay is coming back into her life, causing problems for everybody else involved.
The major issue driving Abhay is that there are 2 issues in the whole story. One is that he needs to protect Piya no matter what, while at the same time ensuring that she does not get involved with him again. Further, there is the conflict with the werewolves, whereby the wolves had got to know that Abhay was back and were out to get all the Raichands.
In addition, there is the competition between Dipanita (who is the new powerful rich person within Dehra Dun) and the Raichands, who are one of the powerful families in DehraDun. And it turns out that Dipannita is not who she claims to be, since the real Dipanita died some time back. For this, Haseena has been using Danish as her investigator, which ends when Danish is found out on CCTV inside Dipannita's office and is warned off by the police. Further, Danish is attacked pretty severely.
But before all this, Chand is caught outside by the werewolves and is badly injured, going into a coma like stance for which the apparent solution is only if he is administered the blood of a werewolf, and this needs to be done within 7 days or he will die. Abhay decides to hunt the werewolf and so goes back to the college, to the surprise of all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - The property is taken away from Mann, the culprit being Dev's mother

After the entire drama with Geet's biji where finally Mann, Dev and Geet convince Biji that Mann is on the right side, and that the person coming to marry Nandini, Daman, was not a right character; things are back to normal. However, the next threat turns tricky since the promos started showing that Mann seems to have lost his whole property and his business. When Mann gets back to the city, he finds the police blocking the entry to his house and business, and he gets very angry. Before this itself, he found that the ATM cards were blocked, phones had run out of airtime, and Adi was not picking up the calls. He reaches home, and finds the police there as well, claiming that there were court orders because of which Mann could not enter his property, and it is only Geet who calms him down. And then Adi reaches and tells that Dadima is in great danger, and is in the hospital in a bad condition.
It is at the hospital that Mann finds out who is behind all this; it is the mother of Dev, Pammi. She tells Mann that she did all this because the family had always treated her like dirt, and had also treated Dev badly, and this was her revenge.
However, when Dev finds out this (and he does not find out for some time, with Adi finally telling him all the details), he gets very angry and confronts Pammi, where she appears apologetic, telling Dev that she will give everything back to Mann; she just wanted the happiness of Dev. However, this was all an act, she had no desire to give anything back, and in fact, she was very dangerous. In the meantime, Geet, followed by Mann, have left the city.
Soon, Dev, Lucky, Adi, and Nandini find out that Dadima was not really in a coma, was instead being kept sedated by a doctor being paid off by Pammi, and get the police to come in and sort out matters. Now, they all know what Pammi is upto, but by that time, Mann is in the custody of Pammi.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ram Milaayi Jodi - Finally Mona gets the approval of Ambaji, and Anukalp faces fresh problems in the office

The serial shows the marriage between 2 different cultures, with a Gujarati boy and a Punjabi girl. Right from the start they show the girl facing all types of issues, some due to her own mistakes, and some due to some misunderstandings. Overall, Mona faces problems in her relations with her mother-in-law Ambaji; for some time Amabaji believes that Mona is creating differences between Ambaji and her son; things go so bad that for some time, they would show Mona crying over something or the other for the entire episode, and people in the family scolding her. Further, since Ambaji was doing the scolding, the others in the family also joined in.
However, Mona kept on doing her efforts to do things better for the family, and as a part of that, she even started trying to run a business when Anukalp faced problems in the job, and even though Ambaji did not like Mona doing the job, Mona continued on, but without telling Ambaji. So, when Ambaji got to knew, she was very embarrassed that her daughter-in-law was trying to do everything right, she was scolding her.
In the meantime, Ambaji's daughter Hetal got married into Mona's family, and soon things started getting worse. Hetal's behavior was very much unlike Mona's; she tried to create differences in the household, even not treating her husband properly. She even lied that her inlaws were asking for dowry, and when she wanted a car, treated as if giving a car was important for her family. Hetal's husband did not appreciate the car. In turn, Hetal complained to Ambaji that it was Mona who was causing her problems, and that is when she got the shock of her life. Ambaji, her own mother, slapped her hard and told her that all this was Hetal's fault, Mona was somebody who was always trying to do good for her family.
On the other hand, life was getting tough for Anukalp in the office since Goldie made his way back into the serial, in the form of becoming Anukalp's boss, insulting him and making his life stressful and difficult.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Dadi Sa makes a plan to get Jagya see the error of his ways

So far the serial keeps on showing that the relationship between Jagya and Gauri has not been able to be dented by the threats and shouts of his family members. One possible option was that of going to court to declare the second marriage (to Gauri) illegal since the first marriage to Anandi was legal (it was a child marriage but was consumnated when Anandi was of legal age and Jagya never denied the marriage for many years when he was an adult (it was only when he fell in love with Gauri that he realized that he was forced into a child marriage and then started claiming that the marriage was illegal). The lawyer further claims that Jagya had made a legal error by not disclosing his marriage before the registrar and a case could be launched against him for that, something that only Anandi could do. Anandi obviously refuses to file such a case.
In the meantime, Dadi sa decides that the best way to try and force Jagya to change his stand was to force them to live in the house and get Gauri exposed to some of the harsh conditions in the house. So, Dadisa accepts Gauri, although the other house members look daggers at Gauri and do not accept her. Jagya's mother is the most vehement in her non-acceptance of Gauri. Gauri in turn is getting very frustrated over what is happening, and whenever any criticism happens, Jagya does not really support Gauri. In fact, once he tells her that when Anandi came to the house, she had to face a lot more problems and she was able to handle the situation with all the problems and frustrations.
The biggest problem for Jagya is that he is totally without any money and needs money to continue the studies and continue his marriage. Bhairon is totally unwilling to provide him this money while Dadisa keeps on pushing Jagya to talk to Bhairon for this.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Huge misunderstanding between Veer and Ichcha, she is all set to leave the house

The serial is finally coming to another decision point, and a twist in the story. The differences between Ichcha and Tapasya were increasing, especially when Tapasya made the statement to Ichcha that they should share the love of Veer, and Ichcha got so angry that she slapped Tapasya. Veer saw this and wanted to know what was the reason, but Ichcha did not tell him the reason. All the time, the pregnancy of Tapasya was increasing, and she was getting inundated with messages that she is in for a bad life, with no father to show for her child; After all, it was Ichcha who was the wife of Veer. Her Nani was on this case all the time.
On the other side, at her home, her mother was being slowly made more jealous of Ichcha's mother, how Damini was after all a servant and how she was slowly usurping the powers that Tapasya's mother should have; with the ultimate aim of getting her so angry that she decides to kick Damini out, which is what eventually happens. Damini realizes that her mistress is so angry and so much venom has been imparted in her that she decides to leave the house.
The major twist is in what happens at Veer house. After the incident with Rathore, Ichcha gets to know the truth about who is the actual father of Tapasya's children, and she finally reveals the truth. Tapasya and her Nani totally deny this, claiming that Ichcha wants to put aspersions on her character; when Ichcha reveals that Veer was sterile, incapable of bearing a child, Veer cannot believe it and gets a test done. The test reveals that all the pills that Ichcha was feeding him worked, and that Veer was fully capable. At this, Veer tells Ichcha that she has totally changed, has become very jealous, and is no longer his old Ichcha. Ichcha sees the hate in his eyes and decides to leave the house.
In the meantime, Tapasya is taken to the hospital and has a girl child, while Ichcha will also be pregnant with Veer's child.

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