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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Baat Hamari Pakki - Shravan in deep trouble, since his father found out about the contract

In the serial, Baat Hamari Pakki, the show is going through some strange times. The serial depicted Shravan as being the reluctant guy to marry Saanchi, making her sign a contract that limits the time of the marriage, because he wanted to actually get married to his girlfriend. However, Saanchi was not very happy with this, and over a period of time, she had set Shravan some conditions before the contract could be executed (primarily related to letting Shravan becoming more responsible in life and being aware of his responsibilities).
And then a whole set of drama happened, but the eventual thing is that both Shravan and Saanchi were able to appreciate each other and fall in love with each other. However, there is trouble in store. Shravan still does not act responsibly, contributing in any way, or being responsible for a standard of living for both of them.
However, in a event that proves very bad for Shravan, his father gets the contract and realizes that his son has actually been playing a game with Shravan. He already did not like the way that Shravan was behaving, and decides to take some strong action. He forbids Shravan and Saanchi from seeing each other for 30 days, puts a condition that unless Shravan is able to work and earn enough money, he can assume that the relation between Shravan and Saachi is over (and also tells family members that the bigger reason is that he does not want Saachi to spoil her life).
Shravan tries to get some money by working, but in the end, takes the easy way out and withdraws money from his account to show that he has indeed earned the money. However, his father finds out that Shravan has made a withdrawal, not earned the money, and now Shravan is in bigger trouble, even though Saanchi tries her best to convince everybody that Shravan is now more responsible.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhe Lagan on Colors - Dutta really not willing to talk to Nakku, is very cold to her

The serial is showing a period when Dutta is not willing to accept Nakku as his wife (and this when Naku can make out that she loves her); he is shocked with the thought that she hid such a big truth from him about her beauty and fairness, and ever since his fiancee had deserted him on the marriage date, he cannot stand beauty.
Nakku tries her best to find out from Dutta why he is not willing to accept her. She had already explained to Dutta that her mother decided it was best to save Nakku by making her seem ugly in the basti, since that would be the best way to ensure that men outside did not cast an evil eye on Nakku. However, Dutta remains cold to her and does not accept anything; telling her that she can live in the house but they really don't have a relation anymore.
And then Nakku gets a shock when some man comes to the house, claiming to be a past lover of Nakku who still loves her and wants her. Nakku is shocked that when Dutta comes to know of this, he does not say something to the effect that he does not doubt her character, and she later tells him that it is very easy for a lady to lose her reputation, and how could he tell her that if she wanted to leave, she could do so. However, when Dutta does not give her a satisfactory answer, Nakku tells Dutta that she would no longer stay in the same room as Dutta, and moves out. Kala of course is happy at this, since she never liked Nakku and was always scheming to get her out of her brother's life.
Now, Dutta meets a shopkeeper and his wife, and they teach him a lesson about the love between husband and wife; when Dutta sees that the husband is currently handicapped and the wife supports him to the fullest extent.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Everybody turns against Archana and Manav

The show has taken a sudden turn. After a long time of separation, a sudden marriage between Maanav and Archana was shown, but one that turned their entire family against them. This was to the extent that Archana's brothers and sisters disapproved of the marriage so much that they were not really willing to talk to Archana too much, with Dharmesh even trying to get the police to stop the marriage (this effort was thwarted when the marriage happened in a temple before the police can actually reach them); further, he was offended when he spoke about this to Archana's parents and they did not support his effort.
However, Archana's parents still had a lot of feelings for Archana, and when they go to know that Archana was unwell, they went to her house (which was in a locality that they would not normally approve of); when they did not see Maanav there, they were angry and told Manav that he was not able to take care of their daughter; this was not liked by Archana. Further, Archana's mother told Maanav that since he was not able to take care of their daughter, they could come to live with their family. Archana was shocked, since how could Maanav go to live in the house of his in-laws, but Maanav decided to let his pride not come in the way, and realized that Archana would get much better care in her parents house and decided to live in their house, even though he knew that many people would not understand such a decision.
And this turned out to be true, since nobody in the house could appreciate Maanav living with them, and lowered their opinion of him; and decided not to have any contact with either Maanav or Archana.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Bhanupratap chasing Ammaji and her family, chased them away from their home

The serial is gradually moving to the stage where a time leap happens and the current generation of people shown in the serial are no longer there. The prime hero and heroine of the serial, Sia and Raghav, will no longer be shown in the serial since they will be shown as having died in the serial.
In the serial, an old enemy of Ammaji, Bhanupratap (Aman Verma), challenges Ammaji that he will destroy her family (like Ammaji destroyed his family earlier) and he will do so when the family is celebrating the impending arrival of new children in the family, at the function to be held in the haveli.
And Ammaji is sure of the strength that she possesses, that she is sure nothing can happen; however Bhanupratap attacks with full force and forces a battle in the haveli and pushes Ammaji and the family away from the haveli. This causes more problems since there are 3 ladies who are pregnant and due to deliver.
Bhanupratap pursues them (with Ammaji running away in full flight, and with many of her men having been killed in the fight), and slowly you see how this proud family is being reduced to a sorry state in this run away from Bhanupratap. The only thing that is saving them to some extent is the fact that Ammaji has managed to keep the sister of Bhanupratap with them, and she has also regained her memory and remembers all that Ammaji did to her family.
In this difficult situation, Amba, the dacoit daughter of Ammaji comes to the rescue, and saves them temporarily from the clutches of Bhanupratap, shooting BP in the leg and hand.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - The background of Shaan finally getting revealed

With the presence of Sam, the history of what caused Shaan to have his current behavior is getting revealed. For some time now, Shaan's family is somewhat mystified by his behavior, his unsettled emotional nature, and the way he shirks his family responsibility. His father, who is anyhow going through an emotional state because of the threat of divorce by his wife, cannot easily accept this nature of Shaan.
However, the story is slowly getting revealed with the presence of his friend from college, Sam in his life. Both Khanak and Sam do not really like each other, and do not hesitate to attack each other verbally whenever they get a chance, and Shaan has to take a lot of effort to ensure that they remain cool with each other, and not let the skirmishes escalate.
It starts turning out that Sam and Shaan do not relish the memory of another friend from college, called Rahul, who now is a fairly successful businessman. Sam and Rahul meet when Sam goes to provide him a service for planning a marriage, and she is shocked when she sees Rahul.
Rahul teases and torments her, but Sam does not want to reveal the presence of Rahul to Shaan ever since the incident in college when Rahul rejected the love of Sam (when Shaan felt that Rahul would easily accept the love of Sam); ever since then, they have been separate from each other, and Shaan does not event want to ever meet Rahul again.
Further, Khanak gets to know all this when she sees Sam with Rahul, and Rahul had also saved her when she was being heckled by 2 people for being a village girl. Now, the next step will be when Rahul and Shaan meet.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Laagi Tujhse Lagan - When Nakusha reveals her true self, Dutta is shocked

The serial seems to have a steady theory, whenever Nakusha is under some suspicion or Dutta has been led to not trust her, she does something that causes everybody to again start believing in her. In the past, when Kalavati had managed to put the blame of the running away of Dutta's fiancee on Naku, she managed to save Dutta and get him away from the plans of Anna, which caused the family members and Dutta to appreciate her.
Now, the bigger problem that Nakku is facing is that she has created an image of herself as an ugly maid type of girl, and this seems to work for her; Dutta does not believe in the concept of beauty anymore and this is creating a problem for Nakku since sometime Dutta will get to know that she is actually not ugly, which can cause further problems for her. At the same time, Dutta's sister, Kala, is all out to reveal anything about Nakku that can get her into further trouble, and as a part of that, she finally gets to know that Nakku is not ugly, but beautiful and also has a fair skin.
Nakku finally tells Dutta about what she had done, and as she expected, Dutta did not take it very well, rejecting her and treating her with disdain. She proves her loyalty yet again by saving Dutta from a bullet (seems like a very familiar sight), and was in hospital, and yet, this time, it seems that Dutta is not moved.
At the same time, Kala is upto her usual tricks, putting a drug in Nakku's drink which causes her to behave drunk and go upto the stage (at a party hosted when she comes back from the hospital), and in which she beseeches Dutta to accept her. Dutta apparently does not like this display and slaps her out of it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Uttaran - Tapasya, ready to play another trick, pretends to be pregnant

The viewers of the serial have been watching for a long time to see whether Tapasya will ever be shown as reformed, as somebody who can follow the right path, instead of always acting only in her best interests, and consequently being depicted in a negative mood. She has suffered for this behavior, most shockingly to her when Veer showed all her true behavior on video (including the role she played in the death of Vansh) and then kicked her out of the house, which was followed by her own father also refusing to let her enter her own house. She had to suffer, including doing a job, living in a place with very poor facilities and poor sanitation, and so on. Yet, she was finally accepted back by her parents after they saw the pitiable conditions under which she was living. And of course, none of this had any effect on the way she thinks (to a large extent because of the influence of her nani who always supported her and put all those thoughts in her mind).
The latest shocker from Tapasya comes after the marriage of Veer and Ichcha. They finally decided to get married with the active support of the parents, with only Gunwanti being somewhat hesitant for this marriage; but Gunwanti always wanted Veer to come back to living his life and would support Ichcha's marriage with Veer if that is what made him happy.
However, Nani along with Tapasya come up with a new challenge, claiming in very dramatic fashion that Tapasya is pregnant with Veer's child (although when their marriage could have been consumated is a different question). Now, this puts Gunwanti in a moral fix, since she is not sure whom she should support (another fundamental question is about when the divorce between Veer and Tapasya happened).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Shakti, in a surprise marries Arushi, a mistake for sure

The serial continues to show a lot of surprises. For some time now, Pratigya has been fighting for the cause of her elder sister-in-law Kesar, who was tormented by her husband Shakti (supported by his mother and father, Sajjan Singh). Pratigya got able support from her husband Krishna, who was even ready to support Pratigya against the taunts of his own family. It was this support that kept the courage of Pratigya steady. It was when the family tried to kill Pratigya and Kesar got to know about it, that her husband and mother beat her up so badly that she lost her child and became incapable of having a baby after that.
It was then that Shakti and family decided that it was time that Shakti got married for a second time, something that Pratigya opposed since his first wife Kesar was still alive and their marriage was still alive. When asked about how Pratigya would be able to oppose, Pratigya managed to scare them by threatening them that a second marriage would result in a jail term for Shakti (since a second marriage under Hindu customs is illegal if the first marriage is still valid).
At the same time, Arushi (the sister of Pratigya) was turning against her, and when arushi's marriage was fixed to the son of the DIG, everybody was happy. However, Pratigya saw the boy with another girl, enough to raise suspicions about his intentions, and Arushi was very bitter with her about this, and totally refused to believe Pratigya. But Pratigya was determined to save her sister, and this finally resulted in the marriage being called off. Arushi was so angry that she took the highly destructive step of marrying Shakti Singh (to the huge shock of Pratigya and their parents). Now, Arushi is in the household and determined to humiliate Pratigya at any opportunity.

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Turbulence in Shantanu's life because of his past catching up and parents drama

Rang Badalti Odhani was going through some light moods recently, and then suddenly everything turned serious. They showed the acceptance of the relationship between Shaan and Khanak, with the realization that both of them loved each other a lot. In fact, Khanak moved towards understanding the full scope of the relationship, starting to learn more about the physical intimacy that becomes a part of such a relationship.
However, things starting getting complicated at the same time. The relationship between Shaan's father and his mother, which was never seemingly very close, reached breaking point (not through some bitter fights), but more like a realization that she was not happy in this relationship and wanted to separate, through a formal divorce. When Shaan heard about this, he was totally shaken, and started behaving strangely. He would not speak normally to his father, accusing his father and mother of acting like having a normal relationship. He was also somewhat distant from Khanak, who would not understand what her husband was going through.
One change in Khanak that is for the positive is where she is not shown under Shaan's control; she loves him a lot and would want to ensure that he is always fine, but that does not mean that she will accept everything that Shaan does. She regularly tells Shaan to be more responsible, play his role in the family work and so on.
Another angle that is being shown in the serial is about old friends of Shaan, such as Sam. Khanak was trying to figure out what Shaan was doing in his college days, but when Sam shows up, she is very uncomfortable with the close relationship between Sam and Shaan.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet, Hui Sabse Parayi - In a lot of drama, Mann applies sindoor to Geet

This was truly filmi style marriage. Geet has gone to a party along with Mann, and Nayantara is also there, all set to finally do harm to Geet. Nayantara already has 2 supporters in the form of Sweety (who is a client of the company) and Sasha, but has not really told them of her intention. She has some complex intentions, directed against many people. She does not want her husband to be affectionate with anybody else (Dev and Meera), she does not want her husband's child with Geet to be born (rather, she wants to get the child killed), and she also wants to keep Geet and Mann apart, something that Dev wants to oppose in any way. Dev on the other hand is very apologetic and feels very bad for what he has done to Geet.
And now Nayantara is trying to trap Geet. In the party, Sasha tries to send Mann away for meeting some client so as to sign a contract (and the client will be away for many months, so the contract needs to be signed at exactly the same time), and then gets Sweety to get Geet to come to the 1st floor. And then Nayantara meets Geet over on the deserted 1st floor, and after threatening Geet, she manages to push Geet down over a broken bannister. However, in the nick of time, Mann saves Geet, preventing her from falling over. And then, when confronted, Nayantara tries to shame Geet, but then Mann steps in and claims that he is totally behind Geet, and then in a dramatic fashion, breaks a glass in his hand, and with the blood that is coming out, puts it on Geet's head, ritually marrying her. Everybody, including Nayantara is totally shocked at this turn of events.
And then Nayantara loses her 2 supporters, in the form of Sasha and Sweety, who are shocked at what NT has tried to do (they would also be complicit in the attempt to kill Geet), and scold NT, telling her that they do not want to be associated with her from now on.

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