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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Megha gets to know the truth

The serial was always a light look at the life of these people, but for the past several weeks, it has been getting into very serious issues; and the most serious issue is the current state of the relationship between Mohan and Megha. For Megha, life was good. After a lot of time, she realized that she was indeed in love with Mohan, and with this realization, things started moving in the right direction. The marriage happened with the proper rituals and with the permission and approval of her current inlaws and she moved into Mohan's house (although his mother was not approving of this relationship). One drawback was that she got to learn from Riddhima that Mohan and Riddhima almost got married for the sake of her father (Riddhima did not tell her that the marriage actually took place, while Mohan assumed that Megha now knows and was still fine after some disapproval).
However, when they came to Nepal for the honeymoon (along with children), things started going worse. In a coincidence that can only happen in Indian serials or movies, they landed up in the same hotel where Riddhima had joined for a job, and this seeing of Megha and Mohan together as a happy couple led Riddhima to have a turnabout and realize that she cannot see them happy together, and she started getting in a bad to worse condition. Mohan was also astounded, even more so when he learnt that Riddhima had not told the whole truth to Megha; and then Megha also learns the truth when sees the stamp paper that carried the divorce petition of Mohan and Riddhima.
For megha, this is a big shock since that also means that the marriage between Megha and Mohan is also illegal (his divorce from Riddhima not having come through as yet), and also that Mohan hid something this big from her. She is now confronting Mohan for what he did.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Suraj back after successfully participating in World Top Cook

The show decided to send the family abroad, and which would also give the viewers a look at an international city; and so initially when Sandhya proposed that Suraj take part in a cooking contest, there was hesitation. Suraj himself was not convinced, but over a period of time, everybody agreed. And then Suraj won the local round of the show, getting selected to go to the international finale of the show, being held in Singapore. As part of the rules of the show, he was able to take along his wife, and his parents; and all of them got a chance to go to Singapore and stay in the most posh hotel over there, the Marina Bay Sands.
There were many challenges even just being there, since neither Suraj nor his parents knew English or other customs prevalent in Singapore, and that is another reason where an educated daughter-in-law in the form of Sandhya was able to provide incredible help. She took on the role of explaining to Suraj everything that was happening, and did not lose sight of their local customs as well (such as when she and Bhabho observed a fast, or observed Teej over there when a party was also ongoing).
The international cooking contest was a bit of drama, since it seemed a bit fake even though it was just part of a serial, and over a number of events, the cooking abilities of Suraj were able to fascinate everybody, even though some other participants were trying to put him down, or in the finale, one of them even tried to accuse him of spoiling her dish. So, now the contest is over, and Suraj is back, and they are showing him getting welcomed with celebrations, and so on. What was strange were the brief attempts being made to showcase this in real life as an achievement, since this was a fictional episode in a serial.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Phir Subah Hogi - Aditya has a sardhakai with Sugni

As expected, things got more complicated on the show. For some time, there was the romance between the thakur Vikram and Sugni, although it seemed impossible for most people, given the vast social differences between the two. However, over a period of time, Vikram thakur helped Sugni in a number of ways and this made sure that she looked at him in a positive light, and when he confessed his love to her, it did not take much time for her to fall in love with him, confess the same to him, and then agree to get married to him.
Her mother, his relatives and everybody else was not comfortable with this relation because of the economic and class differences between them, and even though her mother was not at all comfortable, Sugni decided to go ahead with the marriage. And then the inevitable happened, where this dream of Sugni came to an end. The serial showed, slowly, the presence of another women, and it was revealed that this lady, kept hidden away, was actually the wife of Vikram Thakur. This lady, Reva, makes her presence felt at the marriage ceremony, bringing the dreams of Sugni crashing down; she runs away from there and refuses to listen to what Vikram had to say.
And now the story moves to a difference level, where the younger thakur, Aditya, decides to do the sardakhai of Sugni, with many surprised as to how Sugni could agree for this, since, even though she was a bedni, she was against this custom. However, so far they are showing that Aditya has only a nice intent.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagat learns the truth about what Gauri has done

For a long time in the serial, there was a lot of love between Jagat and Gauri, something which developed over a period of many years, and one could see that Gauri did love Jagat a lot. However, at the same time, she was also aware that the relationship between Jagat and her was a bit tenous and so she had to push his family away from him. So, over a period of time, she did a number of activities that either pushed them away, created more distances between Jagat and Anandi and also created emotional blackmail to get Jagat more to her side. Even when it was revealed that Bhairon had actually funded her education, she hid this from Jagat; and then on one occasion when Jagat almost got to know details about Bade Papa and his funding, she became very angry.
On the other hand, the Anandi's life was improving, Shiv was in love with her and got his parents and family to accept her (except for his sister who somehow has not accepted this relationship, being pampered and a bit selfish). Now, it will be interesting when Jagat comes back at the exact time when there are preparations being made for the marriage activities. How will this impact Anandi's life.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - The reason why Yash is so angry is getting revealed

There is a sudden turmoil in the life of Yash and Aarti, a life that was only slowly getting settled. Yash is suddenly behaving very erratically, telling Aarti that he does not want to see her, that she should not come in front of him, and that they essentially have no relation anymore. This is very surprising, since till now, there was a feeling that the relation was improving, that he would get over the memory of his dead wife and accept Aarti as his wife. Even his family had come to believe that Aarti was the best person for him and in fact were urging her on to ensure that Yash comes to forget the strong memory of his dead wife and accept Aarti fully. The children had also come to accept her as their mother and Yash as their father; so this sudden drama was very surprising for everybody.
Things go so serious that the family members, including his mother wanted Aarti to accept that Yash no longer accepted her as his wife and to leave, but slowly things starting getting revealed. They had all gone to Mumbai, and there, due to a fire, Yash has to make a choice in a situation where he had to save Aarti, or to save the precious memories of his dead wife and he made the natural choice of Aarti, and this in turn seems to have turned him very angry. This realization is slowly coming to Aarti that this may have been the reason for the reaction that he is facing.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Getting closer to learning the secret of Vishnu (Soham)

A couple of different stories now ongoing in the serial, although some of them are being dragged. Right now, everybody has accepted the relationship between Purvi and Arjun, except for Ovi. Ovi has not accepted that Arjun no longer has a relationship with her, and this causes discomfort to everybody. Manav is distressed that Ovi is in this state and blames Arjun for this, and to some extent blames Archana for accepting Arjun even though she had initially stated that Arjun was not suitable for any of her daughters. Savita also will not accept the relationship while Teju is unsure about what is happening. DK on the other hand has no problems with Purvi, since he believes that she shares the value system that Archana has, and that is fine with him.
However, this relationship will be in a problem, with Punni trying to provoke Ovi to get the relationship ended; and it seems that in the next few episodes, Ovi will be able to get this done and force Arjun to come towards her; this seems impossible right now, but things can go any way.
On the other hand, Varsha has learnt that the person who Vishnu had tried to kidnap was his own sister and she is trying to get Vishnu back on the right track, something which seems very difficult right now. Manav is bent on getting Vishnu convicted for the kidnapping that he had got done, and it seems fair since he committed a major crime, and also shot at Arjun twice, something which landed Arjun in a major medical problem.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Relationship between Arnav and Khushi

The story went down on an angle. For the last 6 months, things have been that there is a marriage between Arnav and Khushi, but the whole angle has changed. The marriage that they had did not involve any pheras and this was now known to the family, and hence there was the concept that the marriage needs to happen again.
Now, Dadi is not very friendly towards Khushi and hence, when there came the question about the pheras not yet happening and this marriage needing to happen again formally, Dadi made her way to Khushi's house and there started bad-mouthing them. She spoke badly to them, made the inference that Khushi was after Arnav because he was a rich guy and she was after rich people.
At the end of this discussion, Dadi finally got what she wanted, with the relationship apparently broken, and then Dadi came back to the house and told everybody that the relationship was now broken. When Arnav heard this, he was very angry and claimed that he will make things better and also told Dadi in effect that this relationship will happen and she should not try to block it.
However, there is something hidden in the relationship between Dadi and Garima which can be problematic.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - The marriage between Megha and Mohan happens, but ..

The serial has shown something that is really not tasteful. For a long time Mohan was in love with Megha but Megha was reluctant to return the expression, and she did not really actually realize her feelings till the time that just before her wedding to somebody else and that too after Mohan came to her house drunk and expressed all his feelings in front of somebody. He went away not knowing that Megha had finally accepted, and then he was called to the hospital where Riddhima's father was in a bad condition and wanted Mohan to get married to Riddhima.
In that state in which he was in, Mohan got married, partly due to the emotional pressure that was being exerted. So he got married to Riddhima and then got told that Megha was ready to get married to him, thus leading him to a very difficult position. The way he handled this situation was to tell Riddhima about the situation with Megha; whereby Riddhima told him that she will not hold up him to the marriage and that he can get married with Megha. Mohan agrees to this without any issue and does not even tell Megha about what has happened to him.
Finally, the marriage happens and Megha is very happy about what has happened; and then Riddhima calls Mohan and they sign the papers of divorce (one wonders whether the temple marriage was even registered for their need to sign proper divorce papers); and then Riddhima comes and tells Megha everything, about how Mohan was trapped. Megha is furious, more so about that Mohan did not tell her about this - but since this serial never really gets very serious like other serials, there is a thought that this anger will not last for very wrong.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Purvi kidnapped by Vishnu, rescued by Arjun

What an introduction for Vishnu (actually Soham, the long lost son of Archana and Manav who was kidnapped by Varsha and presumed dead when he was very young). Varsha had run away from there and found her way out of the city, and was finally involved with a gang. Soham's name was changed to Vishnu, and inspite of the best efforts of Varsha, Vishnu was involved with the gang and hence a bad character.
Seeking to make money from Manav, the gang members were shadowing Manav but were detected and hence police protection for Manav was arranged. Vishnu finally decided to kidnap Ovi, since that would mean that ransom money would get easily paid, and so it happened. They decided to kidnap Ovi, but at the last minute, due to the confusion of Purvi wearing a sari of the same color, Purvi got kidnapped indeed. Manav took responsibility for ensuring that Purvi would be released by arranging for the ransom, and also prohibiting the police or Arjun from following him. However, both these groups decide to ignore what Manav was telling them, and followed him. Seeing the police, Vishnu was enraged, and then Arjun also intervened. But when trying to take Purvi away, he got shot. In the melee, he came again after some time, and got shot again, but this time the police also got in the midst and managed to get Purvi out.
In the hospital, the doctors finally declare Arjun out of danger; both Ovi and Purvi are incredibly happy but Arjun reaches out for Purvi which shocks Ovi and she leaves from there. At the same time, Vishnu is apparently not caught but his gang member is caught. Varsha is leaving for Mumbai to find out what happened to Vishnu.

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