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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - The drama in the household, with Mann on the other side

Geet has been seeing a lot of drama for the past several weeks. Ever since Geet ran away from Mann's house after she felt that Mann had insulted her, she was spotted by her cousin in Amritsar and started staying in their house, run by her autocratic Beeji. Over a period of time, Mann finds out where she is and comes to the house in the form of a new driver Balwant Singh, and finally manages to persuade Geet that he is contrite and sorry, and everything reconciles. He even manages to be the first to break her fast at the time of Karva Chaut.
Things get more complicated because the family seems to think that Dev is actually Mann, and when Dev starts to fall in love with the sister of the house, Nandini. It gets more complicated. For Nandini, Dev is the husband of her cousin, and also a person who has such a temper that he caused Geet to run away, and as a result, she would not let him come anywhere near her; however, over a period of time she softens a bit towards Dev. And then she finally comes to know that Balwant is actually Mann, and Dev is Mann's younger brother. At the same time, the family is looking for a husband for Nandini and Dev does not like it, but cannot do anything about it.
Finally Beeji and Tejji get to know the truth of Balwant / Mann, and do not like the fact that they have been kept in the dark, and tell Mann to leave the house. They also tell Geet for the same, but she wants to stay till she can persuade Beeji that she did not have any intention of causing any disregard or hiding things from her. So Mann decides to come to the house again, and he does so since the house has been mortgaged, and he decides to buy the house and comes there. Beeji and Tejji consider that Mann has decided to insult them, and she promises to get the amount that Mann paid and then ask him to leave.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Gainda Phool - Ishaan has an accident and has a memory loss

The serial is on a new track right now, which could go on for some time, or end quickly in the next few weeks. The serial has shown a good relationship between Ishaan and Suahana, combined with the normal pleasant atmosphere of a joint family. Suhana was initially somewhat uncomfortable with this relationship and marriage, but soon settled down and is now happy. The serial is not a very serious serial in the role of the normal saas-bahu serials, and tries to keep things light and comfortable.
Right now, Suhana is in a bit of problem since Ishaan had an accident, and because of an accident to his head, he had a swelling to a portion of his brain, and as a result, he has forgotten his recent memory, which also includes his marriage to Suhana. Now, Suhana has come to love Ishaan and is devastated by this news, but soon settles down into an effort to ensure that she continues to flirt with Ishaan and also get his memory back.
Ishaan is somewhat confused by this strange lady in his house, and she is explained away as a lady called Shashikala who is married to somebody else, but is living in the house for some time. In order to ensure that Ishaan is not confused, all the stuff belonging to Suhaana is removed from Ishaan's room and she is moved to another room in the house.
She soon starts meeting Ishaan, and he is confused about how to react to this, since he finds himself attracted to her, even dreams about her, and his brothers tease him about his liking for a lady who is supposedly married to somebody else.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - The end of the game between Piya and Abhay, Siddharth killed in the final battle

The serial comes up with some interesting twists and turns, and so has happened in the last few days. The serial has now gone in for a 1 year leap (as it was promising to do so for the past few promos), and the storyline continues to hold the interest. The concept of vampires (with good and bad vampires) continues to hold everybody's attention, and the presence of Siddharth as the evil vampire made the show pretty interesting.
So, the last few episodes had the storyline coming to a logical end. Siddharth has managed to keep Maithili alive as a vampire ever since the fire that consumed her, Siddharth and Abhay, and after which all of them became vampires, the living dead. Siddharth was consumed with a passion to beat Abhay, and he was in the form of Pia a presence who could be used for this purpose, and Abhay was unwilling to tell Pia about the truth of Siddharth.
But, in the end, Pia did go along with Siddharth into his trap where she finally met with the other person who shared her face, Maithili, but this was no nice and polite Mythili. Mythili had become a vampire, who would stop at nothing to finally kill Pia, because she blamed Pia for Abhay falling in love with her; and because she and Siddharth believed that drinking the blood of Pia would give them a super-power that would make them much more powerful than other vampires.
In the midst of all this wandered in the other Dobriyal girls, wandered in Abhay's parents Chaand and Hasina, and also came the vampire hunter, who could disable a vampire and also kill them using a wooden stake. After a lot of fighting, Siddharth was finally killed, but Abhay was also cursed by Mythili to go back to a long sleep and before he went, he made Pia forget all about the past 1 year.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - Money problems finally lead Maanav to jail

Some time back, the serial had started showing Manav in a slightly improved situation, with his business picking up and things starting to look up. However, the serial seems to be based on the concept of showing humanity even when things look bleak, and so the serial keeps on putting Maanav and Archana in poor conditions, but where they still trying to help everybody else.
So, now in the latest developments, Manav is stuck in a horrible financial condition. He is signing checks even when he does not have the money in the bank, doing this for good conditions.
First, his inlaws are in a bad condition, with a loan amount overdue for Rs. 1 lakh, and they have been unable to pay the money. Finally the bank manager along with the police land up with an eviction order and start removing all their stuff from the house. All their efforts to dissuade the bank manager do not work, and finally when all their stuff is removed from the house and the house is getting locked, they are in despair. They do not even have a place to stay if they are evicted from their current house. However, at the last minute, Manav comes with a check for the amount ensuring that the eviction notice is stopped. But, he does not have the money in the bank.
There are other issues that he has with respect to the business, and overall now he is very badly stuck for money; and with Archana pregnant, he has to ensure that she is getting proper care as well.
And finally the police come to arrest him and take him away, for not repaying the money that is due from him, and others cannot do anything about this. The person who has got him arrested is not willing to do anything unless he gets his money back.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - revealing the truth of Siddharth, and his determination to go ahead

The serial is becoming much more interesting. There is some buzz that the serial will see the death of Siddharth in some time, and will also see a time movement of the serial by one year (a jump by one year). The serial is seeing 2 very interesting twists: There is the sudden presence of Mythili (who was dead more than a hundred years back, but is now back as another vampire); Siddharth seems surprised to see her there, but he is the one who has kept her and he will try to send Mythili as an evil personage out to take the place of Pia. And then you have the presence of the elderly gentleman who claims to a person who can find vampires and kills them (if you can kill a vampire).
On the other hand, Siddharth is taking Pia to show her something (Pia can be the most stubborn and seemingly idiotic character of the serial in some ways). She is willing to believe Siddharth over Abhay, who has done so much for her over the past, saved her life many times. Abhay is also trying to follow them so as to save Pia from Siddharth, even though she is blocking his thoughts and refusing to listen to what he is saying. Haseena also wants to come and save him.
Further, in another twist, Arnaab has got the vampire hunter to come to explain to his family who Siddharth actually is (remember, if somebody suddenly comes and tells you that the to-be son-in-law of the family is a vampire, then how would you react ?). They are not sure whether to believe him or not, but then Arnaab explains that Siddharth was the one who actually kidnapped and then threatened Arnaab with harm to Panchi if Arnaab told somebody about what Siddharth has done.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapu and Ichcha make up, to save Veer from enemies

Veer and his household have some new enemies in the form of Satya and Saanchi, a brother and sister combination who have come to take revenge from the household for everything they suffered a long time back. Satya, as a youngster, lived in the household, but was falsely accused of stealing a chain in the household by Vansh, and as a result, suffered a lot of humiliation, and hence is back for revenge.
Satya is pretending to be a friend of Veer, promising business, and comes in along with Saachi, who pretends to be blind. However, after some time, both Ichcha and Tapu start realizing that there is something suspicious, and both of them also see various circumstances that show that Saanchi is not actually blind.
Tapu sees this in the form of an encounter where she has come to visit Mr. Rathod, wanting to get him out of her life. He in turn wants Tapu to acknowledge that the child she has in her womb is actually his, and not Veer's (something that Ichcha already knows). She refuses to accept this in front of him, and then accidentally sees him with Satyavaan and Sachi, and sees Sachi reading the menu and doing other things that a blind person would never be able to do.
So, now both Ichcha and Tapu are trying to ensure that they do not let Satya and Sanchi carry out whatever plans they may have against Veer, and Ichcha has already prevented one such plan from being carried out, frustrating both Satya and Sanchi to some degree.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - Lot of drama, Siddharth trying to make several moves, being foiled

The serial seems to be moving at a fairly fast speed, with the interactions between the 2 main competing characters deciding a lot of the action that is happening in the serial. The 2 main characters on the serial are Abhay and Siddharth, who were originally brothers when they were human, and both of them died in the conflict over the same princess centuries back, and both of them became vampires. So, while Abhay is the more good vampire, and always ready to help Piya, and those close to her, Siddharth fits the normal caricature of the vampire, pure evil, always ready to attack anyone and use anyone. They already show him attacking people who are alone in the forest at night. He is now after Piya, since he lost the original fight over the princess, and for this purpose, is feigning a romance with Panchi who has totally lost herself over Sid.
Abhay was constantly warning Piya against Siddhart, without telling her that he was a vampire, and in the end, when he saw that Siddharth was going to bite Piya, Abhay bit her first to prevent Siddharth from doing this. For some time, Piya would be like a vampire, but only till the next full moon after which she would become normal. In the meantime, Siddharth kidnapped Arnaab when he saw that Arnaab was learning the truth about him (because of the efforts of the former fiancee of Panchi, Danish); Siddharth scared Arnab that he would harm Panchi unless Arnab kept quiet. Sid had also tried to keep Hasina on his side by applying to her maternal instincts - this finally broke when a landslide happened where Chaand was caught and Sid tried to expose Chand by getting the doctors to do a number of tests on him. Piya managed to save the reports of Chand at this time and everybody was very grateful to her.
However, Siddharth did tell Piya that she must have been bitten by Abhay since she seems to be exhibiting the signs of a vampire, and she confronted Abhay, who finally admitted it; Piya has been very angry with Abhay over this.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - the conflict between Jagya, and his parents, since he has left Anandi and is now staying with Gauri

Things are coming to a confrontation point on the serial, with a major confrontation brewing between Jagdish and his parents over his choice of behavior. The serial is also finally raising a few questions on child marriage, and how this decision of a child marriage can impact the later life of the ones who get married.
So, Jagya and Gauri have completed their initial set of medical studies, and after his time in the big city, Jagya no longer can stand his home village (seeing the city as much more glamorous, as the place to be) and now also considers Anandi to be very rustic, plain and no longer feels attracted to her. He has fallen in love with Gauri, and she with him, although she does not know the truth about him. Jagya has also lost his friendship with his friends since they do not understand his decision to break off with Anandi.
Anandi has understood that Jagya has broken off with her, and is very sad about this, although this was clear to her over a period of time. However, when his family gets to know about the entire situation, they are very very disappointed. His father, Bhairon, has a heated argument with Jagya, and slaps him when he sees that Jagya is adamant. Further, Jagya blames his child marriage for whatever is happening, and says that his family did the child marriage which causes problems. Bhairon then disowns Jagya.
And then Jagya's mother, Sumitra gets involved. She decides to go to Mumbai on her own, without even telling anybody and just leaves a letter. Everybody is worried about how she will managed in a big city, but after being tricked by a taxi driver, she finally makes it to meet Jagya, who listens to her but does not agree. Finally, she slaps Jagya, and leaves, but is not to be found now.
Next, we will see a scene where Gauri finally learns about Jagya's family and his marriage, and then the main question will be about what to do ?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Akshara's pregnancy, and she gets lost for a couple of episodes

The show has moved a bit faster, because in most cases, the serial moves at a very slow speed (a wedding could take several months to happen, with the preparation for each function also getting shown). The last few episodes has covered the scene where Akshara became pregnant, a source of major joy for the family. Initially, she was apprehensive of how Naitik will feel, since in a discussion with Naitik, Naitik did express his thoughts that he was maybe not ready to be a father yet (at that time, Akshara had not told Naitik about her pregnancy as yet). However, when her pregnancy became known, Naitik and everyone in the family was very happy about this development, and they all wanted Akshara to slow down, eat more and rest more.
Her parents also wanted Akshara to come home for some time, since they were very happy for her pregnancy as well; Akshara also wanted to spend time at her home with her family and with her young niece. At the same time, Naitik also wanted to spend time with Akshara, and decided to stay with her at her house. This led to a slight comical situation where Naitik was there, and they were asking him to at least eat dinner before leaving, and he stated that he did not want to leave, and instead wanted to stay along with Akshara.
Like many other serials where a pregnancy is shown, there was the situation where Akshara could have tripped on the stairs, and they showed that in a precap, but in reality, Akshara recovered and did not fall (although everybody got very scared at the thought that Akshara could have taken a fall and something happened to her baby).
After this, another major incident happened where Akshara went to the locker room of the bank, but due to a mistake and confusion, she got locked inside after the bank closed. Everybody was frantic looking for her, and even the police was involved, but it was getting difficult. How will she be found is the next major question.

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