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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tragedy in Balika Vadhu - Pratap dies, and Sugna becomes a widow

Balika Vadhu specializes in showing the tragedies of life, concentrating on social ills that are prevalent in society and are accepted (and which we need to put a stop to). So, you have a household in rural Rajasthan, where there are all sorts of unacceptable social problems such as child marriage, shunning of widows, high interest rates, the subjugation of the parents of brides, and so on. In this case, the major perpetrator is the matriarch of the house, the grandmother who has her own old beliefs and rules the house with an iron hand.
So, when she essentially bought the young girl, Gehna, as the bride for her elder son, she also sought to implement her iron rule on Gehna, and Gehna would rebel frequently, being crushed every time. However, Gahna suffered majorly when she found out that she was pregnant; in spite of being told by doctors that it was unsafe for her to give birth to a baby, there was very little chance that she would be able to do as she wished. In the end, her parents were called, told that they would have to suffer for the rebellion of their daughter, and finally Gehna surrendered.
The serial is very clear that it wishes to show ill-practices happening, and is willing to show as much pain as possible in order to showcase what it wants to show. In order to drive home the point that child marriage and marriage at a young age, combined with other social ills, are major problems that society should depict, it takes the 'gauna' (departure of the young bride finally to her in-laws house when she reached maturity) of Sugna to drive this message home. So, after showcasing the pomp and show of the 'gauna' ceremony (although it shows the pain of the parents of the daughter-in-law of the house in having to even sell off their land so that they can give appropriate presents at the ceremony), the show reverts back to its theme. The young son-in-law is killed by dacoits while coming to the house, and for sure, Sugna will be shown as a young widow, to be treated as badly as any other widow. Maybe this is being shown to drive home the concept that it is only when somebody of the family becomes a widow do you realize the pain that these abhorrent social practices cause.

Videos of the killing of Pratap and reaction of Sugna

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bidaai .. the marriage happens

Finally, the long pending marriage of Ranveer and Ragini happens (and happens inspite of Vasundhara feeling that her son is marrying a girl not very suitable for him, with Ragini's family being poor, and Ragini herself being dark). In fact, Vasundhara was so apprehensive of negative problems comments against her daughter-in-law that she cooked up an excuse to get the marriage reception cancelled, and sent ranveer and Ragini off to a honeymoon in Kerala. However, at the same time, Alekh, in the midst of emotional upheaval over the status of his marriage with Sadhana (he sees the festivities associated with the marriage and wonders why his marriage was so barren, and why there was no honeymoon in his case), makes it clear that he also wants to go to Kerala along with Ranveer and Ragini.
Vasu agrees and sends off Alekh and Sadhana as well (and Sadhana's Mami is not happy about this since she feels that this will only disturb the honeymoon of Ranveer and Ragini). However, given Alekh's condition, no one can truly refuse him, and so off they go to Kerala. Back in the city, Sadhana's brother Vinu is made to the same level as Naveen, which makes Naveen and Avni mad, and they are scheming about how to make Vinu Sharma pay for this insult.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Main Teri Parchai Hoon about to end ?

Main Teri Parchai Hoon is a serial on NDTV Imagine, made by the Rajshri's (who also made the long running 'Who Rehne Waali Mahalon Ki'). It's a serial about a girl Anchal (played by Megha Gupta) who believes that she is responsible for the death of Jaya (they changed tickets and the bus had an accident in which jaya dies), and hence feels responsible. She becomes a teacher to Jaya's 3 children (Ayush, Juhi and Sachin) and also tries to help Jaya's husband Siddharth by making some designs for their business. Siddharth's sister-in-law Chanchal does not like all this, and tries her best to humiliate Anchal and get her out of the house.
However, a situation emerges where Siddharth gets married to Anchal, but Ayush and Juhi cannot stand this. So Siddharth and Anchal leave the house, and move to a much smaller house along with Sachin. However, professional tragedy strikes when a wrong order causes major losses in the business and Siddharth has to sell his share of the business. Another tragedy strikes when Sachin gets injured and he moves back to the house to be along with Ayush and Juhi.
However, in a move that shows that there was a need to shut the serial down, the story becomes very positive. When, due to a fraud, the house is supposed to be taken away, Anchal gets Rs. 1 crore for her designs, and this prevents the misfortune from taking away their house and business. Chanchal and mother also get changed and accept Anchal, and so does Ayush and Juhi, making for a very happy ending. Anchal and Siddharth also have had a baby of their own as well.

Part 3 of Feb 11 episode from Youtube:

More videos from the serial (link)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saloni Ka Safar: Strange going ons

Saloni ka Safar has gone through some strange contours and story in the recent past. It all started with Nahar going through medical problems, and then being diagnosed by his friend that he had a terminal problem with his brain and did not have much time left before he succumbed to his illness. There was a lot of speculation about whether Nahar's character will leave the show now, and also the impact on Saloni. When Saloni finds out and learns that Nahar did not want her to know because of the shock, she was determined to try and get him cured. This included going to a ashram where she is turned out very rudely.
Soon, Saloni leans that this illness is actually manufactured by Jiji (Urvarshi) who has returned to get revenge, and the doctor is the one who is executing this plot to make Nahar sick and believe that he is about to die. By the time that Saloni discovers this, it is too late for Nahar. He has drowned himself (taken Jal Samadhi) and the family is devastated. It is too late, and the family is heavily distraught. It is soon that Saloni gets to learn that the swamiji of the ashram (called Amritji) is actually a duplicate of Nahar, and she manages to convince him to come back as Nahar so that he can fight the plans of Jiji.
Jiji does not believe that this guy is actually Nahar, while the rest of the family accepts him. Saloni starts to get Amrit to scare Jiji into confessing her misdeeds, however, in the meantime Jiji manages to learn the truth about Saloni's long lost daughter and uses that as a weapon in her fight against the family.

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