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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - The plan coming to a head, with Menaka planning to do a transfer of property

The serial is again coming to a head. When Shakti took away the property rights through deceit and then kicked out everybody from the house (after ensuring that Krishna was in a jail in a false case), they moved out of the house and then started staying outside, all the while planning revenge. All of them were planning revenge, with Krishna wanting to use force, Sajjan Singh wanting to kidnap Shakti and get his signature on the papers for transfer, and Pratigya wanting to use clever means for ensuring that this happens.
So, as a part of this plan, she gets Kesar to come back to the house in a stable state, and Shakti is very impressed by seeing her in that condition, looking attractive. Slowly, Kesar works to get Shakti to listen to her, with first Samar coming back to the house, and then getting Pratigya as a servant, in a form that Menaka and her mother are not able to recognize her.
First, Kesar plans to get Radhe out of the house, with Shakti kicking him out of the house for flirting with Kesar. Radhe does warn Menaka about Kesar, but Menaka is finding that Shakti does not listen to everything that she says. And now Pratigya leans that Menaka and her mother are trying to make sure that Shakti, in a drunken state, signs over the papers of the house to Menaka, at which their quest will be complete. In the meantime, Krishna has gone to Benaras to try to find out some proof of Menaka, but this is not working out so far. Now it is upto Pratigya and Kesar to try and stop Menaka.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Rashmi getting closer to knowing the truth

It is often said that when you start lying, things get more tricky and you get embroiled in more lying. Now, Hindi serials are often involved with a lot of lying, and the same thing is happening in the serial as well, but this one is not for wrong reasons, but more because Mohan wants to prevent Rashmi from getting to know the truth about him. When Megha sees Rashmi meeting Mohan in the store, and sees the way she is asking him questions, including telling him that his life would never be good after she left, Megha felt that she could not let this happen to Megha. So, she steps in as his wife, and tells a shocked Rashmi (and to some extent, a shocked Mohan) that she is the wife and there are 2 children. Now Rashmi is shocked, but this does not stop at this point; lies can never stop at one point.
So Rashmi invites Mohan and family to the farmhouse, and surprisingly, Megha agrees to go, and then things get even more tricky. They are unable to leave in the night, and then even more strangely, Mohan and Megha end up sleeping in the same room, something that can be a shocker for Hindi Serials. They are able to avoid scandal, somehow or the other, but things are getting more complicated. Megha turns up at the house, but somehow they are able to prevent the family from knowing; Things will keep on happening till some time that Rashmi will get to know the truth; for example, she sent a courier with photos of the picnic to the house, and this will contain photos of Megha and Mohan (Megha had gone to the farmhouse by claiming that there is a summer camp).
In the meantime, Mohan has used the opportunity to reveal everything he feels about Megha, and she does not dismiss this, but there is no reciprocation of feelings.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Kunal and Siddhi get much closer, a child on the way

The plan was for Siddhi to go to her family member's house out of the city along with everybody else, and Kunal would remain in the house (by his own request), and soon he would start to miss Siddhi to the extent that he will come where Siddhi is, and this will be a way for him to see for himself how much he actually loves Siddhi. However, even though Kunal came there, there was some issues since his ego was coming in the way of actually making the declaration. So, Siddhi and Kunal did some amount of frustrating each other, until finally, when she was surrounded by fire, Siddhi let him hear her frustration. After that, everything became okay.
In a bonus to everybody, it was also soon disclosed that Siddhi was pregnant (I had been expecting that ever since they showed Siddhi and Kunal getting intimate once, and only once), and this made everybody happy. However, the serial makers did a bit of the old Saaransh movie kind of story, by showing how Veena was happy that finally her Anand will come back in the form of the baby (and this made everybody every apprehensive), to the extent that Raj became a bit harsh with Veena. Both Raj and Kunal also tried to explain this to Siddhi, but she told them she understood all this.
The scene with Vikram and Raveena is more complicated; Rohit had come there and Raveena mistakenly thought that it was Vikram whom she was hugging; when she got to know the truth, she was very angry (she was now starting to love Vikram). However, Vikram had seen Raveena hugging Rohit and he left from there and from the house soon after, angry over what had happened, and a confrontation between Vikram and Raveena was happening.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Divorce case in court, kids awarded to Pradeep

For Pradeep and Anushka, the concept is that they are now a loving couple, can get on with business and with being close to each other, and achieve their ambitions in life. For Pradeep, his earlier life was all about career mixed with this duties as a father, but it was Mona who was managing the house, and Pradeep would not even know about the issues that was affecting his children. So, when he decided to leave Mona and start on a new life with Anushka, he had not planned anything in detail.
On the other hand, when Mona's mother-in-law prevents her from jumping off the building, she shows Mona a plan whereby Mona can start with her life again, learning how to stand on her own feet, starting with Mona getting her education complete. This also includes not trying to beg Pradeep not to leave her.
The next events in the show surprised both Pradeep and Anushka. Pradeep would have calculated that Mona would ask him for support for the children, and he was willing to offer the support. However, when the case came up, events worked out in such a way that Mona did not offer any objection to the divorce petition, and wanted this to be a divorce by mutual consent. Further, her condition was that the children would be Pradeep.
The judge accordingly agreed to this condition, and so did Pradeep, and as a result, the custody of the children was handed over to Pradeep and Anushka, something that Anushka was certainly not ready for. Handling 3 children is not an easy task, and am pretty sure that this would cause huge strains between Pradeep and Anushka.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Major problems, with Anita's marriage getting cancelled because of Ahem

Saathiya suddenly went into a separate area altogether with a major event happening. The wedding of Ahem's old girl-friend Anita was supposed to happen, and Urmila and Rashi were trying to do another kalakari over there, something that would cause embarrassment to Gopi and to Ahem. So, Rashi tries a series of steps that would cause a lot of problems, but when you look at everything that happens, it also happens only because a number of steps happened in the right order for the problem to occur.
First Rashi managed to hide the card from the family which indicated that this was actually a marriage of Anita (the card had come in terms of the marriage of the son of a business associate of the Modi's), and then when there was a discussion about only a few of the men going to the marriage, she managed to persuade the family that everybody should go to the marriage rather than only the men of the family.
At the marriage, Rashi did a series of steps (which included dripping juice on the clothes worn by Ahem) which finally resulted in everybody seeing both Ahem and Anita lying on the same bed. And there were a lot of people who saw this and all were shocked. This so shocked Nilesh's family that his father called off the marriage even though Ahem tried to persuade him otherwise.
And then this shock led to Anita fainting and she was taken to hospital.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Huge problems between Natasha and Karthik

The tension between Natasha and Karthik had been increasing for the past many episodes in the popular Sony serial, Bade Ache Lagte Hain. Tensions between Natasha and the rest of the family had been increasing for some time as well, ever since the episode where Natasha grew suspicious of the help being extended by her brother Sid for Ayesha, and everybody else got involved as well. In that effort, Ram finally stepped in and provided a big support to Ayesha (and got Sid off the plan of supporting Ayesha) by getting a big advertiser for Ayesha. At the same time, Niharika provided more problems by propping up Ayesha and getting it into her mind that whatever Ayesha was getting was because of her own abilities, and not because of the support of anybody else.
Things escalated when Natasha was expected to provide support to her father-in-law but she was busy on the phone and not able to provide medicines at the required time to her father-in-law and this escalated to a serious issue when he fell ill. When everybody got back, Karthik had a raging fight with Natasha, and finally decided to kick out Natasha from the house. However, things really became problematic when Natasha showed up at Ram's house with injury marks, something that made Ram mad. Soon after, a police case was lodged against Karthik and his parents and the police took them away.
Priya was very disturbed, since she could not believe that her parents or Karthik could assault Natasha like this, and finally got convinced that Karthik was not responsible for something like this, something which causes Ram to get angry since that would mean that she was calling Natasha a liar. Finally, Priya was able to get bail for her entire family, but things are very strained now between her and Ram, and Niharika seems to have spun a strong web.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Finally the news breaks, Pradeep calls off the marriage

To tell the truth, I have been finding this show a bit irritating over the past few episodes, but maybe the setting is part of the serial. They show a family going through strain, where the husband Pradeep feels that his wife is now so dedicated to family (read this as the children) and to the running of the family that she does not really have the time to spend on him. This feeling grows on him, and he has frustration with his current job where he feels that he is not valued. On the other hand, his wife Mona gives a very good representation of acting like a door-knob, letting him unleash on her whenever he wants, and not setting him right even once in a while. She just takes the pain in silence, and whenever Pradeep vents on her, she tries to figure out what her fault was.
Things however come to a pass when Pradeep is about to resign from the company because of an issue, and then suddenly his old college girl-friend, the ambitious Anushka comes into the picture as being the owner of the company. She sets things right for Pradeep, and then decides over the next few days that she was wrong to let Pradeep go in the past, and she wants him now. One of her close friends even warns her against this, but she does not listen.
So you now have Pradeep being sought by his own boss, a boss who is ambitious, who has given him promotions, and who flatters him with the attention that he is looking for, and over a period of time, Pradeep even starts having a relationship with her, under the nose of Mona who does not know all this, and who even believes that Anushka is a good friend to her.
And then there is an accident that causes Pradeep to blurt out his true feelings about Anushka, something which Mona overhears, and then in front of both sets of parents, Pradeep declares that his marriage is over, that he cannot stay with Mona anymore (and anyhow, this was a forced marriage), and he is going to stay with Anushka, she is ambitious like the person he wanted. On the other hand, in Mona's house, her father is not very comfortable with her coming back to stay with them, since he cannot deal with what people will say about this.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Partigya - Kesar back with Shakti, part of Pratigya's plan

Shakti had done a terrific job of planning to get all the property in his name, through the process of getting Sajjan Singh's signature on the papers and getting those registered in the court while ensuring that Krishna was in jail for a false case against him of beating up the waiter. In all the attempt to get Krishna out of jail, the court work happens and Shakti was now the owner of all the property (one wonders as to whether this is correct legally, and whether there was something that could be done in terms of lodging a stay order because of false pretenses and so on). Anyhow, SS and the family are now on the street while Shakti and Menaka are the owners of the property. In between, when Amma comes to the house, both Menaka and Shakti humiliate her.
Now, things are on as to how to recover the property. In one such case, Krishna plays a trick on Shakti by getting him isolated on a remote road and then beats him up, and then presents an alibi to the inspector who come there on the complaint filed by Shakti. Pratigya stops Sajjan Singh who had called many of his men in order to beat up Shakti and get all his property back (and maybe this would have worked, who knows).
So now Pratigya tries her tactics. She gets Kesar to go to Shakti, claiming that she is now recovered and looks great as well; Shakti falls for her and lets her stay in the house while Menaka wants to kick her out. not only that, Kesar gets Shakti to go and get Samar back. However, one is not sure what exactly the plans of Pratigya are for getting things back, since there is no easy way to get all the property back; but some thing must be planned.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha - No longer looking at Mohan with scorn

The serial has moved towards a frame whereby Mohan no longer is seen negatively by the family of Megha (Mrs. Vyas). While her daughter had made an early bond with Mohan, the others did not have a positive view of him, and this was increased due to the fact that he had published a story which confirmed the corruption news of Megha's husband, something that hit hard against all the family members.
However, after that, his positive impression started gaining ground, such as when he caught the monkey man plaguing the neighborhood and stealing things from people, and when he found that this was the son of the Vyas family, he took the young man back to the house rather than exposing him, so that they do not suffer the embarrassment. This went a long family in ensuring that the family looked at him in a better light, and when he saved Mrs. Vyas from the molestation attempt of their boss, it made him seem positive in her light.
So, now when it comes to a time to save him (his over loud and irritating former girl-friend Rashi is back in the town and trying to grill him over his being a failure), Megha turned into a savior for him, claiming to be his wife and showing that he is not a loser. She seems determined to turn aside all the carps being made by Rashmi, who claims to have a very rich NRI fiancee who is spoiling her rotten.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Gauri loses her child, weirdly Jagya blames Anandi for this

The serial keeps on showing twists and turns, even confusing the viewers. The story of Jagya takes too many twists and turns, with sometimes him shown to be more towards his family, and sometimes strongly towards Gauri. So, for example, things have been twisting in the last few episodes. With Badi Masi in a weak condition, Jagya realizes his responsibility towards his family and even turns away Gauri when she tries to take him away (and when she has told Badi Masi the truth about whatever has happened).
However, Gauri, who remains paranoid about the intentions of Anandi, and always worried that Anandi is trying to take away Jagya (and since Anandi remains the legally married wife of Jagya), is on the phone with Anandi, venting away as useful and blaming Anandi for everything. And in the midst of this conversation, she has an accident, due to which she ends up losing her baby and is in hospital.
When Jagya reaches the hospital, Gauri's mother severely castigates Jagya for whatever happened and for being responsible for whatever happened to her daughter. In this emotional turmoil, Jagya totally loses control and phones up Anandi in front of all of them and blames her for whatever has happened to Gauri, and that she he will never come back to her, no matter what happens. This conversation traumatises Anandi severely.
On the other side, in the village, the love between Asha and Abhishek grows and Madan Singh comes to Bhairon to complain about whatever happens, and puts Asha in confinement. Now, it is upto Sugna to get them married away from the confinement to which Asha has been put.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - The turnaround in court, Richa's guilt shown up and Kunal proved innocent

For some time now, the serial has been doing the story of Richa's case on Kunal for attempted rape, and with all the attempts being made by Kunal and Siddhi to present some sort of proof against Richa being destroyed or thwarted by Richa or by Rohit. However, after the kidnapping, things became much worse, since Richa was shown as going over the bend in her quest for Kunal, determined to get Siddhi out of the way, and paying the kidnappers more money to get Siddhi killed. After a lot of twists and turns, an injured Siddhi and Kunal finally reach hospital, but with the knowledge that the CD which showed Richa mixing something in Kunal's drink being destroyed.
Thakral is very happy about this, since he can see that the case is being won, and his enemy Kunal will now go to jail for a long time, his career and reputation destroyed. In the meantime, he has also managed to get his son Rohit out of danger from the police, and apparently sent out of the country so that the police can never get their hands on him. And so, he is very pleased to be in court in order to see Siddhi and Kunal losing.
However, this is when things start turning topsy-turvy, with first Siddhi showing up in court in an injured fashion, and then Kunal also showing up in court. And when the judge pronounces the judgment, Rohit also shows up and denounces the plan of his sister in all this, ensuring that both Thakral and Richa are totally taken aback. And then the police also present taped conversation proof that shows the conspiracy; the judge orders Kunal to be declared innocent, and then orders cases against Richa and Rohit for whatever happened; it is later shown that Siddhi almost forced Rohit to do this since he was caught by the police (and since Rohit knew that his sister was at fault, he would not be willing to take the blame of attempted murder).

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - After a crisis situation, Siddhi now recovering in hospital

For some time now, the serial had been meandering the story of the court case, with the situation switching back and forth between the different characters in the serial. However, nowadays the TRP's are so important, and audiences can be so fickle that serial makers cannot really afford to let serials meander so much. As a result, the last few episodes of Parichay have really seen a lot of action.
All this has to do with incidents starting with the kidnapping of Siddhi, and then the life and death situations that occur after that. So, Rohit wanted to recover the CD from Siddhi, and sent his men there, and then his men kidnapped Siddhi since they did not see any CD with her, and she started making noise. In all this, Thakral seemed the most intelligent one when compared to his children, since he knew the limits of what he can do, and certainly did not agree to any of the kidnapping or murder attempts committed by his children, and in fact scolded them thoroughly for doing all this.
So, Siddhi is kidnapped, making Kunal realize how much he really lover her, and then the situation started getting more complex, with the kidnappers chasing Siddhi and Kunal, and Richa losing her mind over this, since she actually told the kidnappers to kill Siddhi, and even gave money to them when they confirmed that they had done this. In between the police tap on the landline phone of the household told them that the kidnappers indeed did have a connection with Rohit.
However, after the shooting of Siddhi, Kunal and Siddhi found themselves at the bottom of a cliff, and Kunal managed to finally get Siddhi to a hospital, where after a lot of intense drama about her condition, the Doctors finally agreed that she was still serious, but out of danger. The police in the meantime threatened that they will arrest Rohit.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Rashi trying to create differences between Hetal and Kokila

The serial seems to be working through something similar to what happened a few weeks back, when Rashi was kicked out of the house and was taken back with great difficulty, and the same thing seems to be happening now. For some time Rashi stayed away from her mother Urmila, since it was her mother who used to do all the manipulations, and then she saw that she was not getting the same treatment as Gopi, and resumed her previous methods of trying one trick after another.
One of the reasons that Rashi was getting verbally battered in the house for her tactics was that Kokila was wise to her tactics, and Hetal would normally follow whatever Kokila recommended. So the plan hatched by Urmila was to try and separate them, such that Hetal would start to feel that she was getting ignored; and this was done by Rashi to some amount of satisfaction, whereby she was slowly stoking a feeling in Hetal about injustice being done to her due to the power of Kokila. So, there started growing some cold vibes between Hetal and Kokila, and Gopi was able to perceive some of them and do a few things so that this feeling would not increase.
But now Rashi has increased the level of her tactics, and it seems that some of these will cause her problems, especially when she got a big size laddu to the temple and had to hold the laddu for a long time causing her great distress. For her revenge, she tried to get a lot of chilli powder on Kokila (something that can really get her in trouble), but it seems that due to divine intervention, things turned the other way and all the chilli powder landed on her.
With Kinjal, a different story is brewing. Due to a statue of Kanha in her room releasing water, she is now being seen as a devi in the neighborhood, while the struggle for the lottery money in the house between Kinjal and Urmila is simmering.
And the other parallel track is about the impending coming together of Ahem and Gopi as they are getting physically closer to each other, with Gopi knowing nothing about the reality of physical relationships.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav gets to know that Teju is in Mumbai, driving a taxi

Things are getting more complicated, with people slowly getting to know the truth about many things, but the biggest disclosure, about whether Archana was the one who was demanding money from Manav or not, is something that is not yet clear whether it will be revealed. When they show Sachin showing some good tendencies from time to time, then it seems like that at some point of time, Sachin will tell Manav the truth, but at other points of time, not sure about how the truth will be revealed. however, the serial is taking its own time to reveal everything, with step by step disclosures.
So, for some time now, there was the almost close meetings between Manav and Teju, but this meeting finally happened when Teju was driving the same taxi which was carrying Manav; Manav was shocked to know about this and then calls up Teju and scolds her a lot. But when she finally meets with Manav, she quickly responds back to Manav's allegations by telling her baba that he also lied to all of them by staying with the same woman that all of them hate, and not telling them about it. And when she listens to the 6 months court condition, she tells him that she will then come to Manav herself once he no longer stays with his wife.
The next big surprise would be when Teju gets to know that Sulochna is her grandmother and Archana is her mother; that will be the biggest surprise since she has been told that they are bad people, after money and who willingly left their own daughters. The other big shock will be when Purvi and Arjun find themselves admitting their attraction to each other.

Enjoy Nautanki TV