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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Balrak makes his move, finally killed by his former wife

The serial was highlighting the emergence of Balraj, the father of Trishna and Madhu and the ex-wife of Padmini, who suddenly came back into the lives of all these people. Many many years back, Balraj used to torture his wife and also treated his daughters very badly, and finally they managed to escape from his with the help of Malick. And then, when RK was looking for somebody to do the production of a movie which would launch Trishna (and do it in a way that Trishna would not know that it was RK who was behind all this), he and his assistant Bitto found Balraj who was a maverick (although they do not know his background, not is it shown as to why specifically Balraj was suitable for this role). He is almost shown to be out of control, once even eating the food prepared by Madhu for RK, something for which RK was very angry, but at the same time, showing Balraj as not really caring about what others (even including the superstar RK) think about his actions.
Next, Madhu and RK plan a technique that will finally bring Padmini and Malick much closer to each other, to the extent that they will finally decide to get married (something which they initially oppose); in the course of this effort, RK falsely tells Padmini that something has happened to Malick, and for which he gets slapped by Padmini (and the others are shocked, since they cannot visualize somebody slapping the superstar RK). However, RK keeps at it and finally they agree to get married, making everybody else very happy as well.
In the meantime, Balraj gets to know about this marriage and decides that he must also get involved, since he cannot visualize something like this happening; just before the marriage, Padmini has a nightmare where Balraj lands up in the house and kills Malick and then kills the others. However, she wakes up, and is very scared about this.
Roma gets to see Balraj dressed as if he is going for a marriage, but is kidnapped before she can warn the others. Balraj finally goes to the marriage location with his hoodlums, and pulls off a few stunts and then the police gets there and stops everything. RK also gets injured in all this activity. However, even when the police has caught him, Balraj manages to get hold of a gun and puts it to the head of Madhu, and is then shot by Padmini. Since she has shot Balraj, the police arrest Padmini while RK needs to be taken to hospital because of the blood loss. However, in the court case, the entire history of Balraj is laid out and Padmini is exonerated in terms of self defense.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Ayyan and family want to leave; Asad almost discovers Mariam

Things have suddenly gotten much hotter in the previous week in the serial. In the previous week, the serial had shown complications in both houses; Asad had gone to attend a marriage and Zoya had already landed over there. In the marriage, it soon became apparent to Zoya that the bride, Mariam, was under a lot of pressure and was not happy about the marriage. Zoya saves her from burning herself, and in turn the bride tells her that the groom had raped her, and it was for the family honor that she was getting married off to her rapist. Zoya cannot take this, and helps Mariam escape and instead sits in for her; and then Asad runs off with her with the family members chasing them (till now, Asad really does not know what is happening and has not been involved in the running away of the bride).
They indulge in a lot of cat and mouse game, trying to run away from both sets of family members who want to kill both of them, once with even the police catching them and handing them over to the family members. They manage to escape, and in a maha episode with Punar Vivah, Yash and Aarti are also there and get involved to some degree, with the mob even baying for their blood. Things get real problematic when the father of the girl lets Asad go (since he is distantly related to them) while saying that they will not let Zoya go (she had helped Mariam in escaping). However, he comes back soon and digs Zoya out from where she had been buried and they head back to Bhopal. Now, Mariam has come to Bhopal and is being helped by Zoya without telling Asad, while Mariam's father had already come there and told Asad that if his daughter comes there, to tell him.
Meanwhile, Ayyan was placed in a compromising position with Humeira by Rasia, since she wants her daughter to get marred to Ayyan, but this is broken just before the engagement by Nikhat (there was a video in Humeira's computer that recorded how both of them had become unconscious and hence could not have been involved in any intimacy) who has received the video from Humeira (who loves Ayyan but does not want to get married to him by force). Now, Ayyan wants to leave the house because he does not trust Rasia, but Rashid is under blackmail by Rasia over something that happened 17 years ago.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Threat to kill Ansh if Yash and Aarti do not get divorced

The drama regarding the kidnapping of Ansh has not yet finished. Even though Prashant died in the fight with Yash, Ansh was not yet to be found. The situation is getting very traumatic for Aarti and Yash, but they are unable to find Ansh. To some extent, Yash suspects that his father is the one behind the kidnapping since he wanted a divorce between Yash and Aarti, and striking at Ansh was a way to strike at the weakest point of Aarti; and he also supported Prashant in the effort to win the child custody of Ansh, something that was finally defeated in court where the judge gave custody to Yash and Aarti. The serial also shows a new character Aakash (Akshay Dogra) who is shown as coming to be the driver in the Scinidia household, and who is also shown to the one who has actually done the kidnapping.
And now they show Yash very apologetic over the suspicion of his father when he sees his father being very cooperative with the police when they are trying to find Ansh, and he expresses his apologies to his father right away after that; and also tells the same to Aarti that he was very sorry about suspecting his father to be involved in the case.
And then they show a man (Akash) to be taking a video of Ansh (and where Ansh almost gets away since he finds the car keys that would cause the car security system to beep and does create a disturbance, but is then caught again by Aakash before he could get away). He finally places a CD in front of the doorway of Yash, and Yash then chases after him in a chase sequence, is able to catch him in a sequence, but then loses his grip. With the police, he then describes how he had injured the man who had run away after leaving the CD in their house, and so they search for doctors who would have treated a man injured in the leg, and in the promo for the next version, a doctor does admit to treating somebody. Also, they also show them getting ready to sign the divorce agreement, and also have to agree that Yash will marry somebody else within the next 7 days.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hindi TV Serials - Sasural Simar Ka - Roli is staking everything to get back the family property

The serial is going through a high dose of drama, although this particular series has been going on for a long time. The actress playing Khushi must be so happy, since she has a got a powerful and important role in the serial for a matter of so many weeks. Khushi, so much unlike her name, is out to totally control the house, and in fact has been managing to do that for some time now. She has the house and riches in her name, and makes the others in the family do what she wants, including doing household chores, humiliating them anytime she wants, and even re-naming the family sweets shop (something that made the rest of the family very angry).
In order to stop this from continuing, and in order to get the family riches back from Khushi, Roli decides to play the same kind of trick. She starts to attract the attention of Veeru, since she figures that is the way to get Khushi to do something. So she changes her dresses, becomes more modern, and starts going to the disco at night (when her husband and others in the family are not awake - only mausiji knows what Roli is trying to do and is supporting her at this).
Over a period of time, Roli gets closer to Veeru, and she keeps on taunting him about how he has nothing, it is all Khushi and in fact if Khushi so decides, Veeru has nothing. Veeru gets angry at this and decides to get everything from Khushi by tricking her to sign the document which will transfer everything. However, he also has a condition to Roli, that he will only do this if she signs a divorce with Siddharth, and then only do the document stuff to get everything from Khushi.
This is something that is a shocker for Roli, she genuinely loves Siddharth and this will also mean that others in the family will get to know. In between, we are all exposed to a continuing series of tears from Simar since she does find out that Roli is going out, and doing other stuff that the family members do not know about. And then comes the divorce petition where Roli convinces everybody that she is doing this seriously since she is tired of living like a good bahu, she wants more in life and so on. Finally Simar gets to know the truth, but they still need to go ahead with this move. In between Siddharth has to leave for 3 days and Roli hopes that everything will be fine when he comes back.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Anandi manages to conflict at Sakranti

Anandi is in a difficult position. She has 2 sets of inlaws, having been sent from one house where her husband had deserted her and then they had got divorced, to another house where she had arrived as a divorcee, with many people from society not very happy about Shiv having married a divorcee. In fact, Shiv's sister, Sanchi, was astounded why her smart brother had married such a downmarket village girl who was not in the least bit sophisticated, and showed her displeasure a number of time. However, the rest of the family was very happy with the morals and attitude of Anandi and welcomed her a lot. However, this aspect of moving from one very loving house to another one meant that some of the attachment to the older house would reduce, and this can take some getting used to, especially since her new household would want to ensure that Anandi is focused on this house, being the daughter-in-law of this house.
So, the first such occasion was the time of Sakranti, where it was expected that Anandi would be spending time with Shiv's family. However, there was tension interjected into the atmosphere when Dadisa wanted Anandi to spend Sakranti at their house along with Shiv and the others, and Choti Ma also agreed. Anandi's mom-in-law was upset with whatever happened since she wanted Anandi to spend the Sakranti in their house, given that this was the first Sakranti after the marriage and it would be a grand occasion. So when she heard that Anandi and Shiv would not be coming, she was upset and even conveyed the same to Choti Ma and Anandi even while telling them that she accepted this. It goes much to show how much Choti Ma had turned that she was defending Anandi and praising the abilities of Anandi.
It is at this time that Anandi did what would seem like a good solution, in terms of being able to be at both houses. First they went to Anandi's inlaws, surprising her mother-in-law when they entered the house and ensuring that everybody was happy over there; and the next movement would be going to Jagya's house later in the afternoon. When Anandi called Dadisa to tell her that Anandi would be late, Daidisa in fact told Anandi that she understood that this was Anandi's first Sakranti over there, and maybe Anandi should stay there, since that would be the expectation. But Anandi handled this.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The presence of Ravan in the show

Ravan is typically shown in any show about the Ramayana, or any other story about Lord Rama. But a number of people forget that Ravan was a very devout Shiv bhakt, and so it is natural than any story about Lord Shiva will show the presence of Ravan. And so the story of Mahadev is starting to show Ravan.
In the meantime, the story also shows the interaction between Mahadev and Goddess Parvathi. There was a lot of trouble in the relationship since the conflict between Karthikeyan and Ganesha was ongoing (there was even a race between them to see who could make rounds of the earth 3 times faster, and even though Karthikeyan though he could win the race easily, Ganesh took the more clever route and did 3 rounds of his parents rather than what Karthikeyan did, and since doing a round of parents was equivalent to doing a round of the world, Ganesh was deemed to be superior).
After this, both Karthikeyan and Ganesh had left Kailash, and Parvathi appealed to Mahadev to get them back. Mahadev had stated that both of them need some time, and he cannot do anything right away, which made Goddess Parvathi very angry and she told Mahadev that he also need not come to Kailash till the children are back. However, soon after, Lord Vishnu counseled Karthikeyan and finally peace was back in Kailash, but there still remains some amount of tension in Kailash since Goddess Parvathi continues to believe that Mahadev has not recognized that he now has a family and behave accordingly, and that he still continue to lead a life of detachment.
On the other side, Ravan is doing a penance to Lord Brahma, and the power of his penance is shaking God Indira's abode. He says that he will do something about it, although he is warned that he really cannot do much about what Ravan wants. He tries, and then gets the wind god to try, but they are not able to shake the prayers being done by Ravan. They go running to Lord Brahma to get him not to give any special blessing to Ravan, but Lord Brahma tells Indira that he has not really done anything that was good, his acts were bad by themselves, and he should not cast aspersions on the trinity about what they are doing.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Ansh kidnapped by Prashant after court case

The serial suddenly has become much more complex. Till some weeks back, there was no mention of Prashanth in the serial, and now suddenly, he became the main character in the serial, making the life of Aarti hell. Initially he comes in for treatment for cancer and is not sure whether he will survive or not, but after he becomes fine, the feeling in him grows that since he is now fine, he deserves his wife and child back (ignoring the feelings of his ex-wife, even his parents, and also the fact that he had left rather than Aarti leaving him). Now, Aarti is in love with Yash and Yash with Aarti, and Ansh is well settled in with Yash, accepting him as his father and Yash does not discriminate between Ansh and his other children.
In this world, Prashanth comes in, supported by his Taiji who does not believe in this divorce stuff and wants to ensure that Aarti comes back to Prashanth; they barge into Aarti's house and let everybody know about this, which is a problem since everybody believes that Aarti's husband had died, not that she was a divorcee. For some reason, they did not want a divorcee, but a widow was fine. When they find out that they were lied to, they are all very agree but Yash continues to support Aarti which means that they are all punished by his parents.
In the middle of all this, Prashanth gets more serious, and once tries to influence Ansh, and in this conflict, he gets beaten up by Aarti and Yash. He gets angry, and with the support of Yash's father, hires the best lawyer for the custody of Ansh; there is a lot of drama including some very unusual actions by the judge, but finally the judge decides that custody is to be given to Yash and Aarti rather than Prashant.
When Yash and Aarti along with the children go for a vacation, Prashanth follows them and kidnaps Ansh, and even threatens to kill Ansh if Aarti does not come to him. During this time, the serial does 2 combined episodes with another serial (Qubool Hain), and they get mixed up with some serious matters, but so far have been unable to find Ansh. They even manage to get to the hotel room where Ansh was, but somebody picks him up before Yash and Aarti can get there.
That somebody seems to be Akash, who is going to the Scinidia household to be the new driver. He is fairly arrogant, and they will soon reveal that he is the one who had kidnapped Ansh from the hotel, since he is also the illegitimate son of Scindia.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Trying to identify Preeti Mausi's lover

The serial has taken the conflict between Avantika and Harish to a high degree. This is the second or third time that the episode is coming up in the serial and each time it comes when there is some chance in the serial for Harish to Avantika to come together. This time it is because of the machinations of Mami, who hires a lady from Kullu to come in and pretend that she was Harish's lover and Harish had got her pregnant earlier. After some time of this discussion, she is proved wrong, but this causes Preeti to come in and say that Harish had got her abortion done; and the suspicions shifts towards the belief that Preeti and Harish were having an affair, which makes things even worse for Harish in Avantika's eyes. To believe in the fact that your husband and your sister is having an affair and that your sister has become pregnant because of that affair can make things look very horrid. As a result, Avantika is no longer on speaking terms with both Harish and Preety.
Adi is taking all this pretty badly and does not think well of his father and Mausi now, but over a period of time, he learns that it was not his father but (in a great coincidence) that it was Pankhuri's younger chacha, Kailash Gupta, who was the one who made Preeti Mausi pregnant, and hence these 2 decide to set out for their honeymoon, but instead go off to Kullu to track Kailash and to get more truth behind all these facts (although why Preeti would not reveal all this to the family is strange - does she prefer that they believe that she had an affair with Harish rather than with an outsider, which would atleast mollify Avantika to a great degree - there seems like something still to be revealed in this story).
Mami of course believes that Adi and Pankhuri are trying to solve this story, and so she decides to go after them to change or spoilt what they are doing, and takes a taxi to go to Kullu (and the serial tries to show some comedy in terms of the taxi that she is using). Now, Pankjuri and Adi have indeed found Kailash, who is married to a lady who knows about his past affair with Preeti, but when Kailash is pushed, he denies that he knew that Preeti was pregnant, else he would never have left her.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Siddhi injured in a blast

The serial has been reporting lower TRP's for some time now, and it seems to have taken a shock very recently. The actress playing Siddhi on the serial (Keerti) got injured in an accident in Mumbai and suffered injuries to her body and to her face (she was in an auto-rickshaw which got over-turned), and hence the episodes on the serial adjusted to show her in a way where her face was not shown (bandaged due to the injuries suffered in a bomb blast). There is some speculation that Keerti has decided to quit the show, but this is not confirmed.
The serial keeps on having twists and turns, whereby Kunal comes close to Siddhi, and then distrusts her and leaves her, and so on. This makes the story line quite stale and boring at times, and hence the serial has lost some of its avid viewers. Again, the serial has reached a stage where Kunal and Siddhi are together again, this time because of a court decision as part of divorce proceedings, where they are forced to stay together for 6 months. Siddhi, of course, always believes that she is in the right (even though she decides to take many good decisions and does not tell Kunal about them, and it is easy for some of those decisions to seem that she is acting for herself, not for Kunal or for his family).
When Siddhi is there at the Chopra household, the family of course do not trust her and hate her, it is only the children who believe in her and want to ensure that their parents get together again. Also, Kunal still has a soft corner for her, but all these years has made him very cynical; so anyhow, a situation arises in which a crisis will bring back the old feelings for Siddhi. She has gone to get ice cream for the children, when a blast happens and she is apparently caught up in it. Kunal goes looking for her, including among dead bodies, but is not able to find her.
So, in a matter of cunning, Kunal convinces Anand to go to Abhay's house and have a conversation with him, this conversation being transmitted to Kunal and a police party over a switched on mobile phone; and then Kunal barges in and they find Siddhi in an injured condition in the house. So, Siddhi is now in the hospital, but there is money required for her treatment (I always thought that people injured in a bomb attack such as this one get free treatment) and Kunal does not have any money (even after 9 years, he is still hand to mouth and does not have any money) and Kunal is now seeing as to how he will get this money.

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik very angry since he feels family is stopping him

For some time, while the real life actor playing Naitik was getting married, the serial lowered the load on him by showing him as getting married. However, now that he has more time on his hands and is back from the marriage, Naitik is shown as getting up from the coma. However, unlike in the movies where a person can get up from a coma and start doing physical fighting, the serial shows the reality that is there for a person coming up from a coma. The body is very weak, muscles have not been used for years, and there is a lot of scope for the person to suffer from injuries and a bad health unless they take it easy and wait for health and strength to build up.
That is what the doctor has advised, and hence the family members want to ensure that Naitik is kept away from major work till the health has stabilized and the body is feeling better. But, at the same time, Naitik is seeing that he is resting at the house while everybody else is doing things. Akshara is doing the work in the office that he should be doing, his mother and Akshara are spending time on taking care of Naitik and he is feeling like that they are treating him like a baby.
The biggest problem would be with regard to Duggu; he has never seen his father in action, and now that the father is there, the father wants to act like a father. However, at the same time Duggu is able to see how other children have fun with their fathers, play with them, and so on, and is wondering what is wrong with his father. Naitik is able to feel this and is getting more impatient; he also sees that Duggu has got spoilt due to the attention paid by Gayathri, and does not listen easily.
So, Naitik decides to go one day with Duggu to a cricket match, and then when his mother gets to know about this, she gets Mohit to call Naitik and tell him that the match is canceled. Naitik tells Duggu, who is upset, but both of them get very upset that the match was not canceled, and when Naitik gets to know that it was his mother who had got Mohit to call and lie to him that the match was canceled; he is also upset with Akshara and starts being quiet, while Duggu feels even further that his father will not be able to go with him anywhere.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram changes his feelings for Priya

What an easy way to put a twist in a serial. You can bring in any character, or bring back at any character and that will automatically create a twist in a serial. So, it happened in this serial. For a long time, the character of the step-brother, Siddharth, who tried to frame Ram for a case of drugs adulteration, and for which Priya took the blame. As a result of this, priya was sentenced to a jail term and overall, this finally led to the separation of Ram and Priya; while Ayesha was pregnant with Siddharth's child and to cover which, Ram married Ayesha.
Now, Siddharth appears back in the serial, appearing back as a role which is as evil as ever. But he is also helpless to some extent, since he is still on the run from the police (Ram had managed to prove that Priya was innocent and that the actual culprit was Siddharth, and ever since Siddharth was supposed to be hunted by the police). Ayesha is still in regular touch with Siddharth, which is now being shown by the serial. Ram, or the others, of course do not know about this.
Now, the other twist was that Siddharth does not have any kind of money, it is Ram who has control of all the money in the business. As a result, Ayesha does not want to be in a position where she no longer is Mrs. Ram Kapoor, since that gives her access to enormous amounts of money and also to the high levels of society, and that is what she wants never to lose. Hence, she will not go with Siddharth if that means that she loses this status and money.
On the other side, Ayesha had tormented Pihu enough that Pihu decided not to go back to the house, and got lost; she was picked up by some hoodlums who decided that they would use her for begging, but then discovered that she was very rich and wanted money. After some amount of tension, she managed to run away and in the hunt for getting her back, Siddharth (in the guise of a party clown) manages to get the hoodlums away enough that the police are able to rescue her. Priya, now considers that Ram is incapable for holding Pihu and decides to take her back.
Ram has accepted this, and in the end, also comes to a determination that he wants her back. In order to ensure that he has no guilt complex with Ayesha, he goes to Ayesha and shows her that he wants a relationship with her; this is very uncomfortable to Ayesha and she tells Ram, which ensures that Ram is now comfortable that he is not leaving Ayesha in the lurch and is free to pursue Priya, but who is very angry with him now.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Aarti and Yash get custody of Ansh

It was very strange seeing the recent episodes of the serial. On the one hand, there is a lot of debate ongoing about the rights of women and there are frequent discussions in the media about the rights of mother vis-a-vis the rights of the father, and then you have such strange things being shown in the serial. For some time now, after Prashant was shown as having recovered from his illness, he became warped, determined to get his wife and child back, not accounting for the fact that he was the one who had left them some time back. So, he ties up with a taiji (who is old fashioned, does not believe that there is such a thing such as a divorce, and who cannot understand why Prashant cannot just go and take Aarti, and how Aarti can be with anyone else once she has got married to Prashant, who is after all the owner of Aarti).
So, it takes some time for these series of episodes to end, with finally the Taiji and Prashant marching into Yash's house and demanding that Aarti come back. They are dispatched and sent back, but one outcome of this is that it is now revealed that Aarti is a divorcee and not a widower, which is a violation since Yash's family were told that she was a widower. There is a lot of anger, and they try to pick Aarti out of the house, but Yash comes in and takes her, although they are now separated from Yash's parents.
So, now Yash's parents are very angry about this state of affairs, and his father wants to get Aarti out of his life, and so is willing to do whatever it takes. Prashant once comes to meet Ansh in his school, and tries to fill his mind with a lot of stuff about Aarti and Yash, but this leads to a confrontation with Aarti (who slaps Prashant) and then with Yash, who knocks Prashant to the ground. Prashant is very angry and wants revenge, and decides to a file a custody case for Ansh, supported financially by Yash's father.
In the court case, the judge decides to act very strangely, since he treats this as a custody case between Yash and Prashant, one the step-father, the other the biological father instead of taking the normal case of the mother of a young child getting the priority. Finally, since he is not able to decide, there is a wacky scheme whereby both Yash and Prashant are to dress up in animal outfits and Ansh has to decide (totally weird). Finally, after some more drama, Ansh's custody is given to Yash and Prashant swears to continue to make their life miserable.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Housewife Hai...Sab Jaanti Hai - Light hearted look at a housewife in a joint family

Serials in the past (or even now) show problems where women in the house do not get enough education, or are looked down upon if they try to get a job. There are even serials shown where the husband feels that his wife is threatening his ability to earn for the family if the wife also wants to go and work. Once in a while a serial comes in that threatens to turn this whole thing around, such as this new serial on Zee called "Housewife Hai...Sab Jaanti Hai". This is the story of a joint family, run by the strong mother of the house, played by Himani Shivpuri. She has a number of sons, some of them adult, and hence, with the recent marriage, she has a new daughter-in-law, Sona, who would be earning the precious amount of Rs. 40,000 per month.
So, out of the 4 daughter in laws, Sona would earn the highest, and the only one who does not get as much respect as the others is Neelam bahu, who is a housewife and does not earn any money for the house. As a result, she has very little respect from the mother-in-law, and consequently from the others in the house, and does all the household work, being put under pressure every day to ensure that all the household work gets done. She has accepted this, with even her own husband not giving her much respect.
And then comes in the new bahu, earning an amount larger than the other bahus, and they feel that their position will be threatened. And then comes a shocker, with Sona stating that she will give up her job and work as a housewife in the house. Her mother-in-law is shocked, enough that it could have probably given her a heart attack; and then she decides to put pressure on preventing Sona from going ahead on her ridiculous idea.
First pressure is put on the police inspector Kanhaiya, who is the young son and also the husband of Sona, but Sona is mostly able to wrap him around her little finger, and he does not really do what his mother expected him to do. So, the other strategy is to show Sona what the housewife will need to do, especially when there is no gas in the house; in this case Sona gets helped by 2 other bahus since they would like her to not work and stay in the house in order to retain their positions of respect; when this gets to be known to the mother-in-law, she punishes those 2 bahus for their help.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapasya helps Veer get back his memory, and get Ichcha

Looks like the actress (Rashmi Desai) playing the role of Tapasya in the serial came back to the serial with an intention of ensuring that she would no longer play a negative role. Before the time leap, Rashmi had vanished from the serial, but at a stage where she had been thoroughly dis-credited by everyone in the serial, having been brought up under the highly negative influence of Nani, with her parents unable to prevent her morals and character from turning negative. The most positive influence on her life was her husband Rathod who prevented the negative influence of Nani and ensured that Tapasya would try to turn over a new leaf and become positive.
But after the time leap, Tapasya has been shown as a positive character, who came back into the serial to help Ichcha get back Veer. Ever since Veer was attacked by Avinash, and Ichcha killed him to prevent him from murdering Veer (and went to jail for that). However, during that attack, Veer suffered blows which caused him a memory loss, and he forgot his marriage and Ichcha. His mother, Gunwanti, who was never happy with the presence of Ichcha since she considered Ichcha as a low class girl (the daughter of a servant, as opposed to Tapasya, who was the daughter of a rich man) decided that his forgetting Ichcha was a good thing.
Gunwanti got Veer married off to a girl who would not cause any trouble, but what to do about the memory ? The memory loss in such attacks could come back, and hence she had to ensure that he never got back his memory; so she went to a doctor and got medicines that ensured that the memory would not come back. These were medicines that cost a lot, but needed to be taken regularly to ensure that the memory would not come back.
When Tapasya came into the house, she wanted to ensure that Ichcha got her rights back, and decided to investigate. Eventually, she managed to detect that Gunwanti was giving some medicines to Veer and replaced those medicines with sugar powder, and Gunwanti did not suspect anything. However, Veer got his memory back, and along with that, there was other evidence to expose the scheming of Gunwanti, and then Veer told her that he considers that his mother is dead and that he will get his Ichcha back. This is the second time that Gunwanti has been caught doing something, just shows that if you are caught by somebody doing something for the second time, then only you are to blame.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Coming together of Neha and Vikram, Pihu runs away

The serial is moving towards some serious stuff if the recent promos are to be believed. Tension in marriage and the sudden appearance of an illegitimate son can be serious stuff, but it is a purely family related matter, not anything to do with crime. But the promos are showing that Pihu is in the hands of some hoodlums, and given that she is the daughter of a very rich man, that can be a very serious matter.
The serial has partially resolved a very serious matter. The separation between Vikram and Neha was due to the sudden arrival of an illegitimate son of Neha, before her marriage with Vikram, and his presence in the scene created upheaval in the entire family. The serial never fully explained as to why this lead to a divorce between Vikram and Neha, and given that the process of filing for a divorce and actually getting it can take some time, things are not so clear. If there was no pressure from anybody, why they filed for a divorce seems pretty strange. The presence of Rehan threatened everybody in the family, with Vikram finding it hard to adjust. However, in the end, Ram and Priya take a decidedly melodramatic way to ensure that they decide to get together again, by showcasing as if Neha is getting married to somebody else, a process that ensures that Vikram realizes what is about to happen and comes in to prevent this from happening.
The relation between Ram and Piya is more complicated, and the tension, especially the negative behavior shown by Ayesha is strange. When Mamaji, who is advising her on the right things to do, which is to ensure that Pihu gets very friendly with Ayesha and starts treats her like a mother figure would be the way to cement her place in the household, the serial has Ayesha instead reacting in exactly the opposite way. It is almost like Ayesha is telling Ram to come and kick her out of the house, especially if Ram sees Ayesha behaving like this or Pihu comes and tells Ram about somebody like this. Pihu is getting very scared of the behavior of Ayesha, and is scared to go back to the house, and decides to go from the school to Priya's house, but she does not know the way. So, now it would seem that she is lost and comes in the hands of some gangsters.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hindi TV Series - The police torture shown in serials

There are a number of serials on in TV that seek to show crime in our streets, and the solution of such cases. Some of these serials are Crime Patrol, CID (which is fictional but still shows some kind of working of an investigative agency), Savdhan India (on Life Ok) and some others. All of them do some kind of service to citizens, since they show the nature of crime that happens nowadays and also suggests ways to prevent such crimes from affecting some of us.
Some of these situations are preventable, while others are not preventable. For example, the episode I am watching right now deals with the situation where an old lady gets killed soon after doing a property deal, and her body is not found for a few days. She did not have any enemies as such, and it took the police some time to find out who did it. One of the prime causes was that she was not careful about where she mentioned the money she was getting from the property deal (in cash), and by accident, somebody heard it aloud and knew where to catch her and take the money and get rid of her. So one prime learning is to never mention such money in front of people who you do not fully trust (although some episodes have shown crimes committed by family members, which makes the trust position very difficult). The other of course is not to handle large amounts of cash, instead deal in bank transfers or checks.
The other major issue that keeps on coming up is about police torture. These serials keep on showing police doing torture, trying to determine the true doer of the crime. Now, torture or beating up of victims is not allowed as per numerous court judgments, and it is the law of the land, and 3rd degree interrogation is not allowed at all. However, the serials show that since they are trying to determine the true accused, all this is fine. Even when you watch the serials, you can see that people get beaten up by the police even when they are innocent, just so that they try to get information.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Focus on the struggle in Vikram and Neha's life

For viewers of the serial, the main attraction of the serial was the relationship between Ram and Priya, and with the presence of Pihu in the serial, she was also somebody who viewers liked to see. However, how long can you only keep showing 2 or 3 main characters in a serial, serial makers try to ensure that there are side stories ongoing in any serial, since that allows a serial to continue for a long period of time, and this is there in Bade Ache Lagte Hain as well. So, the close friends of Ram and Priya, Vikram and Neha, suddenly developed a huge problem after the time leap. Before the time leap, their relationship was a very stable relationship, but after the break, the show kept the suspense for a long time, showing that the relationship was under strain, both of them were talking about a divorce and separation.
It was only after quite some time that the serial showed that the reason for the tension in the relationship was the presence of a teenager called Rehan, a person who the serial hinted for some time was the illegitimate son of Vikram (after all, it is easier to bring in a son for the husband rather than the wife because if the wife was having an illegitimate son, it would be easy for anybody to know about it). It was only after quite some time that the serial showed that this was the son of Neha, in a relationship that happened before the marriage and where she was told that the child was dead at birth.
Now, they are dealing with this news. The tension in the relationship has been huge, Neha has moved out of the house since she wants some time off to figure out her emotions; Vikram supports her to some degree, but he has to deal with his wife having had a son earlier, and he has to continue living with the family and trying to answer questions; even in dealing with the elder son Rahul who feels that his parents have betrayed him; and he is now starting to point fingers at Neha for having easily moved out of the house rather than trying to resolve matters.
In the case of Ram and Priya, there is some settlement that is going to happen soon, probably because Chahat Khanna, who is playing the role of Ayesha, does not like that her role has been turned totally negative; and the news is that she wants out of the serial. Also, the serial is showing that both Ram and Priya realize that Pihu needs the presence of both mother and father.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Tapasya back, trying to make things right

The serial has had multiple time leaps so far; in the past there was a time leap of 10 years where both Tapasya and Ichcha got older, and had much more complications in their life. Ichcha was seen as the good and honest one, but inherently stupid (my view) while Tapasya was seen as the more selfish one, and in this selfish nature, she could go to any extent and do acts that are termed as evil. In all this, she was supported by Nani, who fed all her desires and made her more selfish and amoral. By the time of the next leap, Ichcha had murdered Avinash, who was threatening Veer at that time, and was sentenced to prison. In this duration, Veer, who had a memory loss, was re-married by his mother (who had a distaste for Ichcha) and who brought up Ichcha and Veer's son to be extremely selfish and arrogant.
In this next time, for a period of 18 years, Tapasya was away from the serial, as was Rathore. Further, Ichcha was out of prison at the end of this period, and the set of children were all adult now, Meethi, Mukta and Yuvraj. Things are a bit complex in their interactions, especially since Jogi Thakur is now poor, while Damini is now rich. There are more complications in this story, with Yuvraj finally being sent to prison on a rape charge, where testimony is being provided by his own mother Ichcha.
Meethi was against her own mother for quite some time, but now things are more reconciled. She is also in love with Vishnu, from their past, but things are not quite what they seem to be. Mukta, who has started believing in the goodness of Ichcha, sees that there is something suspicious about Vishnu, but is still to gather all the information that is necessary to change things. In between, is the story of Mukta and Tej Singh (another evil character), where Tej Singh wanted to marry Mukta, but Tapasya (entering the serial again) takes the place of Mukta and gets married to Tej Singh. She wants to reconcile Veer and Ichcha, something opposed by Gunwanti, who is feeding a medicine to Veer to ensure that he does not remember his past, but he has started remembering a few things, and in between remembered Veer fully.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - CID - a 4 episode sequence where ACP Pradyuman resigns

For some time, there has been an ongoing story going on about how the character (Shivaji Satam) playing ACP Pradyuman has resigned from the serial, which would be a surprise since the serial has been going on for a very long time and the ACP along with Senior Inspectors Abhijeet and Daya are the main characters of the serial. And for some time now, the serial has also been showing the DCP, DCP Chitroley, who has been against the ACP but has not really been able to take any action against him since the success rate of the CID has been pretty good and the team has been entirely supportive.
However, in a complicated case involving marriages, a marriage bureau, a bride who has been running away, and smuggling of girls, the serial after a long time shows conflict in terms of the ACP resigning from the service (or rather, being forced to resign from the service since the DCP shows a video that would show the ACP running away from a girl who gets killed in a bomb blast - this is shown as cowardice by the ACP and he is also not willing to explain what happened - even to his own team). The DCP finally manages to get what he wanted, his own choice of ACP but the team is not very cooperative, and his choice of ACP is also not somebody who is able to inspire the team.
So, the 4 episode series starts with a bride in full bridal dress in a car, trying to escape from some people and using a gun to get the car stopped. She is pursued by some people and is then saved by the ACP who drops her off at the entrance of her housing colony. When the ACP goes there the next night, he is not able to locate her or anybody who has heard of her, causing all his suspicions to get raised, and then the investigation is started. And soon after, there is an explosion and the DCP comes with a video that shows the ACP running away; something that causes surprise to the team but they have still full faith in him. And then starts an investigation where Pradyuman is working in the marriage bureau that is the place of suspicion, and the team in the CID is also trying to figure out what happened. Finally, the ACP and the team manage to prevent the girls from being smuggled, and he comes back to the CID as a hero.

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