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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Swaragini on Colors - Finally trying to turn the tables on Ragini

For quite some time, the show has been showing Swara not having an easy time. Not knowing the intentions of her sister Ragini who wanted to marry Swara's fiancee, Laksh. She did the ultimate back-stabbing, plotting over a period of time to convey that Swara was not interested in the marriage, and also managed to ensure that Swara would not reach the marriage location. To her sister, she actually acted with a lot of malice and threw Swara off from a bridge (not knowing whether her sister was alive and dead). At the marriage hall, she managed to twist things by saying that Swara was not interested in the marriage and finally her wishes get fulfilled when Laksh agreed to get married to Ragini. In many of these machinations, she was supported by Sanskar, who wanted revenge from Laksh. However, Swara finally managed to get Laksh to forgive the reasons why he wanted revenge and decided to support Swara in whatever he did.
There were many complications after this. Swara's and Ragini's dad did not forgive Swara for what she did, and over a period of time, made clear his feelings that he did not consider Swara his daughter any more and remained very angry at his wife, Sharmishta, essentially breaking off relations with his wife because she did not agree to support the marriage of Ragini and Laksh.
In the meantime, Swara and Sanskar decided to try and ensure that the truth would come out, although no one really believed them; they considered that Swara was really upto no good and that Ragini was the good daughter-in-law. Swara and Sanskar pretended to get married to ensure that Swara would remain in the same household as Ragini to try and expose her. However, it was not so easy, and every attempt they made was ending in failure, with Ragini and Laksh determined to expose the false marriage between the 2 so that Swara would leave the house. It was even more complicated that Laksh still loved Swara and had not had yet established physical relations with Ragini, and this love of Laksh was troubling Ragini a lot.
However, of late, there is a change in the storyline, with the story starting to support Swara a bit more, and of late, Laksh, ever since he fell off the same bridge as Swara and established that she had indeed fallen in the water, was wanting to know the truth. So he is apparently making a plan where Sanskar and Swara would seem like they are hurting and killing Laksh, and with the sheer anger of Ragini at this move, would expose her for the actions she had taken against Swara. 

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