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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Anamika - A new serial trying to mix paranormal and romance

If you have been watching Sony for some time, then you would have seen the ads for the serial called Anamika, a serial that talks about the presence of a chudail in the love life and how this scares the girl involved to a large degree. The serial has only recently started and has just had a couple of episodes, enough to establish that there is something scary, and yet combined this with the bubble life and romance of a young couple whose families are very close to each other. So it is with the family of Rano and Jeet. Rano's family is heading towards Vaishno Devi and they are at the train station, yet Rano has not yet gone since she wants to stay on in the town. Jeet has been assigned the task to bring her back from the railway station, and yet he runs into trouble while on the way. He is in a forest and his car has broken down, and then he hears the voice of a woman. He tries to find her, but is unable to do so. And then somebody helps him to get the car repaired and he is finally able to go to the railway station (by which time it is late in the day and is dark). Rano is getting scared at the isolated train station, and in the meantime Jeet's family has sent the driver also to get her, after being angry at Jeet for not reaching there in time and for not letting them know that he will not be there. He also loses his bracelet in the forest, and is yet surprised to see the bracelet in his car the next morning, with the serial showing a moving fog, and also the gate of the house having opened (even though nobody in the house had opened the gate of the house).
The show also introduces the family of Jeet, where his bebo is a very modern grandmother, his dad believes in strictness and that his son is not showing enough responsibility. His elder brother and bhabhi are normal people - overall a normal family. The families are very close, and there is some talk about trying to find a good match for Rano, although by this time Rano has accepted that marrying Jeet is one option that she would not mind.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Madhu's love for RK now coming out

The serial is taking its own time to get to a point. For quite some time, the serial showed how RK caused harm to Madhu, in fact almost showing him to be a villain, causing harm to her family as well, and then forcefully marrying her. But, now, the serial has turned its direction, showing her to be slowly recognizing some of the good things that RK has been doing for her and her family. In fact, multiple times RK has been attacked by her father like figure, Mallick (who is like a father to them). Since RK had got Mallick badly beaten up earlier, and also that the marriage happened almost forcefully, Mallick tried multiple attempts on his life. RK survived all these attempts, and also managed to detect that it was Mallick behind all these attempts, but then did not get Mallick arrested or jailed, something that caused Madhu to see him in a new light.
So, now Madhu has fallen in love with RK, and they show this in a very cute way when she comes to the studio and then at home, where she visualizes the way that they interact with each other when both of them are in love (but these are all dream sequences). At the same time, Madhu has to content with Dipali, the wife of the step-brother of RK, with whom RK had a relation earlier, but who he now spurns and who cannot stand this being spurned (also it is RK who is the rich and powerful one, the one who Dipali would want to attract).
Now it is the time of Karva Chauth and although both Dipali and RK's mother are somewhat shocked, Madhu says that she wants to keep a fast for RK, and Dipali is shocked at this and vows to prevent her fast from being completed. At the same time, Madhu also realizes that it is not just a fast, but there needs to be sargi from her mother-in-law and mehendi that needs to be applied to her hands, and it is RK's assistant who is helping her in getting all these done.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - More problems for Ichcha, she testifies and her son sentenced to 5 years in jail

There are a few serials that specialize in showing the pain of the hero or heroine, with a number of episodes showing the pain and humiliation she suffers over a period of time, and then there will be 1-2 episodes that show the truth coming out and then the pain and humiliation continues again. This keeps on repeating again, so Ichcha lost her husband, went to jail, and suffered a lot of such more pain and humiliation. To the extent that her own daughter was separate from her for a long time, and had grown up to hate criminals, and then, even after getting exposed to Ichcha, she hated her. She was also separate from her son Yuvraj, who was brought up essentially by Gunwanti (Veer's mother); she spoilt Yuvraj and gave him everything he wanted. As a result, Yuvraj was spoilt and extremely arrogant, properties that are starting to cause him a lot of trouble as he grows up.
Since he does not have any control over himself and his family has got himself out of trouble whenever he ran into problems earlier; so Yuvraj felt that he can do anything that he wants. But he seemed to have gone totally out of control, such as when he confined Mukta in a room (after calling her for some help to a room) and then he tried to rape her. Ichcha had seen this and decided to give testimony against him, even though this was her own son; something that neither Yuvraj nor Gunwanti could understand. Finally, in the court a decision was made to convict Yuvraj and he was sentenced for 5 years in jail, a decision that pained Ichcha tremendously, even more so when Yuvraj confronted her and told him about the same.
It was only Unmed, her father in law who supported her decision. At the same time, there is a lot of confusion going on with the re-insertion of the relationship between Rathore and Tapasya, both of whom are back in the show now and trying to re-establish a relationship with their family.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - The custody trial just about to happen

The serial is heading towards another conflict point. For quite some time, the serial has been showing a slowly developing closeness between Ram and Priya, very different from the reunion between Ram and Priya after a gap of 5 years where Ram was very angry that Priya had his child and did not even tell him anything and wanted the custody of Pihu. He in fact even filed a case for the same, which caused Priya a lot of distress. However, things started moving in the right direction since Pihu brought them closer together again, and also there was always a love between them, which caused some of the bitterness to break. And of course Ayesha did not do anything to keep Ram strongly attached to her side, while Priya did such tasks such as keeping the ritual fast for Ram.
However, now Priya realizes that some of this closeness that she felt over a period of time is going to go away since the date of the court case is now only 3 days away, and though she has been assured that the case is strongly in her favor, she remains sad for Pihu. After all, she reasons, whether Ram wins or Priya wins, Pihu will only get one of her parents, and will remain separate from the other parent.
On the other side, the story of Vikram and Neha remains complex. Neha's child previous to her marriage remains a problem for both of them, and it is not even his fault. Neha was very worried about Vikram and his  relationship to Rehan, although Vikram seems to be taking it fairly well (he even cared for Rehan when he was sick and tended him back to wellness). At some point, they will need to let their children about this relationship, and work this out.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Khushi taking part in the Mrs. India contest

The story is taking a new twist. In an exodus of sorts, there is a lot of talk that Barun (the actor playing the role of Arnav) is moving out of the serial, and also that the actors playing the role of Akash and Payal have also left the show (they are shown as missing from the serial for now). For some time, seems like the show is taking a small story and spending some time on it while trying to figure out what to do with the show. So, for now, the show is taking the story of an ambition of Khushi to take part in the Mrs. India show, a show which takes married ladies and evaluates them for their abilities.
So, Khushi has taken part in the show and has managed to clear the first phase. She has not yet told Arnav about this, although the rest of the family know about this and are encouraging her. From time to time, something happens where Arnav gets to know something or the other which could reveal the secret, and then he finally gets to know.
Khushi finds herself in a whole group of competitive ladies who are all much smarter, wear more new fashioned clothes who look down upon Khushi. The trainer over there also realizes that a lot more work needs to happen with Khushi to get her to competition levels. She also finds things odd, including the fact that   she has to change her diet and eat a lot more nutritious food and avoid sweet foods (including her favorite jalebis) as well as the fried food she likes. And then Arnav turns up at the preparation place and does not acknowledge her, and in fact makes a snide comment at her which causes her to get angry with him and promise to take this out when she meets him at home.
And then now a new guy has entered the preparation place, a guy who is a flirt. He tries to flirt with a competitor and then catches her hand, causing Khushi to tell him to lay off; and he was a guy who was supposed to be important for the competition.

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Shiv arrested for suspected corruption

The relationship between Shiv and Anandi is going through a change; with recent events on the promise to make it a big stronger. When Jagya was in town and upto no good, one of the ideas he had in his mind was to cause a lot of problems for Shiv in his job; Shiv was the local collector and was well respected for his abilities, his honesty, and his hard work. And since Shiv was the fiancee of Anandi, something had to be done. So, Jagya, using the trust that Shiv placed in him to some degree, and with access to the computer that Shiv was using in office, created a different document related to a railway tender. When this was exposed, Shiv was in trouble.
At this time, when Shiv was taken into custody, Shiv's sister made a prediction that as soon as the arrest happens, Anandi would leave the relationship and run away. However, Anandi did something else. She came out strongly in the defence of Shiv, trying to reach the Chief Minister (who however, did not try to do anything in a case involving corruption - he suspended Shiv from the post and let Anandi know that he would not be able to do anything else in this regard). Anandi and her family started the work of getting a lawyer involved and when the local legislator turned up to speak against Shiv, his family and Anandi turned up to discount whatever he said.
Jagya, sitting in a distant place, hears this news on the TV and then they show him in the next days episode at the police station - would he have come to declare that Shiv is innocent and that Jagya was the one responsible for the contract ?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Wedding of Siddhi with Abhay, under force

As usual, the serial goes through more twists and turns, and the twists and turns in turn make the story more painful and more complicated. The problems that these people go through is much more complicated than people all around you. The life of Siddhi and Kunal is shown to be much more complicated, with the period of time that there is pain and separation being much more than any time period of happiness. So, you had a time period when there was a long period of separation, a time when the Chopra family thought ill of Siddhi, and it was only at the end of 9 years that Siddhi and Kunal got together and reconciled their differences (siddhi told Kunal about what all she had done for the family and also about their second son that Kunal did not know about). They agreed to resume their marriage with Siddhi coming back to the house, although that was met by some opposition by Veena, but Kunal overcame all this opposition and got everybody to agree to Siddhi coming back. Her son was overjoyed at this and made plans to welcome back his mother from whom he had been separated for 9 years.
However, this was not to be. Sulekha was not happy about what this decision of Siddhi and was wondering about the impact of this on her son Abhay who had got used to having Siddhi in the house and her son at home, and so it turned out. When Kunal came to Abhay's house to take back his wife, he was shocked to see her getting married to Abhay and when he questioned her, he was told that the marriage was with the consent of Siddhi, and even shown papers to this effect. And then kicked out of the house. This sent him back to despair, made Richa extremely happy since she felt that this shock might cause her to come back to Kunal's life, and caused more distress to Kunal's family. Seema spoke out against Siddhi very strongly when she came to know about this.

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Sentencing for Soham, Archana distraught

So, finally Soham is getting sentenced for the kidnapping that he did. The judge sentences him to a year in jail (which seems a bit less given the gravity of the crime, and given that Arjun was injured in the firing that happened when he tried to get Purvi away). By now, Manav has accepted that Soham does not have any feelings for Archana and Manav and only accepts Varsha and Balan as his parents (and in fact blames Archana for a poor upbringing that forced Varsha to take his away). Manav tries to convince Archana of the same, but she refuses to accept this and wants to keep on trying to ensure that Soham sees the light and accepts her. She also goes to meet him in jail where he is angry at seeing her and repeats his line about Varsha being his real mother, and where Archana challenges him that she will make sure that he changes his behavior and he scoffs at this.
On the other hand, there is a lot of other drama happening in Sulochana's house where Manjusha and Vinod have come in along with Punni, with the concept that they have convinced people that they are reformed; and when they get to know that Purvi has quit her job and there will be no more money flowing in from Purvi and it will be Vinod's salary that will be running the house, both Manju and Punni are very angry, but cannot really do anything. And then when Vinod offers his salary to Sulochana, Manjusha gets even more angry but has to be seen to be supporting him in this effort, they discuss in the kitchen. Sulochana hears this conversation of Manju and Punni and realizes their true intentions, is shocked and tells Archana about this as well. Both Archana and Sulochana agree that they should send Purvi to Manav's house, since Manav has already asked for them to her to come to his house.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Trying to get Sandhya admitted to night college

Suraj is very serious about getting Sandhya to live up to her ambition, with her ambition being that of becoming an IPS officer. For that purpose, she would need to go to college, complete it, and all that is very difficult given her current position. Except for her husband Suraj, no one else in the house supports her ambition, and she herself is not trying to think that she can every do so. Bhabho is doing everything possible to prevent Sandhya from taking steps in that direction, and also trying to dissuade Suraj from doing so (she has realized that even though Suraj listens to her, on this subject, he is not really listening to her and will continue on his quest to get Sandhya her education and then her ambition).
In between, there was a problem that happened whereby Bhabho had sent Suraj off with Chavi to her future in-laws place, and in his haste to come back to fill Sandhya's form, Chavi was out of his control for 3 hours; during that time an expensive piece of jewellery for misplaced and Chavi spun it around, blaming Suraj for not being present. It was Sandhya who found a photo that showed Chavi with the jewellery, and went and blasted Chavi for the same; Chavi had to then come and apologize to Suraj for what happened.
In the meantime, Suraj was able to figure out where the jewellery was lost and managed to get it back and then gave it to Bhabho; and this time Chavi was more in favor of Suraj which surprised Bhabho to some extent since Chavi was blaming Suraj only a day back. In the meantime, Mina was upto some problems on her side, since she wanted to have a son, and decided  to visit a local quack who gave some fake medicines and also told her not to have the medicines that she was currently consuming; future episodes would surely show some problems emerging from this decision of Meena.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Karva Chauth brings Ram and Priya closer

The occasion of Karva Chauth is a festival that is bringing Ram and Piya closer together, along with of course the presence of Pihu, who in her innocence, is bringing Ram and Priya closer. Initially, Ram was very angry at Priya and would refuse to talk to her other than in an angry mode. However, on one occasion, Pihu was very upset at seeing this angry Ram and told him that he had changed from when he was there in Dubai, and as a result, both Ram and Priya had to control their arguments and temper when Pihu was present, and then the entire event of trying to get Pihu admitted to school also ensured that they spent time together, something that was very important since they still loved each other.
And then Karva Chauth. Even though Mamaji kept on counseling Ayesha to do things to get the family closer and to also keep a closeness to Ram and Pihu, her immaturity caused her to do things that went wrong; one spectacular occasion was when she grew tired of serving Pihu and scolded her in the presence of Ram; and my god, was Ram angry. He forced Ayesha to seek an apology from Pihu and scolded her in front of everybody. And then on Karva Chauth, Ayesha did not try to take a fast, and in the presence of Ram, was eating food. Ram of course told her that he did not expect anything from her anyhow since theirs was just a marriage of convenience; and was then told by Pihu that Priya was fasting for him and would he come to break the fast.
He came to break the fast, and this was also an occasion for them to have a few words with each other, which even though it was angry, was also the chance for them to break some of their anger against each other and try to understand each other. This seems to be happening more and more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Struggle for Suraj to get Sandhya admitted to college

The struggle is not something that the serial has given up on. Right from the launch of the serial, the story has been based on the struggle in the life of an educated girl, Sandhya, who gets married to a guy who is great at heart but is not as well educated as her, and who comes from a conservative family. So the struggle remains on, with Sandhya winning her hard mother-in-law's heart who sees the good nature in Sandhya, but who also needs to be forever aware that the ambition that Sandhya has to become an IPS office does not cause her to break her family. Bhabho is fully confident that if Sandhya becomes an IPS officer, it will cause huge changes to the family life of her son, Suraj, and hence is opposing any further education for Sandhya.
She tries out different tactics to achieve this result, including sending her son to take care of his sister when she is on a visit to her future in-laws place, on the day which is the last day of submission of form for college, with the hope that this will cause no admission in college. However, her son is determined that he will fulfil the ambition that Sandhya's family had for her, and will get her educated and a police officer. So he even decides to come back for some time from his sister's inlaws place so as to get the form filled and submitted.
During this time, some jewellery goes missing and everybody scolds him for this, with even his sister Chavi, stepping in and demanding that Suraj account for the 3 hours that he went missing. He freely admits that he came back to get the form filled and even when Bhabho is scolding him badly, he says that he will get her ambitions fulfilled and make her an IPS officer, even replying back to Bhabho and walking away from there. So, there is some tension in the air, and Bhabho must also be very worried, with her eldest and best son not agreeing to her wishes on this particular subject (and she has counselled Sandhya many times on the difference between a family life and being ambitious). Soon after Sandhya catches Chavi red handed in terms of the circumstances where the jewellery was lost and gets her to admit to Suraj about what happened.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnav is the father of Aarav

Just goes to show that you can easily add complication to a story and extend a story without any issues, you just add some extra element to a story line and make it much more complicated. So, when the Shyam story ended and it seemed that the story between Arnav and Khushi would become boring, out sprang an illegitimate son. This normally was present in serials from the past where the lead hero of the story would find sons suddenly coming up to confront him, and this would cause complications in his life.
In this case as well, Khushi comes across a small child called Aarav who reminds her of how a younger version of Arnav would be like, and then circumstances bring the child to their home itself, along with her mother, Sheetal, who is an old friend of Arnav. There is a lot of surprise in the home about the common habits of Arnav and Aarav, although nobody at home tries to make the connection that Arnav could be his son. The only comments that come in are about a child causing the change in behavior of Arnav, and maybe that the time is right for Khushi and Arnav to have their family. However, when Khushi tries to ask Arnav, he responds in anger and the story dies over there. Aarav also wants to know the name of his father but Sheetal does not tell him.
But, things do not end. Khushi is very suspicious, although Sheetal does not try to do anything to claim a position in Arnav's life; but the suspicions of Khushi are massively magnified when at Karva Chauth, she sees that Sheetal is fasting, and then breaks her fast by catching a glimpse of Arnav (trying to do this in a way that nobody will make out). And then Khushi sees the DNA report that verifies her suspicions, and when she confronts Sheetal, Sheetal tells her that what would be the point of telling Arnav. Sheetal cannot stay in the house, and she cannot stay without Aarav, but Khushi is determined to ensure that the son does not stay away from his dad, and she finally tells Arnav. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Pradeep accused of murder, more tamasha over Karva Chauth

The serial is really becoming very confused. The projected date for the marriage between Mona-Vineet and Anushka-Pradeep was coming very close and then there were a few variable introduced. An old friend of Anushka turned up, who was then revealed to have been a husband of hers (with the divorce not having come through) and they were also revealed to have committed fraud and stolen money from their previous marriage. Now Anushka wants to marry Pradeep, but there is blackmail going on and Anu has to pay money to her former husband. In a confrontation, she kills the guy and Pradeep comes in soon after, and is then blamed for the murder. Anushka would rather that Pradeep be convicted rather than she be blamed for the murder.
When Mona gets to know, she abandons everything that she is doing and goes to try and help Pradeep in his problem. She cannot believe that Pradeep would have been guilty of killing somebody, and Vineet also decides to support her in this quest. And then the next level of confusion turns up, with Karva Chauth coming up, with one former husband a future husband. Mona gets 2 sargis from both sides, but has told people that since Vineet is going to be her husband, she would keep a fast for Vineet. However, Vineet's mother is not clear about what is happening, and is anyhow always not sure about her son marrying a divorcee with 3 children whose husband is very close by. Anushka also tries to add more confusion in all this mix.
Now, the serial is reaching a point where, Anushka, once pushed by Pradeep and Mona after 2 guys were caught following them on behalf of Anushka, blurts out that she would rather Pradeep be convicted, else she would be accused of the murder of her former husband.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Marriage between

As expected, the marriage between Pankhuri and Adi has happened. The marriage was supposed to be between Shivam and Pankhuri, but Latika spoiled (or rather, did good for Pankhuri) the marriage since she incited people that Pankhuri had spent the night in the same room as Aditya in Mumbai (which Shivam had already known, and was angry over); the net result was that the marriage was called off with the prospect of Pankhuri and her family getting a bad name due to all this.
However, Aditya was there and realized that this was all due to him and married Pankhuri, although one is not sure whether he is still shocked over what happened. He did not tell anybody about this, and with his phone not on, nobody was also able to get in touch with him. He reached Harish's place and gave them a shock, since they saw Pankhuri and Aditya married (they were all very happy) with some of the welcome festivities happening in Harish's house with his mom in charge.
However, Avantika was still not aware of what had happened in Kullu, and would have been shocked that her son had got married to Pankhuri. At the same time, her sister Preeti fell ill, and they were all taking care of her. Mami and Mama were very curious to know what happened in the marriage and Mami went to Latika's house to find out what happened, but her mother refused to tell her anything and told her to get out of the house, something which really caused Mami to get upset. Now, the big issue is about when Avantika will get to know that her son is now married to Pankhuri, and that her son told this to Harish and not to her.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 6 - More contestants out of the house

Bigg Boss (or Big Boss as most of us would pronounce it) has seen some pretty nasty previous seasons, with a lot of intrigue, incredible number of fights happening (some of which do not make much sense to those watching, which leads to the feeling that some of them were inspired by the channel in order to add more controversy to the programme). This time, Salman Khan, who repeated himself as the host from the previous season, had started giving statements before the show started that the previous shows had gone in for too much of such fighting, which made it difficult for families to watch the show and the idea going forward was to ensure that the behavior inside the house would be family friendly. Of course, for a number of people, it seems difficult to believe that a show where people make more money and become famous if they remain controversial (or atleast most of them), so there was some interest in watching the show. And even in the previous year, there was some controversy with many of the show's participants claiming that Salman Khan had actually been very harsh with many of the participants of the show.
In the first week itself, there were some harsh words between the common man inside the show, Kashif, who seemed to be ready for fights with many of the other house mates and was scolded a number of times by Salman Khan for his behavior. And Kashif was one of the first to be removed from the show. First of course, Dinesh Lal Yadav was evicted from the show after popular vote went against him. The next few exits from the program were Sayantani Ghosh and Aseem Trivedi (who was the cartoonist threatened with sedition by the Maharashtra police for his cartoons) and Karishma Kotak (who was informed that her father had died and who hence left the show voluntarily).

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Tension between Soham and Archana

The serial is taking this story to slightly twisted journeys. Even though both Manav and Archana know that Vishnu / Soham is their lost child whom Varsha had stolen, they are unable to do anything. Vishnu does not recognize them as parents, is shown as a bad character, and recognizes Varsha and Balan as his parents. Archana is very upset at this, but wants to use the power of her love to ensure that eventually Soham will come back to her.
So, Archana ensures that both Balan and Vishnu get bail and are now out of jail even though they have to make daily appearances in the police station and the court case will happen in 10 days, where Manav has pledged that he will give correct testimony and ensure that justice happens. He is worried about what will happen when both Balan and Vishnu get out of jail, whether they will threaten the family and any other impact. Balan does try to threaten Archana in public but Savita is there and she shouts at Balan enough that he fears attack from other people over there and leaves.
On the other hand, there is a lot of tension between Arjun and Ovi, since Ovi believes that Arjun is also maintaining a relationship with Purvi, but Archana assures her that there is nothing, and Arjun also tries to explain to her that there is nothing, and when Arjun and Purvi had met, that was because of some other circumstances.
Balan comes to Manav's company to threaten him, but Manav gets him thrown out of the company and Balan tries to take revenge. He cuts the wire underneath the car, but Archana is in the car and the brakes have failed. In the end, it is Soham who is nearby who is passing by who saves her and takes her to the hospital and also learns that it was Balan who cut the brakes.

Enjoy Nautanki TV