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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Getting difficult for Khanak to reveal her love for Shantanu

The serial is taking a pretty long time to come to a decision on one aspect, whereby it is pretty clear that Khanak and Shantanu love each other and are very attached to each other, but they still need to get closer to each other both in terms of emotionally and physically. The way it is working right now is that Shantanu has told Khanak that he loves her, and now expects that she will do the same.
And while Khanak is very attached to Shantanu, she does not believe that she is so forward that she can easily say those words to Shantanu, making him very frustrated, since he cannot believe that anybody can find it so difficult to express their love. Khanak is also frustrated because she feels that Shantanu is pressurizing her to express her love in actual words, and not willing to understand as to why she cannot say those words.
The story is not taking this very seriously, with all this discussion and conflict happening in a very light hearted way; including Khanak loudly talking to herself all the time about how she should really tell Shantanu what he wants to hear. She makes a plan whereby she cooks some halwa, and the kaju put in the halwa spells out the words of I Love you, but that halwa gets in the wrong hands in terms of first to her father-in-law and then brother-in-law, which results in tension of these 2 gentlemen with their own wives.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik gets into trouble because of Sneha, a designer in his office

As usual, even if you do not watch this show for a number of days, the slow speed at which the serial moves will ensure that you do not miss much. For a number of weeks (or maybe months), the serial has been showing a potential for discord between Naitik and Akshara because of the new entry of a girl called Sneha, who works for Naitik as a designer, and works in his office. Sneha comes from a pretty conservative family (apparently more conservative than even Naitik's family), and for her, working outside the house is a big deal and something that she has not let her family really know. She works well as a designer, and Naitik's company is starting to depend on her for their new designs.
However, due to a lack of communication, and to actually blame Naitik, Sneha starts to get close to Naitik, and attracted to him. Neither she, nor eventually her mother realize that Naitik is actually married. And Naitik, in his supposed innocence, does not see that Sneha is getting close to him and does not even try to tell her about Akshara, or get them introduced on any occasion. It is when Sneha's mother sets Shankari Tai on the job of taking the relationship to Naikit's house that Shankari Tai, somewhat hesitantly tells the truth that Naitik is already married.
Sneha's mother is very angry at this, and feels that Naitik has been very unfair to her daughter. Sneha in the meantime has resigned from the job, and the company (daddaji) is feeling the pinch of not having a good designer. Naitik knows the truth by now, and so does Akshara, and Akshara does blame Naitik for all this, for leading Sneha on. Now, Sneha's mother wants to get to Naitik's parents and complain about his behavior, and he is scared about this.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Fighting goes on between Krishna and Shakti

The serial has shown a huge transformation in the character of Krishna. His love for Pratigya, something that she finally reciprocates after seeing that the person has a lot of value in him, even if you leave aside the rough character that he posses. She is still fully aware that her inlaws do not follow the same beliefs and level of education that her family does, but at the same time they are more powerful.
Her inlaws are also totally against her, and in fact tried to kill her by electrocution, something that she avoided by accident. However, her sister-in-law Kesar knew about this, and when she protested, her husband, Shakti beat her up so badly that she had to be hospitalized and also lost her baby (she was pregnant). This incensed Pratigya so much that she filed a police case and got both Shakti and her mother-in-law thrown in jail, and Krishna had also supported her in this.
This caused a huge amount of drama in the family, with Krishna coming totally out on Pratigya's side and having a direct fight with his brother Shakti, and Shakti pointing a gun to Shakti.
But Krishna can also point fingers at Pratigya when he sees that she does not support him or his family members; for example, at Arushi's engagement, where her future father-in-law is an IG of police, and is finding it difficult to accept that because of this engagement, he could become a relative of Sajjan Singh, since there are a number of cases against Sajjan and Shakti.
In fact, the IG declares that he does not want the Thakur family to come to the wedding, as a condition for the wedding; and in the meantime, Krishna tells off Pratigya for not standing up for his family members.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Armaan and Riddhima getting together again

Dil Mil Gaye is reaching an end, with the story about Riddhima and Sid having come to an end. The serial started with Armaan not there in the picture, and moved towards the 2 Doctors of Sid and Riddhima being separate from each other, although Sid did like Dr. Riddhima; she was not particularly fond of him. However, owing to an act of nature, they were stuck in a situation whereby they had to get closer to each other (there was a cold wave, and they have to use their body heat to get some warmth); as a result, Riddima came under pressure to marry Sid and finally agreed to marry him.
However, this marriage was something that was not very comfortable for either of them, and they had to put in a lot of effort to try and get somewhat close to each other, with physical intimacy being somewhat distant. This time though, Riddhima wanted to give the marriage a full chance, and tried to ensure that Sid was also convinced to give the marriage a chance.
And then Armaan came back in the serial, and this caused the triangle to get resurrected. It took some time for Armaan to learn about this marriage, and even though he accepted it (and the serial even introduced another character called Dr. Shlipa as an attempted love interest for Armaan), it was not to be. Riddhima started having some sort of feelings for Armaan again, to the extent that Sid got heavily uncomfortable and suspicious. And then Armaan realized that him and Riddhima getting together was the right approach, and finally Sid decided to end the marriage. Riddhima was confused over all this, and left to get some distance, but Armaan pursued her and finally got her back.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet and Mann finally meet again, in the hospital

Geet ran away from the engagement ceremony soon after she saw Dev (her husband for one night, who had tricked her and ran away with her money and jewelery). Since she learnt that Dev was Mann's brother, she was scared about what this news about Dev would mean for Mann, given the family connections. Further, Nayantara had mininformed Mann's grandmother about what Geet had done and she was now against Geet. Geet was also very sad about what Mann had done (since she could not find Mann and she assumed that he had gone away without listening to her, and did not even try to find out from her about what the truth was). She had even gone to the police to complain about Dev and Nayantara, but they rebuffed her, asking her for proof, since Dev was from a very rich and prestigious family. Further, she was adviced to take a DNA test, but stepped back when the doctor told her that this could cause harm to the baby.
On the other hand, Dev was trying to admit to the truth, but never did go to the police about this, or tell his grandmother or even Mann. However, he did try to stop Nayanatara when she was trying to separate Mann and Geet (because she knew that when Mann got to know, he would also find out about her role in all this).
But finally Geet and Mann do get together in the hospital where Mann was admitted after he was in a lift accident. Mann does want to know why Geet ran away from the engagement, but she still does not want to tell the truth since Dev was Mann's brother.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Uttaran - Tapasya likely to come back to the house after being cast out

Till now, the show has seen Tapasya slowly sliding in the quality of her life after being cast out of the houses, both by Veer and by Jogi. However, Tapasya has never really felt that she did anything wrong, and in turn blames Ichcha for whatever has gone wrong with her. After being turned out of the house, she even associates herself with a local businessman and does gambling, but eventually keeps on going down in life. Finally, she has to take a place in a chawl, and gets some work (although she is not used to working, or to getting up early enough in the day required for working). Finally, she loses this job as well, is now in danger of losing her chawl as well (since she is also out of money now). It is at this time that Jogi feels that she has suffered enough and should be taken back in the house, and also she is pregnant.
On the other hand, in Veer's house, there is some regular drama happening, as usual because of Ichcha. Ichcha has been scolding Veer for some time now for not behaving as appropriately towards her like he should towards a sister-in-law, and finally Veer snaps back. He shows her a mirror to whatever she has done in the past, and essentially tells her that she has taken care of the needs of everybody, whether they be Jogi, Tapasya, Vansh, but every time it is Veer who has been neglected, and it is his feelings that have been broken by Ichcha. Ichcha realizes that this is true.
In the meantime, Veer's mother decides that Veer has been in depression long enough, and it is maybe time for him to get married, and Veer agrees in principle for this.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The Mahabharat in Dharamraj's family

After the 16 year transition, things have changed a lot in Bandini. It is becoming more like the saas-bahu serials with the same amount of intrigue and fighting inside a family as used to happen in the past. The transition has resulted in a new set of enemies from the new generation, including those who were close to the family in the past. So, you still have the close relationship between Dharamraj and Santu, and with other family members except for Shashank and Kaddu. Just before the shutdown, there was a fight between Shashank and Kaddu due to adulterated medicine from Shashank's factory being provided to Santu, which caused DM to kick Shashank out. And Vishal remained with Megha who had taken him away, in order to ensure that he does not remain close to Santu and DM, and in order to ensure that he will hate them.
So now you have the next generation as young adults, with Shashank becoming anti-DM, no longer the lovable person in the earlier episodes (and the actor playing the character also changed); so Shashank's sons Danesh and Parth (who may be Monghi's son) are always angry and want to defeat DM and their other cousins. Kaddu is solidly behind Shashank, and eventually against her own father.
And Vishal is scheming to break up the house, since he continues to believe that it was Santu and DM who were against his mother, Megha, and enter the house and win their trust so that he can scheme from within the house. However, his truth is finally revealed to DM, and he is getting ready to kick Vishal out of the house. Vishal is pretty sure that Santu will get broken by this, but DM is sure that Santu will understood that Vishal is full of hate (and one wonders whether this is also shown as one of the effects of the curse that Motiben gave to Santu when Santu came to visit her in jail).

Hindi TV Serials - Rang Badalti Odhani - Shaan and Khanak are now discovering each other, slowly and steadily

Rang Badalti Odhani is a relatively new serial on Star One, that was a bit slow and low viewer attention, but is now gathering pace and starting to draw more users. The serial starts with the situation in a village where the village girl Khanak is in love with Suraj and getting married to him, but tragedy occurs soon after marriage when Suraj dies in an electrocution at the factory owned by Shantanu's father (and due to negligence by Shantanu). As a result, Khanak goes to the panchayat for justice, and Shantanu is asked to make up - he first arranges for a groom for Khanak, but when that fails, and in order to save his own life, he marries Khanak (even though he is already committed to Natasha, and his mother and bhabhi are totally for Natasha, and cannot understand or like Khanak). However, Shantanu's father and brother support Khanak and see her as a way to get some sense of responsibility into Shaan.
In the beginning, Shantanu and Khanak really don't like each other, but slowly move closer to each other. However, this starts to impact Shantanu's relation with Natasha who was already shocked at this marriage; and Shantanu's father tries to increase the closeness between Khanak and Shantanu by sending them on a business trip that cannot be avoided, and away from the machinations of Shaan's mother and bhabhi who are trying to separate them.
They start falling for each other, but then comes a decision time whereby due to pressure, Shantanu has to decide whether he needs to break the marriage and marry Natasha, and then Natasha herself moves away (partly because the actress playing Natasha is getting married in October 2010); this causes both Shantanu's mother and Bhabhi to be very disappointed and against Khanak.
Now, Khanak and Shantanu are moving closer to each other, but very far more intimate with each other.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - The truth about Dev comes out, and Geet and Mann currently separated

The serial has gone through some rapid transformation, with Geet and Mann at their engagement ceremony. However, from that point, everything starts going downhill. Dev has found out that Geet is the person to whom Mann is supposed to be engaged to, and wants to ensure that the truth is revealed. Geet is shocked at the news that Dev is Mann's brother, and extremely concerned about the interplay of relations. She decides to leave, but then realizes that Mann had always supported her, but in the meantime the engagement ceremony is over. Nayantara, back from some time away from the serial, comes back and spins a story to Dadima which turns her away from Geet, and she refuses to listen to Geet.
Dev is contrite, and wants to reveal the truth, but so far has not been able to do so. However, he is very angry at Nayantara since she was the one who was pushing him into everything, and he blames her for the trouble that he is now in. He keeps on threatening to turn himself into the police, and she is afraid since that would also get her in trouble.
Geet however wants to meet Mann to explain things to him, but she does feel that Mann has deserted her without listening to her part of the story. The story takes a public turn when Sasha baits Geet in the office and tries to humiliate her, and in the end, Geet reveals everything to the people in the office (where Dev, Meera and Nayantara are already present). Meera is shocked since Dev had not told her that he had spent the night with Geet and as a result Geet is now pregnant. At the same time, Mann has an accident with the lift in the office and is now admitted to the hospital.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Sia suffering from the acts taken by Ammaji

The serial is going through a state of confrontation. The serial also some change in the relationships in the house, where there was a state of confrontation between Sunheri and Ganjendra. Sunheri had always supported Gajji in all his machinations, but she saw his bad side when he was under prosecution for the rape and murder of a maid. He got free from the court action due to the policies of Ammaji, but had to face some tough times from his own wife Sunheri; and Gajendra was unable to take these questions and turned brutal on Sunheri, beating her and then raping his own wife.
Sunheri went into shock at all this, and was supported by the ladies of the house, including Sia. It was Sia who taught her to fight for her rights, and finally Sunheri decide to go against Gajendra in court, to prosecute him for his rape and brutal beating of her. Ammaji and her elder son were totally against this, and Raghav was supportive of Sia and her fight. Finally in court, it was the decision that Ammaji could not stomach, and inspite of all her attempts, the court agreed with the need to punish Gajendra and sentenced him to a 7 year prison sentence. This was something that left Ammaji with very few supporters, with Raghav now against her, and then Gajendra in prison.
Finally, Ammaji played her role, calling a village panchayat where she criticized Sia for carrying a female child against the policies of the village and asked for Sia to get an abortion, something that Sia refused; at which stones were thrown against her until Raghav managed to rescue her. Ammaji did more attempts on Sia, at which Raghav is finally in open protest, and tells Ammaji that he will bring down the haveli if something happens to Sia.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 3 - Shabbir Ahluwalia (with his partner Sushma Gupta) is the winner

Khatron Ke Khiladi is a popular short series in which famous participants (from TV, Cinema, and other professions) participate in a series of quests along with their partners. The season has gone through 2 previous seasons in which Mukul Dev and then Akshaya Kumar were the hosts for the season, and a number of ladies participated, with one of them becoming the winner. In this third season, there was a switch whereby the host was a lady, the film star Priyanka Chopra, and the participants were all males from TV and cinema, accompanied by lady participants.
The participants were:
Angad Bedi
Rahul Dev
Armaan Ebrahim
Cyrus Broacha
Karan Singh Grover
Terrence Lewis
Rahul Bose
Abhishek Kapoor
Manjot Singh
Milind Soman
Dino Morea
Ritwik Bhattacharya (Runner up)
Shabbir Ahluwalia (Winner)
The various tasks dealt with tasks where they had to deal with disgusting animals, holding their breath under water, doing balancing over water, and so on.

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