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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saubhagyavati Bhava - Will Viraj accept that Jahnvi is dead

You have seen a couple of movies on the same subject (so far), with one movie being Agni Sakshi (in turn being based on an American movie, Sleeping with the Enemy). The concept is of a lady being tortured by her husband, not being able to do much about it, other than bearing it for some time till it went to a high level, and then escaping from there and living with somebody else. Her husband has been made to believe that she is dead, and hence is very surprised when he suddenly sees her alive and married to somebody else. He then pursues her again, with a difference being that she has a husband to support her now and they have a confrontation.
In the serial, Viraj is a well respected and honored person of the city, and married a girl, Jahnvi, from a family much lower in standard to his family. This would seem like a match made in heaven for the girl, but for Jahnvi, this is actually hell. Viraj mis-treats her, beats her, all the while professing a lot of love for her; this is to the extent that she wants to run away (in one case, the guard does not let her run away since he says that Viraj would kill the guard for letting Jahnvi get away).
Even the involvement of Viraj's grandmother and mother does not really solve issues, and his medical history reveals that he has a mental illness; he shows that he is getting treatment, but he is actually faking it and is not taking any treatment. He shows his psychotic steak when he offers to take her home, and then shows her a scene at her home where all her family is dead, burns the home and takes her around the home as a sort of ceremony around the fire. The next day when she gets up, she sees her parents alive and well.
And then, the accident where she escapes and the situation is rigged up such that the DNA report is faked to make Viraj believe that it is Jahnvi who has died in the accident. Viraj is horrified, but seems to accept that she has died, giving Jahnvi a chance to escape.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Sid helping Ayesha, makes Natasha suspicious

There is a complex story going on in Ram's house. While Niharika is starting to despair that all her plans of separating Ram and Priya are working, she gets even worse news where she learns that Ram is planning on gifting the largest company in the group to Priya (based on a comment he had heard where it was said that Ram was rich and Priya had nothing). However, Sid is somewhat confident that the plan he is working on will work; this plan involves him trying to get in close with Ayesha and using her as a means of finally pushing Priya out of the house.
On the other hand, Ram is even more impressed by Ram, since she spent a lot of time and effort to get a statue of Ram's father, and got it installed in the house, and since Ram really admired his father, this action brought tears to his house and his respect for Priya increased; and this made Niharika even more frustrated, since she could see how this increased the closeness between Ram and Priya. Now Ram is on another push, wanting Priya to call him Ram instead of Mr. Kapoor and she is finding it hard to make this change.
On the other hand, Sid is trying to manipulate Ayesha, by showing her a future. So he arranges interviews and photo-shoots for her, and Natasha gets to know about this when a journalist calls her for the interview and then she investigates further and finds out that Sid was behind all this. Nuts knows that Sid does not do anything for people without any reason and tries to warn off Ayesha and Shipra, but they are too happy about what is happening and feel that Natasha is jealous; this is when Natasha tries to get Priya involved in the issue, since she feels that Priya will understand more about this.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Gauri creates a huge scene, Badi Masi faints and Jagat gets angry

Things are getting more complicated in the serial, and there are questions of morality that cannot be easily answered; yet the serial does not seem to handle them with the complexity that these situations require. Jagat got married in his childhood, and he was fairly happy with the marriage. As he became an adult, both he and Anandi had the option to get the marriage annulled, since this was a child marriage and the law allows the option of stating that this is an illegal marriage. He did not do this, and was happy. Later on, he was given the chance to get higher education, and he decided to take the chance, and so he went off for medical studies. There, not only did he get a higher education, but he also picked up a love interest, which led to his losing interest in Anandi.
When this fact finally came out, he stated that the child marriage was illegal, and that he wanted to get married to Gauri, and not Anandi, and that Anandi was a rustic village girl, and not upto his standards. His family could not tolerate this, and decided to send him away and not support him. Soon, Gauri was pregnant, and he was living his own life in the city, while Anandi was living with his family in the village.
And then the complications started. His Badi Masi, was diagnosed as being critically ill, she had no idea of all this happening, and it was difficult to tell her that Jagat was no longer living with Anandi. So, Jagya came to the village, with a pretence that that everything was fine between him and Anandi; and while Gauri needed his support, she was faced with the fact that she did not know what was happening, and he was back with his family and his first wife. All this, combined with her insecurities, led her to reveal the truth in front of Badi Masi, something which shocked her to the core, and also shocked Jagya a lot. But, this is a very complex situation, and blaming Gauri for everything is not the right way to present such a situation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The time leap happens, 18 years in the future

As happens in many serials when they want to prolong the story, they do a time leap, since that gives them the feeling that this will lead to a refreshing of user interest, introduce new characters, and so on. However, so many serials have done this by now that people are bored, or they lose connectivity with the revamped serial and do not follow it again. One prime example of this one is 'Na Aana Iss Des Mein Ladoo' where after the time leap, I lost the threads of the serial and no longer found it interesting.
One wonders what will happen in Uttaran ? They have already got rid of some of the main characters, with the absence of Veer, Tapasya, and Rathod (in fact, Rathod was a very interesting character in the serial, very different from the others who seem very superficial, and his presence had livened up the whole serial). Anyhow, onto the current story.
So, after Avinash attacks Veer, Ichcha is very angry and kills Avinash in a frenzy. Nani is passing by (always such coincidences) and calls up the police from there who come and arrest Ichcha. And since Veer is in a condition in hospital where due to his injuries, he is not able to remember a lot of his life, he cannot recall what happened between Ichcha, Veer and Avinash and is not able to give this testimony in court (and it seems very strange that the court does not take into the account the history between them, Avinash's previous attempts, and so on) and as a result, Ichcha is sentenced to a life term (which is also strange, since this should have been a much reduced terms).
Anyhow, Ichcha hands the responsibility of her daughter Meethi and Kanha to Ammo and tells her that Meethi should not be told about Ichcha, and now 18 years later, Meethi has grown up to be a very irritating character in college, and lives with Kanha and Ammo.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Archana breaks the engagement between Vinay and Purvi

In society, dowry is a practice that is illegal, and causes huge problems in relations between the husband and wife, and their families. There are numerous brides who are tortured or even killed because of expectations regarding dowry (which is treated as a right by the boy's side; the converse being the tough anti-dowry laws are also misused in certain cases to put pressure on the boy's side). So, it happens in the recent episodes of Pavitra Rishta.
Purvi was approached by one of her colleagues (Vinay) with a proposal; even though she was not in love with him, she accepted the proposal since his was a decent family and he had a decent overall appearance. And then there was the angle that they have to show that Arjun was falling for Purvi, and so this relationship between Purvi and Vinay would not last; so there has to be something to break them up, and the question of expectations from Purvi and Archana would form a good reason to break the relationship.
It is the time of the engagement, and everybody is thrilled. However, the last encounter with Vinay's mother where she was enquiring of the jewellery that Purvi would be getting was disquieting to Archana, and also to Teju was who was also present, and who warned Archana that this relationship was not proceeding down the right path.
And then at the time of the engagement, Archana was able to hear a conversation between Vinay's parents where it became clear that they were happy with Purvi because of the salary of Rs. 45,000 that she was drawing every month, and which would start coming to their house once the marriage had happened, and if Purvi resigned from her job, where would this money come from ? Based on this, Archana decided to end the marriage, and found Manav also supporting her in this decision of hers.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Necklace lost, Bhabho blames Sandhya and Ankur for this one

As usual, the serial keeps on showing one drama after another. When the serial started, there was a feeling that it would be different, however, it is settling into the usual sort of drama, with the setting being changed. There is the suffering bahu, the silent men who do not interfere, and there is the saas who runs the house (and then there is the person who in the house is the source of most of the wrong that happens). There is one episode after another, but yet the bahu continues to suffer and be tormented.
After the episode in the village, where after some initial condemnation by maasa, Sandhya manages to save the marriage through some education of those involved (with of course support from the brother-in-law of the groom); she gets the full support of maasa who tells Bhabho that Sandhya has her full support and Bhabho has got the right bahu.
Bhabho of course continues to be against Sandhya to a large degree, and with Suraj providing support, but mostly of a silent nature (except when Bhabho wanted to turn out Sandhya and Suraj refused to let that happen). In the current episode, Sandhya had jewellery out of which one of them goes missing after she had given them to Bhabho for keeping. Bhabho is very angry over the loss of the jewellery, and in the beginning believes that Sandhya has the jewellery set; and then actually believes that Ankur (Sandhya's brother) was needing a loan and then suddenly did not want a loan (and this would be because Sandhya would have given him the necklace for money purposes). She calls Ankur to the house.
Sandhya is totally aghast at this allegation, and does not let Ankur enter the house since she says that discussions related to the house should remain the house rather than being discussed outside the house. And then Suraj seems some photos in the camera that show Meena with the necklace; but will he expose everything ?

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Rohit gets his men to kidnap Siddhi, although by mistake

The whole incident of the CD at the party where the CD would show Richa mixing something in the drink that she gave to Kunal is leading to something more. The CD would reverse the current status of the case, since it would show that Richa was upto something, and hence Thakral and his family was very eager to get it. Rohit emotionally blackmailed Raveena to get the CD, and she did. However, when she gave it to Rohit, she heard soon after that it was actually a ploy by Rohit to ensure that Kunal would suffer in the court case, and that Rohit was actually just using her to get his revenge on Kunal and Siddhi. Already she was a bit apprehensive about meeting Rohit like this, and hence when she heard this, she realized that she was doing wrong, and she managed to get the CD back. When Rohit, Richa and Thakral were looking for the CD, they realized it was missing and it was important to get it back.
So, Rohit decided to play his game in this one. He got his men together, and asked them to ensure that they took the CD from Siddhi when she was at the lab to get the CD verification (in order to ensure that the court accepted that the CD was genuine). When his men intercepted Siddhi at the lab, they realized that the CD was not in her purse, and also, she made a lot of noise, to the extent that they kidnapped her and too her with them in their car and back to their hideout.
Now, Thakral is worried, also because Kunal came to confront him over this kidnapping. He was worried about both his children doing all sort of wayward things, such as this kidnapping; he was also fearful of what will happen when Siddhi gets free, since she is a lawyer and her husband Kunal also has a very high temper. In the meantime, Siddhi has got to know that it was Rohit behind her kidnapping, and threatens him that she will make his life hell when she gets out; enough to make him very scared of what has happened.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Shakti pushes everybody out of the house, citing his ownership

So, the scene finally happened. Shakti was successful in his attempts, and he cited the papers that he got Sajjan Singh to sign through deceit, and then told Sajjan Singh that this was now Shakti Niwas, it all belonged to him, and turned all of them out of the house. One thinks that they have suddenly decided to show Shakti as totally negative, since there was on need for him to turn all of them out of the house, especially his mother, his grand mother, and his own son. And of course, he does not know the true nature of his own wife Menaka, since she would not think twice before kicking him out of the house as well.
So, now they are out of the house, sitting in a park at night, wondering what to do. Sajjan Singh no longer has that arrogance, since he no longer has the money with him, his own son has deserted him, and his other son is still in jail, unable to get bail and likely to stay there over the weekend. Finally Pratigya tells them to come to her home, and even though they are a bit reluctant, they decide to do this.
At the Professor's house, Sajjan Singh is unable to lift his eyes because of all that he has said and done to the Professor, but gives them the rooms in order to stay. Komal is incredibly angry at what Shakti has done, but right now nothing can be done. When Tanmay says some words against them, Pratigya defends all of them, including Amma, which makes Amma very happy.
In the promos, it is Pratigya who will do something in terms of revenge, and to get the money and house of Sajjan Singh back to him from the clutches of Shakti. We have to see how this will proceed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Khushi starting to tease Arnav, and winning

The serial got a bit serious in between when they showed a lot of tension over the sudden and shocking marriage between Khushi and Arnav; this marriage, at the same time as the marriage between Payal and Akash, was done primarily because Arnav wanted to prevent any harm to Anjali, caused by her husband Shyam. However, nobody was told of the real reason, and which caused huge harm to Khushi, since that meant that everybody else blamed her for this sudden decision, and tried to reduce their contact with her.
However, this was too serious for the makers of the serial, and they showed how Khushi managed to make up with almost every of her relatives, through the sheer power of her personality and pleasing nature. She made up with her sister Payal, made up with her family, and also got done the incredible task of ensuring that Nani also participated in the Holi festivities. However, there was always the presence of Shyam in the house which caused a lot of tension to Khushi, and she could not tell anybody about it; further there was the chance that Arnav would see them in a position that could cause him to be suspicious, causing from problems to Khushi.
However, finally Khushi has decided to try and make some changes in Arnav, and is consulting a list of thing to do that will make Arnav become crazy; so she starts washing her clothes in the pool; she starts singing in such a way that makes him mad; she occupies the bathroom for so long that he worries about how late he is getting; she collaborates with Anjali so that she gets space in the cupboard for her clothes, and so on. Interesting.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Prolonging the issue between Manav and Archana

Sometimes one is sympathetic to the writers of Hindi serials. In the case of Pavitra Rishta, there must be a lot of pressure to ensure that the serial goes on and on, and which is why the serial is taking so much to get to the point. The 18 year gap between Manav leaving to Canada in a huff over his disappointment with the response he got from Archana (and which was actually caused by Savitha) went by in the space of an episode. However, it is after the 18 year episode that things have started slowing down a lot.
The judge has started the divorce proceedings, but has also ensured that they be given another chance and has asked Manav and Archana to live together as husband and wife for 6 months, something that Archana has got uncomfortable with only because Sachin has told her that he wants Manav and Archana to terminate their relationship. So, when Sachin was small, she would not let him do wrong stuff, but is now agreeable to support him in his right endeavour even though it is wrong in terms of the relationship between Manav and Archana ? Further, Manav's father Damodar knows about what all Savita did to break the relationship, but is not willing to say anything to correct a wrong, depending on Manav's good sense to get to know what is right.
And the only person really trying to make things right is Purvi, who is not Manav's daughter, in fact, she has nothing to do with Manav in any form, and Archana had adopted her after Manav had already left. She is doing this inspite of Sachin making clear that he would oppose everything that she did. And then there is Manav's one daughter, Teju (the other is in Canada) who is here in Mumbai although her family does not know, and is by coincidence living with Sulochana, and who has not yet Manav (the show keeps on showing them getting to know about each other being in Mumbai, and then suddenly clearing off).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Holi while the court case is ongoing against Kunal

The serial is currently dragging a bit. You can take the court case that is currently ongoing Kunal and keep on making twists and turns in the case, and keep it going for weeks. There are twists and turns in the case, although the legalities of the case seem a bit strange - after all, there is no direct evidence against Kunal, and no confirmed witness. It rather seems like a case of Richa's word against Kunal, and yet it seems like there is no option but to find Kunal guilty.
Anyhow, in the latest twist, Thakral came to Kunal's house, showed him some money for getting the case settled, and then Kunal touched the money and gave it back, which was used by Thakal as a way of showing in court that Kunal was trying a bribe to get evidence in his favor (and somehow, the fact that you could everybody from Kunal's house to testify against him does not seem to mind). And then Kunal seems to think that the hotel would have security cameras in place, and finds a camera video which shows Richa mixing something in the drink and giving to Kunal, something that would be very good evidence in his favor in the court case.
Richa and Thakral find out about this, and then Rohit goes to Raveena and emotionally disturbs her enough that she agrees to get the evidence tape (from the hotel security camera) to Rohit (they are showing her to be totally stupid, and if she can't realize how much trouble her own brother is in, really beyond stupid).
At Kunal's society, Holi celebrations are going on. Normally, it is hard to get Kunal to play Holi, but Siddhi gets Kunal to come out, and then by mistake drenches him with water, and then gives him bhaang which causes him to get all strange, bhaang struck, including singing a song for her.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - About to take a leap, Veer to die

The serial has decided to take a huge leap, and is slowly getting rid of some of its key characters. First Tapasya decided to leave the serial, and they decided to show this by making her escape from the house because of all the pressure that she was facing, and left uncertain whether she will ever come back. And now, Veer (the real life husband of Tapasya) is also going to be leaving the serial, going to be killed in a Holi party by Avinash (one wonders as to how people who are caught by the police can suddenly re-appear so suddenly, while normal people who are accused of such crimes would be locked away for years).
In the serial, for probably the first time, Nani is getting her just punishment. She had taken away Yuvraj from the hospital and left the family members to believe that their child had died; and Iccha and Veer believed this for a long time till they got to know the truth when Yuvraj was kidnapped by Avinash since he wanted Kanha back. After some amount of drama and the involvement of the police, Avinash was caught and both Yuvraj and Kanha was caught back.
In the meantime, Divya is totally gone ballistic; she refuses to believe anything that Iccha or Damini, or even her husband Jogi Thakur has to say, and supports Nani and Pushkar in whatever they have to say. So when there is a reason to believe that Iccha can be caught for having Mukta with her, even though this was Tapu's daughter who was stolen from her (somewhat because of her own mistake), they get the police and take her to jail. At that time, Veer gets involved and along with Jogi Thakur, decide to pay back Nani for her crimes. They get the video which shows Nani stealing Yuvraj, and this ensures the police take Nani to jail, and she has to stay there for some time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Krishna being framed for beating a waiter, so that Shakti can get all the money

The serial is finally showing the major split between Krishna and Shakti; both of them have a high ego, but Krishna has been turned towards the good side by Pratigya, while there is nothing that seems to have done that for Shakti. Further, his new wife, who is actually also cheating on the family by selling her jewellery on the side, influences him to turn even more negative.
In the recent episodes, Krishna knew for some time that Pratigya was hiding the fact about him being unable to have children, and so decided to do a drama so that she revealed the truth. However, when he got the truth revealed, even though things got better for Pratigya, the truth coming out and the taunts by Shakti did not do any good for Krishna, and he went into a sort of mini depression; exhibited in terms of fickle behavior, including beating up a waiter when he got angry over something.
It was at this time that Sajjan Singh decided to will his property to Krishna, and hand over some other parts to Shakti; Shakti's wife heard this and went to Shakti, telling him that his father was going to give over everything to Krishna and leave Shakti with nothing. Shakti then created a plan where he would defeat this plan of Sajjan Singh, and got a drama around a waiter of Krishna's dhaba; on Holi day, the waiter turned up with the police and claimed that Krishna had beaten him up badly and Krishna was taken to jail. The police also told his family that they could not step in since the employees union was involved in the issue and was applying pressure.
The plan of Shakti was to use the bail papers as a fraud, instead they would get signatures on the property transfer papers and file them in court.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Finally Ram and Priya get physically closer

For some time now, the serial has been showing the lead characters getting closer together, even though there are always some issues that can cause minor problems between them. They have a small tiff due to the occurrence at the party where Ram and Priya are both trying to express their feelings to each other, and after some tension, Priya finally tells Ram about her feelings, although at the rate at which she speaks, she is not giving any chance to Ram to say what is on his mind. She also considers him very egoistical, and then both of them go for the Natasha's party where Priya's sister is going to be the show-stopper.
However, over there Nuts has a different mind, and has never liked being under pressure and arranges things such that Ayesha will get a major shock during the show, and so it happens with her dress coming undone during the performance; the top falls down and this is a major embarrassment since that means her breasts are exposed to the audience. However, she recovers and in a presence of mind,manages to complete the show; and then this leads to a dispute, since she then slaps Natasha in front of everybody for doing this to her.
All this causes tension between Ram and Priya, especially when Ram does not take kindly to his sister being slapped; and then he gets what he deserves for this, since Priya asks him whether he has no relation to Ayesha. He has made a mistake; and so things get suddenly more tense. However, all this talk and tension leads to a situation where he stops Priya from talking by kissing her, and then she accuses him of taking pity on her, he tells her that he also loves her and has changed a lot because of her.
And then they get more intimate, with almost more than half the serial being devoted to this situation of intimacy between, and the suggested scenes are pretty forward for the Indian television industry with a lip to lip kiss between them, and finally showing them in bed as if they finally had intercourse.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kuch To Log Kahenge - The accident of Dr.Ashutosh and Nidhi trying to find him

The serial is proving popular with the character of Dr. Ashutosh, a leading doctor of the city, being played by Mohnish Behl, proving to be very popular. However, in recent times, Mohnish Behl needed to take a medical break from the serial, and thus they needed to remove him from the serial and replace him with a new person (Sharad Kelkar). So, the most common method is to do some kind of accident where there is a need for plastic surgery. The serial moved on this side, taking the doctor on a car accident where he was found missing, apparently fallen into a river and presumed dead. The police did an investigation and could not find his body and everybody assumed that he was dead, including his close friend Armaan.
However, it was Nidhi who did not believe that Dr. Ashutosh was dead. By this time, her family members knew that she was in love with Dr. Ashutosh and were not comfortable with this, although her father really did not push his views. And Nidhi really did not care for objections. So now, when everybody believed that Dr. Ashutosh was dead, Nidhi refused to believe it, and started on a search for Dr. Ashutosh.
She set out, hunting for possible spots where he could have emerged from the river in an injured state, reaching villages on the way. At a particular village, she went into the hospital, and talked to the doctor, but the doctor told her that there were no persons fitting that description. However, her heart did not accept this, and she decided to turn back to the village over the objections of her friends, at the same time that a barely living person was pulled from the river and taken to hospital. He barely had a heart beat.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Distance between Ichcha and Veer grows over Yuvraj vs. Kanha

It has typically been seen on serials that when they want to elongate the life of a serial or show a time leap, they bring in differences between a husband and wife or between some other close family members; this was done in many serials that showed a time leap - most recently in the serial Pavitra Rishta. In this case, there is talk of a time leap to be given to the serial, and they are starting to show distances happening between Veer and Ichcha, and in most of the cases, there is some behavior by Ichcha that causes Veer to feel offended.
For some time now, when there is something big happening, Ichcha does not tell Veer, and when Veer comes to know, he feels offended as to why Ichcha does not tell him, and has told her about this already that there should not be such big secrets between a husband and wife; and yet, when Ichcha gets to know that Yuvraj, her son, has been kidnapped and is discussing this with Rathod, Veer comes in and is shocked to know that Ichcha has not yet told him about his son being alive, in the form of Yuvraj.
Now, the situation is desperate. Avinash has kidnapped Yuvraj and wants Icchah to hand over Kanha if she wants Yuvraj alive; her in-laws are all for this, since they want to ensure that their own grandson remains alive, and are even willing to hand over Kanha to Avinash for this one. when Ichcha sees Veer taking Kanha with her, she gets desperate, thinking that Veer is also ready to hand over Kanha to Avinash; when Veer comes back with Yuvraj and Ichcha cannot see Kanha, she is shocked and wants to know from Veer where Kanha is (although Kanha is safe and sound). Veer is very shocked that she thinks he will risk Kanha and treat Kanha differently from Yuvraj, and tells her that he is shocked at her behavior.

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram and Priya come even closer together

This part of the serial was very confusing for me. Both the lead characters are grappling with how to display their affections to each other, but are waiting for the other to take the lead. And for this end, they are being guided (misguided) by their close friends who are suggestiong what they should do, what steps they should take, and so on. As a result, an entire episode was spent in this kind of calculation of emotions, where they were all at a party.
At the party, there was a sort of cold war between Ram and Priya, and Ram was unsure of how he would tell Priya that he was in love with her, while Priya was not sure as to what was in Ram's mind. And then, Priya decided (in discussion with Neha) that maybe the right way was to make Ram somewhat jealous, so she did so by first praising Dhoni a lot, and then once Ronit Roy came to the party, she started praising him, his acting and his fitness level. This served to make Ram angry, but did not really do anything more. And very strangely, it turned out that Ram and Vikram slept off in the car and did not tell either of their wives about their having left the party.
This led to 2 very angry wives, who in their own houses, did not sleep, waiting for communication from their husbands. So when Ram decided to finally come in the house in the morning and seemed to find Priya sleeping on the couch, he got angry and confronted her. Only to be blasted back by Priya, who told him that she did not sleep a bit, waiting for him to inform her about his whereabouts and so on; and if he was going to be sitting on his ego, she would tell him "I love you" first. And then she said that she was going to her parents house since she wanted to attend Natasha's function, since that was a big day for her sister.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram and Priya coming closer together

For the past many episodes, the serial is working on showing a growing closeness between the pair. And remember that it was just a few weeks back that Ram had threatened Priya with a divorce paper, which was soon washed away in the flow of emotions expressed by Priya. Things got more closer between them when there was a lot of tension regarding the lump in Priya's breast, and for the week where the result of the biopsy was expected, Ram was doing whatever he could to ensure that the wishes of Priya were being respected. All this was scaring Ram's mother and mama, since they cannot tolerate Priya getting closer to Ram, they want to ensure that Ram remains under their control and as a result, control over all the money remains with them.
So, Niharika tries another tactic. She decides that Ram needs to be sent to the US so that they can keep a distance between Ram and Priya, and will ensure that for one reason or the other, Ram will be kept in the US for many days, or even weeks, and in the meantime, they will try to increase distances between Ram and Priya. However, when Ram went to the US, he still wanted to keep in touch with Priya, and thus used the phone and video chat to keep in regular touch.
And then Ram decides to come back to the country, and surprises Priya by calling her to the house and coming there in front of her. Niharika also follows and is equally surprised to see Ram over there. Now, both Ram and Priya are consulting with Vikram and Neha about how to express their love to each other, being somewhat uncomfortable about all this, but still wanting to go ahead with all this.
Priya wants that Ram express his love, and Ram is just waiting for the right moment, so there is still a bit of tension in the air, which increases since Priya decides to try and make Ram jealous, and he will get jealous, leading to a fight between them.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Iccha put into a huge conflict because of having to choose between her children

These hindi serials play on one item to depict tension between husbands and wife. The wife does something noble or pays a huge price for something, but does not keep her husband informed of whatever has happened, and as a result, when there is a problem or the husband is not appreciative, or is offended that she has not told him about everything, she gets very surprised. Something similar is happening in Uttaran. Iccha is married to Veer, and there has already been a case when Veer has told Iccha that she should not hide things from her that are significant, and yet, it happens again.
So, the situation is serious this time. Avinash, the guy who believes that his birthright was stolen from his because of Iccha and all the money willed over to Kanha, wants revenge, and wants all his assets back. So, he kidnaps Yuvraj since he knows that it is Iccha's child, and he wants to use this pressure to force Iccha to hand Kanha over to Avinash. Rathod is very emotional about his kid disappearing, and is working with the police to find Yuvraj, but so far no luck. When Iccha and Rathod are talking about this, Veer appears and is very angry with Iccha that she has not told him anything so far (not about their child being alive, about being kidnapped, and so on - one things that he is very justified in his anger).
Next, the situation is now at the house. Dadaji and Mai feel that there is no question, after all, Yuvraj is their blood, he is Veer's son and hence they can easily sacrifice Kanha for this purpose; Iccha on the other hand is not so comfortable with this, since she considers Kanha to be her own child, and hence is ready for any such deal, and so far, Veer is not supporting her since she hid everything from him.

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