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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram has a falling out with Vikram over the theft of a necklace

The serial started out with some light hearted behavior, but as the 2 new brides move into their new houses, things will get more complicated. Priya has started expressing her opinions to Ram, and this raises sparks often enough since Ram has got used to the idea of being able to do what he wants, without anybody interfering with him. So, the concept of somebody moving into his house and telling him what to do can complicate things enough. Also, when he yells at her, she does not take this lightly and replies back to him in the same tone, increasing the discomfort he feels.
Things get more complicated when an antique necklace is brought home so that it can be presented to the new daughter-in-law of the house. However, Ram's stepmother cannot stand the concept of this huge necklace going to that girl from the small household, and wants the necklace for Siddharth's wife, whenever she comes to the house.
So they plan a trick whereby they will steal the necklace, and in such a way that no suspicion will come on them. So, Siddharth convinces Vikram to take the necklace from the safe for safe-keeping (and all this is dutifully recorded by the CCTV camera). Soon after, her brother picks the pocket of Vikram and takes the necklace and turns it over to Siddharth and his mother. When it is found that the necklace is missing, the footage of the CCTV is shown and Vikram is seen to be taking the necklace. As a result, Ram has an uncomfortable discussion with Vikram where Vikram gets the concept that he is being accused of stealing the necklace, and when he points out that Siddharth told him to do so, he is shocked when Siddharth denies it. As a result, Vikram eventually leaves, and then decides to quit the company as well.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Varsha going into a psychotic mode, pining for Soham

Things are getting tricky for various characters in the serial. The relations that were proper between the various members of the serial (except for the set of Manju, Vinod, Ajit and Rasika) has always been cordial, and Maanav, with his success is a great supported of everybody else. However, Savita is always the tricky one, since she was susceptible to being provoked. Rasika decided to use this personality twist in order to turn Savita against her own daughter-in-law Archana, and she seems to be succeeding in this attempt.
In the midst of all this, since Varsha is not able to bear a child, her quest for attaining Soham is incredible. She kidnaps Soham from Maanav's house, and even when she is found out, she is really not apologetic. Soon, her mental condition becomes worse and she even starts believing that Archana has handed over Soham to her. Sathish is very shocked at this transformation in Varsha; Maanav on the other hand starts getting very protective of his child and refuses to let Archana go near Varsha with Soham. When Archana tries to push, he gets very angry at Archana and issues between them become bad for some time.
On the other hand, Savita wants to take revenge on Archana and so encourages Shravani to take back Sachin and also that Archana should give Soham to Varsha; as a result, Archana will not have any of her children with her and this will be the just reward to her for whatever she has been doing wrong.
Varsha gets even more psychotic, attacking her own mother-in-law with a glass bottle, and is now shown to a doctor for analysis. The doctor diagnoses her as having a mental problem that will get worse unless things are rectified.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Toasty trying to help Malti integrate into the house

Toasty is being shown in the serial as the lady who managed to make her mark in the male only house (enough though she faced a lot of barriers in the beginning). Now, she is the on whom the while household depends on.
She also managed to resolve some other matters in the house, the most remarkable being the relationship that the house had with its elder daughter-in-law, Malthi. She had left the house after being instigated by her mother, and the separation had been traumatic, with the house people being accused of tormenting their daughter-in-law. One of her brother-in-laws, Ved, was condemned as somebody who was casting evil eyes on his bhabhi, something that he remembers now and is very deeply stressed over.
Toasty is able to get most of the problems between Malthi, Pashu, and the others in the house resolved. She is able to get even Pitaji agreeable to bring Malti back (although there are a couple of times that she has to face criticism from the people over all this). Now that Malti bhabhi is back in the house, the next step is to ensure that she is accepted by everybody in the house. The problem now is that everybody is dependent on Toasty for everything, such as food, clothes, and everything else. In such a situation, Malthi feels a bit left out (and Ved is still hostile at her).
Toasty makes a lot of effort to ensure that the people in the house have to deal with Malthi, including leaving the house for some time to ensure that Malti gets a free run and everybody learns that she can easily take the place of Toasty and so that they can become dependent on her. So far this is working out.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Marriage between Dev and Nandini happens

The serial has got into a bit of a strange pattern for the last few episodes. The pattern of the serial was that there would be some major issue, and then it would start getting resolved through some planning and cunning. However, after the issue of Nayantara got resolved with her getting exposed and taken away by the police, things are at a slow level. Maybe the news that the serial may be coming to an end is causing this change in pattern of the serial.
Now, Mann still has not recovered his memory, but has otherwise reconciled to the marriage with Geet and does a repeat of the ceremony with him taking the marriage oaths again. He is also more mellow now (does not get into a rage fast enough).
The romance between Dev and Nandini is flowing fast through the serial. For now, the crimes that Dev has committed in the past seem to have been forgotten (including everything he did against Geet); he is madly in love with Nandini but has not get confirmation from her. From her behavior, it seems that she is also fond of Dev. Dev takes a dress to her and tells her that if she feels the same way, she would take the dress and he finds that she does indeed reciprocate his feelings.
They desire a marriage to happen quickly between them, and so a marriage is planned without telling a number of people, although Geet and Adi are heavily involved in the marriage planning. Mann goes along with this plan after some initial resistance, but does put in a check. He states that even though the marriage has happened, until the parents have also agreed, the marriage cannot be consummated.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Varsha apparently kidnapping Soham

2 major events have been happening in the serial. One is a ongoing divide between Savita and Archana. Over a period of time, Archana had managed to bring herself back into the good books of Savita through multiple efforts, and because of her basic goodness. However, there was always something in Savita's nature which made her liable for being manipulated by others; and in this case, Rasika decided to try and turn Savita against her own family members by using money as an instrument. Rasika was very angry over what she perceived as Savita's arrogance after Manav became successful, and decided that she would try and see that Savita lost everything. So, she starts poisoning the mind of Savita against Archana (using the presence of Sulochana in the house - Sulochana had been turned out by Manjusha, and after being out for some time, she was taken by Manav and Archana back to their house).
Due to some situations, Savita becomes convinced that Archana was trying to take money away from Manav and even give some of this to Sulochana, and hence starts to become negative towards Archana and Sulochana (and the sisters of Archana). This increases when there is a situation where Manav was going to give money for Ajit's business and for an apartment; and then Archana refuses to give the money since she hears that Ajit was going to misuse the money.
On the other front, things get more tricky when Varsha is shown as kidnapping Soham from the house, and taking him away when Archana is briefly not in the house. The police are called and call all the family members (angering many of them), but so far they are not able to determine who has taken Soham; but Savita has her doubts about Varsha.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - A serial about a person who seems to have lost a lot in life

The serial promises to be an interesting serial. The serial was promoted for long on Sony before it actually started on the 9th of August, and is made by Ekta Kapoor (Balaji Telefilms). It gives a great role to Samir Soni, bringing him back to television. The serial portrays the life of a man who was doing well sometime in life, but who now sits at home, and is now seen as a failure in life. Sameer Soni plays the role of Kunal Chopra, who was once a successful lawyer, and had a relationship with Richa (who was the daughter of Thakral, with whom Kunal has an adversarial relationship). After all the failures he suffers, Kunal no longer has the enthusiasm to do anything and sits at home; with his brothers and father blaming him for not recovering after the failures and not doing any kind of job.
Right now, the story is revolving around the impending marriage of Anand (Kunal's brother) and Siddhi, who is a strong minded girl and who seems to have a conflicting relationship with Kunal. She has Thakral as a boss, and Thakral has been invited for the functions, and the relationship between the Chopras and Thakral is even more strained because very recently the daughter of the house, Raveena was caught in a car with the son of Thakral, and the police was involved as well. Thakral also taunts the family to some extent.

Actor Character Description
Samir Soni Kunal Chopra The main male lead
Ayaz Khan Gaurav Chopra Kunal's brother
Mona Vasu Richa Thakral Kunal's ex girlfriend
Saurabh Jain Anand Chopra Kunal's brother
Keerti Nagpure Siddhi Mallik Anand's fiance
Prerna Wanvari Ravina Chopra Kunal's sister
Alka Amin Veena Chopra Kunal's mother
Vivek Mishraa Raj Chopra Kunal's father
Aarti Singh Seema Chopra Kunal' sister in law
Khusboo Shroff Shilpa Mallik Siddhi's sister
Mukesh Solanki Kapil Mallik Siddhi's brother
Deepak Sandhu Vikram Garewal Seema's brother
Amit Singh Thakur Sudhanshu Garewal Seema's & Vikram's father
Abhay Bhargava D K Thakral Kunal's ex boss & chief villain

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The news that Tapu cannot become a mother again

The serial keeps on showing a lot of twists and turns. At some point, the serial showed how Jogi Thakur was very angry with Tapasya (and no doubt, given all that she had done based on her impulsiveness and selfish nature), and had broken off relations. Even her mother felt very bad for what all she had done, but both of them finally decided to forgive her and so Tapasya comes back to the house to visit them, and they make up. Similarly, they both know that Nani was the one who was primarily responsible for the mis-education of Tapu, and Nani and Divya part on bitter terms, but then Jogi admonishes Divya for having turned Nani out and so Nani is back in the house. It comes a bit embarrassing when Rathod and Tapu come there, and so does Mai (Veer's mother) and they run into each other.
However, Rathod rescues the situation by asking for blessings from Mai, and prods Mai to give blessings to Tapu as well, and also encourages Tapu to take blessings from Mai. Mai does so in a manner which shows that she is doing so reluctantly (after all, how can she forgive what Tapu did) and she departs from there, also without talking to Nani (just folding hands).
On the other hand, there is some bad news for Tapu, since Nani has seen Tapu's medical reports and tells Divya that Tapu cannot become a mother again (and like most serials, this is said in the open without checking whether Tapu is there), Tapu hears and is heartbroken.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Ram off to the US, while trouble only increasing for Karthik

The serial so far has remained away from serious stuff, but one can expect that things will continue to get more serious. So far the focus has been on the coming together of Ram and Priya in a sort of forced marriage, and also the love marriage of Karthik and Natasha, where the 2 of them are very different people. The serial is making an effort to show that one marriage will move slowly closer together while the other marriage will get into more difficult territory.
Very soon after the marriage of Ram and Priya, Ram finds that the deal in US for his younger sister (Natasha) is coming awry, since his own family member did not go there for getting the deal done. So, on the day after his marriage, he rushes off to the US after making a speech about how important the marriage is; while Natasha comes home from the honeymoon (by telling Karthick that she wants to be there for the ceremonies, while actually she only wants to be there for the party that her friends would be wanting to attend).
So, while Priya is alone at home, coming to terms with a huge house where there are servants at the beck and call, and there are a large number of options for everything (and it is not expected that she needs to do anything at all herself); Natasha has got her friends over for a party to the tune of sniggers, since there are no drinks, in fact nothing like a party that would be expected from the likes of Natasha Kapoor. And then the neighbors come to complain about the noise and the late hour and the party needs to come to an end. Natasha is embarrassed in front of her friends and her inlaws are angry at what has happened.
Ram calls home to find out a data card for some information, and this leads to a humourous situation where Priya is looking in his jockeys, both get thoroughly embarrassed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Sajjan Singh finally marries Ganga and brings her home

So the wily thakur finally does what he had wanted for some time. Ever since Sajjan Singh had got Ganga to the residence from her father (instead of the debts that he was owed), everybody in the family was somewhat unsure of his intentions. Amma was noticeably disturbed and tried her best to keep Sajjan Singh away from Ganga, and also otherwise ill-treated Ganga, scolding her and berating here wherever possible.
It was when Sajjan Singh came back after being kidnapped that he finally announced that he would marry Ganga and make her his second wife. This led to a huge upheaval in the house; Amma was shocked and planned with shakti to take away Ganga in the dead of night and leave her at her house; Komal told her father that he better not do anything that would embarrass the family and that he should not be thinking of marrying now that he had grand-children. Krishna and Pratigya also opposed this, and all this was making Sajjan get angry and start working out a plan. When Pratigya scared away the pandit who was supposed to be doing the marriage by claiming that he would assist in something illegal, it seemed over. And then Sajjan told everybody that he had understood, and that he would send Ganga back to her family - this finally made everybody relieved. However, Sajjan had other plans; he took Ganga out and got married to her and then brought her back.
So, now Ganga is in the house and nobody is happy. And Ganga has come back with a strong attitude, telling everybody that she is the younger thakurain of the house and everybody has to listen to her. She even tells Piyasiya to leave when she does not listen to Ganga, and Sajjan Singh backs her up.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Piya with a doctor, trying to get her memories back

The situation is very complex. Neil has been killed, and Abhay now knows that Chand and Haseena have killed him. When he confronts them, they tell him that he did not stop them from killing Neel, only from killing Dipannita. There is a confrontation between them where both of them tell him that they do not really trust him to take the right decision for the vampires, and when he states that he wants to give up being the leader of the clan, they are fine with that decision and tell him that this is the right decision (since he cannot think properly, being always concerned about Piya).
Arnav had seen the body of Neel, and seen bite marks on the neck, and after consulting books and all, realizes that these are vampire bite marks, and that this means that vampires are indeed there in the Dehra Doon area. He tells Jay that the vampires were behind the death of Neel, and that the police should be informed. Jay thinks about this, but then thinks that maybe this will cause the police to chase Abhay, and this is what he wants, and so the police come to Abhay. Abhay turns them out, accusing them of not having done any investigation on their own, and only when they have some proof should they come.
Piya has gone to meet a doctor in order to try and get some of her memory back, and slowly gets taken back to the time when she met Abhay, and then recalls the episode where she met Mythili, and Mythili was threatening her and Abhay and this causes her to become almost in a fit like condition. Abhay realizes this and rushes towards her, and by then the doctor has realized that she has committed a mistake. Now Abhay thinks of giving back her memory.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Maryada Lekin Kab Tak - Vidya in hospital after being shot by Brahmanand

The serial is turning to be full of confrontation nowadays. And it has taken on something that is pretty controversial in the Indian context, the concept of a homosexual relationship. For a movie like Dostana to show a homosexual relationship is something else, especially when it gets shown in multiplexes and is set in the US, but for a serial such as Maryada, which is set in the Indian small town context, in a conservative society, is something else altogether.
The minister RD has yet to get over the shock of what she had learnt. She was inquisitive, and wanted to find out what was going on in the marriage of the son of the police officer Brahmanand, and slowly finds out more. She learns that there is no close relationship in the marriage between Vidya and Gaurav, and then learns that Gaurav is actually interested in men, not in his wife. She of course wants to use this a power over the police officer, and tells him about this. Brahmanand is very angry over this and comes into confront his son, and in the battle Vidya gets shot and is taken to the hospital. However, RD has to also suffer since on the other side of the homosexual relationship is her own son, Karan. Karan gets very angry with her and tells her that she has to correct items, and needs to tell Brahma that what she told him was not true. She is still shocked at what her son is upto.
On the other hand, Bramha is facing more issues. His wife knows that Brahma has started having an affair with her own sister Uttara, and the relationship between them has deteriorated. She has also learnt that Brahma had made an attempt on the modesty of his own future daughter-in-law.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Confrontation between the families and people involved

The serial is moving towards another escalation point. The proceeding are moving away from the clan of werewolves. First Dipannita was trapped by Abhay and jailed, and then removed from the jail by the whole group of vampires who take her away in order to kill her. It is Jay along with Neel who kidnaps Piya (since they know how Abhay feels towards her) in order to force Abhay to release Dipannita. And Abhay does so, even though Chand and Haseena feel otherwise. Further, Jay forces Abhay to remove his mother from the accused tag, and Abhay presents himself to the police as the actual murderer. In the meantime, Misha and Panchi find out about the kidnapping of Piya, and know that Neel was behind all this, and along with Danish, manage to go and rescue Piya from Neel (and Piya then goes to the police station and gets Abhay out of there).
Jay is very angry at Alina for whatever she has done to help Piya, and attacks her, but Alina, using a previously unknown power, gets lighting to attack the werewolf (Jay in his animal form). Panchi's parents get to know everything about Neel and decide to break the engagement so that Panchi is liberated from such an engagement.
Jay, for some reason, tells Neel to leave from there so that he is safe from danger. it could be that Neel does not have the powers that others in his family have. However, soon after Neel leaves from there, the Dobriyals find his dead body in the road and are shocked (even more so since they are going to his house to break the engagement). The precap shows that it was Chand and Hasina who killed Neel.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The coming together of Veer and Ichcha again at the airport

For some time now, the serial has been showing a separation between Veer and Ichcha; Veer has got very despondent about whatever has happened and feels that he has totally failed Ichcha, and when his attempts to meet or find out about Ichcha do not work, he decides that he has to leave for the United States to leave everything behind. His assistant also tries to persuade him to stay, but he has decided and takes leave of everyone from the house. Further, when Damini tried to call him earlier to inform him about Ichcha's pregnancy, she got the impression that Veer did not really seem interested, and then decides that they should not try to contact him again.
On the other hand, Jogi has also been looking for them, and finally sees Ichcha at the doctor's house where she has gone for some consultation regarding her pregnancy. Jogi meets Ichcha, is very excited to know that she is pregnant, and tells her that Veer has met Jogi often, always apologizing for having let Ichcha down, and is now going to leave for the US (leaving everything behind). Ichcha is shocked to learn about this and rushes to the airport with Jogi and Ammu, and in a scene from the movies, they finally call out for each other and meet at the airport (and decide that they want to be together again). Veer decides that he will take Ichcha back to the house.
On the other hand, Nani wants to try her tactics in Rathod's house, but one is not sure whether all that will work or not, since Rathod is different from Jogi.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - The marriage between Ram Kapur and Priya finally happens

For some time now, the track of the events leading to the wedding has been ongoing, and it's going to be a double wedding, with first the wedding of Karthik and Natasha happening, and later the wedding of Ram and Priya going to happen. Just after the wedding of Karthik and Natasha, it became clear that everybody will have problems later with Natasha, since she became adamant that they will need to leave for their honeymoon right now (since her friends have gifted her an expensive honeymoon, else they will lose their flight tickets), while Karthik is flabbergasted at how she could think that they will go for their honeymoon and Karthik will not attend the wedding of his elder sister. Ram is also very shocked by the fact that his younger sister could not care to attend his wedding; but as the situation starts to turn ugly, Priya gets in and convinces Karthik that he should leave for his honeymoon. At the honeymoon hotel, Natasha develops an allergy to a face pack and is advised by Karthik that this was a punishment to her for her bad behavior at the marriage.
Now, the marriage between Ram and Priya runs into a small hitch when the vehicle carrying Priya develops a problem, and then at the marriage location, the earlier marriage has not yet concluded, so they need to wait a bit more. However, finally the marriage happens with all the drama happening when she leaves her parents and goes away with Ram Kapoor.
Because of the muhurat time being set for the next morning, they need to spend time in a hotel room, which gets embarrassing when their close friends Vikram and Neha decorate the room with flowers, exactly of the type that would suit a honeymoon suite, and make plenty of comments about the marriage night before they leave. Vikram gets called to the office where he learns that Ram's brother Sid is cheating him, and he has to do something soon.

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