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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - Vaishu finally mentions the divorce word to Dharmesh

The serial is going through a whole gamut of emotions, with probably the most stable relationship currently between Manav and Archana. Both of Archana's sisters are going through a lot of tension in their relationship. When Varsha had an abortion earlier (something against the advice of her mother-in-law and husband Satheesh), one of the complications resulting from the abortion was the fact that doctors announced that she could not get pregnant again. However, she did not know this for a long time. Satheesh knew this, but did not want to tell her because of the impact this might have on her. Manav and Archana also had got to knew about this, and were advising Satheesh that he should tell Varsha, it is not fair to hide the truth from her. In all this discussion, especially when Vaishu was also there, Varsha overhead the truth, and this hit her in a bad way.
On the other hand, the story of Maanav is turning out to be good. His business of micro-finance, money lending to the poor without any collateral is so far turning out to be good, earning his some good money. Also working with him is Ajith, who has totally changed from his earlier incarnation in the serial, very supportive of Vandita now and willing to oppose his mother now when required (his mother Rasika is as arrogant as ever, even though she is no longer rich). Vinod on the other hand is in a difficult position, having lost his job and reduced to being in a much worse off financial condition.
Dharmesh is currently in the worst possible condition, with Vaishu remaining highly angry with him, and his mother and others not sure about what is going on; further, Satheesh is also very suspicious of what is going on and wants to know what is going on. Vaishu has now told Dharmesh that she wants a divorce.

Hindi TV Serials - Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - Tragedy strikes the couple, with an accident striking Mann

The serial, which showcased the couple overcoming various issues and problems, coming back together. They have gone through several instances where there has been some sort of objection t0 their romance and marriage, including their own egos; and have managed to overcome these problems. Finally, they are now married, and have shown some more understanding by foregoing the traditional physical intimacy because of Geet's pregnancy, and the advice given by Doctors to take it easy.
Mann surprises his grandmother to a tremendous extent, going to office on the first day after his marriage, not showing the slightest trend towards going on a honeymoon. She decides to pack them off to Shimla for a honeymoon, not caring in the least for the various denials expressed by Mann. They finally make it to Shimla, after donating their seats to an elderly couple who desperately want to get to Shimla. And then, when they reach their hotel, something suspicious starts to happen; their room is decorated with flowers, they are offered the best lunch in the house, all due to the manager of the hotel. Mann is very suspicious, and decides to find out more, and then finds out that Dev (in an incredible coincidence), is the manager of the hotel. Mann confronts Dev, not ready to listen to anything that Dev has to say, and then warns him to stay away from Geet. However, Geet finally finds out that Dev is the manager of the hotel.
Tragedy strikes when in a car accident, Mann is hospitalized in a critical condition, and there is an urgent need to blood, and Mann has a rare blood group AB- which is not easily found, and everywhere a search for this blood does not find it (including Arjun and Annie searching for the blood). Finally Geet has to go to Dev in order to get the required blood group, not something that she really likes to do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Zor Ka Jhatka - A wacky contest show anchored by Shahrukh Khan

With so many Bollywood stars doing shows for TV nowadays, it had seemed a lot of time since Shahrukh Khan was doing a show for TV, and he finally made it back to TV, doing another reality show called 'Zor Ka Jhatka' on NDTV Imagine. Like many other TV shows, it is based on an American reality show called Wipeout. The show is based on water, falls, and crossing a series of obstacles, and most of the contestants fall in the water rather than make it through. The show is co-hosted by Saumya Tandon, who was there at the location for the contest at Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. Shahrukh Khan is at the studio, not present at the actual site; the show leverages Shahrukh Khan to the extent that he speaks non-stop at whatever is happening in the show. He is apparently paid a huge amount of Rs. 2.5 crore per show, so they better be making more than that for every show.
For each episode, there is a winner who gets an entry into the grand finale. There are a large number of contestants, mostly TV artistes, but others as well. The list of contestants are:
Akashdeep Saighal
Amit Sareen
Ashima Bhalla
Bhaktiyaar Irani
Claudia Ciesla
Debina Bonnerjee
Karishma Tanna
Krushna Patil
Raja Chaudhary
Rohit Verma
Simran Kaur Mundi
Dimpy Mahajan
Gaurav Chopra
Gracious D’Costa
Hanif Hilal
Jennifer Winget
Sonika Kaliraman
Kushal Punjabi
Manas Katyal
Manoj Kumar
Mink Brar
Narayani Shastri
Natasha Suri
Payal Rohatgi
Priyadarshini Singh
Annie Gill
Vindu Dara Singh
Vrajesh Hirjee

Video of Zor Ka Jhatka - Total Wipeout: February 04, 2011

Zor Ka Jhatka - Total Wipeout - 1st Feb 2011 (Part 2)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Ram Milaayi Jodi - A couple from different regions of the country

Ram Milaayi Jodi is a fairly new serial, started on Zee TV on the 20th of September. It is a show that takes the tale of a couple from different regions of the country, and the tensions that come up in such a marriage. The serial takes the story of Mona and Anukalp, where Mona is a Sikh, while Anukalp is from a Gujarati family.
There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding when they met, where Mona was to be engaged to somebody else (Goldie, who is a brother-in-law of Sweetie, Mona's cousin). Mona agreed to the match so that the Sweetie remains happy; however, there are complications that happen due to the constant presence of Anukalp who considers Mona as a good friend (or rather Mona considers Anukalp as a good fried while Anukalp has realized that he truly loves Mona). When Mona is about to get engaged to Goldie, she is nowhere to be found, and then it is realized when she returns that due to a turn of circumstances, she was actually with Anukalp. This is very embarrassing for both sets of families since it is clear that Mona was with Anukalp and it seems like the only possible solution for everybody is if Anukalp and Mona get married.
Anukalp's mother Bharti is totally against this marriage, and has scolded Mona many times in the past already for many situations, but is helpless due to the fact that Anukalp only wants to get married to Mona. Even during the marriage situations, there remains a lot of tension between the 2 set of families because of their own rituals and customs, and it is the elders in the family who are able to control things.
Now, Mona is married and lives with Anukalp, but there are a constant source of tensions and problems in the family, especially since relatives are not so considerate about her as the new bahu. It is Anukalp who is the total support to Mona, even when his own mother scolds him for the same; as yet, nobody in the house seems to have realized that when you have a new marriage, you need to give them some space.

Hindi TV Serials - Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - Piya learns the truth of Abhay, and after initial shock, gets over it

For the past several weeks, events in the serial have been leading to a time when it would become clear to Piya about why does Abhay show some strange behavior, why he is able to save her again and again from some strange and dangerous situations, and how he is able to show some super-human strength. She has been doing a lot of research into the situation as well, even though Abhay has been trying to save her. She found out the story about the princess of the region (Maithili), who lived a long time ago and whose lover was very similar to Abhay. Was Abhay really the person from centuries back, and how was this possible for a person to be alive for so long ?
Piya was hunting for the cabin in the forest where apparently Mythili was killed by her own father such a long time back (burnt to dead inside the cottage); and finally she seems to find the cottage. Both Abhay and his parents are able to figure out where she is, in the middle of the jungle, and it is now a race between them. Abhay believes that the place is full of evil, where he has already lost somebody he loved in the past. However, his parents want to get Abhay away from Pia, especially since they know that she resembled Mythili (and they want Abhay to stay away from such problems, especially since Abhay needs to stay like a normal human being, and in the presence of Piya, Abhay has been behaving abnormally, with powers that are much stronger than that a human being could possess); and as a result, they decide to finally get rid of Riya and burn the cottage down.
Abhay reaches there at a time when Piya was in danger because of the fire, and is finally forced to expose his true nature to Piya in order to save her. At this, Piya gets very uncomfortable, and even takes a long bath in order to cleanse herself; but she soon realizes that the relation between Abhay and Piya is very strong and goes back near him again. On another front, her father is getting close to her, in his attempts to find who his daughter actually is.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pratigya - Kesar pregnant with Shakti's child, soon after being abused

The serial is in for some more drama with multiple stories ongoing. The most important story going on right now is the story related to Kesar and the injustices committed on her. Shakti finally came to believe that he cannot have 2 wives, but his quest to have Arushi was so strong that he came to a rather horrible thought - that a way to get out of the problem of having 2 wives was to kill the first one, and so he decides to carry that through.
Shakti tries to kill Kesar by burying her, but the others (Pratigya and Krishna) manage to save her, and then Kesar gets Shakti arrested for this crime. This causes a huge amount of shock, especially when Sajjan Singh initially refused to support Shakti. Shakti is still in jail even when some time has passed, and he is very angry as to why his father is unable to get him released.
Sajjan Singh on the other hand is trying to be clever, wanting to attack the home of the professor indirectly, using some clever tactics rather than brute force and power. Right now, his house is in turmoil, with his elder son in jail and the younger son not supporting him; rather Krishna is tending more and more towards the right things to do, and tending to oppose his father / elder brother / mother. So, Sajjan Singh is starting to work on Adarsh, helping in getting him promoted and earn more money.
The new complication is that, Kesar, who is currently staying at the professor's home, is actually pregnant with Shakti's child, something that Komal learns and is confused about what to do.

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