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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Hitler Didi - cancer taking the life of Indira

The serial shows Indira taking care of her family after her father has left them for another woman. As a result, she has become much harder and dominant, earning the name of Hitler Didi for her domineering ways; but she takes care of her family and does not even mind telling off her father. Over a period of time, there comes some change in her life when she gets a new tenant Rishi, and over a period of time, and under some circumstances, she gets married to Rishi.
Indira does not really feel anything towards the marriage at first, but later she does feel the bond and some more circumstances later, they have a good married relationship. However, there is more drama to come, with Indira being diagnosed with a brain tumor and this is a terminal disease. Her financial situation is not so good and the treatment for this tumor is not definite and very expensive, so she is not able to try that treatment. Further, she has not yet told even Rishi about this, in fact Rishi and everybody else in the house has come to believe that her medical issues are because she is pregnant.
Now Indira is worried about how her family will cope without her and how her husband will also cope without her, given how close he is now to her. She gets a shop started for her family and also prompts Rishi to apply for a job so that atleast there is some financial security once she is gone and she can no longer provide for them. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Jhalak Dikhla Jaa - Getting stars to participate in a dancing competition

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa is now a famous dancing competition, showcasing the dancing prowess of many non-dancing stars. Imagine a cricket star or a cook dancing, you know it is awkward and it will not be as good as  somebody who does a lot of dancing. But if such a person has to dance, then the preparation for the dance needs to happen with an expert choreographer, and with adequate time being given for this preparation.
And so it happens, with some expert doing the judgment (well, 2 out of 3 judges in this year's competition are judges) and you end up with some very good dance performances. So, who all is taking part in this year's contest, who are the comperes, and who are the judges ?

Compere: Manish Paul and Ragini Khanna


Madhuri Dixit
Karan Johar
Remo D'Souza


Talat Aziz (Ghazal Singer) with Choreographer Ankita Maityher: eliminated in 1st round
Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lankan cricketer) with Choreographer Suchitra: eliminated in 2nd round
Archana Vijaya (Tv Anchor) paired with Choreographer Sanam Johar: eliminated in 3rd round
Pratyusha Banerjee (Actress / Anandi) with Choreographer Deepak: eliminated in 4th round due to illness
Jayati Bhatia (Another Actress) with Choreographer Diwakar nayal: eliminated in 5th round
Bharti Singh (Comedian) with Choreographer Savio
Darsheel Safary (Famous Child Actor) with Partner Avneet and Choreographer Jai Kumar Nair
Gia Manek (Sathiya fame Gopi Bahu/Actress who quit the serial in a dispute over this show) with Choreographer Nishanth Bhat
Gurmeet Choudhary (Famous Actor) with Choreographer Shampa Sothalia
Isha Sharvani (Former Actress) with Choreographer Salman (won Dance India Dance Season 1.)
Ravi Kishan (Bhojpuri Actor) with Choreographer kunjan jani
Shibani Dandekar (actress/Host/Singer) with Choreographer Punit Pathak (3rd place in Dance India Dance Season 2)
Sushil Kumar (who won crores on KBC) with Choreographer Alisha Singh (another runner up of Dance India Dance Season 1)

And now there are 3 wild card entries: Karan Wahi, Rithvik Dhanjani and Rashmi Desai Sandhu

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Tension between the kids and trying to ease tension between Aarti and Yash

Yash remains very deeply in love with his dead wife, and hence even when there was a plan for re-marriage, he saw this to be a wife who would care for his children, and not for himself. At the same time, Aarti was also apprehensive about her re-marriage and whether her son Ansh would be properly loved in the marriage. On this account, she had no hesitation that Yash was a good father, he accepted Ansh as his child and did not differentiate between his own daughters and Ansh.
However, there remains a lot of distance between Yash and Aarti, with any chance of intimacy being denied to a large extent by Yash. He is too much in the memory of his dead wife to give anybody else the chance and in fact once extremely harshly scolded Aarti when he thought that she was trying to take the position of his dead wife. On the other hand, his parents were initially not very comfortable with Aarti, but now realize that she is perfect for him and for the family; also, they do not agree with his views and consider that Aarti and Yash should have a proper loving relationship like a man and wife.
At the same time, there is tension between the children, Palak and Yash, with some school stuff also coming in, with regard to a speech. Yash had written a speech for Ansh, a good speech, but Buaji changed the speech which made Ansh get a scolding in school and Aarti gets blamed for it, believing that she was trying to help Palak so that Palak gets closer to Aarti. Aarti learns that Buaji was the one who did the deed and when confronted, said that she did it since here is Aarti who is a supposed widow and gets re-married while nobody considered this for Buaji. Aarti does not reveal this to anybody since she is struck by what Buaji said. Now both Yash and Aarti are trying to persuade Ansh and Falak to do their best in the school performance.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The re-appearance of Varsha and Soham

For some time, there has been the concept of getting Varsha and Soham in the picture as well. Ever since Varsha ran away with Soham and then apparently died in an accident, there was tension between Manav and Archana, also because Manav blamed Archana for the actions of Varsha, that she tried to be too good for Varsha without bothering about what Varsha wanted to do; this was one of the reasons why Manav was angry with Archana, and then the actions of Savita where she mis-guided Manav about her discussions with Archana increased this detachment.
In recent times, Savita saw that Teju was getting closer to Archana, and decided that it was time to turn them against Archana and hence told them the story about Soham and Varsha, but with a twist where she blamed Archana for a lot of what happened. As a result, both Ovi and Teju are again against Archana, and this time Archana is angry about what happened and will tell off Savita for what she is doing, threatening her that she knows what all happened and the role of Savita.
They are also showing Varsha and Soham now, where Varsha ran away from there and went off to Patna, with Varsha wanting to never come back so that they cannot be found anymore. But Soham, now known as Vishnu, is now part of a gang and part of the gang's plan is to kidnap Manav since he is a rich guy; in the meantime, Manav knows that somebody is after him.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaasa - Mona gets promoted very high, seems very strange

A lot of people would have seen the movie called 'Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke' where a cute Aamir Khan was trying to save his factory from the clutches of a rich vengeful man, and even when he had completed the order, his truck was stolen and he finally recovered the truck and everything became good again.
Kya Hua Tera Vaasa had almost a similar episode, where Mona was stuck in a major trap set by Anushka, with Mona not wanting the workers of a part of the company to be fired since it was going to be closed down. Anushka was of course wanting those workers to be fired, but Mona, goaded by anushka, agreed to a promise whereby if the unit was turned around in 3 months, everything would be fine, but if not, she would leave the company. And then, for some time, nothing happened.
And then, the new owner of the company came to India, and noticed that the unit had not been shut down; he became angry and Anushka fed the anger, to the extent, he claimed that since there were only 2 days left to complete the order, if the order was not completed, he would fire Mona. Mona was scared, but then managed to recruit a group of women's activists, with the help of Anushka's mother. When Anushka got to know, she goaded her mother to remove the activists, but then Mona spoke to her again and things were all right again and the production was completed.
But, the truck was hijacked, and they set out in pursuit, finally managed to catch the truck, get the completed items, beat up the hijackers, get to know that Anushka was involved; then the client got the order, was happy and everybody was happy. Further, the boss got to know that Anushka was involved, which caused her a lot of shame, and then the surprise announcement - Mona was made the President of the company, at the same level as Anushka, and now senior to Pradeep.
This was a very very surprising development, and one wonders how Mona could have been made the President, she does not have the experience or the competence level as of now; very surprising since one would have expected the serial to show the slower growth of Mona. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - The contest in Singapore and language issues

So, Suraj cleared the first part of the cookery contest in Delhi and has now been cleared to attend the international finals in Singapore. And for this, he can take 3 more people along - these being Sandhya, Bhabho and Bhabhasa. The problematic part is that except for Sandhya, none of them know English and even many machinery is different - for example, the washroom is different, the induction cooker used in the competition is different, and so on. Without Sandhya, there would not have been any hope for any of them.
Anyhow, they have ended up in the flight to Singapore, and apart from some anxiety on the flight, things are uneventful. Also, Bhabo is unused to how the washroom works, and when there is a mess inside the bathroom, a lady scolds Bhabho before it gets revealed that it was a child who made the mess inside the washroom. Sandhya then scolds the lady roundly.
In a party as part of the competition, Bhabho and the others are apprehensive, since there is non-vegetarian food also being served as part of the menu, but Sandhya takes them to another part of the hall where vegetarian food is available. And then the competition begins, where Suraj wants to make jalebi as the starting dish. However, he is unused to an induction cooker, and the oil gets too hot, and the jalebis are burnt.

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The tapasya by Parvati is successful, but sets a condition for Mahadev

For some time now, the serial has been showing Parvati doing all attempts to do tapasya and prayers to Lord Shiva that he accept her and their marriage can happen - this marriage needs to happen, she is after the re-birth of Sati, she is also a form of Adishakti, and their union will also result in a son who will defeat a powerful demon. However, initially the serial showed Shiva not ready for this union, telling Parvati and others  pleading on her behalf that he does not know any Parvati and that he is still in grief over the death of Sati.
The others, particularly Nandi keep on pleading and so Shiv does agree that if Parvati can pass a series of tests, these tests designed to ensure that she leaves behind human weaknesses, then the marriage can happen. In between, there is also an attack on her parents to ensure that she marry the son of a demon, but at the right moment, Lord Shiva intervenes, saves her and her parents and almost destroys the demon army (their Guru pleads on their behalf).
So, Parvati is now starting on her journey, she has to go through some tests where her moral values her tested, where she is forced to choose between her quest and humanity, and then do some very tough tapasya after that, but she passes all of those. And then when Lord Shiva tells her that everything is now fine, and they can marry and move to Mount Kailash, she refuse !
Lord Shiva is shocked, but on questioning, it turns out that this was just that she was refusing to do a quick marriage, she wanted her parents to have the honor of doing a proper marriage for her, and that Lord Shiva would have to go to her father and ask for her hand. He agrees to do that.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Finally the divorce happens

The separation of Jagya from Anandi was something very painful for her, but she had finally accepted it and although it was not easy for her to move on, she did. She also accepted that the divorce from Jagya was going to happen, and since this was not a relationship anymore that had any future, divorcing was the best that can be done. She even slapped Jagya once when he tried to blackmail his family into providing him a share of the property, by threatening that she would file a case.
On the other side, Jagya is getting into a more even relationship; Gauri is not like Anandi, she is independent minded and also knows how to manipulate Jagya to some degree. At the same time, she can take steps that hurt Jagya and his ego without even realizing that she is doing this; the only thing that pulls her back is that she does not want to lose Jagya to his family and Anandi.
So, finally Jagya has come to the city for the divorce, there he is drunk (also is a bit sad since Gauri refused to come along with him even though he had requested her); in this drunkness, he has a fight with Shiv and ends up in a worse off position since he gets hauled up into the police station. When Shiv realizes who he had a fight with, he takes back his complaint which lets Jagya get to the court for the divorce settlement; his family does not really want to have much of a conversation with him.
Another twist may come due to the condition of Anandi's parents; her mother is pretty ill with the thought of the breakup of her daughter's marriage, and her condition has not been told to Anandi. Bhairav and Dadisa are shocked when they see her in her ill condition.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Abhishek in the haveli for his rights, against the family

After the court case where Tanmay was finally accused of the murder of Adarsh, and Krishna was left out, there was the unfinished business about why Abhishek was willing to do anything to make sure that Krishna remained accused of the crime, and be convicted. However, Pratigya played a key role in getting Krishna off and revealing the truth.
Now, there is a further confrontation between Krishna and Abhishek where they fought with each other; and then the scene shifts where SS also comes in and soon gets Abhishek beaten up, all the while you can see that there is some connection between them, and since this is a Hindi serial, you know that Abhishek will be the son of Sajjan Singh.
And so it happens, where Abhishek comes to the haveli with his mother and confronts Sajjan Singh. Sajjan allows them to stay in the haveli without promising anything more, while Abhishek wants the rights due to him. The others in the family are hostile to Abhishek and his mother, although Pratigya is more balanced.
In another confrontation, Krishna and Abhishek agree to a wrestling match in a week, the outcome of which will decide whether Abhishek will leave the haveli, or whether the others in the family will recognize him as their own. Both are getting ready for this fight.
In another twist, on the road, Shakti sees Abhishek outside and tries to run him down with his jeep, but Pratigya comes in the way and gets hit by the jeep. Abshishek forces Shakti to take Pratigya to the hospital, and when Krishna comes to the hospital, Pratigya lamblasts both Shakti and Krishna for what they are trying to do.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Vikram catches Rohit, there is a fight ongoing

The serial keeps on meandering between the Thakral's and Kunal's family. There is also some concern in fans of the serial about the apparent change in the serial; the serial started out with a greater focus on Kunal with the show revolving around him; now he is just another character in the serial, with limited airtime for the past weeks while Siddhi is the main superman in the serial. She finds out the truth, locates Rohit by going to Thakral's house and listening to a phone conversation and then actually follows Rohit to a red light area.
When she corners Rohit in a room, he tried to turn the tables on her by forcing her to stay in the room and leaving on his own (although she injures him by throwing things on him, and almost manages to get him to stay); and also calling the police with the assumption that they will arrest Siddhi for immoral trafficking. He does manage to get away to some extent, but Vikram reaches there and fights with Rohit. Rohit seems to be getting the upper hand in the fight, but then Vikram manages to overcome Rohit. In the meantime, Richa reaches the place where Rohit was earlier and was arrested in the police raid while Siddhi manages to get away from there.
When Siddhi reaches home, Thakral has learnt about the arrest of Richa and reaches Siddhi's home accusing her of getting Richa arrested in revenge. He does not believe when Siddhi tells him that Rohit is alive; and then Vikram calls her saying that he has Rohit. The precap leaves it a bit suspicious about the motives of Vikram, but he is normally shown as a very good guy, so one wonders as to what is happening.

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - 5 years later, in Dubai now

So the serial finally made its fresh beginning, as was being advertised some time back. So you have Ram finally haven got over the shock of losing Priya and now reverting back to original, being a hard-hearted business man who cannot be fooled easily, and gone back to eating his oil rich food and eating drugs. On the other hand, Vikram and Neha do not look too much in terms of 5 years older, although Neha is now showing as a typical obsessed mother, with a son who resents too much of his mother's interference.
When Priya reached Dubai with the young girl, she came in contact with a rich and cold businessman, Rajat Kapoor. When he learns that Priya managed to make it to Dubai with the young girl, he tries to give her some money but Priya wants a job rather than money. He is reluctant, but finally offers her a book shop he has that does not make money, and tells her strictly that he wants rent on time, no compromises.
5 years later, Priya is still struggling, trying to pay rent on time. Her bookshop just manages to run, not making a lot of money, and if she has to give something to her daughter, then it is a problem. And we are introduced to her (and Ram's) daughter, Pihu, a young girl who copies many habits of her father. She snores, considers her mother to be untidy, and even shares the same tastes in ice-cream and and chocolate.
And then Ram comes to Dubai for some work in business, expresses an interest in seeing a book shop and then runs into his own daughter who is searching for Priya in the mall. They both have the same interest, wanting a large eclair, and then she asks him to help her search for Priya.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - After Megha agrees to marry him, Mohan to marry somebody else

This was an incredibly bad twist in the serial, something which is going to get a lot of viewers frustrated and angry. The show, while taking on a mature story, never got into the real serious stuff shown in other saas-bahu serials, keeping a lighter focus on even serious matters. However, the latest twist in the serial seems like  the mind of a frustrated writer who wants to inflict agony by creating elements of the story out of thin air.
The story goes like this - Megha was going to get married to Maanav, who everybody in the family also likes, and Megha refused to listen to what Mohan was saying. Also, to see Mohan, Ridhima had come with her parents, but Mohan remains interested in Megha only, even though his mother was trying to force him away from Megha.
Near the last few episodes, Mohan tries to reveal some truths about Manav, but then Maanav reveals that these were not the complete truth, and as a result, Manav becomes even more of a hero, and Mohan does not have a leg to stand upon. In desperation, he turns to drink, and then incited by his mom, he goes to Megha's house in a drunken state and implores her to marry him.
She does not support him, being in a shocked state, but when he leaves, she finally tells everybody that she does indeed love Mohan, and after some hesitation, her father-in-law accepts all this and says that he will get Megha married to Mohan, something that Renu did not want. However, things have turned horrific at the other end.
Mohan gets a call from Riddima's mother, where Riddhima's father is on the death bed, and he wants Mohan to marry his daughter before he dies (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi); Mohan is still feeling that Megha has rejected him, and hesitantly, he agrees to the marriage, and an emergency marriage happens at the temple. It is thus that while Megha is dreaming of getting married to Mohan, he is getting married to Riddhima.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Rohit is alive, and now Siddhi has to prove this and get Kunal free

For some reason, the serial primarily seems to be focused on the conflict between Kunal's family and the Thakral. Now, pappa Thakral feels that he is better than Kunal, and hence there will always be a conflict between them. But the situation is more tricky for the next generation, since beti Thakral (Richa) is passionate about Kunal, and beta Thakral (Rohit) is passionate about Raveena, and both Kunal and Raveena now don't want anything to do with Rohit and Richa.
So, the current situation is that Rohit is trying to get his revenge, and for that purpose, he tries to get Siddhi the accused in his murder case, but things are never simple. Kunal steps in, convinces the court that it was actually he who was involved in the case, and then Thakral (how does Thakral become the prosecution lawyer, when his own son was the victim) manages to prove that it was a planned murder and not a simple accident, and thus things get more serious.
Siddhi did not want Kunal to take the blame, but Kunal went ahead and did the same, and now Siddhi wants to get him out. For some time, people in the household believe that Vikram had also fought with Rohit at around the same time, and maybe he was the murderer of Rohit. However, then Siddhi manages to get a glimpse of a guy who was after Raveena, and it was Rohit. When she tells family members, they do not believe her, but then Vikram and others start believing. Now they need to catch Rohit and show him to the police so that the murder case will be over and Kunal can be out of jail. What is surprising is that Thakral also apparently does not know that Rohit is alive.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Arjun moves out of home, Teju somewhat changing her views about Archana

Soon after it was clear that Arjun, even though caught under circumstances, was actually engaged to Ovi, and was also in love with Purvi, things got a bit messy. Archana took the lead in singling him out as a character not worth either of her daughters, and forbid the relation with Ovi (well, actually, Ovi or Savita would not listen to Archana, it was the other family members who also agreed about this even though Ovi still is under the belief that Arjun is still in love with her and does not really believe what the others are saying).
In the meantime, when Arjun tries to get in touch with Purvi, Archana does not allow it and asks Arjun about his own entity, that his current position is only because of his father's company; that if he really had the necessary abilities, he should earn Rs. 10,000 per month. Arjun takes that as a challenge, and when Maanav comes to DK with a request to let him leave from the company (since Arjun had deceived his daughter), Arjun does not let him go and instead decides to move out from the company. He also moves out of the home, and moves into the same chawl as where Purvi is staying. This leads to more chances of meeting Purvi as well as her family members. Archana has set a condition for Purvi that she will not meet Arjun in any case.
On the other side, Teju is starting to realize the nature of Archana, and although from time to time she does tell Archana off about relations, she does realize what all Archana and Sulochana did for her, and continue to do, and is slowly starting to reconsider as to what is happening. However, the promise given by Archana to Sachu prevents her from telling the whole truth.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Finally Shyam kicked out of the house

This week was a long drawn episode on the serial, actually the whole of the last 2 months have seemed to be a very drawn out version of the serial, with Arnav's absence being shown as his kidnapping, the conviction of Khushi that Shyam was the one responsible for the kidnapping, and her attempts to ensure that Arnav gets free from the kidnapping. So, there is a final confrontation where apparently Shyam ties Khushi on the road so that Arnav's vehicle can kill her, but she manages to just escape death. The confrontation between Shyam and Khushi was very weird, for example, Shyam put Khushi on the passenger seat and then moved to the driver's side - what prevented her from jumping out of the car while Shyam moved to the driver's side, and how was she wearing the seat belt when she was forced into the car ? That entire episode was strange.
And then the confrontation at the house. Arnav finally got free and came back home, and then Khushi blamed Shyam for doing this kidnapping. And that set off a long confrontation, where it seemed that Shyam used all his abilities to try and question the motives of Khushi, the support provided by Payal, and even by NK. And for a long time, Arnav remained quiet, although the pushing by Khushi and the push back by Shyam went in favor of the other and back for some time. Finally, when Shyam called Khushi bad names, accusing her of very low morals by targeting Shyam, then Arnav came in action, and slapped Shyam a couple of times, and then finally pushed him out of the home. However, all this is likely to have a bad effect on Anjali, something which both Arnav and Khushi wanted to avoid.

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Priya moves to Dubai, time leap to happen

For some time now, the serial has been showcasing a new beginning for the serial, where the serial will be refreshing its story to some degree. And you know that when Ekta Kapoor tries to refresh a story, that mostly means a time leap, and so it is supposed to be happening.
Priya has been sentenced to 14 years for jail for causing the death of people due to fake medicines, and the real culprit, Sid, has not been caught for this and is moving around scot-free. In order to prevent him from getting Ram killed, Niharika drives the car which was targeted for being caught in an accident, and she dies; however, before that, Ram is told by Niharika about whatever has happened.
Now, she is being moved to a different jail, which is located some distance away, and the whole trip is very emotional since she does not want her family to see when she is going away like this, including Ram. Ram is in a emotional depression, with his family trying to get him to live up again, and not remain depressed.
During the journey, there is an earthquake which causes a landslide on the same road where the van which is carrying Priya is, and she is lost from there and not found by Ram when he goes to search for her. She is with the daughter of another lady who died in the accident, and this kid is with Priya now. Priya goes home, but realizes that she is still sentenced to jail and cannot be with Ram. She calls Ram, but then hears him talking to another lady and hangs up. Now, she will go to Dubai, since the girl with her has rich family members in Dubai, and there, she learns that she is pregnant.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Parvati trying to get Mahadev to agree to marry her

Mythological serials are pretty popular on Indian television. When Ramayan and Mahabharta used to come on Doordarshan decades back, it used to be that India used to come to a standstill and the Government would ensure that there was no power cuts during that time, else there would be rioting. Even now, with so many mythological serials having come and gone, they have a certain attraction, and they also explain some of the beliefs to those people who otherwise do not have any knowledge of Indian mythology and the origin of the Hindu religion.
Typically serials tends to have more of Ram, or Krishna, with serials on Lord Shiva / Mahadev being lesser in number. The serial on Life OK is fairly fine, having the usual drama that forms part of the mythology of the gods. In the case of Lord Shiva, the serial has already covered the life and death of Sati, where she killed herself over the dis-respect shown to her husband, Mahadev by her powerful father Daksha. Shiva went on a rampage over this, sending powerful creatures who killed Daksha and others at the party, but then at the urging of other gods, Shiva gave back life to all of them.
Now, the gods need to get Parvati and Mahadev to get married, their child will be the killer of a very powerful demon; Parvati knows her future, and she is also a reincarnation of Sati. But Mahadev is putting obstacles in her path, he does not want to down the same route as Sati, and is also too much into the memories of Sati. Others such as Lord Vishnu, Narad, and Nandi are trying to best to support Parvati in her quest, and have now sent her on the path of strict prayer to Mahadev, since that would be the way for the union to happen.

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Suraj and Sandhya heading to Delhi for the cooking competition

Some change in the serial, there will be some time when there will be more of Suraj and Sandhya and less of the politics of the household. For the past several days, ever since there was the news of a cooking contest and Sandhya inspired Suraj to take part in the contest, the happenings in the house have been focused on the cooking contest. To some extent, there was resistance in the house, with Mohit mocking Suraj until he got a blasting from Bhabho about this. On the other side, Bhabho herself was not comfortable with the cooking contest and Sandhya found out from Bhabho the reason for this - apparently Suraj had once lost a race in his early days and carried the defeat for quite some time; Bhabho did not want him to suffer like this.
On the + side, Bhabhasa and Chotu were full supporters of the scheme to send Suraj for the cooking contest, that too it being an international cooking contest and very prestigious. Suraj himself was some hesitant, but Sandhya kept on pushing him and he agreed.
Bhabho does not want others in the locality to know about this, since there will be a number of people who will talk about this, and she does not want others to talk about this, so when Daisa comes to the house, Bhabho changes the conversation - she also tells Meena separately that she should not try any of her tactics about this cooking contest.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Mona and Pradeep still out on a social gathering

The character of Pradeep in the serial is being shown as more and more negative. When it turned out that the proposal by Jatin may be accepted, he tries everything to prevent this from happening, to the extent that he calls Mona's parents (the same ones who were not willing to accept Mona in their home after the breakup) over; they come and start lamblasting Mona's inlaws for trying to get rid of Mona and so on. Then finally the serial shows some amount of steel in Mona since she questions them about whether they are really for Mona, or for their status in society, and finally manages to quieten them. And then when Pradeep tries to say something, she gives him a verbal slap.
This however is not enough for Pradeep. On the other side, Anushka also learns that Pradeep was trying to prevent Mona's remarriage, and also that he had called her parents over, and further, he had taken Anushka out to dinner so that he could keep an eye out on Mona and Jatin's dinner date. She tells him that he has to decide where he wants to be, and she leaves the place, asking him to make a decision. It would be pretty clear to him that Anushka has her own mind, and will not take the same sort of shit that he used to give to Mona.
In another incident, Anushka and Mallika see Mona in a nursing home and learn that the reports show that she is pregnant (might be that the report is actually of Taani, who is pregnant after her relationship with Madhav). Anushka manages to obtain a copy of the report and is going to use that to make an announcement in the engagement party of Mona's cousin where Mona and Pradeep will be going as a couple.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Getting closer to getting Arnav out of the trap

It seems like the time has finally come for the vacation of Barun to come to an end, so the serial is moving multiple threads together. It is clear to Khushi and NK that Shyam is the one behind the entire episode of Arnav getting kidnapped, and it was also clear to Khushi that Shyam is totally for her, not caring about his existing marriage and her marriage to Arnav, and also about the fact that Khushi has made it clear to Shyam that she does not share his feelings.
Anjali believes that Shyam is a wonderful husband, dedicated to her; and the serial makers are now implanting the seeds of doubt, so that in the coming episodes, they can show his truth to everybody. To this extent, Mami saw the episode where Khushi was trying to persuade Shyam to give a divorce to his wife, Anjali, and she told the same thing to Anjali. Anjali refused to believe that Shyam could do something like that, and she tried to get in touch with Shyam to confirm; and then she is shocked when Payal does not deny this.
At the other side, Khushi and NK have managed to get hold of a hotel bill and are using that to try and trace where Arnav may have been kept by using the restaurant delivery boys to find the location. Khushi manages to find the location, and does a bit of quick help by removing the kerosene from some jerry cans and replacing them with water, since this can was being meant to try and burn Arnav alive.
By this time Shyam has learnt that Khushi is betraying him, and reaches the place, and confronts her; and she replies back hard to him about whatever he has done.

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