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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana married to each other, with family opposition

It finally happened, and that too in a very sudden and strange way. On the very same day, both Archana and Maanav were to get married, but not to each other. It seemed like a separation from each other, and then things suddenly turned around. Maanav was told by Shravani that his getting married to Shravani did not seem right, and his natural marriage partner was in fact Archana. Once Shravani said this, Maanav was relieved, and rushed off to meet Archana. On the other hand, Satheesh found out about the truth about Archana's planned marriage partner, and told Archana to run off from the marriage venue and go to Maanav.
Finally they meet, and decide to get married. Both sets of families are shocked by this behavior; Savitha tries to find out the reason behind Maanav taking this action and is not able to understand why Shravani let Maanav go away (she wants Shravani's son Sachin since she believes that this is the last reminder of her dead younger son); on the other hand, Archana's family first has to deal with the potential in-laws who are shocked at her behavior and who are also embarrassed (after all, it is their potential daugher-in-law who ran away from their marriage).
Now, both Maanav and Archana are away from their own homes, and in a not so good condition (in terms of a place to live and so on). They also have not had a regular marriage so far, and so, on the advice of some friends, decide to have a temple marriage. This is done just before a police inspector comes to try and separate them, but since they are already married, nothing can be done now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hindi Tv Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Mann and Geet have to fight Nayantara

The serial has taken another twist. For a few weeks, they have shown the couple being somewhat separated after a skirmish over the release of Dev from jail on bail. Geet was angry over the role of Mann in getting Dev released from jail and considered for once that Mann was breaking her confidence and betraying all the trust, and as a result, she broke up from him.
However, they could not be separated for long, and got together again, through some strange circumstances. Mann bought the company in which Geet went to work, and after some amount of madcap events, they are together again. Mann realized that he cannot be without Geet, and Geet realized that Mann is always on her side, and would only try to shelter her. So, their relation is back to normal, but there are some complications involved now.
Nayantara got out of jail, and used the Power of Attorney that Dev had granted her, in order to transfer 25% of the shares of the company to her name, and now pushes her way into the office, and Mann threatens her a lot but is unable to kick her out. Nayantara has a few objectives, she wants Geet's pregnancy to get aborted since this is her husband Dev's child, wants to prevent the marriage of geet and Mann, and also prevent any relation between Meera and Dev (since even though Dev may hate her and deny any chance of the marriage succeeding, she does not want Dev to have a relationship with anybody else).
Nayantara got her friend Sweety to come to the office, in order to help her in this quest against Mann and Geet, and also takes the help of Sasha (one wonders how Sasha got the courage to go against Mann, even though she knows how Mann would treat her once he gets to know).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 4 - Lots of controversy in the house, Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni thrown out

Bigg Boss4 is getting all the controversy that it needs to increase its TRP and viewer attention, but is also getting some unwanted attention that it would not have wanted. Over the past many weeks, there has been a lot of drama in the media about the serial, with parents and many other organizations complaining about the language used, and also about the level of vulgarity in the serial (especially the fights that happen in the serial, and the drama that is supposed to be staged in the serial). Even in this season, there has been a marriage staged in the serial which is supposed to be a total drama (since they were already married 2 years back). Further, the serial also attempted to show the married couple under a single sheet, apparently on a honeymoon (it is another matter that Ali Merchant had to leave the show soon after, given that he was only a guest on the serial).
And then the major attraction, with the Hollywood sex symbol (many years past her prime though), Pamela Anderson has entered the serial, dressed in a revealing white dress (you can be pretty sure that this is meant to ensure that there is more viewer attention and they would ask her to do more than just dress up). She is just there for 3 days in the serial, and is being paid an amount of Rs. 2.5 crore for this presence (although she has to try and speak Hindi).
On the other hand, the conflict between people in the serial continues, with a face off between Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni (which resulted in both of them being evicted from the serial - thus saving more members for the week since 2 members have been evicted).
And finally, the Government knocked the appeal out of the serial since it judged the serial as too adult, and thus should not appear before 11 PM.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana moving towards each other, running away from their own marriages

For quite some time, the relation between Maanav and Archana has been meandering towards opposite ends. They remain close to each other even when they officially separated from each other, and even when it has been a year since they separated. In the meantime, Archana's parents are looking for a suitable boy for her since they want her to move on with her life. Maanav on the other hand is booked to marry Shravani, although with the death of his uncle (father's brother), the marriage cannot take place till some time has passed. So, they are waiting for this time to be over, but it is still confirmed that it will be Shravani whom Maanav is supposed to marry. Further, Shravanai is not very happy about the relation between Maanav and Archana, since they are separated, and she is very jealous of the kind of link between Maanav and Archana.
Archana gets engaged to a guy named Jayawant, who seems as a very good and honest person, but who is not really so. Maanav gets to know about the truth of Jayawant, and wants to save Archana, but nobody can really understand his reasons for doing so. These attempts of his are detested by Archana's family who cannot understand as to why Maanav is trying to prevent the re-marriage of Archana.
But, in the nick of time, Sathish gets to know the truth about Jayawant (whereby Jayawant wants to get married to Archana, with one reason being that she will help in his loan approval so that he can pay off the loan he has taken from a local money-lender, who can harm him if he does not repay the loan). And in the meantime, in an incredible turn of events, Shravani has a change of heart and tells Maanav that she recognizes that his heart will always be with Archana. So, you have the scene where both Archana and Maanav have run away from their marriage locations (to the shock of their families).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Problems when buying a Diwali present for Nandini's inlaws

The problems for Akshara never seem to end. The relation between Nandini and Mohit is a nice one, like any married couple. The issue is more about the way that Mohit's mother has been portrayed, showing her to be more concerned about money and wanting Mohit to get married to a rich girl. So, she was initially shocked when she got to know that Mohit wanted to marry a handicapped girl, but her attitude quickly changed when she found that Nandini belonged to one of the richest families of the area, and expected that a lot of riches were going to come her away (constrained by the fact that Mohit had a high degree of pride and was not going to let his inlaws give him money more than the normal marriage items)
However, as a result, there is always some amount of tension when it comes to giving gifts to Nandini's inlaws, since the household would not want to give something so low that it would make Mohit's mother feel that her expectations were not being met, and yet not something that Mohit would want to refuse it and send it back.
So, when the occasion for giving the first set of gifts for Diwali came, Akshara got the responsibility, and along with Rashmi, she set out to get something that would be modern, and got a lot of beautiful and creative decorations for Diwali, but something that the elders in the house were not really comfortable with; and obviously Mohit's mother did not really like them at all. But the biggest problem was when they picked up the sweets from a local shop, and it turned out that the local shop gave them old sweets, which when opened up Mohit's house, turned out to be rotten, and this eventually got back to Akshara's house. Big problem.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 4 - Ali Merchant and Sara marriage on the sets - was it a drama ?

Bigg Boss is a popular reality serial, and it is now on the 4th version in the Indian Hindi Serial industry. The appeal of the serial is in the voyeuristic tendencies of people, a chance to see the lives of people, and more so when there is a lot of controversy and protests going on; and Bigg Boss has been obliging, with a lot of protests and fights happening in the serial on an ongoing basis (and when Rahul Bhatt left the serial after being voted out, he claimed that all the fights were scripted by the serial in order to ensure that it remained popular and there was enough controversy for viewers to enjoy).
In this case, Bigg Boss was also controversial because of the protest by Shiv Sainiks due to the presence of Pakistani actors in the serial; however, after some negotiation, the protests came to an end. The various participants in the season 4 of the serial are:
Aanchal Kumar - A model from Chandigarh.
Abbas Kazmi - The lawyer for 26/11 criminal and terrorist, Kasab. Kazmi was evicted early.
Ashmit Patel - Brother of Amisha Patel and an actor himself. Was supposed to be getting involved with Sara on the serial sets.
Begum (Ali) Saleem - Cross-dressing TV host from Pakistan. Evicted.
Devender (Bunty Ustaad) - A famous thief from Delhi, famous for being the inspiration behind the movie, Oye Lucky ! Lucky Oye ! Evicted on the 2nd day for bad behavior.
Dolly Bindra - A television actress and big fighter.
Hrishant Goswami - Former winner of the Gladrags manhunt contest.
Khali - a well know wrestler, part of the WWE
Manoj Tiwari - Bhojpuri movie actor and singer
Rahul Bhatt - Son of Mahesh Bhatt, famous for involvement with terrorist Headley. Evicted.
Sakshi Pradhan - A former winner of Splitsvilla, also famous for a MMS scandal clip
Samir Soni - Worked on various television serials and movies
Sara Khan - Famous as Sadhana in the serial, Bidaai, on TV
Seema Parihar - Former bandit
Shweta Tiwari - Famous TV artist and former wife of Raja Choudhary
Veena Malik - Pakistani model and actress, and former girl-friend of a scam tainted Pakistani cricketer.

And Ali Merchant has recently joined, since he saw his girlfriend Sara behaving strangely on the sets of the serial, apparently flirting with Ashmit Patel. Colors has been tom-tomming that there will be a marriage on the sets of the serial today (11th November), and accordingly, a priest and parents will be allowed on the sets. And there is a huge amount of controversy that they are already married 2 years back, and the second marriage is part of a plan to get more publicity for the show, and to get them a good amount of money from the channel.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - The serial will take a leap, and both Raghav and Sia will not be there in the post leap time frame

Na Aana Is Des Ladoo is built around the brutal nature of Ammaji, and her control over the local surroundings, and the confrontation that comes in when she is challenged by various people, most primarily by her daughter-in-law Sia (who is supported by Ammaji's youngest son Raghav). In between, Ammaji faces a challenge from her own lost daughter Amba, and then from her own brother-in-law. She manages to overcome all these challenges, even when her other son Gajendra was conspiring against her.
Sia was insulted and humiliated by Ammaji many times, but Sia never did carry out much of a revenge on Ammaji (when in fact Ammaji had caused the public blackening of the face of Sia's father). But the main storyline has been the challenge caused by Sia to the power of Ammaji, especially when Sia defeated Ammaji in the election for the sarpanch of the village and also refused to abort her own children even when it was revealed that she was carrying a girl child.
She had not told Raghav that the child she was carrying was a risk to her own life, and when Raghav got to know, he was furious. But all this is now about to end, since the serial is about to go in for a time leap, with both Raghav and Sia missing after the leap (Raghav gets killed during a confrontation with Bhanupratap (Aman Verma), who has been in jail for 15 years and wants revenge on Ammaji and her family members.
And then Sia dies during childbirth, so the time leap is missing both of them, but Ammaji is still there, and there is Chanda's son also in the picture. In other parts of the story, Sunheri takes back her accusation in the courtroom, which causes Gajendra to get released from the jail.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Finally Khanak reveals her love for Shantanu

For quite some episodes now, there has been an ongoing thread in the serial about the love relationship between Khanak and Shantanu, and how Khanak has been unable to articulate her love for Shantanu, even though she can feel it. As a result, Shantanu has been pushing Khanak about this, and threatening her in various ways that unless she does say so, the relationship between them will become more difficult.
And another occasion is coming up, where the marriage anniversary of Shantanu's father and mother is coming up, and there is some tension between these 2 people (and there is also some tension between the elder brother and sister-in-law of Shantanu). Part of this has been building up for some time, and it grew somewhat serious such that the 2 husbands were thrown out of their rooms.
Finally Khanak promises Shantanu that she will do the formal proclamation of her love during the celebration of the marriage anniversary inside the house, in front of everybody, something that Shantanu just cannot believe. And in turn, Shantanu, does a song and dance at the celebration, using his old guitar that he has not been using college (and for which he had scolded Khanak pretty badly, asking her as to how she could dare touch his old items).
Finally, Khanak gives a long speech at the occasion, touching the lives of all the family members, making them realize their love for each other, and of course touching Shantanu a lot, and showing a number of lovey-dovey scenes between them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Bhagyavidhaata - Time for a long leap, 15 years or more

Most serials in the Indian Hindi TV industry start planning for a leap when they see viewer attention flagging, and need to bring in some fresh blood and some changes to the storyline. Bhagyavidhaata, which started as a serial that showcases the challenges faced due to the situation in Bihar where eligible bachelors are kidnapped and married by force, and the problems faced in such relationships, where the bride is not accepted by the family.
The serial however, soon settled into the familiar rut of the conflicts and controversies in a family, especially when members of the family can get into a conspiring mode. So, even though the relationship between Bindiya and Vinay settled down after some period of tension and hostility, the acceptance by other members of the household was much more difficult.
And now, the serial has gone in for the next step of Hindi Serials, which is the concept of a time leap. So, the serial is set to do a 15 year time leap, with Vinay having already died in the serial (since he refused to act in the show as a middle aged man, having aged 15 years); some other characters such as Poonam will also be in the show. In addition, Raja has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, and there is a huge amount of tension since everybody blames Bindiya for the situation leading to the murder of Vinay.
Bindiya is also pregnant, so the 15 year time leap will ensure that the next round of conflict will be over this child, since the child is apparently being taken away by Vinay's brother and bhabhi, and Bindiya is fighting this.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet and Mann part over a misunderstanding, but things get crazy

Geet started out with a tragic story about a girl who get duped by a NRI out for her money, and who had to run away from home in order to escape the relatives who were all about forcing her to get an abortion for family honor. The story then moved into a romance, where she was attracted to her boss, and he attracted to her, and was a cute romance story (especially since the boss was a tough boss and she could act like a bumbling secretary). Their romance was however fated to go through a lot of problem, since her past caught up with her in terms of the presence of Mann's brother, Dev, being the person who had duped her and then ended up making her pregnant due to their intimacy at the time of their honeymoon.
Finally, things seemed to be looking better, even though Geet had run away from the engagement party once she caught sight of Dev and learned that he was Mann's brother; however, they met again and finally Mann, once he got to know that Dev was the person responsible for duping Geet, called the police and got both Dev and Nayantara arrested.
However, Geet started getting a bit suspicious ever since she overheard a conversation where Mann seemed to be suggesting that he would marry Geet in order to also get Dev out, and then soon after, she saw Dev out of the police station. Her anger erupts (even though Dev was out for only 2 hours in order to meet his grandmother), and she erupts in anger at Mann (even though he was in a office meeting where he was suggesting giving Geet a 51% stake in the business). Overall, they have a huge skirmish where Geet and Mann decide to separate and Geet leaves the company.
However, there is a comedy that is happening now, since Mann buys the company where Geet is now working (but they keep on having their skirmishes); but the serial is acting a bit weird since the new company seems very weird, one wonders how the company can survive.

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