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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram very angry at Priya, wants Pihu

For those who were expecting a reconciliation between Priya and Ram, the serial initially gave rise to these expectations. When they showed Ram getting up, and calling Priya, Priya had a dream whereby Ram and she had a nice interaction. However, at the same time, things could be getting problematic was clear when they showed Ram thinking of the different time periods when Pihu was growing up, whether this be the first time that she was going to school, and so on. Ram could see himself at these times, but was not able to make his presence felt, and you could see that things were not going well, since he was getting in a angrier mood.
And so when the interaction between Ram and Priya finally went, Ram was shown in an extreme anger mode. Even in the past, whenever Ram was angry, he would never listen to what anybody else was saying and only after he had cooled down were things explained to him and in some cases, he would realize that he was making a mistake.
Ram finally told Priya that he was not interested in the marriage, and he wanted the custody of Pihu, wanted to ensure that the time period for which he was deprived of the presence of Pihu, he wanted to ensure that Piya suffered the same period of deprivation. Now, the next few episodes might be about what the rest of the family would do to ensure that Ram's anger went down and there was a reconciliation between Ram and Priya, but one does not know what further Ayesha will do.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The marriage breaks up

The serial has gone into mega-drama mode. It was expected that the marriage between Khushi and Arnav would not be smooth, given that the makers of the serial have been pushing the story of Garima and the confrontation between Garima and Dadi and Dadi's efforts to ensure that the marriage does not happen. Dadi did not block the events leading to the marriage, and Arnav was anyhow not listening to her.
However, things got problematic on the day of the marriage. Dadi finally unveils her weapon and takes Arnav aside and tells him the whole story of Garima, and how her presence and actions caused him and Anjali to become an orphan. This really shocks Arnav. While Arnav is shocked, Dadi goes to the marriage mandap and starts talking to Garima, and ultimately everybody learns about the past and how this caused their two families to have interacted in the past, not in a good way.
And then Dadi leaves from there, leaving everybody shocked. Khushi is shocked, but does not move from there. For a long time, there is no movement, everybody else leaves and it is only the families who are staying there. Even though Buaji thinks that Khushi is in shock, Khushi does not move from there saying that Arnav will come and she does not want to move from there since Arnav would come. In the meantime, Arnav is going through a lot of disorientation, remembering both his interactions with his mother, and with Kshushi and is very confused. He does finally come to the mandap, but the serial leaves it vague about what will happen next, since they show Arnav being very bitter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Ayesha to turn more negative after Priya shows up

There were a few people who were speculating that after Priya shows up, everything will be fine again, and there will be quick reconciliations, but serials don't work on that basis. First of all, there is the big open question about the marriage between Ram and Ayesha, even though it was meant to shelter Ayesha when she was pregnant with Sid's child. The marriage, even though it did not give any emotional shelter to Ayesha, gave her a status very different from what she had earlier. She was now much feted, had a lot of press appeal, and so on. The re-appearance of Priya threatens all that, and the serial has moved Ayesha into a negative role, where she will look to challenge Priya and claim her status as the wife.
The legal position on that is apparently not so simple, since Ram is technically guilty of bigamy, but if he had got a legal death certificate for Priya (which in itself is pretty difficult, since the lack of a body would take this into a case where he would have to wait before a death certificate could be issued), then the marriage would be legal. Right now, I believe that the marriage between Ram and Ayesha is illegal, and Priya remains the legal married wife.
There was a confrontation between Priya and Ayesha, where Ayesha wanted to make her position clear, she is the wife and will not agree to any kind of status for Priya. However, in the normal tone of Priya, she denied that she had any motives, did not use Pihu as a way to get closer to Ram and so on, but she did make a position clear. She told Ayesha that she would not go away until Ram told her to go away, which Ayesha knows is a difficult thing. At the same time, Mamaji was trying to create doubts about the closeness between Priya and Rajat in Dubai.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Megha paralyzed from the neck down

Just when you think that the makers of the serial cannot twist the story any further, there were the promos which showed Megha suffering a neck injury that left her paralyzed from the neck down, a major problem since the person loses control of their limbs and is unable to do anything other than speak, breathe and eat. They are dependent on other people to do everything for them, to be totally responsible for them. This is something that has afflicted Megha after the accident, and everybody is shocked at what happens.
This brings to the fore, the problems that are there in the family. Renu essentially thinks only for herself and can't really stand Megha, and also Mohan. She believes that since Megha is now married off to Mohan, there is no need for the family to think about this. At that point, the hospital bill has been presented, and it is a huge sum. Megha's father-in-law is scurrying around about how to raise the money to pay the bill, and at that time, when the ask comes for various people to contribute, everybody rises. Mohan is trying to raise the money, and for that, he sells the bike. On other side, the FIL is trying to get money, including from the insurance policy, and at that time, Sanjay puts the car keys over there. Renu is shocked, and takes out the key from there. Things escalate, and then his own father tells Sanjay that he wants them to move out, that they don't need any help for taking care of Megha. Sanjay is shocked, and almost slaps Renu (a scene that Hindi Serials should avoid, since the concept should not be to hit the wife even when she is doing wrong, since that seems to support physical violence).
Mohan finally swallows his pride, and seems to get money from his father for the hospital, even though this means compromising on his principles, but then he needs the money, and then he makes payment (although the serial does not actually show him taking the money from his father).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The wedding approaches, but will Dadi do something ?

The serial is making viewers sit on the edge of their seats, waiting for something to happen at the last minute. Dadi recognized Garima, scolded her, and told her that she will not let Garima's daughters cause problems in her house. As the first step, she will not let the marriage of Khushi and Arnav proceed; Garima pleads with her not to do this, but Dadi is pretty vehement in what she wants. Shyaam, who is in the background, is very happy about this, and wants all this to happen, since this will be his revenge for whatever happened to him (anyhow, for somebody who caused the death of his own unborn child, this is a minor moral issue). Shyam even arranges to get a photo cleared up which showed Arnav's father and Garima.
However, Shyam is upset when he sees Dadi not trying to do anything to stop the marriage, instead she hands a ceremonial bracelet to Khushi, explaining later that she felt this was the best thing to do for the marriage. And post this, the serial proceeds on a more fun filled direction, showing a lot of festivities, where people do skits mocking the love affair of Arnav and Khushi, and so on. And in her innocence, Khushi tells Arnav and NK that a bachelor party is fine, but when Payal tells her what a bachelor party is, she gets very angry and goes to disturb the party; where Arnav pacifies her and tells her that he would never do such a thing. And then they have intimate moments, not going all the way but showing Arnav and Khushi reaching for a kiss, and then .. do not show more.
Now, the promo is the interesting part, since it shows Dadi telling Arnav about Garima, and asking him whether he really wants to marry Khushi ? I would think that he should go ahead with the marriage, but it will make the serial less interesting for the makers of the serial, and they would like to show more controversy.

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The emergence of Varsha

As they say, photos capture everything and everybody and can be used in serials and dramas to highlight stuff that people otherwise miss. So is the scene with Varsha, who showed up in secret at the engagement ceremony, and people did not see her, but she got captured in one photo that was seen by Purvi. Purvi got to know just a few days back about Varsha and Soham, told to her by Sulochna. However, at the same time, Purvi also got to know that according to all of them, she had died 18 years back, and for Sulochana and Archana, she had died for them when she ran away with Soham. So, when Purvi sees her in the photo of the engagement party, and then actually runs into her at the Ganapati function, she is shocked. Varsha sees this girl getting astounded, does not know who she is, but wants to go away from there; however, at the same time, she also wants to take away Vishnu from there since she is seeing that Vishnu is trying to steal the expensive necklace that is there on the statues.
Purvi tells Archana about this, but Archana does not want to know about this; however, when she sees Varsha in the photo, she is astounded, but also realizes that if Varsha did not die, then her Soham would also be alive. On the other side, no one is really talking to Savita now since it was clear to everybody about the role she played in the separation of Maanav and Archana.
There is a huge amount of tension between Arjun and Purvi. Even though Arjun was married off almost forcefully to Ovi, he could not forget Purvi and she could not forget him, so she tries to avoid situations where she would run into Arjun. She also agrees to move to the Deshmukh house to stay with Manav and Archana.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serials - Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - Finally Maanvi had the operation and things are fine .. almost

The serial about 2 sisters shows the ultimate sacrifice that one sister makes for the other. The sisters are Jeevika and Maanvi, with Jeevika being the elder sister. It took some time for Maanvi to accept the marriage of Jeevika and Viren, but she accepted it. And then she started getting close to Jeevika's brother-in-law, Virat, although there were thoughts that his family would not accept it too much. In between, there was a lot of drama (as you would expect in serials) with there being a lot of doubt about Viraat's ability to accept responsibility and even causing a loss to the company, but finally things started getting accepted.
And then came her illness, her cancer. This was revealed in a series of disclosures, with Virat getting to know this only after there was an occasion where Jeevika needed blood and Maanvi refused to donate blood. It was at this time that Maanvi finally told Virat about her illness. The illness track was extended for quite some time, until they started showing possible cures - the main cure was supposed to be a transplant from her sister, Jeevika, which would save her life. Also, in the meantime, the engagement of Virat and Maanvi was accepted by the families, which seemed much more tough, but it finally happened.
The complication was that Jeevika was pregnant, a news that was welcomed by the family members with the expected incredible happiness, until it became clear that the transplant would need her to do an abortion. Maanvi was horrified at this news, and refused to let her sister do an abortion, to save her own life. She even filed a court case for the same. In the end, Jeevika lied to everybody except Viren, went and did an abortion, and then did the donation for the transplant. Maanvi was horrified when she got to know the news, and so was Swamini, who essentially was very upset with Jeevika for thinking only about her sister, and not the family. 

Hindi TV serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya meets her family again, her father very troubled

So finally Priya gets to meet her family members again. Her sister and now biggest rival, Ayesha, already knows that she is alive, and is dreading the prospect of her meeting Ram again, since that would threaten her position. After all, Ayesha was married to Ram only because of the prospect of her having a child from Sid without marriage, and when Priya was presumed dead; and she knows that otherwise the relationship between Ram and Ayesha does not have a lot of weight. But at the same time, this marriage has elevated her status to a very high degree, to the extent that Natasha now has a lower social status than her.
In the meantime, Priya was back in Mumbai to search for Kady, and this job over, she decided to roam around the city, showing off the various parts of the city that were her favorite parts, to her daughter Pihu. And then, at a marriage function at the same location where she and Ram got married, she runs accidentally into Ram. This meeting causes Ram to get into so much shock that Priya rushes to hospital, and admits Ram, and it takes some time for Ram to recover from the shock and to get back in a stable condition.
When ayesha realizes that Ram is in hospital, she rushes there and soon learns from the admittance register that Priya was indeed alive, with her position very shaken. Another casualty of this is Rajat, since he was on the verge of asking Priya to marry him, and then he learns that the person she was deeply in love with was Ram, his best friend. And then her family also arrives to the hospital, and runs into her; they are all deeply shocked, her father is very deeply impacted and while meeting with Pihu, he does not speak to Priya. She does explain the series of circumstances that happened.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Dadi gets to see Garima

For quite some time, there has been a lot of controversy about why Garima has been staying away from Dadi, since they show Garima taking any number of excuses to not be present in front of Dadi. The show leaves the reason for the same in suspense for some time, but over a period of time, the viewers are told that the tragedy in Arnav's life which caused the death of his mother was the perceived presence of another woman in his father's life. And the audience can easily guess where this entire discussion is going, that Garima would be the mystery woman who everybody in the family would blame for the death of the father.
On the other hand, the strategy taken by Shyam seems to be working. He manipulated an accident for Anjali which lead to the death of her unborn child, with the thought that this would mean that she would become emotionally weak, and hence he could make his re-entry into the house. Over the resistance of Arnav, this seemed to be working, since Anjali (on the coaching of Shyam) became more adamant that she wanted Shyam in the house and was not having her food. Eventually, Khushi got Shyam back, without telling Arnaav, and they had a few tense moments. Shyam was over-joyed at his plan working, but was not going to stop at this, he had to make all of them pay for what they did to him.
On the other side, Dadi had a confrontation with Garima, and recognizing her, told Garima that she would not let her daughters into the house, so although the elder daughter was there, the younger daughter would not be allowed in. Shyam was watching this and was happy, but then later Dadi turned and did not raise any objections. Why she did this is not clear.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serials - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Finally Ram and Piya meet

The serial has been tantalizing viewers for quite some time with the concept of Ram and Piya meeting up finally after so many years of separation. Once before, the serial had showed a meeting between the 2 in Dubai, but that was revealed to be a thought rather than a real occurrence. One hopes that the show will not show this again, and will get them to be together, but knowing how Ekta designs her shows, there might be a lot of drama still left as a part of this meeting. Further, the serial has taken the story to the point where they show Rajat wanting to propose to Priya, and one wonders whether there will be some misunderstanding on that area as well, and Ayesha would also not sit quiet and do something. Plus, it might be difficult for Priya to explain how and why she hid away for 5 years and did not reveal herself.
So, Priya is now in Mumbai, coming to the city along with Pihu, Rajat and Daija to located Kady, who has run away from Dubai once she heard of the fact that her mother had deserted Rajat and he was taking care of them once her mother had left. At that time, she was also angry with Priya for speaking in favor of Rajat. However, in Mumbai with the help of Ram and others in the family, Priya is able to located Kady and find her and then get her to come to her senses and realize that Rajat is really interested in her welfare and is taking care of her. With this realization, Kady comes to her senses and acknowledges that she would need to go back to Dubai.
One wonders that with both families knowing each other, there is no one who had seen the photo of Priya in Ram's house and understood the person they know as Pooja was actually Priya. But now, at a marriage where Priya is taking Pihu around, and coincidentally Ram is also there, first Ram runs into Pihu and then Priya runs into him. With this, Ram will also get to know that Pihu is his daughter.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Megha supports Mohan after Riddhima shows up

The show meandered into uncertain territory because of the sudden presence of Riddhima in Mohan's life. Soon after Mohan went away from Megha's house, he got a call that Riddhima's father was very serious, and in this emotional turmoil, he married Riddhima not knowing that Megha has finally accepted that she loves him. Further, soon after, when he learns, he talks to Riddhima and she accepts that their marriage was only under stress and she agrees to a divorce.
So, Mohan marries Megha without getting divorced from Riddhima, and it was clear to everybody that this situation would come back to him sometime. However, the show tries to ensure that it never gets really serious, and hence, even when Renu bhabhi discovers the truth about Riddhima and ensures that the family also learns about it, Megha stands up for Mohan. Even when her father-in-law says that the marriage was a fraud and has also slapped Mohan, she tells Riddhima that Mohan is her husband and that Riddhima should stay away. There was the fear that Megha would reject Mohan when she learns the truth, but this does not happen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - Truth emerges about the role played by Savita

For a long time, there has been a lot about discussion about the various acts done by Savita in the serial, and the pressure that came upon Archana. Even 18 years ago, when Savita mis-communicated the correspondence between Archana and Manav when he was leaving for Canada, she did not carry the message to Archana that Manav was sending her the tickets. Further, she also told Manav something else which caused Manav to believe that Archana was not ready to go with him to Canada. Even after this, she also kept on pushing his children against Archana, and also totally pushed Sachin against Archana.
So when Manav finally met Archana, she was already under a lot of emotional pressure to listen to what Sachin was saying, especially since Sachin was pressuring her, backed up by Savita. Her children, Ovi and Teju, also believed that Archana had deserted them, and was just after Manav's money. So, when they get to know that Archana is their mother, they suddenly turn against her and she is badly hurt. Manav is already resigned to his divorce since he believes that Archana wants this divorce and wants alimony.
In the end, however, Teju overhears a conversation between Sachu and Savita which tells her that the signature on the divorce is not from Archana and then she tells Manav about all this, and then the truth comes out that it was Savita behind all this. Manav is furious, blaming Savita for keeping him away from his wife and his children away from their mother, and that he will now also keeps away from Savita to show her what this means.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hindi TV Serials - Diya Aur Bati Hum - The truth about RK, and about Chaturi

The household is very confused since Chathuri has been missing for some time. It was in a skirmish with Meena that Chathuri fell down a cliff and ever since then Meena is very worried that she caused the death of Chaturi and somebody is going to hold her accountable. On the other hand, Sandhya is sure that there is some problem and that there are strange things going on. She was able to detect that there was an internet connection on somewhere in the vicinity while there is actually nobody nearby who has internet connectivity.
Further, RK is shown to be in cahoots with terrorists, up to some suspicious behavior. While Meena is worried about news of Chaturi, RK is trying to ensure that his deeds do not get caught. And then they show more complexity, where Sandhya and Bhabho want to leave for Chathuri's village to find out more news and Meena is trying to figure out how to stop them. And who helps Meena in this, it is Rajkumar who has Chathuri captured and who gets her to make a phone call where she tells them that everything is fine and that there is no need for anybody to come. However, Sandhya remains suspicious since the letter that had come from Chathuri had a different postmark than that of her village and remains convinced that there is some problem.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Purvi sacrifices her marriage for getting her mother accepted

One knew that such sort of things will happen. When the serial can create such a gap between the lead pair who were so much in love with each other, then it is very easy to show that the marriage of Purvi would not happen. One of course finds it a bit difficult to understand how this can be a Pavitra Rishta when there is no meeting of minds or hearts.
Purvi has a strong feeling that her mother is not getting her due, with no respect from her other daughters, and an impending divorce from her husband, somebody whom she loves dearly. So when the chance comes to demonstrate her love for her mother, when Ovi comes to her with a message that she will accept Archana as her mother if Purvi can get Arjun to marry Ovi, Purvi makes up her mind that this is what she will do.
So, she meets up with Arjun just on the eve of the marriage, hits him with the blow that she wants him to marry Ovi, something that he had already left behind, and be happy. Arjun is totally blown with this, but under blackmail from Purvi, finally agrees and does the marriage.
Even everybody in various sets of families are shocked, with Savita probably being the only happy one. Arjun told Ovi that this will not be a happy relationship; and even her family members know that Arjun had made his feelings towards Ovi clear in the past.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Some discoveries start to happen

There were a lot of people who wanted a quick meeting between Ram and Priya, but when you look at the serial over the past many weeks, it is quite clear that the meeting would be a major point, and hence there is a lot of sense to drag things as much as possible. And so it has happened. Even though the serial showed a meeting between Ram and his daughter, something that Priya could see and also approve of, the meeting between Ram and Priya could not happen, even though they were pretty close to each other at various points. For Priya, when she sees that Ram is married to her own sister, she backs off and decides to ensure that she will not approach Ram.
On the other side, there are things that are moving closer. First, her own sister, Ayesha, learns that Priya is still alive, and gets very scared since her marriage to Ram and the stature she has got since then would come to an end. She also knows that Ram remains devoted to the memory of Priya and if he gets to know, it would cause her nothing but problems.
And then there is Rajat. One wonders whether they will indeed show a triangle between Rajat and Priya, with Ram also being there. Seems a bit strange since Priya remains dedicated to Ram even though she is not with him. Now, Rajat has learnt that the lady who he knows as Pooja is actually Priya Sharma; Priya also learns that the hard nosed businessman she knows as Rajat is also the author called Anjaan, who has written the book that inspired her and gave her confidence. In India, Ram has finally managed to ensure that the truth is out, the blame for the chemical mix-up is put on Sid and Priya is officially clear of all charges. Things would start to move at a faster pace, hopefully.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kuch To Log Kahenge - Nidhi and Ashutosh have a tiff and are separate for now

As usual, there are ego clashes between the 2, where Dr. Ashutosh is not able to understand the feelings that Nidhi has towards Mallika, while Nidhi is not able to understand why her husband cannot feel what she is feeling. So, when Dr. Mallika is found in an unstable condition and Ashutosh cares for her, Nidhi is unable to understand as to how he can do that when Mallika tried to poison her and otherwise make her life hell with her accusations and actions against Nidhi.
Further, this was compounded by the tension that was happening between Nidhi and Ashutosh over having a child, since Nidhi did not want to have a child immediately while Dr. Ashutosh did not understand why there was a need for a delay.
So, things come to a crisis when Nidhi confronts Dr. Ashutosh and decides to leave the house, and then her husband, instead of doing the normal action of trying to stop her and otherwise cajole her in dropping her emotional responses, responded angrily that he would not stop her from leaving the house. They still meet at the hospital, but there is a coldness due to the argument, something that their family and friends are trying to solve, partly by creating a situation (such as in the operating theatre) where they spend more time together.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Shyaam sets a plan in motion that attacks Anjali again

The character of Shyaam is very difficult to understand. Earlier, he felt trapped due to his marriage with Anjali while he wanted Khushi, and as a part of the effort to get Anjali out of his live, he tries a number of attempts to kill Anjali; none of these end up working and no one gets to know what he is doing. Further, when Arnav discovers that Shyaam was cheating on Anjali and was interested in Khushi, he ends up taking the extreme step of forcefully getting Khushi married to him so that Shyaam cannot go after her. However, Shyaam does not end his tactics, and in the end, it is Arnaav who finally kicks him out of the house since he already knows the secret of Shyaam.
However, the presence of Shyaam in the serial brings in the villain factor which is otherwise not present, and hence the serial makers had to bring him back, and so they do. For some time, they show Anjali acting a bit strange and then they show Shyaam and Anjali getting back in touch, and then further, Dadi also gets in the action, encouraging this; she does not know what is happening and in her arrogance, decides that she needs to get Shyam back in the house, and this will be done when the god-bharai function is happening.
At the god-bharai function, Shyaam's plan is to create a major disaster which will bring him back in the house, and for this purpose, he steals back into the house and then plans a disaster to strike into Anjali's life - he puts glass on the floor which causes her legs to get injured, and then a wire onto the staircase which finally causes her to fall; and then the inevitable where her baby gets aborted. So, shyaam essentially kills his own baby.

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