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Friday, January 30, 2009

Dancing Queen contest on Colors

Dancing Queen is yet another dance reality show happening in India, and you know how many of them happen already; the main ones are Nach Baliye, Jhalak Dikhla Ja, and there are numerous other ones. This particular show tries a different combination from the man-woman combination that is seen in other dance shows, and instead shows a team consisting of a dancing diva along with a protege. They have selected a number of ladies who are famous from the TV area, and these famous dancing diva contestants are: Mink Brar, Sanobar Kabir, Sambhavna Seth, Shwetha Menon, Anita Hassanandani, Barkha Bisht, Ishita Arun, Bruna Abdalah Christofoli, Meghna Naidu & Dipsshikha Nagpal. They in turn have a number of non-famous dancers as their proteges.
The proteges are Ada, Anjali Azad, Bhoomika Zaveri, Liza Malik, Moon Das, Mrigya Saklani, Priya Gamre, Shamaayal, Sonali Nirantar, and Taran Jeet Kaur. The show appears on Colors on every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM, it is hosted by the famous Milind from Kayamath (Shabbir Ahulwalia). They have scored a great success in terms of judges by getting 2 famous dancing stars from the past years, Jitendra and Hema Malini.
The show has had some movie actors appearing in recent episodes, such as Harman Baweja, Emraan Hashmi, Deepika Padukone (when their movies are close to release). The serial is now moving to a closure.

Watch videos of Dancing Queen on the official site (link)

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View an episode live on TV

Vidaai - the story gets more complex

The story of Bidaai is getting more complex. Even after the agreement that Ranvir and Ragini will now be engaged and eventually get married, life gets even more complicated. For one, Vasundhara Rajvansh is still not fully comfortable with having a darker girl such as Ragini as her daughter-in-law. So, there are uncomfortable scenes in stores and other places where store personnel taunt Ragini about her claim to be the daughter-in-law of Vasundhara.
At the same time, Sadhana's mami Kaushi was never very much favorable to her, comparing her darker color with that of her own daughter Ragini and always evaluating whether if both Ragini and Sadhana live in the same house. This feeling gets drastically enhanced when it is revealed that Vasu and Ambika are both sisters, and in fact Ambika is the elder sister. On knowing about this, Kaushi is very distressed and says a number of things to Sadhana about how she is sure that Sadhana will be bad towards Ragini. This makes Sadhana very unhappy, and when Alekh hears, he is also very unhappy about this. At the same time, Vasu's husband also gives her a lecture about how she has always treated Ambika badly even though Ambika was actually the elder sister.
Mamaji also hears these unpleasant words from Kaushi, and is very distressed when he hears these words. He is unable to believe that his wife is unable to carry so much venom inside her, and is very uncomfortable. His words to Kaushi that Sadhana has sacrificed a lot in the past for the family fell on deaf ears.

Link of videos of Bidaai on Youtube (click here)

Video from the serial:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jai Shri Krishna on Colors Channel

Serials on mythological subjects such as the Mahabharat, Ramayan, Shri Krishna, etc, tend to be very popular. From a smaller number of such serials earlier, now we have more serials, with serials on Mata Vaishno Devi, serials on Sai Baba, and many others. There have been many serials on the past related to one of the most important mythological and religious characters, Lord Krishna. There is another serial on the same subject that is becoming fairly popular, called Jai Shri Krishna. The serial is made by Sagar Arts, and appears on Color TV at 8:30 PM weekdays (8 AM in the morning). The serial started on July 21st, 2008.
The serial is probably the most detailed look at the childhood of Shri Krishna, since the show is still focused on the childhood of Shri Krishna. A lot of other shows show the childhood of Shri Krishna within 10-12 episodes, but this show is taking a much longer time, and showing many more things. The serial shows in more detail the attempts made by Kans on the life of Shri Krishna when he was an infant and a young boy, employing many different methods to try and kill the young boy, but failing everytime. The show has shown many different demons, birds and the like trying to kill Shri Krishna but failing everytime.
There is a lot more detail shown about the frustration of Kans about his inability to kill the young boy, especially when Krishna appears in front of him and Kans cannot do anything about it (and the others cannot see Krishna). There is a lot more focus on the antics of Krishna, including his divine connection to Radha, his playfulness, his devotion to his mother Yashoda, and his connection with the Gopis. Overall, to many the serial may seem a bit slow, but there is a lot of focus on the younger Krishna, and one would expect a lot of people also to be devoted to this serial.

Video of an episode from the serial:

Videos from the serial Jai Shri Krishna (youtube)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sapna Babul Ka..Bidaa on Star Plus

Bidaai, the story of 2 siblings (one of whom is much darker than the others) and their life, is proving to be very popular with viewers. The story is revolving around the trials and tribulations of Ragini and Sadhana. Sadhana is married to Alekh Rajvansh (who is mentally abnormal); slowly Alekh, under Sadhana's loving care is getting better. Part of the agreement for the marriage between Sadhana and Alekh was that Alekh's mother, the arrogant and imperious Vasundhra Rajvansh would get her younger son Ranveer married to Sadhana's darker (and hence less appealing) sister Ragini. However, Vasundhra never really was comfortable with this arrangement and tried her level best to make sure that Ranveer would never get close to Ragini.
In the end, it was the total rebellion by her family (her husband, Indrajit; her elder son Alekh, her younger son Ranveer who now loves Ragini, and the others in her family as well). In the Rajvansh household, there are also the next generation crooked couple, Navin and Avni who have already tried to steal money out of the business and almost managed to implicate Sadhana's brother Vinu brother in a case for which the police comes to arrest them.
The situation now is that Navin and Avni are in disgrace since their attempt to steal money and blame Vinu became known. Vasundhra has finally agreed to get Ragini married to her son Ranveer, even though she knows that their social positions are very different (and for which a number of people would keep on reminding her about), she is also aware that Ragini is apparently much darker and considered not so good-looking (and that people would wonder as to why Vasundhra is getting her son married to a girl who may not be considered to so suitable for him). Now, the plans for marriage are happening, and one can be sure that there will be a lot of drama before the marriage happens.

Video of wedding shopping sequence from Youtube:

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