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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - The end of Vansh, what does this mean for the tortured relationship between Veer and Ichcha

Uttaran is going through some major upheavals. For some time now, Vansh has been very suspicious about the current state of the relationship between Veer and Ichcha, fed by the clever and cunning Tapasya. Tapasya wanted Ichcha to suffer, and so she did whatever she could do to spoil the relationship between Vansh and Ichcha, and as a result, Vansh was very cold towards Ichcha. He refused to believe her that she was now totally for Vansh, taunting her every so often, getting very angry at her, and sarcastic almost all the time. Further, it was because of him that Veer decided to quit, and go off to the United States.
However, when Vansh found out that Veer had not left for the US, but was in Delhi, he got even more suspicious. He dreamed of killing Ichcha, and also started carrying a pistol. And then he followed Ichcha, determined to catch her in the act; but by mistake, he started following Tapasya (so convenient), and was there when Tapasya had her confrontation with Sid (who accused Tapasya of framing him, and was blackmailing her so that she could leave along with him). In this confrontation, Vansh heard how Tapasya was responsible for poisoning his mind, and that there was nothing between Veer and Ichcha now. He got real emotional when he realized that Ichcha was speaking the truth, and that he was responsible for everything that was going wrong.
He decides to confront Tapasya, but his emotions were a blur, and Tapasya managed to convince him that he was more guilty than her, and that if he wanted to kill her, he should kill himself as well. This somehow struck a chord in Vansh, and eventually shot himself.

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors - Dutta and Nakusha go down in a cliff in their vehicle, safe, and romantic

Things keep on moving fast in this serial. Soon after Nakku proved herself in the eyes of Dutta by saving him from the goons of Anna at the temple, he decided that no matter what she was supposed to have done in the past, she has absolved herself of the supposed crime of betraying him by helping Supriya escape, and as a result, she should consider herself free of the punishment that he levied. However, Nakusha has always loved Dutta, and can never think of leaving him, but Dutta is now going to leave her to the city, along with her mother and Sethji (along with his trusted lieutant).
On the way, Dutta is somewhat lacking in concentration, and his car heads straight towards a cliff. The terrain is muddy, and slippery, and it seems very difficult to get the vehicle to stop from going over the cliff. Everybody else gets off from the vehicle, but Nakku refuses, saying now that she will stop listening to the orders of Dutta, and she will stay with him. And finally, the vehicle does go over the cliff, with both of them being injured and thrown about.
And Anna's men are after them, with both of them trying to remain hidden, and being chased by Anna's men. At the same time, Naku is unsure about when to reveal to Dutta that she is actually fair in color, something that makes her very attractive. In the meantime, back in the house, there is a lot of shock at the probability that Dutta and Nakku could have died in the crash; and then the purohit of the family says that Dutta is probably alive, due to the presence of a person whose name starts with 'N'.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Conflict between Akshara and Naitik over the return of the house

In the serial 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain', there is now tension between Naitik and Akshara. The serial focuses on showing drama in a family, along with festivities (that too prolonged over a number of episodes). In many cases, the tension between the family members seems to be over something is not really worth the amount of tension.
Consider the recent drama, whereby Naitik's mother was very angry about their buying a separate house, and considered that they were wanting to move out of the house and shift to a new location. Naitik considers that this was just a house that he bought for Akshara, and they have no plans of shifting. Further, he says that since he had no bad intentions, why should he apologize.
In the meantime, the tension between Akshara / Naitik and his mother keeps on increasing, even though the others in the family realize that this tension is getting out of hand; and eventually a compromise seems to be that they will sell the house.
Akshara is totally fine with this, but Naitik is very rigid on this, claiming that he had done nothing wrong. With pressure from Akshara, he finally sells the house, but is now very miffed with Akshara since she did not respect his feelings and did not support him - this puts Akshara in a problematic area, since she had to respect the feelings of his mother, and now Naitik was angry with her, and continues to be angry with her for a number of episodes now.

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - More problems for Ichcha, and the truth about drug addiction problems

In Uttaran, Ichcha has been facing perpetual problems with Vansh now. The concept was that if she would get married to Vansh, then he would have a strong incentive to reform himself and not go back to drug addition; further, the amount of love he would get from a strong loving wife would help even further. But, this does not really seem to be working, since Vansh remains forever suspicious of Ichcha, and her relationship with Veer. Veer has gone away from the house, but not yet gone to the United States as he told everybody, and Vansh gets to know about this.
Further, anything Ichcha does gets Vansh angry, whether she has gone for shopping outside and takes too long, or if she is late for a dinner that Vansh has cooked. He remains hyper-active, ready to become very angry, and also not very friendly towards Veer.
And then a shock for Veer. He meets a doctor who specializes in drug addiction cases at a party, and then hears some very shocking advice from her. When he tells her about Vansh and the marriage, and how they are attempting to cure Vansh through the marriage, she tells Veer that they are doing something that is not right.
The way to solve such cases is by taking the person through a drug de-addiction program, and then ensuring that they get proper treatment. Marrying them off to somebody and hoping that love will cure them is something that does not work, and can result in severe problems for the wife, since the person will remain temperamental, prone to fits of severe anger, and other such problems, and the wife will have to face all this, something that Ichcha is already facing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Going in for a time leap, with Anandi becoming 18 years old, Sugna devastated by Shyam

The serial has been moving a bit and meandering, showing an attempt by Maasa to get Jagdish married for a second time; something which Anandi's parents got to know and did a lot of effort to prevent. Finally, when everything got settled, Bhairon decided that he could not trust Maasa and wanted to leave the house, but was finally persuaded by Vasant to not leave the house.
And then there was the huge drama about Sugna. For a long time, there was a story about how Shyam would turn negative, but it seemed that it was just a story, but now things seem to have finally come full circle. After supporting Sugna for a very long time, including promising that he will live with the memory of Pratap, Shyam finally turned against Sugna.
The incident was the death ceremony of Pratap, where Sugna was persuaded emotionally by Pratap's mother that she badly needed Sugna there; and then Sugna went there after lying to her inlaws about this, since she was not sure whether they would like this. However, her inlaws found out, and there was huge amount of drama.
The net result was that when Sugna was in hospital, she lost the baby that she was having along with Shyam, and then her inlaws deserted her over there, and Shyam was part of deserting her. When Maasa along with family members went to Shyam's house, Sugna was in for a shock, where Shyam claimed that he had married Sugna out of pity, but he was shocked when Sugna killed their baby child; this shocked Sugna and she gave him a strong piece of her mind, claiming that he was being dishonest.
Now, the serial will go in for a time leap, where Anandi is now 18 years old, and they serial is doing a SMS contest to determine which particular girl the audience would like to see as the older Anandi.

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Moullick dies, killed by his own mother Motiben, after it is revealed that he is the kidnapper

There is one nice thing about the serial Bandini, it moves fairly fast. In the recent episodes, they have combined 2 different stories, and made one common story, which seems to have ended for now.
One story was about the relation between Megha and DM, which Santu was very curious about, and which DM wants to hide from her, other than telling her that she should not mix too much with Megha, and be careful of who all she interacts with.
Further, the next story was about the kidnapping of a lot of children, including Vishal and Nandini, with the kidnapping being done by men under the control of Maullick. Santu had felt that Maullick had changed, and she wanted to get him a chance to get better, but maybe the serial makers felt that it was time to remove him from the serial, and they decided that he will be the main star for a couple of episodes, and then vanish from the serial.
And so, when Maullick had kidnapped the children, Suraj managed to do some detective work, and find the location of the children, and managed to get all of them except for Vishal, who was in another room. At not finding Vishal, Megha goes frantic, and also tells DM the truth, that Vishal was the son of DM (but they do not explain the scenario in which DM and Megha came in contact).
The demand is for a huge amount of money - Rs. 100 crore. Eventually Motiben detects that the kidnapper is Maullick and goes to confront him, since she now believes that her son has gone beyond the limit, and in the final confrontation, shoots him dead when he has the gun on Vishal. She is now in jail, and they are taking the body for final respects.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Akshara and Naitik are facing the heat as they buy a new house

This one situation seems ridiculous. I think that this serial seems to have outlived its usefulness, so the makers of the serial have hit on a formula. Whenever, there is an occasion, spend multiple weeks showing all the events of that occasion. So, Nandini's marriage seemingly went through all the festivities being shown in the serial; and then next, there are always some incidents that happen, where Akshara is tested or shown in some sort of bad way and then she has to fight to ensure that she is not misunderstood.
So, soon after Nandini's marriage is over, the next huge drama is being shown. You have Naitik deciding to buy a house for Akshara since she liked the house (how many people do something like buying a house for their wife when they know that they cannot live in that house); and then once this is know in the household, Naitik's mother turns into a total shrieker. She tells Akshara that Akshara has plans to live along with Naitik in another house and would leave this house, and nobody is willing to tell her that she is totally wrong and to give up this drama.
Akshara on the other hand is totally struck down by all this, since she did not know about the purchase till it was announced by Naitik much later, and her own mother-in-law refuses to support her; and Naitik also gets on a high horse and says that he will not sell the house since he has not done anything wrong, and selling the house now would mean that admitting that he had wrong thoughts. Akshara is now stuck in the middle, and in the meantime her mother got to know about this, and was unwilling to support Akshara on this, even more so, since her own son Shaurya had decided to leave the house and stay elsewhere along with his wife.
The others in the house who are elder somehow are not able to do anything significant in this regard.

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors - Naku saves Datta's life, so maybe he will start believing her now

Datta has his mind poisoned against Nakusha due to the running away of Supriya, since Kala blamed the entire episode on the planning of Nakusha. Datta decided to punish Naku (since she claimed to love him) by marrying her, and then ensuring that she cannot run away, and she would certainly not get the rights and love of a wife. And at the same time, Kala also determines that she would do whatever she could to ensure that Naku remains insulted and downtrodden.
But, things will change, since the love of Naku is so strong that she is willing to wait for her real self to be apparent to Datta, and then he will realize that she is not against him, and in fact, is his strongest supporter. And the situation for that happens soon enough. Datta is fighting hard against Anna, who is one step ahead of Datta in terms of planning.
So, Anna decides to trap Datta in a temple, by getting all the pandits replaced by his men, and also ensuring that Datta does not have any armed security in the temple along with him. But Naku, who is at the house, learns of this from the pandits who were replaced by Anna's men, and rushes to the temple to save him. She prevents Datta from drinking poison given to him by Anna's men, and then there is a fight. In this fight, Datta along with Baji manage to keep a knife concealed with Naku when they are under the fear of guns, and as soon as there is an opportunity, Datta gets the knife and manges to rescue themselves from the clutches of Anna's men. When Datta comes home, he is determined this time to stop Anna totally, and also reveals to the household how Naku was the one who was responsible for saving them. In return for this task, he offers to Naku that she can get rid of the marriage that is keeping her prisoner, while that is the last thing that Datta would want.

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