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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serials - Kya Huaa Teraa Vaada - The problems and distances faced by a young couple

This is a relatively new serial on Sony TV, which has been given the lucrative 10 PM slot. The serial started on January 30th, 2012. The serial stars the experienced Mona Singh, alongwith Pawan Shankar (screen name being Pradeep Singh; Mona Singh's name is the same in the serial). The couple live in Mumbai as a normal middle class couple, where Pradeep works in a company (with the usual politics in the company, where he works and his boss takes the credit, and he is looking for a promotion). They are just about ok financially, not well off, with having to save up for special occasions and feeling the pinch of raising 3 kids.
Things come to a head when Pradeep gets fired from his job, instead of the promotion that he was hoping for. However, things start changing once the company gets a new boss, a dynamic lady called Anushka Shankar (played by Mauli Ganguly). It takes some time for Pradeep to recognize her as his former friend from college, somebody who he was ready to marry, but she needed more time since she was ambitious and wanted to build up a career of her own. So, the marriage never happens and then Pradeep marries Mona and builds up a family with her.
However, Anushka notices Pradeep when he has come to pick up his stuff, and calls him back to the job, kicks out his former boss who used to take credit for the work done by Pradeep, and overall boosts up his prestige. At the same time, Pradeep makes a critical mistake when he tells Mona about his boss, but neglects to tell her that this was the same lady to whom he had almost got married. And soon after, Anushka decides that it was a mistake to have not married pradeep earlier and she wants him now; this will cause huge problems in the marriage of Pradeep and Mona.
Even otherwise, there are some tensions in the marriage, since Pradeep believes that Mona no longer gives him as much attention as earlier, probably due to taking care of the children and the house, something which is necessary, but which irritates Pradeep.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Will Kia finally get exposed

The 8-11 slot is the one that is most wanted by serials, just for the number of people who are able to watch it. Serials who get a slot in these time slots enjoy increased viewership. Also making a big difference is the stability of the time slot. If the time slot of a serial is changed, that makes a big difference to its viewership, and since Saab Bin Sasural was changed from 10 to 9, there has been a fall in its TRP; also, maybe the serial brought in the incredibly bad Kia sequence, it has really got boring.
The fact that a father could force his son to disregard his own romance and marry somebody else is incredible, and the fact that the son could break the heart of another girl and her parents just to obey the wish of his father (who in turn did not obey the wish of his own father, who was also against the forced marriage).
Now, the marriage happened and Kia was married to Ved; and it was clear to people such as Ved, Toasty and Tej that Kia had no interest in the marriage, and there must have been some other motives for the marriage. However, Cheddi had made it clear that he considered no problems with Kia, and blamed Toasty and Malthi to some extent for the problems that Kia seemed to have in adjusting in the house. And, for some reason, Tej was not even willing to support Toasty in the doubts that she had over Kia, something that should have enraged Toasty to a large extent.
And then the final issue is that of Jay, who suddenly appeared on the scene, stalking Kia for some time, and since it seemed that Kia was afraid of. It became clear that there was a relationship between Kia and Jay, and Toasty is trying to get the household to see the clear relations between Jay and Kia, in such a way that Kia would get exposed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Kunal stopped from arguing his own case in court

The serial has been going through a lot of drama. On the one hand, Kunal is getting more and more guilt-torn about the relationship that he has with Siddhi, convinced that he is doing wrong by being married to his dead brother's fiancee, and so on. He has told Siddhi about this many times, and this feeling is only getting reinforced. On the other hand, Siddhi for some reason known only to the makers of the serial, is refusing to tell him of the truth, that she is in love with him, and that she is fine with the marriage. She never even told him of whatever the confrontations that she had with Richa (and then they say later that their husband misunderstands them, since they hide half the things that could have led to a better relation).
Now, the court case filed against Kunal by Richa is progressing; after the initial setback, Thakral calls of a surprise by calling Siddhi to the stand, where everybody is surprised at her being called to the witness stand. And then Thakral manages to get her to reveal that she was there at the hotel where the incident between Richa and Kunal took place, something that Kunal did not know about. Also, during the case, he told the court something that shocked most of the Chopras, that about an impending divorce between Kunal and Siddhi. Now, Raj and Gaurav did not know about this divorce case and are truly surprised and very angry.
During the midst of the case, Kunal gets very angry after being provoked by Thakral, and takes physical action against Kunal. As a result, the judge stops proceedings, and orders that henceforth, Kunal will not able to fight his own case and will have to have a different lawyer, something that Thakral wanted. On the other side, Raveena is debating what she is doing, and whether she was the one who leaked the news of the divorce to Thakral.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The sudden marriage of Khushi and Arnav shocks everybody

During the time when the pre-marriage ceremonies of Akash and Payal are happening, there was a lot of other drama happening in the house. Arnav had seen Shyam and Khushi in a way that he thought that they were both in love with each other, and after a conversation with Shyam, he was further convinced that both of them were responsible for his sister getting cheated; and further, if his sister Anjali was not pregnant, he would have ensured that this would not have continued. However, he had to ensure that his sister did not suffer because of this, and as a result, he had to ensure that Shyam stayed with his sister and did not have a chance to try for Khushi again.
So what did he do ? He decided that the best way to ensure that Khushi was no longer available for Shyam, and towards that effect, he decided that marrying Khushi would be the solution. Now, it is not that Khushi would be immediately ready to marry him at such short notice. So, he decided to use force, by threatening Khushi that unless she agreed to marry him quickly, he would ensure that the marriage of Payal and Akash did not happen, and this would mean a disaster for Khushi's sister Payal. In the end, faced with this tough choice, Khushi agreed to this and they got married in a temple and came to the marriage of Akash and Payal like this.
This was a shock to everybody in the family, and they had a lot of queries about this. However, Arnav walked away, refusing to answer any queries, even when they were asked by Anjali. And then, when Khushi is asked, she refused to also answer even though she is deeply stressed, and has to bear the anger of everybody, including that of her own sister Payal. Further, she is reminded that she was actually an orphan, and that relations with her are being broken off.
She tries to get answers from Arnav as to why he was trying to do that, but there is no answer that she is getting from Arnav, and is very stressed at all this.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ram Milaayi Jodi - Tragedy in the serial, Anukalp dies in a car accident

The serial is starting to show a few weird things nowadays. The serial showed a happy cross-region marriage, a Gujarati and Punjabi twist with a marriage between Anukalp and Mona. The couple overcame a number of objections, including the ones related to cross-state marriage, and different cultures, adjusting to each other's cultures. Over a period of time, Mona even got the approval of Ambaji for this relationship to the extent that Ambaji did not even believe her own daughter when her daughter accused Mona of something.
And then came the entry of Aditya (Angad Hasija), another son of Ambaji who was deserted when he was very small and who wanted to take revenge for whatever happened. After a lot of dramatics, including when the people in the household turned against Ambaji, things became reconciled and everybody was happy.
However, there was a shock in store. Apparently, since the couple of Angad and Sara Khan were popular from the Bidaai days, there was a plan to start replacing Anukalp in the serial, and even in the life of Mona. How better than to quickly kill off Anukalp, and so that was what was done. In the serial, an episode showed Ambaji, Anukalp and Aditya in a car where Aditya was driving, and when his attention is diverted briefly, he comes across a truck right in front of him, leading to an accident in which Anukalp is stuck under the car, and then the car blows up, killing Anukalp.
When Mona hears this news, she is grief-stricken, and goes into a coma like news. However, Guruji comes into the scene and tells Ambaji that this widowhood for Mona was not on the cards, but Ambaji was destined for one son, and once Aditya came into the scene, things got disturbed, leading to the death of Anukalp. Further, Mona will need to be married to Anukalp.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - The relation between Siddhi and Kunal gets very strange

The relation between Kunal and Siddhi is getting more complicated by the day. Besides them, only Seema knows to some extent about the relation between them, and she keeps on pushing them for doing more for this relationship, not letting it go down the drain. Even their father Raj is trying to push Kunal to do more about this, showing some emotions about his relation with Siddhi. Raj does not know about the divorce petition that Kunal pushed for, with only Seems knowing about what is happening and pushing for it.
In the middle of the 2 court cases that are so critical to their life; one between Kunal and Siddhi for their divorce where the judge has asked them to come back after 6 months; and the other where Richa has accused Kunal of attempted rape; comes the all important day of Valentine's Day. Things are critical for the family, but for the moment Kunal has made some advances in the case that was filed against him by Richa, pushing her towards a certain stand and then asking her for proving the accusations that she has made.
On Valentine's Day, both sets of wives, Seema and Siddhi are expectant of some moves by their husbands towards the relationship, in terms of dinner or some other event, and yet they remain slow. Finally Gaurav asks Seems out for a dinner; but it takes the effort of Raj to get Kunal to take Siddhi out for dinner; and during the dinner, when Siddhi is so happy, Kunal reminds her that she must be suffering and missing Anand, and that he is sorry for whatever is happening and their divorce will soon come through.
Siddhi is now getting very despondent about whether she will be able to change the opinion of Kunal about the wedding, and is now crying her heart out, while Kunal thinks that she is missing Anand so much.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - The case against Kunal for attempted rape of Richa

The situation between Kunal and Siddhi was getting a bit tense, since Kunal had come to the conclusion that his marrying Siddhi was something that was wrong, and it would not be right for him to be married to his dead brother's fiancee. Given the way he is, Siddhi knows that it is not right for her to openly oppose, so she manipulates things such that the judge says that they need to spend 6 months together to re-think about the divorce plans, and thus Siddhi gets what she wants. And she deftly manages to blame Kunal for what the judge said.
At the same time, Richa, in response to a challenge from Siddhi, claims that Kunal is only hers and decides to trap him in a situation where he will have no option to come to her and drop Siddhi. So, in a party, she manages to put something in his drink, and after some time, she believes that what she is trying to do is getting done, since she also manages to take him to her room. Siddhi is following them, and is devastated when she sees that Kunal is hugging Richa, and feels that she has lost. However, this is because Kunal believes that it is Siddhi with him, and then conveys to Richa that she is a closed chapter for him, and he is only for Siddhi.
Soon after, a devastated Richa decides on her revenge, and tells her father Thakral that Kunal in fact tried to rape her, and, since Thakral hates Kunal, he comes to their house along with police and gets him arrested for attempted rape. Kunal, after getting bail, decides to fight his own case although Siddhi is worried about what will happen. In the first set of combat in the court, Kunal gets the better of Richa by reciting the story of what happened (atleast from the perspective of Richa), then denies everything and tells Thakral to prove this story. It is seen as a good tactic, and Kunal waits for Siddhi to praise these legal skills of hers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnaav sees Shyam and Khushi together and is shocked

Both Anjali and Shyam seem to be leading charmed lives. Shyaam is desperately in love with Khushi, and wants to get rid of his Rani Sahiba (Anjali) while everybody else believes that Shyam is the ideal husband for Anjali, and that relations between them are excellent; and even Anjali believes the same. This is somewhat surprising since a wife is normally able to understand whether her husband is for her or against her.
So Shyaam is trying a number of attempts to murder Anjali, in a way that it seems like an accident. Some of the ways he is trying is to electrocute her, get her in an accident by failing the brakes of the car, putting a scorpion on her when she is sleeping, trying to get her to burn to death, and so on. However, all these measures don't really amount to anything, with Anjali seeming to lead a charmed life and not getting affected by any of these measures.
Shyaam is also leading a charmed life, since all these attempts do not draw any suspicion on him, and even Anjali does not suspect anything. Further, even though everybody in Payal's family already knows all about Shyaam, they are not saying anything, something which should be scaring Shyaam.
Things really start heating up when Shyaam manages to catch Khushi on the roof of the house, since he wants to express his love again to Khushi. On the other side, when Arnaav sees that Anjali just managed to come out of the car accident, he realizes that he should not wait for things, and if he loves Khushi, he should express his love to her right away. However when he sees her, he sees Shyaam hugging Khushi and hears a conversation where he starts to believe that both Khushi and Shyaam are deceiving everybody, and blames both of them.
However, he is not able to tell Anjali the truth, and still wants to ensure that Shyaam is not able to desert Anjali, and thus he will actually marry Khushi (but in a hate relationship) so that Shyaam is not able to desert Anjali for Khushi, especially if Anjali is now pregnant with Shyaam's child.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Cancer detection for Priya, and drama in her parent's house

Things are getting problematic for the families involved. So, in a regular medical test, done for Ram on the urging of Priya, things turn out well for Ram. The Doctor tells them that there is nothing wrong with Ram, and that the chest pains he gets is because of gastric issues. of course, he needs to get away from his medical tablets and get a more healthy outlook for life; and Priya does that in a far better way. This closeness between them is getting more closer, and this is causing huge problems for his family, since they are really after his wealth and not in his favor. And this relation between Piya and Ram seems to be causing changes in his lifestyle, making him healthier and making him less ready to be influenced by these people. However, it is not easy for them to see such a thing, and yet they are unable to really do things to affect the relationship.
On the other side, the relation between karthik and Natasha, and the relations in the house are getting decidedly tense. Natasha cannot stand any sense of control, she has to only do what she wants to do, and things get even worse after the accident.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Kia starting to already hate the married life

So, the marriage has happened for Ved, and this was a long awaited marriage. However, it was not the marriage that everyone was looking for. He finally got pressured to marry Kia rather than Nitika (whom he was in love with), just because of the pressure put on him by his father, Chedi. Everybody else in the family was against him marrying Kia, but the emotional pressure put on him by his father was just too much.
So, the marriage has happened. Tej and Toasty, and even Pashu were disgusted. And pretty soon, Kia started showing her true colors (although if you think about it, when she was given such a bad condition in her father's will, where she had to marry Ved and remain married for one year, what else could she have done ? Would she have allowed all her inheritance to go away ?); on the night of the marriage, she had drunk enough that Ved could detect that she was drinking. She sent Ved to get her some black coffee, and since Toasty could see that Ved was doing something, she also learnt that Kia was upto something.
Next, it was clear that there was no question of any physical relationship between Kia and Ved; and in fact, since for Kia it was only a compromise relation, she was just able to barely stand the things she was seeing - the waiting time for the common bathroom, the expectation that she would have to help out in the house, and so on. She also seemed to make it clear that it would be foolish to expect her to work in the house, and in fact, Pitaji seemed to blame Toasty and Malti for not letting her work in the kitchen. But then Kia seemed to realize that she has to make the marriage work for 1 year, so she needs to mellow down.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnaav and Khushi are getting closer

As the preparations for the wedding of Payal and Akash are getting closer, things are moving in many different ways. On the one side, there are some disturbances, where when Manorama learns that Payal had a previously broken engagement, she gets very angry and wants to break the engagement. She in turn gets scolded by the elders about doing something like this, and Akash, who badly wants to marry Payal, tries his best to ensure that things are fine. He is also confident that as long as his brother Arnaav is on his side, everything will be fine.
As for Arnaav, he is on another plane now. He suddenly seems to have developed a strong sense of passion for Khushi, such as when he thought that Khushi might have been in an accident, he is very distressed, and then the relief he gets when he learns that Khushi is fine, and there is nothing wrong. At this stage, Khushi is very surprised to see about the feelings that Arnaav is expressing, and wants to know why he is so worried about her.
And then the incident about the bangles. When NK got her some bangles, they did not fit properly and got broken. Arnaav removed these bangles and handed her some new bangles, and Khushi has been curious ever since as to whether it was the cold Arnaav who bought these bangles for her, and she had to literally force him to answer this question of hers. On the other hand, Anjali has been seeing what is happening with regard to Arnaav, and smiling about this infatuation of her brother's.
On the other hand there is Shyam, who is constantly trying some scheme whereby he can kill his wife Anjali in the form of an accident, so that he can then get married to Khushi (which is extremely strange, what makes him think that Khushi will get married to him). Nobody so far is aware of this.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Haunted by guilt, Kunal wants to divorce Siddhi

The trauma of losing relations can cause a huge impact to people. In the current case, the marriage between Siddhi and Kunal was caused due to the sudden death of Anand, and this death caused a huge trauma to Anand and Kunal's mother; and it was because of her feelings that the marriage between Kunal and Siddhi happened; in fact before the marriage, Siddhi used to have not very pleasant feelings about Kunal. Kunal on the other hand was on/off involved in a relationship between Thakral's daughter Richa (who was extremely shocked by the marriage since she always considered that Kunal would be waiting for her).
Over a period of time, the relationship between Kunal and Siddhi changed; in the beginning, they were always very careful about each other, getting embarrassed whenever the house members tried anything to get them closer to each other. But, as Kunal started spending time with Siddhi, he realized that she was getting to be a part of his life, and even though he would not be able to admit it, he was going to find life without Siddhi extremely difficult. On the other hand, Siddhi was starting to like and then love Kunal, and his various properties and habits, even the way he would get irritated. She had already learnt a lot about his behavior, the things that made him what he was.
Richa was also trying her hardest to break this relationship, even drugging Kunal so that he would be forced into a compromising situation with Richa, but even at that, Kunal refused to cooperate. And when Siddhi confronted him, he refused to admit that anything happened between him and Richa, and this whole complex relations finally let to both Siddhi and Kunal finally getting into a physical relation with each other.
And then the guilt set in, since this was the barsi day for Anand. And then an interaction with a client let Kunal to believe that he was doing wrong in having a relation with his brother's love, and this guilt pushes him to start the process of divorce from Siddhi, something that she does not want.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Tragedy for Nitika, since Ved marries Kiya

The serial has gone through a lot of drama in the past, with the arrival of Kia. When Pitaji was away, Ved had finally agreed to marry Nitika, something that was a bit difficult because Ved refused to reconcile himself to the thought that he was in love with somebody, but finally decided to marry Nitika. And then Pitaji came with Kia, the daughter of his dead friend, to whom he had given a promise that he will get his son Ved married to Kia. For Kia, this was extremely important, since as per her father's will, she would not able to get her father's money unless she married Ved and did not divorce him before an year. As a result, she was willing to do whatever necessary to ensure that her marriage happened (and this was bad for her, since her father had put such a strange condition in his will, and something that was causing her to behave in this way; who would want to lose money that should have come to them).
However, in the face of constant pressure from the family, Ved finally agrees that he is in love with Nitika, and will marry her and not Kia, no matter that Chhedi wants this to happen. Kia also seems to back down and says that she is happy for the marriage of Nitika and Ved. So preparation for the marriage happens, with shopping and all. Nitika is very happy with all this, although one can see in the face of Kia that she is planning something that will change all this.
And so it happens, when Kia plans that Nitika will not reach the marriage mandap, and at the final moment, Chedi applies a lot of pressure and bemoans that his son will not even respect the pledge he gave to Kia's father; and so Ved backs down and decides to marry Kia. Everybody else is against this, but Ved finally agrees. Nitika is badly hurt at all this.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Lots of developments, Tapasya gone, Vansh killed by Jogi

The serial has seen a lot of developments. For some time now, there was a news that the actress playing the role of Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) wanted to leave the serial, and there was a lot of anticipation about when that would happen. Well, it finally happened. The serial showed that there was a lot of tension that Tapasya had when her old boyfriend Sid turned up, as the younger relation of Tapasya. And Rathod finally had a shock when Tapasya decides to leave, and sends him a note that she will not return, she tried to be good and all, but her past life will not let her be. He hunts for her all over, but is not able to trace her, and it seems like that is the end of Tapasya for the serial, except if there is a change in mind and she decides to come back.
The more major stuff that happened in the serial was the end of the fake Vansh. It was clear that viewers did not appreciate the concept of the fake Vansh, and hence the makers of the serial decided to quickly end the fake Vansh concept fairly quickly. So the episode where Vansh is angry over comments that Iccha has made, and when he sees an opportune occasion, he tries to catch her and rape her. She resists, but it is the sudden presence of Jogi Thakur that ends up saving Iccha, and in the ongoing tussle, Vansh hits his head on the side of the glass table, and dies. So Iccha is saved, but Jogi Thakur is taken away by the police for the murder of Vansh.
And then, the conspiracy is made clear, with Veer showing to the family how Mai was the one involved, and then the family is horrified at what has happened, with everybody blaming Mai for what has happened, and then deciding that she cannot stay in the house anymore. However, Ichcha prevails upon Veer to get Mai back.

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