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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Getting Jhumki to overcome all doubts

The serial is correctly following the pattern of many movies. There was a need for the bahu of the family who had died, and her death causes the family property and family business to go over to the villains. This causes the hero and heroine (who is also the sister of the bahu) to suddenly come across a girl who looks like the dead bahu. And of course, this new girl is from a totally new environment and different culture, so there are lots of chances of slip-ups, which also ensures that the serial will have a lot of chances to show a lot of drama.
So, Simar and Prem had managed to persuade Jhumki to come to the Bhardwarj family house to help all of them, and finally she agreed to do so, and also set some conditions. It was a challenge for Jhumki to learn all about Roli, about the family that she is going to live in, and about her relationships; all of this was something that Simar was trying to push into her and it is not easy for somebody to suddenly forget their basic culture, and remember everything that they were told to remember and do.
This was a big blow to the plans of Veeru and Khushi; for them, it was the death of Roli that caused all of this property to back to their name, and if Roli is living, then they have no claim on anything. So, they cannot believe that Roli is alive, and it is a bit difficult overall once you have known that somebody has died to believe that the person has come back to life, even further since this will mean that their plans are all blown out of the water. Towards this end, both Veeru and Khushi decide that they will not move out of the house although Siddharth and Prem wants to kick them out of the house - it is Mataji who stops them; and this is probably one of the first times that one of the children raised any objections to what Mataji said. They said that she keeps on stopping any action against Veeru and Khushi, and all of this can cause problems.
The rest of the family does not know that Roli is not back, instead they also believe that Roli has come back. The truth about Roli / Jhumki is known only to Prem and Simar, and for some reason, they are not telling the rest of the family about this. This is causing problems, since if Roli is back, then there is no reason for her not to resume her relationship with Sid. After all, there were such a number of problems earlier relating to Naina and others, and it is time for them to resume this relationship and have a normal husband / wife relation. However, Simar is trying hard to prevent this, since she knows that this is not Roli.
Now, there will be more problems since there were certain ways that Roli did things, and Jhumki is certainly not going to do things the same way, especially at times of pressure.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Discovering that Addu is not who he was supposed to be ..

2 stories going on right now. One is the story about Beera and Navika. The serial shows that almost from the time that Beera saw Navika, he was besotted with her and got a job in the same company as her. He also managed to ensure that he was in the same house as she lives in, by becoming a tenant in the house by offering rent money to Renu, who could never turn down money if it was coming in. Further, he also helped a lot in various stages, since he was the one who helped save her when she was in danger, he was the one who played a key part in the bettering of relations between Mohan and Navika by reminding her that she and Addu were the one who kept on with the concept of Mohan being a step-father, and so on. Even later, he helped out by playing a key role in getting Addu back to the family and getting him better. But, all this time, Navika did not reply back to his sentiments, and it was only right at the end when he tried to make her jealous by stating that another girl Sweety was interested in him, and he was thinking of reciprocating that feeling that she finally realized that she was in love with her. However, when she did tell him about her feelings, he told her that he had got tired of waiting all this time, and that his love for her had disappeared. She was shocked and tried to make him reciprocated, and they seem to have settled it fine for now. However, there is always some doubt about the motives of Beera, since he is playing a goody role, and the serial normally uses such a chance to ensure that at some time in the future, they would show Beera as a villain, who was only doing all this for his family and grandfather, and to ensure that Mohan and Navika would be under pressure from that time onwards.
There is a bigger problem. The family is very happy that Addu has been found and are doing all that they can to ensure that he gets better and there has been no doubt in their minds that this is Addu. However, when he was brought there, there was a conspiracy behind this. This is not the real Addu, and it is now becoming clear to them. Munna has some conspiracy behind all this.
First, Addu was able to eat cutlets made from sabudana, which he was allergic to when he was young, and they are all hesitant about how an allergy can go away. Renu makes a joke about Addu having changed, but that leaves Mohan thinking. He gets his medical file from when he was young, and then takes that to the doctor to compare with the medical file from when they got Addu discharged some time back, and he is told by the Doctor that they are 2 different people, the files are related to 2 different people since they have 2 different blood groups, and a lot of things can change, but the blood group cannot change.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Narayan deceived Vrinda

The final confrontation between Jalandhar and Mahadev is coming to a head. The use of a magical weapon by Jalandhar in a quest to reduce the powers of Mahadev has succeeded. Jalandhar was told that Adishakti was the source behind the powers of Mahadev, and that she had not fully remembered her past, and as a result, if she could be prevented from fully regaining her memory, then the power of Mahadev would be reduced. So Jalandhar decides to use the magical weapon against Parvathi and takes her into a illusionary world where nobody can come and get her. When he gets Shukracharya over there, his guru is astounded at what he has done and realizes that the only way to get Mahadev to cool down is by returning Parvathi. However, Jalandhar prevents from doing so, and also tells him that he is right now behaving as a devotee of Mahadev rather than as the guru of the asuras. Shukracharya reminds him of his past, and moves away from him, a sort of break, since he is no longer listening to what Shukracharya has to say.
When Jalandhar gets back to his palace, he finds that Vrinda is also cut up with him, not speaking properly to him. He tells her that all this was being done for her, and although she tells him that all of this was being done for their future, she is afraid of what all he is doing. She also implored him to be there for the final prayer session, where the prayer session will make him immortal and nobody can defeat him. However, even though he tells her that he will return, she is not sure whether he will be there or not.
In the battle, Karthikeyan is astounded that Ymaraj will fight on the side of Jalandhar against Mahadev and decides to fight against him. Yamraj mocks him, and then with this breath, knocks down all the other people on the battlefield, but is not able to have any impact on Karthikeyan. Finally Karthikeyan defeats Yamraj and  pierces his skin with his weapon.
Ganesh is trying to wake up his father, and when Mahadev gets to know that Jalandhar has taken away Parvathi, he is incredibly angry with lava flowing everywhere and the world is again in danger. The others are worried about this, but Narayan promises that Parvathi will take care of this, and she does so, in her world, by pouring water on a statue representing Mahadev, thus cooling off his anger.
When Vrinda is on the stage of doing the final prayer in her palace, she sees Jalandhar coming there, and she is very happy. He does the prayer along with her, and when she is about to apply the tilak on his forehead, she realizes that there is a sudden dissipation of energy and that the person in front of her is not Jalandhar, and this act causes the protection shield against Jalandhar to fail. There was deceit, and she will curse Narayan for appearing in the form of Jalandhar, but he is Lord Vishnu and will overcome all such curses.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Managing to stop the marriage of Manan and Kaira

The marriage preparations for Manan and Kaira are going on full speed. However, Pankhuri and Adi had a lot of suspicions about Manan, and have come to learn that he has been getting Kaira addicted to drugs. Then, they manage to find out that Latika is also in cahoots with him, and manage to blackmail her to find out more details about Manan, and find out that the family is from Ahemdabad.
On the other hand, the Doctor finds out that Latika is pregnant, and Sheela is shocked when she learns about this. She knows how Latika is actually like, and even though she was ready to use the services of Latika earlier for going against Adi and Pankhuri, she cannot visualize Latika as her daughter-in-law. So, when she finds out, she is shocked, especially since she believed that the marriage was just a temporary arrangement, not an actual wedding.
However, Rubel was initially for an abortion, but then Latika persuades him that the baby could be an emotional argument that would help them, and then Rubel decides that they need to keep the baby. When Sheela tells him that they need to drop the baby, Rubel refuses and says that he will make the decisions with relation to his baby, but does not bother to tell her the reasons for the same.
Pankhuri and Aditya are attempting to find the house of Manan in Ahemdabad, and then find that his father meets them, and has called the police. Manan has spun a story that these people were trying to blackmail him, and the police arrest Pankhuri and Adi. At this point of time, Aditya calls Harish and tells him about the current situation. Harish reaches there, and gets bail papers and manages to get Aditya out of the jail. The police officer is a fan of Harish, which also helps. And then they start discussions with Manan's father, who is very reluctant to accept their story, but they manage to persuade him to come with them. If he is right, they they will be proved wrong, which is the story that they used.
Here, in Diwan mansion, Manan is very confident that nobody will be able to stop him, and that he will manage to marry Kaira and get a stake in the fortune of the family. At the last phera, Aditya screams for everything to stop, and then Manan refuses to admit that the man with them is his father. Some proofs are shown, but Manan even refuses to admit all of these, but finally has to admit that this is his father and he was trying to do this for money. Sheela is shocked, since Manan had also told them that his father had died many years back. And then the police come and take away Manan, with even his own father saying to give him a lot of punishment.
Now, Rubel refuses to accept any responsibility when Anuj mentions that such work should have been done by the brother of Kaira; and both Anuj and Sheela are happy at Pankhuri and Aditya for whatever they have done. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya wants to leave Ram, he gets shocked

The reaction on his face was so funny. He knows that here is some problem with Priya, especially when she does not pick up his calls when he was not able to pick her call. Priya is getting more and more angry at Ram because she believes that he is getting more and more interested in Isha (after all, she was his college crush and he seems to be showing her a lot of attention even now). But, Ram is oblivious to most of this, and in fact, one reason why he is apparently getting closer to Isha is because he plans to have a complete medical test, and does not want to tell Priya since he does not her want to get upset or worried about whatever be the result, and Isha is there when the Doctor came to meet him.
Priya is showing a thorough jealous face, and there are a number of factors that are causing an increase in this jealous nature. She hears Ram talking to Vikram late at night, where he apparently says that maybe the baby coming at this stage of life is a mistake, and for her, this statement is a huge problem. She cannot understand as to why he thinks something like that. Further, she is not able to get in touch with Ram, while when Pihu calls up the office, the phone is picked up by Isha, who tells Pihu that her dad is busy. Pihu tells this to Priya, which makes her even more angry, and compounds everything else, since she starts believing that Mr. Kapoor is doing something strange behind her back.
So, she has packed all her bags, and when Ram comes back from the office, he does not immediately notice the packed suitcase and then when he notices it, he is shocked. First he thinks that they had to go somewhere and he forgot about it, but she soon tells him that she is going back to her parents house, and now he can do whatever he wants. She also tells him that she heard about him calling the baby a mistake, and that it was something dreadful to call the baby. He tries to explain to her, but she, as usual, does not listen to what he says and keeps on telling him about everything he does, and so on. Finally she tells him that maybe he felt the marriage itself is a mistake, and that is when he explodes and tells her to stop speaking, that she has no idea of what she is saying. Finally she shuts up.
And then when Pihu comes there, she accuses both of them of trying to leave each other, of arguing with each other, and so on. Finally Pihu locks the door from outside and says she will not open the door until they have resolved the argument, and then their mother also comes there and agrees with Pihu.
On the other hand, Karthik runs into Jhanvi in his own house, and goes to her; she refuses to listen to what he has to say, and she asks him to leave the house and not have any contact with her or their baby from now on.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Amita ka Amit - The issue over the important file

Things are not going right for Amita right now. She has discovered that she is in love with Amit, but is not able to explain this to Amit and is not at all sure about what Amit feels. In fact, things seem to be going the other way. The complication is with the presence of Rohan - Ria - Tina in the house, who are very jealous of Amit and want to ensure that he falls down in the views of his father, which will give a lot more opportunity for Rohan to handle more of the business. And since they are also family members, no one can really believe that something like this can happen, which gives them the ability to hide their views from the others in the family.
So, the head of the family, Kirath has given an important file to Amit to handle. The file is that of an important client, and it is important to bring the file out when they have a meeting with the client. Tina sees this as a good opportunity to bring down Amit which will increase the chances of Rohan. So, they decide to try a tactic. In the meantime, Amita is under the influence of feng-shui and making a lot of changes to the room so that things will improve. She adds more stuff to the room such as a wind-chime, a bowl with a gold fish, incense and other such stuff. Amit is shocked when he sees all this and tells her that he does not believe all this, and to ensure that all this is removed the next day.
However, Amita is happy that something is working, since Amit is not able to sleep at night with the noise of the wind chime coming very close to where he was sleeping (not in the bed) and finally comes to the bed to sleep, which makes Amita happy. Another event happens where Amita is about to fall down when she is doing something on the new stuff that she has put in for feng-shui, and Amit comes and catches her, which also makes her happy. However, it is by keeping her busy in feng shui that Ria is able to take the file out and keep it in their room. When Amit is not able to find the file, he gets very angry and blames her for moving everything around in the house and is worried that his dad will consider him irresponsible.
Amita searches the whole house, except for the room of Tina, and is not able to find the file. She finally gets a ruse to search the room, and then is able to open the almirah and see the file, but then Tina gets on top of her and prevents her from searching the room further. Finally, a lot of drama happens and Falguni also gets called, but by then the file has been removed from the almirah and kept elsewhere in the house, in a dustbin.
While Amita is throwing something in the dustbin, she sees the file, and Tina uses that moment to get everybody there and tell them that Amita had thrown the file by mistake in the dustbin and accused other people of the same. Amit is not there at that time, but his father is there, and when Amita comes back to the room, Amit further scolds her of making false accusations against family members, and says that when she has only been there for 18 years, when should he believe her word against family members.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Again the family being kicked out of the house, trying to get Roli's lookalike

A very strange situation, but it seems like the serial is meant for showing sadness and despair, and is almost becoming like a hindi film. So, the death of Roli is clear, and this death is causing financial problems to the family. In addition to the emotional turmoil that was caused to Simar and Siddharth, and the rest of the family, the changes in the life of Roli were so fast after she had deceived Veeru and got him to give the property back to Roli that the papers were not properly registered. Because of this, Veeru shows up when the Bhardwarj family tried to get back to the house, Veeru claimed that he was the nominee and hence the property is theirs. Both Veeru and Khushi were very happy at this, and to cause humiliation to the family.
They give the family 36 hours to vacate the house, and also tell them many other things for further embarrassment. As usual, there are a lot of tears from everyone in the house because of all this going on, they have already lost their dutiful and loving daughter-in-law Roli. And then they also hear that Veeru and Khushi have no intention of living together, and since they cannot decide what to do with the house, they will sell the house and divide the money among themselves. Since the house has such an emotional connection with the family, they are even further distraught when they hear all this.
On the other hand, Simar and Prem are not there yet, and the family decide that they will wait for them to come back before they leave the house. They see a young girl, and since this is a hindi serial, you know that there will be a duplicate of Roli who will show up, and she will have a totally different background, and so it happens in this case. Simar sees somebody on the street who looks like her sister performing in a nautch girl kind of routine and trying to stop everybody over there, since she cannot stand to see her sister doing an act like that. On the other hand, the girl, called Jhumki, is not able to understand who Simar is, and why she is chasing after her screaming the name of Roli.
Finally Simar and Prem catch up with Jhumki, who is there with her younger brother, and Simar realizes that this girl is not her sister; she hugs her and realizes that there is no connection that she is making with this girl. Both Simar and Prem tell the girl about their situation, and the need they have of her coming with them and making the case that she was Roli and preventing Veeru and Khushi from kicking the family out of the house. Jhumki is reluctant, but finally agrees and lays down some conditions for the same, including a lot of money. Now, Jhumki has to learn a lot about Roli, her style, the people in the family, how they live, and it taker her some time, which makes Simar impatient. But finally she comes and starts preventing Veeru and Khushi from kicking the family out of the house.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Bhabho has a strong attack of conscience

The serial is showing a side of Bhabho that was not ever shown before. Bhabho has always been determined that Sandhya would never be a police officer and she would do whatever was necessary to prevent that. As a consequence, she decided to feed liquor chocolates to Sandhya during the marriage ceremonies, on the eve of the test, so that Sandhya would not be in a proper state of mind to give the test.
In the meantime, the marriage ceremonies were getting over with Emily coming to the home and doing some more ceremonies in the house. Finally, during some teasing, Emily and Mohit are in the room, and it is there that Emily gets a big shock. Mohit takes off his pagri, and then scolds Emily that she finally got what she wanted. Emily is shocked at this tone from Mohit and tells him that this was what was best for both of them, and both of them did love each other. However, Mohit told her that he was shocked when she went to the police station against him, and she had lost his love forever as a result of that. Emily told him that they had a child coming to birth, and so on ... but as of now Mohit is determined, since he tells her that she may have got married to him, but there is no love between them, and he will not give her the love a husband would give to a wife, and nothing she does will change that.
On the other side, both Chavvi and Sandhya have started studying for the exam for the next day, but Sandhya is not very stable, primarily because of the liquor that she ate (which was forced on her by Bhabho, given that Bhabho knew that the effect of those liquor chocolates would ensure that she was dizzy the next day, hardly the best of state to be in when you are giving an exam). Suraj tries to help her, but soon after, Sandhya is falling dizzy and goes to sleep. At the other side, Vikram is being sarcastic against Meena, since he tells her that you are the only one who is differentiating between a girl child and a male child, I would have treated both of them the same.
The next morning, Bhabho has a strong attack of conscience, with her conscience facing back to her in the mirror and telling her that she has sunk low, since she did not use good tactics to get her method, the use of liquor to force Sandhya against going for the test was not right. This conscience finally forced Bhabho at attempt to wake up Sandhya, and when Meena was surprised about this, she also got an earful from Bhabho on this one. Finally, Bhabho managed to wake up Sandhya, who was also in a bad state, and they are in the nick of time, managed to take Sandhya to the exam center, but the iron grill has just been closed by a guard.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Anamika - Jeet trying to hire Anamika as a model, while Rano is scaring Chavvi

The serial is trying to be different, but somehow the appeal is not there. The ghost Anamika was haunting Jeet, while Rano, his wife was trying to save Jeet from coming under the influence of Anamika, and tried all sorts of things, such as using a person to do spells and try the anti-ghost process as shown in the movie Raaz. She is told to find the body of Anamika which was lying in a small lake, and had to do this by sunset. She was able to do this, and tried to burn the body, however, Anamika was also applying the force required to prevent Rano from going ahead with the body burning. She manages to prevent Anamika from taking Jeet with her, but in the process loses her life. With her death, there comes a clash between the 2 families with Rano's mother blaming Jeet's family for preventing the death of Rano, and for not taking care of her. And in the twist, Rano herself turns into a ghost, however, she is not able to appear in physical form as Anamika is able to.
Jeet by now is in a frenzy of work, devastated after the death of Rano, and susceptible to come under the influence of Anamika again. Rano is now able to see all this happening, but is unable to make her appearance felt, and unable to prevent matters from going ahead. As a part of his business, Jeet wants a new model. A lady called Chavvi wants to get a job in the business, but Jeet refuses to give her a job, and is not very happy with her even otherwise. However, Ritu likes Chavvi and says that since she has a 50% stake in the business, she will appoint Chavvi to the business.
Jeet on the other hand is not happy with this decision, and has been persistent in hiring Anamika as a model, pursuing her. She on the other hand shows that she is not interested, only arriving at one interview. Finally she agrees to become the model but only if her conditions are met to, which includes having Jeet present at the modeling session, since Jeet has told her that he is dedicated to the product, and she tells him that it means that he should be there to take care of things. He even tries to get her interested by arranging a dinner at the lakeside, something that she tells him that she likes.
So, finally Anamika agrees to be the model, but when she starts modeling, she insists that she will only model when Jeet is there, and he has to drop everything and run there, since she is refusing to do the shoot. On the other side, Chavvi is very surprised to learn that she is able to communicate with Rano, and she realizes that she is talking to a ghost. This can sometimes become inconvenient, since nobody else can see Rano, and it surprises others to see her talking to thin air.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Amita Ka Amit - Amita changes her outlook towards the relation

Things are not going well in the relation. Amita does not feel like that there is any connectivity in the relationship between them, and this makes her even more negative about the whole aspect. And she is still hiding the fact from her family that Amit will be going to the US on a visa, without her, and for her, this is another example of the distance between them. For her, these distances are increasing even more. Right now, when she is in her parents house for the marriage functions happening there, she feels angry for example when Amit comes home late from office, and while she has told the family that there is some problem at his office and he has to be late, Amit tells people at her home that his car battery broke down and he had to get it repaired. For Amita, this is another example of the distances between them, and because she has not been able to get in touch with Amit during the day, she is feeling even more angry.
When she is finally able to spend more time with him alone, this anger and frustration erupts, and she lets it all  out on Amit. She tells him about what all this will have an impact on her relations with her family since she has not told them about the distances between them, that apparently for now, the marriage is not a happy one, and that she does not even know when she can tell them about him going off to the US. He listens, and when he tries to get a word in, she refuses and tells him that she will do the speaking and he should listen. After some time, he gets angry and leaves from there.
Afterwards, Amits does tell briefly her family about the problems she is having, about how she feels that there is no connection between them, and gets a lot of advice from the senior members of her family. This advice is focused about how relations take a lot of time to establish, that you have to do a lot of cooperation from both sides to make the relation work, and her father tells her that Amit is doing such a lot of work for the marriage of somebody else, he has no doubt that Amit will take good care of his daughter, Amita. This forces Amita to do some thinking, and she starts remembering various examples where Amit was caring towards her. He even once did a fast for her when it was such a occasion, and other examples of his caring. Abruptly, her attitude changes and she starts feeling a deeper feeling of caring and attachment for Amit, and believes that she will be able to make things better.
She starts looking for an opportunity to express her feelings to Amit, but in a crowded house, it is not easy to express such feelings. On the other side, people are able to perceive a change in feelings that Amita has, and while some are happier, others are puzzled, but everybody is associate her actions towards Amit. On the other side, the visa for Amit is going to happen quickly, and this will be a major step for Amita to handle, to build a strong relationship before Amit actually leaves.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Jalandhar starts being more cunning for fighting against Mahadev

So far Jalandhar has always fought directly against all his enemies and his confidence and abilities has enabled him to overcome all his enemies. However, he is starting to realize that his battle is now with even more powerful people, with the incredibly powerful Mahadev. So far all his discussion with his Guru about Mahadev has only revealed that Mahadev is very powerful indeed, that his guru is also a devotee of Mahadev, and that he is so far seen as somebody who is balanced and not against the asuras directly, somebody who was not against the fight by Jalandhar against Indra.
But, now that Jalandhar is already the king of all the 3 words, he is not able to overcome the thought that there are people who are more powerful than he his, and he continues to try his fight against Mahadev. So, his first direct fight against Mahadev goes against him. Mahadev, with a small thumping of his Trishul, breaks the ground under Jalandhar and Jalandhar falls for a long distance. When he finally hits the ground, he takes a lot of time to get up, obviously deeply impacted by this impact and this first defeat.
Both Shukracharya and Vrinda are very unhappy with the current state of Jalandhar, since he seems almost weak, without any energy. Vrinda has earlier been told by Mahadev that he does not feel that Jalandhar will give up, and things will get even more dangerous for Jalandhar as a result. Now, she goes to Jalandhar in an effort to cheer him up and get him back to his full energy. She persuades him to speak to Shukracharya, and when Jalandhar goes to Shukracharya, Jalandhar asks him to speak as the guru of the Asuras, not as a devotee of Mahadev.
Shukracharya tells him that for defeating Mahadev, it is important to become a devotee of Mahadev, since that will be the weakness of Mahadev. However, Jalandhar says that he can never be a devotee, but is then told that maybe visiting the prime devotee of Mahadev, Parsuram, might be the way forward. Jalandhar is told the life story of Parsuram, how he was the 6th avtar of Lord Vishnu, and how he came into existence and claimed revenge for his father, and how he became a true devotee of Mahadev, and wields the powerful axe.
On the other side, Parvathi is going into the final stages of her Yoga, and Mahadev says that he also needs to be there when this is happening, to guide her during these stages. He asks his sons to stand guard outside the cave and not let anybody enter the cave.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Marriage rituals for Mohit and Emily

The marriage of Mohit and Emily was finally on. After a lot of struggle for acceptance of this marriage, finally everybody had accepted. Due to the struggle in the village (which would have refused to accept a marriage between different castes), Sandhya finally managed to get everybody to agree to the wedding even though there was a lot of drama, and even their life was threatened. Eventually, Maasa was convinced and over-rode any objections Bhabho may have had about this, telling Sandhya that she was to be the one responsible for ensuring that the marriage would happen, and to organize the marriage events.
On the other hand, Meena gave birth to a child, which was a girl, but she managed to swap places with the child born in Daisa's house, which was a boy. This swap happened in a hospital where there was a lot of confusion going on since there were a number of deliveries happening at the same time and the hospital was under-staffed. Ever since then, Meena had been under a lot of pressure, since she feared that her truth would get exposed one time or the other. Even the fact that the child had a much darker complexion that her or her husband was an item of concern for her since others had already pointed this out - however Bhabhasa had managed this by pointing out that his complexion was darker, and hence it could be that the child had got the dark complexion from him.
Now, when people from 2 different regions or castes get married, there is often confusion about the marriage functions, since there could be difference in the customs of the marriage festivities. And when the marriage is between people of different religions, there would be a lot more differences, including the fact that a function would also need to happen in church. Bhabho was in her heart not very happy about this, and Meena was doing her best to stoke the fears of Bhabho in this respect by pointing out that eventually Sandhya would become all powerful, and would actually become a police officer. As a result, Bhabho repeated her internal vow that she would not let Sandhya join the police, and become an officer.
There were a lot of compromises that were happening in the marriage festivities, and the 2 different sets of festivities were very different from each other, but if something failed, then it would be repeated and eventually the festivities were proceeding. A problem for Meena was that one of the nurses from the hospital was also there, and her fear about getting exposed was there; and then she would also see her husband getting friendly with the nurse, which also brought about her jealousy.
Bhabho on the other hand had heard about some liquour chocolates that were there as part of the festivities, and she managed to feed some of them to Sandhya, and Sandhya was starting to feel dizzy because of these.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke - Gunjan has an accident, maybe her father changes his mind

As part of the discussion between Gunjan and Charu about getting Mayank and his parents out from the jail (they were jailed after Charu filed a complaint of harassment and injury against Mayank and his parents), Charu wanted to ensure that Gunjan was out of the house - she considered that Gunjan was the main person behind her husband being distant from her. So, when her father came to the house, and started discussions related to her future, Gunjan was agreeable to this. She told her father that she was not involved with anybody, and also told him that she was ready to marry somebody. He got the profile of Aditya, and she agreed to meet Aditya. In the meantime, Mayank was not willing to take this problems raised by Charu and started a plan to expose her false claims by fabricating photos that apparently showed her in the act of faking her own burning and other such events. Finally, Charu was forced to admit that she had done all this, and the police was able to hear this and took her away. So, the combination of Rachna and Mayank managed to get Charu out of the house.
In the meantime, the engagement of Gunjan and Aditya was progressing, and whenever Aditya had any doubt, Gunjan managed to assure him that she was totally happy with the marriage. In the meantime, Mayank was very unhappy but not in a position to say anything. However, Aditya did manage to get to know more details and at the time of the actual marriage, he backed down saying that he now knew the truth and considered that it would unfair for him to marry Gunjan now that he knew the truth. However, this was very shocking for Gunjan's father since he had no idea of all this, and also, Mayank was still married. He made his opposition to any sort of romance or marriage with Mayank clearly well known and told Gunjan quite sternly that he would not agree to anything like this. 
However, by this time, Gunjan was quite clear that she wanted to be with Mayank and was willing to defy her own father. They tried a number of small steps to cause her father to look more kindly at Mayank, but he refused quite angrily and told them that he will not change his stand. She met Mayank outside the house and told him that she was willing to run away with him, but Mayank took the correct route and refused this. At this, Gunjan finally told him that they could not meet after this, and drove off in her car quite disturbed. And you know what happens when somebody drives off while disturbed, they have an accident. She has a horrible accident with a truck and Mayank rushes her off to hospital, with her getting more seriously injured and Mayank being less injured.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Adi still angry with Pankhuri, Kaira in a bad spot

Things are getting complex again in the serial. For some time now, the serial has been reaching towards a point where Pankhuri's family will get to know about her working as a caretaker in the Diwan household and this will cause problems with Adi and Avantika. The only reason why Sheila and Rubel were not able to exploit the situation was because Nanaji had told them that he knew what they were trying, and if he ever got to know that they had done something like this, at that very instant he would donate the mansion to charity and they would be kicked out of the house. This was scary to them, since they wanted the mansion as well (it was very expensive and they could not bear to see the house going away to charity after all the planning and effort they had taken to get Avantika and Adi out of the house).
Now, Avantika had got to know about Pankhuri working as a caretaker, and while she was angry, she was reconciled to this pretty quickly, and gave Sheila a big surprise when she came to the house along with Pankhuri one day, thus ensuring that Sheila and Rubel knew that Avantika knew and it was not that big a problem with her as they had anticipated. However, the situation with Adi was different; he had a hot temper, and when he finally got to know, he was very angry that Pankhuri was doing this behind his back, that she had not told him. He refused to accept apologies from Pankhuri, and even though she had sent him flowers, he still taunted her after he came home. He used her own words after she came home, telling her that one should not cause harm to one's own loved ones.
In the mansion, things are becoming very strange with Kaira and Manan. Pankhuri is starting to suspect that there are some problems with Manan, but it is difficult to say anything since Kaira is very angry if anybody says anything to her. Sheila is trying to start the work for her marriage, trying to arrange some good boys for her; but the problem is that Kaira really does not listen to Sheila, and Manan is also screwing up things further by getting her involved with drugs. By this time, Kaira is getting hooked onto drugs, which is causing her to behave even more strongly.
So, on a day when Sheila has invited the family of a very eligible boy to the home, Kaira is nowhere to be seen. Sheila is frantic and asks Pankhuri for help, and Pankhuri can see that Kaira is standing by the side of the road, totally out of it. Pankhuri has to go to Kullu with Adi for Dadaji's birthday celebrations, and helping Kaira will make her late. She does take Kaira, and by this time, Sheila has handled the situation, asking the boy's family to come the next day and Sheila wants to ensure that Kaira will be there.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Ishita in her quest to get Yash to be hers

The serial is moving into apparently the final week of this series, with the new season of the soap ready to start soon, and hence the current serial needs to be wrapped up soon. Ishita is under a lot of pressure, since she wants Yash to be hers, while she is now under pressure from both Akash and Aarti about her behavior, and has to move matters quickly. On both these fronts, matters will get very dangerous for her, leaving her with very little time.
Ever since she was prevented from marrying Yash and married Akash, Ishita has always wanted to marry Yash. This is becoming a passion with her and she is willing to do anything to get this ambition of hers fulfilled, not caring about her being married to Akash (who is still vulnerable, even though he has got a lot of love from his brothers) and about Yash being happily married to Aarti and having many children with Aarti. For Ishita, she is now the total villain of the piece, and will do anything in her quest to harm Aarti. She tried to harm Aarti before her delivery, but was unable to do anything. After that, after Ayu was born, Ishita did not give up and finally got the kidnap of Ayu done. Aarti was initially blamed for this, but soon after, the same child was adopted back by Pari and brought back into the house.
By now, Aarti is very suspicious of Ishita, but like many other Hindi Serials, the makers of the serial always show the good people to be a bit dumb, always expecting that people will get better over a period of time and will lose their badness, and many times have to suffer because of that (some serials can show this suffering to happen for many months or years, while other serials can show this suffering to be a bit shorter). She wants to ensure that no harm can come to the family because of Ishita, but is not cunning enough to prevent Ishita from doing what she wants to do - she has to catch Ishita after she has done whatever she wanted to do.
Now, Ishita is in trouble with Akash wanting to be intimate with her, while Ishita is trying to rebuff him, and even tells him that she is using him to get closer to somebody else. Akash finally mentions the divorce word, and asks her whether she is interested in divorcing Akash since she is not really interested in the marriage. However, Ishita gets a reprieve after that when Akash has to go Bhopal for some work. Soon after, Ishita has a confrontation with Aarti where she gets 2 stinging slaps from Aarti since Aarti again believes that Ishita is after Yash. Also, when there are some dancers in the house for a function, Aarti traces one of them as being the one who was involved at the time of Ayu's kidnap, and gets the information from her that Ishita was involved in the kidnap.
With so little time left, Ishita has to move quickly. She has to quickly snare Yash in a situation where he cannot deny, and so gets him to a hotel elsewhere with the pretense that she has a detective to investigate the kidnapping and that the detective is getting closer. She then gets Yash to drink a juice that has been drugged and is hoping to showcase Yash in an intimate scene, so that he cannot deny what happened.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Finally the truth about Deepali causing trouble out ..

RK is very jealous now about Madhu, and what her intentions are with respect to Sultan. Any contact of Madhu with Sultan is problematic for him, and this will also cause problems for Madhu. Her quest seems to be to take RK to a position where she can finally tell him that the game is over and in a way that he learns that he could not have treated her like this. She does meet Sultan, and this is something which causes problems since if there is a chance of RK getting to know, he will be furious with her and the whole plan will be ruined. Once, when she had met him in a mall, Deepali was there along with Radha, and Deepali was trying her best to ensure that Radha got to see this; however this did not happen and Madhu was saved that time. Madhu had tried to allay the suspicions of RK by deleting the number of Sultan from her phone and also telling RK that she had removed Sultan from her life. She had also once almost jumped off a building when RK had told her to do so, to prove her life, and it was just at the last minute that RK managed to save her and pull her up.
However, when a party is happening, Deepali sees a good chance to again cause problems for Madhu and get RK to be furious at her. She sends out a message to Sultan from Madhu's phone (by planning to ensure that Madhu's phone got missing for some time, and then sending the message from there) and then later uses Sikky to actually give Sultan an invitation card, apparently from Madhu's side.
Predictably, when RK saw Sultan at the party, he was very angry and even more so when he learnt that he had got messages from Madhu to come to the party. He humiliated Madhu at the party, and then dragged her away from there and back to their room, followed by the rest of the family (Radha, Deepali and Sikky). Deepali was of course very happy when she saw this happening, since it meant that her plan was succeeding, and she tried to add more oil to the fire by instigating RK further, which of course did not work since RK would not listen to what he said.
And then Madhu used her brains, trying to determine what time the message was sent to Sultan since she was sure that the message was not sent by here. She looks at the time of the message, and realizes that this was sent at a time when the phone was missing, and reminds RK that she had told him at that time that her phone was missing. He immediately gets suspicious at Deepali, and when Madhu told him that she had collided with Deepali just before her phone got missing, he turned to Sikky and finally got the truth out from him. He was very angry with Deepali, and even though Deepali tried to state her reasons, he told her and Sikky that they should not be in the house after 8 hours, that they are being kicked out of the house.
Deepali did try to stoke more suspicion, raising points about some previous times about why Madhu was apparently meeting Sultan, even at the mall. They show everybody suspicious at Madhu about what had happened.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Anamika - Rano dies to save Jeet from Anamika

The serial is trying to best to be different. For a few days, the viewers of the serial would have thought that they were in Raaz, where the ghost was doing its best to get the hero (although the hero in this case had not committed adultery, but instead had been drawn in by the magic done by Anamika). But the twist is seen in the current days, where instead of breaking the spell of the witch (actually Anamika is shown as a witch, but since she had died and come back, I am not sure about the difference between a witch and a ghost in this case), the heroine is given a chance to prevent the witch from dragging off her husband by evening, and does so at the cost of her life.
So, things have reached a point where they are very serious. Anamika was able to get hold of Jeet a couple of times, but Rano managed to get back Jeet every time. And then she got married to Jeet in a temple, while being aware that something strange is going on. There is a fog that is seen outside a window and near a tree, and the family dog starts barking outside even though there is nobody there who can be seen. Priests are there to help in the functions, but these priests are killed by Anamika. Anamika uses these priests by getting in them and use their voices to call Rano to different locations.
Anamika also causes a lot of problems to Rano, when she gets inside Rano soon after marriage and causes her to behave strangely. For example, Rano speaks in a harsh way to her mother-in-law when she says something, and soon after marriage, no one would expect their daughter-in-law to speak badly to them, especially somebody you have known for some time. There is some tension between the mother of Rano and Jeet after this. Further, Rano's mother gets a heart attack when she is trying to catch hold of Rano when Anamika is inside her, and then suddenly her hand starts increasing in length till it is very long. In a dance function, Rano starts dancing weirdly, and the next day when Anamika is not there, Rano sees the video of the dance and is shocked to see herself.
Finally Rano takes the help of Shalaka, who acts against these witches and ghosts. She uses her powers to capture a small bit of hair of Anamika and then captures Anamika inside a mirror and buries the mirror in the ground. However, this hair soon goes out of control, and then Shalaka finds that the ground has been disturbed and the mirror is broken with Anamika no longer visible. She is shocked and tells Rano that they will need to do the quest of finding her body in the lake and burn it; now that Anamika has escaped after being trapped, she will be more powerful, and this time she will be able to catch Jeet and they will not be able to prevent this unless they get rid of her body before dusk.
Rano goes to the lake and has managed to find the body, but there is a fight between her and Anamika with Anamika using the weeds to try and prevent Rano from destroying the body, with Rano trying to strike the body with a dagger that will destroy Anamika. In the end, Rano prevents Anamika from being powerful enough to take Jeet, but loses her life in the process.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Savitri - Savitri making her way, does some fighting for the first time ..

So the serial takes some new twists and turns. First of all, during her quest to get the arms of Rahukaal, she encounters Nagraj and pisachs near a forest. And then during the fighting, she gets the help of a lady who looks just like her mother-in-law, but who is dressed very differently and with a very different set of powers. Savitri is confused by this, but this lady is helping her in the fight against the Nagaraj and the others, along with Vikrant who is also helping her. At the temple to the Devi, she encounters the spirit of a baba who gives her a sword and tells her that she should do her duty to help the pisachs who need delivery from their curse. And then you see a major transformation in Savitri, who, wearing a sword, decides to take a new route. She starts a major fight against all the demons around her, with Nagaraj not believing what he is seeing. And then Savitri tells the Nagaraj that his power is gone, he is the one who is the curse on the demons all around him, and then she cuts off his head. And soon after, the pisachs all vanish, apparently with the curse on them having gone. She gets a ring from the old man which gives her the visions of the past, of Veer, of Damayanti, and whatever happened earlier where Rahukaal had killed Veer, and then Damayanti had killed Rahukaal and cut his bodies into different parts.
In the meantime, the lady who looked like her mother-in-law tells her that she is very confident of the abilities of Savitri, and goes off. She has already told Savitri that she is not related to her in any way, her face being similar to that of her mother-in-law is totally coincidental, and the reason that she is helping Savitri is because this will be the only way that her son, Rahu Kaal, would get his whole body back. And then she goes back to Rahu Kaal and Gulika, who are very upset to see her there, since her helping Savitri is to help get the body of Rahu Kaal back. She seems upset over what has been happening, and particularly blaming Gulika for whatever has happened to Rahukaal.
Now, when the hands are with Savitri, Gulika comes there and asks for the hands. Savitri refuses and tells Gulika that unless Rahukaal come there, she will destroy the hands. Gulika does not like this, but goes from there and then Rahukaal comes there. He also threatens her that bad things will happen to Satya unless the hands are given to him, but she tells him that unless Satya comes there, the hands are gone. And she has a sword which she tries to use on Rahukaal, but he tells her that he does not have a body (destroyed by her in the past) and hence the sword cannot hurt him. She first has to bring the parts of his body, put them together, and then only she can destroy it again.
Satya is brought back, but Rahukaal tells her that this is in a form controlled by him; is this Satya or somebody like him, or what ?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Shiv and Anandi gone for a honeymoon in Kashmir

After quite some time, the serial is showing a honeymoon for Shiva and Anandi. They have gone to Kashmir for their honeymoon, and as usual, the beauty of Srinagar and the other places in Kashmir is incredible. Since they are out of the house, Anandi has jettisoned her usual conservative sense of dressing and is without a pallu when outside. They come out from Srinagar airport and meet a guide who promises to arrange things for them. This guide is Adbul.
They head for the Dal Lake and go for a shikara ride in the lake, and the journey is as beautiful as it can be. Both of them are very happy and Shiv teases Anandi when she wished that Dadisa was also here. Shiv asks her whether all their families should also be here ? It is after all their honeymoon and it is only right for them to get some privacy for their families, away from all of them.
They are having fun, taking part in the festivities and cultural events that happen, including throwing snow at each other. And the serial then adds a bit of drama, with somebody taking their photos from a distance. Is this going to be a re-doing of a terrorist element such as Roja, or will it be somebody noticing them and deciding to take photos of them, but without a sinister angle ?
On the other hand, Jagya is in Udaipur where Shiv's family lives, for a conference, important for his hospital. Ever since he took care of Sanchi when she had got hurt, she was impressed by him, and seems to be in love with him. She had even scolded Ganga when Ganga got in the way of Shiv paying attention to Sanchi. So, Sanchi is happy when she runs into Jagya again in Udaipur and learns about why he is there. When he comes to their home, he learns that Shiv and Anandi have gone for their honeymoon, and is sad to hear about this. He is invited to stay at their home, but refuses since the conference center is close to their hotel.
Sanchi gets even more impressed by him when they are going together and some guys try to act fresh with her, handling them in a way that impresses her. He prevents physical action and handles them in a way that makes her very impressed.
They spend some more time together, since Sanchi needs to buy something, and Jagya wants to buy something for his family. She gets even more impressed by his care for his family. The question now is - they are showing some closeness with Ganga as well, and here Sanchi is also getting more and more impressed with Jagya, and they are looking for a wife for him. Who will it be will be an interesting question for the viewers of the serial.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - After the feat of Kajri, people agree to Emily and Mohit wedding

As usual, the serial takes another serious problem and then resolves it in a manner that seems to show that the tradition should be broken if it is against humanity. However, in the serial they show a major tragedy about to happen which changes the mood and minds of the villagers, and this causes them to break their tradition. However, for those cases where such a feeling does exist, one cannot always depend on some kind of tragedy and heroic action to change the minds of the local people, especially when it came to caste and religious differences.
The serial has them at Maasa's village where they have also taken Emily and Mohit to get Emily to take part in the festivities of the marriage in Maasa's family and also see whether Maasa can give approval for Mohit and Emily to get married. However, they also realise that in the village, there are lots of problems with regard to inter-caste and inter-religion marriage. Given that Bhabho was initially against the marriage with Emily because she was Christian, Maasa would be more firmly against such a marriage. However, finally Emily meets her approval after she touches up her face (after some treatment left Maasa's face with marks).
But Maasa does not know that Emily is a Christian, and it is even more dangerous when the rest of the village gets to know about this fact. When the village thakur gets to know about this, he is very angry, calls this a violation of the traditions of the village and wants to hunt down Mohit and Emily so that they can be punished with death.
Suraj escapes with them while the rest of the Rathi family are locked up. Suraj, Mohit and Emily hide in an old haveli, while Sandhya does some drama inside the place where they are locked up to ensure that the guards open the place. However, by this time the hunt is over and Suraj, Mohit and Emily are found. Things are getting problematic for them, with imminent danger, and they find that a fire has happened which has caused many young children of the village to get stuck, along with Chotu. The fire spreads such that there is no way for the children to get out and anybody to get to them.
And then Sandhya remembers that there is a way to get to them, through walking on a rope that can be stretched to the haveli, but the only person who can do that is Kajri, who is near crazy because her son and daughter-in-law were killed because they broke a similar tradition of the village. Kajri is reluctant to do this, but is persuaded to do this. She makes several trips, walking on the rope and getting back the children one by one, including the son of the thakur.
Once this happens, Sandhya lamblasts the villagers about their beliefs, saying that their children was saved by one whose close ones were killed horribly by the villagers and now they are trying to thank her for saving their children. Finally, the thakur and the villagers agree for the marriage and so does Maasa. Bhabho is somewhat reluctant, but then is scolded by Maasa, who asks for the wedding of Mohit and Emily to be planned soon, and asks Sandhya to take the responsibility for doing the marriage. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Vrinda finally agrees to marry Jalandhar

After some amount of persuasion by Shukracharya, Jalandhar finally decides to obey the wishes of his guru and marry somebody. The discussion was an interesting one, where the guru told him about the duties of the king of the asuras to marry so that he can have a heir for the future of the asura race. At the same time, Jalandhar responded that he was not born of any king (although he was actually born of the flame generated by the opening of the third eye of Siva) and he did not believe in this concept of a kind getting his kingdom due to his being the son of somebody. He won the throne based on his capabilities.
When he went to Vrinda to extend his marriage proposal, her father had been there before him. Her father talked to Vrinda about her marriage, and Vrinda thought that he was talking about Jalandhar. She remembered him, and also remembered how Jalandhar had saved her, and thinking about this, she told her father that she was agreeable to whoever her father had chosen for her. So, she was shocked when her father told her that her would be husband was another asura. When Jalandhar came there, she told him that her father had chosen another asura, and she would marry whoever her father had chosen. Of course, since Jalandhar was a man of direct action, he went before her father and asked for her hand in marriage, and hence, her father agreed. But Vrinda objected, since she did not like being tossed from one person to the other.
In the meantime, Indira proposed to the other devas that he will surrender before the asuras since Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have all refused to help him. However, at that time, Vishnu and Brahma entered there and told him that they are giving him a new weapon in the fight. Indira is very happy since his plan seems to have worked. At the same time, Parvathi is now sitting in a much deeper form of concentration, and Mahesh has already told Karthikeyan and Ganesh that they need to protect her while she is in this quest, but it will be difficult since her energies will start to come back. And it is indeed during this concentration, as her energies start to get back, that she starts to remember more. The powers that are flowing through her are making her red-hot and both Ganesh and Karthikeyan are waiting for their father to come to handle this situation.
Now Jalandhar enters into the battle with Indira, and Indira is very happy since he has a new weapon to handle Jalandhar, and hence is very confident.
Shukrachray on the other hand is working on Vrinda, to get her to agree to the proposal with Jalandhar. He knows that once Jalandhar gets married to a pious and truthful lady, he has a boon that will make him almost impossible to defeat. As a result, when finally Vrinda agrees to marry him, weapons thrown by Indra against Jalandhar stop working, which causes Indra to get very worried. Vrinda approaches the battlefield and Jalandhar is able to hear this.
Mahadev approaches the location where Parvathi is meditation, and his presence is what her parents and her sons are looking for, since the movement of the powers into Parvathi is causing a lot of worries to them.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram manages to win court case, get back property, but not Kush

The serial has suddenly reached a point where the story of Ayesha seems to have been done for now. Ever since Ram had handed over his share of the property to Ayesha when he wanted to end the relationship, she had taken on a high air. She took over control of the property, took over control of the house and the business and then decided what would happen in the house. And she became very arrogant. Even though Ram told her many times that he had just handed over his part of the property and that the rest of the family continued to hold their share, she refused to listen and assumed that she had full control of the house. She refused to let family members enter the business, and after a confrontation when there were some business visitors in the house, she got angry and kicked everybody out of the house. This made Ram very angry since she kicked them all out, including the elders, in the middle of the night without worrying over where they would go.
At the same time, Ram was having problems of his own. He had setup a business in Jaipur, but after rain ruined his end delivery, he was back to square one and then decided to come back to Mumbai after Vikram pushed him to do the same. He and Priya took jobs, but this was not the same thing. Eventually, there was a desire to ensure that Ayesha does not continue to be so arrogant, and that it was time to get everything back from her. He had even scared Ayesha once by telling her that since he had given her everything easily, he could take it back. Even though Ayesha knew that was not so easy, she did get scared. Sid on the other hand kept on helping her, while double-crossing her with other girls at the same time.
Finally, the serial pushed the part in the contract which revealed that if Ayesha decided to get married again, the property would revert back to Ram. So, the aim was to push both Sid and Ayesha for the wedding, pushing the reason that this would help Sid in his quest to show himself as a respectable family man by being married and having a kid. However, after a lot of drama, Ayesha called off the marriage at the last minute by telling everyone that she knew what was going on, and that she knew about the details in the contract as well, and it seemed like Ayesha had out-smarted everyone.
And then a miracle. Sid wanted to turn a new leaf, and called Ram to the jail. There he told Ram that Sid and Ayesha were already married, at a temple when they were drunk, and this was registered in the temple records and there was a witness. This would be good enough to get back the property. So, now the quest is to find the temple records and the witness. There are some obstacles, since they don't know the exact date, and the witness address is not clear. However, they finally manage to find the records and also the witness, who is a pregnant lady with 7th month of pregnancy. She agrees to be a witness although the temple priest turns when Ayesha offers him money.
When they are heading to court, the lady goes into labour and Priya and Neha rush her to hospital. In the meantime, the court gives them 1 hour to find a witness and more proof, and then Priya comes in. She has got a phone with photos and also the recorded testimony of the witness. And the ground falls below Ayesha's feet since the court threatens the temple priest. He turns and tells the truth and then declares that the marriage did happen and everything is now back in Ram's name. However, Ayesha wants to take Kush away, which does shock Ram and the others.

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