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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo - Kshushi and Mamiji trying to find evidence of Arnaav being imprisoned

The serial has gone into a sort of slow mode. The main lead of the serial is on vacation, and hence the need to fill in stuff in such a way that they can make his disappearance look logical, and one interesting way is to show him as being kidnapped. So that is the serial story right now - Arnaav was supposed to head out to England and Scotland, but things start getting more suspicious, with no news for some time until Arnaav phones and says that he is in a region with low connectivity (which should be suspicious, since connectivity all over the world, especially in western countries is far more).
Over a period of time, Kshushi finally managed to convince Mamiji that Arnaav has indeed been kidnapped; Kshushi tries to find information from the airport but is not able to do so since the airport officials do not show her any CCTV tapes without her having some authority to do so.
However, there is a comical sequence where Mamiji (dressed in black like a detective) along with Khushi go to a house to see the tapes of the airport where they are able to see Arnaav going away from the airport with some people, but the faces of the people cannot be seen. However, this is all they are able to see, and then there is an issue with the guard but they still manage to escape from there. Once back, Khushi is getting suspicious that Shyam may have had something to do with the kidnapping.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya Saath Nibhana - Competition between Anita and Gopi

This serial seems to have descended into foolishness. It also seems to prove that one should not do good, else you will have to face the consequences. So, due to a trick by Rashi, Anita and Ahem are shown in compromising conditions in the marriage ceremony (which was itself very foolish), and as a result, Anita's marriage is put off. To avoid the mental trauma, Ahem and family bring Anita home and try and make her believe for some time that everything is fine, but then Anita gets to know the truth.
Things get more complicated since now Anita believes that Gopi is not fit for Ahem, and she is the true person who would be right for Ahem. In addition, there is a complication when Ahem objects to the marriage proposal for Anita from Arvind; there is a small confrontation between Anita and Kokila, when Kokila objects to Anita saying that Gopi is not right for Ahem. Kokila proposes a small competition where both Anita and Gopi have to win blessings from others in the house without letting them know about the competition; and Gopi objects to using any wrong means for winning the competition, while Anita has no such objections.
What is crazy is about Kokila letting this happen, she is such a dictator that she should be able to set everything right; why is she not stopping Anita from doing all this ?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Becoming somewhat farcial

The serial moves between the serious and the stupid / comical. You have a serial that is pushed on a very serious issue, whereby a man is seduced and walks off from a decade old relationship with his wife, and at the end, does not feel the least bit wrong about it, and even blames everybody in his life for the same. The wife seemingly accepts it, but her plan (and that of her mother-in-law) is to show the husband how he is wrong, and will eventually lead to his coming back to his wife.
So there is a court case for divorce, where his wife pushes the children onto him, and then his mother makes up with him so that she can create differences between the new couple and the old one. When the wife goes to her sister-in-law for a job, she makes an excuse and then refuses to offer the job, since she knows which side she should take, and starts sucking up to the new relation.
And then the comedy happens. The mother-in-law decides that one way to do this is to get the new girlfriend to take part in a local cake baking contest, and there starts a contest where the good wife is bested due to trickery (in the meantime, the smart children get caught and are sentenced to a boarding school by a very angry father). The scheming sister-in-law decides that she should do more to get closer to the rich new girlfriend and tells about how the mother-in-law is committing fraud.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - The reunion of Suraj and Sandhya

The confrontation between Suraj and Sandhya was reaching critical heights. It was apparent to everyone in the house (and even to outsiders) that there was huge turmoil between Suraj and Sandhya, and that Suraj, far from supporting her in the past as he used to do, was instead the one who was pushing Sandhaya out of the house. Bhabhasa was the only one who knew the reason as to why Suraj as behaving like he was, but was unable to tell the reason for the same. Even Bhabho was astounded when she came to know about the behavior that Suraj was exhibiting.
And so it happens that Suraj drives her out of the house, even though he suffers great pain from what happened; on the other hand Sandhaya is horrified at what is happening to her. But they finally call her brother and tell him that she will be leaving the house. And they depart, with Sandhaya being put in a bus to leave from there.
And then the turnaround happens ? Suraj learns that the bus in which Sandhaya left had an accident and is now searching for her, and then he finds her. And in this time of high emotion, the truth comes out from both sides, with Suraj learning that it was not Sandhaya who was behind the divorce papers, but her friend Preeti. He also tells her the reason for his behavior, and thus they decide to come back to the house where they are welcomed by all the house members.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Marriage between Yash and Aarti, is it over ?

It is always so horrible when shows start on an interesting nature and then before people can get used to the interesting subject being continued in the serial, the makers of the serial put the traditional stuff that is used to increase the time period of serials and keep them ongoing (but nowadays, it is also true that serials that start to get boring suffer a decrease in TRP's which forces the makers of the serials to not resort to traditional stuff and to keep the serial interesting).
Punar Vivaah had a fascinating beginning; after all you have a serial where, in a more modern society, two parents get married, for the sake of their children, not because they want to get married again. So, Yash Sindhia is an interior designer whose wife died, and who is left with 2 young girls to take care of. On the other hand, Aarthi lives with her inlaws, who are also the only relatives she has. Her husband had divorced her to be with another woman, and her inlaws took her side and she lives with them. After some comments at a party, they decide that it is better for her to get re-married and after some events, they finally get her married to Yash (and after some misunderstandings between them).
Yash's mother and father are not really too much in favor of Aarthi, and she gets a lot of pushback from her mother-in-law Gayathri, but things come to a head when her son is kidnapped. While Yash goes to get the son back (and getting injured in the process), things take a different turn in the house where Aarthi speaks out against her inlaws and is turned out of the house. Further, she is made to believe that Yash is in favor of separation while Yash believes that Aarthi was the one who is moving for a separation. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Bus drive with Mohan, Megha and Papaji

The serial is an interesting one, not getting into an issue relating to social issues such as saas-bahu conflicts, villainous relatives, and so on. Even the relatives who are villains are actually more mean in nature rather than being actually villains. It is now that the serial is interesting elements of a crime and a true villain, in the nature of a politician.
The story is also more refreshing than the normal story, since it talks of a widow with 2 young children, the case which would be the most evil treated in hindi movies, or serials. However, it is not so in the serial. Megha and her children are treated well, even though her sister-in-law is envious of her, and once in a while does make a remark about the widow thing. Her husband Amar had committed suicide, and that is the everlasting horror in the house, since he was supposed to have committed suicide after being accused of corruption.
And then there is Mohun, the neighbor who is in love with Megha (to the horror of his mother who cannot stand this). Anyhow, Megha's family does not think much of Mohan, although megha is starting to see some of the good points in him. Now, Mohan is doing some investigating around the suicide and whether Amar was actually innocent, which means that Megha's family is starting to trust him only in this respect, to the extent that Megha goes along with Mohan (and Papaji) to the earlier house in Bhopal where they used to live. Will he find something there ?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya aur Bati Hum - Finally, a confrontation between Sandhya and Suraj

For a long time now, the serial has been showing Suraj being the supporter of Sandhya in the house, even when Bhabho was trying to kick her out of the house. However, ever since Suraj saw the divorce papers, he was shocked and his behavior was totally changed. From that time on, his behavior towards Sandhya had changed. He decided that his family and his own self was not suitable for Sandhya, and wanted to reach a set of conditions where she would leave the house and then would be able to whatever she wanted to do. As a result, from that time on, he would put a lot more pressure on Sandhya, scolding her in public when something happened, or would blame her for things that in the past he would have supported. This was a shocker to Sandhya, and even to his own family members, specifically to Bhabhasa; and finally Bhabhasa decided to confront Suraj about what happened for his change in behavior and Suraj tells him the real reason, about letting Sandhya go.
However, things reach a head at the proposed marriage of Chavi, where everybody suspects that it was because of Sandhya that the marriage got postponed by 1 year, and there is a public confrontation. However, with Bhabhasa about to get involved, Suraj calls her to the room and then confronts her about the divorce papers and then refuses to listen to whatever she had to say, and finally says that he is turning her out of the house.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - The truth about Gaurav is known, confrontation in the family

Parichay is very sensitive about the TRP ratings that it has, and it has a very critical time slot. As a result, any dragging in the serial can cause people to start switching, and this actually works to the benefit of viewers since the serial makers are forced to keep movement in the serial and not drag stuff. So, for example, earlier the serial had dragged a lot during the whole court case with Richa, and the current episode seems to have been resolved much faster.
There were 2 current tracks that were happening. One was the issue about Raveena - Vikram - Rohit, and the other was over Siddhi getting to know the truth about Siddhi's affair and others in the family not knowing the truth and casting doubt over Siddhi's version; also tension between Seema and Siddhi over this whole matter.
So, this time Raveena was much smarter. She had already realized that whatever she had with Rohit was over, that Rohit had tried to use her, and that Vikram was the one who was totally for her. 
But when vikram had seen her with Rohit in the farmhouse, he had developed a misunderstanding, and hence she totally wanted to reverse things. So, the next time when she was meeting with Rohit to get him to back down, she had also taken the liberty of tape-recording everything, and this enabled Vikram to learn the truth about her feelings and this brought them closer together.
On the other hand, Kunal finally learnt that Siddhi was right, and that Gaurav was indeed having an affair, and this was finally revealed in the house. There was a confrontation in the house, where Gaurav blamed everybody for not paying him the same attention as they paid to the others (including his own wife - the same logic given in the serial Kya Hua Tera Vayda) and stomped out of the house. One wonders as to what will happen next, since Gaurav even works for his father-in-law and one would think that the job would no longer be available.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Kunal very angry with Siddhi about her going to Akasha's flat

Things are going problematic for Siddhi. Even though there is a lot of happiness for her pregnancy, she is very worried about what Gaurav is doing to Seema by having an affair with Akasha, who is a young girl. In the beginning, Siddhi is able to get the family on her side, but then Gaurav is able to convince everyone that there is no affair, that the flat has been bought with the knowledge of Seema's father and that Siddhi has no proof about this affair. And in a idiotic scene, the girl herself is brought to their home, where she expectedly denies that there is any affair. So now all is well, Siddhi story is not to be believed, but that does not stop her.
She hears Garuav talking on the phone where he wants Akasha to move to a new flat, so that there is no more tension on this issue, and is not found out. She still is sure that Gaurav is in an immoral relationship, and decides to go to the flat to find out more and see whether she can get more evidence, and manages to enter the flat. However, Akasha is leaving, and ends up locking Siddhi inside the flat. Now, Siddhi is locked inside the flat, and she does get support from Kunal who is outside. However, there was a trip to Kashmir that Gaurav had arranged for them to get them out of the way, and so they are not able to do this trip.
The impact of this flat stay is that the family is very angry at Siddhi's attempt to find out more (blaming her for trying to create gaps between Seema and gaurav, and Seema does not believe what Siddi is saying about this relationship any more). Kunal is also very angry, and is ignoring whatever Siddhi is doing to try and cool him down.
And Veena is on her own track, relating everything to the coming arrival of her dead son Anand in the name of Siddhi's baby, creeping everybody out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Preparing Anandi for a new innings

For some time now, the serial has been showing Anandi struggling with her emotions against the changing moods and tones of Jagya. But it is also pretty clear to her that even though his marriage with Gauri is not legal as per law, Jagya only accepts Gauri as his wife, and the relationship with Anandi is no longer possible (unless the serial does a drastic change of heart some time later). This is furthered by a number of scenes such as when Anandi packs everything that belonged to Jagya inside a box to throw, or when she slapped him and threatened to file a case of bigamy against him if he pushed for his share of the property, and then they finally signed the divorce papers.
Now, the next part of the serial is to show somebody for Anandi, and for this a new dashing character has to be introduced, and this would be in the form of Siddharth Shukla, who would be in the form of the District Collector (where Jetsar has been declared as a district). He meets Anandi in the form of saving her when she is in a runaway cart, and saves her. Further, this was soon after Anandi was publicly feted by the Chief Minister for being a great role model at a public function, and applauding her accomplishments as the sarpanch of Jetsar.
This may be the next romance, between the District Collector and Anandi as they strive to do a number of good deeds for the region.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Purvi shocked once she comes to know of Ovi and Arjun

The serial is really taking a long time to get to the conclusion of this story. There is Archana, her daughters are all in the same area and with a huge amount of coincidence, both Ovi and Teju now know her, but not as their mother. Archana on the other hand is enjoying the time that she is able to spend with them, and knows that with the image of their mother they have in their head, they may behave in any way once they get to know the truth about who Archana is.
The serial has shown the entry of Ovi, shown her to be very possessive about Arjun, and also a surprise party for Arjun where the engagement of Arjun and Ovi is announced (seems very surprising, since for a person such as Arjun, who is shown to have a strong personality, who would actually do a party where his engagement is announced). The result of this engagement is that Purvi is shocked, since she had finally become closer to Arjun after a lot of persuasion, and this was a big shock to her. This was Arjun's fault since he did not tell her about this prior relationship that he had, and also because he knew that she was a conservative girl, who would not easily accept a romance, and then for her to get shocked suddenly like this would be real bad.
On the other hand, the serial shows Ovi to be a rude and spoilt girl, who calls on Archana for some help shopping and then scolds her for being late, and further uses the threat of Manav's position to get Archana to call her Maam. Although later she did briefly apologize, it showed her to be very rude.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - The affair between Gaurav and a young girl

Serial makers can spin a story out of nowhere. So soon after the story of Richa and Kunal came to an end with the arrest of Richa, there is a new story seemingly introduced without any prior notice. Till now Gaurav has been shown as a dedicated family man, with children and a loving wife in the form of Seema. And then suddenly they show an affair in which Gaurav is involved. And all this is found by Siddhi who goes to a house inhabited for 3 young girls in order to ask them for eviction proceedings, and this is denied by the inhabitants of the house one of whom claims that the house is owner by her boy-friend and hence there is no way that they can be kicked out of the house.
Now that this new story has been introduced, Siddhi seems more incidents like this, including Gaurav in the company of that girl Akasha. But finally the story comes in front of Seema who does a huge drama in front of Gaurav, since she believes that Gaurav has been betraying his family. However, Gaurav manages to turn tables on the whole incident by first getting his father-in-law to confirm that the house was indeed bought as a gift, and then when the girl is called to the house, she is already warned by Gaurav through a text message and denies that there is anything such as an affair between them, and Seema and the family believe this. However Siddi is pretty sure about what she saw and is now out to prove that there is indeed an affair between them; the interesting thing is that inspite of all this happening (and even though his job is with his father-in-law), he continues the affair.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagya wants his share of the property

The serial is moving in a direction that seems very contrary to recent events in the channel. When Badi Masi was ill, the creators of the channel showed Jagya in a form where he seemed more in tune with his family, where there was a conception that some viewers of the channel would have thought that he could have closer to his family. But, things turned different soon after that when Gauri turned up, broke his relationship with his Badi Masi by revealing the truth, and in turn Jagya slapped her for what she had done.
However, soon after, Gauri got into another of her screaming moods when she was talking to Anandi over the phone, and in this mood, crashed her car and lost her baby. When Jagya reached the hospital, he found that Gauri was in a bad way emotionally and her mother actually spoke a lot against what Jagya had done, and what Anandi had done. Eventually Jagya was convinced that it was all Anandi's fault, and he phoned Anandi and told her a lot about what she done.
In the household, there was a realization that the chord with Jagya needed to be broken and that it was the right thing to get Anandi married again, since she was so young. But for that, it was needed to get a divorce from Jagya. However, even though Gauri was very happy, she was planning for setting up a hospital where she and Jagya could practice, and pushed him to get money from his family. And Jagya actually agreed to this, stating to his family that he would not divorce her unless he was given his share of the property. They agreed to this eventually, but it will turn out that Anandi will not agree to this, and will threaten Jagya that she will make a case against him for his second marriage.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Becoming slightly unbelievable now, need to change quickly

One wonders how serial makers can suddenly make such plots which seem very ridiculous to the viewers of the serial. In the current case, there is a plot line associated around using the differences between Natasha and Karthik to create differences between Ram and Priya. This is shown as being the planning of Niharika, but the number of holes in this planning is such that the entire plot-line seems unbelievable.
The plan is that it is shown that Natasha comes home with a lot of injury marks, and this causes Ram to go ballistic. Since Nuts has claimed that this was the doing of Karthik, he reacts very violently to this, and puts the police after Karthik, and Niharika gets a case filed against the entire family which causes them all to go to jail. However, this is not the end of it. After they come out of jail, Niharika learns that Karthik and Nuts have made up, and she causes Nuts to vanish from the scene, something for which Ram blames Karthik and vows to put him behind jail for a long time (this sudden blame and the reaction of Ram seems a bit out of character - if he does his business in such a judgmental basis, then he will get into a lot of problems).
The biggest problem is the behavior of Nuts. She goes along with what her  mother is saying, and she does know the impact this will have on her inlaws; and more importantly, when she learns that Karthik has been jailed for kidnapping her, why she does not use her phone for calling Karthik or Ram is incredible. And Karthik does not try to call her either in this time (and she is seen as having her phone). The police also do not seem to be monitoring her phone, which they should have been doing if they were trying to find her. These are very strange and unnatural things.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Purvi and Arjun getting closer, what about Ovi ?

Like many other serials, when a number of different characters are there in the serial, things start to get more complicated. Currently in Pavitra Rishta, things are getting very complicated. There is the terms of the divorce suit where Archana and Manav have to stay together; they are both still in love with each other but Archana, in a measure of deceit caused by her promise to Sachin, is making Manav believe that she is only interested in getting money from Manav. She does not also tell Manav about the circumstances that led to her not going with Manav to Canada (the role played by Savita).
And then there is Arjun (the son of DK and Aashna (with Ashna shown as dead)); he comes to India for running a company, runs into Archana and Purvi (the adopted daughter of Archana, and who has all the ideals that Archana stood for). Over a period of time, his exposure to Purvi causes him to become more humane, more realistic and more appreciative of people, and finally he tells Purvi about the love he has for her. This is a complication, because he has already promised Ovi (one of the daughters of Manav and Archana) that he will marry her, even though he never loved her. Finally, Purvi reciprocates to Arjun, but Arjun has not told her about Ovi.
Now, Ovi is coming to India (her sister Teju is already in India and staying with Sulochna in a twist that was a bit difficult to believe), and Manav wants to announce the engagement of Ovi and Arjun. Archana is very happy about this engagement, but it will be a twist because of the ongoing relationship between Arjun and Purvi.

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