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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Addu gets lost and Mohan is blamed

In recent episodes, the relationship between Mohan and Megha is getting very strange. Mohan has made it clear to Megha that he loves her and wants to marry her. It is also strange that the letter that Mohan wrote to Megha was found in the diary of Amar, and when the family read that letter (which did not have the name of Mohan), the letter seemed to indicate that Amar was actually telling the family that if something happened to him, Megha should re-marry. Based on this letter, the family thought of getting Megha re-married and she finally agreed. Bua, Nanhi, Guru and Mohan all thought that this meant that the marriage would be with Mohan and the behavior of Megha's father-in-law also seemed to indicate that, but this was all a misunderstanding.
Megha refused to marry Mohan, and for some time, Mohan agreed to his mother's demand for meeting a girl, at which point Bua and Nanhi came over to try and dissuade the other family from agreeing. However, they had agreed for the relationship. In the meantime, Renu's cousin Manav was brought in for the purpose of seeing Megha, and after some time, Manav agreed to the relationship. After being pushed by Mohan, Megha also protested and said yes to the marriage with Manav.
In order to try and get some support, Mohan agreed to get the family to meet Sanath Jayasurya (who was shooting for Jhalak Dikhla Ja), but in the return journey, Addu was going with Mohan and got lost. Just when Addu was on the verge of getting beaten up by some older kids, Mohan managed to save him, and then Manav turned up and took Addu home. At home, Megha was furious with Mohan, since it was his responsibility to take care of Addu and he failed at that one.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Khushi getting closer to Shyam so as to defeat him

The serial is slowly losing its TRP's since they are dragging the story. Their lead actor went on a leave of 40 days for which they had to make do without him, and since the interaction between the lead male-female pair is the main part of this story, it made things very boring. So, there was a kidnap of the lead pair, with Khushi and then Mamiji hunting for where Arnav is. After some time however, you start getting bored with the same stuff happening over and over again.
Now, finally after what seems a long time, the story is reaching a climax. Khushi and NK have found and got confirmed that Shyam is the one behind the kidnap and are trying to get more information on what is happening. Shyam on the other hand is happy that he had managed to get Khushi to get Arnav to sign to the will where Shyam would be the sole executor of the will, in control of everything.
While doing this investigation of Shyam, Khushi and NK have an embarrassing moment when they are trying to get the password for a pen drive owned by Shyam, and realize that Shyam has the password as 'ILOVEKHUSHI'. NK did not know about this love that Shyam had for Khushi and is shocked, but she manages to explain it. Now, in order to unlock the drive, they need for Shyam to repeat the password, so Khushi goes to Shyam so that she can get him to repeat the phrase and they can see what is in the pen drive - which is a copy of the will. 

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Separation between Ahem and Gopi after some harsh words by Ahem

The happenings in the serial seem somewhat strange. Due to a time when Ahem had bhang, he had sex with Gopi and as a result, because of that one encounter, Gopi is pregnant. The family is very happy since none of them expected this to happen, being unsure of the true nature of the relationship between Gopi and Ahem. Ahem, after the initial surprise, is very confused. Given the fact that on a running basis, there is no physical intimacy between Gopi and Ahem, he thinks that this talk of a father is very much forward and that he is not ready for being a father as yet.
This feeling is increasing in him, causing him to become more impatient and more edgy, and increasing the distance between him and Gopi. Gopi is unable to understand as to why Ahem is becoming more distant, why he seems more impatient. And then it happens, where at a havan, a kid is in the house and is causing Ahem to get more irritated. This irritation causes Ahem to finally declare that he does not want a baby, and this causes Koki to get extremely angry, who then separates Ahem and Gopi and says that from now on, there is no relation between Ahem and Gopi and between Ahem and the baby.
At the same time, Urmi realizes that if Gopi is the one bringing a baby into the household and Rashi does not have a baby, it will make the position of Gopi more powerful, so she starts urging Rashi to also get pregnant. Rashi is somewhat impatient with the speed expected out of her, but starts making some attempts under the guidance of Urmi. She is told to try the trick of using bhang, but in this case, the situation becomes reversed, with Rashi eating the laddu containing bhang rather than her husband.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Tanmay finally admits his guilt in court

The court case has been ongoing now, with a shocker in the end when Krishna was convicted of the crime. However, based on the ongoing investigation where Adarsh's phone was located in the house, located with Tanmay, the investigation was given a fresh boost and the case was re-opened (however, not being a lawyer, I was not sure as to how the case was re-opened in the same court after a judgment was given). Now, the case is also trying to put Tanmay in the dock even though he is not an accused, and wonder whether all this can actually happen in a murder case.
There is some evidence against Tanmay, and he is also jailed. And then Pratigya comes to meet him and shows him a long twisted key chain, the same one which was used to strangle Adarsh. Further, the pathologist who gives the wrong blood report is called to court after being arrested and Komal's stolen jewellery is also found with him, further adding to the list of suspicions against Tanmay.
And then the finale where the defense lawyer presents the key chain which he claims is the weapon used to kill Adarsh, and Tanmay denies that this is his key chain, and then blurts out that the actual key chain was burnt, which is an admission of guilt.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Krishna sentenced, but the truth about Tanmay starts to come out

Seems like a perfect crime. Tanmay wants to get all the money from the Professor, and also has a grudge against Adarsh and also against Krishna. So the perfect crime happens, where Adarsh is shown running away from Krishna and Krishna threatening Adarsh for harming Komal. Tanmay uses this as an excuse and strangles Adarsh and Krishna shows up soon after. He is then arrested for the murder, and since he is already a goonda and has threatened Adarsh, there is a lot of belief that he did the murder. He even has to convince Pratigya that he did not do the crime.
Now, the court case is on, and the evidence is against Krishna. However, there is the case of the missing mobile phone belonging to Adarsh and the police put surveillance on the photo (which is shut down). Adrash, crazily, still has the phone and has kept it in a suitcase. Arushi brings down the suitcase searching for something and then the little kid finds the phone, recognizes the phone as belonging to her dead father, and switches it on. The police surveillance detects that the phone is switched on and is now located inside the Professor's house.
Pratigya, along with the police team, raids the house and arrests Tanmay. In the police station, the police try to beat out the truth from him, but he does not give up so easily. His lawyer also advices on what to do in court, while Arushi tells Pratigya that she wants to find the truth, and that Tanmay had been behaving strangely for some time now. Now, Pratigya also has the instrument used to strangle Adarsh, will this be enough to convict Tanmay. And what will an angry Krishna do to Tanmay ?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Phir Subah Hogi - A girl trying to break free from a repressive tradition

For the past few years now, there have been some shows coming up on television that are breaking the traditional saas-bahu or reality series model on TV and highlighting some of the problems that are there in the country. For example, Balika Vadhu, even with all the dramatics still portrayed the problem of child marriage and other ills that are present in our society and also show from time to time, some actions that can break these customs.
Phir Subah Hogi is another such serial that showcases the problematic customs of some regions, such as in the Bundelkhand region of central India, where the original dance form of 'Raai dance' was meant to be for the gods, but over a period of time and due to the acute poverty, this got converted into a tradition meant for the rich people and then into the flesh trade, where a rich guy could do a custom called 'Sardhakai', meant to showcase the entry of the girl into the trade under the control of a rich thakur. It has been accepted for many many years now, but there are girls from time to time who want to break free and lead a normal life, have a normal marriage rather than be doing this trade.
So, Sugni (played by Gulki Joshi), is more educated than others from her community and cannot stand this custom. She is struggling against the customs, and is also attracted to the Thakur Vikram Singh (Varun Badola) who supports her and her family on many occasions, and then expresses his love for her. It is more difficult for her to express her love, but she does so, and now they have to face the expressions of many others in the community. Further, as per the show, eventually the Thakur Vikram Singh will turn negative, and will cause her more problems.

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Jatin woos Mona, and Pradeep plays the jealous role

The serial is going through a phase where they are showing the jealous nature of Pradeep. He left Mona and their 12 year old relationship for Anushka and the promises that she showed him, but still retails a strong possessive sense for Mona; so when he sees that Jatin has given a proposal for Mona, he is shocked. He is even more shocked when he sees his own father pushing Mona for meeting Jatin and for atleast considering the proposal; and foolishly, he scolds his own father for doing so. The result was that he got a thorough scolding from his own father for whatever happened, and for trying to interfere in Mona's life. Further, when he tries to act in front of Mona, she not only talks back to him but Anushka hears when he is trying to act possessive and he is only able to manage the situation with some difficulty.
Mona is still shocked about the proposal, and since her father-in-law was pushing her, she goes to the restaurant to meet Jatin, and to shock him and make him aware, she takes all 3 children along. However, Jatin handles the situation very well, taking care of the children, asking them for what they wanted and getting on a friendship term with them. Pradeep has also come to the restaurant to see what is happening (although Anushka does not know about this) and when Jatin sees him, he welcomes him and does not seem to care that even though he called Mona, she called her children as well as her husband.
On the other side, Tani is seen walking back from the engagement of Madhav with Jia, being further taunted by Madhav at the ceremony, and walking back in the rain where she faints. Now, typically, in hindi serials and movies, wherever there is a fainting happening of  a lady like this, it is often meant to indicate that she is pregnant. One wonders what will happen in this case.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - First Archana and then Purvi getting defamed and humiliated

Hindi serials have a unique sense of what is right and wrong. The right person can make one wrong move, and it is caught out and highlighted instantly while the wrong person can keep on doing wrong things, spoiling the life of other people and nothing happens - something you can have decades before something happens. In the current case, both Archana and Purvi have to suffer humiliation for actions that would not even be wrong, but characters such as Manjusha and Savita do not have to suffer for whatever they have done.
For many months now, Archana has seen her daughters getting closer to her, although she also knows that Savita has filled them so much with hate that they only hate her, and so she does not let them know about who she actually is. However, soon after Savita comes there, she lets them know about who Archana actually is, and the secret is out. Instinctively, both Teju and Ovi start to dislike / hate Archana for whatever she is, and it is difficult for Archana to stand this sudden hatred from somebody who she has come to love, ever since she has met them.
On the other hand, Purvi is in a far worse condition. She finally fell in love with Arjun, but Arjun never told her about his agreement with Ovi for marriage, and suddenly she gets to know about this once Ovi lands up in India. Her own cousin Punni is looking to take revenge on Purvi and tells Ovi about a girl who is in the way, and then finally tells Ovi in a roundabout way that Purvi is that girl, and Purvi then gets a slap from Ovi. Her parents are supporting her since they believe that Purvi can never do anything like this, but do they know everything ?

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya sentenced to 14 years in jail

Sometimes the legal situation shown in serials can be right absurd. For one, within a few days of a situation, the trial happens and it concludes within a few days, and for people who have been involved with the legal situation, they know how absurd such depiction actually is.
In the case of Priya, it was her own sister who actually spoilt the case for her and did not understand what she had done, the only thing she knew was that she was in love with Sid, and hence was willing to lie for him in court to prevent him from going to jail; even though this meant that this would prove that Priya was responsible for everything.
Further, in court, whatever Nutz may have done, as long as she has not lied in court, her evidence should be believed and for her testimony in court to be dismissed as the prosecution lawyer wanted (and without any objection by the defense lawyer) seemed very strange.
In the end, even after all the testimony from everybody regarding how Priya had such a good character, the judge was convinced and delivered a judgment holding Priya guilty for the incident where fake medical supplies were provided and sentencing her to 14 years in jail. Mama, Sid and Niharika were happy over this, but everybody else was very devastated over all this.
After this, the scene shifts where Ram is trying to work out the legal ways of delaying the judgment / applying to the higher court. On the other side, Sid is doing his further planning of how to actually kill Ram in an accident, so that he gets all the property, and when Niharika initially objects to all this, he even threatens her to not get in his way.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Tension between Siddhi and Kunal, Kunal takes the blame for the case

As usual, there is some amount of expressed tension between Siddhi and Kunal and this is because of the ongoing court case against Siddhi, for the death by car accident of Rohit. She did not want Kunal to take the case, and at the same time, Thakral promised that he will do whatever he can to ensure that the court case ends in a guilty case and Siddhi is punished.
However, in court, Kunal knows that right now things are against them, and that he needs more time to get more proof and evidence, and plays his gambit. He gets the court to accept that actually Siddhi was not the one who was involved, in fact, it was Kunal who was responsible for whatever happened, and hence he gets a one week time period for pleading the case. Things get more problematic when Siddhi is very angry over whatever has happened, and they do the usual drama about Siddhi wanting to leave the house, but does not (in fact, the auto guy finally leaves in disgust after they do the usual drama in front of him).
Siddhi even tries to get Vikram to say in court that Kunal was with him at that time so that Kunal would be freed and she would again be prosecuted, but Vikram refuses. On the other hand, Richa is remembering her time with Kunal and is distressed that Kunal has taken the blame rather than Siddhi getting prosecuted.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Mohan fired upon, misunderstandings coming up

The serial suddenly is taking a different twist, trying to create a small diversion in the script (and one does not know whether this will be a small diversion or a change in the script). In the course of a new story research, the journalists at the paper are told that this is a very dangerous assignment, since the group at the other end is a drugs group, prone to violence and threatening people. Mohan is on the rebound from a rebuff that Megha gave him, coupled with a slap. On this rebound, he agrees for this assignment, and Megha is aghast. However, when she tries to stop him, he asks her the same question as earlier, with what right is she trying to stop him. She has no answer and he goes home and then leaves for the assignment. However, since Megha does have feelings for him, she goes after him. Mohan is now running for his life with the gang after him, after he managed to take a lot of hidden photos inside the location. They come across a marriage procession, where all 3 are present - Mohun, Megha and the goons. In front of Megha the goons fire into Mohan's chest and she hurries him off to the hospital. This quick action of stopping his blood flow and rushing him to the hospital saves the life of Mohan, with doctors also stating the same.
In the hospital, Mohan's mother berates Megha for not stopping him when she knew that he was going into danger, telling her that she should go away from Mohan's life and let him lead it away from her. In the meantime, at Megha's house,  a letter written by Mohan is seen as coming from Amar, and the net result is that the household feels that Megha should get re-married, as per the wishes of Amar, and she also finally agrees. However, when Megha's father-in-law visits Mohan, he is going there to offer insurance without being explicit about it, and it is misunderstood that he is telling Mohan that he should get married to Megha.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Meena's lies are exposed in front of Bhabho

For quite some time now, the various lies told by Meena have only increased trouble for Sandhya, such as the mystery about the police complaint (which was blamed on Sandhya) and also the contraceptive pills, and then also trying to poison the mind of Bhabho against Sandhya from time to time. Some times Bhabho would listen to these, many times she would not, but in the end, Bhabho already had negative sentiments about Sandhya and those came out in her tirades against Sandhya.
However, it was the trip by Vikram and Meena to Mt. Abu which caused them a lot of problems. In addition to being arrested by the police (for which Suraj went there and scolded them a lot of lying), Sandhya managed to solve the case of the police complaint and find out that it was Meena who did this. Finally when Meena comes back to the house from the police station, Bhabho questions her and the truth is out about the police complaint, and that leads to an incredible drama in the house.
Meena tries to deflect this anger by claiming that she should not be thrown out of the house because she has the next generation, that she is pregnant, and then make the next mistake by revealing that the contraceptive pills were actually hers, and she was blaming Sandhya for them. Now she is deep trouble, but Sandhya saves the day for her by talking to the others and telling them since she has the grand-child, she should remain in the house and even carrying food for her. Will this mean that Bhabho will now start liking Sandhya ?
Also, the serial seems to moving towards a time leap where Sandhya will finally achieve her dreams of becoming a police officer.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Daljeet quitting, was playing Anjali

The show is seemingly a bit stretched nowadays. It took a number of episodes to indicate that Arnav, who was supposedly off to England and Scotland had not left, and was instead in the same city, having been kidnapped. It took Khushi some time to convince people in the house that Arnav was not where he was supposed to have been, and found out the location where he had been kept after being kidnapped. She was also caught in the same location, and both of them managed to escape from there, but were trapped again. In order to prevent Khushi from being caught again, Arnav gives himself up and goes back with the kidnappers.
In the meantime, Khushi, along with Mami reaches the spot again where Arnav is being kept, wanting to identify the people responsible, and especially the leader of the plot. By now Khushi suspects that the plot leader is Shyam, and finds some clues in the house that could lead to Shyam being responsible.
In the critical part, now Shyam is in front of the kidnapper and could find out who the person is, although the serial is taking its own time in showing who the kidnapper leader is. It is being speculated that in the future, Shyam will try to fire at Arnav, and it will be Khushi who will be hit. When Anjali gets to know, she will be horrified, and this will be her exit from the serial, not sure whether she will be replaced from the serial with another character, or her character will be removed from the serial.

Hindi TV Serial - Kua Hua Tera Vada - the confusion over Madhav, Jatin and Taani

Things can get very complicated in very little time. There is a boy coming to see Taani (the introduction of Hiten into the serial), but Taani in the meantime is meeting Madhav, her boyfriend, who is also there with his parents (and who are old family friends of the family). And then Mona is also present in the house, even though her connection with the family is through her marriage with Pradeep, but her inlaws treat her like a daughter. And then Mona is the only one who knows about the relationship between Taani and Madhav. And Madhav is the same guy who was rejected by Taani some time back when his parents had taken his proposal for Taani.
And so, in the confusion, Jatin (played by Hiten) finally goes back after the truth about Taani and Madhav is known; there is an attempt to criticize the role played by Mona in all this (since she is the only one who knows about the relationship between Taani and Madhav), and her inlaws are not very happy about her role, but Mona finally explains everything including why she was unable to tell them anything and asks them to go to Madhav's house taking the proposal.
However, at Madhav's house, things turn upside down when after some persuasion from Taani's parents, Madhav declares that he was never in love with Taani, instead she was helping him with meeting her friend. Taani, and also Mona are shocked at this turnaround of Madhav, and they all leave from there; outside when they meet Madhav, he tells them he was very insulted when Taani refused him, and wanted to take his revenge, and as a part of that, he also promised a job to Mona when she needed one.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hindi tv serial - Diya aur bati hum - Finally Sandhya is exposing the truth to Bhabho

For quite some time, the relations between Bhabho and Sandhya have been poisoned with the belief by Bhabho that Sandhya was responsible for the police complaint of harassment that got Bhabho jailed. Even though now the relations between Bhabho and Sandhya are not so heavily strained, there are still a lot of issues in the relationship, and it needs the expose that Meena is responsible for this complaint to bring about resolution of the relationship. Now, this would be really traumatic for Meena, since Bhabho does not have a high opinion of Meena either.
However, things are getting even more complex for Vikram and Meena. They want to spend some time away from the home, but it would not be easy since getting to spend a holiday away can be problematic. So they make an excuse and decide to go to Mt. Abu. However, they make a wrong selection of hotel, selecting a hotel that is typically used for single night liaisons, or even by the hour. So, dutifully there is a police raid in which they are caught, while they are drunk, and spend the night in the police station. When they come to their senses, they realize the problem they are in, and are told by the police officer that they can be left off if they show their marriage certificate. Meena has a fit since she realizes that if Bhabho gets to know, there will be hell to pay. However, they call Suraj, since they do need help, and Suraj is angry at the lie, but comes to get them out of jail without telling the reason to anyone.
At home, when Sandhya gets to hear after they have lied about the place, she makes a connection with a name that was used the last time as well, and decides to do more sleuthing. All this investigation leads her to Meena's name, and she is angry at the fact that Meena filed a complaint against Bhabho and wants to punish her. On the other hand, Bhabho is angry that Sandhya spend a lot of time outside the house without telling her, and in the confrontation, finally Sandhya tells them that the complaint was filed by Meena, and it was Sandhya who talked to the magistrate and got the complaint dismissed.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Defeat from the jaws of victory

The serial has become very confused for the past few weeks. Priya was determined to stand up for Ram, and expose the wrong-doings done by his mother, Niharika. So, something very strange was happening in the serial. Using the time when Ram was shown to have acted wrongly by accusing Karthik of kidnapping Nuts and putting him in jail, Priya scolds Ram very strongly. This is increased by the fact that she and Niharika had a showdown where Niharika made it clear that she wants Priya out, and Priya agreed but with a condition that she wants money for her comfort. This was something that Niharika was easily able to understand, and hence the deal was made. Part of the deal was that Priya would move out of Ram's life, and Priya started acting very strangely against Ram, acting uncomfortable and somewhat hostile. She explained this to Vikram by stating that she wants to take as much money of Ram as possible so that his mother and brother have less to steal from him.
Things get more tricky when Priya wants to start exposing Niharika's history, by getting Niharika's ex-husband and Ram's estranged natural mother to be in the picture and slowly get Ram to understand. In the meantime, Sid starts acting on the company which is most profitable, wanting to ensure that the reputation of the company gets damaged.
Then, the showdown happens where Priya thinks she has evidence where Niharika talks about her past, but this does not work since the recording is incomplete, and then Ram does not believe this, asking his natural mother about why she left him; she is unable to answer completely. This is a complete victory for Niharika. However, soon after the police arrive to arrest Ram for wrong-doings in the pharma company that caused the death of people. It is here, that when Ram is told about wrong-doings by Sid, he tells the police. It is here that Niharika behaves unnaturally, since she loudly states that Ram is guilty, not Sid (she could have handled this in such a way that she would not have broken with Ram).
Priya steps in (having been called by Vikram), claiming that since Ram had handed over the company to her, she was the owner of the company, and hence the police action should be against her and not against Ram. The police arrest her, and Ram is baffled by her action, and incredibly in love with her for whatever she has done.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Anita finally leaves from the house, but not before almost causing a tragedy

The incident with regard to Anita being in the house and causing problems for Gopi have dragged on in the serial for some time now. After the trick played by Rashi (where she managed to get Anita and Ahem shown in a compromising position at Anita's marriage), Anita's marriage was broken off and she fell ill. At that stage, the Modi household decided that she would be a guest in their house, since the reason for the breaking of the relationship was the compromising position that she was caught in along with Ahem. After she came to the house, Anita started feeling that Gopi was not the right kind of wife, that she was more suitable for Ahem, and after all, she was earlier in Ahem's life.
Based on this, Anita started make her stance, and Kokila along with Rashi pretty clearly understood what was happening, and since Koki knew that Gopi was so simple, she would not easily understand what was happening. But Koki understood and got Rashi on her side (for Rashi, Anita in the house as the elder daughter-in-law would be a far more difficult game than poor simple Gopi who was easy to manipulate). So Koki started the fightback, challenging Anita to multiple competitions where each time Gopi won even though Anita tried several tricks.
Bitter after all these fights, Anita went beyond the normal level, trying a tactic where Gopi would get burnt in the kitchen due to leaking gas. Like all well laid plans, this one went wrong, with Ahem being in the kitchen when the fire started. While everybody was just shocked, Gopi got a blanket and jumped into the kitchen and got Ahem out. After this, everybody was all praise for Gopi and then Koki remembered the circumstances and realized that Anita would be behind all this. She got Anita to admit to all this, and when Anita claimed that she did out of love for Ahem, Ahem strongly refuted all this, and said that he was now hating Anita. As a result, at the conclusion of all this, Anita decided to leave the house.

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Krishna arrested for the murder of Adarsh, protests his innocence

The serial did not have too much drama once the evil wife and mother of Shakti were kicked out of the house. Now, as you would know, if there is some boredom in a serial, the makers of the serial will add new drama to the serial. And so it has happened in the serial. The decision was taken to bump off one of the characters in the serial, in such a way that it would shake everybody else in the serial.
So, you had a sequence where Komal reached home with injuries on her face, turned out that she was assaulted by her husband Adarsh. Seeing these injuries on Komal's face made her brother Krishna and her father SS very angry. Though Pratigya tried to counsel some restraint, Krishna set out to avenge these injuries, with the stated intention of beating up and punishing Adarsh once he did find Adarsh.
In the meantime, Tanmay was up to no good. He had some bad intentions from last time, especially when he felt that Adarsh was not supporting him. Further, Tanmay also started wanting to inherit the entire property belonging to the Professor, and if Adarsh could be taken out from the scenario, it would make things much easier for him. So, Tanmay takes Adarsh to a remote location, planning the murder of Adarsh when Krishna could find him, and then when Krishna did find him, so did the police a bit later, accusing Krishna of doing the murder.
Everybody, even Pratigya believes that Krishna is guilty of the murder, although Krishna manages to persuade P that he was not responsible. However, the Professor forbids anybody from Sajjan Singh's family to be part of the funeral rites, and when Pratigya claims that Krishna was not responsible, her turns her out as well and forbids her from coming back. When Sajjan Singh shows up, his own daughter Komal gets angry, spits at her own father and turns him out. When Krishna gets to know, he is very saddened at these reactions; further, he is taunted by the police officer and replies rudely, at which the officer threatens him.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Savita is back, and she throws Archana out of the house

For a long time now, the serial decided to show Savita staying in Canada while the stuff is happening here in Mumbai. So Savita does not know that Archana and Manav are staying together due to court orders and no one tried to tell her. The serial is now extremely complicated.
On the one hand, everybody is trying to find out who the girl is who could be in Arjun's life while Arjun is trying to find out who called Ovi to tell he about Purvi. Further, Sachin is playing his own guilt card, guilting Archana into doing something wrong to both herself and Manav, as well as to her daughters. It always seems like this in hindi serials, where somebody does wrong, and yet they do not show any kind of punishment for that (or show punishment after many many years - in the serial, Savita is the one responsible for the distances between Manav and Archana and for poisoning the attitudes of all the children against Archana).
Now, Savita, as soon as she saw that Archana was there, decided to kick Archana out of the house. Further, she refused to listen to anybody, least of all to Archana. It was only after Sachin and Manav managed to convince her that it was necessary for the divorce that she agreed that it is fine to get Archana back in the house, but not before she went to Archana's house and tried to force Archana to come back. On the other hand, when Manav went to get Archana back, Manav had to hear a lot, but finally Archana agreed to come back; and Purvi keeps on hoping that everything will be fine.

Enjoy Nautanki TV