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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Major issues between Jigar and Rashi, Rashi in trouble

The serial Saathiya is a look at a family where the mother is the absolute tyrant in the family, everything she says is what is the law in the house; however, Koki is not a bitter or evil person, she understands when somebody is trying to do good, and when somebody is trying to trick her or do something that is against her principles.
She has 2 daughter-in-laws, with Gopi being the one who is good, but who is also shown as being more of a buffoon, who believes everything, and who believes that everyone is good. As a result, she can be easily mislead, or can be tricked into doing what others want. And the other is the other daughter-in-law, Rashi, who is cunning and sharp. She has a mother Urmi (whose son is married to Rashi's sister-in-law Kinjal). Both Rashi and Urmi try to ensure that they are smart, and are able to get what they want; however, by now Koki is very conversant with their tricks and does not lose an opportunity to poke fun at Rashi; she is also pretty happy with Gopi and understands the good nature of Gopi.
Rashi's husband, Jigar, for some time has not been clear about his wife's nature, but is now pretty clear. This is because of 2 instances, one where Rashi causes Sonal to be stranded in a dangerous area (Rashi gets Gopi to call Sonal, and then takes the air out of the tyres of Sonal's car, and then when she realizes that Sonal has not yet come back, is very panicked). The other is about when she tries to commit suicide (an act) and the doctor tells Jigar that his wife has only eaten sugar balls, not the naphthalene balls it seems like. He is very angry at Rashi, tells her that he knows all about her manipulative abilities, and he does not want to have a relationship with her, something that shocks Rashi a lot.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Family members trying to get Siddhi and Kunal to spend time together

The serial has already completed 50 episodes, and it seems to have barely started. The serial has just started (and it is a huge contrast to some of the serials that would only last 13 episodes, but there are very few such serials that happen nowadays). The death of the most successful son of the family in a bomb blast, Anand, has hit the family hard and caused huge changes in the life of the elder son of the family, Kunal. He has had to take on the responsibility of the house, and in a twist of fate, was also expected to marry Siddhi, his late brother's fiancee; and this was probably the biggest change in his life.
So now life is settling in with Siddhi and Kunal. They don't feel like a husband and wife and certainly don't have the type of relations that you expect between a husband and wife. The rest of the family plots on how to get them to spend some time together, and come across the idea of going for a dinner only between Kunal and Siddi. Now, if this dinner is suggested, Kunal would not agree, so the plan is that for the dinner to be planned for the family and Kunal and Siddi to be sent there separately making some excuse, and the other family members not to come later. By the time Kunal figures out the strategy, it is too late and he is already at the restaurant.
Another nice sight in the serial was when Siddhi helps the children celebrate Diwali, even though they would not normally do so because of the death of Anand; but Siddhi explains her intent, and the questions that the children asked, which caused her to change her mind. And it is very bad to attribute any ulterior motives to her, since she was the fiancee of the dead person, and would remember the loss of Anand the most.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Ganga moving away from Sajjan Singh, towards Gunga

Imagine the situation. The patriarch of the family has married a young girl in a lot of anticipation, but she thwarts all his desires, and then starts falling for the young servant of the house, Gunga (who is literally dumb and cannot say anything). Imagine the shock to everyone when somebody see such a thing happening.
This is the exact situation that is currently happening in Pratigya. After a lot of opposition, SS married Ganga (with his children, his mother, and his existing wife) all opposing this decision. In fact, SS deceived them when he said that he was taking Ganga back to her parents, and then decided to marry her in a temple and bring her back to the house as his wife; his family accepted her in the house since the did not have an alternative, but have not forgiven him.
But one of the objectives for which SS married Ganga did not happen, since she refuses to let him touch her. For Ganga, marriage to SS makes her a person with power and authority, specially over those who were just treating her like a maid earlier. But, she does not fully realize the physical relation between a husband and wife, specially the demands made by the husband, and rejects all the advances made by SS. This makes SS very angry, since his family is anyhow cut up with him over this marriage, and if his wife is also not letting him touch her, it increases the amount of frustration incredibly.
And then when his mother tells him that the Diwali puja will only be allowed if Ganga is not permitted, he finally agrees, which shocks Ganga a lot. She is starting to see her power diminishing. And then, in the middle of a private Diwali celebration with Gunga, they hug, something that is seen by Pratigya, which shocks her a lot.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Drama about the Karva Chauth ceremony

The serial is showing the growing relationship between the 2 main characters of the serial - Ram Kapoor and Priya Kapoor. As per them, their marriage is a compromise, meant to support the marriage of their younger siblings, Karthik and Natasha. They both know this, and also repeat this to each other. Ram declares this much more so, although Priya does not like this statement when Ram makes it, especially when Ram does this in anger.
The latest issue is related to the honeymoon plans. To the surprise of Ram and Priya, their friends give them a honeymoon package, which they don't want. When they try to be clever and transfer the tickets in the name of their friends, they realize that the tickets are non-transferable, and it will cost a fair amount of money if they try and cancel the tickets.
Then they hit upon a plan (or rather, it comes to Priya). The festival of Karva Chauth is coming up, and like any good Hindu lady, Priya needs to observe Karva Chauth, and that will conflict with the plans for the honeymoon. So, and because Dadima is also interested in seeing the festival being observed, Priya decides to follow the festival.
And then Ram declares that he cannot be in the city at the time of Karva Chauth, since he has an important meeting and presentation. Priya tries to be clever and get Dadima to prevail upon Ram to be there and cancel his trip, but he does not agree. Then she gets very clever and hides the ticket.
At the evening of Karva Chauth, Ram does turn up, but very angry since he considers that Priya exceeded her limit by taking his ticket, angry enough that he makes her cry. But, he is in for a shock when he is informed that his plane has crashed, and that if it were not for this tactic by Priya, he would have been most certainly dead by now. He is flabber-gasted and does not know what to say.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Ichcha keeps on getting insulted, and keeps on taking it

Sometimes they should show good things also happening. What they have shown in the case of Ichcha is a dumb girl who takes shit from everyone and still does not retaliate. Even in the Gita, it says that you should not tolerate evil, and yet so many times in the past, when they have shown behavior from different people to Ichcha, she takes it all and does not even set the right perspective. This is not the right attitude to show or to set a right belief to your children; and now that Ichcha is playing mother to 2 children, she will make her children such that they will tolerate all wrong-doing and not set things right.
So, Ichcha is facing problems everywhere. First, on the happy occasion when she is about to become a mother and give birth to a child, Nani manages to bribe the nurse, show a dead child and take away Ichcha's and Veer's child (and she is easily able to do this, while you would think that such a thing would be pretty difficult). Next, Ichcha and Veer make a foolhardy decision that they will not try to have children of their, since they already have 2 kids (without considering about the opinions of others in the family, especially the elders). She runs into Mai, who considers this a very stupid idea, and maybe she is right. One wonders about how thought through the whole decision was.
Next, Ichcha has decided not to go to Tapu's and Rathod's house for their function, and yet Nani manages to take her there (when one would think that Nani should be the last person to whom Ichcha should be listening to). Over there, Ichcha hears the kid crying, and goes there, and when Tapu finds her there, the behaviour of Ichcha is so suspicious that anyone would start doubting her intentions. Nani of course is in full flow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bigg Boss Season 5 - More drama and more fights

Looks like the concept of Bigg Boss is to get as many people to watch the serial as much as possible, and with each season, the amount of tension and fights in each version has increased to a much higher degree every time. The first couple of versions did not have too much fighting, but as the years have gone by, the amount of fighting has increased drastically. Each time, there have been members in the serial who fight for no given reason, thus giving rise to the suspicion that these people have been told to fight as much as possible. As long as they do not actually physically fight, they are also retained and not evicted.
This time, with the season 5, there are some more changes. The serial started with some big name hosts, with the popular movie stars, Sanjay Dutt, and Salman Khan. In addition, the show started with many more women in the show, a total of 12 women, 1 transgender, and 1 has been movie actor (Shakti Kapoor). Over a period of time, 2 more men have come into the show. The contestants are:
Shakti Kapoor - Initially, the only male in the show.
Pooja Bedi - One of the initial brave faces of Indian cinema, who exposed as much as required, and did a couple of good roles.
Shonali Nagrani - A former contestant of Miss India and a TV anchor.
Nihita Biswas - Very famous for being the wife of Charles Sobhraj. Evicted on day 7.
Shraddha Sharma - Not a very well known television actress
Mandeep Bevli - A news anchor
Raageshwari - A former MTV VJ and did sundry other things
Vida Samadzai - Famous for participating as a Miss Afghanistan in the international pageant in 2003 and posing in a bikini
Mahek Chahal - An actress
Sonika Kaliraman Malik - A famous wrestler, and 6 months pregnant at entry into the show. She withdrew on Day 8
Pooja Misrra - The biggest fighter among the contestants, who is a former VJ and reality contest participant
Gulabo Sapera - A cultural person from Rajasthan, she was evicted on day 14
Laxmi Narayan - A transgender
Juhi Parmar - famous for being the main lead in a long running serial
Amar Upadhyay - Played the role of Mihir in the famous Star serial, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Entered on day 8
Siddharth Bhardwaj - Winner of MTV Splitsvilla. He entered on day 15.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Discord between the newly married couples - Geet worried

There is a lot of news about how the show is soon going to end, and this news has been in the air now for quite a few months, with no confirmation. The latest thread about this talks about December being the latest timeframe in which the show will end. This is probably why the show is somewhat dragging right now, with no major event happening in the serial, something which gives the others a lot of tension and so on.
Right now, the main issue in the serial is about the ongoing tension in the new marriages that have happened. In a rush of marriages, 2 marriages happened, one between Dev and Nandini, and the other between Lucky and Prito. However, so normally happens, once a marriage happens, there are a lot of expectations, and also a lot of assuming things from the other person (although these have been increased to a large degree in the serial). So, there is a constant source of tension between all of them, and Geet is very worried about this discord. Initially, Mann told her that her that she should not get into these discussions, since these are for the married couples to resolve, but since the issues are getting more serious (and over apparently trivial issues) Geet wants to try and solve this.
So, Geet comes up with a probable solution whereby Geet and Mann will start to show a fight between them, something that will scare the others. In the meantime, they will also reverse positions, whereby the girls will work in the office and the boys will try and run the house, and there are numerous challenges in this strategy. Also, both Geet and Mann cannot really show togetherness too much, since then the others could get suspicious.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Misha getting bitten by Haseena

The serial has suddenly taken on a much more serious turn. For the last several episodes, they have been showing how Haseena has suddenly developed an intense desire for human blood, and as a result, her fellow vampires have been wondering at how dangerous she has actually become (since the vampires do not want to call attention to themselves by suddenly having a number of humans starting to appear dead with puncture wounds on their necks).
So, there has been a need to get Haseena out of the picture, and Abhay, as the leader of the vampires, agrees to this. Chand is very angry at this, but Abhay tells him that they will have a solution before it comes to killing off Haseena. Haseena in the meantime is under the influence of some mysterioous lady who wears a hood.
The situation gets even more deadly at the local festival. There, Kabir wants to make his love pitch to Misha, and so sends her a note to meet her outside. When Misha goes outside, before she can make it, Haseena appears on the scene and finding Misha alone over there, she sinks her fangs into Misha's neck, but before Misha can die, Abhay appears on the scene and tries to save Misha by using his own bite.
However, soon after, Kabir and the others arrive at the scene and see Misha lying almost dead, and Abhay very close by. Suspicion falls on Abhay, with Kabir and Arnab questioning him, and Jai trying to get Abhay into more trouble. Piya is also very suspicious about what has happened; Abhay manages to get out of the situation by claiming that she was bitten by a snake and he was trying to help her.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Gauri pregnant, due to circumstances, now at the Haveli

A strange twist of circumstances brings Gauri back to the Haveli. She is at a rural camp (a mandatory practice where young doctors are sent off to rural areas), and this is pretty close to Jetsar. Over there, Gauri encounters Phooli, who refused to be examined by Gauri, which embarrasses Gauri in front of her colleagues, and she is not able to explain the reason. She takes her frustration out on Anandi, blaming her for all the reactions that she is getting.
Soon after, Gauri comes to the haveli to follow Anandi and continue to yell at her. In the meantime, Anandi has sent off the fresh transfer of money to Jagya's account (something that Gauri does not know about) and sent off a confirmation SMS to Jagya.
Gauri somehow sees the message and is angry, since she believes that Anandi is sending the money in order to try and come between Gauri and Jagya. When she mentions this in the haveli, they tell her the truth about how Anandi sends money to Jagya on a regular basis for his expenses, and that as usual, Gauri has got the facts of the situation wrong. At this, Gauri faints.
When the doctor comes, he announces that Gauri is pregnant, at which Gauri, and the rest of the family is also shocked. Anandi is very shocked, since in the past, she would expected that she would have had Jagya's child. When Jagya gets to know (from Anandi), he is very happy. He also considers that this will change Gauri's priorities, and also ensure that this dadisa will be very happy. However, this reaction does not come in the way he expects, and things are going on in the same way as before.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Navya - After tension, finally a decision for the marriage between Navya and Anant

The serial is showing tension between the families. For some time now, as the relationship between Anant and Navya blossomed, their families were not aware. Both live in conservative families, with Anant's family being very conservative, not so easily ready to consider that their son could have found somebody on his own, that too from a family which does not match their own financial position and status. On the other hand, Navya's family is conservative, but also feels for the happiness of Navya; so when they get to know about this relationship, her father Deepak decides to try and meet Anant's family in order to talk about the future of the relationship. This something that is very difficult in Anant's family, but eventually, when Deepak does call Anant's father, Om, Om decides to meet Deepak.
However, when Deepak reaches their house, he is made known that the relationship is not possible, that such a match cannot happen. He is hurt but more so when Anant's grandmom makes comments on the morals of their house and of their daughter in terms of how could she try to get into a relationship. He comes back from there very disappointed.
When Anant finds out, he is very angry. He confronts his father, gets slapped by him, and then decides to leave the house. His father does not try to stop him, but when the all powerful grandfather gets to know, he tries to make some amends. He knows that Anant also has hot blood, and if they want to ensure that Anant comes back to the family, maybe agreeing to the marriage is the best solution. So, now the families have agreed to the marriage, but there will be more hurdles on the way.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Haseena getting into a dangerous mode, bites and kills T

The serial has been moving a bit slowly for the past several weeks (the confrontation between Jay and Abhay has not happened except for some verbal dialogues). In addition, Chand has told Abhay to focus on Alina, since she seems to be the weak element of the werewolf family, and Abhay has decided to follow this. Alina also got a makeover from the others such as Piya and Misha, and looks much better with a new look. Abhay is now spending far more time with Alina, and Piya knows the reason, but she does get jealous from time to time. Jay of course does not like that Abhay is spending so much with Alina, and considers Alina to be totally useless in terms of helping the werewolf family beat the vampires.
The other major twist in the story is about the change in Haseena. Recently, there have been several cases of humans being attacked and killed, and the culprit seems to be a vampire, and after some detection, it is found that Haseena is doing this. Haseena explains to Abhay that she is getting an uncontrollable urge for human blood, and it is difficult to stop this. She even attacks Chand once. As a part of these attacks, she apparently attacks and kills T, which would mean that this would be the end of the road for T's character. Haseena also tells Abhay that the only thing that can save her is a serum which can be provided by Alina.
However, this is still not clear as to what is happening to T's character, since after her death, T calls Misha, who is shocked to hear the voice of T, who is presumed to be dead. So Misha goes off to T's house to determine the truth.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Priya sorts out the issues between Ram and Vikram

Finally they show Priya taking some more action. So far, they have shown her to be feisty, not willing to take any scolding or argument from Ram wherever Ram has suddenly grown angry. In addition, she has taken action wherever she has felt the need, even when it may be something over which Ram may not have been very happy. So, when the dispute between Ram and Vikram happens, she tries to sort some things out by going to Vikram's house, but Vikram's wife is really angry over what has happened, and does even let Priya enter the house, instead subjecting her to a lot of scolding. This does not deter Priya in any way, and she decides to get some more advice, by talking to her dad. He gives her some advice, and which seems to her to be the best way. Ram on the other hand is very upset over what has happened with regard to the necklace and with Vikram, and does not approve of any actions she takes.
And then she notices something; she discovers that there is a camera in the basement; and remembers that the camera screen was shut when the party was going on. And then she notices Siddharth behaving a bit strangely, and she follows him (and he is of course stupid, not suspecting anything); and finds that he was just re-checking that the necklace is still there where he has left it. She makes a plan to ensure that things get well between Ram and vikram, and Siddharth is also exposed.
So, Vikram comes to the house and confesses that he later found the necklace in his car and he has got it back. This confuses the others in the house, and Siddharth is sent to re-check. At this time, Priya takes everybody to the camera room, where they can see through the camera in the basement, and it is pretty clear that Siddharth always knew where the necklace is. This ensures that Ram's anger is directed at Siddharth and things work out between Ram and Vikram.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Toasty and Malti to try and resolve some tensions

The show keeps on getting in a mode where there is tension between the brothers, and then time is spent in trying to resolving such issues. One major issue was resolved where Malti was brought into the house by resolving the tension between her and Pashu, and objections of others was resolved to some degree (although Ved still projects a great deal of hostility and tension). However, Toasty was also trying to resolve this by ensuring that Malti was in a position to do everything in the house and replacing the prominent position of Toasty.
Things seem to be getting worse in terms of tension between the brothers. Pashu objects to the pressure on Malti, stating that people forget that the same pressure was there on Toasty when she came in, and she had to face the same kind of pressures and problems, and was able to deal with them. However, Tej objects to the name of Toasty being brought in, and the tension between Pashu and Tej increases.
This becomes much more significant when there is an issue relating to the shop. There is an amount of stock of the sarees getting spoiled because of rain, and the vendor who supplied the sarees shows dissatisfaction about the business practices being followed. Pashu gets very angry at what has happened, and takes his anger out at Tej in front of all the customers. Tej is very angry at this, and goes off to this inlaws house to talk to Toasty about this. Toasty's mother overhears about this, and is concerned even though her husband states that this is their internal matter and the parents should not be involved in this.

Hindi TV Serial - Adalat / CID - Ensuring that there is always denial of the paranormal

Sony has a range of crime based serials that occur over the weekends. These can be pretty interesting for the viewers, although some of them seem comical for other viewers. A combination of Adalat, CID, and Crime Reporter all cover crime, with the first 2 being more about fiction, and the Crime Reporter being a dramatized version of real life events that are pretty horrible.
One fact that comes out in all the serials relates to the fact that even though they cover many different types of crime, all of them avoid in any way anything that justifies the paranormal or the concept of ghosts or spirits.
CID has taken many episodes where the scene is such that people believe that a murder has been committed by the spirits, and always, the officials in the serial refuse to believe that there are any kind of ghosts or spirits that exist. It's only Freddy who is shown as being afraid of ghosts or spirits. Even Freddie however takes part in these cases. So you can have these investigators running after ghosts in deserted buildings, or chasing a ghost in an old haveli, or many other such situations.
In many cases, the scene is such that there seems to be an obvious ghost in the scenario, yet they manage to do the investigation, and find that out that actually this is being done by somebody for a specific motive, and are able to break the chain and find out what really happened. The same thing happens in Adalat where people claim to use black magic or other similar items, and eventually KD discovers the reality and shows that there is no magic, no ghosts, and others.

Enjoy Nautanki TV