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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet and Mann get married, but there seems to be a gap

The show is getting more sensitive, and they keep on showing a lot of love between Geet and Mann, as well as the misunderstandings between them which also get cleared pretty quickly. So, the marriage between Geet and Mann happens, and when the time comes for the wedding night, Geet is anticipating love between them. However, she is very disappointed when Mann sleeps off separately, something that he tells her is because she was very tired after the activities of the marriage. Geet accepts this, but something like this happens the next day as well, and this troubles Geet a lot.
She confronts Mann but does not get a very good feeling, with some tension. Further, the fact that Mann goes off to office the first day after the marriage is troubling to her (and to Dadima who scold Mann for this same thing). When people from the office come to meet Geet, she is unable to tell them how troubled she is over this whole thing; and then Mann leaves for the day outside the city for some important deal - this troubles Geet even more.
Geet finally finds some resolution when she meets her doctor, who tells her that Mann was very troubled by the state of Geet's and her childs health, and was advised by her doctor not to have physical relations with Geet since this might be troubling for their health - and Mann decides that he needs to follow this, no matter what his feeling are, and he does not tell Geet about all this. The respect that Geet has for Mann increases dramatically based on this information from the doctor, and she understands everything that Mann was doing.
The relation between Anvesha and Arjun also becomes worse, since Arjun starts telling her about he did not love her or anything like that, this was just revenge.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Vaishu finds out the truth about Dharmesh, leaves him for now

This was bound to happen, and it happened pretty quickly in the serial. For some time now, the serial has been showing Dharmesh as having a second wife (or rather, he has been married earlier to another lady called Madhur in Pune, and also has a son by her). So Vaishu is his second wife, but he carries on as if nothing has changed and when Maanav and Archana come to know, he threatens them to ensure that they do not tell Vaishali anything. However, Maanav and Archana are more scared of how Vaishu will reach if she gets to know, and further, they are not sure whether they will even be believed by Vaishu, since she does not seem to have much trust in them.
In the meantime, Dharmesh causes more trouble for Maanav, he gets him kicked out of his job as a waiter, and this causes Maanav to try and search for doing something else, along with Ajith. He is starting to find ways to get some money, including borrowing from a local guy at a 1% rate of interest per month. One is not sure where this will lead him.
In the meantime, there is severe trouble on the Vaishu and Dharmesh front, since Vaishu finds herself in the same hotel where Dharmesh is staying with his wife Madhuri (although she has already seen the son with Dharmesh, but Dharmesh denied everything). But now, when the police raid the hotel, she sees Dharmesh with Madhuri, where Dharmesh tells the police that he is with his wife Madhuri only, and now Vaishu has no further doubts on the status of Dharmesh and his marriage.
Now, Vaishu has left Dharmesh and temporarily moved in with Maanav and Archana, while Dharmesh is trying to get her back.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bina Sasural - A fairly new serial on Sony TV about a girl's marriage into a all male household

A lot of serials are made on the concept of the conflict within a household once new daughter-in-laws enter the house, especially the conflict between the saas of the house and the daughter-in-law; so when a serial came in with the tagline that what happens when there is no mother-in-law in the house or even when there is no single girl in the house.
This is the story of Taanya (who is also known as 'Toasty', played by Aishwarya Sakhuja), who is a beautiful and intelligent modern girl. She is in love with a young man named Tej (Ravi Dube as Tejprakash Chaturvedi). They are sure that they want to marry, but Tej has a secret, his family consists entirely of men, with not a single women in the house. This can cause a lot of problem for any girl's family given the fact that a house with only men could be considered uncouth and not fit for a girl.
However, Toasty is determined to make a good wife and daughter-in-law and moves into the house, with the house filled with characters who seem strange to her. There is the grandfather and head of the family who is very favorable to Taanya, and then other people in the house, with most of them elder to Tej. They are all living their own lives, work for the same shop that they own. And it is difficult for them to adjust to a newcomer in the house who can change a lot of the way stuff happens in the house; and slowly Toasty is learning more about what happens in the house.
She has a lot of support from Tej, but in some cases, it is difficult for Tej to also do anything when his elders put pressure on him to get Toasty to modify something or the other - she is turn is very gentle and is trying her best to ensure that things happen well.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The situation turns embarrassing for Manav, since he is seen as a waiter

Some of the characters in the serial are being shown with some twists in their character. The biggest surprise has been in the nature of the 2 sisters of Archana, Varsha and Vaishu. Both of them seem to be totally against Maanav, and to some extent against Maanav. Their sister-in-law Manju is also totally against Maanav, and also against Archana to a large degree.
Things are slowly moving to a head in the story regarding the double life of Dharmesh, who was already married to Madhuri and had a son, before he got married to Vaishu, who is also now pregnant. The story is moving closer to a revelation, with Vaishu slowly starting to feel a bit uneasy, and the story being shown as showing Madhuri and Vaishu bumping into each other at various intervals, and some close situations where Vaishu could have come face to face with the truth. Both Maanav and Archana know the truth, and Dharmesh knows that they know, and hence is very worried about what Maanav will do.
The situation reaches an embarrassment when Maanav has taken a job as a waiter at a hotel, and by coincidence, Sateesh selects the hotel as the occasion for the marriage anniversary celebrations of his and Varsha's marriage. At the ceremony, they come across Maanav as his role of a waiter, and many of them feel very bad at the situation, such as Varsha, Vaishu, Manujsha, her mother, etc, since they feel that it reflects badly on their family if a son-in-law is working as a waiter, and also feel that Maanav deliberately did this so that everybody would be humiliated. However, Maanav does not care too much for this, since he feels that this is a job like any other job and he needs to do this to take care of his wife and their future. Further, Satheesh is also supporting, but he never forces the issue with Varsha since she would pick up a fight with him on this.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Nayantara makes an attempt on the life of Geet, suffers a big fall

The serial is moving to a crisis point. For some time now, the serial has been showing the series of events leading up to the marriage (although if you compare with the Serial on Star, Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain, Geet is moving at a super fast speed), in the background of constant danger to Geet from 2 separate persons, Nayantara, who blames Geet for everything bad that happened in her life; and then there is Brij who blames Geet for the supposed dishonor that has come on their family). Brij has already made an attempt on the life of Geet, and is always ready to make another attempt on the life of Geet.
Mann has increased the level of security on Geet and in the house to a considerable degree, and this inconveniences Geet to a very high degree; and then Mann finally figures out that it is Brij who is there in the house in the form of a cook; but by then, Brij has escaped from the house.
The next major crisis happens when Nayantara decides to come back and prevent the marriage from happening. So, she calls up Geet and threatens to harm Mann, something that she knows will ensure that Geet comes to meet her; when Geet does come to meet her, the aim of NT was to harm Geet only, not Mann. She threatens Geet with shooting her, and at the last minute, Mann rushes in, and in the incident, NT is pushed off the roof and falls down, causing her great harm.
Arjun rushes her to the hospital, and blames Mann for causing this incident, causing NT to be in a coma after suffering a lot of internal injuries. Arjun decides to use whatever means to harm Mann and destroy him, and this is the same day when Mann and Geet are also getting married. Annie is also very distressed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Arushi gets taken by force by Shakti

Something very strange is ongoing in the serial right now, especially when it comes to the right of women. Arushi marries Shakti when Shakti is already married to Kesar, and under the Hindu marriage code, Shakti cannot marry a second time when his first wife is alive. Pratigya and Krishna have been protesting this for quite some time, but have not managed to persuade any of the other family members, Shakti, SS, or Amma that what is happening is wrong. Instead, Krishna is criticized by all of them for turning over to the other side and only supporting his own wife.
And a new issue crops up when Arushi realizes that what she has done is wrong, that Pratigya was trying to help her and that she made a mistake by marrying Shakti in anger. She wants to change things, and seek the support of her family who have disowned her ever since she married Shakti. She manages to escape and goes along with Krishna and Pratigya back to her father's house who finally accepts her back. However, Shakti and Sajjan Singh come there, and using a gun, force Arushi to go back with them. Shyamji and Adarsh head to SS's house and lodge a complaint with the police and an inspector comes with them. After much coaxing, SS finally gets Amma to get Arushi from the room inside, and Arushi wants to leave. However, when the inspector finds out that Arushi had married out of her own choice and has not suffered any harm, he does not care that she wants to leave and tells her that she has to remain there. A strange action on behalf of the police.
Shakti is getting in a bad state, wanting to take Arushi, and is talking about killing Kesar so that he has only one wife, and that is Arushi.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - The truth about Dharmesh getting exposed

One thing true about Pavitra Rishta is that there is always a lot of drama about the serial. This is true for the present as well. Jayawant and Manju did not really like that fact that Maanav and Archana were living in the same house with each other, with Jaywant being really jealous. Manjusha on the other hand had never really like Maanav and Archana, and hence both of them conspired to get Maanav discredited and humiliated. And so they managed to plant some evidence where it seemed like Maanav had stolen money belonging to Vinod, and they did this in front of everybody. And as a result, Maanav, Varsha, and the others all ganged up on Maanav, accusing him of stealing money from the same house which gave him shelter. Archana was outraged by the accusation, since she knew that Maanav would never do such a thing; and she and Maanav left the house. However, she managed to get proof that it was Manju who was involved, which shocked Vinod and left him feeling very bad, also since Archana accused him of behaving badly towards Maanav and told him that she no longer regarded him as a brother.
And the main story is about Dharmesh, who is being projected as a confirmed bad guy in the serial now. Dharmesh is now shown as having a wife and son before the marriage with Vaishu, and he visits them while keeping this a secret from the others. Maanav and Archana get to know about this when they see him in a hospital in Pune with his wife, Madhuri. Now Dharmesh is slowly getting into trouble since his wife Madhuri wants to have another child, and Vaishu has also told him that she is very happy since she is now pregnant. Maanav and Archana are very hesitant about telling Vaishu since they are not sure how she will take such news, but they do not want Dharmesh to carry on with what he is doing, and so that he will stop deceiving Vaishu about this.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 4 - Shweta Tiwari wins the 4th season of Big Boss

Big Boss is now a pretty popular reality show in Indian TV (being the slightly less controversial of the international Big Brother series (which is less censored and where there can be much more explicit scenes between the contestants)). The shows survives on the concept that the audience can get into the lives of minor celebrities, as they live their life in a glass cage in a video monitored house. In addition, the creators of the show do their best to ensure that there is a huge amount of controversy and drama in the show; so you have a contestant such as Dolly fighting with her fellow team members in a way that appeals to those people who like controversies. Then there was the marriage between Sara and Ali Merchant which got heavily criticized once there was proof that they were already married (and they split soon after Sara got out of Big Boss, apparently because Ali was spending all their money).
There have been 3 previous versions of Big Boss before (with the previous winners being Rahul Roy, Ashutosh Kaushik, and Vindu Dara Singh), and all these winners were male, so there was some controversy about the winners of reality shows very rarely being the female contestant. So, for the Big Boss season 4, there was the same expectation that it would be a male winner. The final 4 participants were - Khali, Shweta Tiwari, Dolly Bindra, and Ashmit Patel. This got narrowed down to the final 2, who were Khali and Shweta Tiwari.
When Salman Khan got down to announcing the final winner, there was some amount of doubt about who would be the final winner, and then Shweta Tiwari was announced as the winner.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Arushi wants to leave Shakti, Pratigya supports her in this

The serial was showing a conflict between Arushi and Pratigya for some time now. When Pratigya found out the truth of Aman, that he was two-timing Arushi, she warned Arushi. However, Arushi could not understand this warning, and got real angry at Pratigya. In this anger, when Pratigya created a scene in the marriage between Arushi and Aman, Arushi took the extreme step of marrying Shakti as his second wife so that she could enter the same house as Pratigya and take her revenge.
And she does enter the house of Shakti Singh, and takes real pleasure in tormenting Pratigya, telling her various items, and so on. Further, since she is the wife of the elder brother, she scolds Pratigya at several intervals, and Pratigya takes all those insults. The others in the house are pretty happy at this distance between the 2 sisters, since they never really liked Pratigya. In all this, Krishna is still uncomfortable, but continues to support whatever Pratigya does (however, he does tell her off at many intervals, being angry with her at many occasions).
However, in the end, Arushi comes to know the reality of Aman, seeing him with his wife (the same person who tied a rakhi on Aman to prove that she was like a sister to Aman). Realizing that Pratigya was only trying to be helpful to Arushi, Arushi comes to Pratigya and Krishna and wants to apologize for everything that she has done, and also wants to reconcile with her parents (who have disowned her for whatever she did and said against them). And then there is Shakti, who is itching to establish physical relations with Arushi, and the only thing saving Arushi was the message of the baba who came to the house (although the baba was sent by Pratigya), who states that there needs to be a period of going to the temple for some days of prayer before the marriage can be taken to the intimate level.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet in mortal trouble, with her part catching up with her

In the midst of the steps leading to the marriage with Mann, with all the festivities ongoing, both Geet and Mann are facing some serious danger. Geet is somewhat vulnerable due to her pregnancy, and Mann remains very careful about her and to ensure that she does not face any danger.
For one, there is the presence of Arjun, Nayantara's brother who has come because of the problems that are being faced by Nayanatara and who has been provoked by the anger expressed by NT. NT has shown to Arjun that they all conspired against her and got her thrown out, and as a result, Arjun has vowed to take revenge against all of them, and has identified the sister of Mann, Annie as his weak spot.
And so Arjun manages to get a contract for doing the wedding planning of the marriage (where Geet manages to prevent him from being thrown out even when she learns that he is NT's brother). His aim is to spoil the marriage and also attack Annie, and he manages to do so by getting her interested in him; even when Annie learns about him being the brother of NT, she still does not really send him away.
The biggest problem is Brij, who is out of jail and who wants nothing else other than to avenge the apparent insult that Geet has caused to the family honour, and what better way than to kill Geet and Mann. He manages to get a job as a cook for the wedding, and has attacked Geet once already, by locking her in the bathroom and increasing the temperature incredibly. She manages to survive, and now Mann is on his total guard, increasing the level of security in the house.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahaani - The strange going on in the serial, between Piya and Abhay

This is a very different serial, different from all those family serials that showcase the difference between family members, and so on. The serial takes on the paranormal, getting into the concept of creatures such as werewolves and vampires (or atleast people who are not humans), and who are trying to be part of normal society. The show does not try to be a horror show, instead a love story is being shown between a human being and a creature.
So Abhay and his parents are shown as people with super-human properties, who can move faster than speeding cars, who have super-human strength, and so on. His parents are quite clear, they have to integrate in society and hence need to hide their powers so that they are not found out. Abhay on the other hand is more comfortable with his powers but still takes the effort not to be found out. The complication comes when Abhay comes in contact with Piya (who is actually the daughter of Arnav, who is also the father of 2 of Piya's best friends; Arnav does not know about this).
For Abhay, Piya resembles a much older companion of his, and he is drawn to her; at the same time, he is also aware of his powers and how easily he could be found out, so he has been making an effort to ensure that nobody in college comes close to him, and if possible, hate him. But, he is shown as a person with a good heart. Together, they are drawn into a series of adventures, such as exposing Danish for the fraud that he is (so Piya along with Abhay, and Maya (who was carrying Abhay's child) expose Danish before he can succeed in his ambitions of marrying into Panchi Dobriyal, a rich family). Danish has sworn to attack Piya, but Abhay comes in between every time.
Now, Piya is slowly some evidence of the amazing abilities of Abhay, such as when he is able to move faster than a jeep to stop some rowdies who were trying to rape her. How will she find out his reality ?

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