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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Finally Ram and Piya along with Pihu are safe and sound

The serial has been taking the viewers through a tough time. There was a split between everyone in the family over a variety of reasons. First the division between Karthik and Natasha was sudden and very hard. Karthik admitted that he had married Jhaanvi on the side, and that the baby that was born was his. This caused a huge shock to everyone in the family, also because he immediately went away to Singapore after that. This caused huge tension to everyone, and Natasha was furious - she wanted Karthik to come back so that he could be arrested and punished for everything that he had done to her. She was even willing to have her inlaws jailed in order to force Karthik to come back.
However, Priya was also wanting Karthik to come back and take over his responsibilities, which meant that he owned up to whatever was happening, and also accepted whatever punishment was due to him for what had happened. He finally came back, and the plan for Ram and Natasha was to get him arrested, and they had got the police involved in the plan to arrest him. Ayesha was also involved in all this, and wanted to as usual cause problems in the family, and posed as the best of friends to Natasha to provoke her to rebel and turn against Ram and Priya. When Karthik showed up, he was pursued by the police who also shot him when he was moving away from there. Natasha was shocked up by this, and ended up blaming Priya for everything that had happened, and even Rishabh turned against Ram because of all this.
There was an increased amount of tension between Ram and Priya as well, with Pihu also giving up because of all this fighting and tension, and hence Vikram and Neha tried to send them on a holiday to Singapore so that they could resolve their differences. And this was the medium that the serial showed to get them to resolve their differences. The plane in which they were travelling had an accident, and there was shock everywhere about the whereabouts of Ram, Priya and Pihu. This also caused Rishabh and Nuts to think about their attitude of the past few weeks, and caused them to change back into their normal loving relationship.
Finally the serial showed all of them safe and sound, and getting ready to go back. Ayesha tried some more spin, claiming in front of the family that since this accident was very hard, the family should be prepared for the consequences of their death, and start talking about how to divide the family property. This was something that was a mistake, since even in stupid serials, they do not show characters behaving so stupidly, and here this was a way to show the reform of Nuts, since she went up to Ayesha and slapped her hard for her various attempts to be an enemy of the family. Finally when they are back, there is a new tide of happiness, with the doctor saying that there are actually twins.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Ram currently with Rishi Vishwamitra

The serial keeps on gathering admirers, primarily because unlike other religious or mythological serials, it does not try to get into preaching mode or gets too loud or colorful. Seeing the serial, I am reminded of the first Mahabharta serial that used to come on TV ages ago, and which had captured a huge chunk of viewer attention (although viewers did not have too many choices that time). In the serial, the advice offered by the gods is not in a preaching mode, but instead is offered with an explanation and is topical (for example, right now the serial talks about people in a forest resisting a yagna in a forest, and is linked to the development needs of people in the forest; this can be questioned, but atleast there is an attempt to explain the reasons for the same and at the same time, makes sense). The other important item they show is that in the case of many asuras, they do not show them as pure evil, but try to give an explanation of what the asura was wanting, and why it is wrong.
Currently the serial is moving through the story of Ram in a fast mode (since the serial is about Mahadev, they cannot show the serial in an elongated stretch only about Ram). Due to the curse on Raja Dashrath when he killed Shravan by mistake, Dashrath is very hesitant about allowing Ram out of his sight, and the normal practise of the son of the king going to the ashram of the patron guru of the king was not done. However, finally Mahadev managed to use some sense of force to get Ram and Laxman out of the royal palace and into proper education and the use of arms; he got Rishi Vishramitra to go to the king and ask the king for help in ensuring that his yagnas take place without interruption by various asuras. When the king found out that the Rishi wanted his son, he was bound to refuse although he had already pledged to provide the Rishi whatever help he wanted. It was only when the Rishi got angry that Dashrath allowed Ram and Laxman to go with the Rishi to his ashram where they could get the required education.
There Ram and Laxman grew up and got the required education and training that they needed. Finally they were ready to confront Tarka, a warrior asura lady who had got gifts from the gods and was powerful. She and other asuras over there would prevent anybody from doing yagnas in the forest or otherwise exploit the forest; while the Rishi wanted to do a yagna over there. He asked Ram to kill Tarka when she appeared to stop the Rishi, although Ram was hesitant to kill a lady; at which point his Guru scolded him and then Parvathi appeared to tell him about his duty, and not to get into the concept of whether he should care whether the enemy is a lady or a man. Finally Ram is there when his Guru starts his Yagna, tells Tarka to back off so that she has a chance to withdraw without getting killed, but finally in the confrontation, he shoots an arrow in her chest and kills her.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade acche Lagte Hain - An accident in which Ram and Priya are impacted

The serial is waiting to unveil a 20 year timeleap again, and the way it goes on right now, it would seem that the situation before the leap would show Ram and Piya separated and separated for a long period of time. For the past few episodes, the serial has been showing a situation where there is growing tension between Ram and Priya. Ram is running into a lot of tension due to the situation with his family, whereby Nuts does not believe in him anymore and believes that Priya was the one who caused all this problem. Further, his own brother Rishabh has now started treating him like a step-brother and wants to lead a separate life, with his own responsibilities and his own life and also keeping Ram at a distance. Ram also starts taunting Priya that she will always assume the mantle of being right and giving him a lecture all the time on what is right and what is wrong. Further, Priya and Somya try to show Rishab the truth and hence Somya is playing a drama, but things become clear to everybody, which makes Rishabh very angry with Soumya and Ram very angry with Priya (and all these items are not supposed to do anything to lower her tension, apparently very necessary in the current state of her pregnancy). Things are going from bad to worse and even Neha and Vikram are unable to really make things better. So they setup a plan where they get both Ram and Priya (along with Pihu) on the same flight, the flight to Singapore where hopefully they will forget about their differences and reconcile to each other.
So, Natasha wants a divorce from Karthik. Even though she believes that she still loves him a lot, she was very hurt over the situation when Karthik was recovering from his coma and coming out of the coma, and seemed to respond to touching from Jhanvi rather than Natasha, which hurt her terribly. Since she now realizes that maybe Karthik is actually more interested in Jhanvi than her, and hence she decides to go for a separation and divorce from Karthik although he pleads with her not to do this.
So, Neha and Vikram setup a plan whereby Neha tries a ladies holiday to Singapore (apparently she is fit enough to travel on a plane even though in pregnancy, many doctors do not easily agree to let their patients travel for long distances) while Vikram talks about a necessary meeting in Singapore, and both of them get them on the plane (and switch off their mobile phones so that Ram and Priya cannot call them and complain about what they have done). However, the ice between the two has not yet melted, and then everybody in India gets to know that the plane has crashed. And they show both Ram and Priya in wounded positions in the aftermath of the plane crash, lying on the ground, with plane debris and other people lying around them. Will they be now separated for 20 years ? Given that it is a Balaji serial, this is very much possible.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Mohan leaves everything as part of a deal with Addu

The serial is on its way to take another shift. After a long time the serial showed everything happy, and you know that it would be too good to last. Already there has been a lot of feedback from viewers that they really appreciate only the main pair of Megha and Mohan, and everybody else was not getting the desired attraction from the viewers. So the makers of the serial decided to do a shift and changed things around, such that the focus will again be on the pair of Mohan and Megha. So there will be none or less shown of Beera, Navika, etc.
Daddaji has been caught and a number of children who have currently been kidnapped are rescued from several warehouses that are controlled by Daddaji, and the whole item has been shown on television as well. In addition, Beera has played a stellar role in all this, which reduces the hurt that Navika faced when she learned that all her faith in Beera was not correct, that in fact, he was whatever Mohan had described. He was actually acting on behalf of Daddaji earlier, but this was only temporary, since when he learnt that Daddaji and Addu were both criminals, he tried to stop them and get them arrested by the police.
When Megha confronts Addu and tells him that she knows who he was, but that he is no longer her son because of what all he has done and what he has become, things change for Addu. He has an emotional scene with Megha, but she wants him to repent for what he has done, and to earn the respect and forgiveness of his mother, and only then will he be worthy of her love and role as a mother.
However, even while things are changing in this respect, he takes an action that viewers of the serial would not have expected, and makes the serial even more serious. During a journey where the entire family was going to enjoy and relax, Addu has a few words with Mohan where he tells Mohan that his entire life so far was centered on hatred towards Mohan. It seems like that has not been completed, since he tells Mohan that he wants Mohan to leave the family and leave in such a way that they will forget about him in some time (in fact he tells Mohan that Addu will handle the family in such a way that they will totally forget about him in some time); Mohan wants Megha to get her son back and away from his criminal past and is even willing to follow the condition set by Addu. He takes a wistful look at the family when they are all enjoying and having fun, and sets out - although he is intercepted by Megha and Rimjhim.
The serial will apparently have a time leap of around 2 years where Mohan has disappeared, apparently fallen over a cliff, and Megha moves away to Mumbai for a new life. She even meets somebody who is similar to Mohan but she soon realizes that this is not Mohan, but just somebody who looks like him. The serial is apparently set to get much more serious from now on.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Ovi is back from Canada for a divorce

This remains a highly complicated family. Things are never as convoluted in the life of a normal person or family as they are in this family depicted in the serial. Currently Ovi has finally decided to give a divorce to Arjun. For a long time she struggled with the obvious connection between Arjun and Purvi, but after she got to know about Pari being the daughter of Arjun and Purvi (and the time in which there was an attempt to hide this connection), she was even more frustrated, unable to spend time with Pari after that. Even though her own sister Teju asked her about why she was unable to spend time with Pari and what was the fault of Pari in all this; Ovi was clear that she cannot do any of this. Finally, they showed Ovi missing from the serial for quite some time, apparently gone back to Canada (the actress playing the role was wondering whether there she is there in the serial at all after all this).
On the other hand you have the story of Soham and Manav. Soham believes that he has made a major transformation in his life, given up everything wrong and should be accepted by his father Manav. However Manav has seen a lot being done wrong by Soham in his role of Vishnu (inspired by Balan who was bringing him up to be a thug and a villain). However, he still has a rough edge to his life and this rough edge causes problems even now. For example when Archana was coming back from the hospital, he was trying to arrange a celebration in the house and the fireworks he was doing caused a problem to a lady in the chawl, and all this fighting and arguing finally causes more tension between Manav and Soham and Soham getting more distanced from Manav. However, he is close to some others in the house and is even spending some time with Ovi, trying to provide some support to her in her struggles, being her elder brother.
The impending relationship between Soham and Gauri is providing some support to the serial, since there is no other romance ongoing in the serial. There needs to be a romantic element, else everything is very depressing with so many random twists and turns in the story.
Ovi does not really want to meet Arjun because she feels that because of their very long relationship and friendship prior to their marriage, connections between them and so on, and comes to his house only when he is not there and returns his wedding ring. However, she does go to meet DK and tells him that even though the marriage with his son is over, she wants to ensure that her relationship with DK remains, and he tells her that she is true, that she will remain like his daughter.
Arjun and Purvi even run into Ovi at a restaurant, but they do not acknowledge each other, and Ovi turns her head when Arjun waves to her. Finally they move away from the restaurant and do not meet each other during this whole time.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The focus is on the story of Ram

For some time now, the story has been focusing on the oncoming story of Lord Ram. For some time now, Mahadev and Narayana both have been telling the story that the end of Ravana will come at the hands of a human, but that human will be special, being the epitome of maryada, dharma and everything that is good. He will be the person who will show a new character to the world, a person of incredible character and good, set an example to the world. This will be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Ram. So there are a number of episodes that deal with this story, but the story still does not seem stretched, nor does it really feel that somebody is giving a moral lecture. So far the serial has managed to give a story that is not stretched.
Ravana is getting all powerful, comfortable in the knowledge that the gods and even the trimurti of Brahma, Narayanan and Mahadev cannot slay him because of the boon he has got from Brahma that prevents any of them from killing him. The boon however had a loophole, whereby Ravana considered humans so weak that he had not included humans in his boon, and hence Narayanan will take birth as a human to kill him. Ravana gets to know that a human is going to be born to kill him, and tries to find out from his grandfather about who is the person, but his grandfather only tells him that Queen Kaushalaya will be the mother of the child. Ravana tries to kill Kaushalya, but Lord Ganesh saves her from the water and puts her back near her palace.  And then Mahadev does a number of acts where he goes to the kings Dashratha (father of Ram) and Janak (future of Sita) and tells them that they will be graced with children who will be world famous and they will be fortunate to have such children. Janak is able to recognize that it is Mahadev who has come to offer him the advice and suggestions. In the case of Dashratha, Mahadev pays multiple visits, before the birth of Ram and then after the birth (he wanted to go this form of Narayanan where he was a baby and those were some cute scenes). King Dashratha does not recognize him but his guru is able to do so.
Then, in another scene, Mahadev again comes and warns Dashratha about his passion than become a compulsion, warning him against his quest for deer hunting (the king was very accomplished, just on the basis of his hearing, he could place an arrow inside the deer accurately). But the king does not listen to this stranger and goes hunting. And then he mistakenly understands the sound of Shravan filling his pot for that a deer who is drinking, and shoots Shravan in a life-threatening blow. The king is horrified that he has killed Shravan and goes before his blind parents, and tells them about what he has done. They refuse to forgive him, instead telling him that they are relinquishing their lives, but just as they are dying pining for their son, the same fate will come to King Dashrath. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Finally Munna arrested, Megha identifies him as Addu

There is a recent news report that the serial is losing some of its TRP's, and that is partly because the interaction between the lead pair of Mohan and Megha, which was the high point of the serial were getting diluted due to the other stories that were happening in the serial, including that of Navika and Beera, and that of Munna / Addu. So there will be lesser focus on these characters, and more focus again on Mohan and Megha (but that seems a bit off, how often can you only keep on focusing on the lead pair, you need to have stories of the other characters, especially the lead pair, to ensure that there is enough turnover in the storyline, else you will get a serial as slow as Saraswatichandra, which has one story that would continue for 6 months or more).
Munna (who is actually Addu) has promised to take revenge on Mohan for his belief that he was a bad step-father, and it was because of him that Addu had to run away from home, and got kidnapped and fell into this entire racket of crime and kidnapping. So he has been trying for quite some time to do ill on Mohan, and finally managed to get Mohan to jail. However, when the doctor of the mental institution was coming to give evidence in favor of Mohan, Munna tried to shoot him. At this, Beera started fighting him to prevent Munna from stopping the doctor, and finally the doctor's evidence was enough to get Mohan bail and out of jail.
In Daddaji's house, they finally tell Beera that Daddaji is actually a hard core criminal, the one who runs the racket of kidnapping kids, and that Munna is one of his chief workers. Beera is shocked, since he does not know about this, and tells Daddaji that he will reveal this truth to everybody and ensure that the name of Daddaji as the face of this racket comes out in front of everyone, and that he is leaving the house right now. Ragini does not come with him because of her association with Munna, although Beera does tell her that she is making the wrong choice.
Due to the efforts of Beera, the police come and arrest Daddaji, and are set of arrest Munna. But he has run away, and to the surprise of everyone, Mohan tries to prevent the arrest of Munna, but police follow soon after and try to arrest Munna. Munna runs off in a police jeep, but then Megha stands in his way and he has to stop to prevent hitting her. So finally Megha and Munna are in front of each other, and when police say that somebody has to do the identification of Munna, Megha speaks up and says that he is a kidnapper, and is also Aditya Bhatnagar, her long lost son, but whom she no longer recognizes for what he has become.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Saraswatichandra - Kumud's marriage with Saras breaks off, now married to Pramad

Saraswatichandra is a slow serial, and it's TRP ratings are now taking a break. At a time when there are multiple serials on nowadays which move fast and don't stick on the same story for weeks and weeks, the serial is one of the slowest moving serials on TV today and hence even if you miss it for a week, you don't feel like you really miss much. In the past few weeks however, finally the story has taken a twist. For so many weeks, the serial showed the slow transformation of Saras from somebody who was insular and non-smiling to somebody, who through the influence of Kumud, finally got to know the better parts of life, about love and life, and finally brought back a smile to his life. But after their wedding was decided and he had to rush back to Dubai, you knew that there was something wrong. And when the serial took such a full episode to show the separation between Saras and Kumud, including their leaving some parting gifts for each other, you knew that there were things going to go wrong, and it happened.
Cut to the current situation where the marriage proposal between Kumud and Saras is broken, and this is the second time that this happened. When this happens, Kumud informs her family about what has happened, and they consider that the relation has now broken. Already, there is another proposal from a politician called Buddhidhan for his son Pramad, and finally Vidyachatur decided to get his daughter married off to Pramad. Kumud also agreed to this. Saras was in a shattered frame of mind after he had a disagreement with his father, since there was going to be a business meeting that happened but which got moved by a day because of Guman. As a result, Saras was badly shocked, and it was in this frame of mind that he refused the relationship. But he was persuaded by Sunny that he had done wrong to Kumud and Saras finally rushes back but finds that the marriage is about to happen. He is discovered by Umesh, and since Umesh was so angry at him for breaking up his marriage to Kumari, he beats up Saras very badly.
Kumud finally did get married to Pramad, but this relationship was off to a bad start. Kumud was determined to make a good wife and daughter-in-law, but Pramad is drunk with her on the first day of marriage itself and tells her that this marriage was forced on him by his father, he was not interested in marriage. And he tells Kumud that she should not consider that this marriage meant anything to him, this is a marriage in name only. On the other hand, Saras was discovered by Pramad's sister in an injured state and she takes him home to help him recover, and so it again turns out that Kumud and Saras are now in the same house, although both of them do not know this. What will happen next ?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Mohan finally out of jail, but Rimjhim gets to know about her adoption

It is right now a no holds barred fight between Mohan and Munna. Munna has been determined to ensure that Mohan is punished for what he did earlier in life to Munna and will go to any lengths for the same. In earlier attempts he once threatened Mohan over Rimjhim, and another time tried to get a car to run over him. In some of these cases where there was some problems, Beera played a big role in helping Mohan and Navika, and even brought them together by showing Navika how her constant statements of step-father was causing her to be distant from Mohan. This finally brought them together again.
Things got more confusing when Navika realized that she also loved Beera and agreed to get married to him although by that time Beera told her that he was frustrated at having to wait for so long, and was not sure. However, finally they agree to a marriage, but at the last minute, due to some conversations involving Munna and Ragini, Mohan realized that Beera was actually committing a fraud on them for taking revenge for whatever was done to Daddaji. Mohan hence refused to agree to the marriage right at the time of the actual rituals, but Navika managed to make him agree by telling him that she had full faith on Beera and that he would not betray her for anything.
However, at the same time, there was another drama going on. Munna was planning a further attack on Mohan and managed to persuade the real Munna's grandmother (living with Mohan as Addu) that her real child had been taken away by Mohan and got the police to come and arrest Mohan for child kidnapping. Things got more complicated, when Beera was told by Daddaji that the only way to get Mohan out of prison was by Beera telling Navika the truth about his intentions behind the marriage. By this time, Beera had turned good and in love with Navika, and for getting Mohan out of prison, he went and told Navika everything. She was shocked at what had happened.
However, getting Mohan out of jail was not so easy. While his bail proceedings were going on in court, there was the need to get the hospital doctor to testify that Addu was with for them 10 years, and finally, though Munna tried to shoot the doctor, Beera prevented him from doing that the doctor's testimony got Mohan bail and out of jail. However, by this time Navika was furious at Beera that he had done this to her and did not know that he was now really good.
At Daddaji's home, Beera tells Daddaji that he had done this since this was the condition for telling Navika the truth, and then Munna reveals that Daddaji actually used to kidnap small children and pass them on, and Daddaji also confirms this. Both Beera and Ragini were shocked at this, and Beera decides to leave although Ragini refuses to leave along with him.
The other important stuff that happens is that it gets revealed that Rimjhim was the adopted daughter of Mohan, and not his real daughter. She is shocked at this, and since Addu was taken away by his grandmother, she asks Mohan whether her real family would come and take her away.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev spares Ravan for now, after being reminded of fate

The serial is moving towards the end of a Yuga, with a new Yuga going to happen soon. The focus of the serial right now is on Ravana and his misdeeds. Inspite of having been warned by Mahadev to do good and not do adharma, Ravan is on the path of trying to fly higher and higher. He goes to a place for getting some new powers, and there he meets Mandodari and falls for he. He proposes marriage to her, and her father and she both are very happy at this, since Ravana is such a powerful and great man. However, Mandodari had a bit of a shock, she agreed so quickly to the marriage since she was a devotee of Mahadev, and she always thought Ravan was the greatest devotee of Mahadev, but Ravana breaks that thought of her and tells her that he is no longer a devotee of Mahadev.
Ravan is out on his pushpak viman, which crash lands at a place, and he soon sees this yogini called Vedvati, and seeing her beauty, he wants to possess her. She quickly gets to know his background and history on the basis of her powers and scolds him for coming after her even though he has just recently got married. However, he does not listen and touches her hand. In the meantime Mahadev gets up in anger since he can see what is happening, and on the other hand, Lakshmiji is very disturbed at what is happening to Vedvati although Vishnu tells her that she cannot stop what is happening.
Vedvati tells Ravana that because of his touching her, when she had not wished it, she was now impure and there was no other alternative for her than to seek death. Ravana is mystified, and then suddenly Mahadev appears there. He tries to stop Vedvati, but she tells him that this is now her fate, with her being the reason for the death of Ravana, and converts herself to a pile of ashes. Mahadev starts shaking with fury with Ravana getting scared, and is in the process of throwing his Tridev when Narayana comes there with the other trimuti and their consorts, and stops him from doing so, reminding him that Ravana is his gate-keeper and he cannot disturb fate.
All attempt to mollify Mahadev, and then he relates the story. At some time in the past, there were 2 people, Jay and Vijay, who had stopped Brahma's sons from visiting Narayan, and they were cursed for this. Vishnuji gave them 2 alternatives where they could either be with him for 7 births of being his bhakata and then would be sent to earth, or they could be killed by Narayana three times in 3 births, and so was the story of Hiranakashyap, then Narayanan followed by Shishupal. Finally Mahadev tells Parvathi that if he had indeed killed Ravana, then he would be disturbing fate.
Finally, the family splits from Kailash. Karthikeyan is to go south, Ganesh to go west, Parvathi to go east. Mahadev would be born in the form of Hanuman. Narayana tells them that once Mahadev and Parvathi step down from Kailash, there it would be Yugantar, the birth of a new age. And so it happens. But in the meantime, Ravana is trying to determine from his grandfather as to who would be responsible for his death, but all he can find out is that the mother of the person who would kill him is Kaushalya.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Giving words of wisdom to Ravana, and marriage of Ganesh

It's always very interesting to see what is happening with respect to 2 different stories ongoing in the serial, and it is happening right now. There is the big story of the marriage of Ganesh that has to happen in the serial, and with the girls that he rescued from an asura when she was going to the ashram for his education along with Karthikeyan. So, when Mahadev and Parvathi were very happy that Ganesh and Karthikeyan were coming back from their education, at that time, the prajapati comes in with his daughter Riddhi and Siddhi and says that he wants their marriage with Ganesh. Both Mahadev and Parvathi are fine with this proposal but want to talk to Ganesh before they agree to the marriage.
At the same time there is a quest ongoing in Lanka. Ravan has stopped becoming a devotee of Mahadev over his refusal to come back from Lanka along with Ravan, and started on the route to adharm. He started mistreating humans and also asked his brother Kumbhkaran to assist him in the same. He wanted humans to build a huge new city for him, and in the end, gave them attractions to ensure that they were not scared of him anymore and did the work willingly. But when the things were done in the end, he wanted to get rid of them.
At this, when the asuras were attacking the humans, Mahadev left Kailash at the time of the marriage discussions to stop the attack on the humans. He reached there and stopped the first round of the asuras, and even stopped Kumbhkaran when she made an attack on the humans. In between he also encouraged the humans to not take anything lying down, and stand up for the rights, not just be willingly killed by the asuras, and showed by example.
And then finally Ravana came there to do the fighting, but then recognized that Mahadev was there in a human form, and Mahadev tool his real form. There was some discussion where Ravana taunted Mahadev about coming to Lanka, but not when Ravana wanted him to come. However, Mahadev gave him an education about the true respects of a devotee and how not to be arrogant, but Ravana did not really listen. Mahadev also told him he could be a very good leader, but in his current path, he is going down the wrong path and could lead to problems for himself and also for the asura clan.
He finally issues another warning to Ravana and then comes back from there, and then the wedding ceremony of Ganesh with Riddhi and Siddi took place (I was wondering whether they would show Ganesh getting married to both of them, since getting married to 2 ladies was a bit controverisla).

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Sanchi being very jealous at Jagya's birthday celebration

The birthday celebration of Jagya is the focus of the ongoing episodes. Ganga has spent a lot of effort on preparing for the birthday, getting the entire house decorated with balloons, cooking some special dishes, and so on. It seems pretty clear that she is putting all her love in this preparation, although she has met some resistance from Sumitra. Ever since Sanchi poisoned the mind of Sumitra by claiming that it was Ratan Singh (the husband of Ganga) who was behind the attempt on the life of Jagya, Sumitra started feeling ill towards Ganga, and was more irritated at whatever Ganga would do.
In the meantime, Sanchi was preparing for the visit to Jagya's house. The family had decided that they would use the occasion of Jagya's birthday to talk to the family about the relation between Sanchi and Jagya, with some of them hoping that Jagya will decline, and that will put a stop to Sanchi getting totally love struck towards Jagya. They come in when the first part of the function is happening.
The surprise in the house happened when Jagya came in. As soon as he came in from the hospital, he saw the whole house covered in balloons, and also saw that there was a beautiful posted in front that had photos from his childhood and so on. He then took respects of all the family members and got some good gifts from all of them. When asked about who had done all the preparations, Dadisa was all praise for Ganga, something which irritated Sumitra, especially when this praise was repeated again.
Separately, Ganga gave a small hand made purse to Jagya, more like a mobile phone cover. He took it and started using it, and there was a cute moment between them due to the presence of Mannu, who caused both Jagya and Ganga to almost come into contact with each other. Jagya also told Ganga that she was wrong to not give the gift in front of others, after all, it was not the cost of the gift that counted, it was the feeling behind it.
Soon after, Sanchi came in, and embarrassed everybody by hugging Jagya tightly, something which shocked everybody around, especially since this was still a conservative family. Jagya managed to handle the situation, and so on. They all gave a gift to Jagya, but Sanchi later give a separate gift to Jagya, a red jacket. Jagya was uncomfortable, and Anandi had already told Sanchi that Jagya did not like such bright colors, but she was not expected to listen, and she did not. Finally when Sanchi pushed, Jagya said that he would wear it later, but he refused to wear it on that occasion.
Then the hospital staff did a skit in front of Jagya, with Ganga also taking a part in that skit. Sanchi was very jealous of the attention that Jagya was paying to the skit, and interrupted it midway with an announcement, and this was the end.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Jhumki made to drink alcohol to reveal truth

For some days and weeks now, the serial has been showing Jhumki in the serial, preventing Khushi and Veeru from grabbing the house and property after the death of Roli. With Roli dead, the property will go back to Veeru, and it is the acting of Jhumki as Roli which is preventing this from happening. On an earlier deadline, Simar and Prem had found Jhumki and persuaded her to come with them and make sure that the household remains in the hands of the Bhardwarj family. However, both Veeru and Khushi were sure that this was some kind of plot, since Roli was indeed dead, and how could it be that there was Roli again. Now all their quest was to show that this was not Roli, and that it was somebody else.
Things were more complicated, since Jhumki had to be taught all the habits and customs of Roli, and some of them were more difficult, such as being one of the earliest to get up and do morning stuff for the household. Another major problem was that nobody else in the house knew that this was not Roli, but Jhumki, and hence were trying to push her back to Siddharth, so that they could resume their normal marital relationship. This was making Jhumpi very nervous, since she knew that she was not married to Siddharth, and hence was trying to stay away from Sid, and he was also confused. Prem and Simar would keep on coming back again and again to prevent this from happening. Finally Siddhart also got to know, and he was also hurt on knowing this.
In the meantime, Khushi was forever on the quest to ensure that she could get the secret of Jhumki revealed, and would try numerous stuff. She would try and get Jhumki to revert back to her natural way of speaking, which was very different from Roli; she even prepared food with a lot of chillies so that Jhumki would feel a horrid taste and would express her feelings, but Jhumki got to know and somehow got Khushi to eat the food first, and it was Khushi who suffered this. On another occasion, Jhumki was supposed to do one performance with the dance group of whom she was a member, but khushi managed to persuade the family to go there and see her. Jhumki got to know, and was able to prevent this disaster from happening.
Finally, it was almost time for Veeru and Khushi to be thrown out of the house, and they did their final attempt. They managed to get Khumki to drink alcohol and she got drunk, and started speaking about everything in front of everybody. Khushi was very happy, claiming that this was the truth of Jhumki, not Roli, and with the lawyer there, it was clear to everybody that the property and house would go to Khushi and Veeru and the family would have to leave. What will happen next ? 

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