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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Bidaai - Sadhana dead, and the serial now jumps 7 years ahead

In the pretty popular serial, Bidaai, on Star Plus, things suddenly seem to have gone into fast action. If you consider the movements of the past 2-3 weeks, everything seems to have been accelerated. After the resolution of the illegitimate son of Inderjeet, things were fast forwarded. Everybody seemed to be happy, both Sadhana and Ragini got pregnant, with nearabouts the same delivery date.
And then news started filtering out that would change a lot of stuff in the serial. The news was that Sadhana would be out of the serial, there would be a time leap, and Ranvir would also be out of the serial. Sadhana may come back later in a different role. And so things started moving; first you had Sadhana giving birth to Khushi, and then praying that all the bad things she started feeling would go away. However, this was not to be.
When visiting the temple at around the time that Ragini would be going in for birth, Sadhana and Alekh got caught in a bomb blast by terrorists, the resulting explosion causing the death of Sadhana at the scene, and Alekh being pushed back to his crazy state due to the shock of the explosion. And Ragini had to accept this, as well as the fact that she was now responsible for the care of 2 infants, 2 girls, being Khushi, and her own daughter Tamanna.
And then the serial has moved into fast forward, into 7 years in the future, in a time leap. Ragini has accepted the loss of Sadhana, but the pain remains.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Kidnapping of the children and demand for money

In Bandini, things have suddenly become more serious. All the children (including those of Kaddu, Megha, and many others in the neighborhood) have been kidnapped from their bus, and the bus driver was badly injured. Now, everybody is really worried, with the kidnappers having sent a brief communication that this is because of enmity with DM's family and they need a ransom amount of Rs. 80 crore for giving all the children back (and Rs. 80 crore is a huge amount of money for this purpose).
But after this, there has been no communication with the kidnappers. In the meantime, DM is not there in the house and not reachable by phone, and the other people (including Megha) whose children have been kidnappers are applying pressure on the family to get their children back. So now the family is trying to see how much cash they can generate quickly in order to pay the ransom award, including all the jewellery that they possess (one could see that they were able to generate around Rs. 25-30 crore from within the house itself - which is a huge amount of money).
Birwa claims that she will be able to generate more money from the factory, and for this, she needs the help of Monghi (the plan being that there are crude diamonds that need to be processed in order to get the required sum of money). She tries to praise Monghi, but gets rebuffed by Monghi since Monghi blames Birwa for hating her from the beginning, and that Monghi is doing this for the family, not for Birwa.
In the meantime, Vishal is able to negotiate with the kidnappers for getting some medicines for Krishna who is ill; the kidnappers admire Vishal for being so bold and want about him being so bold, he could cause problems.

Hindi TV Reality Serials - Truth Love Cash - earn money as a couple, but tasks are tough and there are temptations

I was switching channels one day, and came across this very interesting reality contests. In most of the boring reality contests, there is things such as dance contests, singing contests, swayamwar and family contests, and so on. And then there are the more controversial (read as more appealing to a younger generation) reality shows on youth oriented channels such as Channel V. Here comes another one: Called Truth Love Cash.
In the show, 7 couples were taken, and they are given a series of tasks, on the successful completion of which money is added to their accounts. At the same time, their commitments to each other is tested by the way of temptations, that would cause either of them to betray each other, thus testing the concept of cash vs. love.
The initial 7 couples were:
Vinit and Arsila
Navneet and Ajay
Chandrani and Hafeez
Sumit and Karishma
Vishakha and Satya
Praveen and Jogita
Hamida and Jamil (eliminated on the first task)
Yudi is the host of the show.
The recent episode of the show that I watched was interesting, and very painful to the participants. The girls were expected to go towards some bikini clad ladies who had coins on their bodies mixed with peanut butter, and then get these plastic coins using their mouths. All of them had a timer that was decided by their male partners. Every 10 seconds, their male partners would get whacked on their buttocks by a evil looking rod wielded by a tough guy, and as long as they could bear it, their partners had time. It was traumatic watching these guys getting whacked, unable to bear it, but wanting their partners to be able to spend more time.

Video of a show on youtube:

More videos on Youtube (link)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhe Lagan on Colors - Datta back from the dead, tries to snare Anna

In Laagi Tujhe Lagan, Nakusha is fine with waiting for Datta to know the truth and realize that he is the victim of misunderstandings, in the meantime Datta really does not acknowledge her too much and still continues to hate her. Further, Datta's sister, Kala, who is behind all this, and who does not want anyone to come in a position of power, vows to do whatever she can do to make Nakusha's life hell and to get rid of her from the house.
Datta, in the meantime, is struggling against his enemy, Anna. And it is in the process of pursuing this that the family gets to know that maybe Datta has died in a helicopter crash. Everybody is shocked, with Nakku refusing to believe it, and asking Baaji many questions like whether anybody has seen the body of Datta, how can they believe this without seeing the body as so on.
Baaji finally finds the body of somebody at the scene of the helicopter crash, but the person has not died ; and then sees Datta behind him, and then Datta reveals that he is now trying to locate Anna. Further, Datta knows that this was a plot from Anna to try to kill Datta and that the helicopter pilot was behind it. Finally, Datta comes back to the home, and keeps on ignoring Nakku even though Nakku was very happy to see Datta.
Kala sees Datta softening a bit, and cannot see a case where Datta would soften his anger towards Nakusha, and tries to get him angry again by bringing up the earlier situation of Nakku being the cause of a betrayal, and blaming this for Datta taking more chances with his life now. Datta however is not in a mood for this, and wants to go and rest.

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - All sorts of strange things happening in the serial, with politics, money pressure, kidnapping, etc

There are multiple stories going on in the serial right now, but they are again starting to show Krishna in a good light. Krishna's father has turned Pratigya out of the house and Krishna is along with her, and then he starts to get information that this is going to cause problems to his political aspirations. He is told by another politician that people from his caste are angry over his son marrying a girl from another caste, and voters from Pratigya's caste are unlikely to vote for him since he turned her out of the house, and this cause Sujan Singh to start thinking about the next course of action.
In the meantime, Pratigya's father is facing problems due to pressure from Angad. Angad had kidnapped Pratigya earlier, and is now demanding Rs. 5 lakh from the professor, and if this amount is not given to him, wants Arushi to be handed over to him; something over which Arushi revolts and runs away from the house. In the meantime, Pratigya goes to her parents house and her father refuses to tell her anything, and tells her harshly that she is now the bahu of Sujan Singh and should go and take care of Krishna. Pratigya is shocked at this, but inspite of all her protests, her father refuses to tell her anything.
Now, Pratigya finds Arushi on the streets at night, and runs after her, and manages to catch Arushi even though Arushi is running away from her. And then Pratigya finds out about the demand from Angad, and also her suspicion that Krishna may be behind some of the events is denied totally by Arushi. Krishna finds Pratigya missing and tries to locate her.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santu hears that her pregnancy will face medical problems and issues

Things seem to be looking for Santu and Dharamraj in recent times. Santu and DM have become much closer, and then things become even happier when it is revealed that Santu is pregnant and is going to have a child (does not seem a bit strange that DM already has a grandson from his children, and he will now have a child that is younger than his grandson - one thought that such things only happened long time back, not in the current). When this is revealed in the family, everybody is very happy for Santu and for Dharamraj.
Now, there is something that is starting to get fishy with respect to Dr. Megha and her relation with DM which is something that DM is keeping a secret (currently a secret even from viewers of the serial); but Dr. Megha is also treating Santu, and asks her a lot of questions about her family medical history. And then Dr. Megha tells Santu a shocking news, that her baby is not normal, will be born abnormally in terms of both physical and mental status, and that she should tell her family that the pregnancy will need to be terminated.
Santu is shocked at this news, and is very worried about how she can tell the family this (even though she knows that the family will support her), but when everybody is so happy about this, how can she spread such bad news in the family, and is not sure of a time when she can tell this in the family and to DM. In the meantime, DM is making preparations for the arrival of the baby; she even questions God about why God is doing this to them. Dr. Megha in the meantime is pushing Santu to go in quickly for an abortion, and for that, she needs to tell the family about this event.

Hindi TV Serial - Bidaai - A huge change in order in Bidaai - Sadhana in a bomb blast, and Ragini falls down the stairs

This episode (the episode of 19th June 2010) was a special episode, happening on a Saturday (the serial normally does occur on weekdays, so happening on a weekend was a bit different). With this episode, Bidaai has gone through some major happenings. These are supposed to be happy times for the serial, with both Sadhana and Ragini being mothers or would be mothers. In fact, Sadhana has already given birth to a baby girl called Khushi, thus marking the first level of celebration in the family. At the same time, Sadhana keeps on getting some bad dreams and foreboding regarding Ragini, and is always apprehensive of what will happen; she has kept a fast for the same and goes to the temple for doing a prayer for this.
And now everything starts moving in high gear. When Sadhana and Alekh are in the temple, there are news reports about terrorists having been detected in the area of the city where the temple is located, something that scares and Ranvir when he sees the report on television.
And in the house, more panic happens since Ragini, heavily pregnant, and almost due, falls down the stairs and now needs emergency treatment. Vinu had arrived at the house just in time, and he takes Ranvir and Ragini along with him to the hospital for treatment, but because of the security scare ongoing, they meet multiple police roadblocks on the way to the hospital, and in fact, they are pushed back to a different route and need to take a different path. On this new route, they have an accident, and the car bangs into a tree. Now, the question is, in the promos, they show a death in the family, and they have not identified which of the 2 ladies, Sadhana or Ragini have met their death.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Vansh trying to force Ichcha to say something, but she refuses to say anything but the truth

Ichcha is really stuck in a bad position. She was trying to be the goody-goody one by helping Vansh to get over his drug addiction by marrying him, but did not care about what this meant to Veer who wanted to marry her. In addition, she did not tell Vansh the truth in person, but tried to tell Vansh about the relation between her and Veer through a letter, something that Tapasya intercepted and replaced. And this was something that was purely Ichcha's fault - she knew about Tapasya's character, knew that Tapasya is very much capable of taking such steps and doing anything to spoil Ichcha's life, and yet when she could have stopped Tapasya earlier (when the police was asking about who made the attempt on Ichcha's life), she let Tapasya go.
Now, Tapasya has been slowly twisting the knife in, making Vansh believe that Veer and Ichcha had a rollicking affair that is still continuing after the marriage, and as a result, Vansh has grown very vindictive. He spares no attempt to make snide remarks on both Ichcha and Veer, even when the whole family is there. He also emotionally blackmails Ichcha to make a public comment against Veer in front of the whole family otherwise he would go back to taking drugs. Ichcha is emotionally distraught at this since she does not want him to go back to taking drugs, but she cannot lie, and as a result, Vansh now claims that he will start taking drugs again and this time, nothing will stop him.
And now, Vansh is dangling a packet full of drugs in front of Ichcha, claiming that he will now start and she can do nothing to stop him.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bidaai on Star Plus - Everything seems to be going fine, but .. dark forebodings

On Bidaai on Star Plus, everything seems to be going fine. Even the drama about the illegitimate son of Inderjeet finally blew over. The son came, threatened, put them in some difficult situations, and when Vasu got to know, she was also somewhat angry, but then suddenly the makers of the serial decided to make everything good again and so, Karan decides, after suddenly seeing the ill-health of Sadhana, that he is not really a vindictive person, and this is a good family. So he forgives all of them, makes his peace with them, and then leaves the house.
And then the serial starts moving a bit in fast forward more. Both Sadhana and Ragini are now pregnant, enjoying their pregnancy, everybody is happy and in the mood for celebrations. Sadhana however is a bit worried about whether there will be any bad events in the future, and even has a bad dream about Ragini.
The forecast is all about something bad happening in the serial to Sadhana, either in the form of childbirth, or it was rumored, in the form of a bomb blast. Or will it happen to Ragini. But even a future clip shown on the serial shows mourning in the family with heavy rain, with mourning going on for one of the principal cast members. Also, it seems likely that Kinshuk, who plays Ranvir will be leaving the show, whether there will be somebody replacing him, or they will show his character dying off is not sure right now. And there will be a time leap in the show as well.
What will happen next ? Right now the show is showing the festivities regarding the Godbharai celebration for both of them, to happen in the Rajvansh house.

Hindi TV Serial - Godbharai - Being given the baby Krishna on a temporary basis for adoption

Godbharai is a serial on Sony that deals with the character of a lady in a marriage who does not have a child after many years of marriage, and who gets socially blamed for this. It eventually gets bad enough that they do a test, and it is determined that Aastha is fine medically, and it is Shivam who is deficient. Aastha does not want to expose him to any amount of ridicule, so they do not go in for any kind of treatment.
And then the miracle happens, on Janmashtami day, Aastha finds a baby in a small basket in the water, and is incredibly happy. The baby is called Krishna, and they are incredibly happy with the baby. However, not everybody in the family is happy, since the sister-in-law feels that her own kid will lose a portion of the inheritance, and tries her tactics to make things uncomfortable.
And then the disaster happens. It turns out that getting the baby to Aastha was a contrived accident, where Shivam had arranged to steal the baby from an orphanage and get it to Aastha. And then the police get involved, where the lady running the orphanage finally takes the baby back and declines to make a police case about it. Aastha was pretty angry with Shivam about doing all this.
However, they finally decide that they were very attached to the baby Krishna, and decide to go back to the orphanage for adopting Krishna, and are then told that there is another couple who has already committed for the adoption. However, finally the other couple lets them take the baby, but they are given a period of 3 months in which they can demonstrate that they are capable of taking good care of the young child.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Jyoti - Finally Jyoti understands that she wants to be with Kabir only, while Pankaj realizes that he will do anything for the child

In Jyoti, there are 2 separate tracks going on with the 2 men in Jyoti's life, one being Pankaj who kicked her out of his life and refused to accept that the child she was carrying was his. And as a part of this, he has now learnt from Brij that whatever he had learnt in the past was all false, and that the child that Jyoti is carrying is his. And he is now determined to do whatever it takes to get the forthcoming child back to him, to the extent that he is now willing to even reply back to his Choti Man. He is consulting with his lawyer to determine the best possible method for this, and this could even including marrying Jyoti to ensure that the child remains with him. For this, he is willing to divorce his wife Neelam (since it has now become clear that relations between the 2 of them are not so cordial, including when he caught Neelam with somebody else and learnt that she does not really consider him a husband).
On the other hand, Jyoti has been battling with her feelings for Kabir, since her friendship with him has been very strong - he seems a perfectly understanding and no-pretences guy who also seems to be a very good friend. And he has made it very clear that he wants to marry her and will prove to be a good dad for her future child even when the child is not his. It is only when he is leaving that she realizes that she does not want him to leave and chases his to the train station where like a filmy end, it seems that he has left, and when she turns, she sees him. Padma is not happy at this, but others in her family support her; when Pankaj learns about his, he is very angry and wants to do anything that will prevent control of the child from going to somebody else.

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Urmila finally gets to know the truth about Ashwin and leaves him

In Pavitra Risha, there are some multiple threads ongoing. In one of the major threads, ever since Archana left Maanav's house as part of the commitment for divorce, there is a major void that all of them are facing. Archana faces huge issues in terms of facing a detachment from the household and from all the relations over there; on the other side, Maanav, his parents and sister all face the absence of Archana. To the extent that Maanav's mother tries to end all talks of Archana in the house since she feels that is the best way for everybody to forget Archana, even though she also misses Archana a lot. Yet, both Archana and Maanav speak on a regular basis, and this is no way to break a relationship (can one really blame Shravani for feeling that Manav is not attached to her - after all, if he maintains a high emotional attachment with his previous wife after agreeing to commit to a new relationship, then how will he able to commit to a new relationship, especially where a new wife and forthcoming kid is involved).
There is good news for Varshu; ever since Ashwin presented his side of the story and blamed Varshu for trying to form a relationship with him, she has been blamed by both Urmila and Satheesh's mother for being responsible for this, since Ashwin is a much loved son-in-law and he could do no wrong. However, only Satheesh believed Varshu and stood by her, and it was he who helped in getting the evidence where Ashwin admitted that he was the one responsible for the entire stuff; this included getting the support from a former colleague of Ashwin's and Varshu's who revealed the truth to Urmila, and that is what Urmila confronted Ashwin with; and finally she left him, to come back to apologize to Satheesh and Varshu for what he did.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini on Imagine TV - Sarang trying to get close to Monghi, and DM hiding a secret from Santu

Bandini is a popular serial on Imagine TV, but is slowly starting to meander with new stories getting created now in order to keep the serial ongoing. So it is starting to happen with Bandini. DM knows the truth about Santu, and about the fact that she did not kill Arjan. And then there are events that seem a bit stretched.
So, Sarang is shown as a money hunter, whom Birwa had known in college but had left when she found out that he was after her money. However, later he comes after her, and then pursues Monghi when he finds out that Birwa will do anything to prevent Sarang from spoiling Monghi's life. Birwa is however careful, she has transferred all her belongings to Monghi before the marriage so that Sarang cannot get hold of all her valuables and belongings after the marriage. She tells this to Sarang with some relish, and he of course is shocked to know this; but the result of this is he starts to pursue Monghi again, and she seems to be falling under his spell even though he has shaken her confidence once. However, all Birwa needs to do is to tell DM about the truth, and DM will do whatever it takes to stop Sarang, but she does not do that.
On the other hand, another story is happening with regard to some secret that DM knows. This is related to a Dr. Megha who comes to their house to treat Nandini, and then it turns out that DM was avoiding her since DM apparently shares some secret with her in the past, and does not want Santu to find out what the secret is. But like any other secret, this secret will also be sure to be revealed soon.

Hindi TV Serial - Desi Girl - A new reality show on Imagine TV, getting city girls to live in villages

The majority of India lives in its villages, and the life in villages is very different from that of its towns and cities. There are more activities related to agriculture, farming, animal care, getting water, etc than are present in cities (in fact, some of these activities are not even there in the cities). It is often said that true life in India is like that in the villages, and so you why not come up with a concept where you take city girls, unused to life in the villages, and make them do stuff in the villages and spin a reality show around it. So, you will have activities related to milking cows, dealing with the yuckiness of cow dung (including making cakes from this cow dung), cooking food in the traditional style (without the comfort of modern cooking styles).
So you take 8 glamorous girls from the modern city life (the girls being Sambhavna Seth, Kashmera Shah, Roshni Chopra, Monica Bedi, Anmol Singh, Rucha Gujarati, Ishitta Arun and Aushima Sawhney), and transplant them with rural families. The test - they have to show through numerous tasks that they are suitable for living in the 'real' India.
And then they go through numerous tasks, with a process of elimination removing them from the reality show one by one. Some of the other tasks that they would need to do are: bathing the cows and buffaloes, eating the oily food, washing clothes. In between, you can see that they are not used to doing tasks such as these and complain, but this is the format of the show and they have to do this. And like any other reality show, they all want to win and reach the end.

A sample video from the serial 'Desi girls' on Imagine TV:

Link to more videos on Youtube (link)

Hindi TV Serial - Mahima Shani Dev Ki - A mythological serial on Imagine TV, about a feared character

The concept of Shani, or the planet of Shani among astrological references, is a controversial one. When people talk of Shani Dev, it is seen as a reference of bad times to fall on someone, with many pandits stating that such bad times fall for a period of 7 years. The vision of Lord Shani, mounted on a black vulture or raven, is sure to scare anybody, and most people worry when their fortunes are told, and they are informed that there is a sign of Shani on their horoscopes.
However, this concept of Shani Dev is not totally correct; the actual reference is to a deity who rewards or punishes people based on their deeds (or misdeeds).
To this end, there is a show that was started by Imagine TV, created by Sagar Productions. The show started on Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 8:00 p.m, and now appears every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on Imagine TV, at 8 PM. This God was the son of 2 other deities, Sun-God Surya and Chhaya; and this reference of Shani Dev as a dangerous deity is very much clear with the mythological story about how when Shani Dev opened his eyes for the first time as a baby, the sun went into an eclipse.
The show attempts to show Shani Dev in a much more positive light, where Shani Dev punishes wrong acts, and also seeks to destroy the egos and pride that people have. Each episode will have a story that showcases how Shani Dev seeks to improve the plight of people who stay on the path of the right, and punishes those who are clearly on the wrong.

As an example, watch a sample of videos from Youtube:

Mahima Shani Dev ki Part 1 27th june 2009

Watch more videos from Youtube (link)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah - New Serial on Sony TV - focusing on the plight of a girl trying to save her father

Maan Rahe Tera Pitah is part of the new set of serials that have been launched by Sony TV in an effort to catch up with the rest of the channels in the Hindi serial space, promising to be a heavy emotional drama. The serial is about the love between a father and daughter, especially when the daughter has to hold up the pride and image of her father, and protect him from the people all around him. The serial started on June 1, 2010 and was written by Anand Vardhan & Siddharth Tewary, with direction by Rajesh Ram Singh. The serial stars the following:
Archana Taide ... Anmol (the main protagonist), the daughter who struggles to maintain the pride of her father
Pramod Moutho ... Durgaprasad (who lost his wife in a mining accident and is now treated as a mad man)
Varun Badola ... Kaliprasad (Anmol's chacha who is a MLA), the all powerful local MLA
The serial is set in a coal mining region of Brahmapur (Chattisgarh), where the local population depends on the coal mines, the main character of Durgaprasad lost his wife many years back in an accident at the coal mines and ever since then, the local people assume that he has lost his senses and is now mad. His daughter Anmol was very young when she lost her mother, and now that she is older, she wants to ensure that her father continues to be treated with respect, even though his family members also consider him mad. Durgaprasad wants to shut down the coal mines since they are a danger to the locals, but it is considered that he is doing so out of revenge.
Further, Anmol's uncle and Durgaprasad's brother Kaliprasad is the local MLA, all powerful, and who pretends to sympathize with Durgaprasad, but in reality, Kaliprasad is a hard core politician, capable of playing all the political games that they want to play.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Baat Hamari Pakki Hain - A new serial on Sony TV about the search for a groom

The search for a groom is one of the biggest events in the life of a girl in rural and semi-urban India (now becoming less so in urban India, especially the metros). It can be humiliating for a girl to go through this hunt, especially since she is supposed to remain submissive and quiet during this entire process, and when she gets blamed for not finding an eligible groom (even though there can be many different reasons). A lot of modern girls would find the concepts shown in this serial as something that they could not accept, especially the thought of being subjected to medical tests to determine that they are fertile, being paraded in front of a series of boys, and so on.
The serial is a fairly new serial, started on Sony Entertainment Television on May 31, 2010. The story tells the story of the hunt for a groom for Sachi, whose parents are no longer alive, and she lives with her Mama and Mami (maternal uncle and aunt). The quest of her aunt is to get Sachi married off, and it seems like that this is the only quest that the household now has, and Sachi does whatever she is told to do, being a dutiful girl (no matter what the humiliation that she has to face, especially when the relationship is not happening and she gets the blame for that). The story is set in a small hill station, Mount Abu, in the state of Rajasthan.
What will happen to Sachi ? Will the quest for marriage finally result in her getting a groom ? Will Shravan be the one who will bring her a happy relationship, or is she not destined for any happiness ?

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Veer starts to move away from the family, with Vansh being very suspicious

In Uttaran, the scene is getting worse and worse. The revenge that Tapasya sought to bear on Ichcha for her problems with Veer have brought the Bundela family into a disaster, with both brother heading apart, and Vansh being highly suspicious of both his brother and wife (who have both done a lot to help him); helped by the activities of Tapasya who does a lot to increase his suspicions. For example, on the honeymoon, he tries to arrange things in such a way that he will catch Veer and Ichcha red-handed, but that does not happen, with Veer finding the unconscious Ichcha and bringing her back to her room (and in between also confronting an angry Tapasya who knows that Veer and Ichcha will never overstep their limits).
His determination to make things worse with his suspicion is so great that Veer is forced to concede that maybe it is better if Veer goes away from Vansh and the family, and let him spend time on his own so that he can get over this suspicion, and that the love of Ichcha will finally bring him to the right path. His mother is horrified at this, since she considers that Veer going away to the US is like a separation of the family, and Ichcha is also horrified at the separation of the brothers. Tapasya feels that her revenge is in progress, but she does not know that her spurned lover Sid is now stalking her and is all set to make her life hell.
Vansh gets a scolding from his mother when he refuses to go to the house of Tapasya and Ichcha for their parents wedding anniversary function, since she reminds him that it was they who allowed Ichcha to marry Vansh when Vansh was a recovering drug addict, and that on no account should be do something that could show them that the marriage is not a happy one - so he goes along with Ichcha for the function, but his anger at Ichcha is still very high.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Zara Nachke Dikha - Another reality show on dance, on Star Plus

There are a number of dance shows that are currently ongoing, all in the form of reality shows. This is a show on Star Plus, with a large number of contestants drawn from television. The show was launched last year, and this is the second season of the show. The show started on the 1st of May, 2010, and appears on weekends, at 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The teams are split into teams of men and women, also called 'The Battle of the Sexes' (with the names of the boys team being Mast Kalandar boys, and the girls getting called as the Massakali girls). As would be quite obvious, the boys and girls compete with each other in terms of dancing, and these could be individual dances or group dances. These performances are then evaluated by the judges over the 5 separate rounds that happen over the weekend, and then the team with the highest scores gets to select a member of the opposite team for elimination - and if they impress the judges, they can save themselves from elimination.

The judges for the show are:
Shilpa Shetty Kundra
Arshad Warsi
Vaibhavi Merchant

The contestants are:
Masakallis (Girls Team)
Aditi Gupta [who was Eliminated in the show held on June 5, 2010)
Mukti Mohan
Rakhi Sawant (with all her drama being in full form)
Hazel Crowney
Rashmi Desai
Kritika Kamra
Sangeeta Ghosh ( Captain)
Sanjeeda Sheikh
Sparsh Khanchandani (Kid)

Mastkalandars (Boys Team)
Aamir Ali (Captain)
Abhishek Avasthi
Raj/Akkshat Saluja
Kapil Nirmal
Karan Kundra
Angad Hasija
Siddhesh Pai
Sushant Singh Rajput
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar (the Kid)

Enjoy Nautanki TV