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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Parvathi angry, moves out of Kailash

After the defeat of Andhak at the combined hands of Ma Kali (when goddess Parvathi had to take the shape of Kali  to defeat Andhak who was otherwise not anywhere near getting defeated) and a form taken by Mahadev, there was again the problem of how to calm down Ma Kaali, who does not easily calm down and who, if she remains in her angry and violent form, can cause huge problems to the world as such. However, it is not easy for Mahadev to do so. He has already done so on 2 different occasions in the past, once by coming under her feet and once by taking the form of a child. However, he had warned Lord Brahma that this time, it would be difficult. He does try to calm her down, but she ignores these attempts and remains in the violent and angry Ma Kali form. Brahma tells Mahadev that he should take the Aghori form to calm her down, but Mahadev does not agree immediately to this, saying that she should be given another chance. In the meantime, Kaali wanders through the river Ganga (her own sister) wounding her because of the immense energy that she is carrying with her. Finally, Mahadev takes on the aghori form and manages to calm down Ma Kaali and brings her back into the form of Parvati.
On the other side are these couple of aghoris (with one of them being played by Sudesh Berry) who want to capture Ma Kaali or bring her under their influence for the immense energies and powers she has. They are disappointed that she has gone back to becoming goddess Parvathi but are reassured that she remains uneasy for now, this time the conversion to Goddess Parvathi has not seen so smooth as it used to be. Even Mahadev knows that this time the re-conversion has not been fully settled and worries about what will happen. And soon this is manifested when Parvathi comes back to Kailash and sees that Ganga was running the show over there in her absense. And when Ganga makes a comment about how she was taken by Mahadev in his hair, she gets very angry at Ganga and also tells Mahadev that he was not supporting her when she was being insulted and in fact took on the aghori form only to protect Ganga from the heat of Ma Kaali, not before. She she has decided to leave Kailash of her own free will and will come back only when she wants to, not otherwise. Everybody is very worried, but no one is able to persuade her otherwise and she leaves from there in an angry form.
Soon her leaving from there becomes known. The 2 aghoris are delighted since they are hoping to put her in a position where they can influence her and become very powerful. There were also 2 asuras who wanted to conquer her and make her their slave and come before her very arrogant, and are soon dispatched when she takes on another form (the 8th out of the 10 different energies that she has). In between she also comes across some ladies who are being harassed and asking her for health. She quickly kills their tormentors and gets angrier at what she sees are some of the injustices that are happening. She gets very angry when Indira appears before her and reminds her of her duties; telling him to quickly vanish from there if he knows what is good for him, and if her reminds her again of what her duties are, then he will get it.
However, in the end, in her Ma Kaali form, she does come under the influence of these aghoris who are also shown as ardent devotees, and who manage to control her. Now Mahadev has to come to do battle with them in order to get Kaali out of there and finally back to Parvathi form.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se - Daddu gets to know the truth about Abhimanyu

So far the story has moved on predictable lines. Shivani is the rich girl whose grandfather dotes on her, since she lost her parents a long time back. He has ensured that she gets whatever she wants, and wants her to be super happy. He is even more happy that her marriage has been fixed with her childhood friend and sweetheart and Abhimanyu, and the marriage has been fixed for happening very soon. Shivani is extremely happy at this marriage, not knowing that Abhimanyu has something else in mind. Abhimanyu has made a deal with a guy named Golcha for developing a nice plot of land belonging to Shivani into a 5 star resort while her Daddy was wanting a school to open there. He was persuading Shivani to get her grandfather to agree to convert the land into a resort and she was agreeable. However, things got problematic when the devoted servant Raghu learnt the truth about Abhimanyu and he was unsure about how to pass on this bit of news about Abhimanyu to Shivani or Daddu and why they would believe him.
However, things come to pass that Shivani also overhears the truth about Abhi before the marriage and Abhi learns that she has learnt the truth. He goes and tries to poison the mind of Daddu against Shivani, claiming that she is under the influence of Raghu and is moving away from marriage with Abhi, and then manages to get Raghu to come to her room in the night without her knowledge; and then Daddu and he also land up there so that Daddu is convinced that indeed there is something wrong happening between Shivani and Raghu. Shivani refuses to do the marriage and Daddu sets a condition that she will lose her inheritance unless she gets married in 3 days. At this, Jaswant and Mahima, her cousins who have their eyes on the property tell her that she should get into a fake marriage with Raghu so that the inheritance does not go to Abhi. She agrees, but Daddu is furious and banishes her from the house.
So now they are out of the house, while Abhi is furious at what has happened and tries to plot changes in the will along with Jaswant and Mahima, however they are also plotting with each other. Raghu's family is very happy that he is married with his father extremely happy that he has married the very rich Shivani; but is very perturbed when he gets to know that this is a fake marriage and that she will go away. Shivani in the meantime is getting upset that Jaswant and Mahima, as well as Daddu, are not taking her calls. Raghu gets hear that Abhi is there along with Jaswant and Mahima, and suspects that something is different from what Shivani and he think about Jaswant / Mahima. He tries to meet Daddu but Daddu warns him away with a rifle and he goes away. However, in the office, Daddu finally meets up with Golcha and realizes the truth about Abhimanyu, and slaps him and throws him out of the office. He has also changed the will, and both Jaswant and Mahima are hoping for the positive, but no one really knows what has changed in the will.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya still in a coma, starting to sink

This was a development that few people would have projected. And yet, there is an unsettling feeling about the way that the serial has taken such a serious topic and let it die down (hopefully it will get raised again as and when Priya comes out of her coma). 7 years back, Pihu had landed up in serious trouble when she fell in a rebellious love with Varun (who was the son of Shruti and the old enemy Ashwin). Varun was of course looking for revenge on Priya, and Pihu was the perfect way to take such revenge. What he neglected to remember in all his arrogance was that she was only 15 years old and underage, and the (rich and powerful) parents of such an underage girl would be very difficult to handle and could make life hell. And then when it came to the crunch, even Pihu chose to save herself and handed over Varun to go to hell. When it came to a situation where both of them were together in a room at the prom party, obviously upto no good and Priya caught them, things would get very problematic. Pihu prompty cried rape and the poor guy landed up in jail; with the powerful parents ensuring that the police did not listen to anyone and Varun also got beaten up. This caused huge problems to his family as well (his own life was ruined).
False allegations of rape can be a huge problem. Even though Varun was upto no good, he had not really done anything wrong so far and yet was now in a critical problem. The serial should have done some focusing on this area, instead they took it even further by showing that Varun was so overcome by the problems that happened to his parents and brother that he committed suicide. On the other side, Priya finally realized that there was something fishy and managed to get the truth out of Pihu; also realizing that her own attitude had also caused problems to Pihu. She meant to take Pihu to the police station but learnt that Varun had committed suicide, and then a car accident happened where she went into a coma because of her injuries and has been in the same state for 7 years now.
Cut to the current scene. The serial has not shown whether Pihu owned up to whatever happened 7 years back, but the family is still running smoothly. Ram has done both roles of mom and dad, and is also assisted a lot by the Neha and Vikram, and by Juhi, who was an old friend of Priya and had just met her a few days back 7 years ago. She has taken so much charge of their lives that the children call her choti mom (younger mother now). In fact, the children have started to feel that everybody should accept that Priya is not going to come out of the coma and that Ram should get remarried to Juhi so that things get more settled for him. Ram of course is shocked at this and says that nothing like this is going to happen.
The situation on the front of Priya is starting to get worse with doctors saying that if Priya does not come out of coma this year, she may never come out of the coma, and further still, her organs are now starting to sink and she is getting into trouble. Ram is horrified at this news, and although he has been visiting her at the hospital every day for 7 years, he decides to make a change and bring her home so that she can come to comfortable surroundings and maybe now come out of the coma.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagya says no to the marriage, shocks everyone

For some time now, the serial has been showing Jagya getting very confused about what he wants. He had some affection for Ganga, and he was thinking that this was part of his duty towards her. It was surprising to the viewers of the serial that the serial showed him agreeing to marriage with Sanchi, although to everybody in the serial, they could see that Sanchi was making a lot of effort to get closer to Jagya and his family, changing herself to become more traditional and able to fit in the Singh household, and also losing some of the arrogance that she had.
However, as Ganga had left the house and even left the city to go do a course elsewhere, Jagya was even missing her more. Others close to him such as Lal Singh and Anandi had also noticed this, and questioned him more about what he wanted and what was in his mind. Finally he admitted to himself that he was indeed in deep love with Ganga, but at the same time, he also realized that he had said yes to Sanchi and they had also got engaged; backing out at this juncture would lead to a lot of problems for everybody and a lot of people would be hurt. So, despite knowing that he would not be happy with Sanchi, he was unwilling to break the relationship.
But then sometime or the other, Jagya would come to know the true feelings for Sanchi. She was still totally infatuated with Jagya, but that was it, her arrogance and selfishness were still present. Jagya and Anandi were at a restaurant to discuss the marriage, and where Jagya asked Anandi about what she felt, whether Sanchi had changed. Anandi of course said that she was convinced that Sanchi had totally changed, had given up her arrogance and was trying her best about how to live in Jagya's house and adopt the different and more conservative customs that were present there. Now, there is no objection if somebody wants to change the customs, but not when they are lying about their feelings for the same; Sanchi has always made it seem that she wants to adopt the customs of Jagya's house while she had no feelings regarding the same.
So, Sanchi was with her friends and both Jagya and Anandi had heard a lot of stuff that made Jagya surprised and would have made Anandi ashamed about the praise she had given to Sanchi. Sanchi was heard very clearly telling her friends that she was pretending to change herself, her aim was to ensure that once she was married, she would make Jagya leave Jaitsar and go to either Mumbai or overseas, the feelings of his family be damned. Both Jagya and Anandi were shocked to hear all this.
At this, Jagya was confused about what to do. He finally decided to make a break and went to his inlaws house and told them, not about what Sanchi had said, but that he had thought a lot about the relationship and the impending marriage and he did not think that they were the same kind of people. And hence, after some more similar words, he finally said that he was calling off the marriage. Everybody was shocked; even Anandi since she had asked Jagya to think this over and then decide what to do. The family members pleaded with Jagya, even caught his collar, but he refused to change his decision and pleaded for forgiveness for his decision, but said that he could not change his decision. This will have a lot of ripple effects on the entire family, and since Anandi is considered to be from Jagya's house, maybe to her as well.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hindi TV - Qubool Hain - Ayyan and Zoya get married by mistake

As usual, when something is going right, things have to go wrong. However, even though Qubool Hain has reached some high ratings, it is starting to get boring with the same sequences running again and again. How can the same person be involved in everything, and the same thing keep on happening again and again, as it seems to happen in the serial from time to time. So, Tanveer keeps on appearing in the serial again and again, and even though she is caught every time, she is free to do what she wants on every occasion. In the current episode again, Tanveer has been blackmailing Imran with the truth that is the father of her baby and if she reveals all this, his life would be ruined. It is without doubt that this marriage to Najma would be over as well. And Zoya has started seeing something suspicious with the presence of Tanveer nearby, and Tanveer is increasing this suspicion, in the plan of getting Zoya caught so that Tanveer can actually kill Zoya (and in fact, viewers would not have guessed something like this). Finally Zoya, without telling Asad goes off on a plan to catch Tanveer and lands up in a deserted hospital, caught by Tanveer. She is in deep trouble right now. Tanveer has her goons tie up Zoya to a bed and then after some lectures, injects her with poison. However, Zoya is able to run away from there but with the goons chasing her.
On the other side, Ayyan and Humera are in the car, happy since they have just taken the opportunity to get out of the house and go for some shopping. But soon Vikram is after them and tries to catch them. There is a lot of fighting, and finally even though Ayyan is injured, they manage to get away from there. The goons are after them, and they take shelter in a community center where a mass marriage programmer is underway. Zoya has already reached there, and everybody can predict what will happen next. It is like a procedure that happens step by step. They wear marriage dresses so that they cannot be seen; then Ayyan leaves Humera so that he can see whether the goons have gone away but is seen and has to move quickly. And they both sit opposite each other as a part of those getting married, and when the maulvi asks them Qubool Hain, they are both preoccupied and say something that seems like agreement. And lo and presto, they are now married.
Once this happens and the maulvi congratulates them (and Ayyan has already been recognized), they are in a state of shock. They tell each other that is not it, and also that they will not tell anybody else about this marriage but already their state has changed so much that people can see something is different.
Ayyan goes back home with Humera although she can see some change in him; he tells the others about the encounter with Vikram and they can also see that he is hurt; and then it is revealed that he is already married and when asked, he confirms. On the other side, there is the marriage of Imran and Najma along with the marriage of Asad and Zoya, and the wedding of Imran and Najma happens (Zoya is unable to reach in time to stop the marriage). However, Asad is very angry that Zoya had again left in the nick of time, and she has to now tell him what happened, and he will do the right thing, which is ask her to live with this marriage.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Another leap, but some tragic scenes before that

The serial goes serious from time to time, but it has never got as serious as is happening now. The question of misuse of the strong anti-rape and anti-harassment laws do come up from time to time in the papers and in court cases; the serial took a case like that but has not really taken the question through the whole discussion. In addition, for some time now, it was clear that the serial will go through 2 time-leaps, with the first leap happening for a period of 9 years and with the serial staying in that period for a time of around a month or so, and then moving for another time leap for a period of 7 years.
During the prom night, when Pihu had agreed to the question by Varun of changing the prom dress and being intimate in the room, that was the night where Priya had caught them before something could happen. And since Pihu was scared of what would happen to her, she screamed that Varun was trying to rape her; and this made Priya ballistic. She anyhow believed very strongly in her daughter and had fought with others who tried to tell her that Pihu was making a fool of her. Priya in turn called Ram, who was equally angry and got the police to come and arrest Varun. Varun in the meantime was denying that he was forcing anything, that Pihu was agreeable to whatever he said. But given that Ram was a powerful businessman and was very angry, no one was willing to listen to anything that Varun or even his family was willing to say.
However, Ram was persuaded by Neha and Saumya to come to Neha's house and listen to a few of Varun's friends who told him that things were not what he was made to believe. That there were so many phone conversations and messages between Varun and Pihu and that everything was with the consent of both of them. Ram came back to his house disturbed and wanted to have a clear conversation with Pihu about this; he did push back once or twice at Priya when she tried to butt in, but in the end, there was also the impending trip to London for a business deal that had to happen and he had to leave. In the meantime, a lot of further bad things were happening with Varun and his family, since his brother and sister were forced out from their schools, and they had to face a lot of bad name. They came in and scolded Varun a lot about what he wanted to do, and left him very disturbed.
In the end, Priya wanted to lighten the mood of Pihu and so took her phone to try and call her friend Geetika, but found that she was reaching the number of Varun; his brother took the phone and pleaded with Priya to help. Normally Priya would have done something, but since she could see that Pihu had the number as Geetika but it was actually Varun, she decided to confront Pihu. Finally Pihu admitted to all this, and Priya was aghast at what had happened since it meant that Pihu, in trying to save herself, had also sent an innocent boy to jail. Pihu did strike back to some degree, saying that it was continuous pressure from Priya and Ram which finally caused her to break free; Priya wanted to tell Ram everything but was not able to reach him. She called the police station and told them not to take any further action on Varun, but he had committed suicide because of the enormity of what all had happened. When driving further to the police station, they had an accident because of which Pihu did not suffer much but Priya went into a coma which has now continued for 7 years. There is the marriage of Neha and Vikram's daughter Riddhima happening for which there are a lot of festivities.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Jodha Akbar - Jalal leaves for war with Sujanpur

The serial is right now at a very critical stage. It has been made to appear that the murder of the unborn child of Jalal, inside Queen Ruqaiya, was caused due to dhatura. This dhatura was inside the last items that the queen ate, as a ritual done by Jodha and her brothers in happiness over the pregnancy. Jalal is furious over this, and decides that since it has been shown that the death happened due to the dhatura, and the dhatura was inside the item that was given by Jodha and her brothers, it is clear that they caused the death, and hence they need to be punished. Accordingly, in his rage, he orders the arrest of Jodha and her brothers and tells them that he will punish them with their life, and this will be a horrid death, since they will be burnt to death.
They are called before the Diwan-i-khas, the place where the emperor holds court before a few select people, and there when the trial is about to start, Jalal wants to short-circuit all the procedures that are supposed to be a part of the trial. As a part of these procedures, they are allowed to have their say and do whatever they can to show that they are not guilty. In this case, Jalal tells everybody that he is dispensing with a trial since he believes that they are guilty; and everybody is horrified at this, since it is assumed that the emperor is the representative of Mughal justice, which can be strict but is fair.
Finally his own mother steps in, although Jalal is not happy. She tries to point out the obvious, as to how everything is tasted before anybody of the royal family can eat it, and how earlier as well, food that Jodha had prepared for him had become spicy; that she believes that there is some kind of plot against Jodha and her brothers. Jalal says that he will postpone the trial and execution for 10 days, but at the end of which, if there is no innocence, then they will all be burnt to death. In the meantime, Jodha's father has come there to announce the impending marriage of another daughter, Sukanya, who will be married into a smaller kingdom, Sujanpur. The Amer king gets a cool reception and then hears about what is going to be the fate of his sons and daughters and the crimes for which they have been arrested.
In a twist, a farmer comes to Jalal for justice and claims that his family has been hurt by some intruders, and they are being patronized by the rulers of Sujanpur. For Jalal, this is feeding his revenge, since he now plans to setout to destroy Sunjapur and their rulers, and tells Raja Bharmal that since Jalal is his son-in-law, he needs to support him rather than any future in-laws of his daughter, and tells the sons of the Amer king that they have to join him in the battle on his own side. And in a further twist, the tilak for Jalal as he is leaving is to be done by Jodha, and she does do it. Jalal is all set to take revenge on Jodha and her family, and all this is part of the revenge.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Sultan over, RK banned by Producers Association

The serial gave no respite between one story and the next one. So RK just finally managed to get over the issue of Sultan through a thrilling kind of event. For quite some time, RK was under a lot of threat because of Sultan. In fact, Sultan had threatened Madhu that unless she left RK and came to Sultan, he would kill RK and should could believe it since Sultan did seem like that kind of person. So, she started acting strange, finally telling RK that she was actually for Sultan and hence she wanted a divorce. And of course Dipali was very happy since that meant Madhu would be out of RK's life and she could again get together with RK. RK was shocked at what Madhu was telling him, but over a period of time he realized that there was something wrong in all this and something is strange. He refuses to give her a divorce, and then finally Madhu admits the truth to him. In the meantime, Radha is also getting very confused about this strange behaviour of Madhu and is getting angry at her.
Now, they make a plan. This will have to be the finale plan, where they need to ensure that the police catch Sultan before he can escape again, else both Madhu's and RK's life will be in danger. And even though they know that Dipali is up to no good, she remains in the house and continues to be in touch with Sultan, revealing whatever she knows. Finally the scene shifts to a celebration where the plan is that Sultan will get hold of Madhu and finally the police can find Sultan and they can end up everything. In the end, even though Dipali tries to help Sultan, they finally find Sultan and RK is able to shoot him after Sultan has managed to shoot the police officer in a limb. The police accuse Dipali of working along with Sultan, but Madhu and RK manage to save her by saying that they believe in her.
The next problem that occurs is when a producer, Amar comes to their house when they are having a pooja. The pooja gets interrupted because the producer is very angry about his film not yet completed because of RK being so busy in other things, and then accuses Madhu of diverting RK by having an affair with a gangster. RK is very angry at that, and the producer says that unless RK shows up early the next morning, he will destroy RK.
So, the next series of events is about RK facing problems as a superstar; Kuku is back as the head of the Producer's association and works with Amar to ensure that RK is blacklisted and no producer or other cine worker can work with him. RK dismisses this and states that since he has the love of the fans, nothing can happen to him and says that he will produce a film himself. He launches a film with Bittoji helping to provide financing for the film. He ropes in a leading lady played by Anita Hassandani, but unknown to him, she has been in touch with Amar and she will no longer play a role in his film. In the end, Madhu will play the female lead and will become a superstar because of this movie.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Andhak moves forward, Ram on the verge of his exile

As usual, the serial continues to ensure that it keeps on moving fast in the story and not letting people get bored (while so many stories continue to remain slow and start boring people who have so many alternatives nowadays). The 2 stories that have been ongoing right now are the story of Andhak and the story of Ram, and you would expect the story of Ram to be a bigger story, since it is also the story where the defeat of Ravan happens.
So, the story of Andhak is the story where this guy will be a great warrior, but evil in all ways. As Mahadev explained, Andhak was born when Mahadev's eyes were closed by Parvathi for a brief instant, and in that time, when there was darkness everywhere, Andhak was born. He was born blind and adopted by a passing king and his wife. However, soon after, the king had natural children and his affection for this blind boy started reducing. The boy was also taunted by his other half-brothers, who made fun of his blindness and did not give him any love or affection, which in turn further increased his evilness. All this while, Mahadev knew where this was leading.
Finally Andhak, when older was paid a visit by Narad Muni who was trying to set him on a path where he would be trying to tough prayer to Brahmadev, but Andhak took this seriously and started some intense prayers to Brahma, and finally Brahma had to come and be pleased with his prayers (after Andhak started sacrificing his body as a part of prayers). But the boons that Andhak took from Brahma showed that he was on the path of more evil, since he got a boon from Brahma to get extremely strong ear power, he could immediately understand everything that was going around due to his hearing. And then the other thing was that his death was made more difficult since it would only happen when he asked for sight, which Andhak thought could never happen. Soon after, he had a fight with his brothers where he defeated them and then imprisoned them and his parents and took over. Now, Mahadev met him, but he was stuck on going on the path he was taking.
On the other side, in Ayodhya, things were going fine. Ram had grown older and his father, king Dashrath, wanted to ensure that he finally placed Ram on the throne succession and was going to announce the same. However, this was not the right thing since the mission of Ram was to kill Ravan, and so every god wanted to ensure that Ram did not take the throne and instead setout on a mission where he could finally kill Ravan. So, since Manthra was there to sway Queen Kaikeyi, she finally managed to persuade the queen that the placing of Ram on the throne would ensure that her own son Bharath would not have any further power and she in turn would become a servant to Ram. Finally, after a lot of persuasion, the Queen decided to exercise the twin vows that the king owed to her. She finally went to the kind and told him what she wanted; he was shocked and tried to change her mind. She refused and said he could of course go back on his vows, but that was not possible; and when Ram got to know the reason for his father suffering, he said that he would do whatever Queen Kaikei wanted.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Varun in deep trouble

Suddenly they are showing the character of Pihu in a totally new light, very negative. Maybe it is the fact that her mother has always been like a dominant character rather than a true friend, but whatever be the reason, the serial has suddenly made Pihu out like a total villain. Even though she is just 15 years old, apparently the instinct of self-preservation has made sure that Pihu will lie and do whatever else is required to ensure that she does not get into trouble. At the same time, some of the circumstances shown in the serial are not logical. If Pihu is so much in love with Varun, it does not make sense that she would turn around and suddenly pin a rape charge on Varun, especially because it has such a significant impact. For a young man to be charged with the rape of a minor, especially when the father of the minor is a rich and powerful businessman is equivalent to the end of all his dreams and ambitions.
At the same time, the young man was in his own air, feeling that he would be the one to take revenge for the slaps and humiliation he got. So, Varun, after being humiliated by Priya and by her mother, and then being slapped by his own mother because she was called to the principal's office because of him; he was angry and wanted revenge. Who better to be the instrument for taking revenge but the young and impressionable Pihu. So, first he gets Pihu to deny the allegation that Neha was making against her, and because of this Priya and Neha had a fight. And then he wanted to get Pihu in such a position, by getting her to be intimate with him and with his friends witnessing that, which would cause a lot of humiliation for Pihu and her mother. However, he forgot that Pihu is a 15 year old, and so even if she gave her consent to such intimacy, it did not mean anything and Ram and Priya could make his life miserable. However, this plan was failed just in the nick of time. He sent Pihu to a room at the prom for changing, she went inside without locking the door for changing (ridiculous) and then he stepped in and asked his friends to come in after around 10 minutes so that they could see whatever happened.
It was his ultimate back luck that Priya saw that Pihu had left her phone in the car and went back to the party to give the phone, and she discovered both Pihu and Varun in the room, in the dark. She went ballistic, and seeing this, Pihu did something strange, given that she apparently loved Varun so much that she was willing to be intimate with him; she told her mother that Varun had followed her (she had come up to change her dress because there was a stain on it) and then tried to force herself on her. On hearing this, Priya grew furious, and started scolding and beating Varun and also called Ram, who finally called the police. Varun kept on protesting that Pihu was equally involved in all this, but nobody listened to him and he was taken to the police station. Pihu refused to have a medical test done, which is a standard test in the case of assault. However, Neha was suspicious about all this, and later Saumya also noticed that there was no stain on Pihu's dress. But for now Priya is not willing to listen to anything.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Tension in the house as Suraj not yet come for Rakhi

There is a lot of tension in the house. Even though Suraj and Sandhya have left the house, it is time for Rakhi and everybody is expecting that since this is Chavvi's last rakhi before she leaves after marriage, it will be a grand celebration. And since both Mohit and Vikram are not earning all that much, they are not really in a position to do a grand celebration. So, it all boils down to Suraj doing his duty.
However, there has to be drama shown in the serial and so you see the case where after doing their purchasing of a good diamond jewelery item in the shop in Mt. Abu, both Suraj and Sandhya are stuck in a lift due to a power cut. It is late and they realize that nobody can listen to them since they are stuck inside the lift. They try their best to see how they can get the lift opened, but it does not work. So, they are now settled inside the lift for the night, hoping that they can get out in the morning.
In the meantime, in the Rathi house, the usual system of taunting is ongoing. Meena knows that both Mohit and Emily don't have much money, and so she tells them that they would be unable to do anything for the rakhi celebration for Chhavi, in a way that they hear. Bhabho also hears this, and to ensure that Emily does not feel hurt, she gives a gold earring to Emily so that this can be presented to Chhavi by Emily. Emily is happy that she seems to have made a place in Bhabho's heart even though Mohit remains distant from her.
In another discussion, Bhabho have been having a discussion with Vikram and Mohit about the celebration for Chhavi, but both of them claim that they do not have much money and hence cannot contribute too much. And in the midst of all this is ongoing conversation about why Suraj has not turned up yet. There is some taunting that Suraj and Sandhya have gone for a vacation, and hence would not be back. And then Meena's mother comes in with another bit of news that Suraj had bought a necklace worth Rs. 55,000 for Sandhya. Everybody is shocked at this, with Mohit even suggesting that the sweet shop was actually in the name of Bhabho and hence the money from the shop should be given to Bhabho rather than Suraj spending it for Sandhaya. Bhabho is listening to all this, but is not yet ready to defend Suraj on all this.
In the meantime, finally Suraj and Sandhya get free from their imprisonment in the lift, and rush out. They take a jeep, getting the taxi jeep to move fast by playing on his going to miss the rakhi festival. In the meantime, in the house, there are a lot of questions about the 3 rakhis on the plate, since it would seem to everybody that Suraj is not going to be able to make it to the house in time. And then they hear a noise of a procession from outside, and it is Suraj and Sandhya; and when Suraj enters the house, he gives a necklace to Chhavi, with this being a gold necklace that was the one that he apparently purchased from the jeweller shop.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Major fight between Priya and Neha, all conversation off

Like any other serial, the fun of a serial is in switching things quickly, changing relationships between characters to bring in some novelty into the serial and hope that the viewers like the change. A couple of months back, the serial tried to insert a lot of discord between Ram and Priya with the apparent news of a divorce between the 2 coming up, but given that the relationship between them is keeping the serial up, that was not liked by the viewers and the serial had to drop the plan.
So what is the next big relationship that can provide some news if the serial shows a large gap in that relationship; that is the relationship between Priya and Neha, and so the serial is now showing that the relationship has suddenly gone for a toss. These 2 friends are not even speaking to each other, and the serial shows quite clearly that all this was because of Priya; who jumped the gun and did not listen to what her close friend was trying to say.
The whole deal is about Pihu. She is shown as young, barely 15, and with all the emotional drama that people at her age are going through. She is interested in one of the hotshots, Varun, but he rebuffs her in his typical arrogant manner; her mother finds out and gets him a tongue lashing from school and from his parents (who, in the most normal coincidences, are Ashwin and Shruti). Shruti of course knows that it is best not to tangle with Priya and quickly draws down, but not before delivering a slap to her son in front of the others. He also hears his parents discussing this later and learns that his father and Priya almost had a relationship, and that Ashwin has suffered in his interactions with Priya and Ram. He is pained at everything that he has suffered.
So Varun desires revenge, and what better way to get revenge than through their daughter (and in the rush of youth does not realize of course that if Ram actually got down to revenge, he could totally destroy Varun and his parents). He asks Pihu about her mother and his father; she asks her mother, who denies it. And then Pihu hears her mother admit it in front of others, and she feels that her mother is not to be trusted. So, in this confusion, she turns to Varun, who embraces her as part of his plan.
However, the next day Neha sees Varun and Pihu together and follows them. Finally, she is shocked when she sees them together in the changing room and drags Pihu out of there and takes her back to the house and tells Priya about what all has happened. However, at this time, Pihu denies that anything like the changing room happens, and says that varun was following her and that Neha is lying. Neha is shocked, and slaps Pihu. Priya tried to make sense, and when Pihu denies that this happened, Priya calls the store and speaks to the manager. The manager was paid by Varun and tells her that nothing like this happened. At this, Priya tells Neha that she was being paranoid and this is because of the mistakes she made when she was young; at this, she realizes that something horrible has happened. At this, Neha tells her that this has now gone beyond their friendship and walks out. On the other hand, Priya speaks a lot of stuff about how her values have made sure that Pihu has good values, and that if anybody challenges Pihu, they are challenging the values of Priya. 

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