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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, reveals the secret

Alekh in Bidaai on Star Plus has always be shown to be in great turmoil. When he was much younger, he had witnessed the death of his grand-father, and that incident had badly shaken him, to the extent that anybody would have mistaken him for a mad man. So, when Sadhana marries him, she spends her time and effort trying to make him better, and a lot of her efforts seem to be succeeding. She does this inspite of the best efforts of her mother-in-law who does not trust anybody else in the case of Alekh, and slowly starts to discover that somebody is deliberately doing actions that seems to worsen Alekh's problems.
Ranbir also starts showing strange behavior, as if he no longer cares for people, and for his brother, but after a confrontation with Sadhana, he reveals that he is doing all this as part of a drama so that he can find out who is trying to scare Alekh, and wreck his life. Together, they try to make Alekh face events of the past so that they can find out who is the one who is doing this. The other family members really don't like this or appreciate it.
And then the episode happens where Alekh remembers all that happens, and surprisingly, accuses Ambika of being behind all this, and also of having killed his grand-father. Ambika finally accepts that she has done all this, and it is her envy of Vasu that caused her to do all this.

Kitani Mohabbat hain - A quick end

Kitani Mohabbat Hain on NDTV Imagine had a relatively quick end, with the last episode being shown on September 25th. For quite some time now, the serial had been showing Arjun in jail, although not showing exactly why he was in jail. His lawyer was also trying to find out the reason as to why he was in jail, but was not getting a good answer right till a few weeks before the end. The scene in jail happens around 2.5 years after he split up with Aarohi, and all the hints earlier were that he had killed somebody with a pistol.
And the reason why he was in jail ? He was in jail, waiting to be hanged for the murder of Aarohi's father on the night of Aarohi's wedding with Karan. Apparently, Arjun was convicted of throwing Aarohi's father off the roof, and was sentenced to be hanged within a short period of 3 years (never mind that with multiple rounds of confirmation needed - upto the Supreme Court, and in India's case, death is only for the rarest of rare cases, he would never have got sentenced to death for such a crime).
He is about to be hanged on the same day as the alleged crime, when Aarohi apparently found a CD that actually shows how the death was an accident and that Arjun was actually trying to save her father. And she managed to go and save Arjun from hanging just when the level is going to get pressed, and everything is fine afterwards.

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo on Zee TV

Shekhar spends his first day farming with Laali .. Back in the haveli encouraged by Laali , Shekhar enters the fray for the tractor despite being the underdog ..
The entire family has an opinion on Shekhar's entry into the kabaddi match .. gangiya provokes siddheshwari to stop shekhar from palying the match .. Siddeshwari tries using her charms to get Shekhar to quit the match but shekhar doesn’t ..

Before kabaddi match poison again tries to show its effect on shekhar n again shekhar n lali again almost crosses the line with each other when shekhar pushes her back angrily n tells her that all she wants is to get physical with him .. tells her to not to show her face during kabaddi match n insults her .. at one point shekhar gets wounded in kabaddi match n lali on his behalf plays n wins the match

Shree, goes in for a 6 year leap, but evil is still there

The serial takes a 6 year leap! The whole family is happy and united as tehre has been no trace of Kangana for 6 yrs (as that is when the evil child will gain his full powers and finally be able to kill Hari..) It is the eve of the kids bday and we see Rudra (evil child - who is a brat) and Naveli (the devi child- who is sweet and shy).... Nine poor girls are called home so that the family can feed these kids.. (as part of Navratri pooja).... But Rudra does some jadoo and the food becomes super spicy! But naveli with her love and her own powers makes each of teh girls eat the food which then turns sweet... The abhshagun was avoided thanks to naveli... Its been six years and Shree is unsure whether one of her kids is evil or not.. But with the help of Pujari she finds out that one child is indeed evil and is the ansh of kangana -- and will kill hari! To protect the child from gaining his evil powers and to protect the good child as well.. Shree goes to lady who spins magic yarn and makes protective shawls.. She tells Shree that the kids must wear the shawls at 12 (when they turn 6).. only then they will be protected... But naughty Rudra manages to take his and naveli's shawl off.. When Shree goes back to check on them she realises both her kids have disappeared!

Ongoing drama on 12/24 Karol Bagh

The prospect of marriage, that too, between 2 families with different social status can cause a lot of emotions upheavals, demands, and egos, and so it was on 12/24 karol Bagh. Here is an update from previous week.
The Tarnejas have placed a demand putting Anuj in a quandary of getting Simi and Rajeev married one day prior to the already preponed wedding of Anuj and Anita.
Anuj is worried about this since he cannot even speak to his parents about this. Thus he confides about this to Simi , and behaves as if she is the one responsible for everything.
Simi is pained about this and bumps into Abhi in the temple when she goes to pray to save Anuj and Anita’s wedding.
Meanwhile Rajinder has gone to the Tarnejas residence to postpone the roka without knowing their demand. All hell breaks loose when Rajinder discusses his idea with the Tarnejas. The argument augments and Rajinder breaks the marriage proposal of Anuj and Anita. Rajinder bumps into Abhi and they have a cute spat. Abhi tells Anita not to worry as he will do something about it. Anuj and Simi come to know of this news and are dumbstruck. So is Manju. No one has courage to speak to Rajinder on this issue. On the same evening Anita is seen standing at Sethi’s door with her luggage. Manju and Rajinder are shell-shocked.

Two moms on Aap Ki Antara

Reel Mom comes to heal when Real Mom whacks!!!
When 4 years old Raj who plays Abhishek in Zee TV’s Aap Ki Antara was getting serious whacking from his Mom for not doing his homework during the break on the sets, his reel Mom, Prabhleen Sandhu came to his rescue. Raj known for his brattiest ways and prankster nature on the sets, just refused to do his homework and eat ‘ghar ka khaana’ on shoot. When he started stomping and yelling, his Mom couldn’t control her temper and hit him hard on his back. Seeing this Prabhleen who was watching the entire episode came forward and asked Raj’s mom to please not hit him at least when she is around. She took Raj in her arms, promised him an ice-cream once he finishes his food and homework. That’s finally when an inconsolable Raj let Prabhleen feed him. Lucky Raj to be equally loved by both his on & off screen Moms! Prabhleen said, “Both Abhishek and I extremely fond of each other. It also stems from the fact that we both play pranks on everyone and also keep chattering away to glory when we not shooting. I really felt bad when he was being scolded by his Mom and intervened coz I know his Mom wont mind.”

How kids grow up fast nowadays

Antara’s Continuity Fear!
It’s amazing to observe how kids these days are much sharper and professional for their age. 5years old Zaina (Antara) of Zee TV’s Aap Ki Antara doesn’t like it when her co-stars do not come on time on the sets. She hates to wait for the other artists. The real shocker came when Zaina got a boil on her nose last week. Her Mom noticed it just before the shot and suggested that they should go to the doctor to get rid of it. Pat came the reply from Zaina, “Mumma isse nikal nahi sakte, yeh continuity ka hain. Hum kal wala shot hi kar rahe hain, yeh kal wale take mein tha ab isse rakhana hi padega.” Everyone including her mom was taken by this statement coming from a tiny tot.

Commenting on the incident, Zaina’s Mom said, “It’s really surprising to see how she picks up everything that’s discussed around her. She and her twin sister, Ziyah sometimes discuss their shots and its real fun when they practice their dialogues.”

Zee TV's Lil Champs a very watched show

Who’s the bigger star on Indian Television?

‘Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs’ is the undisputed leaders when it comes to audiences’ choice

Mumbai, 23rd September 2009 - In a period where Bollywood superstars like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are reigning the Indian television with their participation on various reality shows, Zee TV’s L’il Champs have found their way to people’s hearts and are the undisputed leaders when it comes to their popularity. The latest TAM data shows that the number of viewers watching the show have far surpassed than those watching other star-studded reality shows on other channels.

According to the TAM data, the show started with the 3.47 million people watching the episodes during the launch which has recently gone up to 4.4 million in the past week. This further validates that the popularity of ‘Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs’ has been soaring ever-since its launch gathering further eyeballs.

In just three months of the launch, Zee TV’s Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs has created stars of the kids who are not more than 14 years old. According to Mr. Nitin Vaidya, COO, ZEEL and Business Head, Zee TV, “it’s the spontaneity, innocence and charm of these kids that have grabbed audiences’ attention and have garnered tremendous love for themselves amongst the viewers. Introducing Afsha and Dhairya (the 6 & 10 years old anchors of the show) was one of the biggest innovations on the show and today both of them along-with the participants have become the topic of discussion in every household today.”

Mr. Vaidya, further added, “We always believed that television is not about popular movie stars but about creating its own stars. It’s particularly overwhelming in the case of L’il Champs as these tiny tots have not only impressed the audiences with their exceptional talent but have become their favorites. To beat film stars’ popularity, in a country where Bollywood is followed as a religion, is a huge achievement by itself.”

Zee Network Celebrates ‘Inquilab Divas’

Zee Network Celebrates ‘Inquilab Divas’ in remembrance of the Legendary Freedom Fighter - Bhagat Singh

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the great martyr Bhagat Singh, Zee Network proudly evokes a sense of nationalism by celebrating the ‘Inquilab Divas’ on September 27th. Being a responsible Indian TV network, Zee undertakes the initiative to salute our national hero and honor his sacrifice with a view to re-instill the spirit of patriotism amongst its viewers.

Septmeber 27th will see all Zee Network channels with unique elements, celebrating the spirit of patriotism with great enthusiasm. The network would appeal the citizens to wear orange/saffron, offering tribute to the great freedom fighter. The channel would run astons, bugs and promos with this patriotic message. The look and feel of Zee’s websites & channel logos will be designed in sync with the idea. Well-known television and film artists have joined hands in this novel initiative and will be seen appealing to the viewers to pay tribute to Shahid Bhagat Singh. Through various activities & means the message that Zee would send across is -“Bhagat Singh ke iss Janamthihti par Zee Network mana raha hain Inquilab Divas – Aao Pehne Basanti Chola”

Commenting on this initiative, Puneet Goenka, CEO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, said, “Through our various shows/events and activities, we have always propagated our rich cultural heritage. Even in course of cut-throat competition, we haven’t deviated to programming or messages that would hamper our country’s sentiments. Our Indianness is our biggest strength and we are proud to initiate the ‘Inquilab Divas’ with a view to re-live the patriotic fervor. I truly hope that viewers show the desired respect and enthusiasm in this initiative and together, we strengthen the sense & pride of being an Indian.”

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Khatron Ke Khiladi Part 2 / Level 2 - Action continues

This year, the second version of Khatron Ke Khiladi has some great stunts. The show takes place in South Africa with 14 Indian divas (TV actresses, models, etc) along with their selected ordinary male companions. The host for the show that appears on Colors is Akshay Kumar, and the contestants have to undergo a variety of stunts. If the stunt requires only one person, then it is the lady who has to do the stunt, and if the stunt requires 2 people, then it is both who participate. The stunts typically involve activities dealing with water, being up in the air somewhere, animals, etc. As an example, one of the stunts involved being able to withstand octopus in the same helmet as the lady, with water inside the helmet, and the lady has to remove the screws holding the helmet together. The one who did so in the least possible time wins.
Akshay can be encouraging when he feels that the lady is overcoming some internal problems, such as when somebody is afraid of going under water, or afraid of dealing with an animal, or similar problem.
At the same time, Akshay can scold the contestants very thoroughly if he feels that they are not giving their best, and has done so many times. In each show, there are 2 stunts, and Akshay gives one or more of the teams a yellow banner if they are the best in the first stunt, so that they do not have to do the second stunt. The contestants are listed below. Some of them were brought back into the show after being eliminated, and had to go through another contest for this chance.

Shweta Salve
Carol Gracias-Eliminated 6th day (15th Sept 09)-Rentry Wild card 8th day (17th Sept 09)
Jesse Randhawa
Shonali Nagrani-Eliminated 1st day (7th Sept 09)-Rentry Wild card 8th day (17th Sept 09)
Mandira Bedi - Eliminated 9th day (21st Sept 09)
Rosa Catalano -Eliminated 2nd day (8th Sept 09)-Rentry Wild card 8th day (17th Sept 09)
Pia Trivedi-Eliminated 5th day (14th Sept 09)
Bruna Abdalah-Eliminated 3rd day (9th Sept 09)-Rentry Wild card 8th day (17th Sept 09)
Sushma Reddy-Eliminated 4th day (10th Sept 09)
Nauheed Cyrusi
Anushka Manchanda
Rupali Ganguly-Eliminated 7th day (16th Sept 09)
Sonika Kaliraman

Video of one of the shows:

22nd September 2009 - Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2 (link)

Watch more videos at this link.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zee TV - Shree found it difficult to get a pair of newborn kids

The serial Shree, in which Shree tries to save her husband from her rival, Kangana's ghost faced a unique situation recently. The show reached a stage where Shree was to give birth to twins, a boy and girl, one of which will be approached by Kangana and will grow up like the devil, eventually to kill his own father, Hari.
Now, the problem was that the show needed to get a pair of newborns for the show, so that they play the role of the characters. However, when prospective parents got to know about the supposed role of the children, none of them were willing to have their children play such a role.
It was then the Senior Producer, Ravi Sharma, who recently had twins, agreed to let his children be in the show to play this role. At the same time, there was another problem. Pankaj, who plays Hari, was very hesitant to play the role of a father since he felt he was too young to play such a role. This feeling of uneasiness is likely to go up once the show takes a 6 year gap.

Shree and Hari on the Zee TV show with their apparent newborns
The newborns on the show Shree on Zee TV
Eunuchs on the Zee TV show, with Shree, hari, and the newborn children

Finally, the show gets 4 eunuchs on the show, who come to give advice to Shree about taking care of her children, since the sign of the devil is over her children, and one of them could be dangerous for her husband, Hari. The main characters of the show were nervous, since they had never been so close to eunuchs before.

Zee Tv - Lil Champs host has a twin

Afsha Musani now has a competition.
Her Identical named Laado is often asked the obvious question

Afsha Musani now has a competition. Her Identical named Laado is often asked the obvious question “tum kya Afsha ho?”. Laado is from Gorakhpur and looks pretty similar to Afsha. Thanks to Afsha, even she has become pretty famous due to her uncanny resemblance to Afsha. When she made an appearance in the episode, Abhijeet da and Dhairya nearly fainted. “ ek Afsha kam thi kya, ki abhi do do Afsha leke aa gaye…”.

Real Afsha was l’il worried though. “ ye kya ho raha hai… ye Afsha nahi hai… main Afsha hoon “

But the bak bak machine Afsha Musani is really one piece on this earth and no one can match her histrionics! God just made one mould and broke it!
We wish goodluck to Laado as well for piggybacking on Afsha’s success.

Afsha & her identical Laado on Zee TV Lil Champs

Bappi da with the kids on Zee TV Lil champs

Laado Afsha & Dhairya on Zee TV Lil Champs

Zee TV - Dance India Dance winner Salman on L'il Champs

SALMAN KHAN – the DID Season 1 winner shakes a leg on the singing platform

Salman Khan the DID season 1 winner makes an appearance in Saregamapa L’il Champs to promote his video in the movie ‘Wanted’ which he shot with superstar Salman Khan. The movie is releasing this Friday 18th September and Salman is anxious as this video might be his stepping stone towards the filmdom.

Salman came and spoke about his video and his experience with superstar Salman and the dancing genius Prabhu Deva who is the director of the movie.
He also announced the come back of Dance India Dance Season 2 and taught little Afsha and Dhairya how to shake a leg and groove that thing…

Salman with afsha & Dahirya

Salman with Afsha

The viewers also are waiting with bated breath for DID season 2 - a frenzy that caught the Nation wild and tempted the audiences to put on their dancing shoes.

Zee Lil champs - Abhijeet and Bappi Da Make up

After 3 long years, the two bong rivals finally kiss and make up on the coveted stage of Saregamapa L’il Champs

The atmosphere was buzzing with electrifying music of yesteryears. The foot tapping tunes of ‘Jawani Janeman’ and ‘ yaad aa raha hai tera pyaar’. Bappi da, the original Disco King quite surprisingly agreed to share the stage with his one time arch rival Abhijeet Bhattacharya. The ardent viewers of Saregamapa would remember that three years back on the very same stage of l’il champs Abhijeet da and Bappi da had a major tussle about one contestant called Diwakar Sharma.
For the uninitiated, Diwakar was a blind child for whom Bappi da had a big soft corner. He used to appeal to people to vote for him as he was an exceptional child. Whereas, Abhijeet da’s favourite was Sanchita who ultimately went on to win the crown. Abhijeet da was dead against Bappi da’s extra fondness for Diwakar. He pleaded people not to get carried away with biases and vote for the best voice.
This led to huge hostilities between the two; so much so that both started abusing each other in public. It was also rumored that Bappa Lahiri ( bappi da’s son ) had gone up to the extent of hiring goons and threatening Abhijeet da with dire consequences.

Abhijeet da giving bouquet to Bappi da

After years of back lashing and back biting, finally both the musicians decided to bury the hatchet and start afresh. All this was possible thanks to L’il Champs.
Bappi da had some fond memories of the past and he was all gung ho about the current one as well. He announced, “ I’ll give one my gold chains to the best singer of the day”. And the winner was none other than Hemant Brijwasi from Mathura who wooed the disco king with the song yaar bina chain kahan re…” Bappi da was so very impressed with the little one’s tonal quality that he adjudged him as the best singer of the day and gave him one of his gold chains.

Abhijeet the gave Bappi da a bouquet of white flowers to make amends and Bappi da accepted it quite graciously. Both of them praised each other for their contribution to the music industry and their body of work..

What shall we say, all’s well that ends well..!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

CID - Long running detective show on Sony

There have been many detective shows on TV, with some specific character based shows such as Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi, and others similar to these making a name for themselves. These have been shows about gifted detectives who are essentially individuals with the gift for determining motives, and deducing human action. Sony went on a different track and created a show that showcases the role of a Government agency in solving heinous and dangerous crimes. The result is the show called CID (Crime Investigation Division) of the Mumbai Police. The people in the show are dedicated, but not individually brilliant; instead they use modern science, forensics and the power of the law (interrogations, authorized searches, etc) to find clues that will help them to solve the crime.
The team is currently headed by ACP Pradyuman (Played by Shivaji Satam). A dedicated officer, he will not let anything come in his way to solve the crime, and can drive his team to solve these cases. The other 2 main detectives of the force are:
Abhijeet : Inspector Abhijeet (played by Aditya Srivastav), has been a long standing member of the show. Recently, in an episode, he was replaced by an impersonator, but by the end of the show, the reality came out.
Daya : Inspector Daya (played by Dayanand Shetty) is one of the more likable members of the show. He is a huge man, and can be quite a force in terms of subduing criminals and intimidating them.
The show does not show other policemen, assuming that when a serious crime occurs, the CID is the one called immediately to the screen (and normal citizens can directly call the CID). In addition, one shows them entering houses and intimidating people without a search warrant. After some detective work, some forensic work, the criminal is normally caught, many times, the criminal is surprised at being caught.

Shivaji Satam ... ACP Pradyuman
Aditya Srivastav ... senior Inspector Abhijeet
Daynand Shetty ... Daya
Dinesh Phadnis ... sub-Inspector Fredericks (Freddy) Comic element in the show
Narendra Gupta ... Dr. Salunke
Vivek Mashru ... Vivek
Shradda Musale ... Dr.Tarika

Videos of the serial on Youtube:

Other videos of the serial CID on Sony TV (link)

Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Ammaji gets a reprieve from the court

It seemed like Ammaji would rise higher and higher, ensuring that her writ runs in the whole village, and nobody could oppose her. She got the middle son, Avtaar re-married even though his wife Chanda had delivered 2 daughters, and even though everybody was surprised when the police came to investigate, Ammaji managed to get the marriage through by deceiving the police.
And then it seemed that Ammaji was in the most trouble that she had ever seen. She was actually put in jail by the police (after quite a bit of opposition from her family and from other people in the village), on the complaint of Sunita who claimed that Ammaji was behind her beating and torture. The other women in the household were very happy, and it seemed that finally the serial was moving towards some sort of justice.
However, this was not to be. Raghav, in order to help his mother, made a plan to get Sunita murdered before she showed up in court; Sia and the others managed to hide the injured Sunita, but finally, just before she managed to enter the court, she was murdered, and Ammaji was out free.
The bigger question is now about whether in the future, Raghav will become a good guy, away from being the villain that he is now. Sia hates him, and the viewers also hate him.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Laali – the Snake Charmer (Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo on Zee Tv)

The monsoons, though most welcome, can cause havoc at times. The film city area in Mumbai which is the shooting hub of the entertainment industry, also shelters some of the deadly creatures of this planet. The cast and crew of Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo are literally having a reptile scare quite often! Every other day they are being hounded by deadly lizards, scorpions, worms of various kinds! The unit lost their cool when one day they found a snake loitering around the sets. It hit the panic button because people didn’t know what to do! Everything was in helter skelter until savior came in the form our brave Laali who came out rushing from her make up room when this fiasco was on …
And she managed to charm the snake like a pro! During the earlier days of Agle janam …when the unit was stationed at Wai; amongst other ghastly things like plunging in mucky water, rolling in mud, walking bare feet in scorching heat , catching a rat; this was another art which Lali had learnt from one of the villager. Though it never came handy then, but now out of the blue this sudden advent of snake god had lali shed all her inhibitions and tame the snake…

Quite a braveheart! True daughter of the soil….

When contacted Ratan, she said, “It may sound funny and unrealistic but it’s true that I have shot with real snakes in the 2nd episode itself. Yes they were trained ones but it was quite adventurous shooting then in Wai. Yes very often you would experience some or the other reptile on the sets during monsoons but that’s natural. The other day when the unit saw snake, they freaked and panicked big time. Though I was also a little scared but managed to throw it out of the sets.”

Laali – the Snake Charmer (Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo on Zee Tv)
Laali – the Snake Charmer (Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo on Zee Tv)

Shree on Zee TV - fight against the devil

Ganpati Bappa Morya!
Wasna Ahmed who plays Shree in Zee TV’s paranormal love story ‘Shree’, though a Muslim by faith, worships all religions and strongly believes in Ganpati Bappa. She was more than excited to shoot a sequence where Bal Ganesha himself appears in front of her and showers his blessings on her.

Shree’s trauma caused by Kagna’s numerous attempts to kill Hari will finally come to an end, this Ganesh Chaturthi. Kangna has been formed a new plot to kill Hari. She has poisoned one amongst Shree’s twin babies who if given birth will become a devil. To save her babies from from Kangana’s evil acts, Shree worships Ganpati Bappa and surprisingly the Lord himself come to Shree’s rescue. In the coming episodes, Shree will be seen meeting Bal Ganesh who will help and guide her thorugh this difficult phase of her life.

Video of Shree September 03, 2009 on Youtube

Friday, September 4, 2009

Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao - What was Kashmira doing there ?

Ever since Kashmira was given a part in the reality show Big Boss, where one could see her bringing drama, gossip, and conflict to the serial, it was interesting to see where else she would use that tactic. Especially, since she did not seem to be doing much of TV or movies. And then, she came in for some time towards the ending parts of the jungle reality show called 'Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao', and proceeded to shake the show by instigating the people, and trying to provoke more conflict, as well as show a lot of skin.
It seemed clear that her purpose in entering the show was to add more drama and masala to the show, and it seems that she did that. In an interview after the show, the only regrets that Kashmira had was about getting stuck in the jungle without any contact with the outside world (something that she would have seen even in Big Boss earlier).
(Read the interview for more details). Kashmera does not have too many kind words for most of her other contestants, claiming that there was a lot of competition, much more than was depicted on the show, that Aman was trying to sleep his way towards the winning position, about how Mona Wasu would rarely take a bath, and so on. She calls Jay Bhanushali a loser and a wimp.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao - the last week

Now, we are in the last week of 'Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao', and there are just 4 participants left in the serial. For the past several weeks, it would seem that the serial is bent to put more exposure, more fight, and more scare tactics in the show. First, the show separated the male and female participants and made them compete against each other. There were lots of fights in the show, with Akash Sehgal being the worst element in these shows. He used bad language with abandon, tried to portray all the female participants in a bad light, and considered himself superior to the others.
Anaida and Mona Wasu were the ones who fought the most with Akash, although they also fought with Chetan, and a few others on occasion. The show made participants do a lot of things that seem pretty horrible such as cooking insects, rats, and other such creatures on an open flame and then making the male and female contestants contest to see who would eat the fastest. In other contests, the participants would have to withstand time while all sorts of creepy crawlies such as rats, cockroaches, wasps, ants, scorpions, frogs, etc were raining on them, or were all around their legs, heads, or bodies. Takes a lot of courage to do that.
Many participants came and left during the course of the show, with Nigar Khan being there for very little time, Marc and Aman were there from the beginning and then were finally evicted. Kashmira Shah came for some time, did a lot of gossiping, strutted around in a bikini, and then finally left. Jay Bhanushali came in, got overawed by Akash and Chetan, and finally left. Mika came in for a short time, and so did Chitrashi. In the end, the following four are left:
Aakashdeep Saigal
Chetan Hansraj
Mona Wasu

Videos of the show from Youtube:

Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao 1st September 2009 Part 1

Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao 1st September 2009 Part 2

Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao 1st September 2009 Part 3

Negar Khan and Chetan Hansraj in swimsuits taking a bath:

Kashmera Shah in a bikini taking a bath:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Basera on NDTV Imagine - tale of parents being deserted by their families

A lot of people would have seen the movie called 'Baghban' starring Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini, as a couple whose children eventually go tired of supporting them after Amitabh retires and with whom they are no longer comfortable. The new serial 'Basera' on NDTV Imagine also goes down this path. Ram Kapoor, fresh from his role as the host on Rakhi Ka Swayamwar, is the head of one family with loving children. The serial is about 4 such families, these being the Sanghvis, the Parikhs, the Deshmukhs, and the Manchandas.
The parents in all these families have done a lot for their children, given that whatever they could, all in the expectation that when they are older, their children will take care of them. In all this, they have not made adequate provisions for their own life when they are much older. So, what happens when their children do not live up to this faith, when they desert them and see their parents as burden upon them. When life deals them such harsh lessons, these 4 friends and their wives provide a lot of support to each other, and enable them to be strong in such adverse times.

Basera on NDTV Imagine, starring Ram Kapoor and Pallavi Subhash

Videos of the serial on Youtube:

Basera - August 31st - Part 1 (link)

Basera - August 31st - Part 2 (link)

Basera - August 31st - Part 3 (link)

Enjoy Nautanki TV