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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Back to square one, Armaan and Riddhima feeling for each other

Dil Mil Gaye has suddenly started turning boring, with the story taking a strange twist. For some time now, the serial has been showing the sudden and non-loving marriage of Riddhima and Sid slowly starting to move along. Both of them decide that they want to take this relationship ahead, and slowly start to feel each other out (although initially Sid was very angry with Riddhima because of the fact that she wanted to commit suicide at the time of the marriage). But they were trying to make a case out of it, and Riddhima seemed to want to give the marriage a serious effort and even tried to persuade Sid to get it a serious attempt.
And then the makers of the serial started to put in some masala, and brought in the character of Armaan, the former love of Riddhima. Armaan did not know for some time that Riddhima was married to Siddharth, and when he finally found out, he was shocked, but then decided to try and support this, since it seemed that Riddhima was uncomfortable with him, and seemed to try and make the marriage a success.
And now the twist, it seems that both Armaan and Riddhima are having second thoughts. Both feel that they still have feelings for each other, and this is causing Riddhima to have a lot of confusion, since she is not able to fully commit to Sid, and Sid is also confused at this behavior of Riddhima. Further, Armaan has reverted back, and is now sure that he wants Riddhima back, even though this can cause problems to the marriage.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Pratigya and Krishna reconcile, are now deeply attached to each other

Finally, this had to happen. A lot of the fans of the serial were asking for this, and finally the story of the serial obliged them. For a long time, Pratigya was fighting Krishna and he was supporting her inspite of all that. Even though they had been married, Pratigya refused to let her touch him. However, over a period of time, it seemed clear that the serial would show them getting closer to each other. And as a result, finally, Pratigya realized that Krishna really loved her, and inspite of what all he had done in the past, he supported her against the pressure of all his family members who taunted her.
At the same time, it was becoming clear that her inlaws were out to get her; due to the event where Krishna'r brother had misbehaved with Pratigya's sister and had got slapped in return, Sajjan Singh was very angry with the behaviour of Pratigya and planned to kill her in a plot hatched along with Krishna's mother and brother. They tried to electrocute her, but instead of that, the maid touched the live wire and got badly injured.
This led to a series of events where Pratigya's elder sister-in-law found out about this attempt, and led to her getting badly beaten up by her husband. Pratigya cannot stand that, and decides to file a police case, which leads to Krishna's mother and brother getting jailed. This puts a lot of pressure to get them out of the jail, and which in turn leads to the elder sister-in-law changing her stand and them getting out of the jail. However, Krishna continues to support Pratigya, and the relationship between them starts getting more intimate.

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet told her truth, and Mann accepted it after some drama

The serial moves fairly fast. From the time when Geet had a fake engagement with Mann to ensure that Mann's grandmother was feeling fine, things moved fairly fast. Geet was uncomfortable with the fact that she was hiding her past from Mann, and told Mann that she was pregnant. For Mann, who believed that he was in love with Geet, and that she also liked him, this was a big shock and he treated like she had betrayed him.
However, Geet was determined to tell him the truth about what had happened to her, and inspite of the fact that Mann started treating her with suspicion, and even showed some amount of distaste for her, Geet finally managed to get Mann into a room, and told him about what all had happened to her - her marriage by her family to an eligible NRI called Dev, his abandoning her after one night, the anger of her family against her for the pregnancy, and the attempt to end the pregnancy. She basically asks Mann as to what is her fault in all this, and Mann really cannot say anything. However, Mann does say that he thought that she was his, something that really shocks her.
She starts running away from her, and Mann soon realizes his mistake. He also realizes that he behaved badly towards her, and decides that he wants her in his life, even with her pregnancy. However, by that time, she has run away and people are not willing to tell him where she has gone. He finally manages to track her down at the railway station and brings her back after a little drama. They are now together, and both know that they love each other a lot, but they still have some amount of playful banter.
At the same time, Dev is reformed, after his wife Nayantara leaves, and his school friend comes to him; and he confesses all his past misdeeds to her.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rahna Hain Teri Palkon Ki Chaon Mein - The serial comes to an end on 17 September, with Suman avenging her death

The serial came to an abrupt end on the 17th of September, 2010, and in a very strange way. The serial was exploring the life of Suman, who fell in love with Karan, was admired by the other brother Karthik, got married to Karan who was supposed to have died during the honeymoon. Further, she suffered a lot when she became a widow (including the various social pressures and isolation that a widow faces), but Karthik was always supporting her. And then she was supposed to be married to Karthik, when Karan decides to come back. However, she was married to Karthik, with Karan standing by (after coming back from a coma, induced by Suman's rival Nandini who wants to marry Karthik, and who thinks that getting Karan back will help in preventing Suman from getting married to Karthik).
The serial finally ended on a very strange note, with a huge touch of the supernatural. The story goes that there was another lady who was mad after Karthik, called Niharika. She decides to get rid of Suman, kidnaps her, and throws her off a cliff, and Suman dies. She further pretends that she has Karthik's baby in her womb, and hence there is social pressure to get them married. However, Suman's urge to protect Karthik is so strong that she comes back from the dead in the form of a spirit, in order to get Niharika to confess to her crimes.
Niharika gets to know that Suman is indeed dead, that it is her spirit, and yet is unable to convince the other house members to do the same. She even shows them a mirror in which Suman cannot be seen, but the others do not accept. Suman agrees to let Karthik and Niharika marry, but then gets Niharika to get scared enough that she confesses to her crime and is arrested by the police and then Suman vanishes.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet decided to tell the story about her pregnancy to Mann

The story of the serial is getting a bit complicated. Geet and Mann were getting very close to each other, with Mann wanting to show her as his fiancee, since that would make his grandmother very happy. Behind the scenes, she also pushes them closer. Both Mann and Geet are happy with this, even though Geet wants to keep some distance because of her circumstances. However, Mann is confused over why she seems to be hesitating even though he seems to sense that she also likes him. They spend a lot of time over this confusion, being closer to each other or further away from each other depends on their emotions.
In office, Mann felt a bit strange since the entire office was doing a celebration for him (his engagement with Geet) and he did not like it, given how business like he is. However, when it turned out that his grandmother did the arrangement, he had no option but to agree to let the office remain decorated and cut the cake as well.
However, the real danger now comes for Geet since she wants to tell Mann the entire status of her previous issues, including the fraud marriage, and her pregnancy, and she knows that this news will be a shock for Mann. However, inspired by the fact that Mann told her that he admires her for her courage and honesty, she finally takes the step of telling him that she is pregnant. Mann is shocked at this news, and starts shunning her, refusing to let her tell the entire story about what had happened to her. Geet is trying to make the effort, but is getting repulsed by Mann.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Baat Hamari Pakki - Shravan wants a divorce from Saachi, but there is the 25 lakh demand

In Baat Hamari Pakki hain, after a long period in which people would come to see Saachi but nothing seemed to be clicking, she finally found somebody called Shravan, who seemed to be a perfect person for her. However, even in this story, there is a twist. Shravan has no interest in Saachi, instead he is romantically involved with Tara, but Tara is not ready to marry him now. On the other hand, Shravan's family is not particularly happy with him, seeing him as irresponsible, being uninterested in doing the right things in life, and not leading the life that he should be leading. They are not happy with Tara either.
So they see Sachi as a very happy constant in the life of Shravan, and literally force him to do the marriage. His bhabhi applies a lot of pressure on him, even though he has asked Saachi to sign a contract for the marriage, and his family is very concerned about this nonsense about the contract. Saachi tells Shravan that she wants to get married so that the pressure on her from her family can ease up, and then in around 6 months time, they can go in for a divorce. He will have the required time he wants so that he can marry Tara, and she will in the meantime be able to persuade her family that the marriage did not work.
However, as you can imagine, the arrangement really does not work like this. Tara, once she sees Sachi and Shravan together, imagines that they can easily fall for each other, and Shravan would not come to her after 6 months, so wants Shravan to end the marriage now rather than wait for later. Sachi does not really like this, but uses the condition of a Rs. 25 lakh payment to be made to her for ending the marriage as a condition before she will agree to separate.

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Megha going full on drama, killing Santu and DM, and getting Vishal back

Bandini is one serial that moves fairly fast, not takes too much time for the story to do its twists and turns (not drawn out like many other serials). Right now Bandini is going through a major drama, with Megha out of jail (somebody bailed her out). At the same time, there was a confrontation regarding Sarang, where it became clear to everybody that Sarang's marriage to Birwa was a sham. However, worryingly, Monghi had become close to Sarang before she was told about the truth of Sarang by Birwa, and she is now pregnant with Saran's child. Her medical condition is that she cannot abort this child, and now the fact is out in the open. DM hears all this, and then kicks Sarang out. Sarang comes under the influence of Megha, and goes to the panchayat to save his children.
In a twist of how rural justice can be so much like the Taleban, first the panchayat thinks of stoning Monghi for her unmarried motherhood, but then Santu scares Sarang by getting them to also blame Sarang for the same crime, and that he should be stoned as well. However, Santu saves Monghi from a punishment by using the presence of an unborn child to save this kind of stoning, and instead gets them exiled from the village.
At the same time, Megha is determined to get her revenge, and plans a major event to kidnap Vishal and also get rid of Santu and DM. She has a number of men to do her doing, and even though Santu and Monghi know of her plan, and Santu ensures that DM knows all this; and yet they are unable to stop Megha from doing what she wants to do. Santu keeps Vishal in a safe place, and yet Megha enters the house in the disguise of a maid.

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