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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santu welcomes as the true Bandini by DM, and Birwa shocks Sarang in the question of money

DM got a huge shock when he got to know the real truth behind who actually killed Arjan; Birwa confesses the truth to him tearfully, and requests him not to let Santu go out of the house. DM, even though earlier he knew that Santu had done a lot for the house, was still very surprised by what happened in this case and the sacrifices that Santu has made (and spending 10 years in jail to protect DM's daughter was something that was a very high level of sacrifice).
He prevents Santu from going, calls the sacrifice she has made as very high, that even though none of the children of the house are her own, she still is now the mother of all these children and will remain so with her never leaving the house - in fact, she is the proper Bandini for DM and a true wife to him.
On the other hand, Sarang is flying in the air ever since he got married to Birwa, since part of the marriage conditions (which Birwa had to agree to to prevent him from marrying Monghi) was that Birwa would surrender all her properties to him; something that she eventually did after a few days of the marriage. In between, Sarang tries to flirt with a lady doctor but had to face ridicule after it turned out that the doctor was the fiancee of his future business partner.
And then the ultimate shock for Sarang; he had to go to a lawyer for knowing the huge amount of assets that Birwa would have turned over to him, and he was expecting something in the range of 10-30 crores, and then was hugely shocked to learn that this was only Rs. 15,000. Birwa, cleverly, had turned over all her assets to somebody else before she got married to Sarang, leaving only a small amount, since she knew that eventually they would need to get married and she wanted to ensure that Sarang would never get hold of her money (and that he was so stupid that he would never know what Birwa was doing)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Has Ammaji really got transformed after learning that Amba is her own daughter

Is there really a transformatation in Ammaji after she got to learn that Amba is her own daughter ? It is hard to believe that somebody as strong willed as Ammaji will not have the capacity to withstand shocks, but it would seem that the makers of the serial are trying to show that maybe she can also change over a period of time. In this case, Ammaji spent a lot of time tracking down who Amba is, what are her origins, and finally tracked down the Daima of Amba, somebody known to her. This was the same Daima to whom Ammaji had handed over Amba soon after she was born; and this was the same Daima who told Amba later about how Ammaji was her real mother and had handed her over after she was born; thus causing a huge amount of hatred to be formed in Amba against Ammaji.
Now, Ammaji has got to know about Amba, and this is causing a huge amount of emotional turmoil in her; she now understands why Amba hates her; but is there a real change of heart ? That one cannot be sure, and it is doubtful whether anyone knows. The makers of the serial can change the situation anytime, say for example, a couple of weeks later, they can show that this transformation was fake and was meant to find out all those in the household who were supportive of Amba.
For now, Ammaji is trying to be supportive of Amba to some degree, so that when Jogi comes to say something that is against Amba, Ammaji scolds him and sends him away, she tries to act more supportive of Amba; and also comes into view Amba when Amba is sleeping, with the makers of the serial showing her giving a tender look. However, by now Amba refuses to believe that Ammaji can transform in any way; and has sworn to teach the oppressed women of the household how to speak up for themselves and protect their rights; starting with Sia.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The return of Sandeep to the show and Santu planning to leave the show

Finally the truth is out. Dharamraj had calculated that the last person to stop Santu from going would be the person who would be behind the death of Arjan, and so it proved. Finally Birwa came to him and told him that she had to tell him a big truth, and then the truth was out. DM told Birwa that she must have killed Arjan, and she agreed. She did this since at that time, DM's life was in danger with Arjan attacking DM and Birwa having to stab Arjan in the back to save the life of her father. Santu took the blame and forbade Birwa from telling anybody anything; she wanted to prevent the scene of Birwa going to jail at such a young age; the only thing she wanted Birwa to do was to be good, be very capable and ensure that she is a success.
And with this emotional scene, Birwa left from there; she told DM that Santu cannot be sent from the house, she was the glue of the house, the whole basis on which the house was running. DM is shocked to hear this, he never really believed that Santu was the one who stabbed Arjan, but now is sure about all the sacrifices that Santu made for the family.
In an earlier incident, Nandini was diagnosed with a illness for which she needed a blood transfusion, and it turned out that Sandeep was the one who could do the required donation. Santu managed to convince him to do the donation, and for that, she would get him out of jail for one day. Sandeep accepted, but had no intention of doing this, instead he ran from there and wanted to get out. However, he was finally caught soon after he held Nanaji and Monghi hostage at their house and Santu managed to detect that Sandeep was there. However, in return for finally donating the blood, he bargained to get his freedom and a return back to the house; now there are 2 bad son-in-laws in the house, Sandeep and Sarang; eventually they will also need to be cured or thrown out.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam - Finally Abeer and Leher are married, but have nowhere to go

So, it finally happened. When the serial started, the inter-caste romance and marriage was cited as a major constraint that would cause a lot of problems in society, but as the serial progressed, it was less of a problem from society and more of a problem from their own family members. There was some initial resistance from both sets of family members, but it seemed to go away, and even Abeer's family members seemed to agree; but this was deceptive and they eventually went on to humiliate Leher's family members. However, Abeer refused to be stopped by this move and went onto actually marry Leher.
This family was not supported by either sets of families, with Abeer's family walking out earlier, and then Leher's family also refused to support the marriage and turned their backs on the couple, turning them out of the house.
So now we have this couple, in love and married to each other, who have nowhere to go. They get their first sweets of the marriage from the local shop (with the owner also giving Leher a gift as a first present); and then decide to move to a hotel (although they have very little money with them). The hotel manager behaves a bit fresh with them, seeing them in the marriage dress and thinking that they are actually some kids out to enjoy a night out (as a part of an affair). however, this is settled and they finally move to a room where they whisper sweet things to each other and finally Leher sleeps in Abeer's lap.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu on Colors - Maasa trying to marry off Jagdish for a second time

In a major twist to the story, Maasa has been led down the path to believing that Anandi is not the right bride for Jagdish, this is something that Teepri has initiated as part of her major plan to get a separation between Bhairav and his wife, but she had never thought that Maasa would suddenly start believing in this to this degree and make plans in secret to marry off Jagdish to a second wife, and all this without telling anyone (even though some of this planning happens in front of the family, and yet they do not get to know all this). Eventually Kalyani has contacted a set of girl's parents (again under-age) and then persuaded them for this marriage, and has also taken Jagdish away from the family under the excuse of getting him to visit a Guruji in a nearby village.
And then Khazan Singh, the father of Anandi turns up and raises hell with Bhairav Singh (almost coming to blows with Bhairav since Bhairon cannot believe that his mother would do something like this). Eventually however Khazan Singh brings up a person who had been contacted by Kalyani for this marriage, and then they start finding more evidence that this was something that was being planned. Finally, a shaken Bhairav starts believing that Kalyani indeed was planning on doing something like this, and then Teepri also called Bhairav on the phone to provide him the contact details of where Maasa is along with Jagdish (Teepri wants to do this since she believes that Bhairav would never forgive Maasa along with Teepri if he got to know that Teepri was also involved in this). This is finally information that both Bhairav and Khazan Singh are looking for, and they rush off to this neighboring village.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yehan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli - A break up between the father and daughter after Abha decides to marry Karan

A major split happened in the serial, between father and daughter. Eventually, at the last minute, Abha refuses to marry Sanskar when she realizes that Karan is injured, and instead goes to be with Karan. When it is clear that a marriage between Abha and Kiran will happen, Thakur is real angry; after all, he has never forgiven the usurpation of his property by Jagmohan and the humiliation that this has caused him (and also, even though he has lost everything and become dependent on others, his ego is still as strong as ever).
When the marriage happens, Thakur openly declares that he no longer has a daughter and he will not bless the marriage; at the same time, on the other end, Jagmohan has never forgiven the ill-treatment of his father at the hands of Thakur, and refuses to accept either the marriage or Abha as his daughter-in-law. Both Karan and Abha are now forced to live in a very small, junk filled room of the Swarn palace.
But both Abha and Karan are very happy, although Abha is very concerned about the separation from both sets of parents, and hence decides (very wrongly I believe) to tell Karan that she wants both of them not to have the physical relations that exist between husband and wife until they have managed to bring both sets of parents around. Imagine, if the relatives remain upset for an year, she will deny the intimacy that is so necessary to strengthen the marriage for a year (what wrong concepts these serials propose).
And then the next day when the ritual of the pagphera needs to happen where the girl comes back to her parental house for a few hours, Thakur refuses to accept this ritual and denies permission even though the other relatives want to do this ritual. In the end, the ritual will go ahead even though Thakur will not be in the house.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik and Akshara have a small fight over her birthday

This is a show that could have ended with the marriage of the lead pair, but now that the show is continuing, there will be constant efforts to portray the ongoing relationship between the lead pair, and as a part of that, there will constant bickering, fights, reconciliation, and so on. The latest such occasion is on Akshara's birthday, where she considers that since this is her first birthday after marriage, this will be a special occasion. However, in the morning, Naitik does not tell her anything, and instead goes off for a cricket match; others wish her, send her presents, and so on (and in fact, this is a strange family because in many families, the husband would have been teased earlier about what present he is going to get and so on). It is later that Naitik realizes that it is the birthday and that he needs to do something.
By the time, Akshara is very uncomfortable, even more so when people ask her about what Naitik has got for her and she does not know what to reply to these questions. In the meantime, Naitik has make some arrangements for a party (working along with Mohit) and asks Akshara to be there by 5:30 PM. However, with her own family and other relatives there, Akshara is unable to leave (and is unable to make an excuse to leave to be with Naitik). When Naitik arrives, he is very angry at Akshara, claiming that she did not make much of an effort to come to the party when he had asked her to, and in the meantime, Akshara also learns from a phone call that Naitik had indeed meant to go to a cricket match, and this meant that he had forgotten all about her birthday; and this makes her upset (upset enough that she tells Naitik that he forgot about her birthday). Obviously this tension will get over soon, but right now, it makes them uncomfortable.

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Actor Sushant Singh Rajput gets extreme reactions from fans about his upcoming on-screen divorce on Pavitra Rishta

Everywhere he goes these days, Actor Sushant Singh Rajput who plays Manav on Zee TV’s popular soap Pavitra Rishta is flooded with strong reactions about his upcoming on-screen divorce with wife Archana. Recently at a supermarket picking up groceries, the actor was flocked by a group of housewives who were very keen to know if he’ll really divorce Archana on May 31st. When Sushant smiled and suggested that they watch the show for that answer, the ladies decided that here was their chance to change the actor’s mind and ensure that their favorite on-screen jodi stays together. For no less than 20 minutes, they went on and on about how Archana and he make a great couple, that the two of them will stay happy together in real life only if they stick together on screen and how it would be a tragic mistake if the plot of the show had the two of them actually getting divorced.
In another instance, Sushant was picking up his cousin from her college when a bunch of her classmates gathered around Sushant. The bubbly bunch, very evidently nursing a crush on the actor, were more curious to know if the actor was breaking up with co-star Ankita Lokhande (who plays Archana) in real life as well. Sushant was a little irritated when an over-excited, cheeky motor-mouth blurted, “You should totally divorce Archana in the show and break up with her in real life too. You deserve someone better … like me!”
Attending a puja at a friend’s place, Sushant least expected his character on the show & the upcoming plot of his divorce to follow him into the pious environment. Even there, a visibly concerned old lady began telling him that she’s been praying for Archana & him to stay together and the divorce to be called off. Even as Sushant hugged the old lady, he realized how important it had become for so many fans across the country that his “Pavitra Rishta” with Archana stays intact!

Photo from the serial Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav Archana’s on-screen divorce to hit the couple’s off-screen togetherness?

With the date of the divorce between Manav and Archana on Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta just around the corner, actors Sushant Singh Rajput (who plays Manav) and Ankita Lokhande (Archana) are a little worried about the quality time the two of them will manage to spend together in the coming days. Given that the on-screen couple is also a real life couple, the two thoroughly relish every moment they share on the sets of the popular serial. Cooling their heels in their shared vanity van between shots, all the meals that they invariably have on the sets together, the quick, spontaneous shopping sprees the two take off on from the sets are likely to come to a halt if the plot of the show has their characters getting divorced and separating.
If the much touted on-screen divorce between Manav & Archana takes place on May 31st, Sushant & Ankita may not be required on the sets of Pavitra Rishta at the same time. Apparently, this is turning out to be quite the matter of concern for the lovey dovey twosome who are said to be cribbing about it to practically every sympathetic listener. So will producer Ekta Kapoor pay heed and keep Manav and Archana together on screen? Only the episode of Pavitra Rishta on May 31st will tell!

Manav Archana on Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV

Manav and Archana in front of a deity in Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Pavitra Rishta - Varsha in trouble after Ashwin tells lies as his version of the truth

Ajit and his mother Rasika Tai finally get their revenge to some degree. The truth that Varsha and her family were trying to hide for quite some time finally came out. It was pretty clear that they should have told the truth before it came out, and when finally it came out, there was a disastrous consequence for Varsha. Ashwin confessed to knowing Varsha before marriage, but totally blamed her for the sequence of events, and that she was trying to entrap him and he had to turn her away. He told this story to Satish's mother and to his wife Urmilla, and both of them obviously believed him.
When Satish's mother caught Varsha with this story and confronted her, Varsha was shocked. She told her version of the story to Satish's mother, but she was not believed; to the extent that Satish's mother blamed Varsha for everything and started hating her. The good news for Varsha was that Satish totally stood by her, and refused to believe that Varsha could have done anything wrong. He did this even though his mother was totally against Varsha, and this attitude gave a lot of faith to Varsha. After all, it would have been very difficult for Varsha if Satish refused to believe her.
On another front, there is trouble happening, with the end of the relationship between Archana and Maanav coming though very fast, and the last few such days being there. Maanav's mother has slowly warmed upto Archana and likes her a lot, but she has no option but to let the divorce proceed, since she wants the son of Sachin, and has also promised this as well.

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini on Imagine TV - Santu again faced with the question of whether she killed Arjan

In Bandini, like in any hindi serial, no happiness comes without some problems. So it is in the case of Bandini. Soon after she realizes that Birwa is not actually what seems to be, and in fact, is trying to save Monghi from the advances of a villanious Sarang. She manages to do, but at the sacrifice of having to marry Sarang and also sign over her property to her. And she was not able to tell this to anyone, only reveal it to Santu, that too when Santu finds the letters that Birwa had written to her.
However, there is a new complication for Santu. DM's sister, Motibhen is back, and this time she is determined to be a thorn in Santu's life. She wants to celebrate the marriage of Sarang and Birwa and prohibits DM from opposing her. DM is fine with this. Monghi remains angry with Santu for seemingly supporting Birwa even though Birwa caused this turmoil in the life of Monghi. And then Motibhen insists that DM divorce Santu, since even though she has been sentenced to 10 years in court, it is not the justice of Dharamraj that his son's killer lives in the house, and says that she will go to Ahmadabad to prepare the necessary papers.
Now, DM is in a fix. He has been told by Motibhen to take the necessary decision keeping in mind his reputation as a decision maker; he eventually tells Santu that either she tell him the truth, or she be prepared to end the relationship. Santu is very troubled at this decision by DM, but it would be very hard for her to tell DM the truth about who actually killed Arjan, since she lied to save a person, and is not likely to go back. But the truth would come out in some way, maybe Birwa will tell the truth.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors - Datta marries Nakusha in a drunken stupor, but his sister now humiliating her

In Laagi Tujhe Lagan on Colors, Nakusha is facing a huge challenge. The tactics of Kala (Datta's sister) to blame Nakusha for Supriya running away seem to have worked out, with everybody convinced that Nakusha was to blame, and she was unable to deny convincingly. So, Datta got real angry, and when combined with being drunk, he decided to take revenge in a different but predictable way. He told Nakusha that he will marry her and make her life hell, and so, in front of all the astonished family members, he marries Nakusha, but roughly. Nakusha however does take this as a proper marriage, and is ready to live with him in whatever way he wants to keep her.
And then the next morning, Kala comes in and tells Nakusha that she needs to leave the house. She wants to get Nakusha away and also blame her for running away, since that will ensure that the focus and anger of Datta will remain on Nakusha, as well as there is low chance of him getting involved with a girl again. So, in the morning, she scolds Nakusha that the marriage was held around a flame fueled by whiskey, and where Datta was angry and drunk, and that Nakusha should not consider that this was a proper marriage; in fact, when Datta will get up, he would regret everything that has happened and turn out Nakusha from the house right away or even harm her.
When Nakusha refuses to leave, Kala slaps her and forces her out of the house, backed by the other members of the household. Finally Nakusha and her family leaves, and when Datta gets up, he asks for Nakusha. When he learns from Kala that Nakusha fled the house, he gives chase and catches up with them, since his punishment of Nakusha is just starting and he would not let her go so easily.

Saabki Laadli Bebo on Star Plus - Bebo finally gets Raano to admit to the truth and get back her claim

Who would have thought that Bebo would be capable of doing this kind of planning. After all, Bebo was the more honest one (although in the previous occasion when she revealed the truth behind Goldie and Gursheel's behavior, she had also done a lot of planning to break up the team) and one would have thought somebody like Raano would have been more capable of detecting such falsehood and not getting caught up in this trap. After all, planning to get Raano to shoot Babloo with a planted pistol (with fake bullets), getting Babloo out of the shallow grave, and then using Babloo to scare Raano at regular intervals (where Raano feels that she is seeing the ghost of Babloo and nobody else is able to see either Babloo or the items he leaves such as blood or mud) is the mark of a devious mind.
Finally when the police has come to take away Raano, she reveals the truth that she is actually Raano and not Bebo, so that the police will arrest Bebo rather than her (which is actually what Bebo wanted, she wanted Raano to say the truth about who Bebo is, and who is Raano). However, Bebo has a bigger plan. She really does not want Raano to be arrested (after all she has learnt that Raano is actually her sister, since Bebo has been adopted), so even the police is fake. And in the end, in front of everybody, she tells Raano that she has forgiven Raano for whatever Raano has done. This forgiving is something that Raano is not able to tolerate, given that she just learnt that Bebo outsmarted her and broke her chance of settling in with the family and replacing Bebo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Behnein on Star Plus - the fight of 4 sisters against many odds

As usual, for any serial, there has to be drama, there has to be intrigue, there has to be relatives plotting to steal money and property, and there has to be tension between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, with the husband getting stuck in between.
In the case of this serial, it is a serial that takes the life of 4 sisters, whose parents died in a fire caused by a short circuit. However, this fire would not have taken their lives, except for the case of the aunt of the girls, their father's sister, who hid the key to the room in which the parents were. The sister, Nimma Fai, had decided that the fire should let the parents die, and so it happened when the parents die. Now she wants the sisters to get married off so that she can take the property for herself.
The sisters are basically straight, but it is not necessary that all of them are fully strong, as the second eldest sister Smriti is weak in the head, and this gets further enhanced when her mother-in-law hides the medication she needs. Smriti has given birth to a baby Prem, but when it seems that her mental health could cause problems, her mother-in-law Kamini forces her to go to a mental health institution; at this, eventually the husband, Mihir would be marrying another girl Mansi to give care to Prem. However, Mansi is after his wealth, and to prevent this, Smriti's elder sister (Purvi) married Mihir (one wonders how she could get married since Smriti's marriage was not dissolved) to the shock of Amar, with whom Purvi was supposed to be married to.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bebo on Star Plus - Bebo (raano) getting caught up in the murder of Babloo

This serial is getting pretty confusing, with the fight between the doubles getting very confusing to describe (so let us call the original as Bebo and her double as Raano, although now Raano is acting as Bebo, and Bebo is being forced to act as Raano). Raano actually killed Babloo, the brother of Gursheel, even though both Gursheel and Raano are both on the same side. And the evidence is slowly piling up against Raano, to the extent that the police have come once to arrest Raano but Amrit stops them by asking for the proof; he manages to evade the arrest for some time. Now Raano is in a loop since she keeps on seeing Babloo (dead, in terms of either the body or some other signs of the murder - obviously somebody trying to scare her), and yet when anybody else comes there, the signs are gone (could Bebo be doing this ? A bit hard to believe that Bebo could be doing this).
Goldie is about to get married to King (an actor playing the role of King), although it is all make believe; then a mother to King is introduced so as to stop the marriage, and it works; she claims that she will not allow the marriage since Goldie does not have divorce and also has a child; if she wants to get married, then she needs to get the divorce papers and lose her child (a tactic to get rid of her and get the child back).
Bebo arrives at the house and claims that she has the memory of Raano back, and will leave the house and go back; she is sorry for whatever she has done till now. Raano is shocked at this and confronts her in a market about what new tactic is this. Bebo wants to now do a plan where Raano will be so problem afflicted at being Bebo that she will herself claim that she is indeed Raano, and will thus make the truth known in front of everyone.

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Ammaji growing furious over Amba, but does not know that this is her daughter

Finally the serial makers are showing somebody who can stand up to Ammaji, although there is a sneaking feeling that maybe this challenge will also fizzle out (after all, Sia continues to be a failure in terms of challenging Ammaji, the DM was also a failure, and so far nobody has managed to challenge Ammaji in terms of Amba). The reason she is able to challenge like this is because she has Raghav in her capture and Ammaji would not like to do anything that could cause harm to Raghav. At the same time, Amba is systematically humiliating Ammaji and her sons, something that caused great anger to Ammaji (to the extent that if Raghav was found, Ammaji would kill Amba very easily).
Ammaji is careful that she is not able to try to cause harm to Amba directly without making an attempt to get Raghav out from her clutches, as when Rangeeli wants to kill Amba because of all the insults that have been heaped on her, Ammaji stops her.
The reason behind this anger that Amba feels for Ammaji is that she is actually Ammaji's daughter, one that Ammaji gave away when she was born, because she was a daughter. Amba found out later about this from the Tai who was taking care of her, and was then given away to a family who was part of a group of dacoits, and that is how she is now a dacoit leader and also very angry against Ammaji. Amba wants to change the entire structure of Ammaji's house, remove the huge control that Ammaji has on the house, remove the discrimination against women in the house and is willing to use whatever force is necessary to achieve this.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Santo finds out the truth about Birwa, and Sarang turns out to be the wrong one

What an incredible 2 episodes. Just goes to show that a serial can do anything it want, turn any character any which way, and as long as you leave some logic aside, with the script in your control, everything can be changed. In the past weeks, Sarang was in love with Monghi, and Birwa was the one who was apparently trying to stop this relationship, and in the end, she does manage to do so, getting married to Sarang just before he was to get married to Monghi - and this caused everyone to get angry, and for DM to declare a somewhat weaker link with Birwa after this.
Santu was not convinced that the marriage between Birwa and Sarang was totally real, and kept on trying to determine what was the reason for this sudden marriage, and what pressure could be on Sarang to agree to the marriage; and she openly tells Birwa that she will find out the real reason for the marriage - and in the end, by reading old stuff and by even opening Birwa's cupboard, she is able to determine some of what has happened.
What seems clear to Santu after reading older stuff is that Birwa is not what she appears to be; she has written many letters to Santu about how she is trying to ensure that she takes on the family responsibility by handling the business when DM withdrew from the family and everything; and then Santu confront Birwa about this.
And the truth comes out - Sarang knew Birwa at college, but she discovered that he was after her money, and hence she left him. He came after her, and finally discovered that she cared for Monghi, and as a result, when nothing seemed to work, she had to marry Sarang to ensure that he did not marry Monghi; even earlier, when she was strict with Monghi, it was to try and ensure that Monghi became more responsible and try to earn her living.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Jyoti - How can everything suddenly turn good all of a sudden

Jyoti suddenly saw a major transformation. Till now, the people in the house were looking at her with some amount of criticism again (except for her father who always supports her); however, her condition in terms of pregnancy suddenly turned bad and she had to be rushed to the hospital. At that point, except probably for Poonam, her other family members realized that maybe they were being too hard on Jyoti and she was in hospital partly because of them and start feeling all protective and affectionate towards her. Deepu was feeling negative towards her, and then starts feeling protective towards her, and even scolds some nurses who were seeing Jyoti pregnant, and no signs of marriage and no signs of any husband or person from the husband's family.
And in something that makes you wonder about the logic being used in such serials, Sushma meets Brij (the new, TB afflicted, on his last stages, reformed person) and believes that he is indeed reformed, and even agrees to restart a family with him. When Jyoti is back from the hospital, Sushma also gets Brij there (coughing away to glory, does no one worry about the chances of the TB having a negative effect on the 2 pregnant ladies - Jyoti and Sushma ?). Anyhow, Jyoti is back to her self, with the prospect of Brij and Sushma getting together, Jyoti is even ready to convince the couple who were going to adopt the child (and how will Brij and Sushma survive?).
There is general agreement that Brij and Sushma should be married, and plans are afoot to start the planning for this marriage with a caveat that Jyoti will need to take care of herself and not exert herself too much.
On the other side, Pankaj really does not seem to get along too well with Neelam, and refuses to go with her to her parties where he feels out of place and is not able to mix in those type of parties. Neelam accuses him of not letting Jyoti go from his mind.

Hindi TV Serial - 12/24 Karol Bagh - Abhi tries to hit Bhalla with a knife, and then the police take him away

This was probably what Simi was most afraid about, about the fact that he can get very angry, and was also possessive about Simi. And so when Simi told Abhi about Bhalla's letter to her, he got very angry. He was angry at Simi for not telling her about the letter, and was even more angry at Bhalla for his crude letter and for making a pass at Simi. He jumped out of the house and was soon after Bhalla, and started chasing him. Soon, there was a situation where Bhalla had a knife with him, but Abhi managed to take the knife and pointed it at Bhalla's throat when Bhalla's mother was pleading with Abhi not to do anything. Simi soon arrived and was trying to stop Abhi, and then the police arrived and took Simi away.
In other stuff, Neetu is coming closer to Omi realizing that at heart he is a very good man. They talk a bit nice to each other and then get ready to leave to 12/24 Karol Bagh for the matarani ki chowki, and finally the relation between Neetu and her family improves. She learns about what all has gone on in the house and how Simi and Abhi did what they can to prevent the house from going to Bhalla, and then finally realizes that Simi is the good one in all this. They also get to know that Abhi is in jail, and is not likely to be there in the chowki unless somebody bails him out.
In the chowki, people have started arriving, and there is a call for the 2 son-in-laws, and while Omi is easily found, the other son-in-law Abhi is not present. Omi has tried to get his elder brother Nakul to bail out Abhi, but Nakul refuses to Omi and Omi had come back disappointed. Simi and Mili try to do a lot of pleading to bail out Abhi, but they are unable to convince the police to release Abhi, and then Bhalla arrives with his lawyer and tells the police to not release Abhi at all because he tried to kill Bhalla, and has serious charges against him.
However, in the end, Abhi does make it to the chowki, so one wonders as to who managed to bail him out of the police station, was it Nakul ?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bhagyavidhata on Colors - Raja and Rekha in trouble and running, and then Rekha loses her baby

Raja and Rekha are in trouble, all due to the actions of Punpunwali who is trying to implicate him. They land up in trouble, and start running away from Praful, but get caught up by them. Raja gets caught while Rekha manages to run away, but in the running away, she falls and like any other hindi serial, she hits her belly on the rock, and then loses her child, screaming in pain as she does so.
And somehow they get free and go to the house, where everybody is worried about what is happening to them, especially about Rekha. Raja is very angry and blames Punpunwali for everything that happens; she is shocked at this and claims that she is not responsible for anything, given that she was in the house all the time; actually it is Raja's doing and Punpunwali is not responsible.
Raja in turn calls Mamaji who brings in Praful, and then Mamaji claims that he was just in time to save Raja and Rekha from the goons who had caught them.
However, Punpunwali is able to indicate to Praful to keep quiet, especially when Akhilesh was trying to get information from Praful about the truth, and Praful claims that it was actually Raja who had called Pappu's man and that something seems to have gone wrong on that side. Rekha was unconscious, but then gets up, screams at Praful to not lie, and then again falls down.

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Riddhima still with Siddharth, even though Armaan tries to get her back

The serial Dil Mil Gaye on Star One seems to be going through a patch where everything is shown as happening in slow motion. So for the last many episodes (in fact weeks), it has been clear that there is a triangle in the serial (with the married pair of Riddhima and Siddharth, and then Armaan back in the serial) with a lot of confusion, doubt and emotions in the air.
Armaan now knows that Riddhima is married to Siddharth, and at the same time, given that Siddharth seems to think that Riddhima was always only with Armaan and that the marriage was a mistake, he pushed her away and went in for divorce papers. In that time period, Riddhima was angry with both of them for putting her in such a strange position and signed the divorce papers, but she wants to give the marriage a try.
And so, for probably the longest set of scenes ever shot in a basketball court, a lot of action happens there. First Siddharth and Armaan meet there, and then Riddhima later tells Armaan that even though he may love her, he is the past to her, and she is married to Siddharth and will not betray Sid, and that she signed the divorce papers in anger - however, she does want to get back with Sid. Armaan is heartbroken, and Shanky is now trying to console Armaan.
And now Riddhima goes to meet Sid, she is still angry to some extent, but she also wants to save her marriage, and so pleads with him to give the marriage a chance and that she wants to ensure that the marriage succeeds. However, Siddharth has some misconcepts after having seen her with Armaan and is not sure how much to believe her, and tells her about the same; this ends up ensuring that Riddhima leaves the place crying.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta Written Update - Rasika playing games using Vandu as a shield, and Varsha in trouble

How many coincidences can there be ? It would seem that there are no other families in the whole of Maharashtra society except these 4 families, the family of Manav, the family of Archana and Varsha, the family of Sathish, and the family of Ajit (and Rasika). They are all getting heavily inter-related; with the marriage between Vandu and Ajit putting Ajit and Rasika in a much stronger position. And the marriage of Varsha with Sathish caused issues, since it turns out that Varsha's former boss (and the person with whom she had an affair) Ashwin is also Sathish's brother-in-law and his wife Urmila (Ashwin's wife and Sathish's wife) is a very nice lady, somebody to whom Sathish is very attached.
Now, when Varsha's family and Manav find out that about Ashwin, they are very worried about whether the truth will be revealed, especially about whether Ashwin will do something to spoil the marriage (or the duo of Ajit and his mother Rasika). However the marriage happens peacefully, but Varsha is always worried, especially now that Ashwin is in the same house, and he does refer to this many times when he finds Varsha all alone or when he sometimes gives a call. And all this while neither Sathish or Urmila know about this, and nobody is telling Sathish about this affair of Varsha (which will prove to be a mistake).
Now, Rasika is applying the pressure on Vandu by insisting that her mother, Savita tai go to Sathish's house and tell the truth about Varsha's past affair with Ashwin, but Savita is in no mood to do something like this since she no longer feels that bitter towards Archana's family; and in fact exposure to Archana has changed her opinion of Archana (she no longer feels that the separation of Archana and Manav is a good thing).

Hindi TV Serials - Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya - Pratigya fights for the rights of her elder sister-in-law Kesar

Now Pratigya is married into the household of Krishna, with Sajjan Singh being the head of the family. This is a family that is very less cultured, very much unlike her own family, and further, she continues to have issues with Krishna since she had to marry him pretty much under force. However, Krishna is trying to have a lot of patience, since he is not used to the idea of somebody refusing him like this, and is also standing up for her in the family (to the extent that his mother taunts him that he is always standing up for Pratigya, and does not have the same independent attitude that he used to have earlier).
After the honeymoon (where Pratigya refused to let Krishna touch her, something that he does not like and does get frustrated over), Pratigya is back in the house, and starts observing some stuff happening in the house that she does not like. This is primarily related to the relationship between Krishna's elder brother Shakti Singh and his wife Kesar. Kesar is dark complexioned, and Shakti Singh torments her for the same, to the extent that he refuses to let her give birth to a child since he worries about the dark complexion getting passed on. For this purpose, he has forced Kesar to get aborted three times already, something that is hidden from the family members; they in turn torment Kesar as being incapable of giving birth since they do not know the truth.
Now Pratigya is going to stand up for Kesar and ensure that the household knows about the truth, that Kesar is again pregnant and Shakti Singh is forcing her to get an abortion. This is also critical since the family wants to get a heir, and does not believe that Kesar will be able to provide such a heir; the important thing is that Pratigya would be able to provide the moral support that Kesar needs to stand up to her husband.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein - Karan back to the living

In Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein on Imagine TV, the long awaited return has happened, and this is the return of Karan to the serial. All of you know that when a character dies on a Hindi serial, and the body is not found, then there is a good chance that the person is not dead and will come back at an opportune time. And so it was in the case of Karan, who died when he was on a honeymoon with Suman (and for which she was treated very badly in the house).
Over a period of time, Suman, with her good nature and loving personality was able to make a mark for herself, and Karthik anyhow was always in love with her (or atleast had a lot of respect and affection for her). However, Nandini also loved Karthik and played a number of tricks to try and get Suman out of the way so that she could get Karthik for herself. In between, Karthik realized that Nandini was responsible for a stage when Suman was abducted, but then he still married her.
However, this marriage was not meant to last, and soon the household realized that a proper relationship could only exist between Karthik and Suman, and the marriage between Karthik and Nandini was not meant to last, and talk of a divorce happen, and Nandini also signs the divorce papers.
But, this was done with a motive. Nandini had discovered that Karan had not died, but was indeed in a coma condition in a hospital, with no identification; and she brought him home with the claim that he was her brother (with the idea being that she would bring him forward to break the impending relationship between Suman and Karthik). And Karan, who is in a coma, does indeed start reacting when Suman comes close, with Nandini trying to ensure that he gets well fast enough that she can use him to break the ongoing marriage (and the marriage anyhow would not be valid since the first husband is not dead).

Hindi TV Serial - 12/24 Karol Bagh - A fight between Abhi and Simi over Simi not telling Abhi about attack on her by Bhalla

It seems too good to last. For any serial, there is always the urge to introduce some tension between the lead characters, something that the makers of 12/24 Karol Bagh have started to do, between the lead pair of Abhi and Simi (with Abhi a bit immature as well, more prone to some amount of aggressiveness, as well as also being possessive of Simi). Abhi managed to get the eviction order on the house withdrawn and thus prevented Rajiv Bhalla from throwing the family out of the house, something that angered Bhalla to a large degree. Bhalla is not able to take this insult easily, and wants to take revenge by taking the house next to them, by taking 13/24 Karol Bagh.
Simi and Abhi are being romantic, but at some point, Abhi discovers a small piece of paper from Bhalla in Simi's purse, and is furious at Simi for hiding something like this from him. He manages to get Simi to tell him that this piece of paper was a letter from Bhalla where he promised to be lenient in the matter of the house if Simi came to him; and when Abhi got to know this, he was furious with Simi. He actually fights with Simi, telling her that she has done something that can threaten their marriage, given that she is hiding things from him, and it is such small things that can break a marriage. She tries to tell him that she hid it from him because of his anger, but is unable to mollify Abhi.
He then moves out of the house in anger, trying to find Bhalla in order to beat him up, and has to go from place to place to try to find Bhalla. In the meantime, Simi's mother goes along with Milli to Abhi and Anita's house in order to invite them to a prayer in their house; Mr. Taneja refuses since he says that relations between the houses are not good, but Mrs. Taneja agrees to come, and even persuades Anita to go back to Anuj's house (but Anita is not planning to go in a good mood).

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Ammaji trying to turn Samar away from Amba, while Amba trying to change things in the haveli

Ever since Amba kidnapped Raghav and keeps him away, she is staying in Ammaji's haveli and trying to change things in the haveli. And Amba seems to have an old problem with Ammaji, and trying to level the scores a bit. Also, seeing how she is, the women in the household who have had a problem with Ammaji such as Sia and Santosh are starting to support her, to the extent that Santosh replies back to Jogi and claims that he will be set right by Amba (and then Jogi dreams about when Raghav is found, and then he will take his revenge against both Amba, and then Santosh).
Other ladies in the house such as Rangeeli who used to misbehave with the others worry about the reaction from Amba to their normal behavior; such as when Amba sentences Rangeeli to starve for a day for misbehaving with Santosh; and then when Rangeeli tries to mix something in the juice that Amba was supposed to drink, she gets caught and has to do 200 situps.
One of Amba's men, Samar, is susceptible to the influence by Ammaji, more so when Ammaji plies with sweets and special drinks, and also plays up to him by claiming that such a powerful man should not be under the influence of a woman leader and should have his own gang. Samar comes under this influence, and seems to start supporting Ammaji, promising her that he would help her by taking Ammaji and her men to save Raghav. However, Amba is suspicious that Samar is falling under the influence of Ammaji and may be close to becoming a traitor.
Now, the basic issue is whether Amba will be able to stay ahead of Ammaji, ensure that Raghav does not run away from his captivity, and that she is able to change the way things are running in the haveli.

Hindi TV Serial - Jyoti - Brij sick, wants forgiveness and chance to get together with his baby; Deeptu to continue with his job

Jyoti is a strong personality, but there are always issues where she is getting in conflict with her family members, except for her father KK, who believes that Jyoti will always do right. However, the other family members are again somewhat hesitant with what Jyoti is doing. For example, her friend Kabir had earned some support by saving Sushma from a truck, but then came in for problems when he brought Brij to the house (since Brij was his friend), and Brij is somebody that nobody in the house will support because of the way that he treated Sushma.
Jyoti wants to understand more about this Brij connection, but really does not want to meet him. She does not know about the background as to Brij seemingly getting reformed (something that happened because Brij has been diagnosed with TB, to a level that is incurable, and hence does not have too much time left (have they ever worried about whether he is infectious, and meeting 2 pregnant ladies - Jyoti and Sushma, both of whom should worry about infection)). Jyoti meets him because of Kabir, but is not really confident that he has changed; and when she informs him that Sushma has agreed to give the kid to a rich family because she is not sure whether she will be able to give a good future to her child; Brij does not like (although he is no position about to like or dislike since he had harassed Sushma and abandoned her).
In the house meantime, Padma was not happy with the prospect of Deepu working with his father-in-law but was eventually persuaded by Poonam, with Poonam using the concept of Deepu working and earning so that all of them would be less dependent on Jyoti for all their needs (and this is something that seems to work for all them, since they really do not like to be dependent on Jyoti).
And Brij tries to reach Pankaj's house, but Bhairavi stops him at the gate through the guards that are there, and when he tries to force him way inside, the guards beat him up; although he is able to call out to Pankaj.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Sapna Babul Ka .. Bidai - Finally the reconciliation between Sadhana and Vasu, after Sadhana saves Vasu

Typically reconciliations between people who are separated from each other comes only through some major events. In the case of the serial Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, there is a huge gap between Vasu and Sadhana. Vasu always wanted the best for her sons, and for her, whatever she wanted was what needed to happen, and anybody who came in her way was somebody to be opposed. So, when Sadhana helped in getting Alekh better, this was appreciated, but now that Alekh was much improved, Sadhana was not a good enough wife for him, and with Malika being on the scene, it was easier to try to get Sadhana out of the way to make way for Mallika in Alekh's life.
Vasu had almost managed to make this happen, but at that time, everybody came to realize the value of Sadhana, and hence her entire family along with Ranveer made efforts to ensure that Alekh does not get engaged to Mallika, and they succeed. But as a result, both Alekh and Ranveer decide to leave the house, something that horrifies Vasu since she could not have expected such a thing to happen. However, all her efforts to get them back and away from Sadhana do not succeed.
Next, Sadhana, in her goodness, continues to try to get both Alekh and Ranveer close to Vasu again (overcoming any anger at Vasu); and then this freak event happens. In the room where Alekh-Sadhana and Ranveer-Ragini live, there is a short circuit and a fire starts. In the fire, eventually, Sadhana manages to save Vasu who had come in, but suffers as a result. She is injured in the fire, and is taken to hospital where the doctors are worried about the smoke in her lungs because of which they cannot do an operation; and in addition, Naveen and Anvi are upto something that will separate Vasu from her sons; but Ragini has overhead them speaking.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhse Lagan on Colors - Datta's fiancee runs away, and Nakusha is eventually set to be blamed

Laagi Tujhe Lagan is a slightly strange serial, appearing on Colors, which talks about the life of a poor girl, who is beautiful, but hides her beauty because of the fear of being attacked for her beauty. Instead, she always wears an ugly face, and this ensures that people stay away from her. However, once in a while, people do get to know her real beautiful self and in such situations, it is hard for her, as happened when a police inspector got after her and wanted to marry her.
In the current case, Nakusha saves a gangster Datta from the bullets of his enemies, and hence starts working in his home as a maid along with her mother. She also falls in love with Dutta (although she is still wearing the ugly face, and hence the feeling of love is not reciprocated by Dutta). Dutta is engaged to a girl called Supriya, and the twist is that Supriya does not love Dutta, instead she loves some other ruffian and hates Dutta. And so, when the time comes for the marriage ceremony, Supriya jumps from the occasion, leaving her family members there, and also leaves Dutta in his marriage dress, tremendously angered by this desertion by Supriya. For some time, they believe that Surpiya is dead, but now the hunt has begun for Supriya, and Ravi, the person with whom she has run away.
In the house, they also know that somebody has helped Supriya, and the hunt has begun to find clues, and this is also the time when Dutta's sister (who is the real culprit) tries to implicate Nakusha by leaving some traces of evidence that would lead to Nakusha, and hopefully throw the entire brunt of Dutta's anger on Nakusha.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran on Colors - Tapasya taking her full opportunity for revenge

Uttaran is going through some very strange times, a point which you would not wish on your worst enemy. Ichcha is the good character in the show, but is stuck in problems right now. She landed in a bitter soup when Tapasya tricked her so that Tapasya got married to Veer instead of Ichcha, and then Veer rejected Tapasya, and decided to divorce her to marry Ichcha. However, just when this seemed to move closer to happening, things took a different turn. Veer's elder brother, the drug addict, Vansh moved closer to getting cured, for which he credited Ichcha to showing him the right path, and wanted to marry her. Given that Vansh seemed to be getting better and away from his addiction, all the family members decided that this was a good thing (even though it was complicated because Veer and Ichcha used to love each other); and even the stupid Ichcha decided to play sacrifice again and agreed to the marriage. However, Tapasya was thirsting for revenge, and got her way when she managed to show photos of Veer and Ichcha to Vansh just before the marriage, which resulted in Vansh rejecting Ichcha after the marriage, and challenging Veer to show that his marriage to Tapasya was happy and stable.
By now, Tapasya has left the house, swearing that she will only come back when both Veer and Ichcha plead with her; part of this is already happening, with Veer pleading with her, calling her many times to ensure that she would come back to the house and tell Vansh that Veer and Tapasya were happily married. She does do so (over phone) after a lot of pleading by Veer, but now Vansh wants to talk to her in person before he can agree that his condition has been met, and is not willing to listen to anything that Ichcha or Veer tell him.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik trying to get Mohit and Nandini together after undertaking to get Nandini married

Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain is going through some amount of tension. In both households, there is a fair amount of tension that is happening nowadays. In the serial, in Varsha and Shaurya's house, Shaurya is facing some amount of credibility issues with his father, and this is giving him a lot of tension, causing some amount of strain between him and Varsha, and Shaurya even applying for a job outside.
In Naitik's house, the amount of tension is even more, with the relation between the 2 set of brothers (Naitik's father and Dadaji, or rather between their wives) increasing a bit. The tension is over the marriage of Nandini and also the marriage of Rashmi). Nandini's marriage is delayed because of all the issues about her relationship (or rather, longing for Mohit), and also because she is physically handicapped, the amount of relations for her is limited. And yet, since she is older than Rashmi, it is difficult for Rashmi to get married before Nandini's marriage can be finalized, and this is causing tension between the 2 set of mothers, which even led to Choti Dulhan saying a few words that Daddai could find somewhat offensive.
And in the midst of all this, Naitik gets up and wants to take responsibility for getting a good match for Nandini, something that Daddaji is not so comfortable about, but he agrees. However, the first set of matches that Naitik gets are not good, and Daddaji is getting angry. However, Naitik is also realizing that Nandini is going to be totally happy only with Mohit, and he needs to change the opinion of the family about Mohit (including that Mohit is not of the same economic and social standing, and also that Mohit is also younger to Nandini). Will Naitik be able to change the opinion of his family regarding Mohit ?

Hindi TV Serials - Bandini - In 2 episodes, Santu gets a major boost, and then a major shock

The last 2 episodes on Bandini have turned the serial significantly. In an episode, when Santu was caught along with Rudra in a locked room, in front of the whole family, and Rudra had, in order to save how own skin, claimed that Santu and he were in love. Santu did not offer any kind of defence, probably shocked that her family were so willing to accept that she could do this kind of moral outrages; she in fact did a ritual bath that showed that she was dissolving her relationships. And in addition, her husband, the Dharamraj showed all signs that he could not stand her anymore, telling her sister in fact that in spite of the outrage committed by Santu, the marriage of Monghi and Sarang should go ahead. However, it was all a plan by DM to show the truth of Santu by getting Rudra to disclose the truth, which in turn showcases to everyone that Santu was truthful and always correct. DM goes so far as to kick Rudra out of the house by hitting and slapping him, and then publicly proclaiming that he could never believe that Santu could every commit something like this.
And then the marriage starts. So far all the efforts put in by Birwa to stop the marriage have not been able to come true, and she was getting more desperate. And then suddenly, during the actual marriage, Monghi realizes that the person sitting in front of her is not Sarang, somebody else, and so it turns out. And so starts a desperate search for Sarang, with everyone trying to find him. However he is not to be found, and then comes the surprise with flowers and wishes starting to arrive, and then Birwa proclaims that she and Sarang are now married.

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