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Friday, August 3, 2007

Durgesh Nandini on Sony

Imagine making a serial based on a classic, a book by the name of 'Durgesh Nandini', written by the famous Bengali writer, Bankim Chandra Chaterjee. Based on the concept of a village girl with a heart of gold (but seemingly unsophisticated) coming into money and using her power to reform a family of arrogant people. Sounds familiar? I am sure there must have been a couple of movies made on this topic already. Even the recent movie Taxi Number 9211 was about a person being arrogant with his father's wealth, and then the father makes somebody else the trustee for the money.
Duresh Nandini is a relatively new serial, having started earlier this year and coming at 10 PM on Sony. It was interesting initially, but is now slipping down the interest scale, and seems very boring now. The same problem as faced with other serials; if you try to extend a story down many many episodes, you need to make a compromise with the quality of the script and need to keep on inventing many new happenings so that the serial can keep on continuing.
Durgesh Nandini

So what is the serial all about ? The Shrivastava family of Dharamadas Shrivastava are multi-millionaires and the 2 sons along with daughter-in-laws are very arrogant. They are so greedy for wealth that they cause the death of their father and illtreat their mother, wanting her to surrender the entire money to them. However, their father has left them a surprise in his will. He knows the nature of his sons, and hence decides to make the trustee of the entire property to be an unknown person, Durgesh Nandini (Rinku Ghosh), an orphan living in a village. The sons are shocked at this, and try to prevent her from knowing about this and reaching the city.
She is however very strong-willed, and wants to carry out the wishes of the late Dharamdas, who wanted her to reform the sons. At the same time, although she has an innate sneakiness, she is not as nasty as the sons and their daughter-in-laws, who will try at nothing to get her removed from the area; by placing money in her office and getting the police to raid, or trying to get her stuck in a situation where the board of the company doubts her competence, or she gets beaten up by irate employees of the company. Of course, since she is the heroine of the serial, she manages to overcome all these traps. But, in normal life, a person having seen so much treachery from people will not keep on letting them do more of such; but react harshly. Do we really have such major do-gooders in real life ?

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Rose said...

hi deepthi, this is Rose.
I'm not actually interested in the story lines of the serials but I do luv the songs played in them. There was no post regarding KHWAISH, a new serial in sony, so, i'm posting in durgesh nandini. It wud b gr8 of u if u can giv me some information about the title song of KHWAISH, being aired in SONY.


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