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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa finale

The finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on the 13th of October, a Saturday was relatively star-less. It had just Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan as the stars, which seems somewhat less for the finals of a major reality show. However, the show, staged live, was held in a massive location with a large crowd.
Overall, I found the show to be somewhat disappointing, it seemed to follow a set pattern, with the organizer of the show having decided that the time of the event needed to be filled in. I found only 3 things of interest in the whole show, whereby Akshay Kumar sang a song live, the show got 10 crore votes overall, and they got Maulie Dave in to sing a song.
The show started with some commentaries from the family members of the 3 finalists, Amaanat Ali, Aneek Dhar and Raja Hasan. All 3 deserve to be there, with some great overall quality of singing. In many cases, with proper orchestra and the sound room support, these folks can start singing for movies. And they waited for Akshay to arrive, since he was delayed. They had the gurus coming in style, and showcasing the progress of people in the various teams under the gurus.
So the show moved on and on, and these 3 finalists got to sing more songs wearing all manner of costumes. But eventually, they announced the results, with Amaanat coming 3rd, and then after some more song and dance, having Aneek declared as the winner. And that was it. I liked the series in terms of the quality of singing, and the encouragement offered by the gurus, with Himesh being the master at screaming and otherwise making his presence felt.

Some videos from the event:

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