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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Amber Dhara: The story of conjoined twins

This, hopefully, is a serial with a difference. For some time now, Sony has been advertising its serial about 2 twins, and as time for the serial launch came closer, details became clearer. People joined together are called 'Siamese twins', and have a difference in their lifestyle as compared to other people. Many people see such people as oddities, and hence this serial is a good attempt to try and portray them in a more realistic and detailed way; as well as some of the problems that they face.

Amber Dhara Serial

The only hope that I have is that, in an attempt to generate more TRP's and popularity, the makers of the serial should not insert unnecessary drama and situations in their life. Already one can see such things starting to happen; after all, just because they are conjoined twins, it does not mean that they would end up in a circus; further, there is no necessity that there needs to be a strong villain like character in the serial. It is only in TV and movies are there people who are evil, in real life, most people have shades of grey and even bad people have their own sympathetic nature.
The serial started on 24th September 2007 on Sony, and shows up at 9 PM. The basic story of the serial is: The sisters share the vital organ liver and are conjoined at the hip. 20% of the liver is a part of Amber's body and the remaining 80%, a part of Dhara's body which rules out the possibility of a surgery being carried out to separate the twins without any fatality being involved in the process. The surgeon, who the twin's mother Lata consulted, acerted that if the surgery will be carried out, Amber will die. Hence, no surgery, and both the sisters remain joined, and their father left them because he did not want the responsibility of bringing up conjoined twins.
The serial gives the title roles to 2 young debuting actresses, Kashmira Irani, from Pune being Amber, and Shaguna Panigrahi, from Delhi playing the role of Dhara. These 2 youngsters had to spend a lot of time practising in order to get the concept of conjoined twins becoming real, after all, it is not easy to play a role in which you have to pretend to being joined together with another person. For example, both of them are right handers, but Dhara had to practise the role of being a left hander.
Both of them are different and unique personalities. Amber is an extrovert, friendly and ambitious, while Dhara is protective about Amber and loves her family a lot. Amber is quick in reacting, Dhara is much of a thinker and a planner. And Dhara is very intelligent.
Some of the other characters in the serial are essayed by Mona Ambegaonkar who plays the mother (Lata Shukla), Kanwarjit Paintal plays the grandfather, (Mahendra Pratap Dixit), and Shweta Gulati plays a negative role (Sonya Jaiswal). And now Milind Soman is now in the serial, playing the role of an angel.
The official website is at this URL.
Videos of Amber Dhara can be found at YouTube.

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